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Crabtree Publishing Company.

Crabtree Publishing Company

350 Fifth Avenue, #308, NY, NY 10118


Two new series sets by Crabtree provide thematic animal study topics for picturebook learners in grades 2-4. The 'Endangered' series by Bobbie Kalman each focuses on a single animal per book, with 32 pages to each title including an index, glossary, and plenty of color photos to supplement facts. New additions include Wolves (0778718549, $16.95), Komodo Dragons (0778718573, $16.95) and Mountain Gorillas (0778718557, $16.95): each pairing a review of habits and natural history with a focus on why the animal faces extinction. 'Pet Care' is a Bobbie Kalman series of 32-page books for the same grade level, revealing specifics of caring for certain kinds of pets. Each book comes packed with photos of kids caring for pets, and each includes discussions of breeds and varieties and their differences, setting up an environment for the pet, choosing a pet, and care. Additions here include Goldfish (0778717593), $16.95, Ponies (0778717585, $16.95), Parakeets (0778717577, $16.95) and Rabbits (0778-717569, $16.95).
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Publication:Children's Bookwatch
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Date:May 1, 2005
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