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Traffic data collection for strategic transport models. May 24, 2016 111
Review of vet program data collection. May 24, 2016 104
Industrial Barcode Scanner Market Growth Forecast at 6.13% CAGR to 2020. May 13, 2016 1064
United States : FDA issues rule for data collection of antimicrobial sales and distribution by animal species. May 11, 2016 558
Data Collection Patent Awarded To FourthWall Media. May 10, 2016 568
Ptsd programs - data collection and management for 2016-2017. May 9, 2016 115
2015-16 survey of tourist accommodation data collection and reporting. May 6, 2016 104
Bids Invited for Provision of translation services from English to Chichewa and English to Yao of qualitative formative assessment data collection instruments and informed consent forms funded by UNIT. May 4, 2016 185
Provision of research data collection services for a food-related study conducted by the school of health sciences (allied health). May 4, 2016 157
Young People in Recovery (YPR) Announces a Formal Licensing Agreement to Partner with MAP Health Management to Support its Recovery Advocacy Initiatives through Outcomes Data Collection. May 3, 2016 944
An analysis of inter-healthcare facility transfer of neonates within the eThekwini Health District of KwaZulu-natal, South Africa. Ashokcoomar, P.; Naidoo, R. Clinical report May 1, 2016 3301
Provision of Short Term Traffic Data Collection Services. Apr 29, 2016 114
Recruitment services to supply non-ongoing staff for the 2016 census data operations centre and data capture from kelly services. Apr 26, 2016 112
Data capture services. Apr 23, 2016 139
Artsyl Technologies Releases NetSuite ERP/CRM/PSA Connector for docAlpha IDR Data Capture Solution. Apr 18, 2016 563
Korea purchasing oceanic and atmospheric experiment equipment (2 types other data collection devices institute of technology). Apr 15, 2016 113
Independent financial review of round 18 and 19 of the national hospital cost data collection. Apr 14, 2016 106
FormAssembly Announces HIPAA Compliant Enterprise Form & Data Collection Solution. Apr 12, 2016 432
Distribution, incidence, prevalence and default of patients with diabetes mellitus accessing public healthcare in the 11 districts of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Sahadew, N.; Singaram, V.S.; Brown, S. Report Apr 1, 2016 3779
Patient preferences for features of health care delivery systems: a discrete choice experiment. Muhlbacher, Axel C.; Bethge, Susanne; Reed, Shelby D.; Schulman, Kevin A. Apr 1, 2016 8390
Emerson analyzer provides safe vibration data collection. Apr 1, 2016 224
Artsyl Technologies Releases docAlpha 5.0 IDR Data Capture Solution. Mar 29, 2016 502
MoF organises meeting for experts from independent federal authorities on financial data collection. Mar 21, 2016 410
Data collection and collation services. Mar 18, 2016 141
2016 capacity purchase jihasuyi remote monitoring system maintenance gwangeup materials (data collection and transmission device). Mar 17, 2016 121
United States : Microsoft updates Data Gathering App. Mar 15, 2016 117
Data collection and collation services. Mar 8, 2016 116
Bids Invited for Data collection and collation services,in France. Mar 7, 2016 186
Artsyl Technologies Releases Questys Enterprise Content Management System Connector for docAlpha IDR Data Capture Solution. Mar 2, 2016 480
Data capture services. Mar 2, 2016 105
India : Updation of Cancer Data Collection Capacity. Mar 1, 2016 228
Access: chart a secondary axis. Long, Cystal Report Mar 1, 2016 933
Data collection on the trans-european transport network (ten-t) using the tentec system. Feb 25, 2016 147
Collection of data and statistics on gender equality for maintenance and update of eige~s gender statistics tools and resources. Feb 24, 2016 131
Purchase of essential items for the running of the warehouse data capture centre, including trolleys with platform areaand workbenches. Feb 15, 2016 108
Data collection and collation services. Feb 13, 2016 140
