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Congratulations: 2009 NISOD Excellence Awards recipients.


Calhoun Community College

Jackie Gooch

John Halley

Necia Nicholas

Jordan Taylor

Mary Yarbrough

Gadsden State Community College

Vicki M. Albright

Susan D. Mullins

Shelton State Community College Shelton State Community College, a community college in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, is one of the largest in Alabama. The school enrolls approximately 8,000 students from all backgrounds and income levels. The majority of Shelton State students are "traditional" students.  

James Logan

Sharon Parker

Sarah Pugh

Robert Sprawl

Snead State Community College Snead State Community College is a community college in Boaz, Alabama. History
Snead State was founded in 1898 as Boaz Seminary. Classes were first held in the home of the E.B.L. Elder family, but quickly grew. By 1906, a Boaz businessman, John H.

Mark Freshwater

Susie Humphries

Wallace Stale Community College

Beth Bownes-Johnson

Kristen Holmes

Harriet Mayo

Teresa Ray-Connell


Kodiak College

Barbara E. Brown

Debbie Canavan

Evelyn Davidson

Thia Falcone


Arizona Western College

Mizaba Abedi

Lee Altman

Shanen Aranmor

Ian Watkinson

Ashford University

Pamela Bartlett

Frank Morelli

Timothy Serey

Central Arizona College

Garrett Hurt

Valerie Jensen

Zdenek Kaspar

Kinsey McKinney

Susan Ramos

Cochise College

Macaela Cashman

Janeen Crockett

Patrick Jones

Susan Sanders

Coconino Community College

Tom Lehman

John Linskey

Estrella Mountain Community College

Kathleen Iudicello

Luvia Rivera

Eddie Zuleger

Glendale Community College

Annette C. Fisher

Jennifer L. Lane

Kimberly J. Smith

Phoenix College

Beverly Bruner

Deborah Ermoian

Lucia Kisiel

Nancy Meyers

Nancy Navarrete

Cindy Ortega

Elena Ortiz

Robin Ozz

Veronique Parker

Ann Roselle

Camilla Westenberg

Patricia Zaccardo

South Mountain Community College

Brian Karasek

Yavapai Community College

Larry Frolich

Gennie Fuemmeler

Ernie Hernandez


Arkansas Northeastern College

Charles Allen Allison, Jr.

Cossatot Community College

Charlotte Johnson

Jackie M. Wright

Mid-South Community College

Reita Gorman

Linda Graham

Trenia Miles

National Park Community College

Denise Edds

North Arkansas College

Tommy G. Find

Phillip Howerton

Cheryl Keymer

Suzanne Woods

Northwest Arkansas Community College

Diana Nagel

Ouachita Technical College

Susan Karr

South Arkansas Community College

Donna Hendricks

University of Arkansas Community College at Batesville The University of Arkansas Community College at Batesville (UACCB) is a public community college located in Batesville, Arkansas. It is an accredited two-year university offering various Associates of Arts and Associates of Science degrees.  

Louise Hughes

Shelly Wooldridge

University, of Arkansas Community College at Hope

Martha Funderburk

Leigh Quillin


Ashford University

Anna Hopson

Marc Weniger

Cerro Coso Community College

Dean Bernsten

Candyis Caine

James O'Connor

Coastline Community College

Judy Aprile

Marilyn Fry

College of the Siskiyous College of the Siskiyous (COS) is a public two-year community college located in Weed in Siskiyou County in Northern California. It has an enrollment of approximately 3,000 students, including part-time students.  

Elite Mauro (Retired)

Contra Costa Community College District The Contra Costa Community College District is a community college district responsible for the management of three community colleges in Contra Costa County, California - Contra Costa College, Diablo Valley College and Los Medanos College.  

Carolyn Seefer

Cypress College

Vigil Adams III

Donna Friess

David Petrie

Lake Tahoe Community College Lake Tahoe Community College (LTCC) is a community college located in South Lake Tahoe, California. At an altitude of 6,229 feet, it is the highest college in the state. The college opened in 1975 and services approximately 3,500 students every quarter.  

Peter Dixon

Stephen Fernald

Long Beach City College

Cydney Leon

Maria Narvaez

Diana Ogimachi

Los Rios Community College District The Los Rios Community College District is a special district providing administrative services and governance for the community colleges serving the greater Sacramento area and points east all the way to Lake Tahoe (map).  

Marybeth Buechner

Mr. San Antonio College

Carolyn Inmon

Iraj Nejad

Kumiko Noriega

Reedley College

David Atencio

Linda Carvalho Cooley

David Clark

Steve Jones

Sacramento City College

Alexander Adan

Maristella Bated

Fred Dalkey

Parrish Geary

Lisa Gunderson

Janice Hans

Marcia James

Mai-Gemu Johnson

Marie Larson

Ann Lewis

Michael Poindexter

Mary Ann Robinson

Linda Stroh

Jerry Sullivan

Jane Woo

Santa Rosa Junior College

Dan Munton

Southwestern Community College

Sandra Corona

Patricia Flares-Charter

Yuki Yamamoto

West Hills Community College

Brian Abela

Clint Cowden

Marry Ennes

Scott Wilson


Community College of Denver Community College of Denver (CCD) is a community college located in Denver, Colorado. The main campus is at Auraria, and it has five branch campuses named East, Lowry, North, Parkway and SouthWest. It's former President Ms.  

Mary Lou Pierce

Dennis J. Moravec

Pikes Peak Community College

William Malone



Naugatuck Valley Community College “NVCC” redirects here. For other uses, see NVCC (disambiguation).
Naugatuck Valley Community College (NVCC) is a two-year public college located in Waterbury, Connecticut. It is currently one of the twelve colleges in the Connecticut Community Colleges system.

William T. Brown

Harold Burt

Diane Foley

Lori Gregory

Robert Herman

Felicia Kepka-Leach

Cindy Lacouture

Kathleen LeBlanc

Joanne Levesque

Deborah Litwinko

Farshad Malek-Ahmadi

Anthony Pruchnicki

Karen Rotella

Lisa Shuchter

Leonora Spino

Abigail Suscietto

Sandra Valente

Lawrence Venuk

Kenneth Wargo

Northwestern Connecticut Community College

Greg Banks

Ruth Gonzalez

Alison Jassen

Norwalk Community College

Angeles Dam

Ernest Wiegand


Brevard Community College

Mark A. McBride

Karyn L. Ott

Broward Community College

Sean Devaney

Mitzi Fulwood

Glenn Patterson

Daytona State College

Denise Henson

Jessica Kester

Kim Martin

John Picione

Harun Karim Thomas

Natalie Weaver

Edison State College

Wendy Chase

John Pelot

Florida Community College at Jacksonville The Florida Community College at Jacksonville (FCCJ) is located in Jacksonville, Florida, USA. It has five campuses in the Jacksonville area, and five additional centers which host classes and programs for students.  

