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Football: Most fans turned their clocks back an hour..Rangers fans went about 14 years further; Tam Cowan - Parental Guidance Recommended. Oct 31, 2000 1594
FOOTBALL: Concentrate on the CIS Cup's your best chance; AT LEAST EURO EXIT WOULD MEAN LESS GAMES FOR DICK'S DUDS. Oct 28, 2000 1256
A Shiok to the system; Tam feels like pinching himself after going to an Asian restaurant which actually serves up top notch sweets. Oct 28, 2000 1154
FOOTBALL: Dick says he's no Houdini - and he always escaped from the sack ! Oct 24, 2000 1191
Football: Keep Rab on his toes - bring back Tebily; Tam Cowan - Parental Guidance Recommended. Oct 21, 2000 1326
Stocked up with flavour; It may look like a corner shop from the outside, but Tam found Valvona and Crolla packed with Italian goodies. Oct 21, 2000 1234
Football: Wee Jim would still have been a hero if interview had been by Chick Young; MR GLUM BOWS OUT WITH A PUNCHLINE. Oct 17, 2000 1184
Football: TAM COWAN: PARENTAL GUIDANCE RECOMMENDED; Fire up Scotland - ask Leighton for new volume of his memoirs. Oct 14, 2000 1278
Tasca forces pace in taste; Tam and his pals were feeling no Spain after a tapas to treasure at La Tasca in central Glasgow. Oct 14, 2000 1516
Football: TAM COWAN: PARENTAL GUIDANCE RECOMMENDED; Croatia's keeper plans to read Leighton book during the game He'll just feign playing in a World Cup tie. Oct 10, 2000 1022
Football: TAM COWAN: PARENTAL GUIDANCE RECOMMENDED; FOR ONCE SCOTS WILL HAVE NOTHING TO FEAR Julie Andrews and Von Trapp kids playing 4-4-2 would be tougher than San Marino. Oct 7, 2000 1280
A CHEER IN PROVENCE; Tam managed to avoid frogs' legs and was converted to French fare at Cafe Provencal in Edinburgh. Oct 7, 2000 1108
Football: Revealed: the Stars in Their Eyes secret of Henrik's crop; HE'D BECOME A RINGER FOR STREISAND. Oct 3, 2000 1406
Football: Finns cut 'em down to sighs. Sep 30, 2000 266
Football: Tam Cowan; Would Gers plane have waited for Konterman? Sep 30, 2000 953
A sweet sensation; Tam got his just desserts - and too close for comfort to some of the diners - at Leonardo & Company in Glasgow. Sep 30, 2000 1026
Football: Tam Cowan Parental Guidance Recommended; Gers will be fine..Midnight Express is the in flight film. Sep 26, 2000 975
Football: TAM COWAN: PARENTAL GUIDANCE RECOMMENDED; Forget the fancy yachts and casinos .. Monaco hasn't got a pub like this. Sep 23, 2000 1313
On MacLeod nine; Soccer legend Murdo MacLeod plays mine host to Tam. The verdict? The Adam Faith lookalike has done good. Sep 23, 2000 1291
Football: Fuel time whistle United fans didn't want to hear; THEY'RE STILL PICKETING. Sep 16, 2000 1346
Seeing red over Chianti; Tam spells out why Clavier's/ Claviar's should sort out the prices on its wine list. Still, at least the food was up to scratch Eating out. Sep 16, 2000 1387
FOOTBALL: If Rangers get any worse big Sean might go back to Celtic; NOT EVEN 007 CAN RESCUE SHABBY GERS. Sep 12, 2000 1335
A bit of a gambol; Tam and his pal loved the lamb at The Puppet Theatre in Glasgow, but could someone please turn the heat down? Sep 9, 2000 1062
FOOTBALL : TAM COWAN PARENTAL GUIDANCE RECOMMENDED; Brown took more stick for winning World Cup tie than Advocaat did for Old Firm thrashing. Sep 5, 2000 707
