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Cutting tools.

Cutting tools

This section contains cutting tools, inserts, and related products and services.

Boron-carbide coating

Diamond Black is a micro-thin, hard boron-carbide alloy coating that is applied by a low-temperature deposition process. Tools coated with this inorganic material run longer at higher speeds and feeds with no change in coating structure. Coating registers 95 on the Rockwell C scale and up to 5000 Knoop hardness value. This extreme hardness provides high wear resistance, yet tools remain tough and resist chipping and cracking when stressed.

Carolina Coating Technologies Inc, Conover, NC.

Helical oil holes

DSC spiral jet drill is a self-centering, split-point, solid-carbide oil-hole drill with a coating of titanium nitride. Its helical-oil-hole design distinguishes it from other drills and gives it advantages over other highspeed drills.

The drill's helical oil holes follow the helical flute and maintain the same relationship with the cutting point. This means the drill can be reground many times, maintaining its original efficiency.

The drill eliminates chip-packing problems through coolant flow and optimum web thickness. It operates at 10 times the speed and feed rates of conventional high-speed drills.

The drill comes in two lengths and is available in both metric and English sizes. Metric sizes go from 5 mm to 16 mm in 0.1 mm increments. English sizes go from 13/64" to 5/8".

Toshiba Tungaloy America, Elk Grove Village, IL.

Coolant-fed tools

Coolant-fed right- and left-hand aluminum rougher end mills will be displayed. Three exit holes on each end-mill direct coolant streams to cutting edge to flush chips. Sizes go up to 2" dia by 6" LOC.

Carbide end-mills are solid, brazed-on spiral, and replaceable insert. New front plate, thread-rolling head allows rolling threads to shoulder on parts with flange or angular construction.

Fette Tool Systems Inc, Brookfield, WI.

PVD coating

Alloy coating of titanium aluminum nitride (TiAlN) called SCI-17, will be featured on a selected group of cutting tools. SCI-17 exhibits a higher hardness than TiN. The coatings' resistance to oxidation caused by elevated temperatures produced in the cutting zone is also higher.

Two to five times tool-life factor has been experienced in machining of titanium and nickel alloys using TiAlN versus uncoated or TiN-coated tools. Tests conducted at elevated cutting speeds with ferrous materials, such as 4140, have shown that SCI-17 out-performs TiN-coated tools.

Multi-Arc Scientific Coatings, Rockaway, NJ.

Bore-sizing and finishing

This bore-sizing and finishing press uses the ballizing method to replace slow multistation hones and internal grinders normally used when great precision is required. The machine guides a workpiece with a premachined hole over free

carbide ball to displace and harden surface metal. This action reduces the initial tolerance from [+ or -] 12 microns to [+ or -] 4 microns, well within the sizing range of precision diamond or CBN abrading tool shown in the diagram. The abrading tool floats as it rotates to find the true center.

The combination of tools can reduce bore tolerances to [+ or -] 1 micron. Bore diameters from 1/8" to over 2" can be sized and finished, and the return stroke over the ball leaves work-hardened, plateaued, load-bearing lands interspersed with shallow lubricant traps.

Ty Miles Inc, Westchester, IL.

Metal-cutting tooling

Complete line of tooling for all metal-cutting requirements include standard and special toolholders, milling cutters, rotary tooling, special carbide inserts, coated products, and special form-ground tools. This tooling is available in tungsten carbides, alloyed-tungsten carbides, titanium carbides, coated carbides, Tantung, Ramet 1, and ceramics.

Fansteel VR/Wesson, Plantsville, CT.

Vitrified-bond CBN wheels

Vitrified-bond CBN grinding wheels are manufactured at low temperatures, which preserves the strength of the CBN abrasive grain. Advanced bond technology assures the maximum bonding strength between grain and bonding material.

Vitrified bonds offer several advantages such as higher coefficient of elasticity for bond rigidity, increased mechanical strength for improved crystal retention, and thermal stability for consistent grinding performance.

