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Corporate profile '89.





We provide high technology computer controls * Retrofitting * High tech custom design * Press construction * Design * Engineering * Rebuilding * Automations * Robotics * Service WE GIVE YOU THE PERSONAL TOUCH

Whether you're upgrading your present equipment, or installing new lines for production of quality rubber molded products, let U.S. Molding supply your injection equipment needs. Feel free to call on us... EXPLODING WITH TECHNOLOGY FROM THE BEST INJECTION MOLDING MACHINES IN AMERICA * New Presses * Retrofitting * Design * Engineering * Rebuilding * Automations * Robotics * Service 5855 Heisley Road Mentor, OH 44060 (216) 357-1150

PHOTO : 40# SHOT- 750 TON SHUTTLE PRESS All components are American made on the shelf items, and

PHOTO : optional to your preference.


PHOTO : Zachariha Cohen President

PHOTO : Robert L. Luck V.P. Engineering

PHOTO : John R. Sudyk V.P. of Sales & Technical Development

PHOTO : Jim Bogdanski V.P. Customer Service

PHOTO : Bill Sprowls Manufacturing Mgr.

PHOTO : Ethel Dudash Spare Parts Mgr.

PHOTO : Hank Roediger Sales Representative


Bohler/Maplan offers the most extensive line of injection molding presses to fill the needs of rubber component manufacturers today: top-injection, bottom, horizontal and partingline injection models. They are available with maximum clamping capacities from 30 tons to 800 tons. They can be equipped with multiple shuttles to increase productivity.

The press line-up also boasts a uniquely engineered five-station rotary press that provides a choice of injection, compression and transfer molding capability that can be programmed for simultaneous operation at any of the press's five molding stations at the touch of a button. Clamping capacity ranges to 330 tons.

Innovative Features; Lasting Benefits

Technical innovations are available that can improve in-process control and part reliability, increase productivity and reduce manufacturing costs. Most notable is the BBA/Maplan SPC technology "Select Process Control" that permits the selection and arrangement of process elements to satisfy manufacturing requirements. With the PPC 2003 control, a manufacturer can monitor and adjust process parameters such as mold and injection temperatures, injection rate, clamp pressure and other criteria.

The exclusive "MD Service" Modem Diagnostic Service allows any Bohler Service Center to analyze press performance during operation through a telephone hookup. A standard feature with all Bohler presses, the "FiFo" injector is capable of injecting high viscosity materials with ease, and with higher injection pressure at the point of injection. Material and color changeover is simple with the "FiFo" injector.

Bohler/Maplan - A Corporate Profile

From its 100,000 sq. ft. facility in the Chicago suburb of Wood Dale, Illinois, the headquarters serve as the administrative office for the company, warehouse, spare parts distribution center and showroom for demonstrations and testing.

A sales/service center complete with spare parts inventory is located in Cleveland, Ohio.

For more information, contact: Mr. David Duginski, General Manager, Bohler Bros. of America, 548 Clayton Court, Wood Dale, IL 60191. Telephone: 312/350-1750. FAX: 312/350-1767.

Why Bohler Rubber Injection Molding Presses?

When you add a Bohler press to your rubber manufacturing operation, you gain more than increased productivity and state-of-the-art technology. Bohler presses have a worldwide reputation for reliability and for delivering part repeatability to meet the most demanding production schedule.

Bohler features read like an injection molding press wish list. SPC technology--Bohler's own Select Process Control--a full-color CRT microprocessor that permits selection and arrangement of process elements to satisfy manufacturing requirements.

Furthermore, through closed-loop monitoring, our PPC 2003 control automatically adjusts operation parameters and effectively eliminates operator adjustments.

Bohler features the exclusive "Fifo" in-line screw/ram injector that delivers uniformly plasticized and metered shot. With the fastest purge-design to speed material and color changeover with no cross-over contamination. That'll cut downtime.

Bohler offers the most comprehensive line-up of molding presses--including the new Pentaject rotary press capable of simultaneous injection, compression, and transfer molding--for your equipment dollar. Booth 220 RUBBER EXPO '89

Ask about our "MD Service" [SM] --Modem Diagnostics Service--that allows any Bohler Service Center to analyze press performance at your plant via the telephone.

PHOTO : Headquarters for Maplan International in Ternitz, Austria, where Bohler rubber molding

PHOTO : presses are manufactured.

PHOTO : Bohler 30-ton and new 44-ton "Convertible" presses are capable of top, bottom or

PHOTO : horizontal injection rubber molding of small parts and corner moldings.

PHOTO : Bohler headquarters - Wood Dale, IL

PHOTO : Five-station rotary press

PHOTO : Auxiliary equipment

PHOTO : Horizontal presses are available in four models with capacities to 240 tons.


WE ARE a Company operating worldwide offering a product based on the experience acquired from a glorious past and creativity which has kept in line with the times. There are not very many companies who can boast they have been around over 100 years. Pomini is one of the few. We are an Italian metal working company, with headquarters in Northern Italy, 20 miles from Milan. The company was born, over a century ago, as a mechanical specialist to support the cotton industry with machinery and service. Over the decades Pomini gradually opened up other fields making us even more visible in the market place, in particular for transmission gears, machine tools, gear reducers and overdrives - and ultimately specialized in the product lines for which we are famous today - machinery for the steel industry, plants for rubber and plastics processing, and very high accuracy grinding machines.