Inside the Green House "black box": opportunities for high-quality clinical decision making. Bowers, Barbara; Roberts, Tonya; Nolet, Kimberly; Ryther, Brenda Feb 1, 2016 6789
Assessment of a rotating time sampling procedure: implications for interobserver agreement and response measurement. Becraft, Jessica L.; Borrero, John C.; Davis, Barbara J.; Mendres-Smith, Amber E. Report Feb 1, 2016 7045
Celebrating Data Privacy Day, the Internet's first "data report card" scores the web each month on data collection, consumer tracking, and security. Jan 28, 2016 1028
Servers required for abs centre for excellence in geelong and census data capture facility in dandenong. Jan 18, 2016 105
Data capture services. Jan 16, 2016 155
Geisinger chooses OBERD for Outcomes Data Collection and Registries. Jan 13, 2016 553
Sexual dysfunction in women undergoing fertility treatment in Iran: prevalence and associated risk factors. Bakhtiari, Afsaneh; Basirat, Zahra; Nasiri-Amiri, Fatemeh Report Jan 1, 2016 4984
One hundred years of Current Employment Statistics data collection. Johnson, Nicholas Jan 1, 2016 6640
Data collection. Jan 1, 2016 716
Predictors of engagement with support services in a sample of UK victims of violent crime. Lowe, Michelle; Willan, V.J.; Khan, Roxanne; Brooks, Matthew; Robinson, Phaedra; Graham-Kevan, Nicol Report Dec 22, 2015 6280
New Survox Release Features Advanced Survey Integration Capabilities to Optimize Multi-Mode Data Collection. Dec 16, 2015 694
MaritzCX and Survox Team Up to Advance Multi-Channel Data Collection on the MaritzCX Platform. Dec 15, 2015 752
Strengthening information management and data collection system for mine action in Myanmar. Dec 14, 2015 386
Drones for Commercial Applications: Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems for Filming & Entertainment, Mapping, Aerial Assessments, Prospecting, Data Collection, Disaster Relief, and Delivery - Global Market Analysis and Forecasts. Dec 7, 2015 450
Community-Based Mine/ERW Risk Education and Data Collection. Dec 3, 2015 153
Assessing diversity at Ahfad University for Women AUW: perception and management. Izeldeen, Mai Dec 1, 2015 5228
The quest for meaningful and accurate occupational health and safety statistics. Drudi, Dino Dec 1, 2015 7757
Seismic data collection services. Nov 26, 2015 151
SMART GROUND: SMART data collection and inteGRation platform to enhance availability and accessibility of data and infOrmation in the EU territory on SecoNDary Raw Materials. Nov 25, 2015 470
Assessment of digital data collection apps (DDCAs) to support ACIAR's M&E. Nov 19, 2015 104
Data collection Generation and Analysis of various samples in connection with EIA EMP preparation of two Projects in command area of Talcher Coal Fields of Mahanadi Coalfields Limited in the district. Nov 6, 2015 118
ProfNet Experts Available on Data Collection, Open Enrollment, Holiday Retail Strategy, More. Nov 2, 2015 1903
Electronic data capture: changing the landscape of clinical data: Clinovo introduces another way to capture and manage data during clinical trials. Snyder, Meg Nov 1, 2015 509
'Wear' is my data going? And how will it make me healthy? Alstin, Chad Michael Van Column Nov 1, 2015 707
Low-income working immigrant families in Quebec: exploring their challenges to well-being. Pitt, Rebecca S.; Sherman, Jessica; Macdonald, Mary Ellen Report Nov 1, 2015 5939
United States : SceneDoc unveils version 3.1.0 of secure mobile data collection platform. Oct 31, 2015 202
Smooth Reader: Universal PlugPlay OEE Data Capture Equipment to improve the efficiency of industrial processes. Oct 24, 2015 388
FBI collecting fingerprints, photos, and other data on millions. Oct 19, 2015 337
United States : CRA & Fair Lending Colloquium to Focus on Home Mortgage Disclosure Act Data Collection Rules. Oct 14, 2015 438
Development of online professional learning to support the implementation of the model for a nationally consistent collection of data on students with disabilityvariation to a deewr contract - cn16288. Oct 9, 2015 136
Data capture services. Oct 6, 2015 280
United States : Commercial Motor Vehicle Driver Restart Study Data Collection Concludes. Oct 3, 2015 420
