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DRS Technologies Receives New Order to Produce Long-Range Surveillance Radar Pedestal Systems.

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Systems Support the Most Widely Used Radar System in the World

DRS Technologies, Inc. (AMEX: DRS) announced today that it has received a new order to manufacture and assemble platform pedestals and other support hardware for the AN/FPS-117 Long-Range Early Warning Radar Systems.

The AN/FPS-117 Radar Systems are built for U.S., NATO and allied forces and are in operation in more than 15 nations on six continents.

The contract was awarded in conjunction with a teaming agreement entered into by DRS Technologies and Lockheed Martin (NYSE: LMT) Naval Electronics & Surveillance Systems - Syracuse located in Syracuse, New York. For the $4.9 million award, the company's DRS Surveillance Support Systems unit in Largo, Florida will provide platform pedestals and array central enclosures, which include central enclosures, antenna wing assemblies, service lift and support assemblies, and doors. These systems will be used for domestic and international military ground-based surveillance applications. Product deliveries are expected to continue through November 2002. Additional awards associated with this program are expected.

"With a proven track record in the design and manufacture of complex radar, radar support systems and other sensor and electromechanical products, DRS is well positioned to extend our market reach of these systems both domestically and abroad," said Mark S. Newman, DRS Technologies' chairman, president and chief executive officer. "Supporting an increased interest for reliable data collection and quick response, this new order reflects customer confidence in DRS's systems and in our proven ability to readily contribute to high-performance surveillance system programs for 21st century applications."

Known as the world standard in long-range 3-D surveillance, the AN/FPS-117 Radar System has an outstanding record of performance for detecting, tracking and delivering target data, especially in remote areas and harsh climates. Designed to provide both air surveillance and air traffic control for military and commercial use, the system provides 3-D data on range, direction and height of in-flight objects utilizing extended surveillance ranges. Its built-in capability to control operations and perform diagnostics from remote locations allows the radar to frequently operate unmanned. With a modular structure, it has no single point of failure, and failure of a component will not render the radar inoperable or unserviceable. Self diagnostics allow it to identify its own problems, each of which takes an average of only 30 minutes to fix. The system can be assembled or dismantled in four to eight hours and can be installed on a tower or mounted on a trailer for mobile applications. Ease of maintenance and cost-effective upgrades have enhanced the system's marketability and stimulated international demand.

DRS Technologies provides leading edge products and services to government and commercial customers worldwide. Focused on defense electronics, the company develops and manufactures a broad range of mission critical systems and components in the areas of communications, combat systems, rugged computers, electro-optics, data storage, digital imaging, flight safety and space.

For more information about DRS Technologies, please visit the company's web site at
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Nov 28, 2001
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