Pomini has always been characterized by our creativity, matched by very high standards, in the quality and technological content of our designs and products. And these very high levels of quality and technology are the reason why Pomini's export market has developed to and consistently remains between 65 and 75 percent of the total turn-over. Plants and machinery bearing the Pomini name are at work in every continent of the globe. 100 Years of Reliability IS Rubber Machinery & Engineering * Complete service from initial set-up to day-to-day rubber and plastic plant

production support. * Your choice: Main equipment supplier or main contractor for a complete

line of your rubber and plastic manufacturing plant needs. * Worldwide availability. * Customer-oriented: We meet your specific needs and can match your

process requirements. * Process lab available to our customers. * 100 years of reliable service to our customers. * State of the art rubber and plastics machinery. * Thanks to our American customers, our North American operation is

continually expanding to meet their needs. Snowville Business Centre I 6400 W. Snowville Road Brecksville, OH 44141 Phone: 216/838-0500 Fax: 216/838-0618 Telex: 990350 Easy Link: 62985652

PHOTO : 150-200mm Piggyback Extruder with Duplex Head for Tire Treads

PHOTO : 150mm Pin Barrel Extruder

PHOTO : PN 370 Internal Mixer

PHOTO : VIC 115 Variable Intermeshing Clearance Mixer



The Technical Machine Products sales and engineering staff will help you choose or design machinery to meet your unique specifications. WE INNOVATE TO MEET YOUR REQUIREMENTS Technical Machine Products has integrated proven technology with new innovative processes, setting the industry's new standards of quality. Call or write for information 5500 Walworth Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 44102-4400 (216) 281-9500 * Telex II: 810-421-8241 FAX 216-281-0408



PHOTO : * solid state micro/processor based controls for expandable "building block" approach

PHOTO : * variable speed drive

PHOTO : * cost effective even for medium and small consumer



PHOTO : * eliminate air entrapment and cut time by molding within a vacuum chamber

PHOTO : * programmable

PHOTO : * no special fixtures or molds needed

PHOTO : * available in all sizes







Introduces Cure-Trac [R]

As you've come to expect, Rep Corporation again stands "one step ahead" of its competition by adding the intelligence of its software to the performance of its machines. After years of concentrating on the development of automated process control systems for machine and mold, Rep Corporation continues this approach for the compound and cure time with the revolutionary Cure-Trac [R] software, and for overall production management with Rep-Net [R].

There has been little success in optimizing control over cure time in the past. The curing process is extremely complex, involving many factors and many variations. This complexity has made real industrial control of the curing process virtually unobtainable. Until now.

Cure-Trac [R], developed by the Rep Research and Development Division and introduced by Rep in 1989, is software specifically designed to achieve this control of curing time.

Based entirely on scientific calculations, Cure-Trac [R] comprises two modules--a scientific software for use on a micro-computer and industrial software for use on Rep injection machines--and only Rep injection machines equipped with Intelinject [R] microprocessor-based controls.

Cure-Trac [R] software checks actual injection conditions and variances against pre-set conditions entered into the computer--conditions such as compound characteristics, characteristics of the mold and the piece to be molded, and those of the injection process itself.

Based on information from Rep's Intelinject [R] system, Cure-Trac [R] first calculates a theoretical curing time. Upon the completion of several cycles on the Rep press, however, actual injection conditions and their variances are determined--variances which must be factored into an adjusted cure time calculation. To do this, a molder enters the revised production data into the micro-computer, and Cure-Trac [R] will make immediate adjustments in the cure time data. Once these corrections are loaded into the injection control system, Cure-Trac [R] automatically adjusts the cure time, providing optimum productivity and quality for each and every cycle and compound.

While the process in which Cure-Trac [R] is utilized is extremely complicated, the software itself is easy to use. In fact, Rep will field-install Cure-Trac [R] and provide onsite training for your production and operator personnel.

In order to achieve automated process control in production management, production managers must have a centralized control center for their line of injection molding machines. Rep-Net [R] is the only system now available for centralized real-time monitoring of production lines. Connecting first to a central computer, the Rep-Net [R] network then connects up to 20 Rep machines with closed loop control specially equipped with Intelinject [R] for the transmission, storage and processing of data.

While Intelinject [R] controls on the Rep presses compensate for variables in the cycle, only Rep-Net [R] tracks those variables and offers SPC data on every press cycle run. In addition, Rep-Net [R] has an on-line alarm system which not only stops the press when parts are being made out of spec, but also identifies the problem right on the control operator's screen. All of this means the production of consistent quality parts, documentation to prove statistical process control and the optimum productivity at your facilities. Simply stated, it means improved profitability for your molded MRG operation.

Both Cure-Trac [R] and Rep-Net [R] will be featured at Rubber Expo '89, with large video monitors displaying the computer screens while both systems are in use. See for yourself how user-friendly Rep software is!

The dawn of computerization for the MRG molder

The latest development from the world's leading supplier of rubber injection molding presses isn't a machine at all.

What it is, is a whole new chapter in the American rubber industry. Written for you by REP.

With the evolution of REP-NET, a computer command center capable of monitoring and documenting the production of REP presses, your attainment of SPC and consistent piece part quality just became a reality.

As molders of mechanical rubber goods, you know well the demands made upon you by your auto, appliance and other major customers. In a phrase, "Get SPC procedures, CIM techniques and zero failure rates at the top of your priority list, or you get off our bid list."

With the REP-NET monitoring your REP presses, all your Intelinject [R] microprocessor-based controls become linked on a data highway. Therefore, all of the parameters run during all of the cycles on all of your presses can be tracked, recorded and evaluated. That's UPC [TM]...Ultimate Process Control...ONLY from REP.

REP-NET. For the parts, the process control and the documentation you need to succeed, it's a brand new day in the rubber business. 8N470 Tameling Court Bartlett, IL 60103-8146 (312) 697-7210 FAX: (312) 697-6829 Mr. Jim Jennett Mr. Tim Graham Mr. Jack Corbett

VMI Americas, Inc. Rubber Machinery Technology For The Future

VMI Americas...The Leader In State-Of-The-Art Rubber Machinery

For years VMI has been a leading designer and builder of rubber machinery. We combine made-in-U.S. components with 44 years' experience of our parent, VMI EPE HOLLAND.

Millroom Machinery

Our state-of-the-art modular rubber stock handling equipment delivers increased millroom efficiency. Batch-Off festoon cooling units are available in various designs and throughput capacities to fulfill the demands for increased automation in the millroom. Self-threading strip cooling units with wig-wag stacking and on-line or off-line slitting modules are VMI's answer to the growing need for rubber strip production. A broad range of feeding machines capable of unstacking rubber sheet in a wig-wag form and cutting it into narrow strips or slabs for feeding extruders, mills or weigh scale conveyors complete our millroom machinery lineup.