Commercial Motor Vehicle Driver Restart Study Data Collection Concludes. Oct 1, 2015 535
Qf16 full scale aerial target (fsat) radar cross section (rcs) verification & validation testing and data collection. Oct 1, 2015 120
Three tips to improve your reading skills. Jeary, Tony Oct 1, 2015 194
Data quality associated with handwritten laboratory test requests: classification and frequency of data-entry errors for outpatient serology tests. Vecellio, Elia; Maley, Michael W.; Toouli, George; Georgiou, Andrew; Westbrook, Johanna Report Oct 1, 2015 3900
Improved MagnaScan retains data-gathering methods. Oct 1, 2015 652
United Kingdom : Improving palliative care data collection and end of life care co-ordination. Sep 25, 2015 580
Five qualitative research approaches and their applications in parapsychology/Fuenf qualitatve forschungszugaenge und ihre anwendungen in der parapsychologie/Cinco enfoques de investigacion cualitativa y sus aplicaciones a la parapsicologia/Cinq approches de recherche qualitatives et leurs applications en parapsychologie. Kruth, John G. Report Sep 22, 2015 8263
The GIS Cloud app offers customized data collection. Cirincione, John Sep 22, 2015 346
Hardware for local data collection. Sep 20, 2015 421
Data capture services. Sep 20, 2015 181
Data collection and collation services. Sep 19, 2015 164
Germany : Trimble's R2 GNSS Receiver Enables Increased Flexibility for High-Accuracy Data Collection with Mobile Devices. Sep 16, 2015 605
Data capture project at Nigerian Register of Trademarks, Patents and Designs for digitizing the IP registrations, applications. Sep 16, 2015 134
Trimble's R2 GNSS Receiver Enables Increased Flexibility for High-Accuracy Data Collection with Mobile Devices. Sep 15, 2015 914
Promisec Provides Forensic Data Collection and IOC Detection with Launch of Promisec Endpoint Manager 4.12. Sep 15, 2015 735
Kenya : WORLD BANK gives Sh5b to KENYA supporting better data collection. Sep 15, 2015 273
SarkE[micro]y county general in numbering related data collection and street, street, building signs production of. Sep 10, 2015 107
Data collection and analysis software development. Sep 8, 2015 103
Metrological data capture system. Sep 8, 2015 103
Data collection contract to conduct the third follow-up of the Education Longitudinal Study (ELS):2002 study. This survey will collect survey and postsecondary education transcript data from the ELS:2. Clinical report Sep 2, 2015 102
Big Data: A Revolution that Will Transform How We Live, Work, and Think. Sep 1, 2015 1131
The energy data access problem. Feist, Todd Sep 1, 2015 577
Vegetable production, consumption and its contribution to diets along the urban-rural continuum in Northern Ghana. Chagomoka, Takemore; Drescher, A.; Glaser, R.; Marschner, B.; Schlesinger, J.; Nyandoro, G. Report Sep 1, 2015 4671
Data collection policy prompts privacy concerns. Sep 1, 2015 364
UK high court rules data collection legislation unlawful. Brief article Sep 1, 2015 260
State Aviation Data Collection and Analysis. Aug 24, 2015 277
Flowfinity Used By San Diego Zoo Conservation Researchers to Streamline Data Collection for Least Tern and Plover Projects. Aug 18, 2015 622
Vencore gets prime position for Army's data collection program. Aug 14, 2015 182
Ricoh awarded patent for Remlox, a unique remote data collection solution for computer forensics and eDiscovery. Aug 13, 2015 723
Vencore Awarded Data Collection Program for the U.S. Army Valued up to $86 Million. Aug 12, 2015 572
Frost & Sullivan Acclaims ATS International's Proactive R&D in Creating a Robust Data Collection, Reporting, and Analysis Platform. Aug 6, 2015 1240
Frost & Sullivan Acclaims ATS International's Proactive R&D in Creating a Robust Data Collection, Reporting, and Analysis Platform. Aug 6, 2015 1276
Transparency Life Sciences Announces Start Of Ulcerative Colitis Clinical Trial Assessing Feasibility Of Decentralized Patient Data Collection. Aug 5, 2015 1363
Cypress Introduces 1Mb nvSRAM with a Quad Serial Peripheral Interface For High-Throughput, Highly Reliable Data Capture on Power Loss. Aug 3, 2015 1124