Stacey L. Burns

Charles R. Feldstein

Donna Martin

John P. Salazar

Cheryl A. Schmidt

Susan J. Schultz

Lee A. Seltzer

Eudelia S. Thomas

Gulf Coast Community College

Patrice Adams

Paul E. Ashman

Carolyn P. Dunlap

Vicky D. Ellis

Wesley R. Keene

Elizabeth Trentanelli

Indian River State College

Sherry Bowen

Lake Sumter Community College

Tim Kane

Alissa Sustarsic

Manatee Community College

Kendra Barber

Kathleen Fields

Barry F. Puett

Gary T. Russell

Dennielle True

Miami Dade College

Kenneth Lee

Cynthia Schuemann

Pasco Hernando Community College

Tina O. Lischak

Kenneth Summers

Ranita E. Wyatt

Pensacola Junior College

Roy Bracken

Tracy Peyton

Frances Robinson

Natalie Ryan

Lisa Sims

Chad Smudde

Margaret Ward

Polk Community College

Anna Butler

Donald Painter


Santa Fe College

Rebecca M. McKee

Marie Schwarz

South Florida Community College South Florida Community College (SFCC), serving more than 19,000 area residents annually, has campuses and centers in Highlands, DeSoto and Hardee counties, Fla. The Highlands Campus, on 228 acres, yes is located two miles south of Avon Park, Florida.  

Henry Bettich

Becky Henry

Tallahassee Community College

Meri Culp

Michele Edwards

Mark Goldman

Connie Jenks

Sharisse Turner

Joi Walker

Valencia Community College

Priscilla Gray

Linda Hidek

Ilyse Kusnetz

Lisa Macon

James May


Bainbridge College

Faith Garrett

Betty LaFace

Barbara Snipes

Tonya Strickland

Chattahoochee Technical College

Barbara Thompson

Darton College

Caroline J. Fielding

Kerri L. Johnson

Wendy Kennedy

Beth Tison

OeKalb Technical College

Arnold Taylor

Beverly Thomas

Gainesville State College

Susan Daniell

Thomas Deitz

Yongseung Han

James Konzelman

Andrew Thomas

Georgia Perimeter College

Brenda M. Cherry

Todd A. Hendricks

Sandra C. Matthews

Newburn C. Reynolds

Michael W. Sakuta

R. Kim Sisson


College of Southern Idaho

Tonja S. Bowcut

Christopher Meyerhoeffer


Ashford University

Eszter Barra-Johnson

City Colleges of Chicago The City Colleges of Chicago is a system of seven community colleges which provide learning opportunities for Chicago residents at the schools or online, and also members of the US military through the Navy Campus to enhance their knowledge and skills.  

Rashid Carter

Michael Davis

Tom Higgins

Rung Lin

Franklin Reynolds

Vali Siadat

Raymund Torralba

David Zoller

College of DuPage

James P. Africh

Marianne C. Berger

Jeffrey P. Fisher

Keith W. Krasemann

Denise L. Kruckenberg

Mary Beth Leone

Joel E. Quam

Linda Slusar

Nancy L. Webb

College of Lake County College of Lake County is a two-year community college in Grayslake, Illinois. The main campus opened in 1967. Satellite campuses are also open throughout Lake County, Illinois. The first president was Christopher B. Smith. Richard W.  

Patrick Gender

Suzanne Leibman

Elisabeth Martin

Danville Area Community College "DACC" redirects here. "DACC" may also refer to the Danish American Chamber of Commerce.
Danville Area Community College is a public two-year community college located in Danville, Illinois.

Ann Muench

Elgin Community College

Alison Douglas

Linda Hefferin

Dan Kernler

Ronald Kowalczyk

Gretl Kramer

Connie Orbeta

Illinois Central College

Elizabeth Baldridge

Griffin Hathaway

Gertrude Morton

Illinois Valley Community College

Kimberly H. Abel

John A Logan College

Denise Crews

Toyin Fox

Mabel Hayes

Joliet Junior College

Gwendolyn L. Beam

Judith M. Kachel

Colleen G. Kestel-Branchaw

Joe B. Milosevich

Samijean Nordmark

Terrence O'Neil

Kyle Richardson

Kathleen M. Wolz

Lincoln Land Community College

Jason Dockter

Ryan Roberts

Anthony Rothering

Malcolm X College

Rung Lin

McHenry County College

Jay Geller

Normah Salleh-Barone

Sandra A. Vitale

Moraine Valley Community College Moraine Valley Community College is located in Palos Hills, Illinois in the southwest suburbs of Chicago. It is the second largest community college in the state. There are approximately 47,000 students enrolled as of the Fall 2006 semester.  

Kristine M. Christensen

J.C. Malitzke

Troy Swanson

Morton College

Dante Orfei

Parkland College

Terry L. Adcock

Fay Rouseff-Baker

Rend Lake College

Bonnie Tolbert

Rock Valley College

Erin Fisher

Southeastern Illinois College

Paul Cummins

Barbara Potter

Triton College

Quincy Martin III

Renee Wright

Waubonsee Community College

James Armitage


Ivy Tech Community College-Central Indiana

Ann Aull

Ann Heiny

Keith M. Huettl

Mary Ann Reklau

Albert Rubenstein

Merrill Yancey

Ivy Tech Community College-Lafayette

Diann Robinson

lvyTech Community College-Southwest

Kristi J. Eidson

Karen Welte Gore

Beth Ann Katz

IvyTech Community College-Wabash Valley

Bryan Kirby


Ashford University

Terri L. Bousselot

Mary D. Cornilsen

Daniel French

Paul Greufe

William McCue

Theresa O'Brien

Bianca Perkins

Robin Throne

Eastern Iowa Community College District The Eastern Iowa Community College District contains three community colleges stretched along the Mississippi River in the U.S. state of Iowa. They are:
  • Clinton Community College in Clinton
  • Scott Community College in Bettendorf, Scott County

Darrell Hanan

Tom McAninch

Janelle Torres y Torres

Iowa Central Community College Iowa Central Community College is a community college located in North Central Iowa. Iowa Central's main campus is located in Fort Dodge, Iowa. It also has small campuses in Webster City, and Storm Lake.  

David Barwin

Sone Chounthirath

Kate Smart

Iowa Western Community College Iowa Western Community College is a community college in Council Bluffs, Iowa. The college was founded in 1967, and offers 84 programs in both vocational and technical areas as well as in liberal arts.  

Brian Berthelsen

James L. Davey

Toni Steward

Kirkwood Community College

Chad Daugherty

Connie McCall

Heal McKnight

Scott Samuelson

Gale Smetana

John Symington

North Iowa Area Community College The North Iowa Area Community College (commonly known as NIACC) is a community college in Mason City, Iowa. History
NIACC began as Mason City Junior College in 1918, becoming the first public two-year college in Iowa.