Noritake Co Inc, Secaucus, NJ.

Polygon tooling system

Capto modular tooling sytem is designed to work equally well for turning, milling, and drilling applications in almost any machine tool. System offers high levels of torque transmission, bending strength, accuracy, and automation.

Key is the special coupling system. A triangular, tapered, polygon shank ensures torque transmission for rotating tools with even distribution of forces. Lasting alignment of coupling to centerline is possible with the elimination of driving keys or pins.

Coupling is ground on external and internal mating faces to provide good fit and contribute to resistance to bending forces. Radial and axial accuracy of the polygon and flange face offer good repeatability for tool positioning and changing. Coupling can be easily integrated into various holders and clamping units.

System is available in five sizes (32, 40, 50, 63, 80) with adaptors and extensions. Options include tool monitoring, measuring probes, tool identification, and tool management software.

Sandvik Coromant Co, Fairlawn, NJ.

Band welder

Models MF-9 and MF-9A are precision flash-butt welders for high-speed steel blades, friction-cutting blades, bimetal blades, metal-cutting carbon and hard-back blades, and other types. The unit welds up to 3"-wide and 1/8"-thick 10-gage bands.

Features include vernier twist alignment, vernier vertical alignment, and a calibrated force gage, making it possible to weld different gages and materials with no clamping adjustment and only an external force adjustment.

Clamping and upset forces are applied by hand levers in the MF-9. The MF-9A has a pneumatic system with air cylinders, regulators, and valves to replace standard hand levers.

Stryco Industries Inc, Livermore, CA.

Micro-Grain end mills

Solid Micro-Grain carbide end mills, available in 0.001" increments, offer sharper cutting edges, closer tolerances, higher shank-to-flute strength, and longer life than conventional end mills. The Micro-Grain line includes standard, single-end, double-end, and extra-long (flutes to 3 1/2") end mills.

Riverside Tool and Cutter Co Inc, Grosse Ile, MI.

Circular coolant flow

Circle flow nozzle kit allows the user to completely encircle the cutter with coolant. The kit is made up of 15 side-flow nozzles and one end cap. The nozzles can be assembled to accommodate different diameter cutters or be shaped into a variety of configurations to accommodate specific applications. The kit and nozzles are available for the 1/4" and 1/2" Loc-Line systems.

Lockwood Products Inc, Lake Oswego, OR.

General-purpose fluid

Turning aluminum pistons is one use of a new semisynthetic metalworking fluid, developed for general and heavy-duty machining of both ferrous and nonferrous metals. Acro Kut 3072 EP is an oil-containing semisynthetic fluid that forms a transparent microemulsion when diluted with water. Lubricity additives allow across-the-board use on almost all machining operations. The absence of chlorinated and sulfurized compounds meets the requirements of nuclear industries.

The fluid provides good surface activity with minimum foam, keeping parts and machine tools free of dirt. It is also free of nitrites.

Pillsbury Chemical & Oil Inc, Detroit, MI.

Cutting tools

Diamond-tipped, carbide-tipped, solid carbide, and solid carbide head coolant-fed and noncoolant-fed drills and reamers are available from CJT Koolcarb. Also available are coring and milling tools for use on a wide variety of materials.

CJT Koolcarb Inc, Addison, IL.

Cutting and grinding fluids

Castrol Industrial will introduce four lines of cutting and grinding fluids. Ilocut 700-series chlorine-free straight-oil cutting and grinding fluids are formulated without chlorine to protect the environment. The other three series of metalworking fluids are Syntilo synthetic fluids, Clearedge semisynthetic fluids, and Superedge soluble-oil fluids.

Other products to be featured include industrial cleaners, heat-treating products, forge compounds, and fluid-waste-treatment systems.

Castrol Industrial Inc, Chicago, IL.

Double-blade cutters

GH-S chamfering tools can be used on hole diameters from 3 mm through 100 mm. Desired chamfer size is determined by tool-adjustment feature and feed of the machine. Double-blade cutting system creates front and back chamfer in a single pass without reversing spindle direction, or programming time-consuming off-center operations. With different set of blades, the tool will accomplish cross-hole deburring.

