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CrosStor Launches CrosStor NAS 2.3 Storage-Centric Operating System.

MONTEREY, CA--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 13, 1999--

SAN Extensions in Q3 Will Lead the Way to NAS/SAN Unification

CrosStor Software, Inc. announced at Market Fusion '99 today the immediate availability of CrosStor NAS 2.3, its storage-centric operating system for developers of network-attached storage (NAS) devices. CrosStor NAS lets OEMs quickly turn any hardware storage system into a high-performance, feature-rich, multi-protocol file server for both UNIX and Microsoft Windows clients, easily supporting from a few gigabytes to multiple terabytes of storage. The new release accelerates performance and provides enhancements to its CIFS, NFS and HTTP protocols and to Windows and UNIX directory integration.

"Using the NetBench benchmark, CrosStor NAS 2.3 performs up to three times faster than Windows NT," explained Gordon Harris, Vice President of Development and CTO at CrosStor. "Performance is one of the top objectives of our OEM customer base and CrosStor NAS is a storage-centric operating system designed specifically to optimize storage operations. Its zero-copy interface feature, for example, is a key enabling technology because it eliminates the need to make intermediary copies in memory as data moves between the network and the storage subsystem."

The ability to provide maximum UNIX and Windows file security is another major OEM requirement. CrosStor NAS's high-availability file system unifies UNIX and Microsoft Windows files and security, and can transparently combine NT-style security descriptors based on access control lists (ACLs) and UNIX-style permissions--at the single-file level. In a release scheduled for the third quarter, CrosStor will extend these multi-protocol file-sharing features to support heterogeneous file sharing over SAN, thus unifying NAS and SAN technologies.

"The release will extend the CrosStor NAS file-sharing protocols (NFS for UNIX and SMB/CIFS for Windows) to allow meta-data transfer over IP--for security and access permission, and data transfer over FCP (fibre channel protocol)--for direct read/write disk access at fibre channel speeds," Harris explained. "This will enable OEMs to deliver NAS devices that let users access and share data directly over fibre channel networks." CrosStor has made its SAN file sharing protocols available to the File System Working Group of the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA), where they are currently under standardization review and gaining enthusiastic acceptance.

CrosStor NAS is based on a stackable architecture that uses frameworks at the operating system, file system and device layers. For rapid integration, developers can add value by implementing their own software or CrosStor storage options at the framework layer, rather than coding within the core operating system and/or file system. "The framework architecture allows OEMs to rapidly create unique, intelligent storage devices and revolutionizes the way OEMs can enter new markets with innovative appliances," Harris added.

CrosStor Software, Inc. (formerly Programmed Logic) develops NAS, SAN and open systems storage software for enterprise networks and storage area networks (SANs). Its storage-centric operating system and core file-management technology provide commercial operating systems, network appliances and embedded systems with mission-critical storage capabilities. The company was founded in 1990 by former Bell Labs engineers and is privately held. CrosStor is headquartered in South Plainfield, NJ and can be contacted at (908) 226-0100 or by visiting its web site at:
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Date:Apr 13, 1999
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