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DC's biggest trees.

The nation's capital wants to be known for its trees. The Casey Trees Endowment Fund has launched a search for DC's biggest arboreal treasures, urging residents to measure their trees and submit their findings to see how they stack up. The effort mirrors AMERICAN FORESTS' own National Register of Big Trees (

Casey Trees recorded the measurements of all Washington's street trees back in 2002, even coming up with a map locating the city's biggest. But last Arbor Day, Fund officials measured another tree that ended up trumping them all. The regal white oak that graces the lawn of the Frederick Douglass House in Anacostia stands 100 feet tall and measures 148 inches around, making it the biggest tree measured so far.

Anacostia resident Diane Dale heads a project to plant a five-acre garden at Douglass's home. Deborah Gangloff, AMERICAN FORESTS' executive director, presented Dale with an offspring of the Frederick Douglass White Oak--from AMERICAN FORESTS' Famous & Historic Trees collection--to get the garden underway.
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Date:Jun 22, 2006
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