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Compuware Provides New EcoTOOLS Features For Managing Oracle Replication And Parallel Query; EcoTOOLS' Premier Systems and Application Management Capabilities Allow Customers to Implement Leading-Edge Database Technology.

PHILADELPHIA--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 19, 1995--Compuware Corp. (NASDAQ:CPWR) today announced the release of new capabilities for its EcoTOOLS systems and application management product to manage leading-edge features of Oracle7 databases.

These new features make EcoTOOLS one of the few products to empower database and system administrators with the ability to monitor and manage Oracle's Symmetric Replication, Parallel Query and other advanced Oracle7 technology running on UNIX.

"Compuware is leading the charge to provide Oracle users with the tools to control and manage Oracle's leading-edge database technology," said Ron Gleason, general manager for Compuware's EcoTOOLS products.

"When they begin running applications based upon these new technologies in production, IS departments will benefit greatly from systems and application management tools. For this reason we continue to work closely with Oracle to build management capabilities into EcoTOOLS to keep pace with the newest of the new production releases of Oracle7."

"IS departments using Oracle7 for mission-critical applications see systems management tools as a critical piece of their production application environments," said Polly Sumner, VP of Oracle's Worldwide Business Alliances. "Oracle is pleased that Compuware offers our mutual customers complementary systems and application management capabilities through EcoTOOLS."

Compuware's new EcoTOOLS monitoring and management agents for Oracle7 will support Oracle Symmetric Replication and Oracle Parallel Query beginning next month, bringing Compuware's expertise in event management, performance monitoring and automated operations to customers running Oracle7 Release 7.2. The new features will be part of the base EcoTOOLS 3 product and will be included at no additional cost.

Managing Replication and Parallel Query

EcoTOOLS' new capabilities will enable DBAs and system administrators to ensure peak performance and availability of their Oracle-based applications that make use of the new replication and parallel query technology.

Some of the new capabilities enable EcoTOOLS to monitor lock contention in the Oracle Parallel Server and watch for CPU and Query Server bottlenecks when taking advantage of Oracle Parallel Query capabilities. New agents will give administrators unique monitoring capabilities over aspects of Oracle Symmetric Replication such as global names, job and transaction queues and replication errors.

EcoTOOLS will also enable administrators to compare the definition of two supposedly identical tables for discrepancies and monitor the success of conflict resolution triggers.

EcoTOOLS agents detecting problems in any of these areas can initiate alarms, e-mail notification and calls to administrators' pagers. EcoTOOLS can resolve detected problems by automatically launching local corrective action programs on server machines and databases in need of attention.

The new EcoTOOLS agents follow management guidelines for the Oracle database defined by Compuware's technical database experts, industry performance gurus and the ORACLE for UNIX Performance Tuning Tips published by Oracle.

EcoTOOLS: Keeping Database Applications Available

EcoTOOLS enables database and system administrators to monitor their applications, Oracle databases, UNIX operating systems and TCP/IP networks for fault and performance problems. The EcoTOOLS real-time process monitoring option -- called EcoPMON -- enables administrators to drill down to see the UNIX resource usage of actual running SQL statements, assistance unavailable in any other product.

In addition to detailed troubleshooting capabilities, EcoTOOLS provides robust console management, graphical real-time and historical management reporting and security monitoring. The EcoCHARGEBACK option provides integrated UNIX and Oracle resource accounting.

Through Oracle's Systems Management Tools Initiative (SMTI), a program designed to assist third party vendors in delivering systems management products for Oracle open systems, Compuware has committed to product integration with Oracle's forthcoming Enterprise Manager management console.

Pricing and Availability

EcoTOOLS support for Oracle Symmetric Replication, Parallel Query and advanced Parallel Server features will be available as a standard part of EcoTOOLS 3 on the major UNIX platforms October 31. EcoTOOLS pricing begins at $23,000 and is based on system configuration.

Compuware Corp.

Compuware Corp. is a leading worldwide provider of software products and professional services that help information technology professionals efficiently develop, implement and support the applications that run their businesses.

Founded in 1973, Compuware today ranks as one of the 15 largest independent software vendors in the world. The company's products have been licensed by more than 8,000 organizations worldwide. Revenues for fiscal 1995 totaled $534 million.

For information about Compuware Corp., please contact Compuware's headquarters at 810/737-7300. Compuware's World Wide Web address is -0-

NOTE TO EDITORS: EcoTOOLS is a registered trademark of Compuware Corp. All other product or company names mentioned are used for identification purposes only, and may be trademarks of their respective owners.

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Date:Sep 19, 1995
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