Kevin Muhlenbruch

Paul Peterson

Northeast Iowa Community College

James Onsager

Mark Wilmes

Northwest Iowa Community College

Alethea Stubbe

Western Iowa Tech Community College

Rhonda Brigs

Ken Gross

Bea Houston

Mary Hunt

John Jorstad

Gary Powell



Allen County Community College

Terri Piazza

Barton County Community College

Cindy Artzer

Mike Cox

Trey DeFries

Virginia Fullbright

Sheyene Heller

Brian Howe

Marlene Kabriel

Joel Lundstrom

Les Patrick

Myrna Perkins

Brenda Siebold

Angela Sullivan

James E. Turner

Latisha White

Butler Community College

Teresa Wolf Baumgartner

David Bennett

Connie Bonfy

Susan Cecil

Beverly Davis

Larry Evans

Larry Friesen

Richard Hageman

Sharon Henry

Susan Howell

Shiva Kumar

Skyler Lovelace

Robert Ray

Bill Rinkenbangli

Steve Strom

Cloud County Community College Cloud County Community College is a two-year public community college in Concordia, Kansas. It was founded in 1965 and began classes in Concordia Junior-Senior High School. The college moved to its present site in 1968.  

Susan Greene

Jeanette Gregory

Debra Monzon

Cowley County Community College Cowley County Community College and Area Vocational-Technical School (usually referred to as just Cowley College) is a two-year college located in Arkansas City, Kansas.  

Rae Dale

Jafar Hashemi

Hutchinson Community College

Vince Puyear

Johnson County Community College Johnson County Community College (often referred to as JCCC) is located in Overland Park, Kansas. It was founded in 1972 due to great demand in the area for a community college, and to accommodate the rapidy growing population of Johnson County, Kansas.  

Lisa Cole

Charis Sawyer

Deborah Williams

Kansas City Kansas Community College Kansas City Kansas Community College is a public two year community college located in Kansas City, Kansas. Kansas City Kansas Community College (KCKCC) is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission[1], a commission of the North Central Association[2]  

Julia Bichelmeyer

Marie Branstetter

Kay Crossley

Richard Gammon

Rosemary Lischka

Joyce McMahon

Dan Pratt

Toni Saunders

Rita Thompson

Labette Community College

John N. Mack

Ruth Penner

Neosho County Community College Neosho County Community College (also called NCCC) is located in Chanute, Kansas, USA and a secondary campus is located in Ottawa, Kansas. NCCC began in 1936 as Chanute junior college for graduates of high school.  

Brian Inbody

Sarah Robb

Seward County Community College Seward County Community College (SCCC) is a community college in Liberal, Kansas which was established on December 29, 1967 with classes officially starting on September 2, 1969. External links
  • Official homepage

Sonia E. Hernandez

Rhonda L. Kinser


Ashland Community and Technical College Ashland Community and Technical College (ACTC), located in Ashland, KY, is one of 16 two-year, open-admissions colleges of the Kentucky Community and Technical College System (KCTCS).  

Jennifer Carroll

David C. Childress

Jack Johnson

Louise Shyde

Big Sandy Community and Technical College Big Sandy Community and Technical College (BSCTC), located in Prestonsburg, KY, is one of 16 two-year, open-admissions colleges of the Kentucky Community and Technical College System (KCTCS).  

Leslie M. Bays

Dan Bell

Etta Cantrell

Jackie B. Cecil

Kitty Jennings

Charles K. Moore

Paula Thompson

Mark Wells

Bowling Green Technical College Bowling Green Technical College (BGTC), located in Bowling Green, KY, is one of 16 two-year, open-admissions colleges of the Kentucky Community and Technical College System (KCTCS).  

Peggy Beasley

Lisa Hunt

Donna Martin

Elizabethtown Community and Technical College Elizabethtown Community and Technical College (ECTC) located in Elizabethtown, KY, is one of 16 two-year, open-admissions colleges of the Kentucky Community and Technical College System (KCTCS). It was formed by the consolidation of Elizabethtown Community College (est.  

Anna Dunkelberger

Mary Ann Flowers

Jeffrey Rivera

Gateway Community and Technical College Gateway Community and Technical College (GCTC), located in Covington, KY, is one of 16 two-year, open-admissions colleges of the Kentucky Community and Technical College System (KCTCS).  

Michelle Deeley-Wilhite

Patricia Goodman

Nicole Stout

Hazard Community and Technical College Hazard Community and Technical College (HCTC), located in Hazard, KY, is one of 16 two-year, open-admissions colleges of the Kentucky Community and Technical College System (KCTCS).  

Myla Barrett

Lauren Bates

Terry Conley

Paul Currie

Glenna Fletcher

Judy Johnson

Henderson Community College

Maura Corley

Karen Guess

Mary Lee Johnston

Hopkinsville Community College

Carol J. Newcomb

Ann Nichols

Kathy Saleeba

Jefferson Community and Technical College

Chris Graney

Angela Henes

Amanda Tindall

Kentucky Community and Technical College System Mission, values, and vision
The stated mission, values, and vision of KCTCS are[1]: Mission
To improve the quality of life and employability of the citizens of the Commonwealth by serving as the primary provider of:

Kay Brewer

Jenny Brown

Rebecca Glasscock

Rebecca Harp-Stephens

Jamie Justice


Madisonville Community College

Michael Johnson

Katrina Scott

Linda Thomas

Maysville Community and Technical College Maysville Community and Technical College (MCTC) located in Maysville, KY, is one of 16 two-year, open-admissions colleges of the Kentucky Community and Technical College System (KCTCS). It was formed in December 2004 from the consolidation of Maysville Community College (est.  

Barbara Campbell

Margo Hamm

David Lawler

Lynne Ellen Lindsay

Owensboro Community and Technical College Owensboro Community and Technical College (OCTC), located in Owensboro, KY, is one of 16 two-year, open-admissions colleges of the Kentucky Community and Technical College System (KCTCS). It was formed in 1999 from the consolidation of Owensboro Community College (est.  

Bernice T. Ayer

Leonard Schroader

Fred Wetzel

Somerset Community College

Dave Cazalet

Betty Peterson

Deborah Richardson

Southeast Kentucky Community and Technical College

Veria Baldwin

Cathie Day

Richard Elliott

Mike Good

Evelyn Hensley

Angela Hunsucker

Harold Jay Martin

Patricia Scopa

Astor Simpson

Gary Steenbergen

West Kentucky Community and Technical College West Kentucky Community and Technical College (WKCTC), located in Paducah, KY, is one of 16 two-year, open-admissions colleges of the Kentucky Community and Technical College System (KCTCS).  

Betty Myrick

Jill Knight

Randy Simmons


Baton Rouge Community College Baton Rouge Community College, an open admissions, two-year post-secondary public community college in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, was established on June 28, 1995. The college settled into a permanent location in 1998.  

