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The company AAT Alber Antriebstechnik develops, manufactures and deals in products in rehabilitation, transportation and medical aids technology. As for rehabilitation technology, AAT designs and manufactures mobility aids for physically handicapped people such as the motor stair climber s-max D160 aviation version, which was especially developed for the handling of passengers with reduced mobility (PRM PRM Partner Relationship Management
PRM Parameter
PRM Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration (US State Department)
PRM Partidul Romania Mare (Romania Mare Party)
PRM Professional Risk Manager

AB-TECH, KO Hangar 4, Stand A94

Since it built the passenger boarding bridges for Kimpo International Airport, Korea in 1987, Aero Bridges Technology Co, Ltd (AB-Tech) has become a major specialized company in the Airport Equipment Industry in Korea. The products are approved by IIAC IIAC Iowa Intercollegiate Athletic Conference
IIAC Industrial Injuries Advisory Council (UK)
IIAC Idiopathic Infantile Arterial Calcification
IIAC Information Integration and Analysis Center
 and KAC. Safety and convenience for passengers and consideration in design and manufacturing are given top priority.

ABC, F Hangar 4, French Pavilion

ABC performs the development, the design and the manufacture of test stands with step-by-step, semi-automatic and/or automatic devices. Our test stands use specific knowledge in hydraulics, mechanics, pneumatics, electrics, electronics, and IT. Thanks to its specialized staff with handson trade experience, ABC is a relevant quality partner in supplying significant expert appraisal and solutions in tests applications and related tests benches. ABC is a member of GIFAS (French Aerospace Industries Association) and a partner of well-known aerospace companies like the EADS Group: Airbus, Eurocopter, Airbus Military; SAFRAN Group: Thales, Snecma, Hispano-Suiza, Messier Bugatti, Messier Dowty; ZODIAC Group: In-Lhc, Intertechnique; Dassault and many other international aerospace companies.

AC HYDRAULIC, DK Hall 4A, Stand P96

AC Hydraulic A/S has developed a special program of air-hydraulic jacks and wheel trolleys for the aircraft industry. AC Hydraulic A/S is an international high-technology company, developing, producing and exporting high-quality hydraulic lifting-equipment to more than 50 countries worldwide. The wide range includes lifting equipment, such as hydraulic and air-hydraulic jacks, wheel trolleys and workshop cranes.

ACI ACI American Concrete Institute
ACI Arch Coal Inc
ACI Airports Council International (formerly Airport Associations Coordinating Council)
ACI Automobile Club d'Italia
ACI American Competitiveness Initiative

Wolfgang Vogl and Peter Becker previously worked as CEO (1) (Chief Executive Officer) The highest individual in command of an organization. Typically the president of the company, the CEO reports to the Chairman of the Board.  and MD Airport Systems for Dematic, Germany. For more than two decades they had ultimate responsibility for design, manufacture, delivery and commissioning of highly complex baggage and cargo handling systems at various international airports. They make use of their extensive experience as consultants today.

ADB (Apple Desktop Bus) A low-speed serial bus for connecting keyboards, mice and other input devices on Apple IIgs and Macintosh computers. Starting with the iMac in 1998, the ADB was superseded by USB. , B Hangar 4, Stand D10

Being market leader in the field of Airfield Ground Lighting, ADB provides the complete range of products, solutions and services for airfield ground lighting, from basic lights to sophisticated remote control and monitoring systems. At Munich ADB/Siemens will exhibit a new AGL (programming) AGL - (Atelier de Genie Logiciel) French for IPSE.  circuit concept(s); a new range of elevated runway lights and heliport heliport, airport designed exclusively for helicopter traffic.  touchdown and lift-off area (TLOF TLOF Touchdown and Liftoff Area ) lights; new LED applications; modular Airfield Lighting Control Systems and a new Customer Service Platform.

ADDCON NORDIC, N Hall 4A, Stand N90

AVIFORM[R] runway de-icers are designed to de-ice runways in order to obtain maximum friction and thereby safe take-off and landings. Potassium formate formate /for·mate/ (for´mat) a salt of formic acid.

A compound, such as a salt or ester of formic acid, that contains the HCOO- radical.
 liquid AVIFORM [R]LS0 and sodium formate granulat AVIFORM [R]SSolid fulfil all environmental and technical requirements. Our challenge is to serve customers with excellent products and good support. Our knowledge about the products, their de-icing effect, environmental impact and material compatibility, will be part of the technical support we offer our Customer.

ADDGARDS, IRL 1. (jargon, chat) IRL - In real life. Generally synonymous with f2f.
2. (language, robotics) IRL - Industrial Robot Language.
 Hall 4A, Stand P20

Addgards manufacture a range of modular indoor barrier systems suitable for any type of on-site maintenance. All Addgards barriers are made from rotationally moulded plastic; are available in a range of sizes and can be manufactured in corporate colours and with custom signage. Customers include: Charles De Gaulle, Dublin, Heathrow and Marseille Airport.

ADVANCED LIGHT, N Hall 4A, Stand N110

Advanced Light AS develops and manufactures the only 8' fully-flush inset lights for taxiways, stop bars and roads. The unique design proves a reduction of maintenance cost of up to 70% compared to conventional fixtures. Please come and visit our stand to see our latest developments in fixtures and LED technology.

Army of the United States
 Hall 4A, Stand Q140

Rapid response airport sweeping system FOD FOD - /fod/ [Abbreviation for "Finger of Death", originally a spell-name from fantasy gaming] To terminate with extreme prejudice and with no regard for other people. From MUDs where the wizard command "FOD

" results in the immediate and total death of
*BOSS guarantees a fast and impeccable FOD*BOSS cleaning of all aircraft operating surfaces. It picks up even flat and round shaped debris such as rivets, washers, bolts, pebble stones, etc, at speeds up to 25km/h on dry or wet surfaces. All it needs is a vehicle to pull the mat. If combined with two or three mats the sweeping width reaches 4.8 or 7.2m respectively.


AFIS AFIS Automated Fingerprint Identification System
AFIS Aerodrome Flight Information Service
AFIS Armed Forces Radio and Television Service
AFIS Airborne Flight Information System
AFIS Automated Fingerprinting Identification System (Pakistan) 
 presents modern and economic solutions for tank-farmoperators, into aircraft companies and suppliers: eg GPS-positioning of trucks, integration of airport systems as FI(D)S, automated placing of work orders, processing of electronic meter readings, web-services, central remote control of smaller fuel stations. The solutions aim at safety and reliability of supply with high quality fuel, cost reduction by minimizing administration, accurate accounting, on-time refuelling, real-time invoicing, fuel quality control and operating procedures in compliance to JIG.

AFS A distributed file system for large, widely dispersed Unix and Windows networks from Transarc Corporation, now part of IBM. It is noted for its ease of administration and expandability and stems from Carnegie-Mellon's Andrew File System.

AFS - Andrew File System

AFS--Aviation Fuel Services GmbH is the German market leader in the field of aircraft refuelling and fuel depot management. With 400 employees of workforce AFS provides plane service and manages fuel farms at 12 German (internationally operating) airports. In 2006AFS had 550,000 operations delivering a volume of 5,300,000 cbm of JET A-1. AFS also offers services such as transport logistics, IT- solutions, vehicle technology and management as well as consulting for refuellers and airport depots.

AFTEC AFTEC Advanced Forming Technologies LLC (Murray, UT)
AFTEC Air Force Test & Evaluation Center
, GB Hangar 4, British Pavilion

Air Freight Technologies Limited is a company specializing in cargo handling equipment, air cargo consultancy services, facility refurbishment, and full facility maintenance. We have a dedicated manufacturing facility, and our own in-house controls department allowing us to offer bespoke equipment and systems to suit the unique requirements of our clients. Whilst providing fixed terminal solutions, we developed the pallet mover system and a wide range of portable equipment to offer clients a fully flexible solution to support ad hoc multiple facility and short-term operations. We also have a facilities management and maintenance division to support clients' operations with upgrades or modifications without disrupting existing operations.

AGSE AGSE Association of Graduate Student Employees
AGSE Aviation Ground Support Equipment
AGSE Aviation Ground Support System
, USA Hangar 4, North America Pavilion

AGSE offers a broad range of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) The rebranding of equipment and selling it. The term initially referred to the company that made the products (the "original" manufacturer), but eventually became widely used to refer to the organization that buys the products and  Licensed Engine Transportation and Handling Equipment, Boeing, GE and CFMI Licensed Tooling and Aircraft Maintenance Access Stands. Our GSE GSE

general somatic efferent system.
 products are renowned for their durability and ease of maintenance. Quality and customer satisfaction come first at AGSE. We are ISO (1) See ISO speed.

(2) (International Organization for Standardization, Geneva, Switzerland, An organization that sets international standards, founded in 1946. The U.S. member body is ANSI.
 9001:2000 registered and offer global support and sales.

AIMS, B Hall 4A, Stand Q90

AIMS is a supply and service company offering an extensive range of GSE products, eg 400Hz cables and wheel chocks. Also on show are our new LED obstacle and barricade lights. Special focus will be on our LEDDY, an affordable Airfield Lighting System designed specifically for small airports operating under VFR VFR
visual flight rules

Airplane-Equipment & Services provides technical services to the air cargo industry. These services focus strongly on the needs of both the Aircraft ULD ULD Unabhängiges Landeszentrum für Datenschutz Schleswig-Holstein (Germany, Independent Centre for Privacy Protection Schleswig-Holstein)
ULD Unit Load Device (shipping) 
 Manufacturers and Cargo Operators. Our EASA EASA European Aviation Safety Agency
EASA European Advertising Standards Alliance (Brussels, Belgium)
EASA European Association of Social Anthropologists
EASA European Architecture Students Assembly
EASA European Academic Software Award
 Part 145 and FAR Part 145 certified stations enable flexible turn around times with a complete ULD history report for the completed repair of nets, ropes, containers, pallets and horse stables.


UFIS UFIS User-Funded Interim Storage  Airport Innovation provides integrated solutions for automated baggage handling, including RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) A data collection technology that uses electronic tags for storing data. The tag, also known as an "electronic label," "transponder" or "code plate," is made up of an RFID chip attached to an antenna.  and hold baggage screening. It has delivered high- and low-level control systems to airports for more than a decade. The company has the resources and experience to solve the most demanding baggage handling challenges anywhere in the world.

ASFT ASFT Airport Surface Friction Tester  SWISS, CH Hangar 4, Stand A94

Airport Surface Friction Tester (ASFT) is the world's leading manufacturer of continuous friction measuring equipment. ASFT friction measuring equipment is fully approved by UK CAA Caa

See CCC.
 CAP 683, Swedish CAA, FAA and ICAO ICAO
International Civil Aeronautics Organization

Noun 1. ICAO - the United Nations agency concerned with civil aviation
International Civil Aviation Organization
. We can supply friction-measuring equipment that meets the need of any airport, and our CFMEs are currently in use at more than 250 airports around the world.


Airsafe Airport Equipment Co, Ltd, established in 1987, is a leading company in engineering and manufacturing of airport lighting equipment in China. Airsafe produces airfield lighting equipment, including approach lights, runway lights, taxiway taxiway: see airport.  lights, flashing approach lighting systems and precision approach path indicators (PAPI). By virtue of ISO9001 authorization and the production licenses of CAAC, Airsafe provides high quality products. Today, more than 100 civil and military airports that are subsidiary to CAAC are using Airsafe products.

AIRSIDE air·side  
The part of an airport directly involved in the arrival and departure of aircraft.


the part of an airport nearest the aircraft
 GSE, GB Hangar 4, British Pavilion

AIRSIDE GSE LTD represents over 100 years of experience in the design and manufacture of GSE. The core range of products offered comprises passenger stairs, water and toilet service units, cargo equipment, tail, docks, towbars, catering trucks, ambilifts and equipment, plus competitive spares support for a wide range of existing GSE.

ALPHA CIM (1) (Computer-Integrated Manufacturing) Integrating office/accounting functions with automated factory systems. Point of sale, billing, machine tool scheduling and supply ordering are part of CIM. , F Hangar 4, French Pavilion

ALPHA CIM designs and provides control systems for fire safety installations at airport terminals. The control system developed by ALPHA CIM includes the following functions: software mimic diagrams showing real-time fire alarms of all fire and security equipment in the buildings; zoning (partitioning, ventilation); automatic security functions; rearming of fire and security concentrators; user-friendly help through security instructions.

ALS Als (äls), Ger. Alsen, island, 121 sq mi (313 sq km), Sønderjylland co., S Denmark, in the Lille Bælt, separated from the mainland by the narrow Alensund.  ADVANCED LOGISTIC SYSTEMS, D Hangar 4m Stand C90

ALS is one of the top three companies that supply Air Cargo Handling Systems and Components worldwide. The products and services are efficient and customized solutions for material handling applications in the field of Air Cargo Handling, Express Handling, Industrial Systems, Baggage Handling and ASRS ASRS Aviation Safety Reporting System
ASRS Arizona State Retirement System
ASRS Automatic Storage and Retrieval System
ASRS Automated Storage & Retrieval System
ASRS Adult Self-Report Scale
ASRS Anion Self-Regenerating Suppressor (Dionex) 
. Staff: 180; Offices: Malaysia, Bangkok, UK, Dubai, Singapore, China and its own factory in Germany.

ALSTEC, GB Hangar 4, British Pavilion

ALSTEC is one of Europe's leading baggage system integrators. Offering a unique service it provides total system solutions from initial concept design and simulations through supply/installation to operational management, maintenance and whole life asset management. It provides innovative equipment including linear drive carousels and its latest BAGNAV baggage system control and tracking package.

ALSTEF AUTOMATION, F Hangar 4 French Pavilion

Alstef, a French company specialized in automated handling, design and Baggage Handling Systems. Alstef has developed a full range of products: baggage conveyors, linear motor carrousels, SIBag control and management software, and integrates the DCV DCV Demand Controlled Ventilation (HVAC)
DCV Directional Control Valve
DCV Direct Current Volts
DCV Defense Combat Value
DCV Dress Code Violation
DCV Document Control Voucher (banking & finance) 
 (Destination Coded Vehicle) BEUMER autover[R]system, a technology chosen by Toulouse Airport, by Emirates in Dubai and by Montreal Airport.

ALSTOM, GB Hangar 4, British Pavilion

ALSTOM designs, develops, manufactures and supplies a complete range of Airfield Ground Lighting (AGL) and PLC/UNIX based SMGCS SMGCS Surface Movement Guidance and Control System  systems, meeting ICAO, FAA and UK CAA standards. The company will be demonstrating its latest range of products including: LED based lighting and SmartControl.

AMMERAAL BELTECH, D Hangar 4, stand D100

As a worldwide leader in the manufacture of process and conveyor belts, Ammeraal Beltech develops tailor-made solutions for all kinds of industries. With a workforce of 1,600 and a sales network covering more than 120 countries, we are moving markets around the globe with our: Process and Conveyor Belts, High Performance Flat Belts, Modular Belts, Engineered Belts, Timing Belts and Endless Woven Belts. We have developed several belts for a variety of different airport projects: for example timing belts, optimized for high-speed applications. Ammeraal Beltech belting technology meets the demands of the airport industry: flame-retardant, abrasion-resistant, gentle transport, antistatic, low-noise, high-friction, weatherproof and temperature-resistant.

APS GERMANY, D Hangar 4, Stand E104

APS designs, manufactures and installs jet blast deflectors and ground run-up enclosures for airports and military facilities worldwide. Our products are designed to improve AOA safety, maximize available space and minimize aircraft run-up noise. Nearly 50 years of experience is your assurance of quality, low-maintenance, long service life deflectors and GREs.

ARNOLD, D Hangar 4, Stand C110

Arnold AG is a specialist for counters: check-in, vending, information, boarding, transfer, passport control. Technical interior constructions: metal panelling and claddings, stainless steel handrails, doors, luminous ceilings, shop facades, commercial displays. Signage for terminals, administration buildings and aircraft cabins. Queue management systems. References: Frankfurt/Main, Munich, Dusseldorf, Cologne-Bonn, Paderborn, Berlin-Tegel, Saarbrucken, Stuttgart etc.

ASBELT SAN, TR Hall 4A, Stand N141

As a manufacturer of PVC PVC: see polyvinyl chloride.
 in full polyvinyl chloride

Synthetic resin, an organic polymer made by treating vinyl chloride monomers with a peroxide.
 conveyor belts, our company ASBELT provides various belts and machines for airport baggage handling systems. Our company supplies belts to the biggest airports of Turkey; Esenboga and

Ataturk International. Furthermore, as an exporter, we are involved in various Middle East airport projects, especially through manufacturing curving belts from 20[degrees] to 180[degrees]. We hope to expand our market share in different zones by dealing with international airport projects.

ASM (1) (Association for Systems Management) An international membership organization based in Cleveland, Ohio. Founded in 1947 and disbanded in 1996, it sponsored conferences in all phases of administrative systems and management.  GROUP, GB Hangar 4, British Pavilion

ASM is a specialist manufacturer and supplier of airfield visual aids to international, regional and military airports. ASM manufactures and supplies: airfield signs; transformers; docking guidance equipment and airfield lighting. ASM is renowned for its technical innovation, constantly striving to be at the forefront of airfield technology.