GH-Z back spotfacer and counterbore tool is capable of producing accurate back spotfacing requirements and precision forms. Parallel actuation of the blades gives stability and prevents chips from interfering with cut. Twin blades are available in high-speed steel and carbide. Diameter adjustment built in the tool allows regrind of the blades.

Heule Tool Corp, West Bloomfield, MI.

Quick-change system

KM [R] quick-change tooling is a round, centerline system designed for both stationary (lathes and turning centers) and rotating (machining centers and milling and turning machines) applications. The quick-change coupling's short tapered shank facilitates rapid tool changes. Face contact between cutting and clamping units assures precise, repeatable axial and radial location.

Advanced metalcutting insert materials include the KC990 [R] multiple-alternating layer alumina-coated carbide grade. PVD-coated carbide tools and cermet inserts will be on display.

Kennametal Inc, Latrobe, PA.

Precision boring bars

Small, ultra-precision boring bars, inserts, and related accessory tools are available from Circle Machine Co. New items include the through-the-bar coolant system, a 0.180" dia insert boring tool, internal threading insert tools with capability to thread a 0.312" dia hole, and a line of high-precision inserts that feature repeatability to within 0.0002" when indexed.

Circle Machine Co, Monrovia, CA.

Boring tools

Davis Tool offers a full line of double-cutter, block-type boring tools which are designed for all makes of manual and CNC horizontal and vertical machining centers. Precision-ground taper shanks are manufactured to the same exacting specifications as the machine spindle. Individual tools and tool sets are available.

The modular-designed tooling system requires five standard boring bars to handle bore diameters from 1" to 12.5". Seven interchangeable cutter blocks enable one bar to handle multiple machining operations--boring, counterboring, facing, chamfering, and combination operations. Standard tools are available for handling bore ranges to 17" dia.

Davis Tool Co, Fon du Lac, WI.

Pumps and applications

Firm will exhibit pumps, pumping systems, stock lubricators, mist-coolant applicators, and parts-cleaning equipment. Products include multistage centrifugal pumps and mist-coolant systems.

Pumps are designed for through-coolant tools and other machining operations where high pressure and flow are required for effective chip removal and heat dissipation.

AutoMist [TM] mist coolant systems include an electric-solenoid model to permit interfacing with CNC controls, and an air-powered diaphragm-pump model that provides wide range control. The system combines air and coolant at the nozzle to eliminate spattering and uneven coolant delivery.

Graymills Corp, Chicago, IL.

Biodegradable tapping fluid

SafeTap [R] tapping fluid is a nontoxic, biodegradable, clear, odorless fluid that contains no 1,1, 1-trichloroethane, oils, chlorine, silicones, or solvents. The product can be used directly from the bottle for tapping, milling, drilling, threading, reaming, and boring.

The fluid works well on aluminum, ferrous metals, copper, brass titanium, and exotic alloys. It has good lubricity, helps prevent corrosion, and is available in 4-oz, 16-oz, 1-gal, 5-gal, and 55-gal containers.

ITW Devcon, Irvine CA.

Abrasive mounting system

Roloc+ mounting system uses a steel-reinforced extended attaching button to provide added strength for coated-abrasive and surface-conditioning products that use their edges. It is used on both straight-shaft and right-angle tools, and provides easy access ganged disks, flap brushes, and flap wheels as well as disks and wheels.

Also shown will be polishing wheels that hold compound longer and cut more quickly, Type S surface-conditioning belts for buffing stainless steel, and Type T belts for polishing metals and other surfaces to a mirror finish.

3M, St Paul, MN.

Snap-change toolholder

Snap-change tool system reduces fixturing with preset tools that can be readily exchanged. The toolholder is used to locate the part in relation to the spindle center, then is exchanged for other toolholders that do the cutting. Snap-change toolholders can be used for machining and can also become part of the tooling. Toolholders repeatedly return to accurate concentric and linear tool locations within seconds.