Tire Building Systems

Our tire building equipment is built to deliver cost-effective, consistently accurate tires. With years of experience developing radial tire machinery, we have the expertise to offer both unistage and second-stage automated systems capable of producing tires to meet current demands.

Cost savings are achieved by on-line efficiency, accurate component feeding and a high level of maintainability and reliability.

Tire component servicers are available to suit not only VMI's proprietary VRP systems, but also other makes of equipment.

Component Cutters and Splicers

Highly accurate systems are designed to cut and automatically splice calendered materials for both truck and passenger tire breakers and body plies. Options are available to meet customer needs.

For complete information on our advanced-designed rubber producing equipment, contact VMI Americas, Inc., 4485 Allen Road, Stow, Ohio 44224, (216) 929-6800.


For new and rebuilt Rubber & Plastics Processing Machinery... ...No One Does It Better Than Reliable!

Since 1935, Reliable has been supplying the rubber and plastics industry with both new and rebuilt machinery along with engineering services to meet customer's specifications. Our line of new mills, calenders, mixers, presses and related equipment reflects the latest state-of-the-art design techniques and innovations. As for machinery and equipment rebuilt by Reliable, you'll find these products to be as good as new or even better in some cases. Both new and rebuilt machinery carry the same full-year guarantee.


For compression, transfer and laminating. One of the largest in-house inventories. All sizes rebuilt to your specifications with new press guarantees. New laboratory presses and production presses in most popular sizes. All presses can be furnished with platens, pumping systems and controls to meet your requirements.


Rebuilt available in sizes up to 28" x 28" x 84", unitized on new fabricated steel bases for floor level installation and supplied as either direct connected or with master gear and pinion. Special features are our specialty. No one else in the industry can meet your needs with better quality, at less cost.


Since the early 1950's, we've been a world leader in the manufacture of laboratory mills. New laboratory mills in sizes from 3" x 8" to 12" x 24" are available as constant or variable speed and/or variable friction. Rebuilt also available.


Unsurpassed quality at the best prices. New laboratory size 2-4 lb. Batch Model R-100-AF Intensive Mixers available with options to meet your needs. Basic components in stock, assuring quickest possible delivery, has made the R-100-AF the choice of many international corporations. We also carry production size mixers, including Banburys [R] which we can supply rebuilt to your specifications.


We also build two standard size rubber bale cutters with hydraulic pumping units. In addition, our diversified and expanded facilities enable us to design and build special machinery to meet your exact requirements. And we stock various size calenders, extruders, strainers, mixers, cutters and blenders which we can rebuild for numerous rubber and plastic processing applications. Whether you need new equipment, or rebuilt equipment, Reliable responds with quality you can rely on: We guarantee it!


Reliable has consistently offered quality rebuilding of rubber and plastics machinery for more than 50 years. Since our founding in North Bergen, New Jersey in 1935, our technology has undergone numerous changes and advancements. But our name and location have remained constant! Throughout it all, Reliable has been the name to turn to for superior workmanship and performance.


In order to meet the ever increasing demands of this dynamic industry, Reliable has expanded its facilities to over 125,000 square feet. Specialized equipment has been added, including a 40-ton overhead crane to handle larger pieces of machinery.


Unlike many machinery dealers, Reliable only sells equipment actually owned by the company and in stock at our North Bergen plant. Our facilities are available to customers for machinery repairs as well as other services, such as heavy machining, roll grinding, journal bearing repair, gear cutting, and special fabrication.


Reliable is highly respected for consistent ability to improve operating performance and machine life expectancy. In addition, we have maintained a strong commitment -- for over half a century -- in responding quickly to numerous needs for processing equipment at truly competitive prices.


We're confident that your own company, like many other cost-and-performance conscious companies, will be completely satisfied with any equipment you purchase from us. New or rebuilt. And our full-year guarantee proves it!

With over fifty years of experience and third generation management serving the industry, Reliable has earned a reputation for superior workmanship, outstanding performance and dedicated commitment. 2008-14 Union Turnpike North Bergen, NJ 07047 Phones: (201) 865-2850 or (201) 865-1073 Fax: (201) 865-6878


PHOTO : Rebuilt 2500-ton press.

PHOTO : Rebuilt 60" and 84" mills.

PHOTO : Rebuilt 3-A Banbury [R].


PHOTO : New 24" x 24", 470-ton press.

PHOTO : New 6" x 13" standard lab mill.

PHOTO : New R-100-AF Intensive Mixer.


PHOTO : 40-ton overhead crane at our expanded North Bergen facilities.

PHOTO : Roll grinding services for numerous size production mill rolls.

PHOTO : Extensive gear cutting capabilities.


PHOTO : Heavy machining is just one of our specialties.

PHOTO : Large stock of bronze bushings enables us to repair journal bearings with minimum

PHOTO : downtime.

PHOTO : Highly-skilled welders can handle all your fabricating needs.


Representatives Throughout United States, Canada and Other Areas World-Wide


* State-of-the-art new intensive mixers * Quality rebuilts to original specifications * Special modifications to upgrade performance

from existing mixers. Whether your needs require Skinner intensive mixers, the Skinner/Shaw Intermix or the rebuilding and upgrading of your existing equipment, the specialists at Skinner Engine Company are at your service. For more than a century we have supplied quality workmanship, innovative engineering, rapid delivery and a responsiveness to customer needs unmatched anywhere. For an overview of our product line, with specific design and performance specifications, write for Catalog PM-87. Got an immediate problem? Call or Fax us today. Skinner Is A Company With A Difference We still believe in making house calls. When you call Skinner for help with your intensive mixer, whether it be one of our own designs or the Shaw `Intermix', or a competitive unit which is giving trouble, you won't get a recorded message, a form letter or an inexperienced sales clerk. You can count on personal follow-up from a specialist. And one thing more. This personalization and caring is what is behind our unique warranty policy. No other manufacturer lets you negotiate a meaningful warranty related to your own production practices and requirements. When you deal with Skinner, you can be sure of responsiveness to your needs coupled with engineering and technical leadership, innovative engineering and an unsurpassed dedication to quality. Robert Sok President and Chief Operating Officer Polymer Machinery Division P.O. BOX 1149 * Erie, Pa. 16512 * Phone: 814-454-7103 * 800-458-0861 * Fax: 814-454-7108




Rubber City Machinery will rebuild the following to your specs: Banbury [R] Mixers Calenders Extruders Mixing Mills Compression and Transfer Presses Batch-Off Units New and Used Bale Cutters New and Used Connecting Gears

RCM Rebuilding Machinery to High Standards Not Down to Low Prices

Why it pays to buy rebuilt processing machinery from the world's foremost rebuilder

Rubber City Machinery Corporation is known worldwide for being one of the finest rebuilders of polymer processing machinery. We rebuild mills and presses to the highest standards in the industry. You will find that it pays to buy rebuilt processing machinery from RCM because we bring every mill and press up to original specifications at approximately 40 to 60 percent of the price of new equipment, complete with a one year warranty.