Technical measures to decrease heat energy consumption of final customer in multi-apartment buildings according to energy efficiency directive/Technines priemones, skirtos mazinti galutinio vartotojo silumines energijos vartojima daugiabuciuose gyvenamuosiuose pastatuose pagal energijos efektyvumo direktyva. Savickas, Romanas; Savickiene, Lauryna; Bielskus, Juozas Report Aug 1, 2015 3877
GrameenPhone Selects Anite for End-to-End Wireless Voice Quality and Broadband Data Collection and Analytics. Jul 16, 2015 592
GrameenPhone Selects Anite for End-to-End Wireless Voice Quality and Broadband Data Collection and Analytics. Jul 16, 2015 586
MEPs Back Airline Passenger Data Collection System. Jul 16, 2015 439
PolyVirtual Announces the Industry's First Data Capture Platform for 100 Gigabit Networks. Jul 14, 2015 799
BJS Releases Tribal Crime Data Collection Activities, 2015. Jul 14, 2015 378
APEC Transnational Education Data Collection Project - Cross-Border Provider Mobility. Jul 11, 2015 418
Hawaii STEM programs bolstered by space flight: colleges collaborate with NASA on data collection mission. Kalani, Nanea Jul 6, 2015 881
Contract for a client management system for specialist homelessness services data collection. Jul 3, 2015 115
Data-driven logistics: not just another computer system: merging our supply, maintenance, and property accountability systems into GCSS-Army will give us a consolidated picture that enables better-informed decisions. Perna, Gustave "Gus" Jul 1, 2015 864
Decision making in diamondback moth pest management strategies among cabbage farmers' in Cameron Highlands. Zurina, M.; Mohd Roff, M.N.; Azizan, A.; Idris, A.B. Report Jul 1, 2015 4738
Dental caries disparities in early childhood: a study of kindergarten children in British Columbia. Poon, Brenda T.; Holley, Paul C.; Louie, Amber M.; Springinotic, Carla M. Report Jul 1, 2015 4779
Global eHealth: Creating an evaluation and research strategy and an evidence base for eHealth systems to improve the quality of data collection and care in low and middle income settings. Jun 23, 2015 393
Research project: assessment of digital data collection apps (ddcas) to support aciar~s monitoring and evaluation. Jun 20, 2015 111
Challenges hindering youth from acquiring knowledge about HIV/AIDS in the internally displaced camps: a case study of Dar el Salaam camp in Omdurman-Sudan. Mohammed, Hassan Abaker Case study Jun 1, 2015 5276
To what extent do health visitors and school nurses have a voice in the policy process? Gleeson, Judy; Hemingway, Ann; Rosser, Elizabeth Report Jun 1, 2015 3385
Verdafero Extends Its Real-Time Data Capture Capabilities of Its Utility Analytics Software Platform for UK Customers. May 28, 2015 413
Chief Operating Officer of Source Intelligence Discusses Supply Chain Hyper-Transparency. May 22, 2015 1697
Data collection and collation services. May 20, 2015 241
Kia Motors America chooses MoZeus for enterprise data collection platform. May 18, 2015 143
Mobile Technology Agency, MoZeus Inc. Retained By Kia Motors America For Enterprise Data Collection Platform. May 15, 2015 622
US House votes to end NSA data collection. May 14, 2015 216
Flowfinity Mobile Apps Increase Efficiency of Data Collection for Insurance Appraisals by 60% at Marshall & Stevens. May 13, 2015 594
The illegal phone-data sweeps. May 10, 2015 290
Data collection and collation services. May 9, 2015 230
Data collection and collation services. May 9, 2015 180
U.S. appeals court rules NSA bulk data sweep illegal. May 7, 2015 602
Understanding grower needs for access to knowledge - data collection and formation of a grdc strategy. May 2, 2015 109
Frost & Sullivan Acclaims ATS International's Proactive R&D in Creating a Robust Data Collection, Reporting, and Analysis Platform. Apr 30, 2015 1238
Frost & Sullivan Acclaims ATS International's Proactive R&D in Creating a Robust Data Collection, Reporting, and Analysis Platform. Apr 30, 2015 1263
Data capture services. Apr 28, 2015 322
Develop a new cloud-based solution for the agency s fee for service data collection system. Apr 17, 2015 127