ASSPRORECO, F Hangar 4, French Pavilion

Assproreco is a French surplus stockist stock·ist  
n. Chiefly British
A commercial retailer or wholesaler that stocks merchandise.


Commerce Brit a dealer who stocks a particular product

 since 1992. Buying and selling various second-hand Ground Support Equipment and Tooling, for freight and passenger areas, for all Europeans airports, the Middle East, African countries and South America. Assproreco have always recognised the importance of listening to our customers. We are an undisputed leader in the field of second-hand Ground Support Equipment, import and export management. The company offers a wide range of equipment, including aircraft push-back tractors, baggage towing tractors, conveyor belts, loaders, ground power units, air starter units, self-propelled passenger steps.

ATCOMEX HAMME, B Outdoor, Stand G56

The Belgian specialist for hydrant dispensers and aircraft refuellers. Refuellers: They are available with capacities ranging from 1,000 litres for helicopters and small aircrafts to 85,000 litres for wide-body aircraft fuelling operations. Hydrant dispensers: These are produced for flow rates from 1,300 to 4,000 litres/min and supplied with measuring, filtering and fuelling systems with or without a hydraulic lift platform to service the Airbus A380. Hand or self-propelled towable dispensers are also available with different flow rates.

ATEME, F Hangar 4, French Pavilion

ATEME is a world-leading provider of MPEG-4/H.264 video compression solutions. ATEME's renowned technology supports both standard and HD content, deployed across any platform--from mobile to Ultra HD. ATEME provides broadcasters, telcos and security providers with unmatched compression quality while simultaneously licensing its unique MPEG (Moving Pictures Experts Group) An ISO/ITU standard for compressing digital video. Pronounced "em-peg," it is the universal standard for digital terrestrial, cable and satellite TV, DVDs and digital video recorders (DVRs).  technology and expertise to selected vendors.

ATG ATG antithymocyte globulin.
lymphocyte immune globulin (antithymocyte globulin equine, ATG, ATG equine, LIG)


Pharmacologic class: Immunoglobulin

Therapeutic class: Immunosuppressant
 AIRPORTS, GB Hangar 4, British Pavilion

atg airports is a provider of airport solutions, offering its clients a comprehensive suite of engineering and design services tailored to meet the needs of the 21st century airfield. In conjunction with supplying market-leading AGL products, atg airports also offer a critical airside installation, commissioning and maintenance service in order to provide the complete turnkey package.

AVIOGEI, I Outdoor, Stand K130

Airport Equipment srl offers full activity in designing, manufacturing, quality certification and marketing of airport Ground Support Equipment for civilian and military airports. It is a leader in the Italian market and is proud to serve at least 32 foreign countries with its equipment. Concerning the activity of servicing, a new company 'Avio Global Services' represents the milestone of AVIOGEI group in the new business of servicing and full maintenance of the whole set of GSE at airports.

AXA AXA Anguilla, Anguilla (Airport Code)
AXA Alpha Chi Alpha
AXA Animal Crossing Ahead (online forum community/guide to the game Animal Crossing)
AXA Auxiliary Artery
 POWER, DK Hangar 4, Stand A66

AXA Power, member of the ITW ITW In The Wild (informatics, antivirus research)
ITW Information Theory Workshop (IEEE)
ITW Into Thy Word (religion)
ITW Into the Woods
 GSE Group, is the world's leading supplier of solid-state GPUs. At this year's inter airport, AXA launches its AXA 2300 series of 400 Hz GPUs which meets the demands of future aircraft including the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. On display will also be the AXA Power Coil, a 90 kVA, 400 Hz GPU GPU: see secret police.

(Graphics Processing Unit) A specialized logic chip devoted to rendering 2D or 3D images. Display adapters contain one or more GPUs for fast graphics rendering.
 and a cable retriever in one and the same enclosure. This has proven to be the optimal choice for bridge-mounting.

BAN 2000, D Outdoor, Stand L40

BAN 2000 plans, delivers and installs Air Traffic Control Equipment: Aviation radio and VCCS VCCS Virginia Community College System
VCCS Voltage Controlled Current Source
VCCS Voice Coil Cooling System (Pioneer/Premier technology)
VCCS Voice Communication Control Systems (air traffic management) 
 Systems; Navigation and Instrument Landing Systems; Meteorological equipment; Airfield Ground Lighting

Systems AGL; VHF (Very High Frequency) The range of electromagnetic frequencies from 30 MHz to 300 MHz.  omni directional range VOR VOR Vestibulo-ocular reflex, see there ; Tactical Air Navigation Tactical Air Navigation, or TACAN, is a navigation system used by military aircraft. It provides the user with a distance and bearing from a ground station. It is a more accurate version of the VHF omnidirectional range / Distance Measuring Equipment (VOR/DME) system that  Equipment; Non-directional beacons NDB NDB Nondirectional Radio Beacon
NDB Non Directional Beacon
NDB Neue Deutsche Biographie (German)
NDB National Development Bank (Sri Lanka)
NDB National Discount Brokers
NDB Next Business Day
; Aviation radio equipment and direction finder; Radio equipment for ground communication. The quality management system of BAN 2000 complies with the requirements of DIN EN ISO 9001:2000. BAN 2000 has been certified in accordance with the guidelines of SES for CNS See Continuous net settlement.


See continuous net settlement (CNS).
 services on aerodromes.

BARTEC, D Hall 4A, Stand Q125

BARTEC presents modern and economic solutions for tank-farm-operators and into-plane-companies. Processing of electronic information from and to the aircraft refueller or dispenser, eg electronic meter readings, flow rate, operational procedures. Automated placing of work orders integrated by web-services.

BENE ENVIRONMENT, D Hangar 4, Stand A20

Handcar 4, Stand A20 BENE manufactures plant technology for treating industrial wastewater and rainwater. The special features of BENE AERON technology are: highest operational safety; highest maintenance comfort; low costs and best environmental protection. BENE high efficiency separators of the latest generation have already been installed in many international airports.

BEUMER, D Hangar 4, Stand A38

Non-contacting, intelligent and multifunctional: BEUMER autover[R]system for baggage handling. With a simple sensor-less rail as well as several intelligent BEUMER autoca[R]carts, it is a multifunctional sorting and distribution system that uses non-contacting transmission of energy and data. It meets all the requirements for safe baggage sorting, flexibility and compact space. With low maintenance, operating and servicing costs, it ensures a high degree of availability of baggage handling at any time.

BLASTRAC, NL Hall 4A, Stand P83

As worldwide market-leading manufacturer of surface preparation equipment, BLASTRAC is offering a large range of equipment and solutions to remove rubber and floor marking, and to reinforce grip and roughness on airport runways. All our techniques--shot-blasting, scarifying and grinding--are mechanical and ecological, dust free and without chemicals.


Bachelor of Marine Science
 are the Master European Distributors of Veeder-Root petroleum products, and are specialists in all disciplines of the supply of mechanical, electro-mechanical, electronic counting devices and liquid measurement devices. BMS will be promoting Veeder-Root's revolutionary and exciting Electronic Meter Register, the EMR (ElectroMagnetic Radiation) The emanation of energy from everything in the universe. Although the EMR from electrical and electronic devices is typically measured for practical, every-day situations, every object, including humans, emanates energy. 3.

BOMBELLI, I Outdoor, Stand K20

Angelo Bombelli Costruzioni Metalliche Srl is specialized in the design and manufacture of airport equipment, like pallet and container dollies and baggage doilies, based on the technical specifications of the customer.

Since 1995 the company is quality certified under ISO 9001:2000.


With its SCM (1) (Software Configuration Management, Source Code Management) See configuration management.

(2) See supply chain management.
 (Surface Condition Management) solution, group Marcel Boschung AG offers highperformance products designed for surface maintenance in winter as well as in summer, not only for airports, but also for road and municipal authorities. The group is the unique supplier of both mobile and stationary de-icing solutions. The Jetbroom multifunctional vehicle, our leading product, can be used on all surfaces (RWY RWY Runway
RWY Railway
, TWY TWY Taxiway , apron).

BRITISH AIRPORT SERVICES & EQUIPMENT ASSOCIATION (BASEA), GB Hangar 4, British Pavilion & Outdoor, British Pavilion

Fully accredited by UK Trade & Investment, BASEA works on behalf of its members to effectively promote their services and equipment worldwide and to ensure a cost-effective solution to their marketing needs. BASEA members provide a wealth of experience and innovation in all aspects of airport and airline supply.


Established in 1993 the company specialized in manufacturing of superstructures for large-scale sweepers. Due to the exceptionally high quality of our superstructure, orders have poured in from many countries. Our strengths are flexibility to cater to special customers' requests and innovation. Products: sweepers for cleaning cities, airports, road construction, removing rubber on runways and special cleaning machines.

BUCHER SCHORLING, D Outdoor, Stand J102

Bucher Schorling GmbH is one of the leading manufacturers of airport runway sweepers for all airport service areas. The range covers snow sweepers, designed as tow-behind models or permanently mounted onto modified truck chassis, highperformance snow blowers and airport spreaders for solid or liquid spraying material. Bucher Schorling offers a complete service network as well as comprehensive expert advice and training, and is DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 certified. Our products meet with the high expectations of its customers world-wide.

BUTZBACH, D Hangar 4, Stand D108

Butzbach offers an extensive range of high quality sliding door systems for aircraft hangars. Customized hangar doors, sophisticated technologies (fibreglass is mainly used for the cladding) and a unique advisory and customer care concept are the strong points of Butzbach. Over 450 hangar door projects have already been realised by Butzbach for companies like Airbus, Lufthansa or Asiana Airlines. CADDIE SA, F Hangar 4, French Pavilion

NEW! The SHOPP'AIR cart is perfectly adapted for the duty-free areas. Small items fit into the upper basket and the traveller can shop freely with his carry-on luggage placed on the bottom grid.

Large advertising spaces are available on the front side of the basket as well as on the handle. Directions for use can be displayed through pictograms. Weighing only 12 kg, the SHOPP'AIR is highly manoeuvrable Adj. 1. manoeuvrable - capable of maneuvering or changing position; "a highly maneuverable ship"

mobile - moving or capable of moving readily (especially from place to place); "a mobile missile system"; "the tongue is...

CALZONI, I Hall 4A, Stand Q90

Besides a complete range of airfield lighting, CALZONI introduces a new concept of power supply dedicated to LED light sources and based on a constant current DC power supply unit delivering a 1.4 Amps instead of the traditional 6.6 Amps resulting in improved reliability and huge savings in power consumption.

CARGO NETWORK, NL Hangar 4, Stand A56

Cargo Network is a major centre for supply and repair of cargo nets, tie-down straps and other cargo tie down accessories. We provide net repair service at our workshops in Europe: the Netherlands, the UK, and outside Europe: in the Middle East and the Far East, and in the USA. We provide airworthiness air·wor·thy  
adj. air·wor·thi·er, air·wor·thi·est
Being in fit condition to fly: an airworthy helicopter; airworthy avionics.
 certificates with our new and repaired items. Cargo Network is an IATA IATA

International Air Transport Association, which sets the rules for air transport, including those concerning air transport of animals.
 strategic partner, and has recently received the KLM KLM Kaiserliche Marine (Enigma: Rising Tide game)
KLM Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij (Royal Dutch Airlines)
KLM Klub Langer Menschen (German: Tall Person Club) 
 Vendor Award.

CAVOTEC FLADUNG, D Outdoor, Stand F130

Cavotec Fladung is a global leader in the design and manufacture of sophisticated ground support equipment such as 400Hz power supply systems, pop-up and hatch type pits, connectors, cable coils and towbars. The company also manufactures mobile support solutions for 400Hz power supply and PCAir. The complete Cavotec Fladung range is A380 ready!

CEIA CEIA Canadian Environment Industry Association
CEIA Canadian Environmental Industry Association
, I Hangar 4, Stand A44

CEIA is the world's leading manufacturer of Security Metal Detectors. Leading the industry in technology, we have developed the most advanced detectors of all times. In airport applications CEIA is able to detect the targets specified by regulation authorities providing the maximum flow-rate, thanks to the unsurpassed discrimination regarding personal metal effects of its walkthrough metal detectors.

CEOTRONICS, D Hangar 4, Stand A50

CeoTronics is another name for professional communication equipment for airlines and airports like CT-DECT GateCom and CT-DECT GateCom Compact, the wireless systems for Ground- to-Cockpit Communication, cable bound CT GroundCom Headsets, De-Icing Headsets, Communication Systems for aircraft movers, Maintenance Headsets and two-way radio communication equipment for Airport Fire Fighters and Security Services.

CHARLATTE, F Outdoor, Stand L100

CHARLATTE Manutention (FAYAT Group) is specialized in the design, the manufacture and the supply of a wide range of Electric Tow Tractors. Diesel, LPG LPG: see liquefied petroleum gas.

1. LPG - Linguaggio Procedure Grafiche (Italian for "Graphical Procedures Language"). dott. Gabriele Selmi. Roughly a cross between Fortran and APL, with graphical-oriented extensions and several peculiarities.
 and Hybrid Tow Tractors are available to meet specific operation requirements. In Munich we will be showcasing our well-known Electric T135 AC Baggage Tow Tractors with a new cabin design and the Hybrid TH225 with new technical improvements. Also showcased is our full-size Diesel Self Propelled Conveyor Belt Loader model CBL Cbl cobalamin. 2000D manufactured now in both factories in France and the USA.


The company specialises in ground support equipment such as: aircraft hoisting jacks, test benches for pressurization Pressurization generally refers to the application of pressure in a given situation or environment; and more specifically refers to the process by which atmospheric pressure is maintained in an isolated or semi-isolated atmospheric environment (for instance, in an aircraft, or , ladder structure structural assembly work, trolley mounted stations and other special equipment. It is AER-Q-120 and ISO 9001 certified. Its customer list includes some of the most prestigious names, such as Alenia Aeronautica SPA, Alenia Space, Aermacchi, Agusta and Piaggio Aeronautical industries of Genova.


AVITEC is a comprehensive service supplier specializing in the tendering of aviation equipment as well as import and export. AVITEC has been involved in tendering and purchasing activities for more than 100 large-scale infrastructure projects for the Chinese civil aviation industry, such as Beijing Capital International Airport Beijing Capital International Airport (Simplified Chinese: 北京首都国际机场; Traditional Chinese: , Shanghai Pudong Airport and Guangzhou New Baiyun Airport.

CIAT CIAT Centro Internacional de Agricultura Tropical (Spanish: International Center for Tropical Agriculture, Colombia)
CIAT Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists (UK) 
, AIRPORT SYSTEMS, F Hangar 4, French Pavilion

CIAT, Europe's leading manufacturer of air-conditioning equipment, based in France, provides the most extensive Pre Conditioned Air equipments for cooling or heating of aircrafts while parked at the gate or in the hangar. CIAT Airports offers to airports, airlines and aircraft manufacturers 3 PCA systems: 'Point of use', 'Centralized' and 'Hybrid' as well as reliable 'classic' HVAC (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning) In the home or small office with a handful of computers, HVAC is more for human comfort than the machines. In large datacenters, a humidity-free room with a steady, cool temperature is essential for the trouble-free  offers and services.


Shenzhen CIMC-TianDa specializes in design and manufacture of passenger boarding bridges, air cargo handling systems, catering trucks and automatic logistics systems, etc. The newest product line includes an A380 passenger boarding bridge, which accommodates the upper deck door of the giant A380 aircraft.

CLASS, D Hall 4A, Stand N146

Claas offers multidirectional moveable units like mobile docks, specific maintenance platforms, eg for cockpit pane removal or replacement of flaps, as well as landing gear and engine positioners. Furthermore, Claas offers custom-made transport vehicles for fuselage or wing transportation as well as cargo loaders (for use at the Beluga beluga (bəl`gə) or white whale, small, toothed northern whale, Delphinapterus leucas. The beluga may reach a length of 19 ft (5. ), aircraft parts transport jigs and many customermade solutions.


Clampco Sistemi designs, manufactures and supplies complete Aircraft Warning Light Systems (AWLS AWLS Airespace Wireless Location Services
AWLS All Weather Landing System
) intended for day/night lighting of extensive obstacles, such as telecommunication masts, chimneys, buildings and power distribution lines. Clampco Sistemi is able to provide a complete turnkey system as well as single components. The main components are: obstruction light (low intensity, fixed red, medium intensity, flashing red/white); control board; photoelectric Converting photons into electrons. When light is beamed onto a metal, electrons are released from its atoms. The higher the light frequency, the more electron energy released. Photonic sensors of all kinds work on this principle. They sense light and cause an electric current to flow.  switch; installation kit comprising cable, clamps, junction boxes and mounting hardware.