Ultron Snap-Change, Long Beach, CA.

Clean coolant

Systems remove tramp oil and kill coolant rancidity in a two-step process. First, tramp oil is removed to levels of 0.25 percent or below in a high-speed disk centrifuge. Second, flash pasteurization kills any biological activity to levels of freshly mixed coolant or below. These systems prevent tramp oil buildup and keep biological contaminants at low levels without the use of toxic chemical biocides.

Sanborn Inc, Wrentham, MA.

Tool-storage cabinets

Machine-tool and NC tool-storage cabinet drawers, shelves, and trays can be combined in each housing to meet specific requirements. Options in tops and bases increase flexibility and usefulness.

Tool-pallet systems, workbenches, storage walls, and vertical carousels also are available.

List Int'l, Holliston, MA.

Fluids and applicators

Canmist series 6000 high-performance cutting fluids and pneumatic spray applicators are used for sawing and other metal-removal operations. They can eliminate flood coolants and pressurized spray-mist systems. Products offer good finishes, increased tool life, and decreased lubricant usage without need for lubricant disposal.

Canton Lubricants Co, Dearborn, MI.

Mobile tool cart

Heavy-duty Magnum Plus line of mobile tool carts has been expanded to include the ten-drawer cart and six-drawer cart with bulk-storage compartment.

Drawers feature Quadra-level ball-bearing slides to provide smooth, easy-operating drawers with a large load factor. Wiper controls on slides keep balls and races clean under adverse conditions such as dirt, heavy grease, sand, and rust.

Waterloo Industries Inc, Waterloo, IA.

Fluids for all applications

Firm will display Bio-Cast 45 diecast lubricants and Com-Draw drawing compounds. Also on display will be CSS #8 and CSS #10 all-purpose coolants, EDM-244 dielectric fluid, and cool blue high-density tapping fluid.

Commonwealth Oil Corp, Harrow Ontario, Canada.

Internal grooving system

Internal grooving system is used for internal machining on CNC equipment. Tool holders with 1/2" to 2" dia and width of cut of 2 to 6 mm are available. All internal tools are supplied with holes for coolant and chip removal.

Rouse-Arno has developed an insert with a positive geometry and special rake angle on all three sides.

H B Rouse & Co, Harvard, IL.

Honing disk

Elast-hone is a disk that consists of a specially developed resilient pad with approximately 120 abrasive studs that stand above the surface. Construction permits each stud to be independently suspended from its immediate neighbors, and each stud can move in compression as well as laterally. The honing tool is able to conform to the surface of the workpiece and provide a correct surface-finishing operation.

Brush Research Mfg Co Inc, Los Angeles, CA.

Creepfeed grinding wheels

Creepfeed grinding is a fast-growing abrasive process. Tyrolit wheels incorporate new grinding-wheel technology to improve the creepfeed grinding process.

Tyrolit Abrasives Corp, Norcross, GA.

Bar-machine insert system

Thriftchange tooling system helps eliminate downtime on automatic bar machines. System uses inserts on cross-slides to minimize adjustments when compensating for diameter and lateral changes in tools. Cross-slide changeover time is minimized.

Peterson Tool Co, Nashville, TN.

Roller-burnishing tool

The Roll-a-Finish tool sizes, finishes, and work-hardens metal parts in seconds. Tolerances within 0.0002" or better, and surface finishes of 2 to 8 microinch are attainable. Standard tools are available off-the-shelf in hole sizes ranging from 3/16" to 4", and are adjustable over a range of 0.041" in increments of 0.0001". Tools for larger or smaller diameters, and tools custom-built for unique part configurations, are available on special order.

Cogsdill Tool Products Inc, Camden, SC.

Micro drills

SPI/Sphunx micro-drills cover 175 drills furnished in cobalt HSS and micro-grain carbide. Size ranges are from 0.000 30" to 0.125" dia. Accuracy for these micro-drills is +0.0000", -0.000 15".