Provision of the IT solution for the collection of data. Apr 14, 2015 114
NTNU Department of Marine Engineering at AUR lab will procure equipment for underwater hyperspectral camera (UHI) system. The equipment will be used in marine research through the collection of data f. Apr 14, 2015 221
The main objective of this contract is to invest in a brand new multi-channel Ground Penetrating Radar system for effective data collection with high spatial resolution, including software for data pr. Apr 14, 2015 134
Imagery and data collection subscription. Apr 14, 2015 102
Data collection and collation services. Apr 11, 2015 138
Ford Lincoln Streamlines Auto Show Survey Data Collection with Flowfinity Mobile Apps. Apr 8, 2015 453
Information on demand: automatic data collection and real-time reporting benefit cement manufacturer. Kuhar, Marks S. Apr 1, 2015 887
Data collection and collation services. Apr 1, 2015 101
AIOU VC urges researchers to focus on data collection. Mar 30, 2015 211
AIOU seminar on reliable data collection. Mar 30, 2015 229
Me and Mr. Jones: a systems-based analysis of a catastrophic defense outcome. Metzger, Pamela R. Mar 22, 2015 6769
Framework contract: gmes emergency management service efas hydrological data collection centre ceiling increase. Mar 19, 2015 357
First Vice PM Sarpashev and Minister of Justice of Estonia discuss biometric data collection. Mar 10, 2015 161
Electro Standards Laboratories Intro's Computer Controlled Switch with 10 Test Device Points for Data Collection During Test Process. Mar 6, 2015 326
ARIES(TM) PC/104-Plus SBCs with Intel E3800 Bay Trail Processor Target Rugged, I/O-Rich, High Performance Applications. Mar 3, 2015 1347
Canada : BlackBerry Partners with interRAI to Deliver Efficient Data Collection Solutions in Healthcare. Mar 3, 2015 420
Micro-historical inspirations in the interpretation of the archive collections of the polish ethnographic Atlas (selected examples: Maciejowka caps and wooden shoes). Drozdz, Anna Mar 1, 2015 5689
More proof that customers are on to you. Bernier, Paula Mar 1, 2015 550
The science and art of putting drivers under the microscope. Romo, Alicia; Yang, C.Y. David Mar 1, 2015 2726
Palliative nursing care impact on anxiety outcomes in patients waiting for cardiac catheterization. Hashemy, Sima; Zakerimoghadam, Masoumeh; Neisi, Leila Report Mar 1, 2015 3241
Viewing privilege through a prism: attorney-client privilege in light of bulk data collection. Beach, Paul H. Mar 1, 2015 12850
Workiva Announces Wdesk Data Collection Surpasses 100 Customer Milestone. Feb 23, 2015 732
Data capture services. Feb 21, 2015 133
Volumetric Data Collection. Feb 17, 2015 109
Commissioning of Web-Based Data Collection Application. Feb 16, 2015 118
Angola Cables Data Gathering Meeting (DGM) At PTC '15 Attracts Large Audience, Positive Response From Telecom Community. Feb 11, 2015 650
Kuwait opens biometric data collection point. Feb 11, 2015 139
United States : Trimble's Pocket-Sized R1 GNSS Receiver Enables High-Accuracy Data Collection with Smart Devices. Feb 11, 2015 418
Trimble's Pocket-Sized R1 GNSS Receiver Enables High-Accuracy Data Collection with Smart Devices. Feb 10, 2015 756
Data capture services. Feb 10, 2015 245
2015 Standby Power Store Survey Data Collection. Feb 9, 2015 116
Lionfish Containment Program incorporating structured culling practices, data collection, and promotion for consumption and jewelry production. Feb 6, 2015 451
Data collection and collation services. Jan 30, 2015 224
Data capture services. Jan 29, 2015 166
Fielding Systems Unveils Software Enhancement to FieldVisor, the Field Data Capture and Production Reporting Platform for Oil and Gas (Dashboard Version 2.0). Jan 16, 2015 371
Data collection and collation services. Jan 13, 2015 166
Project for Integrity, Participation, Data Gathering and Analysis of the Judicial Authority in Paraguay. Jan 7, 2015 141
Review of Data Collection and Reporting Requirements Imposed Via Grants. Jan 7, 2015 108
The modular instrumentation family: defense and industry applications. Banks, Gerome Q. Jan 1, 2015 1336
