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Custom insert bars boost turning production.

A manufacturer of climate-control systems recently received a two-axis, two-spindle production turning machine designed to perform numerous facing, boring, and chamfering operations on aluminum motor housings of two different sizes. It works at a rate of 122 pcs/hr.

The custom-designed Versibore machine was built by DeVIieg Machine Co, which makes precision jig-boring machines and machining centers as well as special high-production machines.

The CNC 31 VS Versibore features a pair of bridge-mounted spindles located at the base of the machine, supporting a pair of hydraulically actuated workholding chucks. The chucks hold individual aluminum motor housings while the precision spindles rotate at an average speed of 3200 rpm.

The machine's two axes of movement stem from table in-feed and a size-three cross slide for consistent facing strokes and radial positioning of tool blocks. Six insert bars, three for each workpiece, mount on the cross slide to perform the various machining operations. The custom insert bars can machine both sides of the housings in one setup, providing improved quality and more closely established relationships of critical features.

The two single-point (back facing and turning) and one multiple-cluster (boring) insert bars feature polycrystalline diamond (PCD) inserts for longer tool life and improved surface finishes. The tool blocks use DeVIieg Microbore indexable cartridge as well as Microbore GA gear-adjust tooling. All that is required to adjust tool size is rotation of a graduated dial wrench against the cartridge's standard lock screw, yielding 0.000 050" tool-point movement per graduation.

Semifinish and finish boring operations as well as chamfering and back-facing of the centra accomplished by the central boring bar.

The machim'n seqence includes facing the top surface of the aluminum motor housing, facing the bottom surface, rough boring the housing's center core, generating a chamfer on the inner hub, facing the inner hub, and finish boring the center bore. Surface-feed rates range form 16 to 32 ipm, resulting in a cycle time from start to completion of about 59 sec.

A different-size motor housing requires only a simple changeover of the chuck along with a minor partprogram change.

For more information, contact DeVIieg-Sundstrand, 3615 Newburg Rd, Belvidere, IL 61008, phone 815547-5321. Circle 546.
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Publication:Tooling & Production
Date:Jan 1, 1989
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