COLSON EUROPE, NL Hangar 4, Dutch Pavilion

Colson Europe, manufacturer of high quality wheels and castors, introduces the re-designed CargoDisc@for air cargo handling. Compared with the well-known standard Colson cargo castors, this product is the best solution where building height is of importance. Furthermore, it will be choice number one for working safely on cargo decks.


Combibox System is the pioneer of putting ground support services for commercial airliners in underground pits at terminal gates of airports, or in maintenance hangars. Combibox has installed such systems around the world during more than 25 years. The advantages are: cost, environment, safety and security.

CONDUCTIX, D Hail 4A, Stand Q104

Conductix, a global partner for power and data transfer introduces their new PLB (Picture Level Benchmark) A benchmark for measuring graphics performance on workstations. The Benchmark Interface Format (BIF) defines the format, the Benchmark Timing Methodology (BTM) performs the test, and the Benchmark Reporting Format (BRF) generates results in 400 cable reel for passenger loading-bridge mounting. Italso manufacture tarmac and hangar styles, standard cable/hose reels, conductor bar, festoon festoon, sculptured or painted architectural or interior ornament consisting of a garland of leaves, flowers, or fruit, or some combination of these, held by ribbons or folds and draped at the ends. , cable chain, and push button pendants.

CONRAC, D Hangar 4, Stand A26

CONRAC GmbH, worldwide leading system supplier with head quarters, R&D and production in Germany, will be demonstrating their modular Flight Information Display System with several new features such as decentralised maintenance, remote status monitoring, flight tracking, etc. Furthermore, the latest range of CONRAC's large screen public displays, including an 82 inch LCD/ TFT (Thin Film Transistor) The term typically refers to active matrix screens on laptop computers. Active matrix LCD provides a sharper screen display and broader viewing angle than does passive matrix. See LCD and thin film.

TFT - Thin Film transistor
 flat screen, will be introduced.


As a consequence of the warnings on a further global warming, airports are forced to reduce pollution as well. As aircraft pollution from running engines can only be limited by short taxiing ways, the airports' main focus has been directed to GSE. In response to this demand, CONTRAC launched the CNG CNG Compressed Natural Gas
CNG Calling (Tone)
CNG Comfort Noise Generation
CNG Cryptography Next Generation (Microsoft Windows Vista)
CNG Centre National de Génotypage
 (compressed natural gas Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is a substitute for gasoline (petrol) or diesel fuel. It is considered to be an environmentally "clean" alternative to those fuels. It is made by compressing natural gas (which is mainly composed by methane (CH4 ) powered COBUS in 2006. These CNG-driven buses are in operation at ZUrich Airport and soon at Madrid Barajas Airport. The CNG engine corresponds to EURO V exhaust requirements.

CTI (Computer Telephone Integration) Combining data with voice systems in order to enhance telephone services. For example, automatic number identification (ANI) allows a caller's records to be retrieved from the database while the call is routed to the appropriate party.  SYSTEMS, L Hangar 4, Stand A27

CTI Systems SA, with more than 40 years of experience in the aviation and aerospace industry, is a manufacturer of highly effective systems for servicing and manufacturing of aircraft, eg teleplatforms, docking systems, crane and monorail systems, material handling systems, installations for engine test cells, omnidirectional In all directions. For example, an omnidirectional antenna can transmit or receive signals in all directions. Contrast with directional. See RF.  working platforms and air cargo handling systems.


D-Tec System Consulting GmbH provides HW and SW solutions as well as consultancy for security applications. The scope of products ranges from X-ray systems for hold baggage, passenger luggage and cargo screening to trace detection for narcotics and explosives. Highly sophisticated SW products for voice analysis and 'loss and fraud prevention' complete the delivery programme.


Mercedes-Benz provides solutions to all vehicles used in airport operations. They start with the compact Smart as a 'follow me' car and progress to the Vito van serving as a crewbus, the Sprinter as the basis for a cherrypicker, the new Atego as a catering or sweeper vehicle, the big Actros as a tractor for a sweeper/blower unit, through to Unimog and Econic.

C A DANAID, OK Hall 4A, Danish Pavilion

C A Danaid is well known and well regarded within AFL AFL: see American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations.  throughout the world and has proved this in many projects. Danaid is concentrating on two products: Constant Current Regulators (Thyristor thyristor, semiconductor switch used chiefly in power-control applications. Also called a silicon-controlled rectifier (SCR; see rectifier), it is a variation of the transistor.  type/Sinus wave type and computer based AFL Remote Control Systems: Single and multi-user systems and redundant multi-user systems. Danaid has great experience in AFL and is an internationally orientated, very flexible company. The never-ending use of state of art technologies makes us the perfect choice as a partner and supplier.


We are a flexible company and develop, produce and supply a wide range of modules and software products for proximity identification. Datasec always focuses on the integrated system concept: the interaction between all the important detailed solutions for securing the site, building, vehicle access or individual doors. With great expectations we will present you the new web-based access control system in its variants.


DC Spezialfahrzeuge GmbH--Your partner for SFT-Sarsys Friction Tester SAAB SAAB Svenska Aeroplan Aktiebolaget (Swedish Aeroplane Corporation; auto/aircraft manufacturer)
SAAB Student-Athlete Advisory Board
SAAB Student African American Brotherhood
SAAB South African Association of Botanists
 9-5 Station Wagon and STFT-Sarsys Trailer Friction Tester. In Germany, large parts of Western and Eastern Europe, and CIS countries. TRIMIX/eco--horizontally working fine milling machine recovery of rough road and runway surfaces, and demarcation. Grooving of runway surfaces.


DEDIENNE AEROSPACE is one of the world's leading companies in the field of tooling and Ground Support Equipment. The company which was created in 1947 in France does more than [euro]10M worldwide annual sales now. Fully integrated in terms of research, manufacturing and customer support, the employee team is 100 % dedicated to customer satisfaction. DEDIENNE is dedicated to aerospace maintenance support. We are able to provide to our customers: Ground Support Equipment (Towbar, Axle & Tripod Jack, Engine Stand, Services Cart), Maintenance Tooling (Licensees Airbus Boeing CFMi), Test, Repair & Calibration, Technical Support, Research & Development.


With its A-CDM product range, which is already operational at Zurich and Frankfurt airports and currently implemented in Dubai, delair Air Traffic Systems GmbH offers a solution to optimize airside processes at airports. The product suite includes the arrival and departure manager darts4D, the resource manager Sally and the electronic flight strip system focus.

DELTA BOX, F Hall 4A, Stand N80

DELTA BOX, SERA trade mark, is the leading French manufacturer of Obstacle Warning Lights. Thanks to our experience in the Strobe, LEDS and Neon Technology, we offer the complete range of Obstruction Lights (low intensity, medium intensity, high intensity together with Masts and Windsocks) as per the ICAO requirements.

DENGE MAKINA SAN, TR Outdoor, Stand F50

Celebrating its 25th year, DENGE has completed all the CE certifications for its products. Numerous products such as disabled trucks, passenger stairs, vacuum trucks, belt loaders, catering trucks, were distributed worldwide in the past two years. DENGE will also launch new products at Munich.

DENSIT, DK Hall 4A, Denis Pavilion

Densit a/s is specialized in developing, producing and supplying highperformance solutions for industrial strengthening and repair--solutions all based on the unique high-strength and dense cement-based Densit[R] materials. The Densiphalt, semi-flexible pavement system is a composite joint free paving material, which combines the flexible properties of asphalt with the static bearing capacity and durability of concrete. In airports world- wide, Densiphalt, has proven to be an optimum solution, due to minimum down time during installation, and exceptional pavement properties.

DESCHAMPS, F Hangar 4, French Pavilion/Outdoor, Stand H54

Deschamps, specialises in tactical mobility, and will exhibit several products dedicated to aircraft recovery: Mobi-Mat: An advanced, patented, three-dimensional polyester matting. Deschamps Aircraft Recovery Cushions (DARC DARC Deutscher Amateur Radio Club (German amateur radio club)
DARC Data Radio Channel
DARC Defense Acquisition Regulatory Council (US DoD)
DARC Duffy Antigen Receptor for Chemokines
), which are available in 15; 25; 40; 60 tons and specific ones for the A380. DARC Base: a unique concept as a substitute to dangerous timbers, which is compatible with all types of existing lifting bags, in order to gain height. DDRT: Deschamps Defuelling Rubber Tank.

DESHONS HYDRAULIQUE, F Hangar 4, French Pavilion

Deshons Hydraulic has specialized for over 50 years in innovative and quality hydraulic ground test equipment. Supplier of the leaders: EADS Airbus for all Airbus programmes including the A380, Singapore Airlines (launching airline of the A380), EADS CASA Spain: Airbus A400M, Dassault: Falcon 7X, Eurocopter etc.

DEWITEC, D Hangar 4, Stand B02

DeWiTec is offering a closed loop of effective analysing and maintenance of airfield lighting systems. The time available for carrying-out services on runway and taxiway lighting systems decreases as traffic increases. As a consequence, AGL systems need more services in shorter periods. DeWiTec offers custom-made solutions for both cleaning and analysing: DeWiTec DALMAS--the perfect tool for target maintenance on AGL, complete AGL systems including energy, monitoring and control systems.

DOCUPORT, D Hall 4A, Stand N135

Do you want to safeguard your building from fire spreading uncontrollably and protect yourself and your company from the legal and financial risks of a fire? Then live up to your responsibility for fire protection sealings and choose unambiguous identification and documentation that is admissible in law: The documentation procedure under patent pending by DocuPort.


The biggest challenge within cold chain logistics is to maintain a steady temperature within specific temperature ranges throughout the entire transportation chain. The refrigerated container types UNICOOLER and OPTICOOLER LD3--RKN/LD9--RAP are the reliable solution for temperature sensitive shipments due to a cooling and heating technology with a permanent sensor controlled air circulation. The containers are certified by EASA.

DOLL FAHRZEUGBAU, D Outdoor, Stand J128

DOLL Fahrzeugbau--130 years of expertise in building vehicles. The first DOLL X-Cat-L catering trucks for the Airbus A380 are now in use at varies airports. DOLL is one of the select manufacturers licensed to support this aircraft type with catering trucks. Another focus is the X-PRM Medical Lift for transporting patients and handicapped persons. The vehicle shown at inter airport 2007 can now also reach smaller aeroplanes, creating a comfortable transfer into the aircraft from the medical lift.

DOUGLAS EQUIPMENT, GB Outdoor, British Pavilion

Douglas Equipment Limited will be promoting their range of towbarless and conventional Aircraft Towing Tractors, Military Aircraft Handlers and Runway Friction Measuring Equipment. On display will be: Douglas-Kalmar TBL-600 towbarless tractor for handling the A380; TBL-280 towbarless tractor for handling aircraft up to the A340/B777; TBL-180 Towbarless Tractor for handling aircraft up to the A300/B767; RAM Multi Aircraft Matrix System for military aircraft; Mu-meter Mk 6 for measuring runway friction.

DRIESSEN AIR CARGO, NL Hangar 4, Stand B28

Driessen's wide range of air cargo equipment is of the highest quality to withstand the challenges of the daily operations. With its wellproven (fully certified) ULD designs, attention to customer requirements, lightweight solutions and global service network, Driessen Air Cargo

DRUCK & PFEIFFER, D Hall 4A, Stand P100

Airport-Manager by Druck & Pfeiffer: We provide ground handling companies with solutions in the range of demand assessment, shift planning and dispatch, in availability management and process optimization up to contract management, information to staff on extra services and activity recording. Our modules are highly integrated and flexible to suit small regional airport stations as well as major ground handling companies at international hubs.

DSE 1. DSE - Display Screen Equipment. See Visual Display Unit.
2. DSE - Data Structure Editor.
 AIRPORT SOLUTIONS, DK Hall 4A, Danish Pavilion

DSE Airport Solutions has been delivering ATC ATC Air Traffic Control
ATC Average Total Cost
ATC Certified Athletic Trainer
ATC At the Center (Hartford, Maine retreat center)
ATC Applied Technology Council
ATC All Things Considered
 and CNS/ATM CNS/ATM Communication Navigation Surveillance/Air Traffic Management  solutions for airports and ANSP ANSP Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia (Philadelphia, PA, USA)
ANSP Academia Nacional de Seguros e Previdência
ANSP Air Navigation Service Provider
ANSP Aerospace Nuclear Safety Program
ANSP Adaptive Network Sensor Processor
 since 1982. Our product portfolio covers: Airport Management Information Systems (AFTN AFTN Afternoon
AFTN Aeronautical Fixed Telecommunication Network
AFTN American Forces Thailand Network
AFTN Away From The Numbers (website)
AFTN Air Force Television Network
 FPL/MET information); Remote Control and Monitoring Systems (AGL & NAVAID NAVAID Navigation/al Aid ); Radar Display; Runway Observation Systems (friction testing); ILS ILS

In currencies, this is the abbreviation for the Israeli Shekel.

The currency market, also known as the Foreign Exchange market, is the largest financial market in the world, with a daily average volume of over US $1 trillion.
 testing systems (car-mounted) and SERIS--automated en route charging, billing and statistics systems (for ANSP). Over the years, DSE has developed a set of COTS components and proven solutions building on design goals such as enhanced operational safety, reliability and flexibility. These products are the result of extensive R&D carried out by DSE, driven by tailor-made solutions developed for our customers. DSE solutions are designed for cost-effective expansion and adaptation to new functionalities as requirements grow.


(DTA) has been designing and manufacturing aircraft refuellers and hydrant dispensers for more than 50 years. Thanks to this wide experience and to its constant innovative spirit, DTA is now amongst the leaders in the aircraft refuelling equipment industry.

DYNATEST DENMARK, Outdoor, Danish Pavilion

Dynatest has developed a unique Airport Pavement Management system called AIRPORTS, which utilises data from the Dynatest FWD (Fast Wide Differential) Refers to a Fast Wide SCSI implementation that uses differential signaling. See SCSI. , profiler, friction tester and visual survey systems within the technologically advanced mechanistic pavement performance models that can forecast the optimal pavements' maintenance and rehabilitation needs over a 25-30 year period. The AIRPORTS system has now been successfully installed on 20 airports in Malaysia List of airports in the Malaysia, sorted by location.
For a list sorted by airport name, see
For a list sorted by ICAO code, see and


EFLA EFLA Extremely Fast Line Algorithm
EFLA European Foundation for Landscape Architecture
EFLA Escape from LA (movie)
EFLA European Food Law Association
EFLA Extended Four Letter Acronym
EFLA Educational Film Library Association
, FIN Hangar 4, Finnish Pavilion

Efla is one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality aeronautical ground lighting (AGL) connectors and transformers, supplying its products globally. Efla uses fully-vulcanized modern encapsulation material for both transformers and connectors. The material has excellent electrical properties and good mechanical and chemical resistance.

EHR (Electronic Health Records) Computerized medical records that bring patient care into the digital age and save time, money and lives. The push to adopt comprehensive electronic documentation between doctors' offices and hospital settings intensified after the RAND  FAHRZEUGTECHNIK, A Hall 4A, Stand Q96

We are a team with international experience of many years in developing and manufacturing cleaning vehicles on airport ranges. Products and services: service and maintenance of fully hydrostatic hy·dro·stat·ic or hy·dro·stat·i·cal
Of or relating to fluids at rest or under pressure.


pertaining to a liquid in a state of equilibrium or the pressure exerted by a stationary fluid.
 propelled airport cleaning equipment; rubber removal machines for runways and special cleaning vehicles according to individual customer requirements. www.ehr-fah

EINSA, E Outdoor, Stand K80

EINSA specialises in the design, development, manufacture and support of GSE for civil and military aviation. We can provide integrated solutions to customer's operational and logistic problems and turnkey products and services: self-propelled universal passenger steps; self-propelled passenger step; self-propelled conveyor belts (8m boom); self-propelled cargo transporters up to 16,0001b capacity; self-propelled transporter hi-lift loaders for pallets and containers up to 16,000 lbs capacity; aircraft and cargo tow tractors, from 5,000 to 16,000lbs draw-bar pull; self-propelled and towable GPUs up to 140 KVA (AC) and 2.500 A (DC); drinking water and toilet water trucks; pallet and container dollies, baggage carts.

ELAFLEX--GUMMI EHLERS, D Hangar 4, Stand C94

We will show: aircraft refuelling hoses, hose fittings, quick couplings, dry disconnect couplings, overwing nozzles and rubber expansion joints for aircraft refuellers and dispensers. Novelties: ZVA ZVA Zichydorf Village Association  25 overwing refuelling nozzles free of non-ferrous metal, DDC See VESA DDC.  dry disconnect couplings for tank stations, DAC dry disconnect couplings as economical alternative for the bottom loading of aircraft refuellers, dry disconnect coupling for the venting/draining of underground hydrant system pipelines.

ELEMET GSE, RF Hall 4A, Stand M20

ELEMET GSE is a manufacturer of aircraft GSE. Product line: Lavatory truck, fresh water truck, belt loader, tow tractor, dollies, cargo terminal equipment, ground power unit, oil refiller truck. The company's 'roots' date back to 1914. ELEMET GSE is the biggest Russian manufacturer of GSE.

