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Conceptions of Giftedness, (2d ed).


Conceptions of giftedness, 2d ed.

Ed. by Robert J. Sternberg and Janet E. Davidson.

Cambridge U. Pr.


467 pages




How can it be that a gifted and successful child becomes a gifted but failed adult? Can educators of the gifted actually direct their charges into productive lives that make the most of their gifts? In this collection of 24 articles, updated to reflect changes since the original of 1986, contributors offer theoretical guidance, translations of conceptions of giftedness into practice, and comparisons of perceptions. They cover the conception of giftedness, models to develop talents of the mathematically or verbally gifted, several models, including those that are child-responsive or developmental, creative achievement, gaining permission to be gifted, nurturing talent in gifted students of color, systematic approaches, contexts and subjectivity, feminist perspectives, a psychometric approach, the implications of an emergenic-epigenetic model, domain-specific giftedness, extreme giftedness, making giftedness productive, and conducting scientific studies of giftedness.

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Date:Aug 1, 2006
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