Comparison of GPS units and mobile Apple GPS capabilities in an urban landscape. Garnett, Ryan; Steward, Robert Jan 1, 2015 5997
Why the NSA data seizures are unconstitutional. Barnett, Randy Jan 1, 2015 6411
TEI comments on OECD BEPS Action 11: data collection. Jan 1, 2015 2658
On the operationalisation of 'pauses' in translation process research. Kumpulainen, Minna Report Jan 1, 2015 6685
On the applicability of internet-mediated research methods to investigate translators' cognitive behaviour. Mellinger, Christopher D. Report Jan 1, 2015 6201
Data entry services. Dec 31, 2014 112
2015-2016-2017 Tunceli State Hospital Chief of the Fiscal Year, 36 Months 17 Workers with Computer Data Entry and Control Operator. Dec 31, 2014 104
Open data's potential for political history. Milligan, Ian Dec 22, 2014 4074
Germany : ABBYY Announces Partnership with Fujitsu for Data Capture Solutions. Dec 19, 2014 386
Invitation to quote for design and supply of hydrological instrumentation (hi) system with flood warning and data collection at the catchment areas of (plot 1) biz2, com1, central library and business. Dec 18, 2014 126
Biometric data collection rules violated -- NGO. Dec 15, 2014 182
Guidance, data collection and scientific advice on tick-borne diseases. Dec 15, 2014 103
The investigate effect of consumer's knowledge and customer loyalty (customers of Tejarat Bank). Khah, Gholam Sajadi; Tayeb, Jamshid; Abdinasab, Mehrzad; Aghajari, Mohamadreza; Makaryianpour, Mosta Case study Dec 15, 2014 3090
Fielding Systems Integrates Image Capture Capability Into Custom Forms for Field Data Capture. Dec 14, 2014 470
Data collection and collation services. Dec 12, 2014 115
Providing of Data entry services. Dec 6, 2014 106
Data collection and collation services. Dec 4, 2014 290
Angola Cables To Host Data Gathering Meeting At Pacific Telecommunications Council (PTC '15). Dec 2, 2014 711
Master budget project: testing and refining the database. Cox, Patricia Column Dec 1, 2014 865
Data collection. Dec 1, 2014 714
An online compression algorithm for positioning data acquisition. Pan, Wei; Yao, Chunlong; Li, Xu; Shen, Lan Report Dec 1, 2014 5955
Data collection and research services on fundamental rights issues lot 13 Latvia. Nov 27, 2014 105
Special equipment for biometric data collection stolen in Kara-Kul. Nov 26, 2014 133
Repair of trackball data entry; desk top. Nov 24, 2014 114
No strong culture of institutional data collection in Mena region: Phil Baty. Nov 24, 2014 547
Data collection and collation services. Nov 21, 2014 212
Phone data collection could go on, even if law expires. Savage, Charlie Nov 20, 2014 521
National Strategic Studies Institute, IOM to institutionalize model of migration profile for collection of data from different sources. Nov 18, 2014 117
Data capture services. Nov 18, 2014 129
Road accident data collection - form design research project. Nov 15, 2014 165
Biometric data collection venues to open for Kyrgyz citizens abroad at polling stations. Nov 14, 2014 157
Environmental Consultancy Hemmera Streamlines Field Data Collection and Geomatics with Flowfinity Mobile Forms. Nov 12, 2014 566
United States : Geospatial Data Collection and Asset Management Productivity Improved with RTX Correction Services for Trimble Geo 7X Handhelds. Correction notice Nov 6, 2014 340
Equipment for biometric data collection brought to regions. Nov 4, 2014 144
Data collection and research services on fundamental rights issues Franet. Nov 4, 2014 123
Data collection and research services on fundamental rights lot 26: Sweden and lot 29: EU and international level comparative analysis. Nov 4, 2014 120
Trimble Announces Trimble Leap Submeter GNSS Device and Terrain Navigator Pro for High-Accuracy Data Collection using Trimble RTX Technology. Nov 3, 2014 995
Geospatial Data Collection and Asset Management Productivity Improved with RTX Correction Services for Trimble Geo 7X Handhelds. Correction notice Nov 3, 2014 760