ENTRE MARKETING, FIN Hangar 4, Finnish Pavilion

Entre Marketing provides companies with marketing services that support their activities at international markets. The services consist of trade fair participations, communications campaigns and various marketing events.

EPSILON, I Hall 4A, Stand P101

Design; manufacturing; sales/service of airfield lighting equipment, wireless remote control equipment and software management.

ERNI ERNI Early Response to Neural Induction
ERNI Enhanced Routing Network Interconnect
ERNI Expert Report on Napalm and Other Incendiaries (UN) 
 LICHT-TECHNIK, CH Hangar 4, Stand C120

ERNI Licht-Technik is a leading manufacturer of inset and elevated light fixtures for civil and military airports as well as heliports and inset traffic lights. We are your competent partner for innovative solutions based on LED and sequential flash technology. Our equipment stands for quality, reliability, low life-cycle costs and easy maintenance, which ensures safe and efficient operation.

ESHACOLD DANMARK, DK Hall 4A, Danish Pavilion

The main activity of Eshacold Danmark is maintenance of asphalt surfaces on airports and roads all over Europe. PenTack treatment is used to refresh old and hardened asphalt.

ESTERER, D Outdoor, Stand F120

For more than 50 years ESTERER has been a competent global partner to the aircraft refuelling industry. At inter airport we will again display innovative vehicles, which show our competence in development and manufacturing. A main aspect of our participation in the show is the possibility of interesting discussions with international visitors. The ESTERER team looks forward to seeing you in Munich!

EXEL, FIN Hangar 4, Finnish Pavilion

Composite masts and towers for airport approach lighting, weather stations, ILS systems as well as composite fencing, where frangibility fran·gi·ble  
Capable of being broken; breakable. See Synonyms at fragile.

[Middle English, from Old French, from Medieval Latin frangibilis, from Latin frangere, to break
, low mass and rigidity, and transparency to electromagnetic signals are required. Masts are full-scale impact tested to meet frangibility rulings as per Annex 14 and Aerodrome Design Manual 6. Reference list includes over 300 worldwide airport installations since 1988.


Eight out of the top ten airports in 2006 are successful with EXPRESSO's outstanding products such as: baggage carts, cart depot units, and effective, high-tech management systems (DDM (Distributed Data Management) Software in an IBM SNA environment that allows users to access data in remote files within the network. DDM works with IBM's LU 6.2 session to provide peer-to-peer communications and file sharing. See also distributed database. , centralised control and surveillance of depot units; MACS, Iocalisation of carts and other moveable objects;, audio-visual interactive advertising), which guarantee customer satisfaction and smooth operations.

EYEVIS, D Hall 4A, Stand R156

eyevis is a German manufacturer of display solutions for control rooms, security centres and information. Its portfolio contains modular rear-projection units for large screen displays, professional LCD displays from 40' to 57', including stackable versions for combined video wall systems and digital signage, a graphic controller series and all necessary software solutions to operate your visualisation system.


The FAB cargo mover with integrated weigher is the world's first multifunction unit that, in combination with slave pallet systems, deals with all handling steps between aircraft and truck. Thanks to the flexibility of the loading and transfer heights, this new development combines all the functions of truck docks, slave pallet movers, forklifts, transfer vehicles and slacker cranes in one single unit.


Facet international, a Clarcor company, is the leading filtration company that designs, manufactures and markets advanced filtration and separation solutions for aviation, marine, petrochemical, power generation, general industrial and environmental markets, developing products and systems such as refuelling systems, basket strainers Water lines or kitchen systems can get gravel, deposits that break free, and other stray items in the line. The velocity of the water pushing them, they can severely damage or clog devices installed in the flow stream of the water line. , cartridges, filters, filter water separators, monitors, oil water separators, bilge water bilge water
1. Water that collects and stagnates in the bilge of a ship.

2. Slang Nonsense.

Noun 1.
 separators, sewage treatment plants, fresh water generators and rehardening filters.

FAUDI AVIATION D, Hall 4A, Stand R150

FAUDI Aviation again meets American Petroleum Institute specifications as the first company in this sector to do so. To reach the top you have to be that bit faster and better than the competition. This maxim has been taken truly to heart at FAUDI Aviation in Stadtallendorf. Yet again it was the experts in jet fuel filtration who were the first company in this sector to meet the stringent test requirements of the American Petroleum institute (API). It was in 2003 that the Stadtallendorf team scored their first success of this kind. At that time, FAUDI Aviation succeeded in satisfying the test criteria for civil Filter-/Water Separators covered by Specification API 1581, 5th Edition, Category C, Type S issued in July 2002, the first manufacturer of jet fuel filters and filter systems to do so. The test environment at that time was, and still is today, the in-house filter Test Rig--the world's biggest test rig for civil applications. As a result of the prescribed dimensions and consequential weight, it was precisely this 5th Edition of API 1581 which until now permitted only stationary use of the specially optimised pressure vessels. The supplementary regulation Type S-LW now in force permits a size reduction in Filter/Water Separators for mobile use. This in turn makes them an interesting proposition for use in airfield tankers again, such as with refuellers or dispensers. For FAUDI Aviation, the successful test means more than just the approval of its own products. It is a symbol for the successful spirit of innovation throughout the whole company and for the claim of always being one step ahead of the competition.

FB TECHNOLOGY, F Hangar 4, French Pavilion

Airfield Lighting Products and Services: FB Technology produces the traditional range of airfield lighting products from light fittings to CCRs and control systems. The range includes the following innovations: Moblile photometric pho·tom·e·try  
Measurement of the properties of light, especially luminous intensity.

 measurement system: PAC; workshop photometric control: PAC-LAB; taxiway guidance signs, LED technology for helipad hel·i·pad  
See heliport.

A prepared area designated and used for takeoff and landing of helicopters. (Includes touchdown or hover point.)
 lighting: EP 55.

FIDS FIDS Flight Information Display System
FIDS Feathered Kids
FIDS Falkland Islands Dependencies Survey (now the British Antarctic Survey)
FIDS Forest Insect and Disease Survey
FIDS Forest Interior Dwelling Species
3.COM, D Hall 4A, Stand N155 presents a new flight information system consistently designed for today's internet/mobile requirements. It uses browser technology for operators' interfaces as well as monitor displays rendering. Adding a flds3 server to the airport's network enables real-time flight information access everywhere. Any character set (Arabic, Chinese etc.) is supported. For presentation, the high-end display equipment of our partner EYE-Q is used. ;

FKI FKI Free Knowledge Institute  LOGISTEX, DK Hangar 4, Stand C30

FKI Logistex is specialized in the design, installation, commissioning and support of complete Baggage Handling Systems. FKI Logistex is synonymous with the speed, safety and reliability of systems, which ensure that baggage is efficiently conveyed to the right place at the right time. Our reference list includes more than 40 major airports worldwide.


FLASH ELECTRONICS Ltd is the leading Russian company developing and manufacturing portable X-ray equipment for safety protection and law enforcement (detection of contraband, drugs, weapons, explosives, etc). The company was established in 1993 and since that time has already supplied more than 2000 units of X-ray equipment to almost all Russian security and law enforcemerit agencies and to other institutions both in Russia and abroad.


Fluid Transfer International is a leading global manufacturer of equipment for aviation, marine and ground refuelling to both the commercial and defence markets worldwide. The company focuses on vehicle and fixed based system solutions, fully supported by an experienced after-sales service team and comprehensive stock holding of components and spares,


FMC Technologies, a global leader in airline ground support equipment, will be displaying the RampSnake[R] narrow-bodied aircraft mobile loading system, Commander 15i container loader and Tempest de-icer training simulator. In addition, representatives will be offering presentations on the total cost of ownership for the complete line of products.

FORBO SIEGLING, D Hangar 4, Stand C96

There are good reasons why Forbo Siegling leads the market in equipping international airports with Siegling conveyor and processing belts. Forbo Siegling will also supply baggage conveyor belts for the new terminals in Barcelona and London Heathrow Terminal 5. And the UPS-HUB in Louisville and the new European DHL DHL
1. Doctor of Hebrew Letters

2. Doctor of Hebrew Literature
 Zentrum in Leipzig will be fitted with Siegling Transilon conveyor belts too.

FORTAL, F Hangar 4, French Pavilion

FORTAL specializes in the production of custom-built aluminium and steel ladders, scaffoldings, gangways, work and service platforms, stairs and special structures. We service the needs of international airports and are a long-standing partner of the aeronautical industry: Airbus, Eurocopter, Dassault and other leading international manufacturers all place their trust in the excellent quality of our products.


Being the French Agency for International Business Development, UBIFRANCE's mission is to strengthen technical and business co-operation between France and its partners worldwide. The agency offers French companies a full range of products and services designed to support them in their efforts to penetrate foreign markets. To promote French products, services and technical expertise, UBIFRANCE organises group participations for French companies as well as other promotional activities, and arranges multi-sector exhibitions of French technology and presentations of French products abroad. A total of 24 French firms will be exhibiting in the French Pavilion at inter airport Europe 2007.


Franke Engineering GmbH offers construction and engineering services around aircraft manufacturing and maintenance. Its own section for steel manufacture with modern equipment secures an optimal workflow; from the first digital design up to production series or complete installations. The core competence of the company lies in engine transport stands as well as in hoisting devices.

FRAPORT FRAPORT Frankfurt Airport Company , D Hall 4A, Stand Ql17

With 2006 revenues of 2.14 billion [euro] and activities in some 60 locations worldwide, Fraport AG Frankfurt Airport Services Worldwide is a leading player in the global airport industry. Besides owning and managing Frankfurt Airport, Fraport and its affiliated businesses provide the full range of planning, design, operational, commercial and management services. The company prides itself in being a leading-edge provider of integrated airport services. In 2006, Frankfurt Airport welcomed approx 52.8 million passengers and handled more than 2.06 million metric tons of cargo--making it Germany's busiest passenger hub and Europe's number one cargo airport. In the coming years, Fraport AG will be implementing the biggest expansion in the history of FRA Fra: see Angelico, Fra; Bartolommeo di Pagholo del Fattorino, Fra; Fra Filippo Lippi under Lippi. . Fraport's vision calls for remodelling Terminal I, doubling retail space at Terminals I and 2, and implementing the massive 3.4 billion [euro] Airport Expansion Program (AEP AEP - Application Environment Profile ).

FRESIA SPA, I Hall 4A, Stand N20

FRESIA Sp, the major Italian manufacturer of GSE, presents its complete range of towing tractors, including the last version of SP300 with a weight of 60-70 tons, specifically developed for the new Airbus A380. FRESIA's production range includes snow sweeper F2000, the most efficient answer to airport requirements for the cleaning of runways, and snow blowers from 400 to 1000hp.


A nationally- and internationally-recognised company with regards to all irrigation irrigation, in agriculture, artificial watering of the land. Although used chiefly in regions with annual rainfall of less than 20 in. (51 cm), it is also used in wetter areas to grow certain crops, e.g., rice.  laws to WHG WHG Walsall Housing Group
WHG Windsor Hospitality Group
WHG Web Host Guild
WHG William Henry Gates III
WHG Commander Western Hemisphere Group
 191 in Germany. Main apron clearance for all employees. Design and construction of over- and underground tanks and complete refuelling installations. Repair, maintenance and spare parts for all aviation products for both tank-farms and refuelling vehicles. Nationally certified from the weights & measurements department.

GE SECURITY, B Hall 4A, Stand M130

GE Security is a leading developer and manufacturer of innovative technology solutions to protect people, assets and infrastructure. GE Security is known for its expertise in security applications: fire detection, access and building control, video surveillance and explosives & narcotics detection. At inter airport, GE Security will unveil its latest development in explosives trace detection: the lightweight detector uses ITMS iTMS iTunes Music Store (Apple)
ITMS Interim Traffic Management System
ITMS Immediate (Check) Truth Maintenance System (AI)
ITMS Integrated Transportation Management System
 (Ion Trap Mobility Spectrometer) technology and has the ability of simultaneous explosives & narcotics detection.


GATE is the registered trade association of the German Airport Technology & Equipment Industry. Founded in 1992, GATE is the successful and professional pool of quality-dedicated companies. It is a platform for all organisations directly and indirectly involved in the airport world. GATE acts for its members in international associations and events. At inter airport Europe GATE maintains a meeting point and centre for communication for visitors and members.

GETT GETT Gettysburg National Military Park (US National Park Service)
GETT Girls Exploring Trades and Technology
GETT Girls Exploring Tomorrow's Technology (Chester County, Pennsylvania )
GETT Grants Equal to Taxes
 GERATETECHNIK, D Hall 4A, Stand M150

InduKey[R]manufactures a wide range of standard and customized industrial keyboard solutions. Our range of keyboards also features various integral pointing devices such as touchpads, trackballs, mouse-buttons and joysticks. Our range includes short travel, metal-dome, silicone rubber, stainless steel vandal-proof, flexible membrane and long travel keyboards.

GHH GHH Galveston, Houston, and Henderson Railroad  FAHRZEUGE, D Outdoor, Stand J78

GHH Fahrzeuge, a market and technology leader promotes its towbarless Aircraft Mover models: AM110, AM210, AM350, AM500 & AM500XL. Aircraft ranging from FT0 up to the Airbus A380. Our towbarless models offer ground handling companies and airlines significant opportunities to reduce their operational costs in a safe, flexible and efficient manner.

GILARDONI, I Hangar 4, Stand D94

Gilardoni, whose research laboratoties have been recognized as 'highly qualified' by an Italian Ministerial Decree, is a worldwide leader in the field of security equipment. Gilardoni's latest product, FEP See front end processor.  ME 640 DEXGIL, is a sophisticated X-ray system for the inspection of hand-baggage and has been designed to detect explosives according to European EDS (Electronic Data Systems, Plano, TX, Founded in 1962 by H. Ross Perot (independent candidate for the President of the U.S. in 1992), EDS is the largest outsourcing and data processing services organization in the country.  standards.

GKN GKN Guest, Keen & Nettlefolds (British global engineering company)
GKN Global Knowledge Network
GKN Gemeenschappelijke Kernenergiecentrale Nederland
GKN Global Korean Network
GKN Iks Gorkon (Star Trek novel Series) 
 AVIATION (CHANGZHOU), CN Hangar 4, Stand B18

Manufacturer of Cargo Nets and Tie Down Straps Tie down straps (also called tie downs) are used to hold down cargo or equipment during transport. Tie down straps are essentially webbing that is outfitted with tie down hardware. ; first EASA-certified Part 21 Production Organisation approved outside the EU; only manufacturer with Cargo Nets certified by CAAC (Civil Aviation Administration of China), EASA and FAA; extremely competitive manufacturing in China; Austria-based design and technical office.

GKN AEROSPACE, GB Hall 4A, Stand R80 GKN Aerospace Services-FPT

Industries design and manufacture passenger loading bridge canopies in a range of materials suited to various applications. Our custom design allows modular construction and can be built to interface with wide and narrow body or commuter aircraft on the same bridge.

GLOBAL GROUND SUPPORT, USA Hangar 4, North American Pavilion

Global Ground Support, LLC (Logical Link Control) See "LANs" under data link protocol.

LLC - Logical Link Control
 is an ISO 9001:2000 certified manufacturer of specialized airport ground support equipment, which includes truck- mounted de/antiicing equipment, and catering and cabin service trucks. Global offers a complete line of de-icers with boom heights from 30ft to 75ft. Add Global's AirPlus!TM Forced Air De/Anti-icing System, which provides even more cost-effective de-icing. Also, high lift cabin service and catering trucks are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate any aircraft.

GLOBALSYS, F Hangar 4, French Pavilion

Created in 1997, Globalsys Ltd is a French company. Its main activity is: Ramp wireless communication systems for voice communications. Main product lines: Airlink 2080--a full duplex radio link for aircraft; communication between ground personnel and flight deck. Airlink 3000: wireless communications for up to eight headsets in parallel.


GlobeFuel is a 'Full Service Provider' in the field of Into-Plane-Services providing a customized Fuel-Handling-Software-Solution with over 200 installations worldwide and international subsidiaries in the US and Malaysia. Strategic partnerships with numerous renowned suppliers guarantee comprehensive and optimum support of our customers on a global basis.

GOLDHOFFER, D Outdoor, Stand J20

Goldhofer presents a cross-section of its towbarless aircraft tractor range. An AST-3, an AST-2, and an AST-1X. The AST-1X can move aircraft weights up to 600 tons. Over 350 towbarless aircraft tractors presently in operation prove the competence of Goldhofer in this sector. Furthermore, the company offers various systems to transport and recover disabled aircraft.


GREENTOP GmbH is one of the leading European companies for development and construction of exhaust gas treatment systems for diesel engines. Our outstanding technologies in the field of diesel particulate filters for all kinds of ground vehicles and stationary engines in airports set standards for environment protection and safety at work and guarantee a secure function of the systems.