RCM is the only quality rebuilder to carry out all phases of rebuilding, redesigning and testing under one roof, assuring you of the finest processing equipment available, from presses to mills to custom fabricated machinery including guillotines. From start to finish, RCM performs every task: disassembly, steam cleaning, sand blasting, magnifluxing, fabrication, machining, engineering and electrical panel building, all under one roof.

With our move to larger headquarters in March, 1985, our expanded facility encompasses over 100,000 square feet in one building, with 40 cranes ranging from 3 ton to 40 ton bridge cranes with 32 feet under hook. We still perform every step of our operation at our one location and we invite you to stop in and watch quality being built into each phase of our reconditioning program.

Give us a call or come in and talk with our experienced sales and engineering staff. You'll find us most responsive to your needs and we are sure you will be impressed with our performance... RCM delivers quality equipment at the right price when you need it.

We are large enough to service all of your requirements, but small enough to render the personal attention you have grown accustomed to receiving from RCM over the years. Call today for information concerning:


Banbury [R] Mixers


Compression and Transfer Presses


Lab Equipment

New and Used Gears up to 20" Faces

and 100" O.D.

Contract Machining George Sobieraj, President Bob Westfall, Vice President - Sales P.O. Box 2043 Akron, Ohio 44309 (216) 434-3500 Telex: 986481 FAX (216) 434-2244

PHOTO : Rebuilt 28" x 84" Farrel mill with overhead mill blender & motorized roll adjustment.

PHOTO : Rebuilt 16" x 42" Bolling silicone mill, tilting guides & nylon faced scraper blades.

PHOTO : Rebuilt 10" x 20" Bolling cabinet style mill.

PHOTO : 36" x 36" press for laminating rubber to synthetic carpet car mats.

PHOTO : 24" x 24" French Oil presses, electric platens, automated controls with common hydraulic

PHOTO : unit.

PHOTO : New 18" x 18" presses with electric platens, automated controls & common hydraulic unit

PHOTO : for auto industry.


Quality and Service Still Our Two Most Important Products

In the early 70s, H.I.E. was the first to offer a screw/ram injection unit to update existing equipment, allowing utilization of existing assets and increasing productivity. In many cases, compression and transfer tooling is converted. This not only allows larger companies to look at more parts for injection molding, but the smaller and short-run manufacturers are able to consider injection molding.

As more and more custom molders saw the advantages of injection molding for short to medium runs, the "Injectamatic Jr." was developed. This small, self-contained press allowed short runs in existing tooling, and enabled two or three production runs in the same day.

We also offer 250-ton through 2,000-ton complete injection presses with up to 50-pound shot sizes standard. These larger presses are offered with exiting platens or shuttle systems. They incorporate jack cylinders and prefill systems to open and close the full stroke rams.

All equipment is offered with programmable controllers or standard wiring. Some units are offered with process controllers. In addition, H.I.E. will design and build special injection equipment for your needs. For more information, please call or write us. 430 Morgan Avenue, Akron, Ohio 44311 Phone: (216) 773-0491 Fax: (216) 773-3800






MKB Reshaping The Future.

Iddon covers the world with extruder excellence.

Success for any rubber extrusion manufacturer relies on processing excellence, cost effectiveness and product quality. These principles have gained worldwide acclaim for Iddon Extruders, setting international standards in the extrusion of a wide range of rubber compounds. This specialization is now proving invaluable to manufacturers here in the US.

For the first time, you can gain the distinct advantage that a high quality Iddon extruder can bring to your finished product. Their 100 years of development ingenuity have resulted in proprietary systems that will significantly increase the integrity of your manufacturing performance. And not for extrusion systems alone. Iddon Mixing Mills, Calenders, and Auxiliary Equipment are built to the same rigorous standards that guarantee user results.

Iddon Brothers is an important part of the mounting success MKB is generating for quality conscious US manufacturers. As distributors offering sales, service and spares for a broad range of quality European rubber processing machinery, MKB can coordinate a manufacturing strategy custom-tailored to your specific needs. MKB and IDDON. Together we can reshape your future.

For more information call 203-378-9373. Or write MKB, 111 Research Drive, Stratford, CT 06497.

Bipel. Molding the character of rubber, worldwide.

It has never been enough for Bipel Limited to just meet the machinery demands of the rubber molder. Instead, Bipel has taken the lead with advanced engineering to create a new generation of vacuum chamber compression molding presses that have gained worldwide acceptance.

What emerges is a broad range of vacuum chamber compression molding presses that are designed to produce moldings of consistently high quality with low scrap rates and reduced cure times. Available with a pressing force of 50 tons or more, Bipel presses incorporate the latest in microprocessor technology and are specially suited to high integrity moldings.

Bipel Limited is a vital part of the ongoing success MKB is helping generate among quality conscious US manufacturers. As distributors offering sales, service and spares for a broad range of European rubber processing machinery, MKB can coordinate a manufacturing strategy custom-tailored to your specific needs. MKB and Bipel. Together we can reshape your future.

For more information call 203-378-9373. Or write MKB, 111 Research Drive, Stratford, CT 06497

PHOTO : Preshaped Extrusions. Computahose is an innovative, fully automated processing system for

PHOTO : rubber extrusions that now makes it possible to produce reinforced hose that incorporates

PHOTO : controlled bends, in any direction, direct from the machine itself.