Experimental evaluation of air temperature, relative humidity and vapor pressure deficit in Tropical Lowland Plant Production Environments. Shamshiri, Ramin; Ismail, Wan Ishak Wan; Ahmad, Desa bin Report Nov 1, 2014 4139
The relationship between organizational citizenship behavior and emotional intelligence, and employee's service quality in Tosseh Farda Brokerage Firm. Zarei, Meisam; Hoseinzadeh, Davoud Report Nov 1, 2014 5775
Provision of data collection and aggregation services. Oct 29, 2014 149
Automated data collection system. Oct 27, 2014 105
Shoura critical of 'slow' data collection by labor observatory. Oct 22, 2014 363
Vivametrica and SensorUp Join Forces to Create Industry Standards for Wearable Device Data Collection. Oct 21, 2014 643
BitYota enables new unified Data collection and processing from 3rd party APIs, NoSQL databases and delivers streamlined Analytics. Oct 10, 2014 961
Data collection and collation services. Oct 10, 2014 218
Data collection and collation services. Oct 8, 2014 398
Flowfinity Mobile Field Data Capture Solution Cuts Costs for Telecom Outside Plant Utility Contractor. Oct 7, 2014 587
The Bureau of Justice Assistance Releases Brief on Improving Recidivism Data Collection. Oct 7, 2014 331
EHRs Can Place Excessive Data Entry Burden on Physicians. Oct 7, 2014 508
NSA to Yahoo: give us data or pay $250K a day. Oct 6, 2014 334
A comparative study of solidification of Al-Cu alloy under flow of cylindrical radial heat and the unidirectional vertically/Estudo comparativo da solidificacao da liga Al-Cu sob fluxo de calor radial cilindrico e unidirecional ascendente. Rodrigues, Jean Robert Pereira; Melo, Mirian de Lurdes Noronha Motta; Eid, Marco Antonio; Neves, Tia Oct 1, 2014 2737
Increasing accountability with the DataLogger[R] 5 and DataLogger Vault[TM]: McElroy's latest technology in data collection improves productivity in construction of fused pipeline at oil sands jobsite. Oct 1, 2014 701
Transforming Performance Measurement for the 21st Century. Brief article Oct 1, 2014 218
Effectiveness of telebehavioral health program nurse case managers (NCM): Data collection tools and the process for NCM-sensitive outcome measures. Carlson, Judy; Cohen, Roslyn; Bice-Stephens, Wynona Report Oct 1, 2014 5521
A new approach of data gathering using mobile sink and support-in cluster head in WSN. Kumaresan, Kand; Krishnan, A. Report Oct 1, 2014 3930
An investigation on the relation of organizational structure and climate with career path management. Danesh, Masoud Daliri; Afif, Ali Hemati; Nourbakhsh, Parivash Report Oct 1, 2014 3625
Investigation of the relationship between quality of work life and customer relationship management in the police force of one of the cities in the west of Iran. Hashemi, Zabih Ullah; Kamrani, Mansour Yari Report Oct 1, 2014 3875
BookVenture Publishing Announces New Add-on Service: Data Entry. Sep 26, 2014 263
5000 Printing participant feedback forms, batching,scanning,data capture, produce output, monthly reports etc. Sep 26, 2014 123
~~14 International Affairs Police security measure data collection and field trips. Sep 25, 2014 111
The ASDQMS GageMux[R] Universal Gage Interface Makes Data Collection Easy. Sep 24, 2014 487
Data Capture Solutions Company Unveils Newest Version of FineScanner, Includes Highly Accurate OCR and Native Format Retention. Sep 23, 2014 723
Monitoring and Technical Assistance Support to the 21st CCLC Programs - to provide the Department with analytic services to ensure grant compliance monitoring and data gathering for program improvemen. Sep 22, 2014 187
Data entry accessories. Sep 20, 2014 117
Flowfinity Customers Integrate GIS Mapping Software with Mobile Data Collection Apps. Sep 17, 2014 550
United States : New Motorola Solutions Imagers Make Data Capture Fast and Easy from Near, Far or Wherever You Are. Sep 11, 2014 400
Data capture services. Sep 9, 2014 307
Automate EHS Data Collection & Reporting with Microsoft SharePoint to Save Time & Cost is Subject of October 1st Webinar. Sep 9, 2014 671
Data entry services. Sep 9, 2014 120
Beyond notice and choice: privacy, norms, and consent. Sloan, Robert H.; Warner, Richard Jul 1, 2014 15874
