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Dalton McGinty.

In December 1996 Catholic Insight reported that all seven candidates for the leadership of the Ontario Liberal Party--six of whom were Catholics--saw nothing wrong with public-financed killing of the unborn. As evidence we placed an appropriate quotation behind each name.

In case you thought that we were exaggerating ex·ag·ger·ate  
v. ex·ag·ger·at·ed, ex·ag·ger·at·ing, ex·ag·ger·ates
1. To represent as greater than is actually the case; overstate:
 or perhaps used a quote out of context, the following statement by the newly elected leader, Dalton McGuinty Dalton James Patrick McGuinty, Jr., MPP (born July 19, 1955, in Ottawa, Ontario) is a Canadian lawyer and politician and, since October 23, 2003, Premier of Ontario. He is the twenty-fourth premier of Ontario, and the second Roman Catholic to hold this office.  should bring home the truth. It was delivered on Toronto CBC (1) (Cell Broadcast Center) See cell broadcast.

(2) (Cipher Block Chaining) In cryptography, a mode of operation that combines the ciphertext of one block with the plaintext of the next block.
 radio's Metro morning with Andy Barry, at 7:15 a.m. the day after his election, December 2:

"It's quite true that I an a Roman Catholic but I can tell you that as a public representative I represent Protestants, Muslims, Jews Jews [from Judah], traditionally, descendants of Judah, the fourth son of Jacob, whose tribe, with that of his half brother Benjamin, made up the kingdom of Judah; historically, members of the worldwide community of adherents to Judaism. , atheists, Roman Catholics, half of whom by the way believe in a woman's right to choose. I am not prepared to let any one religion impose its beliefs on the rest of the population. I believe in a woman's right to choose."

Mr. McGuinty comes from a large Catholic family. His father preceded him as the Member of the Provincial Parliament for Ottawa-South and was a pro-life supporter. Apparently nothing rubbed off on his son Dalton Dalton, city (1990 pop. 21,761), seat of Whitfield co., extreme NW Ga., in the Appalachian valley; inc. 1847. It is a highly industrialized city in a farm area. . At the convention his wife indicated that his religion was quite important to him. But he corrected that in an interview with the Toronto Star The Toronto Star is Canada's highest-circulation newspaper, though its print edition is distributed almost entirely within Ontario. It is owned by Toronto Star Newspapers Ltd., a division of Star Media Group, a subsidiary of Torstar Corporation.  (Dec. 13), indicating that she meant to say that he was "community minded." Religion, he said, "is not relevant to my position as leader."

Serious Christians should now consider Dalton McGuinty as not relevant to their election plans.
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Publication:Catholic Insight
Date:Apr 1, 1997
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