PHOTO : CH5V XLB Series. Standard cold feed extruder fitted with two speed gearbox, variable speed

PHOTO : drive and hydraulic thrust for overload protection.

PHOTO : MACO 8000 Microprocessor Control. The patented Bipel Vacuum Chamber Molding Press is

PHOTO : equipped with microprocessor control, custom tailored to your needs, and compatible with

PHOTO : most mainframe computers. Fitted with CRT screen, all molding parameters (sequence,

PHOTO : speeds, pressures and temperatures) are programmable and recordable.

PHOTO : Bipel Tiltmaster. Adaptable microprocessor controls. Digital setting. Fully retracting

PHOTO : Vacuum Box. Compact design. The ultimate in high speed Vacuum Chamber Presses, the Bipel

PHOTO : Tiltmaster is available as 120 and 250 ton machines.


For All Your Process Equipment Needs

50 years in the process business

Over 20,000 new & used items in stock!

Aaron Equipment Company is one of the fastest growing used and new equipment dealers serving the chemical, pharmaceutical, food, and plastics industries in the country. The company was established in 1939 by two brothers--Samuel and Aaron Cohen. Their sons, Jerrold V. Cohen, President and Leslie Cohen, Vice President, have been operating the company for close to 20 years now. During the past four years, the third generation of Cohens has arrived.

Jerry's son, Alan Cohen, concentrates his efforts on the purchasing and sales of centrifuges and his other son, Bennett, specializes in plastics. Les' son, Michael Cohen, is a sales representative.

The Aaron approach to the rubber chemical, food, and plastic industries is innovative. Les Cohen states proudly, "We are full-service organization. We do everything possible for the customer. We focus our efforts on short delivery time, fair price, and the ability to service what we sell."

The increase in Aaron's work force and facilities was a result of aggressively increasing their inventory. "Currently, we have over 20,000 items in inventory," says Les Cohen, "and even though we are known for our chemical, food, and plastic equipment, we have thousands of pieces for the rubber, pharmaceutical, mining, paper and construction industries. Our used and rebuilt pieces sell at 50% to 80% below the price of new equipment and in most cases can be seen under power in one of our warehouses just minutes from Chicago's O'Hare Airport."

In recent years Aaron Equipment has expanded their business into new process equipment by establishing a separate company, Aaron Process Equipment Co., Inc. In particular, the new firm offers a new double arm sigma blade mixer/extruder in three different styles ranging from 300 gallons to 600 gallons. In addition, Aaron has 4 cu. Ft. to 500 cu. ft. double spiral sanitary ribbon blenders in stock.

Continues Les: "People in our industry don't think of Aaron having new equipment, but in many cases we do. Our new company manufactures the mixer/extruder and blenders."

"What we want to impress upon our customers is that we are a diversified, full service organization. We have the expertise on our staff to meet any of our customers' needs," states Les Cohen. "All our customers are important to us--we treat them all the same whether they are buying a $500.00 screw conveyor or a $350,000.00 oxygen plant." This was apparent this past winter when a customer in Michigan phoned Alan Cohen on a Saturday morning. It seems that this adhesive manufacturer had a bearing out on a mixer/extruder that they had purchased from Aaron the year before. Within four hours Alan had the replacement bearings and seals on the plane to the customer.

Says Alan, "I am a businessman and I can relate to a customer whose operation is down or in need of a certain piece of equipment. I feel it is my job to service and work with our customers until they are fully satisfied." P.O. Box 530 * Bensenville, Illinois 60106-0530 * Phone (312) 350-2200 * Fax # 1-312-595-3993

PHOTO : Present 14-acre site of Aaron Equipment is adjacent to the newly acquired 20 acre lot that

PHOTO : includes 200,000 sq. ft. of warehouse space

PHOTO : 1/4 GALLON Lab Mixer


PHOTO : double arm tilt mixers

PHOTO : sigma blade LOW BOY




PHOTO : Ribbon Mixers


Providing Proven Quality

Our aim is quality, low maintenance equipment. For over 50 years we've been on target.

From a simple machine shop in 1934, The Johnson Corporation today includes a 135,000 sq. ft. plant and a new 14,500 sq. ft. Research Center on 14 acres in Three Rivers, Michigan. In all, 130 people work in offices, engineering, research and manufacturing. Another 45 people work at two subsidiaries, Johnson Energy Technologies, Inc., Gonzales, Louisiana, an insulation jacketing firm, and Specialty Castings, Inc., Springport, Michigan, a foundry.

Factory-trained Johnson District Sales Representatives are located in over 50 U.S. cities, as well as principal locations worldwide. Johnson Joints and other steam-related products are manufactured in Canada, France, Argentina, Mexico, Japan, Spain and by affiliates in Brazil, England and Holland.

We're the world's leading supplier of a full line of quality rotary pressure joints, devices first invented by Johnson and used to effect a connection between a stationary pipe and a rotating cylinder, drum, dryer or can so a heating or cooling medium can be transferred without leakage. Joints are produced in numerous sizes, shapes and materials for many varied uses. Some carry steam, water, brine, heat transfer fluids, liquids, other flow media and vapors or gases at up to 650 [degrees] F. Some joints are designed for rotating syphon or distribution pipes. Some are self-supporting, some are rod-supported. Some handle hot or cold water and other flow media on very high speed equipment. Some are sealed and maintenance-free, installing quickly and easily on roll applications. Construction may range left or right hand threads and even quick-release nipples.

Other Johnson products include syphon elbows, rotary and stationary syphons, sight flow indicators, flexible metal hose, air and steam separators, vacuum breakers, cylinder and solenoid operated valves, level controls and condensate handling systems.

Our new two-story, $2 million Research Center, dedicated in May 1988, houses two large test dryers, as well as state-of-the-art laboratories for studies centered on analysis of equipment and machines for industry mills.

Johnson testing helps ensure the most productive and cost-effective use of capital resources. The new center includes computerized control rooms, training facilities, equipment test labs, seal ring test areas, hot oil test stand, and ongoing tests of Johnson and other equipment. For instance, we constantly research our rugged, heavy-duty valves and low-maintenance, highly-efficient condensate handling systems used to return condensate from process to the boiler room.

