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Construction Industry & Laborers Health & Welfare Plan to Open Dedicated Health Care Center.

--Health Center for eligible Southern Nevada Laborers Local 872 Participants and Beneficiaries--

LAS VEGAS Las Vegas (läs vā`gəs), city (1990 pop. 258,295), seat of Clark co., S Nev.; inc. 1911. It is the largest city in Nevada and the center of one of the fastest-growing urban areas in the United States.  -- The Las Vegas based Laborers Local 872 Health Plan, a Taft-Hartley-Trust Fund, announced the upcoming opening of its health clinic located at 3061 South Maryland Maryland (mâr`ələnd), one of the Middle Atlantic states of the United States. It is bounded by Delaware and the Atlantic Ocean (E), the District of Columbia (S), Virginia and West Virginia (S, W), and Pennsylvania (N).  Parkway, Suite 101. The health clinic is dedicated to providing quality health care for Southern Nevada Laborers Local 872 eligible participants. The Laborers Local 872 is the second largest construction industry local in the State of Nevada, with 6,000 members and a total of 18,000 participants covered by the health plan.

With the cost of providing affordable, quality health care to participants becoming more difficult, Tommy White, Chairman of the Laborer's Health Fund, and Business Manager Secretary Treasurer of the Labors Union Local No. 872, together with other labor and management Health Fund trustees, embarked on putting this new and innovative health care delivery system into place within one year of the commencement of the project.

"We have met our goal," said Mr. White. The new health center, expected to open on January 19, 2009, will be available to treat approximately 11,000 eligible participants from that day forward, with no out-of-pocket costs out-of-pocket costs Managed care Health care costs that a covered person must pay out of pocket–eg, coinsurance, deductibles, etc. See Copayment.  to those using the clinic. The Trust organization will hold an Open House celebration on January 16, 2009, to officially present the center to local dignitaries, officials, and the media.

"We are excited to bring health and wellness services to our participants and partner with Take Care Health Systems to deliver this new and innovative model of health care," said Mr. White. "At a time when it has become more difficult than ever for individuals and their families to afford to stay healthy, we are proud to be the first organization of our kind to offer a dedicated health care facility as a cost-effective cost-effective,
n the minimal expenditure of dollars, time, and other elements necessary to achieve the health care result deemed necessary and appropriate.
 choice for our Southern Nevada's Laborer's Local 872 members and their families. We are confident in Take Care Health's approach to quality health care and their ability to deliver top quality care to our participants and beneficiaries."

The clinic will be open Monday through Friday, 10 a.m.-7 p.m. and Saturdays, 9 a.m.-1 p.m. Staffed with two full time physicians, a nurse practitioner nurse practitioner
n. Abbr. NP
A registered nurse with special training for providing primary health care, including many tasks customarily performed by a physician.
, two registered nurses and a medical assistant, the clinic will focus on preventative care, such as diabetes screening, childhood vaccinations and developmental exams. The clinic will also offer a pre-packaged pharmacy pharmacy, art of compounding and dispensing drugs and medication. The term is also applied to an establishment used for such purposes. Until modern times medication was prepared and dispensed by the physician himself. In the 18th cent.  that will provide the first month of some medications at no cost to participants.

Take Care Health Systems, the largest and most comprehensive provider of worksite health and wellness and convenient care clinics, is part of Walgreens Health and Wellness division. The company operates more than 680 employer on-site and retail health centers across the country, increasingly seen by corporations and consumers as a convenient, accessible and cost-effective vehicle for the delivery of high-quality health care.

"We are thrilled thrill ¬†
v. thrilled, thrill·ing, thrills
1. To cause to feel a sudden intense sensation; excite greatly.

2. To give great pleasure to; delight. See Synonyms at enrapture.
 to partner with the Laborers Health and Welfare Fund in their efforts to deliver high quality health care at manageable costs," said Peter Hotz, Walgreens divisional vice president and president of Take Care Health Employer Solutions. "We are particularly pleased to have the opportunity to work with such a unique organization, and have the opportunity to truly raise the bar in regards to how unions address their member's health needs."

About Take Care Health Systems

Take Care Health Systems (, a wholly owned subsidiary Wholly Owned Subsidiary

A subsidiary whose parent company owns 100% of its common stock.

In other words, the parent company owns the company outright and there are no minority owners.
 of Walgreens (NYSE NYSE

See: New York Stock Exchange
 in full National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations

U.S. market for over-the-counter securities. Established in 1971 by the National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD), NASDAQ is an automated quotation system that reports on
: WAG) and part of Walgreens Health and Wellness division, is the largest and most comprehensive provider of worksite health and wellness centers and convenient care clinics in the country. TCHS TCHS The Colony High School (The Colony, TX)
TCHS Temple City High School (California)
TCHS Timber Creek High School (Orlando, Florida) 
 is comprised of Take Care Consumer Solutions ( and Take Care Health Employer Solutions ( Take Care Consumer Solutions manages Take Care Clinics at select Walgreens drugstores throughout the country. Patient care at each of the Take Care Clinics is provided by Take Care Health Services health services Managed care The benefits covered under a health contract , an independently owned state professional corporation established in each market. Take Care Health Employer Solutions manages primary care, health and wellness, occupational health, pharmacy and fitness centers at large employer campuses. Combined, Take Care Health Systems operates more than 680 worksite and retail health care centers.
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Date:Dec 17, 2008
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