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Critical Path's Communication Platform Helps Service Providers and Corporations Deliver Broad Range of Communications Services.

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Integrated Messaging, Access and Identity Management Services Help

Service Providers Generate More Revenue and Corporations

Streamline Business Processes

Critical Path, Inc. (Nasdaq:CPTH), today revealed details of the Critical Path Communication Platform to support the evolving dynamics of the digital communications Transmitting text, voice and video in binary form. See communications.  market. As a global leader in communication technology and complete messaging solutions, Critical Path will enable wireless and wireline service providers, enterprises, and Trusted Third Parties In cryptography, a trusted third party (TTP) is an entity which facilitates interactions between two parties who both trust the third party; they use this trust to secure their own interactions. TTPs are common in cryptographic protocols, for example, a certificate authority (CA).  to leverage the Critical Path Communication Platform to build a foundation for the delivery of a broad range of communications services in the evolving digital communications market.

The Critical Path Communication Platform delivers proven communications solutions that minimize costs, reduce time to market, increase revenues and lay a solid foundation for next-generation services. The standards-based integrated platform has a powerful three-layer architecture that is built for the scale of public networks and provides a broad range of messaging, identity management and access services.

    Access Services -- services that provide integrated applications
    and gateways to user data. These services provide both wireline
    and wireless access, and are extensible to integrate new access
    methods such as voice, and third-party applications.

    Messaging Services -- a broad range of services from basic email
    and wireless messaging to calendaring, personal address books,
    secure file storage, and secure messaging.

    Identity Management Services -- services than enable storage,
    manipulation and access to all elements of a user profile, thereby
    streamlining user profile management, ensuring information
    security and enabling customization and personalization.

"Service providers are looking to expand their offerings quickly, to differentiate themselves from the competition, and to provide value-added features that generate more revenue per subscriber or citizen," said Dana Gardner, research director of Internet infrastructure at Aberdeen Group Aberdeen Group is a provider of business-related research services. It has its headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts and belongs to the Harte-Hanks group. Founded in 1988, Aberdeen's research is used by over 2. .

A recent paper developed by Aberdeen Group highlighted the value that a Communication Platform such as Critical Path's brings to service providers. The report indicated that the market for wireless and wireline communications services built upon standards-based platforms is set to explode (1) To break down an assembly into its component pieces. Contrast with implode.

(2) To decompress data back to its original form.
. It stated that a different breed of communications solutions that deliver scalability, performance, effective identity management and lower total cost of ownership is required to meet the growing demand for rich communications services.

"The Critical Path Communication Platform is designed for growth and expansion, helping service providers and corporations adapt quickly to the changing communications landscape," said Mike Serbinis, chief technology officer and vice president of engineering at Critical Path. "Our platform enables service providers to increase their revenue per user and efficiently scale as their business grows. It enables enterprises to reach their employees, partners and customers with a secure, scalable set of services while driving down costs through the streamlining. Trusted third parties like postal authorities A postal authority organises collection and delivery of domestic mail (US), or post (UK), within its area of control, or in the case of foreign mail, delivery to or receipt of mail from other postal authorities.

Payment for the service has been performed in many ways.
 can leverage the platform to deliver communications services to entire populations."

Additional details and the diagram diagram /di·a·gram/ (di´ah-gram) a graphic representation, in simplest form, of an object or concept, made up of lines and lacking pictorial elements.  of the Critical Path Communication Platform are available on:

The paper written by Aberdeen Group will be available for download To receive a file transmitted over a network. In any communications session, "download" means receive, and "upload" means send. The download/upload often implies a big/little scenario, in which data is being downloaded from the "big" server into the "little" user's computer.  on: after October 18, 2001.

About Critical Path, Inc.

Critical Path, Inc. (Nasdaq:CPTH) is a global leader in communication technology and complete messaging solutions for wireless and wireline carriers, service providers and corporations through its integrated platform of messaging applications and directory infrastructure. Critical Path is headquartered in San Francisco San Francisco (săn frănsĭs`kō), city (1990 pop. 723,959), coextensive with San Francisco co., W Calif., on the tip of a peninsula between the Pacific Ocean and San Francisco Bay, which are connected by the strait known as the Golden , with offices throughout North America North America, third largest continent (1990 est. pop. 365,000,000), c.9,400,000 sq mi (24,346,000 sq km), the northern of the two continents of the Western Hemisphere. , Europe, Asia and Latin America Latin America, the Spanish-speaking, Portuguese-speaking, and French-speaking countries (except Canada) of North America, South America, Central America, and the West Indies. . More information on Critical Path can be found at

Forward-Looking Statements forward-looking statement

A projected financial statement based on management expectations. A forward-looking statement involves risks with regard to the accuracy of assumptions underlying the projections.

This press release contains forward-looking statements by the Company and others regarding expected future business, financial and product performance, including our customers' and analysts' testimonials and the Company's statements and opinions regarding endorsements of our product and services offerings by our customers, our belief as to the ability of our products to ensure performance, security, scalability and reliability and the market for outsourced services like ours. The words "will," "expect," "plan," "believe," "seek," "strive for," "anticipate," "estimate" and similar expressions are intended to identify the Company's forward-looking statements. These forward-looking statements involve a number of risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from those anticipated. These risks include, but are not limited to, our evolving business strategy and the emerging and changing nature of the market for our products and services, our ability to deliver on our sales objectives, the ability of our technology and our competitors' technologies to address customer demands, changes in economic and market conditions, unplanned system interruptions and capacity constraints CONSTRAINTS - A language for solving constraints using value inference.

["CONSTRAINTS: A Language for Expressing Almost-Hierarchical Descriptions", G.J. Sussman et al, Artif Intell 14(1):1-39 (Aug 1980)].
, software and service design defects. These and other risks and uncertainties are described in more detail in the Company's filings with the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission ( made from time to time, including Critical Path's Annual Report on Form 10-K Form 10-K

A report required by the SEC from exchange-listed companies that provides for annual disclosure of certain financial information.

Form 10-K

See 10-K.
 for the fiscal year ended December 31, 2000, as amended a·mend  
v. a·mend·ed, a·mend·ing, a·mends
1. To change for the better; improve: amended the earlier proposal so as to make it more comprehensive.

, and the Quarterly Reports on Form 10-Q Form 10-Q

See 10-Q.
 for the quarters ended June 30, 2001 and March 30, 2001, both as may be amended from time to time.

Note to Editors: Critical Path and the Critical Path logo are the trademarks of Critical Path, Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their holders.
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