Efficient technology for automated baggage loading and off-loading and Grenzebach Automation--terms belonging together. Designed for integration into planned or existing baggage handling systems, Grenzebach's loading and off-loading solutions offer high cost efficiency, efficient space usage, reduced health risks for operators and increased security through reduced contact with the bags.

GUIDELINE GERMANY, D Hangar 4, Stand B36

Having sold more than 70,000 Barrier Systems, the RS Queue Management System This article or section deals primarily with the United Kingdom and does not represent a worldwide view of the subject.
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 GUIDELINE is established as one of the market leaders. We regard it as our task to offer customized solutions including planning, equipping and service. New in our product range are: baggage sizers, electronic call-forwardsystems, additional barrier solutions as well as merchandiser- and display systems.

GUINAULT, F Hangar 4, French Pavilion/0utdoor, Stand H106

Since 1949 GUINAULT has been manufacturing aircraft Ground Power Units and is one of the world's leading GPU manufacturers. Its range of Ground Support Equipment includes different models of diesel engine GPU, Air Start Units, Air Cabin Heaters and Frequency Converters. Thanks to permanent innovation and consideration of customers' feedback, GUINAULT is designing exclusive types of GSE.


Gunzburger Steigtechnik GmbH supplies professional access solutions for all kinds of maintenance works in the field of aviation. Custom made, perfectly fitting working platforms and dock systems for variable applications. New: power-operated maintenance platforms. The company is one of the most reputable manufacturers of climbing technology of all kinds: ladders, mobile scaffoldings, special solutions with the quality feature 'Made in Germany' and a 15-year warranty.


Hansch Warnsysteme GmbH has been a manufacturer of warning systems for cars and traffic since 1984. The company Hansch is a well-known development partner and system supplier for the automotive industry, such as DaimlerChrysler, Volkswagen, BMW BMW
 in full Bayerische Motoren Werke AG

German automaker. Founded as an aircraft engine manufacturer in 1916, the company assumed the name Bayerische Motoren Werke and became known for its high-speed motorcycles in the 1920s.
, Ford, Opel or AUDI AUDI [not an acronym] Latin form of a German auto manufacturer's founder's name, meaning 'listen'
AUDI Amiga Audio in
AUDI Auto Union Deutschland Ingolstadt
. The range of products with more than 800 innovative articles for the safety of ambulances, fire brigades, police cars as well as airport technology, is distributed worldwide.

HERBERT SYSTEMS, GB Hangar 4, British Pavilion

Herbert Systems has over 30 years experience in delivering solutions in heavy duty, time sensitive handling environments. Our unique products have been designed to eradicate daily business challenges experienced by baggage handlers, operators, managers and maintenance engineers. Visit our stand to see the revolutionary PATHFINDA baggage orientation device. Other product range includes long life conveyors, auto alignment systems, singulation and descrambling conveyors, 90-degree transfer conveyors and quick belt change conveyors.


The specialist for electrical airport equipment: Diesel driven GPUs 40-1 80 kVA; Rotary frequency converters, $0/400 Hz, 10-315 kVA; Stationary and mobile design; Static 28 VDC VDC Volts Direct Current
VDC Venture Development Corporation
VDC Vehicle Dynamic Control
VDC Village Development Committee (Nepal)
VDC Virtual Data Center
VdC Verband der Cigarettenindustrie
 units in mobile design; Emergency diesel generating sets 10-2500 kVA; Diesel driven UPS- systems 50-1500 kVA; Project planning; Plant engineering, installation, commissioning; Service and maintenance.


Hobart Ground Power is the world's leading supplier of engine driven ground power equipment. Hobart displays the Tier 3/Stage IliA compliant Engine Driven unit that features the 'Sentry' digital control system, which allows for data retrieval of engine to simplify the process of maintenance and repair. Hobart Ground Power offers a complete line of 400 Hz AC and 28.5 VDC Ground Power Equipment available in both Engine Drive and Solid State versions with ratings from 7.5 to 180 kVA for the Commercial and Military COTS Markets.


Hoffmann ACE is a manufacturer of cargo pallet nets producing knotted and knotless cargo nets made of various high tech materials. Moreover Hoffmann ACE supplies the industry with the lightest cargo nets worldwide to reduce C02-expulsion and supports research projects to set new standards for textile restraint equipment. Flexibility, innovation and service are the principles, always one step ahead of the standard is Hoffmann ACE's motto.

HUBNER, D Hall 4A, Stand Q121

To meet customer specifications, we individually design and manufacture canopies for passenger boarding bridges and stairways in many different versions out of numerous materials. A supporting aluminium frame combined with fireproofed material for the bellows provides the basis for our first class products, which deliver the best in functionality, quality and design.

HYDRO-GERATEBAU, D Hangar 4, Stand C60

Among other GSE range and maintenance tooling which is being displayed in Munich, our highlight at this year's show is the new generation of Tripod Jacks 'FORTIS', now available for the A320 family and B737 series. With pneumatic or electric hydraulic drive, automatic safety lock nut See Check nut, under Check.

See also: Lock
, stroke measurement system and other options, the new FORTIS design provides unmatched safety and ergonomics.

ICM ICM Intercom
ICM Integrated Crop Management
ICM International Congress of Mathematicians
ICM Information Classification and Management
ICM Intelligent Contact Management (Cisco)
ICM International Creative Management
1. technics (used with a sing. or pl. verb) The theory, principles, or study of an art or a process.

2. technics (used with a pl. verb) Technical details, rules, or methods.

, D Hangar 4, Stand C02

ICM Airport Technics has been implementing material handling systems for 30 years. The main focus is on baggage and cargo handling systems. All over the world ICM acts as a turnkey supplier for such automated logistic systems. The scope of services includes: consulting, system design, turnkey implementation, IT systems for inventory control and material flow, support in production, as well as maintenance and hotline service.

IDENTSYS, D Hall 4A, Stand P73

The network IDENTSYS is a cooperation of several innovative companies. The goal is the development and application of complex hard- and software solutions that allow for collecting biometric features, for locating persons and for computer-assisted approving and controlling of access authorisation. The increasing security demands will be solved with a new quality approach. Numerous references prove the performance and achievement potential of the IDENTSYS co-operation.

INDRA, E Hall 4A, Stand P143

In the ATM field, Indra offers 'state of the art' systems worldwide: Integrated Surveillance Data Processing and FDP FDP

fibrin (fibrinogen) degradation product.
 Systems with ADS and CPDLC CPDLC Controller Pilot Data Link Communications (aviation)  capabilities, MSSR'S with Mode S capabilities, fully-integrated ATC simulators (en route, TMA and TWR TWR Tower
TWR Trans World Radio (Monte Carlo)
TWR Tom Walkinshaw Racing
TWR Time-Weighted Return (finance)
TWR The Weblog Review
TWR Tactical Weather Radar
TWR Thomas' Write Rule
), AIS Systems, Digital Voice Communications Control Systems. Regarding airports systems, Indra has developed a new generation of solutions including Airport Operational Data Base, Resources Management Systems, CDM 1. CDM - Content Data Model
2. CDM - Code Division Multiplexing
, Baggage Handling System A Baggage Handling System (BHS) is a type of conveyor system installed in airports that transports checked luggage from ticket counters to areas where the bags can be loaded onto airplanes. , Geographical Information System Geographical Information System - Geographic Information System , Airport Integral Security Systems.

INET INET Internet
INET Intranet
INET International Networking (conference)
INET Institutional Network (Hawaii Department of Education)
INET Instinet LLC
iNET Integrated Network Enhanced Telemetry
 AIRPORT SYSTEMS, USA Hangar 4, North American Pavilion

INET, Inc is a US-based corporation headquartered in Fullerton, California, USA with domestic and international operating and sales offices. INET has been designing and installing fixed ground support systems for 30 years, serving every type of commercial and railitary aircraft manufactured in the world. System/product design, project management, maintenance, system integration and financing options. Specialized 400hz Ground Power Units, Cabin Conditioning Equipment, Related Accessories, Management Data Systems.

INFORM, D Hangar 4, Stand A70

GroundStar, a software suite for the intelligent support of ground handling operations and airport processes, covers the core processes of Resource Planning, Rostering, RealTime Allocation, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) An integrated information system that is used to plan, schedule and control the presales and postsales activities in an organization.  and AODB AODB Air Operations Database . Application Packages with specialized functionality for each area of business in an airport's ground operation complement GroundStar's core processes.

INFOTRONIC, I Hall 4A, Stand Q156

INFOTRONIC develops and manufactures high quality LCD display systems for airports, railways and harbours and has a patented solution, which avoids memory-sticking effects on its LCD screens. INFOTRONiC develops ASICS ASICS Anima Sana in Corpore Sano (Japanese shoe manufacturer; Latin: a sound mind in a sound body)  and system-on-chip solutions to increase stability and integration of its products. On display are 26', 32', 40', 46' and 57' LCD monitors both as monitor only or with integrated computers as well as rugged displays for outside or use in baggage handling areas (IP67).

INOWA, D Hall 4A, Stand Q101

INOWA specialises in waste-water technology, and is successful in the R&D and production of waste water treatment plants: oil separation, surface drainage, washing water recycling, industrial solutions (emulsion splitting, neutralization neutralization, chemical reaction, according to the Arrhenius theory of acids and bases, in which a water solution of acid is mixed with a water solution of base to form a salt and water; this reaction is complete only if the resulting solution has neither acidic nor , metal precipitation, storage tanks, etc) and fully biological purification. INOWA waste water treatment plants provide their service at airports, military facilities as well as in transporting companies, petrol stations, municipal companies, car work shops and in different types of trades and industries.

INTEGRO, USA Hall 4A Stand QSO QSO Communicate With
QSO Quasi-Stellar Object
QSO Companions of the Queen's Service Order (New Zealand)
QSO Quasi-Stationary Orbit

Integro is a manufacturer of the highest quality Series Isolation Transformers. Integro Transformers are manufactured and listed to FAA Specifications: L830 (60 Hz) and L831 (50 Hz) and are installed at airports throughout the world. Integro also manufactures Primary and Secondary Connector Kits and factory-moulded primary and secondary leads.


IARO IARO Individual Advanced Research Opportunities
IARO International Air Rail Organisation
IARO International Autistic Research Organisation (UK) 
 is a portal to information and good ideas about rail-air co-modality. It is a ten-year-old trade association of airports, airlines, railways and suppliers. It promotes railways to airports and has regular conferences, a newsletter six times a year and a unique database of information about rail-air connections worldwide.

SGP Schering-Plough (stock symbol)
SGP Stability and Growth Pact
SGP Southern Great Plains
SGP Staatkundig Gereformeerde Partij
SGP Speedway Grand Prix
 Hall 4A, Stand R140

Inter-Roller Engineering Limited is one of the world's leading engineering companies in the design and manufacture of airport logistics systems. We are a total system solutions provider that delivers a comprehensive suite of engineering and design services, with strong and reputable track records built on the successful completion of many international projects.


ISO Software Systeme, Europe's leading supplier of airport management solutions, shows: SKY-Base: AODB with Flight Data Management, Billing, Reporting, Cargo Handling and new web-based user interfaces; SKY-Connect: The Connectivity Suite of SKY-Base; SKY-Billing: Airport billing with mySAP[R]ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) An integrated information system that serves all departments within an enterprise. Evolving out of the manufacturing industry, ERP implies the use of packaged software rather than proprietary software written by or for one customer. ; SKY-BI: Airport Business Intelligence; Electronic invoicing with XML XML
 in full Extensible Markup Language.

Markup language developed to be a simplified and more structural version of SGML. It incorporates features of HTML (e.g., hypertext linking), but is designed to overcome some of HTML's limitations.
4aero and SKY-CDM: Collaborative Decision Making.

J & B AVIATION SERVICES, USA Outdoor, Stand J132

J&B Aviation Services, Inc is a multifaceted organization providing ancillary equipment for 400 Hz Power Distribution, Preconditioned Air, Potable Water, Lavatory Service, Air Star[, Baggage Lifts, Baggage Chutes and Aircraft Parking Systems to the aviation market place. We provide other services including: System Design, Specification Review, Startup, Construction Administration and Training.

JEWERS DOORS, GB Hangar 4, British Pavilion

Globally renowned for its state-of-the-art Esavian doors for huge A380 hangars, Jewers Doors Ltd is the market leader in sliding and folding doors for all applications. Esavian doors are suitable for all sizes of hangars, while the Phoenix range of doors is most cost-effective for smaller aircraft and helicopter hangars.

JOHNSTON SWEEPERS, GB Outdoor, British Pavilion

Johnston Sweepers produces a highly versatile range of outdoor sweepers, capable of handling any job around the airport from stand cleaning and rubber removal, to high speed FOD clearance and terminal forecourt and car park sweeping. All products are backed by Johnston's worldwide spares and service network, operating in 80 countries.

JOSEF JOSEF Joint OT&E Simulation Environment Facility (JITC)  MEYER WAGGON, CH Outdoor, Stand J130

Companies JOSEF MEYER Waggon AG (FRECH) from Switzerland, established in 1888, and TIPS from Slovenia, established in 1968, are co-operation partners since 2005. Together we develop and produce innovative, functional and high quality ground support equipment. Our customers--from regional airports to large airports (eg London, Tokyo, Frankfurt, Helsinki, Vienna)--trust on the reliability and longevity of our products.;

KABA KABA Keep and Bear Arms
KABA Kansas Association of Blind Athletes
 GALLENSCHUTZ, D Hangar 4, Stand C10

Kaba Gallenschutz presents 'follow me'. Lengthy searching for the right way to the boarding gate will soon be over: 'follow me' guides passengers clearly and directly through unfamiliar surroundings. By simply holding the boarding card in front of the scanner, passengers are directed by this interactive guidance system. An arrow, online information about gate and boarding time as well as a personalised floor plan, guide the passenger easily to the right gate.

KAHLBACHER, A Outdoor, Stand G120

The first presentation of the company's new high-speed snow cutter blower system will take place on booth G120 at 10:00am on October 9, 2007. All are welcome to attend. The company's passenger stairs will also be on display.

KAR KUNZ AVIATION Outdoor, Stand L80

Aircraft Refuellers, Hydrant Dispensers, Special Equipment for Aircraft Refuelling, Spare Parts, Technical Service. At inter airport Europe 2007 KAR Kunz Aviation Refuelling GmbH presents the following exhibits: Aircraft Refueller/ Tank Capacity 40,000 lit; Aircraft Refueller/Tank Capacity 40,000 lit; Aircraft Hydrant Dispenser with Pantograph Pantograph

A four-bar parallel linkage, with no links fixed, used as a copying device for generating geometrically similar figures, larger or smaller in size, within the limits of the mechanism.
 up to 4,000 lit/min and Aircraft Hydrant Dispenser up to 4,000 lit/min.

KATLYN INTERNAL, CDN (Content Delivery Network) A system of distributed content on a large intranet or the public Internet in which copies of content are replicated and cached throughout the network. , Hangar 4, Node American Pavilion Katlyn International has been at the centre of the Air Cargo systems business for over 15 years. We provide our customers with the development of air cargo handling concepts and designs based upon existing and projected requirements. Our services include: Automated Air Cargo Systems, Design, Consultancy, Inventory Control Systems, Warehouse Management Systems.

KAYSER, D Hangar 4, Stand B47

The KAYSER GmbH, one of the most accredited and innovative contractors in Germany, is presenting the totality of its airportrelated services and products, which includes: the installation of passenger guidance systems, packages for air carriage and the supply of machinery and tools for aircraft maintenance. Amongst its long-term customers, you can find names like Lufthansa and Frankfurt Airport.

KILFROST, GB Outdoor, Stand H106

Pioneers for 75 years in the world of aircraft de-icing, Kilfrost is a premier supplier of de-/anti-icing fluids to the global market. A family run business, Kilfrost continues to invest in its technical expertise and superb customer service, ensuring its world renowned reputation for quality and reliability is upheld. Kilfrost manufactures the complete range of de-/anti-icing fluids, in the UK and also under licence in the USA, Japan and Scandinavia. Type I, Type II, Type IV and Runway fluids are its core business with a range of supporting products completing the company's portfolio.

KIRCHHOFF, D Hall 4A, Stand M120

Kirchhoff operates in airport construction works (rehabilitation and new construction of runways, etc.), road construction works (new construction, rehabilitation and maintenance), turnkey and special constructions as well as in the fields of raw material extraction and processing. The average annual turnover amounted to approx 400 million [euro]. Kirchhoff is represented in Germany as well as in foreign countries of Europe.

KLM EQUIPMENT SERVICES, NL Hangar 4, Dutch Pavilion

KLM equipment services is a subsidiary of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and provides a range of groundhandling, equipment-related services covering: GSE-maintenance, repair and reconditioning, sales and purchase of refurbished/used motorised and non-motorised equipment. KLM equipment services also provides a variety of fleet management services including leasing, buying and lease-back of equipment and provides technical and operational training for personnel.