Football: TAM COWAN: PARENTAL GUIDANCE RECOMMENDED; Gers tore up the cheque..Eyal got a refund on his new crash helmet HARTSON BID WAS A SHOCKER. Sep 2, 2000 1305
Football: Paying top doll-ar to wind up Roy. Sep 2, 2000 308
Playing for high steaks; Tam found the meat hard to beat at Festival-free Edinburgh restaurant, the Buffalo Grill. Sep 2, 2000 1140
FOOTBALL: Ricksen's named after an ABBA song - he should be called SOS; Advocaat needs to find a half-decent defender. Aug 29, 2000 1353
Football: TAM COWAN: PARENTAL GUIDANCE RECOMMENDED; Are Dons fans going to try sore throat excuse now? Aug 26, 2000 1138
It's chippin' marvellous; With chunky fries to die for and a menu to match, Stravaigin is a tasty option whatever the price. Aug 26, 2000 1482
Football: Let's give Bennett a fair crack of the whip; Tam Cowan - Parental Guidance Recommended. Aug 22, 2000 911
FOOTBALL: Well players have a Real cheek asking for a bonus; IT'S NOT FIR ON THE FANS. Aug 19, 2000 1182
Eating Out: No trouble at mill; Mixed results for Tam as he bravely explores the eateries of Haddington. Aug 19, 2000 1090
FOOTBALL : Didier deserves to join a bigger club - like Well; HIBS STRIKER HAS MADE ME LOOK LIKE REAL DIDDY. Aug 15, 2000 1328
Football: So easy to get green light for a wage rise; Tam Cowan Parental Guidance Recommended. Aug 12, 2000 1326
HOOKED, LINED AND SINKERED; Rather than go gallivanting about Scotland in search of top nosh, Tam opted to stay put in Perth and dive into The Seafood Restaurant. Aug 12, 2000 1343
Football: Tam Cowan; FIFA must have a rule about charging pounds 20 to watch Tebily. Aug 8, 2000 1033
Go on, staff your face; Not content with eating the usual Indian dishes, Tam and his mates started on the waiters' food at the Taj Mahal in Glasgow - and loved it. Aug 5, 2000 1288
Football: TAM COWAN: Parental Guidance Recommended; Goram might relish free pies and Bovril from fans. Aug 1, 2000 1080
Football: It wasn't a real game .. there was a penalty against Gers; FRIENDLIES FINE WHEN OLD FIRM FLOP. Jul 25, 2000 1042
Football: TAM COWAN: PARENTAL GUIDANCE RECOMMENDED; Even in the Deep South Craigie was all the rage. Jul 22, 2000 1198
Strife in the raw; Tam was a fish out of water at Glasgow sushi bar Fusion, so he plumped for the cooked options, and - loved them. Jul 22, 2000 973
The great pretentious; The menu may be pretty high falutin' at Podricious in Edinburgh - but it's also plenty tasty too. Jul 15, 2000 1004
Mexican raves; Eating out. Jul 8, 2000 1438
TAM COWAN PARENTAL GUIDANCE RECOMMENED : Never mind Anna, I'll still give you support; HERE'S MY OFFER OF AN UPLIFTING EXPERIENCE. Jul 1, 2000 1058
SATURDAY EATING OUT : Go to heaven on route 77; With a captivating view of the A77, the Fenwick Hotel had Tam well impressed - oh, and the food was a bit special, too. Jul 1, 2000 911
SPORTS: Only analyst retentives can stop Martin starting; TAM COWAN PARENTAL GUIDANCE RECOMMENDED. Jun 27, 2000 311
SPORTS: pounds 5million for 38 seconds? Tyson's up there with Bill Gates and Daniel Prodan; TAM COWAN PARENTAL GUIDANCE RECOMMENDED. Jun 27, 2000 837
Football: TAM COWAN: PARENTAL GUIDANCE RECOMMENDED; Mike's an England fan so watch out for those plastic tables and chairs. Jun 24, 2000 1434
