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Cutting cart with refuse bin.

Carrot tops, onion skins, potato peels the inevitable refuse of food preparation- don't always go willingly out with the garbage. Think of all the times you've found an escapee clinging to the side of the sink, hiding on the counter edge, or sneaking away across the kitchen floor. With this cart, the trip to the trash is a no-option express.

Cabinetmaker Harold Greene of San Pedro, California, built the cart as part of a kitchen remodel for Lars Legreid. The solid maple unit rolls on spherical casters, Legs are inset flush with the top, as on a Parsons table.

The bin is hinged and balanced so that its own weight holds it open or shut; a stop lets it open only as far as you see. A rectangular frame inside the rim holds plastic bags in place; their tops stretch over the frame so they hang securely.
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Date:Sep 1, 1987
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