KLM SYSTEMS SERVICES, NL Hangar 4, Dutch Pavilion

KLM systems services is a provider of departure control products, tried and tested by KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. KLM systems services backs up its products with a dedicated after-sales support team, their fast and efficient service is your guarantee of continuous operation.

KNEETEK, D Hall 4A, Stand RU6

As the leading manufacturer of comfortable knee-protection products in Europe, we develop particular knee-pads and back supporting belts for industry and craftsman; since February 2005 we fulfil the European standard EN 14404. Worldwide users swear by our products especially in groundhandling, aircraft-building and maintenance. Our products are also used in fighter aircraft suits.

KNOTT, D Outdoor, Stand H56

We make the brake--we at Knott are brake specialists with the biggest variety of braking solutions throughout the world, individually tailor made even on small volume applications. You will find our brakes in commercial vehicles, construction machines, agricultural vehicles, forklift trucks and special-purpose vehicles of all kinds, such as airport vehicles.

KNURR, D Hangar 4, Stand B40

Knurr is a leading German manufacturer of control-room consoles. With customer-specific solutions, based on standard modules, Knurr is the competent partner for all control-room applications. Product highlights are the innovative water-cooled CoolDesk[R]and the modular LCD-Monitorwall. Knurr is present in more than 32 countries with headquarters in Arnstorf, Germany.


KUNZ offers a range of specialized Aircraft Recovery Equipment such as lifting slings, recovery lift bags, aircraft emergency towing sets, recovery dollies, recovery trailers and ground reinforcement mats. KUNZ also offers equipment for wheel & brake shops such as the Universal BeadBreaker, Universal Assembly Stand, Brake Test Stand and Universal Torquing System. Our latest development is the KUNZ DUBB Dynamic Universal BeadBreaker, which has been designed for the latest generation of radial tires.

KUSCH + CO SITZMOBELWERKE, D Hangar 4, Stand A60 Waiting in style: over 120 airports all around the world have furnished their waiting areas with Kusch+Co Terminal benches! The terminal benches were specially designed to meet the design, comfort and quality requirements in airports. The safety standards, including fire safety, are geared towards the needs of airports.

LAWECO MASCHINEN- UND UND University of North Dakota
UND University of Notre Dame
UND University of Natal-Durban (South Africa)
UND Urgency of Need Designator
UND Union Nationale et Démocratique
 APPARATEBAU, D Hall 4A, Stand Q100

Lifting tables are used in the aircraft industry to raise heavy loads under rough environmental conditions in air cargo facilities. Another operational field are assembly and worker platforms. Technical options range from moving whole planes with an air cushion chassis to complex rotary and shifting platforms.

LEBRUN, B Hangar 4, Stand E25

LEBRUN PCA systems were specifically developed to fulfil the needs of aircraft manufacturers, handling companies, airlines and airports. Regardless of their own climatic conditions and constraints, LEBRUN mobile PCA units will safeguard the smooth operation of electronic equipment and the comfort of personnel and passengers, by maintaining the appropriate temperature inside the cockpit, the cabin and the electronic compartment of any aircraft type.

STUDER CABLES, CH Hall 4A, Stand N134

LEONI Studer AG is part of the LEONI Group, which operates worldwide. It is one of the leading providers of special cables for safety-related areas of application such as airports as well as road and rail tunnels. In addition, the Company has plant for refining and sterilising industrial, pharmaceutical and medical equipment products by means of beta and gamma radiation. LEONI Studer AG employs round 400 staff in research and development, production, logistics as well as sales and is supported by local distributors, present in Europe as well as in the Middle East and Asia. Highly flexible BETAjet[R] 400-Hz cables for supplying aircraft on the ground, as well as complete cable sets including connectors and accessories, are part of the main product range. The cables can be assembled individually according to customer requirements. These are particularly suitable for retriever and pit applications, as suspended cables on passenger gangways, or for mobile 400-Hz diesel generators. They can also be used for various military applications. Other variations are 400-Hz cables for static installation, which are used as feeder cables from the 400-Hz inverter to the airfield. Unique to the 400-Hz cable range is the BETAjet[R] 400 FRNC-Deltaflex. This cable has been exclusively TUV (Technischer Überwachungs-Verein) Literally "Technical Watch-Over Association." A German certifying body involved with product safety for the European community.  approved and offers advantages such as personal security, abrasion indication, symmetrical voltage drop and high flexibility so that no additional adapter to the connector is required. Product range from LEONI Studer AG also included shielded BETAlux 5 kV series circuit cables for airfield lighting. A remarkable feature is the termite and rodent resistant version with an extra-hard jacket which is effective for the whole life of the cable without using poisons.

LIQUID AUTOMATION SYSTEMS, GB Hangar 4, British Pavilion

LAS-tronic is a brand of technologically advanced and innovative products for the petrochemical and chemical industries developed by Liquid Automation Systems. The Product Transfer Security wireless identification system offers transfer security, crossover prevention and simplifies the fuelling operation to and from depots, tanker vehicles and customer tanks.

LEVYOSA, FIN Hangar 4, Stand E28

LEVYOSA Oy designs, manufactures and installs FP-TEK[R]custom built Passenger Boarding Bridges that ensure safe, secure and comfortable access to different types of aircraft in all weather conditions. The most important hallmarks of FP-TEK[R]Passenger Boarding Bridges are high quality, simplicity, easy operation and low maintenance cost.

LODIGE, D Hangar 4, Stand D44

Lodige are a global leader in design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of fully automated air cargo handling systems incorporating the latest technology (eg British Airways World Cargo Centre, London, and Asia Airfreight air·freight  
1. A system of transporting freight by air.

2. The amount charged for transporting freight by air.

 Terminal, Hong Kong). We are able to supply a full range of products from small terminal equipment to tailor-made solutions for the aircraft industry, including manufacturing and maintenance facilities and baggage handling systems, etc.

LOMMA, D Outdoor, Stand GSO GSO
general staff officer

Lomma GmbH designs and manufactures equipment and plants for airports, production plants and materials handling. We are in a position to carry out high-volume orders based on innovative technologies and an efficient manufacturing line, eg large batches of airfield equipment for Fraport AG and Acciona Airport Services. The assortment reaches from all sorts of baggage trailers to container dollies.

LORD INGENIERIE, F Hangar 4, French Pavilion

French-based manufacturer LORD INGENIERIE specialises in bird repellent laser systems. Air accidents caused by bird strikes have resulted in the loss of 400 lives (ICAO bases) up to 2003. The TOM500 is an automatic system, which frightens birds away with a 'stick effect'. The beam's specifications guarantee complete ocular safety for both ground staff and cabin crew. No visual hindrance by pilots. LORD INGENIERIE will give demonstrations using LEM50, a smaller hand-held version.


Losberger Relocatable Terminals offer additional space rapidly. They are flexible, erected and dismantled in next to no time. The mobile constructions are available in span widths of up to 50m, limitless in length and can be completed with all necessary terminal equipment and logistics. Losberger Relocatable Terminals have already proven their success as temporary terminal-buildings as well as for permanent space requirements.


LUCEBIT Airport Technology delivers turnkey airfield ground lighting systems in accordance with the latest technology standards that ensure a safe and reliable operation of the airport under all visibility categories. The highlights of this year's inter airport fair will be new components of our modular system COSAL COSAL Coordinated Shipboard Allowance List
COSAL Consolidated SEABEE Allowance List
COSAL Coordinated Onboard Shipboard Allowance List
COSAL Consolidated Shipboard/Shore-Based Allowance List
[R], eg the new generation of sinus constant current regulators as well as our further developed Individual Lamp Control System SCROLL[R].


With the UMB (1) (Upper Memory Block) See UMA.

(2) (Ultra Mobile Broadband) See 3GPP.

1. UMB - Upper Memory Block.
2. UMB - A university(?).
 systems, the company Lufft GmbH offers a new technology to measure environmental variables. For standard weather stations as well as for road weather stations, this module systern stands for an easy installation, free software updates and data transmission via RS232, RS485 or GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) The first high-speed digital data service provided by cellular carriers that used the GSM technology. GPRS added a packet-switched channel to GSM, which uses dedicated, circuit-switched channels for voice conversations.  modem. Flexibility and web based visualisation and inquiry software--UMB technology made by Lufft.

LUFTHANSA LEOS LEOS Lasers and Electro-Optics Society (IEEE)
LEOS Low Earth Orbiting Satellite
, D Hangar 4, Stand 1320

Lufthansa LEOS is a fully owned subsidiary of Lufthansa Technik AG specializing in all areas of ground support. Our focus lies in maintenance and dealing with GSE and tools as well as engineering of tools and GSE. Our engineers filed nine patents concerning the airline industry within the past three years. Lufthansa LEOS has offices in Frankfurt, Munich and Dusseldorf.

LYNGSOE SYSTEMS, DK Hangar 4, Stand C74

Lyngsoe Systems Airport Division supplies solutions for optimal baggage, asset, passenger and ULD management. Our solutions are dedicated to improving operations, increasing flow transparency and capacity in airport logistics and to reducing the amount of mishandled bags, trolleys, ULDs or other assets. Our solutions are implemented in some of the world's best performing airports.

MALLAGHAN, GB Outdoor, British Pavilion

Mallaghan are exhibiting at their eighth consecutive inter airport Europe. Mallaghan are one of the leading designers and manufactures of Ground Support Equipment and supply many of the major airlines, ground handling companies and catering companies throughout the UK, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Far East. Their product range includes: passenger steps, toilet and water service units and high lifts, which include catering, cleaning and PRMIMedilift.


meat and bone meal.

Since January 2005 'mbm GPE' is the distributor for Anderson Airmotive Products[R] (the only official manufacturer of BWB BWB Bundesamt für Wehrtechnik und Beschaffung (German: Federal Office of Defense Technology and Procurement)
BWB Blended Wing Body (flying wing)
BWB British Waterways Board
 reg. VG59319-1000 till -1005), connectors for GPU's, ex stock, in Europe. In June 2005 we expanded our stock/distribution with connectors for DC-applications from Anderson Power Products[R]. We would be glad to support you with our advice.


The MEA Drainage Division is well established in the market of surface drainage as a specialist in development, production and marketing of line drainage channels. With high-quality products made from polymer concrete, cement concrete or glass fibre reinforced polyester (SMC SMC Saint Mary's College
SMC Santa Monica College
SMC Solaris Management Console
SMC Smooth Muscle Cell
SMC Small Magellanic Cloud (also see LMC)
SMC Safety Management Certificate (maritime shipping) 
), MEA offers innovative solutions, especially for applications on operational airport areas. MEADRAIN heavy-duty drainage channels are installed in airside as well as landside land·side  
The flat side of a plow opposite the furrow.


the part of an airport farthest from the aircraft

Noun 1.
 applications on more than 25 national and international airports.

MEGADOR, S Hall 4A, Stand P103

Megadoor AB is a subsidiary of Crawford Group, one of the world's largest door manufacturers. The Megadoor hangar door is designed for demanding environments and has virtually no size limitations. The flexibility allows innovative hangar design. Megadoor AB is represented in Germany by Crawford hafa GmbH and internationally, by the Crawford sales network.


Mess-und Fordertechnik Gwinner GmbH & Co in Hamburg is one of the leading companies for Fuel Management Aircraft Refuelling Systems. M+F provides engineered solutions for fuel depots, loading application, on-truck application and the entire Fuel Management System for airports. M+F System Technology has been used for many years at Munich Airport. M+F is currently working on several large projects for Fuel Management Systems at Russian international airports.

MIAG MIAG Mandatory Information Assurance Guidance
MIAG Management Information Analysis Group
MIAG Member of the Institute of Australian Geographers
 FAHRZEUGBAU, D Hangar 4, Stand B12

MIAG Fahrzeugbau GmbH offers Ground Support Equipment on the basis of the Omnidrive Carrier System. The well-known engine positioner rww 75E is approved from Airbus for A318, A319, A320, A321, A330 and A340-200, -300, -500 and -600 and is also suitable for A380. Further equipment includes the landing gear trolley FWW FWW Fine Woodworking (woodworking magazine)
FWW Final Written Warning
FWW First Wives World (website)
FWW Front Wheel Walker
 45E and the hydraulic work platform up to a working height of 10m.

MOTION06 ENGINEERING, A Hangar 4, Stand A64

As a young, flexible team we are able to provide innovaLive solutions for your company. Convincing solutions, which will help you to move forward. We are specialised in the airport sector and supply components of the highest quality so that you can be sure of making the right decision: check-in, vertical distributor, horizontal distributor, diagonal merge junction, centring belt, diverter, luggage lifter, belt conveyor.


At last it is possible to manoeuvre jets without having to worry about damage, and with just one person. Thanks to the radio remote control system of the MOTOTOK aircraft tug, which has worldwide approval, the operator has a full view of the entire extent of the aircraft and can, therefore, transport and manoeuvre it precisely. Adaptation procedures and tow bars are a thing of the past because MOTOTOK tugs fit all nosewheel sizes. Low-maintenance, quiet and low-cost. www.

MUEHLBAUER AG, D Hall 4A, Stand N91

Muehlbauer is a global, independent consultant and manufacturer of turnkey automation solutions for the Smart Card, Smart Label, Semiconductor Backend and Vision industries. With more than 1,600 employees in 26 locations on five continents, the company is additionally active in the areas of enrolment and verification of personal data, precision parts and OEM production.


MULAG is a German manufacturer of ground support equipment with a large product range of towing tractors, conveyor belt cars, container pallet transporters and special vehicles. Our towing tractors have a drawbar draw·bar  
1. A bar across the rear of a tractor for hitching machinery.

2. A railroad coupler.

Noun 1.
 pull from 1.7 to 6 tons--diesel, hybrid, gas or electrically driven, conveyor belt cars have belt lengths ranging from 4.5 to 12m (telescopic booms are available) and container pallet transporters have payloads of between 3.5 and 14 tons (a side loading system is also available).

MUTHANE, F Hangar 4, French Pavilion

Musthane is a partner for implementing global solutions around the concept of 'flexibility' through different brands: Muststore[R]: mobile and flexible fuel storage and distribution solutions; Mustshock[R]: gel protection of electronic embedded systems against vibrations and shocks; Mustlift[R]: lifting bags for aircraft and heavy vehicles; Muststop[R]: environment protection mobile equipments.

NEOMAN BUS, D Outdoor, Stand G70

NEOPLAN Airport Apron Buses -first-class travel on the ground. NEOPLAN convinces with more than 50 years of experience and tradition and up-to-date technology and design. Come and experience our new NEOPLAN Airport Bus at inter airport Europe 2007 and experience our product live!


NERAK S-shaped conveyors are the classic choice when it comes to conveying a large quantity of goods between two levels, characterized by reliable operation 24 hours a day, combined with a very low maintenance level and a very gentle handling of the conveyed goods. NERAK developed special S-shaped conveyors for luggage operating at several airports worldwide.


The Netherlands Airport Technology group (NAT (Network Address Translation) An IETF standard that allows an organization to present itself to the Internet with far fewer IP addresses than there are nodes on its internal network. ) is located close to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport Schiphol (IATA: AMS, ICAO: EHAM) (municipality Haarlemmermeer) is the Netherlands' main airport. Located 20 minutes (17.5 km) south-west of Amsterdam, Schiphol is a European mainport, competing in passenger and cargo throughput with Heathrow International Airport , in Zoetermeer, and is an association of reputable manufacturing and service providing companies in The Netherlands, supplying high-class products, equipment, systems and services to airports throughout the world. By joining experience and resources, the members of the NAT group offer a comprehensive range of products and services to be combined into fully integrated airport systems.


For many years Nexans has been a worldwide supplier of the complete range of airfield lighting cables, ie primary, secondary and remote control cables. These cables are manufactured according to the European standard ENV ENV Environment
ENV Envelope
ENV Environmental Science
ENV Emissions Neutral Vehicle
ENV École Nationale Vétérinaire (French)
ENV Estimated Net Value
ENV European Norm Voluntary
 50213, the American FAA-standard L-824 C and the Russian MAK Mak

Falstaffian figure; categorically maintains his innocence. [Br. Lit.: The Second Shepherds’ Play]

See : Deceit


sheep stealer succeeds by waiting till the shepherds fall asleep. [Br. Lit.
 standard. The insulation is made of PVC- VPE VPE Verpackungseinheit (German)
VPE Vapor Phase Epitaxy
VPE Visual Programming Environment
VPE Video Port Extensions
VPE Victoria Petroleum NL (Australia; stock symbol) 
 or XLPE-insulation and the outer sheaths of PVC- or halogen-free compounds respectively. The voltage range is 1/2 kV up to a level of 6/10 kV.

NUL See null.  AIRCRAFT DOCKING, NL Hall 4A, Stand Q70

Inspection and maintenance stairs, platforms and other equipment from NIJL Aircraft Docking is in use at many airports. NIJL Aircraft Docking utilises its practical experience and technical expertise to produce safe and user-friendly products. At inter airport Europe NIJL Aircraft Docking Flexible Railing System (FRS FRS
Fellow of the Royal Society

n “flexed rotated side-bent,” an osteopathic abbreviation used to describe vertebral position in cases of spinal dysfunction.
) for stairs and platforms. Furthermore the design for combidock A380/B747/ B777/B747-8/B787 is introduced.