Nisha Aroskar

Linda Batiste

Sharon Davidson

Bill Forrest

Sandra Guzman

Susan Nealy

Amy Reese

David Sedevie

Sandra Stokes

Laci Talley

Bossier Parish Community College

Dan Cain

Darrell Chitty

Jennifer McMullen

Kerry McNamara

Delgado Community College

Malene Arnaud-Davis

Isaac Brumfield

Glenda Butler

Marilyn Ciolino

Candace Clanton

Lisette Copping

Gregory Dawson

Jeanne Gagliano

Terri Gonzales-Kreisman

Susan Hague

Barbara Hebert

Sheila Hickman

Christine Mitchell

Wendy Rihner

Diane Sehrt

L.E. Fletcher Technical Community College

Robert Pagan

Louisiana Delta Community College

Joseph Lane, Jr.

Nunez Community Colleg

Michelle Bennett

Jade O'Dell

Mark Rice

Gwendolyn Robinson

South Louisiana Community College

Brent Bollich

Matthew D. Pefferkorn

Southern University-Shreveport

Devonye Brown

Shelia Reed Hamilton

Wanda A. Lewis

Kimberly Madden

Norma L. Whitaker

Linzora Winzer


Southern Maine Community College

Meredith Comeau

Gregory Hanscom

Mary Hart

Terri Petnov

Sally Powers

David Pratt


Allegany College of Maryland Allegany College of Maryland (or ACM) is a two-year public community college located in Cumberland, Maryland. It was previously known as Allegany Community College (or ACC).  

William R. Rocks

Anne Arundel Community College Anne Arundel Community College, founded in 1961, is located in Arnold, Maryland. The college was named "Community College of the Year" by National Business Alliance in 2000. AACC has also received many other awards in recent years.  

Joan Doolittle

Krysten B. Hall

Sridharan Iyengar

Martha L. Linksz

Marion F. Schilder

Brandi R. Shepard

Kasia J. Taylor

Jill Voran

Baltimore City Community College Baltimore City Community College dates its origins to the Baltimore Junior College, founded as part of the Baltimore City Public School System in 1947 to provide post-high school education for returning World War II veterans and was the inspiration of Dr. Harry Bard.  

Denfield Dowdye

Bryant Fitzgerald

Henrietta Hestick

Mary Kambic

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Edith Carron

Laura Polk

Frederick Community College

Pam Clark

Allison Partner

Lori Rounds

Kate Scangarello

Sandra Smith

Jeanni Winston-Muir

Harford Community College

Judy Conway

Linda Heil

Bonnie Sulzbach

Montgomery College

Rose Aehle

Dawn Avery

Suong Banh

Helen Chapson

Jack Curling

Rima Denham

Luc Desir

Joan Gough

Jeannie Ho

Erin Hudgins

Brian Jones

Muswamba Kadima

Lori M. Kelman

Ray Kimball

Sandra Komarow

Stanley Lachmansingh

Elizabeth Leonard

Barbara Leurig

Ja'Bette Lozupone

Jay Marciano

Gall Minor-Smith

Komelia Okim

Tummy Peery

Gretchen Rimkus

Patricia Semple

Rita Shumaker

Samantha Streamer-Veneruso

Julie Wakeman-Linn


Bristol Community College

James Armstrong

Robert Koohy

Dana Norman

Mary Zahm

Bunker Hill Community College Bunker Hill Community College is a two-year college located in Charlestown, Massachusetts, which is a neighborhood of Boston. It is an urban campus with a very diverse student body of over 8,500. Six in ten students are people of color and more than half of all students are women.  

Aurora Bautista

Lori Catallozzi

Joseph Dipoli

Judith Graham

Jacqueline Kerstner

R. Michael McSweeney

Luke Salisbury

Yazdan Shaghaghi

Massasoit Community College

Mary Sullivan

MassBay Community College

Orland Fernandes

Marc Stanton

Rebecca S. Wasdyke

North Shore Community College

Maryanne Atkinson

Sandra Fuhs

Moonsu Hun

Troy Smith

Northern Essex Community College Northern Essex Community College (also known as NECC or Necco) is a community college with campuses in Haverhill and Lawrence, Massachusetts. In 2004, it had a total enrollment of over 6,000 students.  

Maureen Dadekian Eckel

Linda A. Desjardins

Diane Gori

Sheila Kane

Kathy Proietti

Tom White

Quinsigamond Community College

James Brown

Jane June

Susan McPherson

Kathleen Rentsch

Donna Rollo

Elizabeth Zuegg


Bay de Noc Community College

Jennifer McCann

Delta College

Scottie Walls

Grand Rapids Community College Grand Rapids Community College (GRCC) is a community college located in the city of Grand Rapids in the U.S. state of Michigan. GRCC offers an Associate's degree, a variety of certification programs, occupational training, and other learning opportunities for the surrounding  

Kevin Dunn

Susan Mowers

Jackson Community College

Paula Hopper

Lansing Community College

Mary Brown

Toni Glasscoe

Macomb Community College

Leanne Allvin

Mary Alstead

Christopher Donnelly

Randy Gerber

Ray Hollingsworth

Stacey Monson

Joseph Nazione

Joseph Sarnecki

Northwestern Michigan College

Doug Domine

Jeff Straw

Oakland Community College

Thomas Kress (Deceased)

Ruth Carol Laugal

Jane Lloyd

Renee Muro

Schoolcraft College

Timothy Ellis

Cindy Sheppard

St Clair County Community College

Paul R. Bedard

Fredrick S. Fernandez

Wayne County Community College Wayne County Community College is a two-year school located in southeastern Michigan. It was established in 1967. External Links
  • Wayne County Community College District

Bertha Byrd

Frank Kitakis

Yvonne Lovett

Harrison Muyia

Adam Shakoor


Anoka Technical College

Janet Kinney

Jesse Oldenburg

Thomas Reid

Michael Tieleman-Ward

Century College

Jeralyn largo

Katie Svoboda

Pam Thinesen

Luann Wood

Minnesota State Community and Technical College Minnesota State Community and Technical College is a multiple-campus college in the state of Minnesota. It offers campuses in Detroit Lakes, Fergus Falls, Moorhead, and Wadena. External links
  • Minnesota State Community and Technical College website

Dixie Field

Kent Reisenauer

Normandale Community College

Christopher Ennis

Julie Johnson

Debra Sidd

Russell Smiley

North Hennepin Community College North Hennepin Community College (NHCC) is a community college located in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota. The college was established in 1966 under the name North Hennepin State Junior College and held its first classes in Osseo Junior High School in Osseo, Minnesota.  