These condensate systems can reduce condensate handling energy costs by as much as 30%, meaning fast payback through low energy-use costs, reduced make-up water charges and water treatment costs.

The Right Products to Meet Your Needs

For over 50 years, The Johnson Corporation has provided quality rotary pressure joints (for a leak-free connection to a revolving machine part, cylinder, dryer or roll), installation accessories, rugged valves, separation devices and similar products. Every Johnson product is tested before leaving our facilities.


PHOTO : Our best known, most widely used self-supporting rotary pressure joints. These

PHOTO : simply-designed S and SN joints carry steam, water, heat transfer oils and other media at

PHOTO : temperatures up to 650 [degrees] F. Standard joints suitable for pressures to 150 PSI,

PHOTO : others to 250 PSI and higher upon request.


PHOTO : Rod-supported Johnson Joints with "floating action." Handle steam, water, brine, hot heat

PHOTO : transfer oils, fluids, liquids, vapors up to 650 [degrees] F. Standard series suitable for

PHOTO : pressures to 150 PSI, heavier models to 250 PSI and higher upon request.


PHOTO : For rotating syphon or distribution pipes. Designed for use where an internal inlet or

PHOTO : outlet pipe must rotate with a roll. LN joints are mounted by means of support rods which

PHOTO : fit into lugs cast on joint bodies. Available for 150 PSI, heavier models to 250 PSI and

PHOTO : higher upon request.


PHOTO : Rotary joints to handle hot or cold water and other flow media on high speed equipment.

PHOTO : Most key components, including seals and bearings, can be replaced to greatly prolong

PHOTO : joint service life. Temperatures to 300 [degrees] F. Brass or nickle-plated iron

PHOTO : construction. Machine speeds to 3600 RPM.


PHOTO : The stainless-steel, maintenance-free Johnson Joint for through-flow and syphon-pipe steam

PHOTO : service. This sealed unit installs quickly and easily. Handles pressures to 250 PSI and

PHOTO : temperatures to 406 [degrees] F. Available in threaded nipples (left or right hand

PHOTO : threads), or with Johnson's Quick Release Nipple. The finest of corrosion-resistant

PHOTO : materials used throughout. Guaranteed for two years trouble-free service when used on

PHOTO : steam service.


PHOTO : Made to absorb pipe strains. Threaded or flanged hose is of all-metal construction, either

PHOTO : bronze or 300 Series stainless steel. Stainless steel is recommended for hot heat transfer

PHOTO : oils, fluids, liquids or vapors. Bronze hose has a bronze sleeve and steel nipple;

PHOTO : stainless steel hose has a steel sleeve and nipple. Couplings are double brazed to hose,

PHOTO : making the joint stronger than the hose itself!


PHOTO : Created to handle today's increased machine operating speeds. Twin internal carbon

PHOTO : bearings are positioned to maintain stability and true alignment longer. A wear indicator

PHOTO : allows for planned maintenance, a one-piece nipple adds rigidity and a removable wear

PHOTO : plate allows for fast repair. All parts that touch flow media are non-corrosive. Either

PHOTO : cast-iron or ductile iron construction. Temperatures to 450 [degrees] F with cast iron or

PHOTO : 650 [degrees] F with ductile iron. Pressures to 160 PSIG (cast iron) and to 340 PSIG

PHOTO : (ductile iron).


PHOTO : These rugged, quiet valves use a compressed air cylinder mounted directly above the valve

PHOTO : stem, permitting fast valve response because the valve is pushed -- not hammered -- so

PHOTO : shock is reduced. Solenoid valves feature our "side saddle" design for leveraged opening

PHOTO : power, wide temperature parameters and easy valve mechanism access. Sizes to 3". Also for

PHOTO : 3-way service.


PHOTO : Protects process equipment and pipeline against vacuum collapse, implosion or back

PHOTO : siphonage. Tight closing; lightning breakaway; large capacity; stainless steel or brass.

PHOTO : Sizes 3/8" to 1 1/2". Comes with hex heads and standard pipe threads on bodies.


PHOTO : Our separator combines the best principles of air/steam cleaning, removing more than 99%

PHOTO : of all entrained contaminants. Fifteen sizes of air separators, four models and 12 sizes

PHOTO : of steam separators.


PHOTO : Reduces the radiated and convected heat from an uninsulated area providing a safer, more

PHOTO : productive environment along with excellent heat retention. For pump, rotary joint,

PHOTO : valves, flanges, heat exchangers, instrumentation, steam traps, turbines and similar

PHOTO : equipment. Wide variety of types, models and options.


PHOTO : The sure way to check pipeline flow of liquids or gases. Four basic series. Sizes 3/8" to

PHOTO : 4" with flanged or screwed connections. Different styles in a comprehensive line of four

PHOTO : basic series: porthole, thruflow, dome and dome rotor. Bodies of cast iron, bronze,

PHOTO : ductile iron and stainless steel.

PHOTO : The Johnson Corporation's plant includes computerized numerically controlled (CNC)

PHOTO : machines, exacting CADCAM capabilities and experienced, well-qualified machinists.




Across the street...across the continent...wherever industry looks for excellence in capital equipment, they look to Akron Standard. For over 70 years, we have been providing the world's leading manufacturers with precision engineered products...from heavy processing machinery to intricate electronic components.

Today, as a division of Eagle-Picher, we continue to meet the contemporary demands of the rubber, plastics, steel and automotive industries with customized equipment and specialized systems...following each project from design inception through installation and operation...backing each product with a steadfast commitment to service and satisfaction.

Akron Standard. In any country and any language, our name means excellence. And for every customer, we mean business! 1624 Englewood Ave., P.O. Box 1869, Akron, Ohio 44309 Phone: (216) 784-1251 * TWX: 810-431-2144 Cable: ABC-AKSTAN * FAX: (216) 798-0250

PHOTO : The CAM actuated tire building drum provides an accurate and strong building surface for

PHOTO : tire construction. This patented design is easily adapted to existing or new tire building

PHOTO : machines.

