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Will tile removal wreck my walls?

CAN I remove tiles from my bathroom walls without ruining them? - Jenny Carruthers, Ealing, West London West London is the area of Greater London to the west of Central London. Although it is only ambiguously defined, it is one of the most economically active areas of London outside of the centre, containing significant amounts of office space along with Heathrow Airport and many of  

BEFORE you start, remember you can tile on top of old ones as they provide a nice flat surface.

If you do have to take the tiles off then it depends on the type of wall you have. But it's hard not to cause some damage at least

If the tiles have been fixed properly to a solid brick and plaster wall, you will need to use a hammer and bolster so book a plasterer for after.

If they are stuck on plasterboard chances are the board will get ruined... so be prepared to replace sections of it.

Dash it! My walls are looking very patchy PATCHY - A Fortran code management program written at CERN.  

THE pebbledash on my house is falling off and the walls look bare and patchy. It's worst on the side, which is exposed to the elements. What are my options? - Nick Chalmers, Hull

THE best option is to paint the walls with masonry paint. The other - far more expensive - option is to hire a tradesman to re-roughcast your house.

Too cool for pool ..any tips to keep in garage's heat?

I HAVE a modern house which has a garage built on the side with a door to it from our utility room. The garage is too small for a car so I want to put a pool table in there. It's cold in the winter so I want to add a bit more insulation. I will insulate the loft above the garage but is there anything I can do with the walls? - Catherine Willey, by email

THE easiest option would be to line the walls with insulated plasterboard, which has ridged insulation stuck to one side. It is easy to cut to size with a hand saw. Then I would use dabs of dry wall adhesive to stick it into place.

Top tip

REMOVING vinyl floor tiles is a nightmare, so my top tip is to place aluminium kitchen foil over the tile then go over the top of the foil with a hot iron. This will soften the tiles and mean they easily come away from the floor in one piece.

Best buy 0000 GRADE STEEL WOOL steel wool, abrasive material composed of long steel fibers of varying degrees of fineness that are matted together. The coarser grades are used to remove paint and other finishes, the finer grades for polishing or smoothing a finished surface.  

INSTEAD of using fine sandpaper sandpaper, abrasive originally made by gluing grains of sand to heavy paper sheets. Today sandpaper is made primarily with quartz, aluminum oxide, or silicon carbide grains, and is graded according to the size of the grains.  for the final sand before varnishing, try very fine grade steel wool and gently run along the grain for a perfect smooth final surface.

Priced from pounds 2.45 from or any good DIY DIY

DIY or d.i.y. Brit, Austral & NZ do-it-yourself
abbr DIY
do it yourself a DIY shop/job.

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Date:Apr 22, 2012
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