Eugenia T. Paulus

Riverland Community College

Sheryl Barton

Suzette Overby

Pamela Tranby

Rochester Community and Technical College

Donald Baldus

Jean Marconett


Copiah-Lincoln Community College

Julie Gaudin

Jackie Martin

Terry Stutzman

Joe Swoveland

East Central Community College

Joe Johnson

Kristie L. Pilgrim

Itawamba Community College

Earnest Ruth Agnew

Carrie Boykin

Sharon Catledge

Creig Sherrer

Wanda Sullivan

Michelle Sumerel

Sarah Walker

Meridian Community College

Annie L. Brown Burns

Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College consists of four campuses and four centers: the main campus, located in Perkinston, Mississippi[1]; the Jackson County Campus, in Gautier[2]; the Jefferson Davis Campus, in Gulfport[3]; the Community Campus, a  

Kathy Dedeaux

Amy Hunt

Sandra Murphy


North Central Missouri College

Ann Sampson

Ozarks Technical Community College Ozarks Technical Community College (OTC) is "the community's college" in Springfield, Missouri, established by Springfield and thirteen surrounding public school districts on April 3, 1990. As the region's new comprehensive community college, OTC has an open-admissions policy.  

John Fishback

St. Charles Community College St. Charles Community College formally St. Charles County Community College, is a St. Louis-area two-year college in suburban St. Charles County, Missouri. Since being established in 1986, St.  

Callie Daniels

St. Louis Community College-Meramec

Suzanne F. Counte

Leroy (Roy) T. Day

Jody E. Martin de Camilo

Russell H. Murray

State Fair Community College

Erin Kaufman

Tara Wirt

Three Rivers Community College Three Rivers Community College is the name of two community colleges in the United States:
  • Three Rivers Community College (Connecticut) in Norwich, Connecticut
  • Three Rivers Community College (Missouri) in Poplar Bluff, Missouri

Kristina McDaniel

Nicole Sifford


Montana State University-Great Falls College of Technology

Bruce Gottwig

Rebecca Johnson

Cherie McKeever

Robert Truax

Lynn Ward

University of Montana College of Technology

Thomas Campbell

Josef Crepeau

Debbie Fillmore

Penny Jakes

David E. Neu

University of Montana-Helena College of Technology

Joan Schneider

Karmen Williams



Metropolitan Community College

Edward Bohlman

Diane Hocevar

Peg Johnson

Mid-Plains Community College

Angie Chittick

James L. Garretson

Western Nebraska Community College Western Nebraska Community College is a community college in Scottsbluff, Nebraska. Its athletics teams are known as the Cougars.

WNCC was previously known as Scottsbluff Junior College. Its alumni includes Pro Football Hall of Famer Dick "Night Train" Lane.

Hallie Feil

Yvonne Schlaman


Truckee Meadows Community College Truckee Meadows Community College is a community college located in the U.S. state of Nevada primarily in the city of Reno. From 1971 to 1979 the college was known as Western Nevada Community College.  

Erika Bein

Laura Briggs

Molly Lingenfelter

Tamera Mooney

Delores Sanford


Atlantic Cape Community College Atlantic Cape Community College is an accredited, co-educational, two-year, public, community college located in both Atlantic County and Cape May County in New Jersey. ACCC enrolls more than 6,000 students.  

Patricia Gentile

Doug Hedges

Richard Perniciaro

Bobby Royal

Carmen Royal

Cathie Skinner

Arthur Wexler

Bergen Community College

Dorothy Altman

Brookdale Community College

Shay Delcuda

Gall Harrigan

Mercer County Community College Mercer County Community College is an accredited, co-educational, two-year, public, community college located in Mercer County, New Jersey. The school's current president is Dr. Patricia C. Donohue. More than 13,000 students enroll in one or more credit courses each year.  

Alvyn Haywood

Salem Community College

Michael D. Burbine

Maura Cavanagh Dick

Sussex County Community College Sussex County Community College (commonly referred to as SCCC or SC3) is an accredited, co-educational, two-year, public, community college located in Sussex County, New Jersey.  

Anthony Balzano

Warren County Community College Warren County Community College (WCCC) is an accredited, coeducational, two-year, public community college located in Warren County, New Jersey. Its primary campus is in Washington Borough.  

Susan Howey


Clovis Community College

Ricardo Arredondo

Jeanette Biddle

Janett Johnson

Michael Powers

Dona Ana Community College

Anna Chieffo

Nina Javaher

Edgar R. Roman

Eastern New Mexico University-Roswell

Joan Arnold

Rodney Ray

New Mexico Junior College New Mexico Junior College is an institution of higher learning located less than 5 miles outside of Hobbs, New Mexico, in the southeastern corner of the state. It's baseball team won the NJCAA World Series in 2005, its first championship. The team is coached by Ray Birmingham.  

Linch E. Connell

Peter G. Mladlnic

New Mexico State University-Alamogordo

Steve Holmes

Dan Kammer

New Mexico State University-Carlsbad

Kathy Greenwood

San Juan College

Michele Picotte

Ronald Salazar

Santa Fe Community College

Janet Berry

Jill Douglass

Aamna Nayyar

William Neuwirth

Susan Rathjen

Robert Shankin

Betsy Walker


Erie Community College

Gregory Gillis

Dolores Maue

Lynette Meslinsky

Remy Orffeo

Susan Theeman

Genesee Community College

Kenneth Allerton

Marie Credi

Jacqueline Fenton

James L. Frank

Anne Heale

Karl Heidemann

David E. Jehle

Melissa Ostrom

Randy Palladino

Monroe Community College

Matthew R. Hachee

Lori Moses

Nassau Community College

Janine Ferraro

Stella Fox

Richard Glass

Queensborough Community College

Josephine Pantaleo

Karen B. Steele

Westchester Community College

Dwight Goodyear

Craig Padawer

Sean Simpson

Barbara Thomas

Kent Trickel


Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College is a public two-year community college established in 1959 in Asheville, North Carolina. The college is one of the oldest in the North Carolina Community College System and serves primarily Buncombe and Madison counties.  

Michele Hathcock

Leigh Mitchell

Marlene Roden

Carteret Community College

Frederick Yost

Central Piedmont Community College Central Piedmont Community College (CPCC) is a large community college located in Charlotte, Mecklenburg County, North Carolina. The school was founded in 1963; it is the result of a merger between Mecklenburg College and the Central Industrial Education Center.  

Catherine Flores

Sylvia Nikopoulos

Craven Community College

Suzanne Kaylor

Davidson County Community College

Suzanne C. LaVenture

Tim D. Maines

Fayetteville Technical Community College Fayetteville Technical Community College is a community college located in Fayetteville, North Carolina. It is part of the North Carolina Community College System. External links
  • FTCC Website

Terry M. Herring

Forsyth Technical Community College Forsyth Technical Community College is a two-year public community college in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, serving Forsyth and Stokes counties. The college is one of the largest in the North Carolina Community College System, with an enrollment of 7,001 students for the Fall 2004  

Alice B. Sineath

Guilford Technical Community College Guilford Technical Community College (GTCC) is a two-year accredited community college in Guilford County, North Carolina. GTCC offers certificates, one-year and two-year career-related programs, a two-year college transfer program, personal enrichment courses, a variety of adult  

Susan Barbitta

Julia Carlson

Michael Lawson

Deana St. Peter

Marjene White

Haywood Community College

Janice Gilliam

Stephen Lloyd

Lenoir Community College

Faith Bynum

Barbara Callahan

Deborah Darden

Gaff Edwards

Annie Fuller

Sue Greiner

Deborah Grimes

Linch Hines

Richy Huneycutt

Pare Parker-Ingram

Wayne Rummings

Jimi Spears

Ian Stevens

Kim Turnage

Nash Community College

Jennie M. Edwards

Lewis Hall

Denise J. Hill

Marilyn J. Kehoskie

Shilo M. Lawrence

Debra F. Lee

Joseph C. Manning, Jr.