NIVATEC, CH Hangar 4, Stand E78

Europoles is one of the leading manufacturers of poles and towers in Europe. With its glass-fibre reinforced plastic poles in the field of instrument landing systems, Europoles satisfies international frangibility regulations. Its product and service portfolio also includes floodlight systems for airport taxiways, aprons and ramps. Europoles' subsidiary in Switzerland, Nivatec Europoles, offers lowerable mounting systems for installation of floodlights, video cameras, antennas, hangar equipment, and airport obstacle lighting systems, for both indoor and outdoor applications.

NKI NKI Nathan Kline Institute (for Psychiatric Research; Orangeburg, NY)
NKI Norsk Kunnskaps Institutt (Norwegian Knowledge Institute) 
 GROUP, NL Hangar 4, Dutch Pavilion

NKI Group has built a reputation of quality and excellence in the airport terminal interior. The core competence of NKI Group entails the design, engineering, manufacture and project management of airport terminal interior projects worldwide, as well as major signage projects for passenger terminals and railway stations.


Combining hi-tech design with proven materials, the Nordisk WeightSaver is everything you've ever wanted in a ULD: durable, strong, high internal volume and low weight. At Nordisk Aviation Products, we take pride in our long history as suppliers of high quality products.

NUOVA NUOVA Newly United Operatic Vocalists Association (Edmonton, AB, Canada) , I Outdoor, Stand 1.50

Based in Italy, Nuova Ma.Na.Ro is a specialized and internationally recognised company working on the design and manufacture of aircraft refuellers, hydrant dispensers, tank containers, hydrant carts and refuelling equipment. The company is certified 150 9001, AQAP 2110 and is a NATO NATO: see North Atlantic Treaty Organization.
 in full North Atlantic Treaty Organization

International military alliance created to defend western Europe against a possible Soviet invasion.
 supplier (code: A 4621). The company boasts a client-oriented approach that provides availability, adaptability and products manufactured according to internationally recognised safety standards.

OASIS INNOVATION SYSTEMS (OIS Noun 1. OIS - agency that oversees the intelligence relationships of the Treasury's offices and bureaus and provides a link between the Intelligence Community and officials responsible for international economic policy
Office of Intelligence Support
), D Hall 4A, Stand P23

SmokeOasis[R]-innovative concept for smoking zones. Are you looking for an efficient collection and filtration of tobacco-smoke, gases and odours? ... we have got it! SmokeOasis[R]creates a pleasant 'oasis feeling' for smokers and nonsmokers! This technology is eliminating harmful smoking fumes and gases with a superior performance and acceptable life-time of filter elements. Furthermore it is usable as an advertising media and architectural element.

OBSTA, F Hall 4A, Stand P87

OBSTA manufactures long-life obstruction lights for obstacles, towers, air traffic control and high voltage lines.

OCEM, I Hangar 4, Stand B50

At inter airport in Munich in October 2005, OCEM SpA presented the world preview of the high intensity, low profile, LED lights. In order to complete the range of the high-intensity lights, this year our company is ready to introduce to the market a new generation of 'very high' intensity LED lights with luminous emission of more than 10,000 Cd. Come to our stand and discover the new LED inset runway edge-light, the new LED elevated runway edge/ threshold/end light, the new LED runway guard light. We will also show you the innovative CCR 1. CCR - condition code register.
2. CCR - (Database) concurrency control and recovery.
 with frequency-control of the brightness steps, specially dedicated to power LED-light systems.


Dichroic dichroic

characterized by dichroism.
 filters for high performance airfield lighting systems. With its know-how, ODL ODL Open & Distance Learning
ODL Oklahoma Department of Libraries
ODL Object Description Language
ODL Object Definition Language
ODL Oxford Digital Library (service of Oxford University Libraries Service) 
 has developed the 'zero thermal drift' colour dichroic filters for airfield lighting systems. The advantage of this line of filters by ODL is that their colour coordinates do not change with temperature variation. Perfect with any current halogen source, it can be useful also to correct small colour deviations of LED devices.

OFP OFP Operation Flashpoint (computer game)
OFP Office of Family Planning
OFP Order for Protection
OFP Organizacion Feminina Popular (Spanish: Popular Women's Organization; Columbia) 
 AIRPORT BUSES, D Outdoor, Stand K56

OFP Airport Buses Germany is presenting for the first time a new airport bus with a Euro IV engine.

OPTOSECURITY, CDN Hangar 4, North American Pavilion

The OptoScreenerTM is the world's first X-ray checkpoint upgrade that automatically detects weapons and liquid threats. An inline solution, the OptoScreener provides 100% pre-board screening for weapons and threat liquids without adding secondary processes. The upgrade improves the consistency of threat detection at checkpoints, compensating for human subjective assessment of potential threats.

PAILLARD pail·lard  
A slice of veal, chicken, or beef that is pounded until very thin and cooked quickly.

[Origin unknown.]
, F Outdoor, Stand H56

We are a manufacturer of steering axles with calliper disc or drum brakes (KNOTT brake technology) for self-propelled machines up to 13 tons dynamic load capacity per axle. We also manufacture front turntable axles and steering axles with drawbars for handling trailers up to 20 tons load capacity.

PALNET, D Hangar 4, Stand A68

PalNet is a manufacturer of air cargo ULDs including standard and heavyduty pallets as well as LD-3 containers and horseboxes for Boeing 747 and MD 11 aircraft. It also provides the necessary straps and nets. PalNet's products are certified by EASA, JAA JAA Joint Aviation Authorities (European equivalent of FAA)
JAA Judge Advocates Association
JAA Junior Achievement of Armenia
JAA Just Another Acronym
JAA Joint Action Area
JAA Joint Aerospace Applications
 and FAA.


Parker Hannifin's Filter Division Europe will exhibit a comprehensive range of filtration and monitoring equipment that is proven in both civilian and military aviation industries. The exhibited range will include Parker Hydraulic Filtration, Condition Monitoring, and Racor Hydrocarbon products.

PATRIA PATRIA. The country; the men of the neighborhood competent to serve on a jury; a jury. This word is nearly synonymous with pais. (.q.v.)  VAMMAS, FIN Outdoor, Stand JTO JTO Junior Telecom Officer
JTO JOPES Training Organization
JTO Joint Transportation Office
JTO Joint Technical Operations

Patria Vammas is the leading supplier of airport snow removal, friction measurement and Ground Support Equipment. Vammas snow sweepers, ploughs, snow blowers and friction measurement units are the most modern and productive used both in Europe and North America. New: cargo master loaders from 7 to 30 tons, transporter loaders from 3.5 to 7 tons and transporters from 7 to 14 tons. The main advantages are speed, ergonomics, safety, modern technology, reliability and support by our local sales network.


Since last year the compact and low-noise Perkins engines of the 400 series are a part of outstanding innovative and energy-saving hybrid propulsions for airfield applications. Perkins engines of the 1100 series are certified for operating with alternative fuels like kerosene or aviation gasoline.


Project planning, production, delivery, installation and maintenance of systems for an environmentally compatible, nature-preserving and cost saving disposal of de-icer effluent by means of irrigation (in the winter time up to -15[degrees]C outside temperature) and complete irrigation systems for all green areas of an airport.

PESMEL, FIN Outdoor, Stand J70

Pesmel is an innovative supplier for cargo handling systems. We are supplying terminal cargo handling equipment for airports and freight forwarders. Pesmel systems are mainly fully automated and integrated to upper level IT-systems. Modern automation solutions are used in all of our equipments to reach higher capacities and system flexibility.

PF FISHPOLE HOISTS, USA Hangar 4, North American Pavilion

PF Fishpole Hoists has long been a leader in providing high quality hoisting equipment to the world's airlines. Approved by Airbus, Boeing, and all major airframe OEMs; we offer hoists designed specifically for the precise handling of aircraft components. Applications include: APU APU Azusa Pacific University
APU Auxiliary Power Unit
APU Alaska Pacific University
APU Asia Pacific University (Japan)
APU American Public University
APU Anglia Polytechnic University (Chelmsford) 
, Actuators, T/R T/R Transceiver
T/R Transmit/Receive
T/R Transmitter/Receiver (also seen as TR)
T/R Thanks and regards
T/R Tail Rotor (helicopter)
T/R Tip/Ring
T/R Trust Receipt
T/R Transmission/Reflection
 Nozzles, LG Components, and more.


Lamps (bulbs) for Airfield Ground Lighting Systems.

PHILIPS AIRFIELD LIGHTING, FIN Hangar 4, finnish Pavilion

PHILIPS OY designs, manufactures and sells a full range of airfield lighting equipment and systems for CAT I--III airports. The company's new LED lights and switch mode CCR will be on display at Munich.


For over 30 years Piller has been supplying ground support equipment. We offer a comprehensive range of: rotary and static 400 Hz aircraft ground power units; electronically regulated 400 Hz step-down transformers; aircraft cables; 400 Hz power distribution units. Our services include: design of 400 Hz cable networks; training of operating personnel.

PINON Pinon (pī`nŏn), in the Bible, one of the dukes of Edom. , F Outdoor, Stand K126

PINON, for over 40 years the professionals for airport trailers and fixed rack installations for ULD storage, offer the most comprehensive and innovative range of container dollies; pallet dollies (10 or 20ft), trailers for baggage or cargo in bulk, storage racks. The unique expertise of a world leader present in Asia, Africa and Europe at over 100 airports, 55 airlines and 80 handling agents.

PMI-PLAST, D Hall 4A, N96

PM ThermoduleTM--self-supporting insulating liners for ULDs.


Portec supplies specialty baggage handling conveyors, such as the Portec Belt Power Curve, Spiral Curve[R], Angle-Flo[R] and ChuteMaster[R] fibreglass spiral chute. Portec's positive drive/ loose belt technology uses a chain/belt design for reliability and low cost of ownership.


Since 1956 POSSEHL SPEZIALBAU has been engaged in the reinstatement of air traffic fields. Products: POSSEHL ANTISKID[R]- the special high-friction surfacing for concrete and/or asphalt runways. POSSEHL cds-Epoxy Systems and flooring materials--epoxy resin coating systems, primers, sealers, mortars and specialty products for either new construction or lasting repair and upgrading of concrete resp. asphalt floors and pavements. The cds-products can also be used for the surfacing of aprons, parking lots, shops and hangars, for installation of flush-light systems, filling of cable joints and all kinds of concrete repair.

POWER STOW, DK Outdoor, Stand KIO KIO KDE (K Desktop Environment) Input/Output Slave
KIO Kuwait Investment Office
KIO Knock It Off
KIO Kde Input Output

Power Stow Rollertrack. The keywords turn-around-time, economy and care for the employee's health, makes the Rollertrack at work on our stand a 'must-see' at the show. The Rollertrack takes over the hard work of unloading or loading and stowing bulk luggage and cargo, thereby saving the backs of your employees and providing an unmatched payback through reliability and ease of operation.


For over 50 years Preco Electronics, has been providing products to help you to better understand your vehicle: from the original BAC-A-LARM and Collision avoidance systems to safe communication and wireless data collection and reporting.

PRIORIT AG, D Hall 4A, Stand R110

Files, documents or any implements can be stored in escape routes by means of the newly developed file and document store cabinets by PRIORIT AG. The cabinets protect the storage goods over 90 minutes in the case of fire and enable safety storage against unauthorized access. The cabinets are coated on both sides, which together with its decor surface has a classification A2- noncombustible.


PROAVIA--French Airport Technology is the official Trade Association which groups together 40 French companies willing to promote their know-how in the field of airport & air traffic control equipment and services abroad. PROAVIA helps you to source the right product or service and the right business partner in France.

PROJECT FLOORS, D Hall 4A, Stand P133

We are one of the leading companies for vinyl-design floor coverings in Europe and offer authentic reproductions of wood, stone or metal designs. There is no limit to creativity, as we deliver from stock or produce your individual floor covering. Compared to the original, our floors have some key advantages for shops and restaurants: hard-wearing, low maintenance costs and easy to replace.

PROVEO, D Hangar 4, Stand D64

Proveo plc is the market leader in software solutions addressing the real-time requirements of both ground handlers and airport operators for localisation, tracking, safety/security as well as maintenance management of all mobile assets. Proveo's solutions help to optimise vital processes, achieve operational excellence and mitigate risks.

PSI LOGISTICS, D Hangar 4, Stand C70 Solutions for passenger, baggage and cargo handling are the mainstay of the airport solutions from PSi Logistics. PSi Logistics offers know-how in logistics, consulting, and IT for their clients, the airports and the companies represented there. On this basis, they provide system, network and comprehensive solutions that meet all demands placed on them--from planning to service. All from one source.

QM-GROUP GERMANY; R. SCHOLZ, D Hangar 4, Stand B36

R Scholz GmbH & Co KG with its high quality electronic-call-systems and RS management and barrier systems is established as one of the market leaders and offers high professional solutions according to customer's requirements. Our system's modular design and simple handling guarantee not only high mobility, but also high functionality, according to the latest quality standards. Quality and customer satisfaction come first.

RAMPINI CARLO, I Outdoor, Stand L30

The Rampini Carlo Spa, founded at the end of the 1940s, produces means and airport equipment as well as special equipment, such as fireproof fire·proof  
Impervious or resistant to damage by fire.

tr.v. fire·proofed, fire·proof·ing, fire·proofs
To make fireproof.

Verb 1.
 vehicles destined to airports and heliports. The company is placed in the most elevated segment of quality thanks to the planning realised by numerous engineers; to sophisticated production know-how and to a severe quality control and testing of products.

REHAU, D Hall 4A, Stand N60

At inter airport Europe 2007, REHAU is presenting the asphalt reinforcement grid ARMAPAL for reinforcing bituminous bi·tu·mi·nous  
1. Like or containing bitumen.

2. Of or relating to bituminous coal.

Adj. 1. bituminous - resembling or containing bitumen; "bituminous coal"
 pavement and road surfaces. This textile reinforcement grid extends the life of the road surface by absorbing tensile stress. In addition, REHAU is putting a spotlight on the RAUSIKKO Box system developed for the temporary storage/percolation of rainwater, which can also be installed under surfaces subjected to traffic loads without any problems.


Research Engineers' modular PAPI was introduced in 1979. Compact, lightweight and virtually unaffected by ice, compliant with all standards and in service at hundreds of airports worldwide, it remains a leading yet unique design. 'WORKSTAR' and 'TAXISTAR' are portable LED airport lights, with high output and contactless recharging.

RHINE AIR, USA Hangar 4, North American Pavilion

Rhine Air manufactures unique Confined Space Ventilating Equipment specifically designed for Aircraft Fuel Tank Inspection and Maintenance Operations. These portable and safe products are very effective on any sized aircraft. Produces a safer working environment while reducing the time required to complete operations. EU/CE Protocol compliant for Category 1 environments.

RHS RHS Royal Horticultural Society
RHS Right Hand Side
RHS Rural Housing Service
RHS Rickards High School (Tallahassee, FL)
RHS Red Hat Society
RHS Ridgewood High School (New Jersey) 
, I Hangar 4, Stand B34

RHS Italia has been working for over 15 years in the baggage transport area. We are specialized in planning, installation and maintenance of BHS BHS

beta-hemolytic streptococci.
 systems, conveyor belts, carousels, sorting, weighing and checkin desks. Our systems operate in the major Italian airports, such as: Rome Fiumicino, Rome Ciampino, Milan Malpensa, Naples Ancona, Cagliari, Pisa, Palermo and Lamezia Terme. The big growth that has characterized our business in the last five years, has allowed us to extend our offer to the whole European, North African and Middle-Eastern market. The extreme flexibility of our systems allows us to quickly and efficiently operate in all geographic areas. Our experience and high technical standard make our company a valid and reliable partner for all European airports.

ROFAN, D Outdoor, Stand J80

Rofan GmbH, Germany, is specialized in the design and development, manufacturing, sales and distribution of ground support equipment for airports. Rofan supplies all associated customer services as well. For over 50 years the name Rofan stands for sophisticated flight technology. Rofan motor tractors are available as diesel, electric and hybrid driven vehicles. The range of products comprehends tractors and belt loaders for all intents and purposes Adv. 1. for all intents and purposes - in every practical sense; "to all intents and purposes the case is closed"; "the rest are for all practical purposes useless"
for all practical purposes, to all intents and purposes
 of utilisation at airports.

ROHILL TECHNOLOGIES, NL Hangar 4, Dutch Pavilion

Rohill Technologies is a world-renowned company, specialized in the development, production and sales of professional mobile communication infrastructures. Rohill offers leading-edge hardware and software products to the demanding mission critical market. Rohill's TetraNode product line is recognised as a true innovative TETRA solution guaranteeing full interoperability with all suppliers' terminals, whatever their requirements. TetraNode offers the ideal open standard and multi-vendor environment, while adding the benefit of its unique, integrated, multi-protocol capability.


