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Datamatic Unveils New Handheld Meter Reading Computer.

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PLANO, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 18, 2002

Utility data collection pioneer Datamatic today announced the introduction of its seventh-generation handheld computer, the ROADRUNNER(TM) X7.

"Although automatic meter reading continues to grow at an unprecedented rate, handheld computers still retain an invaluable place in modern utility operations. Meter readers are being cross-trained into increasingly sophisticated areas, like field service and AMR system maintenance. Expectations have risen. It's no longer enough that a handheld store a couple hundred manual reads. Utilities today want more. The X7 will play a key role as a rugged, versatile platform that will support the demands of field service reps and AMR technicians as well as meter readers." said Datamatic Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Scott Durham.

The ROADRUNNER X7 opens up new realms of speed and productivity in utility applications. It boasts a 25MHz processor and up to 16MB of memory, providing plenty of horsepower for all modes of meter and field data collection. The X7 seamlessly integrates with the FIREFLY Automatic Meter Reading System by placing high-speed radio frequency AMR reading, programming and load profiling capabilities in the palm of your hand. The ROADRUNNER also supports optical probing, inductive "touch" probing and the FieldSTAR Service Order Automation application.

The ROADRUNNER X7 is built for Datamatic by DAP Technologies, whose ISO 9001 manufacturing facility is located in Quebec, Canada. Jerry Rodts, DAP Vice President for the utility industry, said "We're excited to see the our rugged portable computer technology mated with Datamatic's proven utility applications. It's going to offer the industry an attractive solution for the rigorous requirements of modern meter reading operations."

Datamatic has been in business since 1977.
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Apr 18, 2002
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