Donald S. Sexauer

Darlene Silver

Keith Smith

Piedmont Community College

Michael Corbett

Kathy Duncan

Randy Durren

Nancy Gould

Kenneth Hux

Robin McLean

Erin Plizga

Philip Poe

James Romer

Mark Wencel

South Piedmont Community College South Piedmont Community College (South Piedmont, or SPCC) is a community college located in North Carolina consisting of two campuses and an auxiliary center. South Piedmont is part of the North Carolina Community College System.  

Jermaine M. Alston

Alice Bradley

Michelle M. Brock

Geri O. Duncan

Barbara S. Firestone

Raymond E. Griffith

Heather L. Henderson

Dawn P. Hildreth

Stuart M. Wasilowski

Hayne L. White

Southeastern Community College

Betty Gray

Helen G. Guzman

Gloria Perry

Mary Revels

Sylvia Tart

Susan Williams

Stanly Community College

Scott A. Barlowe

Vance-Granville Community College

Cathy Barham

Betty Jo Ellis

Jennifer M. Johnson

Maria Orsini

Tony Pendergrass

Wake Technical Community College Wake Technical Community College, commonly known as Wake Tech, is a two-year accredited institution of higher education and technical training school, is located approximately five miles south of Raleigh, the capital of North Carolina and county seat of Wake County.  

DeeDee Allen

Raul A. Herrera

Jan Paige Kearns

Linch Larson

Tom Maynard

Paula Rosen

Kathy Tyndall

Jeralyn Valdillez

Wayne Community College

Sue Beaman


Ashford University

Ronald Bolender

Clark State Community College

Christopher R. Bays

Marilyn Carlson

Connie Mitchell

Natalie A. Sherry

Columbus State Community College Columbus State Community College, commonly referred to as CSCC, was first established as Columbus Technical Institute in 1963. The college has grown from an initial enrollment of 67 students in 1963, to its current thriving campus of about 28,000 students.  

Thomas Habegger

Mary Lewis

Susan Rash

Tom Shanahan

Chuck Wilson

Cuyahoga Community College

Valerie S. Brown

Melissa Paliwoda

Larry A. Roman

Edison State Community College

Kenneth A. Knapke

Lorain County Community College Lorain County Community College is a community college located in the city of Elyria in Lorain County, Ohio, which is part of the Northeast Ohio region.

LCCC specializes in workforce development and initiating business relationships.

Aimee Dickinson

Aldena Francisco-Harris

Owens Community College

Charles K. Boxell

Laurie K. Erford

Kerry L. Garretson

Sally M. Harms

Elisa A. Huss-Hage

Angela L. Ondrus

Thomas J. passero

Ralph K. Semrock

Paul T. Svatik


Sinclair Community College

Debra Belcher

Mike Brigner

Pamela Chambers

Joseph Giardullo

Donna Hanshew

Russell Marcks

Jessica M. Minor

John Parcell

Zane State College

Peg Earhart


Northern Oklahoma College

Bart Allen

Allan Anderson

Terry Ballard

Shannon Bradford

Kurt Campbell

Todd Ging

Jeremy Hise

Neo Kirby

Greg Krause

Randy Long

Sherrie Martin

Deanna Payton

Dean Pearcy

Robin Ruyle

Greg Shamburg

Jeff Tate

Diana Watkins

Oklahoma City Community College The Oklahoma City Community College, also referred to as OCCC or O-Triple-C, is a coeducational community college located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The community college was founded in 1972. It currently enrolls 19,700 students.  

Jeff Carlisle

Abra Figueroa

Steve Kash

Janet Mitchell

Stephen Morrow

Waymond (Ran) Summers

Mary Williams

Reeca Young

Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology-Okmulgee

Tish Bryan

Grady Perryman

Leah Torbett

Oklahoma State University-Oklahoma City

Mart Buckley

Emily Cheng

Larry Robinson

Alene White

Rose State College

Adjoa Richardson Ahedor

Sally Boyster

Stacie R. Mayes

Suzanne Thomas

John Wood

Tulsa Community College

Julie Luscomb


Mt Hood Community College

Marilyn Pitts

Michael Russell

Portland Community College

Roxanne W Hill

Treasure Valley Community College Treasure Valley Community College is a community college located in Ontario, Oregon, at the western edge of the Treasure Valley. It is located near the Four Rivers Cultural Center, which houses the Meyer-McLean theater used by the college to present plays and other purposes.  

Phillip Mahaffey

Rebecca Replogle


Community College of Allegheny County Community College of Allegheny County, or CCAC as it is officially abbreviated, is a community college in the United States primarily serving Allegheny County, Pennsylvania.  

Julie Fennel

Joseph Guiciardi

Arthur Miller

Lila G. Nettrour

Kimberly Stephens

Maura O. Stevenson

Stephen Wells

Carla Young

Community College of Beaver County The Community College of Beaver County (also known as CCBC) is a community college located in Beaver County, Pennsylvania. The school includes approximately 2,300 students from in and around Beaver County.  

Jacqueline Black

Ladonna Dmitsak

John Goberish

CV Smith III

Harrisburg Area Community College HACC’s combined credit and noncredit programs serve approximately 60,000 persons annually as an increasing number of people turn to the College for personal and professional growth opportunities.  

Virginia Mickens

Irma Alicia Villarreal

Pamela C. Watkins

Lehigh Carbon Community College

Juanita Kaness

Mary Rasley

Luzerne County Community College

William Barrett

Peggy Gotham

Mary James

Maryann Kovalewski

Joanie Minor

Montgomery County Community College For the community college near Conroe, Texas, see .

Montgomery County Community College, also known as MCCC, Montco, or MC3, is a 2-year community college offering associate degrees and technical certification in numerous fields.

Phyllis Dickert

Westmoreland County Community College Westmoreland County Community College, founded in 1970, is located in Youngwood, Pennsylvania, USA. In 2002, it had approximately 5,938 full- and part-time students.  

Kevin P. Kopper


Community College of Rhode Island The Community College of Rhode Island, commonly abbreviated as "CCRI", is the only community college in Rhode Island. Founded as Rhode Island Junior College, "RIJC", in 1964 with 325 students, today CCRI consists of six campuses and enrolls over 16,000 students across the state.  

