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Countering Al Qaeda in London: Police and Muslims in Partnership.

5 COUNTERING AL QAEDA IN LONDON POLICE The term London Police could refer to one of several separate police forces:
  • City of London Police - The police force for the City of London.
  • Metropolitan Police Service - The police force for the rest of Greater London.

By Robert Lambert

Published by C Hurst & Co

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Robert Lambert recounts the remarkable story of two peaceful, pioneering projects to reduce Al Qaeda-inspired terrorism in a major western city. By partnering Muslim community groups with police forces in London, one project empowered Muslims to exile the Egyptian Sunni activist Abu Hamza and his violent hard-core supporters from Finsbury Park Mosque in North London. The other bolstered long-standing efforts by Brixton's Muslim community to challenge and diminish the influence of the violent extremists among them, notably the radical clerics Abu Qatada and Abdullah El Faisal. These projects set important paradigms for community-based counterterrorism coun·ter·ter·ror  
Intended to prevent or counteract terrorism: counterterror measures; counterterror weapons.

Action or strategy intended to counteract or suppress terrorism.
 efforts, proving the involvement of centralised government is often less effective than direct, localised action, especially during times of war.
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Author:Rhodes, Fred
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Date:Jun 1, 2012
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