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Corona celebrates 10 years in Texas.

Corona celebrates 10 years in Texas

Now in its sixth year as one of the top imported beers in America, Corona Extra will celebrate the 10th anniversary of its Texas introduction throughout the summer of 1991. Corona has been brewed in Mexico since 1925, but not until 1981 did the brand officially cross the border to make its U.S. debut in Austin, TX.

"A summer-long promotion will celebrate the decade in which Corona Extra became the largest-selling imported beer in Texas," stated Hal Gronfein, Modelo products manager.

A "Texas Favorites" promotion will position Corona among other "Texas favorites" as the state's favorite imported beer. The campaign is humorous, and includes merchandising items for both on-and off-premise accounts, Gronfein said.

"The celebration is entirely for fun," Gronfein noted, "and the promotion is distinctly Texan. This is an opportunity for wholesalers and retailers to capitalize on the profit-making potential of the brand, while reminding Texas consumers of their part in one of the all-time great chapters in brewing history."

The brand's promotion will include 6-second radio commercials, two of which are specific to the Dallas and Houston markets.
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Title Annotation:10th anniversary of Corona Extra's introduction into Texas by the Modelo Brewing Group
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Jul 1, 1991
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