Donna Medas Patton

Jeanne Mullaney

Denise Yordy


Aiken Technical College

Robert Moldenhauer

Greenville Technical College

Charles G. Wilson

Midlands Technical College

Renee Bellamy-Coltrain

Gwendolyne Bunch

Curtis E. Derrick

Kelly M. Horn

Rose M. Jenkins

Catherine B. Milejczak

Keith R. Quigley

Patricia M. Snyder

Technical College of the Lowcountry

Jenni L. Campbell

Tri-County Technical College

Margaret Champion

Matthew Simon

York Technical College

Martha Macdonald


Chattanooga State Technical Community College Chattanooga State Technical Community College (or "Chatt State" for short) is a two year community college located in Chattanooga, Tennessee emphasizing technical programs.  

Richard Claburn

Tim Dills

Scott Douglass

Connie Hitchcock

Frankie Nicholson

Andrea Sanders

Cleveland State Community College Cleveland State Community College is a publicly-supported community college operated by the Tennessee Board of Regents and located in Cleveland, Tennessee. Like most of these institutions, emphasis is on associate's degree-level classes, but it also offers some third- and  

Joyce Brock

John Squires

Dyersburg State Community College Dyersburg State Community College is a Tennessee Board of Regents-operated community college located in Dyersburg, Tennessee. As of 2005, it is the smallest community college operated by TBR, with an enrollment of fewer than 2,500 students.  