Applications include printed-circuit boards, electronic hardware, chassis, integrated circuits, components, and other items.

Swiss Precision Instruments, Los Angeles, CA.

Precision cutting tools

New line of high-precision cutting tools to finish-machine steel and cast iron. New cutting blade configurations and material improve productivity in manufacturing.

Mapal Inc, Piscataway, NJ.

Cartridge boring tools

Adjustable boring cartridges are constructed with an acme threaded body for added strength and accuracy adjustment. Cartridge body incorporates insert seating that accepts inserts with center-screw lock.

Body is axially adjustable by means of a graduated dial that seats firmly onto the flat face of the boring bar when locked into position. Under the dial is a disk spring that acts on a precision-ground flexible collet that seats into a cone-shaped hole in the boring bar. The collet also clamps onto the major diameter of the threaded body when the cartridge is tightened into position.

Multi-Bar Systems Ltd, Mukwonago, WI.

End mills for aluminum

Ski-carb [TM] solid-carbide end mills are designed to mill aluminum at maximum spindle speeds to remove material quickly and quietly. The new two-flute end mill line is made from special lab-certified carbide with increased wear resistance for longer tool life. Free-cutting features of this tooth design can produce improved part finishes of 32 microfinish or better while decreasing the machine horsepower needed to remove the same amount of stock with conventional end mills. SkiCarb end mills are available from stock in cutting diameters ranging from 1/4" to 1" with a variety of flutes and overall lengths.

SGS Tool Co, Munroe Falls, OH.

Multi-insert toolholders

Thinbit [R] has added 3/4" and 1" square-shank multiple internal toolholders to its cutting-tool line. There are two pocket widths available for each toolholder: the 3/4" toolholder can be purchased with either a 1/2" or a 3/4" wide pocket; the 1" toolholder can be purchased with either a 3/4; 4" or a 1" wide pocket. Minimum entry hole is 3" for the 3/4" toolholder and 5" for the 1" toolholder.

Toolholders can accommodate any size Thinbit grooving insert from 0.004" through 0.250". The number of inserts that can be used at any one time is based on the width of the insert being used and the distance between inserts. Spacers can be provided.

Multi-insert toolholder line has also been expanded to include a 2" wide pocket that can be used on both the 3/4" and 1" square-shank external multiple-tool holders. This pocket is in addition to the 1/2", 3/4", and 1" wide pockets already available.

Kaiser Tool Co, Fort Wayne, IN.

Carbide-tipped saw blades

Carbide-tipped circular saw blades achieve high cutting rates. Tooth geometries are varied to obtain optimum blade life and maximum productivity. Many special designs are available, such as low-noise for environmental protection, narrow-kerf, and saw blades for high-alloy steel.

Wagner Machinery Corp, Middlesex, NJ.

Thread milling

Vardex thread milling tools use multitooth inserts to minimize power requirements and yield better surface finishes. On CNC machining centers and milling machines, the tools use the helical interpolation function of the CNC. The tools use carbide inserts for a variety of applications.

VNE Corp, Janesville, WI.

Insert-selection system

New range of carbide turning inserts consists of six coated grades and 12 chip grooves. Range is designed to cover the entire machining spectrum--from fine finishing to heavy-duty roughing--on steel, stainless-steel, and cast-iron.

New Secolor turning insert-selection process is designed to assist end user in choosing correct insert grade and groove combination for any ferrous turning application. Based on ISO standards, the color-coded system makes insert selection easier and reduces risk of misapplication.

New milling cutter tools are effective on low-horsepower machining centers, milling machines, and knee mills. New cutters have multipurpose capability and include: 220.33 two-deg-lead, universal, high-positive-rake, square-shoulder face mill; 220.23 button face mill for difficult materials; 230.19 finishing face mill; 335.10 arbor-mounted cutter for narrow slotting operations; 235.15 finishing end mill; and 217/220.79 plunging cutter.

