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Coors again reports record sales and barrelage.

Coors again reports record sales and barrelage

Coors Brewing Co. reported record beer sales during 1991, producing and selling 19.5 million barrels, a 1.2-percent increase over 1990's record-setting pace.

Coors Brewing, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Adolph Coors Co., sold nearly 19.3 million barrels during 1990.

"Although beer industry sales in the United States declined last year from 1990, we are pleased to report that Coors Brewing Co. achieved the highest volume growth rate of any major U.S. brewer in 1991," said Peter Coors, chairman and president of Coors Brewing.

He attributed the record sales volume to the continued strong growth of Coors Light and Keystone Light, expanded international sales and the introduction of three new products in 1991 - Coors Dry, Keystone Dry and Coors Cutter non-alcoholic beverage.

Peter Coors added that financial results for the fiscal year, due in mid-February, may not be so upbeat.

"1991 was an extremely challenging year for our company," Coors said in a news statement. "We expect our financial results for 1991 to be affected by the increased costs associated with our capacity expansion, advertising, property abandonments and the company's general administrative overhead."
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Title Annotation:Adolf Coors Co.
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Jan 27, 1992
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