Politicians and public service employment--a study of the experiences and preferences of NSW Australia local government councillors. Spooner, Keri; Haidar, Ali Jul 1, 2014 3980
Federal fisheries observer programs in the United States: over 40 years of independent data collection. Brooke, Samantha G. Report Jun 22, 2014 29980
Data, data, and yet more data. Poole, William Jun 22, 2014 2920
Evidence for the use of an algorithm in resolving inconsistent and missing indigenous status in administrative data collections. Christensen, Daniel; Davis, Geoff; Draper, Glenn; Mitrou, Frands; McKeown, Sybille; Lawrence, David; Report Jun 22, 2014 8731
Bulk metadata collection: statutory and constitutional considerations. Donohue, Laura K. Jun 22, 2014 11698
Bulk metadata collection: statutory and constitutional considerations. Donohue, Laura K. Jun 22, 2014 10095
Bulk metadata collection: statutory and constitutional considerations. Donohue, Laura K. Jun 22, 2014 32299
The legality of the National Security Agency's bulk data surveillance programs. Yoo, John C. Jun 22, 2014 11556
An assessment of the use of radio and other means of information dissemination by the residents of Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti-State, Nigeria. Familusi, Ezekiel Babatope; Owoeye, Peter Olufemi Report Jun 1, 2014 7381
Women awareness of the interim National Constitution of 2005 in the River Nile State. Elamin, Hanan Elamin Mohammed Report Jun 1, 2014 385
Windspeaker News Briefs. May 1, 2014 795
Privacy and security in mobile health (mHealth) research. Arora, Shifali; Yttri, Jennifer; Nilsen, Wendy Report Mar 22, 2014 5952
Sharks could serve as ocean watchdogs: tagged with sensors, fish gather weather, climate data. Mole, Beth Mar 8, 2014 510
Generalizing observational study results: applying propensity score methods to complex surveys. DuGoff, Eva H.; Schuler, Megan; Stuart, Elizabeth A. Feb 1, 2014 6510
Is data speech? Bambauer, Jane Jan 1, 2014 9232
Is data speech? Bambauer, Jane Jan 1, 2014 22792
Sustainable access to data for postmarketing medical product safety surveillance under the amended HIPAA Privacy Rule. Evans, Barbara J. Jan 1, 2014 16393
Automated data access is key. Kent, Kelly Dec 1, 2013 1388
State called a pioneer in data use. Jones, Luke Nov 25, 2013 581
For data geeks only: sometimes data can mislead. Sep 22, 2013 602
UNHM launches Manchester data repository. Sep 6, 2013 301
International Scientific Summer Schools 2013/Uluslararasi Bilimsel Yaz okullari 2013. Kudaiberdieva, Gulmira; Lipton, Jonathan; Mozos, Ioana; Stanczyk, Adam; Bacharova, Ljuba; Wagner, Ga Report Aug 1, 2013 664
Intelligence preparation of the battlefield: a historical perspective of a critical planning tool. Craig, Major Jul 1, 2013 2158
We can hear you and more. Adelmann, Bob Jun 3, 2013 786
Can SNOMED CT as implemented in New South Wales, Australia be used for road trauma injury surveillance in emergency departments? Mitchell, Rebecca J.; Bambach, Mike R.; Muscatello, David; McKenzie, Kirsten; Balogh, Zsolt J. Report Jun 1, 2013 4081
Ahmed abdel Magied, Ahmed Algawal, Azza Hassan, Salma Faisal Abdalla 2012. Assessment of the awareness of community of pharmacists about contradicted drugs for asthmatic patients. Magied, Ahmed abdel; Algawal, Ahmed; Hassan, Azza; Abdalla, Salma Faisal Brief article Jun 1, 2013 289
Ahmed Elgamal, Ahmed Abdel Magied, Fedda Maher, Walla Maher, Ahfad University for Women. Assessment of the awareness of community pharmacists about drug contraindicated for G6P Deficiency patients. Elgamal, Ahmed; Magied, Ahmed Abdel; Maher, Fedda; Maher, Walla Brief article Jun 1, 2013 210
Traffic tamer. Hu, Helen May 9, 2013 702
Asking tough questions: college and LGBT applicant identification. Bunting, Andrew E. May 9, 2013 857
Improving smoking cessation data collection via a health visitor community of practice. McCullough, Bunny; Small, Neil; Prady, Stephanie L. Report May 1, 2013 3509
Access to chemical data used in regulatory decision making. Goldman, Lynn R.; Silbergeld, Ellen Apr 1, 2013 1038
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