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 SALT LAKE CITY, March 7 /PRNewswire/ -- Dynatronics Corp. (NASDAQ: DYNT) began initial shipments of the new Dynatron 150 therapeutic ultrasound device -- the first of a series of three new products incorporating revolutionary technology never before offered in the physical medicine market. This cutting-edge technology allows for the miniaturization of the company's existing devices, while significantly reducing manufacturing costs and increasing gross margins.
 This new line of products has been named the "50 Series" and targets the low price, high volume segment of the physical medicine market. The next two devices in this series are scheduled for release in the next six months.
 Many are calling this technology the biggest breakthrough in the physical medicine market in the last decade. Dynatronics' President and Chief Executive Officer Kelvyn H. Cullimore Jr. stated, "The company anticipates the new 50 Series product line will open the door not only to the low price, high volume domestic market, but also to new international sales and marketing opportunities. Until now, the company has focused primarily on the U.S. market, which represents approximately 40 percent of the world market. In addition, the new 50 Series product line addresses specifically health-care reform demands for higher quality capital equipment at lower prices. This expansion strategy should significantly increase revenues and profits during the coming year."
 Demand for this new product has been greater than the company's initial production capacity, with orders continuing to be received at higher than expected rates. Larry Beardall, executive vice president stated, "We knew the new Dynatron 150 would be popular, but many practitioners have been calling us and our distributors and placing orders without even seeing the unit. Such excitement is unheard of in this market. Most people normally want to demo the equipment before making a purchase."
 "The first two people I showed the Dynatron 150 handed me a check before I could even finish telling them about it," said Scott Seafield, a sales representative in Chicago.
 The Dynatron 150's compact dimensions (8 in. x 7 in. x 3 in.) and lightweight design (weighs less than 4 lbs.) make it one of the smallest therapeutic ultrasound units in the world. Practitioners can take the device anywhere -- the clinic, the training room or the hospital. The Dynatron 150 is also ideally suited for licensed practitioners working in the burgeoning home health-care market. Ultrasound provides therapeutic deep heat for relief of pain, muscle spasms and joint contractures.
 Dynatronics has a patent pending on the multifrequency ultrasound technology. Practitioners can use any one of three sized sound heads (2, 5 and 10 square centimeters sizes) and operate at 1, 2 and 3 MHz frequencies. Dynatronics also provides a new 1-square-centimeter sound head for treating smaller parts of the body, especially around the hands or feet. This new sound head operates at 2 and 3 MHz.
 "Most companies offer only one or two sound heads that may be able to operate at one or two frequencies," said Beardall. "However, Dynatronics is the only company that manufactures sound heads that can operate at three frequencies. Dynatronics offers the practitioner the most options in therapeutic ultrasound."
 "Dynatronics has definitely hit a home run with this model," said Rich O'Donnell, a sales representative in Boston.
 Dynatronics provides a wide range of therapy, testing and rehabilitation equipment for the U.S. and international physical medicine markets. The company offers interferential, ultrasound and combination therapy units, plus rehabilitation and strength testing systems. The company's electrotherapy devices incorporate its patented Target system, which enables practitioners to pinpoint the exact area of pain during interferential treatment.
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