Emma Mays-Reynolds

Susan Osborne

Jackson State Community College

Linda Burdsall

Vivian Grooms

Rebecca Rhea

Motlow State Community College

Susan Compton

Janice Harder

Billy Hix

Pellissippi State Technical Community College

Ray Booth

Janis H. Foreman

Marilyn A. Harper

Michael R. Looney

Susan McMahon

Lori A. Warneke

Audrey J. Williams

Gayle Wood

Roane State Community College

Dale Kendrick

Brenda Rector

Lauri Sammartano

Volunteer State Community College

Patsy F. Lawson

Erica F. Malone

Brenda L. Martin


Austin Community College

Hector Aguilar

Gail Bayeta

Kristin Benton

Raul Cantu

Cheryl Engle

Darla Johnson

Nathie Marbury

Giao Phan

Lennis Polnac

Stephen Price

Allan Purcell

Fidel Omar Rodriguez

Blinn College

Linda Bow

Carrie Coston

Max Hibbs

Thena Parrott

Robert Young

Brazosport College

Alisa Petrovich

Phil Robertson

Brookhaven College

Carmen Clausse

Hildaci Murray

John F. Neal

Carmen Scroggin

Cedar Valley College

Roger Dismore

College of the Mainland

Tracy Orr

Del Mar College

Bob Long

Eastfield College

Susan S. Wyatt

El Centre College

Velma Allen

Cathy Carolan

Sandra Cuevas

Mary Duckworth

Howard Finney

Robin Fletcher

Tabitha Foster

Becky Garza

Jim Handy

Shanee Holmes

Waymon Hyde

Theola Jackson

Ken Johnson

Rick Leyva

Juanita Marquez

Bernadette Martinez

Anna Paul

Derrick Payne

Jermain Pipkins

Freddy Rodriguez

Karen Stills

Lisa Theriot

Ramona Williams

Carisa Wilson-Bustillos

El Paso Community College

Maria E. Alvarez

Maria T. Gomez

J.R. F. Grijalva

Keri Moe

Joanne Peeples

Roswitha M. Saenz

Galveston College

Peter Mitchell

Edward Stout

Theron Waddell

Hill College

Phillip Lowe

Chris Padon

Houston Community College

Lucy Castillo

Emmanuel Ewane

Francis Ha

Norman Hanks

Paulette Heidbreder

Frankie Jefferson

Sue Moraska

Michelle Muhammad

Frank Ortiz

Deborah Quanaim

Cindy Renfro

Delores Saddler

Huston-Tillotson University

Horacio F. Pena

Gloria H. Quinlan

Janice L. Sumler-Edmond

Howard M. Ware

Kilgore College

Patricia Alford

Richard Dugger

George Glenn

Dean Kinney

Margarita Talavera-Hoferer

Lori D. Truman

John Whitehead

Lamar Institute of Technology

M. Lyn Brown

Jim Doane

Vicki Rowlett

Marsha Steffek

Walter Tucker

Laredo Community College

Raymundo Fuentes

Maria Elizabeth Garcia

Lee College

Paul Allen

Michael Gary

Jennifer Herzberg

Lone Star College-Cy-Fair

Jonathan Durm

Idolina Hernandez

Feleccia Moore-Davis

Claire Phillips

Esther Robinson

Suzanne Shield-Polk

Lone Star College-Kingwood

Stephanie R. Doyen

Elizabeth R. Morgan

Jimmi A. Rushing

Lone Star College-Montgomery

Deborah Cox

Jeff Groah

SueJan Herber

Glen Killian

Lone Star College-North Harris

Shae Adkins

Shirley Ennis

Brian Kilpatrick

Kendall Lawrence

Danel Olson

Lone Star College-Tomball

David Birch

Melinda Coleman

Tom Lovell

Tom Rogers

Kathy Sanchez

McLennan Community College

Lorraine Stansel

Bradley Turner

Dann Walker

Connie Wedemeyer

Midland College

Sue Ferguson

Sonia Ford

Geneo Roberts

Melinda Ted

Mountain View College

Susan Ferguson

Kizuwanda Gayden Grant

Diana Robles

Auksuole Rubavichute

Miriam Solorio

Kathy Taylor

Michael Tydlaska

Navarro College

Monica M. Castator

Shannon Childs

Bette F. Cook

Mark Dillman

Northwest Vista College

John Bruno

Maria Damron

Teresa Dimas

John Gordon

Albert Lopez

Jadieep Roy

Carrie Vicana

Paul Woeppel

Polo Alto College

Diane Dominguez

Nancy Hall

Gloria Elaine Hilario

Gerardo Mechler

Diana Nystedt

Laura Oliver

Laurie Pawelek

Veronica Rosas-Tatum

Panola College

Cheri Lambert

Richland College

Gayle Brewer

Cindy Castaneda

Joe Cortina

Rafael Duque

Anna Gann

Matt Hinckley

Dee Hobson

Patti King

Scot McClain

Jeff Munoz

Fred Newbury

Amber Reedy

San Antonio College

Michael Berrier

Ron Carswell

Dean Lambert

Susan Myers

Eddie M. Rodriguez

Jan Starnes

San Jacinto College District

Pamela Campbell

Sherrin Frances

Myrna Gonzalez

Alfred Lara

William Lindemann

Sandra McCurdy

Della Moon

Martha Robertson

Ran Rucker

Denise Segelquist

Debbie Simpson-Smith

Debbie Westmoreland

Linda Wilborne

South Texas College

Bradley Altemeyer

Brent Angangan

Jorge Botello

Cindy Cain

Sara Cardoza

Enriqueta Cortez

Gwen Dalida

Romaldo Dominguez

Colleen B. Edgar

Karen Fuqua

Theresa Garza

Guadalupe Hernandez

Aleida Hinojosa

Meliton Hinojosa

David Lung

Tom Matthews

Brett Millan

Rebecca Millan

Virginia Norquest

Tom Patterson

Rosemary Reich-Hildebrandt

Olga Rosales

Kimberly Snyder

Griselda Solis

Daniel Unruh

Sylvia Valdez

Hector Villarreal

Paul Wendland

Mohamed Werfelli

St. Philip's College

Lawrence A. Gable

Allison Joubert

Teresa M. Kautz

Benjamin E Kraft

Donna S. Laird

Luis A. Lopez

Laurie A. Rodriguez

Sounny Slitine

Patrice L. Smith

Tarrant County College District

Raymond D. Benge

Elizabeth A. Carrington

Shahla S. Durany

Murray A. Former

Amy G. Gee

Felicia E. Grimes

Doris J. Jones

Alicia G. Lupinacci

Anthony (Charles) C. Lycan

William (Bill) C. Matthai

De Ann E Mitchell

Linda K. Quinn

Jim L. Schrantz

Hung Q. Vu

Katrina E. Warner

Temple College

Terry A. Austin

Jason Locklin

Carey L. Rose

Mark A. Smith

Texas State Technical College System

Rick Alvarado

Paula Arredondo

Marcus Balch

Patty Bundick

Jeff Ermoian

April Graham

Dennis Hayes, Sr.

Selby Holder

Richard Kirk

Jay Maler

Brenda Murrell

Tara Odom

Braid Sharp Blanks

Ed Viera

Sherry Williams

Phil Yellott

Tyler Junior College

Lynn Gray

Lee Nell Hill

Barbara Holland

Manoucher Khosrowshahi

Jim Richey

Madeleine G. Ross

Jason B. Waller

Torrey Wylie

University of Texas at Brownsville/Texas Southmost College

Leslie Arnim

Karen Betancourt

Christy Garza

David Gonzalez

William Harris

Helmut Langerbein

Arlene Ready

Sue Zanne Urbis

Mary Valencia

Laura M. Villarreal

Weatherford College

Tonya Edwards

Ken Logan

Ann Marshall

Glenn Schlee

Rebecca Weaver

Wharton County Junior College

Kevin Dees

David D. Glenn, Jr.

Angela Kocurek

Rebecca McElroy

Dale Neaderhauser

Wayne Stephens


Salt Lake Community College

Rick Dalton

Dorleen Jenson (Retired)

Susan Labasky

Kent Morgan


Blue Ridge Community College

Rebecca W. Eller

Eastern Shore Community College

Kim Grewe

Mountain Empire Community College

Mike Cook

Fran Doyle

Kyle Scanlan

Paul D, Camp Community College

Ann Pinner

Candace M. Rogers

Rappahannock Community College

Patricia Parker

Southwest Virginia Community College

Laura Brown

Sherri Dawson

James Dye

Amanda Ellis

Brian Hale

Warren Harris

Lanna Lumpkins

Terry Morris


Centralia College

Paulette Crane

Julie Johnson

Randy Johnson

Susanne Weil


Clover Park Technical College

John Moyer

Columbia Basin College

Rhody Hayes

Nina Liebler

Highline Community College

Darryl Brice

Skagit Valley College

Diane Johnson

South Seattle Community College

Holly Gilman

Brian Hughes


New River Community and Technical College

Lizabeth L. Rogers

Joycie R. Wawiye

Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College

Gordon Hensley II

George Morrison

West Virginia Northern Community College

Frank DeCaria

Deborah Folger

Kathy Herrington

Cristina Riter

West Virginia State Community and Technical College

Vicki Stephens

Melanie Walters

West Virginia University at Parkersburg

Julie Heller

Marilyn Love

Phil McClung


Blackhawk Technical College

Janet L. White

Gateway Technical College

Susan Hanneman

Meg Hunter

Diane Skewes

Waukesha County Technical College

Sotos Ktorides

Frank Loh


Casper College

Jason Eggemeyer

Pat Patton

Melanie Young Laramie County Community College

Trent Morrell

Northern Wyoming Community College District

Mercedes Aguirre-Batty

Kirstie Auzqui

Carole Hoveland

Ray Oltion

Northwest College

John Campbell


Bermuda College

Patricia Semple

Brent Bollich

Matthew Pefferkorn

Jolene Bean

Robin Ingham


H. Lavity Stoutt Community College

Fidel Captain

Earl Henry

David Hines

Yvonne Hodge-Grant

Lucille Skelton



Lethbridge College

Ian Hepher

Cathy Takeda

Northern Alberta Institute of Technology

Brad Ackroyd

Brad Chorney

Marlene Hutscal

Leila Kipke

Joy MacKenzie

Ikhtyar Omar

Surjit Rat

Sam Wu


Camosun College

Mice Albano

George Ballinger

Robin Baskerville-Bridges

Shirley Bassett

Dominic Bergeron

Stephen Bishop

Heather Bos

Marion Christie

Jeanine Cooper

Angela Dawson

Maureen Drever

Ann Dumonceaux (Beck)

Graham Haig

Elizabeth Hulbert

Dawna Hurst

Tamara Hynes

Susan Johnston

Leslie Painter

Cheryle Paquette

Sian Prytherch

Debbie Sargent

Karen Stephens

Rebecca Wilson-Mah

Michael Yerkovich

Selkirk College

Larry (Mac) McHenry

Bernie McMullin

Carol Retzlaff

Carol Zubick


Algonquin College

Maria Belanger

Jamie Bramburger

Daniel Brigham

Nicole Busby

Don Crockford

Debbie Dufresne

Lee Farnworth

Devon Galway

Joan Macartney

Centennial College

Richard Hadden

Confederation College

Sue Hoffman

Leslie Sutherland

Humber College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning

Rena Borovilos

Lynda Hausman

Heather Kent

Susan Lieberman

Scott Nicholls

Nancy Pierobon

Margot Rykhoff

Marilyn Teitelbaum

Lynne Thomas

Sheridan College

Anita Agar

Paul Angelini

Peggy Barnwell

Ann Callaghan

Ron Cameron-Lewis

Joan Condie

Trevor Cottrell

Cathy Coulthard

Jodie Cranstoun

Linda Gowda

Walter Greczko

Nikolai Ivanov

Nazrul Khan

Miranda McVeigh

Charles Minken

Andrea Stafford

Phil Stubbs

Doug Waechter

My teaching philosophy has always been: Meet them where they are, but don't leave them there. I use a variety of techniques and technologies to create an environment that stimulates each student. To promote critical thinking, I encourage students to ask at/east one really good question every day.

--Pamela Watkins, Harrisburg Area Community College (PA)
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