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DIY Donny

A final curtain call QI can't hang up net curtains on my replacement windows. I've stuck hooks on to the plastic frame but it all falls.

A Fix upvc self-tapping screws to the upvc surround facings and avoid the frame.

Do I seal the deal? QI had my front garden paved last year. I've just been told that now it has "settled" I need to seal it. But how? A There are sealers in most large DIY stores, but I wouldn't bother unless it's part of the manufacturer's recommendations.

weed frazzles you the Simply brush dirt off and if dirt reduces the block's colour scrub using a stiff bristle brush and washing up liquid in hot water.

and if PRODUCT THE OF WEEK TORCH WEED weed propane it frazzles because This is a portable and you it's good to its root system burner, the have to worry about the weed side of things don't weedkiller paving.

chemical your block staining DONNY'S LITTLE HELPER A tip for strong odours left over from oven cleaners is to bake some orange peel in the oven for just a few minutes and everything will smell nice again.

A creaky situation Q My new gutters are making creaking noises and one section looks like it's trying to twist out of the holding brackets fixing it.

A It's just expanding in the sun and creaking as it does so. The twisting's not a big deal - have the builder cut back the guttering a bit so it can expand.

Oak stains a pain Q How can I remove the stains from my solid oak coffee table with a wax finish? A Use fine steel wool and white spirit to remove the old wax coating, then gently sand to remove light stains. Heavy stains can be bleached out. Then apply a fresh coat of wax.

Damp spoils cellar Q My coal cellar, now used for storage, is damp in the roof and wall. A vent has not helped.

A If the room was a coal cellar the walls are probably only a single brick thick and the floor will be concrete with no insulation or damp proof course. This is probably the root of the problems - you need to tank the walls and floor to properly convert it to dwelling use.

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Date:Jun 10, 2012
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