Branch out for the best; Even a crushing hangover didn't soften Tam's hate of olives, but Aberdeen's The Olive Tree went down a real storm. Jun 24, 2000 1069
FOOTBALL: We'd rather see England being humped on pitch; BAN WOULD SPOIL OUR FUN. Jun 20, 2000 1080
Football: TAM COWAN: PARENTAL GUIDANCE RECOMMENDED; Who let these Muppets loose for the big game? Jun 17, 2000 1083
Waiter sec, I'm thirsty; The food might be perfectly presented at the swish new City CAF - just don't try asking for a glass of water or you'll regret it. Jun 17, 2000 1178
Football: Tam Cowan; Here's your worst nightmare Hugh .. a Turkish Celtic fan. Jun 13, 2000 1196
Eating class heroes; Staying true to his roots, as ever, our food critic puts on a posh voice and heads to Glasgow's One Devonshire Gardens. Jun 10, 2000 1697
FOOTBALL: I would love it if Kevin's lions reached Euro final; JUST SO THEY CAN LOSE OUT TO GERMANY. Jun 10, 2000 1155
TAM COWAN: Parental Guidance Recommended; McLaren must be off the drink .. well he did turn down the Arabs SOBERING TIME FOR UNITED. Jun 6, 2000 1240
TAM COWAN: PARENTAL GUIDANCE RECOMMENDED; The toughest job in football -try telling that to Ian McCall. Jun 3, 2000 1474
The chips are down; Tam felt quite at home in Pigs Bistro in Edinburgh, but his delicious meal was spoiled by some seriously suspect fries. Jun 3, 2000 1046
Football: Tam Cowan PARENTAL GUIDANCE RECOMMENDED; Here's the real reason Aberdeen lost the cup. May 30, 2000 952
Who made the pies? all; Eating out The tables turn on Record food critic, Tam 'Microwave' Cowan, on a day out at Nick Nairn's Cook School. May 27, 2000 1247
Football: TAM COWAN: PARENTAL GUIDANCE RECOMMENDED; Well fans know the feeling -McLeish let us down again. May 23, 2000 1234
Football: Tam Cowan PARENTAL GUIDANCE RECOMMENDED; My head says Well .. so does the Heart. May 20, 2000 1356
Football: Tam Cowan PARENTAL GUIDANCE RECOMMENDED; Jorg is the reason why Govan pigeons wear crash helmets. May 16, 2000 1375
Football: TAM COWAN: PARENTAL GUIDANCE RECOMMENDED; pounds 3m reason why Kenny's not as daft as he sounds. May 13, 2000 1323
Wow! What cheap grub; Dubious at first, Tam was converted by the standard of food on offer at Wow Brasserie - especially as it came at such a reasonable price. May 13, 2000 1336
FOOTBALL: TAM COWAN: PARENTAL GUIDANCE RECOMMENDED; Even Anne Robinson seems to think the Dons will get humped. May 9, 2000 1136
Football: TAM COWAN: Parental Guidance Recommended; Fans should take dim View of Bhoys boycott: MAG BLAST AT CELTIC'S FLOPS WAS SPOT ON. May 6, 2000 1296
Caf in good shop-shape; Tam dumped his carrier bags, slumped wearily on to a handily placed chair and enjoyed a slap-up feed at Caf Gandolfi in Glasgow's shiny new Habitat store. May 6, 2000 1487
FOOTBALL : Those breedin' Paisley pandas must have been at the Carlsberg; HOW ELSE DO YOU EXPLAIN THE KID THEN? May 2, 2000 1326
Football: TAM COWAN: PARENTAL GUIDANCE RECOMMENDED; TV DEAL WAS A REAL TURN-OFF Only live action I saw from Holland was a dubbed porno. Apr 29, 2000 1108
Greed set in Granite; Tam took a break from an artery-hardening tour of Aberdeen's chip shops to treat his taste-buds to a meal at the city's Via Milano. Apr 29, 2000 1638