PHOTO : Akron Standard segmental tire molds and container mechanisms provide tire manufacturers

PHOTO : the opportunity to use aggressive tread patterns and harder compounds in radial tire

PHOTO : designs.

PHOTO : The addition of optional shoulder grinders and centerline grinder to the Model D70

PHOTO : passenger tire uniformity machine offers the ability to grind correct tires for radial

PHOTO : force variation and concentricity.

PHOTO : The Akron Standard/Kokusai Balance machine is specifically designed to measure the

PHOTO : dynamic/static unbalance of a passenger tire and for marking the unbalance point on the

PHOTO : tire. Available in both fully automatic and semi-automatic designs.

PHOTO : Models 100 & 100 FX monitor wheel parameters using statistical process control techniques

PHOTO : to ensure that wheel radial and lateral runout and lowpoint specifications are met.


FACILITIES: With the addition of our newest 180,000 square feet facility, we now offer almost 1/2 million square feet of manufacturing/warehouse space with the capabilities to lift over 90 tons with our overhead cranes. No job is too large or too small.

MACHINING CAPABILITIES: * Roll grinding up to 30" x 100" face * Gear cutting up to 100" O.D. x 30" face * Horizontals - contract machining available

INVENTORY: Karder Rubber Machinery & Engineering has the largest inventory of rubber working equipment in the country: Rubber Mills up to 26 x 100" Calenders up to 26" x 84" Extruders, Hot and Cold Feed up to 15" diameter Presses up to 2000 tons Banburys [R] up to 11D Miscellaneous spare parts, rolls, gears, gear reducer, frames, bearings.

PERSONNEL: Our dedicated staff of 56 employees includes foremen with 30 years experience in rebuilding heavy machinery. A licensed P.E. is on staff for application engineering. Our journeyman machinists and millwrights will do the job right the first time and a helpful and trained sales staff is available to answer your inquiries.


The Karder Rubber Machinery & Engineering Company is a fully self contained single source supplier of rubber working equipment. Whether it be new, rebuilt or remanufactured component parts, Karder offers unsurpassed service, high quality, good value and the best reputation for service after the sale in the industry.

Located in Akron, Ohio, we employ a highly trained and dedicated staff of machinists, millwrights and engineers to assist our customers in responsible selection of production equipment.

Not only does Karder supply equipment, but we have the singular ability to service equipment in your plant. Backed by our shop being open 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, and a fleet of trucks, our field technicians can handle breakdowns with the fastest turnaround in the industry.

Throughout the years, Karder has produced the highest quality new and rebuilt equipment for our customers' requirements. Karder presses, mills, calenders, mixers and support equipment have been on the job producing parts to the closest tolerances since 1939.

With 50 years of experience, call us for your equipment needs. Mailing Address: P.O. Box 349 * Akron, Ohio 44309, U.S.A.

258 Kenmore Blvd. * Akron, Ohio 44301, U.S.A. Telephone (216) 253-3377 * Telex 986313 * FAX (216) 253-4733








Mayer Wildman Industries, Inc.

MR-11S Unequaled in Quality and Versatility

Introducing the MR-11S, the patented braiding system from Mayer Wildman, unmatched in versatility and quality. Featuring: * Exclusive Ultrasonic Sensors, to

measure yarn/wire package and maximize

speed versus the bobbin weight. * State-of-the-art digital readout panel

to assist operator in controlling and

monitoring the performance of

the machine. * Elimination of angular acceleration,

through the exclusive use of planetary

gears and compensator plates which

reduces strand cross-overs. * Eaton (Eddy current) drive utilizing

an electro-magnetic clutch for

variable speeds. * A uniform tension cycle with a less

than 20% variance--the industry's

lowest--for the highest product

quality and uniformity. * All metal-to-metal contact protected

by roller bearings to reduce wear, for

less downtime, less maintenance

costs, and energy savings. (No sliding

friction). * All hardened and ground gears for

superior durability and performance. * Two over, two under braid pattern

with a shuttle and carrier that accepts

a wide variety of bobbins and bobbin

configurations. * Unique shuttle transfer from one rotor

to the next by a cam-track system that

reduces shuttle movement. * An automatic lubrication system for

minimum maintenance.

Mayer Wildman Industries introduces versatile new MR-11S braiding system

Mayer Wildman Industries recently introduced the MR-11S, a patented braiding system which is unmatched in versatility and quality.

The MR-11S features a microprocessing system to assist in operating and monitoring the machine for the ultimate in cost-saving efficiency and quality control. This system has the capability to:

* provide data for Statistical Process Control


* automatically operate the braider.

* monitor its performance.

* record production in meters/feet.

* indicate maintenance schedules.

* inform the operator of all operations/malfunctions

at all times.

* record machine stops and operator-initiated

stops and display the reason for the stop, such

as broken braid, broken wire, low-oil pressure,

empty bobbin, bobbin change, maintenance or

no work.

* record minutes of lost production and the

number of meters/feet lost for each stop.

* display running efficiency of the machine.

There is no other braiding system with a more advanced method of maintaining quality control and maximizing performance. Exclusive on the MR-11S are Ultrasonic Sensors which constantly measure the diameter of the yarn/wire bobbins on the deck in order to maximize the speeds according to the bobbin weight.

The MR-11S operates on the principle that as the bobbin weight decreases, the machine speeds up, thereby increasing productivity.

Measuring the bobbin diameter and correlating the product on the MR-11S, the Ultrasonic Sensors calculate the proper rotor rpm for the largest bobbin on the deck. The actual rotor rpm is then adjusted and will be corrected accordingly on a continual basis throughout the production process.

As a leading manufacturer of quality textile machinery since 1971, Mayer Wildman Industries, Inc. utilizes advanced technology to design engineer, manufacture, sell and service high quality, circular knitting, high pile and braiding equipment on a worldwide basis.

