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Danica McKellar Divorce: 'Wonder Years' Star And Husband Mike Verta Split After Being Married Since 2009.

Danica McKellar, A.K.A. Winnie Cooper from "The Wonder Years," has filed for divorce from husband Mike Vetra.

McKellar, who married the composer in 2009, recently filed for divorce in the Los Angeles County Superior Court, ( TMZ reported on June 6.

The former "Wonder Years" star has reportedly requested joint custody joint custody n. in divorce actions, a decision by the court (often upon agreement of the parents) that the parents will share custody of a child. There are two types of custody, physical and legal.  - physical and legal - of their son, Draco, who was born in September 2010.

While the actress has yet to release a statement commenting on the split, she did send out a thought provoking tweet saying, "You cannot be lonely if you like the person you're alone with. - Dr. Wayne Dyer."

Danica McKellar is best known for her role as Winnie Cooper on "The Wonder Years."

After moving on from the popular ABC show, McKellar went to college at UCLA UCLA University of California at Los Angeles
UCLA University Center for Learning Assistance (Illinois State University)
UCLA University of Carrollton, TX and Lower Addison, TX
 where she graduated Summa Cum Laude sum·ma cum lau·de  
adv. & adj.
With the greatest honor. Used to express the highest academic distinction: graduated summa cum laude; a summa cum laude graduate.
 and became a best-selling author.

She eventually published three popular non-fiction books: "Math Doesn't Suck," "Kiss My Math" and "Hot X: Algebra Exposed." The books were written in an effort to help middle-school girls increase their confidence and succeed in mathematics.

While McKellar was named "Person of the Week" on "World News with Charles Gibson World News with Charles Gibson (previously known as World News Tonight and often abbreviated as WNT) is an American television news program. It is the ABC network's flagship news series, and the most watched network evening newscast in the country " for her book "Math Doesn't Suck" and her efforts to help girls develop an interest in mathematics, All three of the author's books made it to The New York Times children's bestseller list.

Danica McKellar married Mike Verta on March 22, 2009, in La Jolla, Calif.

The couple had dated since 2001 and had their first child, a boy they named Draco, on September 7, 2010.
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Date:Jun 7, 2012
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