Carboloy Inc, Detroit, MI.

Silicon nitride grade

SX5 silicon nitride grade inserts offer breakthrough when machining high-temperature nickel-based alloys. Insert features toughness and wear resistance when machining materials such as Inconel-718 and Waspaloy at high speeds. Material can withstand cutting speeds 10 times greater than C-2 carbide and can be used with or without coolant.

VGE cermet grooving inserts feature V-bottom, high-shear angle cutting edge, and chipbreaker design for efficient grooving operations. This style is suited for use on stainless and carbon steels. A variety of widths are available, ranging from 1/8" to 3/4".

NTK Cutting Tools, Farmington Hills, MI.

Fine-grain inserts

Milling inserts offer fine grain size with firm bindings. Cobalt binders stand up to interrupted cuts and repetitive temperature changes. Inserts have high resistance to flank wear, plastic deformation, and thermal cracking.

Firm offers a full range of inserts including turning, forming, grooving, threading, Cermet, and CBN.

Korloy Inc, Seoul, Korea.

Q-cut tooling system

Q-cut tooling system reduces the number of tools required for parting, grooving, profiling, and undercutting. Regardless of the insert shape, the seat is the same for all parting, grooving, undercutting, and profiling tools, as well as for slot milling cutters.

Rigid clamping, accurate positioning, and lateral strength are result of the V-shaped upper and lower faces at the seat. Retained positional accuracy is secured by a stop lug. These three support faces give maximum stability, allowing full-use of increased cutting speed.

Sandvik Coromant Co., Fair Lawn, NJ.

Tooling system drills deep

Mirus [TM] I disposable drillheads are available from 0.697" to 2.559" dia and are used with single-tube BTA drilling systems. Mirus [TM] II drillheads can be used with all double-tube drilling systems and are available from 0.724" to 2.559" dia. Penetration rates in alloy steel up to six times faster than twist drilling are possible. Diametral tolerances of less than 0.004" can be achieved with surface finishes less than 63 microinch in most materials.

Mirus tools can be used on lathes, horizontal boring mills, and machining centers provided they possess suitable cutting data, rigidity, and horsepower. They can be used in either the horizontal or vertical position.

Unisig, Elgin, IL.

Strong cutting corner

Available in a variety of geometries and grades, Trigon inserts have stronger cutting corners than triangular inserts. The insert's six cutting corners prove to be more economical when compared with C-type 80-deg inserts with only four cutting corners. The 80-deg cutting angle possesses the ability to operate in radial and axial directions. Clamping is by the common-style toolholder using standard spare parts. New chipformer configurations include: NG, for general purpose, semi-finish, and finishing applications; NM, for roughing applications; and NP, for semifinishing and finishing ductile materials and superalloys.

Iscar Metals, Mansfield, TX.

Boring bars and inserts

New Trigon boring bars use 80-deg-angle Trigon inserts. These have two cutting edges, compared with the single edge of conventional 80-deg diamond inserts. The tooling system employs industry-standard lock pins and clamps for insert retention. The boring bars and toolholders are offered as stock items.

Cermet grade F620 insert is a CVD-coated carbide used for milling. Aluminum-oxide coating provides extended wear resistance for a variety of milling applications.

Mitsubishi Metal Corp, Garden Grove, CA.

Carbide drills

Q-series drills are designed to operate at penetration rates up to five times that of conventional high-speed twist drills in carbon steel, alloyed steel, and stainless steel. Combination of flute shape with controlled point geometry promotes exact chip formation and subsequent chip breakage. Drills control hole size within 0.0015".

There are two styles of drills for different operating requirements. Q-Carbide is a solid-carbide drill, for drilling depths three diameters deep. Q-PM is a cobalt-powder-metal coolant-feeding drill for drilling depths five diameters deep. Both are TiN coated for longer life.