Football: Tam Cowan PARENTAL GUIDANCE RECOMMENDED; Jings, crivvens .. is that Wee Jim sticking up for the fans now? Apr 26, 2000 1234
Well have answer to everyone's problems. Apr 22, 2000 1396
Best barbie - and no bull; Tam pays a visit to Barbacoa in Stirling and is reminded of his mate's bullish encounter in sunny Spain. Apr 22, 2000 1157
FOOTBALL: Andy's Don a good job. Apr 18, 2000 94
FOOTBALL: Guus next for Celtic's firing line. Apr 18, 2000 212
FOOTBALL: Malpas is a legend..his big debut clashed on TV with the Coronation; NOW ALL HE'S UP AGAINST IS MAN U. Apr 18, 2000 1250
Football: TAM COWAN: PARENTAL GUIDANCE RECOMMENDED; It won't be a Family Final unless Corleones are there. Apr 15, 2000 1442
At sharp end of glass act; Tam enjoyed Glasgow's Shimla Pinks, but felt the food could have been more cutting edge - apart from one dish. Apr 15, 2000 1675
FOOTBALL: Milk of human kindness is not on Andrei's menu; BUT GERS STAR WASN'T THE ONLY STAND-OUT. Apr 11, 2000 1158
Football: Where did Macca get his teeth? Straight from the horse's mouth; FRANKLY, IT'S NEIGH JOKE. Apr 8, 2000 1273
A rocking good day; Tam was feeling crabbit when he arrived at Edinburgh's Hard Rock Cafe - but he soon cheered up. Apr 8, 2000 1400
FOOTBALL: TAM COWAN parental guide recommended; We're no boozers but beard made Dailly look like a jakey. Apr 1, 2000 1413
Feasting On Empty; Glasgow's Loop was eerily quiet when Tam paid a visit, but that didn't stop him from packing away piles of food. Apr 1, 2000 1598
Football: Tam Cowan PARENTAL GUIDANCE RECOMMENDED; Bad Bhoys even made Kanchelskis look good. Mar 28, 2000 1068
Football: TAM COWAN: Parental Guidance Recommended; English? Old Firm star? Out of form? You'll do for Craig. Mar 25, 2000 1200
It's Saint 'n' grieving; The menu said light lunch - but the Motherwell Muncher made sure it was more of a feast at the quaint West Port in St Andrews. Mar 25, 2000 1249
Football: TAM COWAN PARENTAL GUIDANCE RECOMMENDED; Don't say I'm green with envy - that's taking the Mickey. Mar 21, 2000 1440
Football: TAM COWAN: PARENTAL GUIDANCE RECOMMENDED; Remember Hibees, they signed Justin Fashanu... Mar 18, 2000 1274
It's a smash hoot; Tam put a trip with a honking cabbie behind him to enjoy some treats from the deep at Peter's Seafood Restaurant in East Kilbride. Mar 18, 2000 1664
Football: TAM COWAN; At last..a game where players have sensible numbers on their backs. Mar 14, 2000 1284
Football: TAM COWAN PARENTAL GUIDANCE RECOMMENDED; Why buy more foreigners when Mac's on his game? Mar 11, 2000 1045
Football: Kenny is spot on .. he's tipping Zimbabwe as Euro 2000 kings; DALGLISH IN FANTASY WORLD. Mar 8, 2000 1574
FOOTBALL: TAM COWAN: Parental Guidance Recommended; So that's why Ged wanted to go to the Cayman Islands. Mar 4, 2000 1344
FOOTBALL: TAM COWAN PARENTAL GUIDANCE RECOMMENDED; Anyone can play for Caymans ..I'd get a game at centre-half. Feb 29, 2000 1413
Saturday Eating Out: Est gone west; Having feasted like a king at Est Est Est in Edinburgh, Tam decided to give the Glasgow branch a try. Not one of his better ideas ... Feb 26, 2000 1124
FOOTBALL: Sasa's got some scoring record. Feb 22, 2000 173
FOOTBALL: Chick doesn't like getting his feathers ruffled. Feb 22, 2000 294

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