Headquartered in Orangeburg, S.C., Mayer Wildman provides manufacturing, machine installation technical service, spare parts, reconditioning and technical training where and when needed. For more information on the MR-11S Braiding System, contact the Sales Office nearest you. USA: Mayer Wildman Industries, Inc. P.O. Drawer 1466 * Orangeburg, SC 29116 * (803) 536-3500 * FAX (803) 536-2545 * TELEX RCA 216906 EUROPE: Mayer & Cie. Vertriebsburo Braider/High Pile * Blutenweg 8 * Postfach 2 * D-7465 Geislingen 3-Binsdorf FRG Tel. (0 74 28) 80 41 * Telex 7 62 744 mrd * Telefax (0 74 28) 80 46

PHOTO : Exclusive on the MR-11S are Ultrasonic Sensors that constantly measure the diameter of

PHOTO : the yarn/wire bobbins on the deck in order to maximize the speeds according to the bobbin

PHOTO : weight.

PHOTO : The MR-11S features a microprocessing system to assist in operating and monitoring the

PHOTO : machine for the ultimate in cost-saving efficiency and quality control.


Responding to Industry Needs

For years, you've known Mitchell to be a leader in cutting and grinding equipment -- a company more than capable of meeting your rubber part production needs. As you needs expand, so do the capabilities of Mitchell's cutters and grinders. Having exclusively served molders and extruders of rubber components for over 40 years, Mitchell can undoubtedly match the needs of this industry with the dependable, quality machinery you demand. In '89, newly improved indexers, precision ball screws and stepping motors are found on ALL Mitchell cutters and grinders. Improved componentry means improved performance. And, with the increased speed and accuracy of Mitchell machinery comes more efficient piece part production for you. When extremely precise cuts and high volume yield are demanded, Mitchell's Automatic Double Angle Cutter easily completes the job. Model 111-DAC SIMULTANEOUSLY performs angle and end cuts, drastically reducing your operating cost per part. A molded or extruded tube can be loaded and then square cut, square cut with one edge chamfered, cut one side square with one side interior beveled, or cut to other shape specifications. The Double Angle Cutter also reduces your tooling costs, as those parts once cavity molded can now be produced easily and efficiently on this revolutionary cutter from Mitchell. Model 111-DAC and the Automatic Rubber Cutter, Model 115, will be featured at Rubber Expo '89 in October. Both models will be on continuous production runs during the show -- automatically cooling, loading and cutting molded tubes -- allowing attendees the opportunity to view the speed and accuracy of Mitchell machines. Mitchell has once again expanded its facility in Elkhart, Indiana in response to its ever-increasing production demands from customers. Each addition of space affords an opportunity for Mitchell to design and custom build quality, precision rubber machinery for a broader customer base. Ed Mitchell, President of Mitchell, Inc. comments on the changing industry and the role his company plays in those changes: "The demand for speedy, dependable equipment just continues to grow, and the need for profile cuts is increasing right along with it. Tolerances are becoming more and more critical on all compounds." Mitchell continues, "I feel our capabilities and advancements in this industry can only increase, because our cutting equipment is made flexible enough to accommodate numerous compounds -- rubber, plastics and especially TPE. And on top of that, ALL are designed to speed up production, reduce cost, and provide customers with the short pay-back period they demand." Mitchell adds, "With the ability to not only meet the industry's needs, but to meet them in such a way as to help our customers' profits grow, everyone prospers."


Mitchell cutters make rubber seals, gaskets, drive belts, rings and other mechanical goods easier and faster to produce. This means less time, labor and scrap are required in your molding or extruding operation. Our knowledge of the rubber business and our experience make Mitchell your best source for precision cutting equipment. We design, engineer, build, test and ship our equipment with an exacting eye on high performance output and reliability. The end results of having Mitchell cutters on your shop floor will be cost efficiency and precision piece part production. In addition to the standard models shown here, Mitchell will build precision cutting machinery to your design and specification. We welcome your call, at our newly expanded factory. 1321 Leininger Avenue * P.O. Box 413 Elkhart, IN 46515 * (219) 295-3509 * FAX: (219) 295-3798


PHOTO : Features 50" max. length mandrel, 12" max O.D. on sleeve, cut widths .010" to 50",

PHOTO : variable speed D.C. motor drive, solid state controls.


PHOTO : Features automatic feed onto mandrel, end piece separation, variable speed D.C. motor

PHOTO : drive, solid state controls, digital set cutting width.


PHOTO : Same as Model 111, with separate drives on each of 4 spindles, mandrel 4" max. O.D.


PHOTO : Same as Model 111, with angular cutting heads on rotary table and compound slide for

PHOTO : accurate angle settings, plus overhead air-operated knife blade to produce angles and end

PHOTO : cuts simultaneously.


PHOTO : Features 2-mandrel operation with adjustable 8" to 24" length, 480 cuts per minute, cut

PHOTO : widths .010" to 2", minimum extrudable size to 10" O.D., 1 or 2 mandrel operation.


PHOTO : Features 5,000 RPM milling spindle driven by 5 H.P. SCR transmission drive, 10,000 RPM

PHOTO : milling spindle driven by TEFC 10 H.P. motor, transverse controlled by variable speed D.C.

PHOTO : motor, linear scale digital readout for cross slide movement, air-operated tail stock,

PHOTO : 12" max. O.D., 54" max. length.

PHOTO : Model 111 DAC Double Angle Automatic Rubber Cutter

PHOTO : Model 115 Automatic Rubber Cutter


CIM-D'OR S.A. is the world's leading manufacturer of Continuous Microwave Curing Systems. CIM-DOR CORPORATION is the North American subsidiary of CIM-DOR S.A. CIM-D'OR S.A. began it's pioneering work in Continuous Microwave Curing some 25 years ago. Over the years, they have worked closely with their customers, to develop and adapt the curing lines and auxiliary equipment to meet their customer's exacting needs. CIM-D'OR S.A. have sold and installed nearly 200 Continuous Vulcanization Lines around the world. CIM-D'OR S.A. offer decreased energy consumption, labor and scrap, increased production rates, lower costs, higher profits and, above all, ABSOLUTE SAFETY.

PHOTO : Constantine Pappaiconomos Chairman

PHOTO : Maria Duch President

PHOTO : Juan Duch Technical Director

PHOTO : Peter Tedesko Sales Director

PHOTO : Dennis L. Watson Vice President Sales & Marketing

PHOTO : Charles E. Stuart Service Manager
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