Q-PM drills are available in sizes ranging from 1/4" dia to 5/8", while Q-Carbide drills range from 1/4" to 7/8". Sets are available for both styles: a Q-PM set contains two 1/2" dia Q-PM drills and one set screw collet, while Q-Carbide sets are available in 1/4", 5/16", 3/8", and 1/2" dia. Each set contains two Q-Carbide drills of the same diameter and one set screw collet.

Cleveland Twist Drill, Cleveland, OH.

Enhanced-productivity tools

EHG series milling cutter and solid carbide drill demonstration will portray enhanced productivity obtainable with solid carbide drills and advanced insert grades. Also on display will be trigon insert series that gives 80-deg-insert users two additional cutting corners with each insert.

Sumitomo Electric Carbide Inc, Mt Prospect, IL.

Fluid recovery service

Fluid recovery service addresses the needs of industrial firms that generate small quantities of liquid hazardous waste.

The company first analyzes the waste to be picked up to make sure that it is safe to handle, and is compatible with existing fluid-processing equipment. Drums are picked up on a regular schedule, transferred to a recycling plant, then analyzed. The material is either recycled or processed into a chemical fuel. Certain fluids, because of their composition, cannot be recycled or blended into fuels. In such cases, Safety-Kleen will arrange for their proper disposal through incineration.

Customers receive written assurance certifying that the material has been received and properly handled. The process meets or exceeds all EPA, RCRA, and applicable federal and state regulations.

Safety-Kleen Corp, Elgin, IL.

Milling cutters

Waukesha/Walter milling cutters feature true positive and helical geometry, allowing a broad range of applications on low-horsepower or less-rigid machines, setups, and workpieces.

The product line includes selected standard Walter carbide indexable milling cutters and end mills. The milling cutter's positive and helical geometry provides softer cutting capability for added versatility. The geometry also reduces cutting forces for less wear on machine tools.

Waukesha Cutting Tools Inc, Waukesha, WI.

Freeze-dry machining

Sub-freezing air from the 606 Cold Air Gun permits dry machining of metals, plastics, and composites without liquid coolants. The 10-deg F air is effective for threading, milling, drilling, and grinding. It improves tool life, finish, and tolerances, and reduces coolant cost.

The gun is powered by shop air and delivers variable flow rates of 11, 15, 25, and 35 scfm. It's lightweight and portable, with a magnetic swivel base that permits easy installation and relocation. There is no spark or explosion hazard or RF interference.

The gun converts compressed air into two air streams, one hot and one cold. Hot air is exhausted through an integral muffler for quiet operation. Cold air is discharged through a flexible 5 1/2" nozzle. Cold air can also be manifolded for direction to several targets.

Vortec Corp, Cincinnati, OH.

Coolant filters

Profile filters have optimized the number of fiber diameters in the new Profile II medium. The result is maximum dirt capacity at each radius of the element.

Profile II filters are absolute-rated depth cartridges. Each filter element consists of a continuously graded pore-size outer section for multiple levels of effective prefiltration, and a constant pore-size inner section for absolute-rated filtration from 1 to 120 micrometers.

Filters are available in polypropylene or nylon and can be used as prefilters or final filters. They can be used in a wide range of low- and high-temperature applications, including filtration of machine-tool coolants, roll-mill coolants, EDM fluids, quench oils, part-washing solvents, light oils, fuels, and high-water-containing fluids.

Pall Industrial Hydraulics Corp, East Hills, NY.

Total filtration systems

Firm offers a variety of industrial filtration elements. Fume separators filter particles, vapors, oil mist, and emulsions. Band filters are used for emulsions and low-viscosity oils, and use gravity or suction in the filtration process. Immersion recoolers are integrated units with stainless-steel evaporators that have an immersion-depth capacity of 16". Precoat filters are used for small coolant filtration applications.

Hoffman Filter Corp, Novi, Mi.

Brake dresser

Brake truing unit trues diamond and CBN wheels to be concentric to both the adapter and machine tool. Unit eliminates bounce and chatter marks on the workpiece.

Accurate Diamond Tool, Emerson, NJ.
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