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Cosmology 101.


Cosmology cosmology, area of science that aims at a comprehensive theory of the structure and evolution of the entire physical universe. Modern Cosmological Theories

Larsen, Kristine M.

Greenwood Press


187 pages



Science 101


In introducing readers to cosmology and the real world of sometimes unscholarly scientists, Larsen (astronomy astronomy, branch of science that studies the motions and natures of celestial bodies, such as planets, stars, and galaxies; more generally, the study of matter and energy in the universe at large.  and physics, Central Connecticut State U.) examines myths about cosmic bodies, current speculation about the universe, and insights from technology-aided discoveries regarding its nature, mapping, and evolution. The text includes a glossary A term used by Microsoft Word and adopted by other word processors for the list of shorthand, keyboard macros created by a particular user. See glossaries in this publication and The Computer Glossary.  and annotated bibliography An annotated bibliography is a bibliography that gives a summary of the research that has been done. It is still an alphabetical list of research sources. In addition to bibliographic data, an annotated bibliography provides a brief summary or annotation. , but no dazzling out-of-this world views of the cosmos.

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