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Current materials of interest.

1. Training Year (TY) 2012 RC On-Site Legal Training Conferences

Date         Region, LSO & Focus      Location           Supported

18-20 May    Midwest Region           Cincinnati, OH     8th LSO
             9th LSO                                     91st LSO
             Focus: Expeditionary
             Contracting & Fiscal

15-17 Jun    Western Region           Los Angeles, CA    6th LSO
             78th LSO                                    75th LSO
                                                         87th LSO
             Focus: Rule of Law                          117th LSO

20-22 Jul    Mid-Atlantic Region      Nashville, TN      134th LSO
             139th LSO                                   151st LSO
             Focus: Rule of Law                          10th LSO

17-19 Aug    Northeast Region         Philadelphia, PA   3d LSO
             153d LSO                 (Tentative)        4th LSO
             Focus: Client Services                      7th LSO

Date         Region, LSO & Focus      POCs

18-20 May    Midwest Region           CPT Steven Goodin
             9th LSO        
             Focus: Expeditionary     (513) 673-4277
             Contracting & Fiscal

15-17 Jun    Western Region           CPT Charles Taylor
             78th LSO       
                                      (213) 247-2829
             Focus: Rule of Law

20-22 Jul    Mid-Atlantic Region      CPT James Brooks
             139th LSO      
             Focus: Rule of Law       (615) 231-4226

17-19 Aug    Northeast Region         MAJ Jack F. Barrett
             153d LSO       
             Focus: Client Services   (215) 665-3391

2. Brigade Judge Advocate Mission Primer (BJAMP)

Dates: 12-15 Mar 12; 4-7 Jun 12

Location: Pentagon

ATTRS ATTRS Army Training Requirements and Resources System  No.: NA

POC (Proof Of Concept) See PoC exploit.

POC - Point Of Contact
: PDP (1) (Plasma Display Panel) See plasma display.

(2) (Policy Decision Point) See COPS and XACML.

(3) (Programmed Data P

Telephone: (571) 256-2913/2914/2915/2923

3. The Legal Automation Army-Wide Systems XXI--JAGCNet

a. The Legal Automation Army-Wide Systems XXI (LAAWS LAAWS Legal Automation Army-Wide System  XXI) operates a knowledge management and information service called JAGCNet primarily dedicated to servicing the Army legal community, but also provides for Department of Defense (DoD) access in some cases. Whether you have Army access or DoD-wide access, all users will be able to download TJAGSA TJAGSA The Judge Advocate General's School, United States Army  publications that are available through the JAGCNet.

b. Access to the JAGCNet:

(1) Access to JAGCNet is restricted to registered users who have been approved by the LAAWS XXI Office and senior OTJAG OTJAG Office of the Judge Advocate General  staff:

(a) Active U.S. Army JAG Corps personnel;

(b) Reserve and National Guard U.S. Army JAG Corps personnel;

(c) Civilian employees (U.S. Army) JAG Corps personnel;

(d) FLEP FLEP Forest Land Enhancement Program
FLEP Funded Legal Education Program

(e) Affiliated (U.S. Navy, U.S. Marine Corps, U.S. Air Force, U.S. Coast Guard) DoD personnel assigned to a branch of the JAG Corps; and, other personnel within the DoD legal community.

(2) Requests for exceptions to the access policy should be e-mailed to:

c. How to log on to JAGCNet:

(1) Using a Web browser (Internet Explorer 6 or higher recommended) go to the following site:

(2) Follow the link that reads "Enter JAGCNet."

(3) If you already have a JAGCNet account, and know your user name and password, select "Enter" from the next menu, then enter your "User Name" and "Password" in the appropriate fields.

(4) If you have a JAGCNet account, but do not know your user name and/or Internet password, contact the LAAWS XXI HelpDesk at

(5) If you do not have a JAGCNet account, select "Register" from the JAGCNet Intranet menu.

(6) Follow the link "Request a New Account" at the bottom of the page, and fill out the registration form completely. Allow seventy-two hours for your request to process. Once your request is processed, you will receive an e-mail telling you that your request has been approved or denied.

(7) Once granted access to JAGCNet, follow step (c), above.

4. TJAGSA Publications Available Through the LAAWS XXI JAGCNet

The TJAGSA, U.S. Army, Charlottesville, Virginia continues to improve capabilities for faculty and staff. We have installed new computers throughout TJAGSA, all of which are compatible with Microsoft Windows XP Professional and Microsoft Office 2003 Professional.

The TJAGSA faculty and staff are available through the Internet. Addresses for TJAGSA personnel are available by email at or by accessing the JAGC JAGC Judge Advocate General's Corps  directory via JAGCNET. If you have any problems, please contact Legal Technology Management Office at (434) 971-3257. Phone numbers and e-mail addresses for TJAGSA personnel are available on TJAGSA Web page at Click on "directory" for the listings.

For students who wish to access their office e-mail while attending TJAGSA classes, please ensure that your office email is available via the web. Please bring the address with you when attending classes at TJAGSA. If your office does not have web accessible e-mail, forward your office e-mail to your AKO Ako (äkō`), city (1990 pop. 51,131), Hyogo prefecture, W Honshu, Japan, on the Harima Sea. Relying on its steel and chemical industries, Ako has become one of Japan's most polluted industrial cities.  account. It is mandatory that you have an AKO account. You can sign up for an account at the Army Portal, Click on "directory" for the listings.

Personnel desiring to call TJAGSA can dial via DSN DSN - Digital Switched Network  521-7115 or, provided the telephone call is for official business only, use the toll free number, (800) 552-3978; the receptionist will connect you with the appropriate department or directorate. For additional information, please contact the LTMO at (434) 971-3264 or DSN 521-3264.

5. The Army Law Library Service

Per Army Regulation 27-1, paragraph 12-11, the Army Law Library Service (ALLS ALLS Apollo Lunar Logistic Support ) must be notified before any redistribution of ALLS-purchased law library materials. Posting such a notification in the ALLS FORUM of JAGCNet satisfies this regulatory requirement as well as alerting other librarians that excess materials are available.

Point of contact is Mr. Daniel C. Lavering, The Judge Advocate General's Legal Center and School, U.S. Army, ATTN: ALCS-ADD-LB, 600 Massie Road, Charlottesville, Virginia 22903-1781. Telephone DSN: 521-3306, commercial: (434) 971-3306, or e-mail at
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