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 WASHINGTON, Oct. 22 /PRNewswire/ -- Dragon Systems and Analog Devices (NYSE: ADI) received one of 41 grants announced today by President Bill Clinton as part of the first wave of projects designed to help the United States put defense technologies to use for commercial purposes. The program is designed to create new jobs for American workers in civilian industries, thereby lessening the economic impact of defense cutbacks.
 In making the announcement, President Clinton said, "This is real security. We are using the technological know-how that helped America win the Cold War to create a brighter future for our country and its workers."
 The $3-million federal grant awarded to Dragon Systems and Analog Devices will be used to develop technology to enable computer users to use speech to communicate with handheld computers. The Massachusetts Technology Development Partnering Program has awarded $200,000 in matching funds.
 Under the terms of the grant, Dragon Systems will develop speech recognition software to run on digital signal processor ICs (DSPs) designed specifically to meet the limited memory, space and power demands of various platforms, ranging from handheld personal digital assistants, or PDAs, to notebook and desktop computers. Analog Devices will develop a series of DSPs to meet the computational requirements of Dragon's speech recognition technology while satisfying the space, power and cost needs of the portable PC marketplace.
 Ray Stata, Analog's chairman and CEO, stated, "In awarding this contract to Dragon Systems and Analog Devices, President Clinton has taken positive action to link government and industry in spurring U.S. competitiveness in a critical technology. This will facilitate the conversion of the U.S. electronics industry from its historical defense orientation to one with a strong commercial focus. The results of this development will open countless applications for products with voice input and output capability that will provide users a much more natural and easier-to-use interface."
 Janet Baker, president of Dragon Systems, commented, "The administration's Technology Reinvestment Project is a powerful step toward bringing together unique technologies to make computers easier to use for all people. It will provide dramatic benefits to the nation's computer and telecommunications industries."
 Dragon Systems, Inc., a leading supplier of PC speech recognition software, develops and markets high-performance, cost-effective speech and language tools that enable users to input text, issue commands and respond to computing systems by voice. Dragon's speech recognition engine is currently incorporated in Microsoft's Windows Sound System PC audio card, which also includes an Analog Devices' signal processing IC.
 Dragon Systems also collaborates with government and industry customers on research and development in speech and language technology for computer and telecommunication applications. The privately held company is headquartered in Newton, Mass., and has an R&D subsidiary in Cheltenham, England.
 Analog Devices, Inc., with fiscal 1992 sales of $567 million, is a leading supplier of high-performance integrated circuits used in signal processing applications. The company's DSP ICs are optimized for processing real-time signals for a wide range of applications, including speech recognition, cellular telephones, fax/modems, video and enhanced audio applications in PCs. Under its Signal Computing initiative, Analog provides an open systems architecture for the development of algorithms and application software for the handling of real-time signals on DSP-based platforms.
 Analog is headquartered in Norwood, Mass., and employs approximately 5,300 people worldwide. It has manufacturing facilities in Massachusetts, California, North Carolina, Ireland, Japan, the Philippines and Taiwan. The company's stock is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol ADI.
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