Nutzfahrzeuge Rohr GmbH, the well-known DIN EN ISO 9001 certified manufacturer of aircraft refuellers and road tankers manufactures and sells all kinds of aircraft refuellers. The product range reaches from rigid-types with 500-litre up to semitrailer sem·i·trail·er  
A trailer having a set or several sets of wheels at the rear only, with the forward portion being supported by the truck tractor or towing vehicle.
 types of up to 8.5.000 litre tank capacities. Hydrant dispensers, pit cleaners and tank vehicles to refuel airfield vehicles are also within the scope of supply.


S&P Clever Reinforcement GmbH is a worldwide leading manufacturer of fibre-reinforced composites. The main business areas are asphalt-reinforcement to prevent cracks in the asphalt and structure-reinforcement-systems (carbon laminates) for concrete-structures. Our products provide innovative, cost-effective and long-lasting solutions for the reconstruction of roads and buildings. Visit our booth. Our team of engineers will be glad to give you information about the operating mode and the application range of our products.

SABA AIRPORT SEALANTS, NL Hangar 4, Dutch Pavilion

High-performance, long-lasting runway sealants. SABA AIRPORT Sealants is a specialist in sealing materials for airports since the 1960s. SABA's 2-K Polysulfide pol·y·sul·fide  
A sulfide compound containing at least two sulfur atoms per molecule.
 is oil, fuel, UV, and Jet-blast resistant and reduces the occurrence of FOD. It's used for reliable and extremely durable sealing of expansion joints in pavement constructions (aprons, etc.).

SACO Saco, city, United States
Saco (sô`kō), city (1990 pop. 15,181), York co., SW Maine, on the Saco River; settled 1631, inc. as Pepperellboro 1762; name changed to Saco 1805; inc. as a city 1867.
 AIRPORT EQUIPMENT, NL Hangar 4, Dutch Pavilion

SACO Airport Equipment BV is a competent and flexible worldwide experienced organisation specialized in the design, manufacturing and supply of turnkey cargo handling systems. SACO is able to provide tailor-made solutions for every situation, whether you wish to place a single conveyor, expand your current system, or install a complete new fully-automated cargo handling system.


Safeaero i Trelleborg AB is a manufacturer of aircraft de-icers with headquarters and production facilities in Treileborg Sweden. Safeaero provides the market with the latest 'state-of-the-art' technology in deicing economy, safety and operation efficiency. Safeaero produces one and two-person operated deicers to serve small regional and large international airports.


Following Safegate's acquisition of Thorn Airfield Lighting we have created a one-stop shop for safe and efficient guiding and controlling of aircraft and vehicles on the ground. Environmental issues will be one of the main constraints for future growth at most airports. Safegate/ Thorn will show you how you can start saving emissions already today by efficient routing and fast parking.

SAGE PARTS, USA Hangar 4, North American Pavilion

Sage Parts is the world's largest supplier of GSE replacement parts. It has an extensive inventory of parts and components available for shipment at a moment's notice. Sage supplies parts for all types of GSE including: loaders, de-icers, pushback/tow tractors, baggage tractors, ground power units, air conditioning units, air start units, lav/water vehicles, transporters, and dollies. Sage Parts GSE Services division offers a comprehensive spectrum of services such as GSE life extension programmes, equipment upgrades, onsite heavy maintenance, equipment troubleshooting, training, and consulting. Sage also provides supply chain management, on-site supply services, and other cost-reduction programmes.

SAGEM SAGEM Societe d'Applications Generales d'Electricite et de Mecanique  DEFENSE SECURITE, F Hangar 4, French Pavilion

SAGEM Defense Securite is the only company to master the ICAO multi biometric technology (fingers, iris and face). SAGEM is an ICAO, IATA and ACI registered supplier, and actively participates in the Simplifying Passenger Travel. SAGEM was recently awarded some most significant airport biometric contracts. At inter airport 2007, SAGEM displays biometriccard and passport issuance stations and e-passport border control.

SAMIFI BABCOCK EQUIPMENT, F Hangar 4, French Pavilion

Manufacturer of mobile air conditioning units compatible to any type of aircraft to maintain the temperature inside the aircraft within a range, offering comfort and safety to the staff and the electronic equipment under any outside climate condition; mobile with electrical connection or direct diesel drive, mobile cooling unit for landing gear; mobile air conditioning unit for aerospace satellite with air treatment.

SARSYS, S Outdoor, Stand K40

Scandinavian Airport and Road System AB (SARSYS) has a complete range of friction testers designed for airports. SARSYS build measuring equipment into cars as well as into a trailer. SARSYS, as one of the leaders in the industry, has an ongoing development and the latest is the touch-screen measuring computer.

SATCO SATCO Saudi Arabian Trading and Construction , USA Hangar 4, Stand C46

Satco, Inc is the leader in engineering, design, manufacture and maintenance of unit load devices (ULDs) worldwide. Satco's air cargo equipment offerings include containers, pallets, nets, straps, and hardware. Since 1968, Satco's reputation for excellence is attributed to a tradition of innovation and commitment to total customer satisfaction.


For over 40 years, the special machines of SCHMIDT AIRPORT EQUIPMENT have been ensuring safety on the landside and airside of both national and international airports. All of the jet sweepers, snow ploughs, snow cutter blowers, sprayers and sweepers were specifically designed to perform precisely and efficiently to meet the high standards required by civil and military airports.


SCHNEIDER INTERCOM offers security and communication solutions at airports in the fields of lift emergency calls, disabled toilet emergency calls, help points, gates, parking areas, apron control, access control, catering and so on. SCHNEIDER INTERCOM is used whether a system platform combines and manages speech (audio), images (video) and data.

R. SCHOLZ, D Hangar 4, Stand B36

With its high quality RS-management and barrier systems GUIDELINE & SKIPPER Company R Scholz GmbH & Co KG is established as one of the market leaders and offers professional solutions according to customers' requirements. Our system's modular design and simple handling guarantee high mobility and functionality, according to the latest security standards. Quality and customer satisfaction come first. We enlarged our programme by electronic call-forward-systems, baggage sizers, etc.

SCHOPF, D Outdoor, Stand GSO

SCHOPF designs, manufactures and sells worldwide GSE equipment for civil and military aviation including a complete range of tugs to handle aircraft in every weight class, cargo equipment like container/pallet loaders and transporters. Proven products like the F396 tractor (A380 ready!), the new designed 7-t container pallet loader 'LoadStar' and the latest version of the PowerPush pushback-system will be presented.

SCHRADER, D Outdoor, Stand J72

Vehicles for waste disposal and supply of a small and wide-body aircraft. Our benefits: solid design features, great operational reliability, user-friendly, best cleaning ability, low-maintenance, economical. Options: lavatory vehicle: vacuum pump, casing with isolation, hot air heating, coupling-heating, lift mast 200kg loading capacity, 2.980mm lifting height, 450mm horizontal move. Water vehicle: stainless-steel rotary pump, casing with isolation, hot air heating, stairs and support according BGV-C 10, disinfection disinfection,
n the process of destroying pathogenic organisms or rendering them inert.

disinfection, full oral cavity,
n a procedure used to reduce active periodontal disease, usually completed within a certain short time frame.
 system without use of chemicals.

SCHUH, D Hall 4A, Stand Q135

ORBENA -- the Airfield Lighting Tester. The ORBENA test system was especially developed to test and adjust airfield ground light equipment in workshops according to ICAO requirements. Within seconds ORBENA measures and displays the horizontal and vertical angle, as well as minimum, maximum and average illumination strength as a graphical output.

SCULLY SIGNAL, USA Hangar 4, North American Pavilion

Scully Signal Company is an engineering and manufacturing company established in 1936 and the worldwide Industry leader in terminal loading safety for over 70 years. Its varied product line is designed to suit specific liquids product handling applications for transport, storage and fuelling operations.

SEMIDAN POWER, DK Hall 4A, Danish Pavilion

Semidan Power is a Danish engineering company. We develop standard and special UPS systems, chargers, inverters, frequency and DC/DC converters as well as Ground Power Units (GPU). Power supplies to anti-fouling systems and other specific markets can be produced according to customers' specifications. Main customers groups: airports, railways, ships, offshore and power plants.

SHIP-CAR, I Hall 4A, Stand M154

SHIP-CAR is an established company for the production of windows for airport tractors, buses, manufacturing machines and industrial vehicles. POLIBAR is a trademark that represents a line of systems for queue and people flow management. Posts with extensible/ rewind tape are one of our main products, suitable both for inside and outside and all of them customisable with your logo.

SIDES, F Hangar 4, French Pavilion

SIDES, the leading French manufacturer of fire-fighting and rescue vehicles, designs and manufactures a large range of standard and customized equipment for various applications: civil and military aviation protection including special chassis for crash tenders, industrial protection and civil defence. More than 10,000 SIDES vehicles are in operation worldwide.

SIEMENS, D Hangar 4, Stand D10

Siemens Airports offers a comprehensive range of infrastructure solutions: baggage handling systems to handle any volume, complete solutions for airfield lighting, systems for passenger identification and public area surveillance, information and check-in systems for passengers, management software for controlling airport infrastructure, and parking guidance systems. The installation of complete compact terminals (either temporary or permanent) is yet another specialty.

SKIPPER GERMANY, D Hangar 4, Stand B36

The unique way to cordon off any outside and inside area, creating safer environments. SKIPPER simply clicks on top of most traffic-cones, RS barriers and RS wall mount units, saving time, storage space and money. With a compliment of functional SKIPPER accessories including light, signage and a fixing receiver for walls and vehicles, SKIPPER is really the best and most effective barrier product on the market.

SM3A INDUSTRIES, F Hangar 4, French Pavilion

'Offering the right technology at the right place', that is our definition of experience, because our job firstly is a matter of specialists. We master techniques such as sheet metal working, welding, mounting and tuning. All of these jobs allow us to offer a range of equipment of ground identification and of rapid access for logistic and maintenance interventions: marking of airport runways; guidance and stop rods for aircraft; technical stools; maintenance docks; conveyor belts; self-propelled passengers stairs; elevating platforms; loaders up to 16 tons and pallet transporters.

SMITHS HEIMANN, D Hangar 4, Stand A40

At inter airport Europe 2007 Smiths Detection showcases premium pieces from its comprehensive security product portfolio. The highlight among the numerous live operating exhibits is a revolutionary fully automatic passenger checkpoint concept featuring the new and unrivalled HI-SCAN 6040aTiX X-ray inspection system especially engineered for the reliable detection of liquids and explosives in carry-on baggage. This genial check-point will increase passenger throughput in security areas substantially.

SOVAM SOVAM Societe Des Vehicules Andre Morin , F Outdoor, Stand J126

SOVAM is providing airlines and ground handling companies with a full range of GSE: PBB PBB: see polybrominated biphenyl.  (airport and seaport); catering trucks; ambulift vehicles; passenger steps; conveyor belts; transporters; baggage and A/ C tractors; lower/main deck cargo loaders; maintenance platforms; container and pallet dollies; baggage carts. Among this equipment some types have been specially designed for servicing the extra wide body aircraft A380: catering truck, cargo loader, maintenance platform.

SOVIS SOVIS Space Operational Vehicle Integrated System  OPTIQUE, F Hangar 4, French Pavilion

SOVIS OPTIQUE is a French optic company subsidiary of Saint-Gobain Glass. We specialise in glass components for optical lighting and radiation shielding. In optic lighting, we have two important markets: stage lighting and airport lighting. For airport lighting we supply prisms, lenses, dichroic filters and components. Our skills in dichroic coating are well known all around the world. We provide coating according ICAO and FAA requirements for airfield applications and we also supply anti-reflective, infra-red filters and other ranges of coat. Today, we are ready to work with our customers to develop tomorrow's solution such as improve colour treatments or self-cleaning glass.


In 1954 Spijkstaal supplied its first electric tow tractor to KLM. In the last 53 years the Spijkstaal tow tractors have been developed further in durability and reliability at the lowest maintenance charges. Spijkstaal will present its three- and four-wheel tractor programme for up to 30 tons. The electric Zeus-Bus (32 persons) can also be seen at our stand.

S-P-S, NL Hall 4A, Stand P140

S-P-S BV, a privately held company privately held company

A firm whose shares are held within a relatively small circle of owners and are not traded publicly.
, established since 2002, manufactures and supplies a large number of Ground Support Equipment (GSE) worldwide like dollies, (luggage-) trailers, statie stands and storage racks. S-P-S is specialized in designing and manufacturing tailor-made equipment according to the (end-) users' special requirements, as a most cost effective solution.

STAHLWILLE, D Hall 4A, Stand Ml14

Stahlwille, the world-renowned German manufacturer of handtools, develops and produces manually operated tightening and special-purpose tools, tool organisation aids and sophisticated measuring instruments. With its intelligent organisational aids, the company provides customers in the aerospace industry with a high degree of safety and security and promotes time and cost saving working methods. In addition, Stahlwille has demonstrated its capabilities in the manufacture of torque tools.

SVT SVT supraventricular tachycardia.

supraventricular tachycardia

SVT Supraventricular tachycardia, see there
 GROUP, D Hail 4A, Stand R72

The SVT Group is one of the leading specialists for active and passive fire protection Passive fire protection (PFP) is an integral component of the three components of structural fire protection and fire safety in a building. PFP attempts to contain fires or slow the spread, through use of fire resistant walls, floors, and doors (amongst other examples).  as well as fire and water damage restoration and environmental technology on national and international markets. 250 employees at 23 locations in Germany are local service agents for our customers. SVT has 700 international certificates/approvals, including 400 for the German market. Up to 700 trained workers make sure that the products are installed professionally.

TCG (Trusted Computing Group, Beaverton, OR, The successor to the Trusted Computer Platform Alliance (TCPA), announced in 2003 by founding members AMD, HP, IBM, Intel and Microsoft. , B Outdoor, Stand J120

TCG engineers and manufactures airport trailers (container/pallet dollies, baggage carts), slave pallets as well as airport cargo handling equipment and systems (roller decks, castor decks, elevators, elevating transfer vehicles, etc). With more than 20 years experience, TCG has an impressive customer reference list including express freight carriers (DHL, TNT TNT: see trinitrotoluene.
 in full trinitrotoluene

Pale yellow, solid organic compound made by adding nitrate (−NO2) groups to toluene.
, UPS) airlines (KLM, Aer Lingus, etc), airport companies (Frankfurt, Vienna, Dusseldorf, etc), and handling companies (Swissport, Aviapartner, Flightcare, etc.).


T cell receptor.
 INTERNATIONAL, B Outdoor, Stand K120

TCR International is the only company to offer such a comprehensive range of GSE services on a multi-airport and multi-country level. TCR International has pioneered each of these services in the aviation industry--we developed the idea of GSE rental as far back as 1999--before rental was ever an option for ground handlers. As a business-to-business service provider, TCR international now offers its services to all the major airports in Belgium List of airports in Belgium, grouped by type and sorted by location

Civil Airports
Antwerp / Deurne EBAW ANR Antwerp International Airport
Balen-Keiheuvel EBKH Balen-Keiheuvel Airport [1]
, France, the Netherlands, Spain and the United Kingdom.

TDA TDA Texas Department of Agriculture
TDA Trade and Development Agency
TDA Transportation Development Act
TDA Tax Deferred Annuity (commonly known as TSA)
TDA Tienda (Spanish: store) 
 LEFEBURE, F Hangar 4, French Pavilion

Activities of TDA Lefebure are: Research, engineering, fabrication and sales for: distribution network of 400 Hz electric current for the alimentation alimentation /al·i·men·ta·tion/ (al?i-men-ta´shun) giving or receiving of nourishment.

rectal alimentation  feeding by injection of nutriment into the rectum.
 of airport equipment; cable retriever systems fixed on access tunnels or on aircraft parking; retractable pillar for 400 Hz aircraft electricity supply; 400 Hz individual safety box for the protection of people and aircraft materials; maintenance and services of all 400 Hz materials and 400 Hz airport installations.

TECHMAN-HEAD (TMH TMH The Methodist Hospital (Houston, TX)
TMH Take Me Home
TMH Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare
TMH Trainable Mentally Handicapped
TMH Two Minutes Hate (band)
TMH T-Mobile Hungary
TMH Too Much Homework
), F Hangar 4, Stand A14

TECHMAN-HEAD is a reliable, well-known name in the aircraft ground support equipment and maintenance tooling industry. Ask our customers worldwide! Our team has always focused on flexibility, quality and R&D to offer the best products and services. TMH is licensed from Airbus, Boeing & Goodrich.


Telair International provides state of the art solutions for cargo, baggage and container handling. Its renowned knowledge and competence in providing systems for narrow-body aircraft is now taken further into revolutionary solutions for terminal baggage/cargo handling. Telair serves worldwide customers with multiple benefits in cost-reductions and safe turnarounds. Telair International is a division of Teleflex Inc.

TENSATOR, D Hall 4A, Stand M64

See all the latest developments from Tensator in passenger flow and guidance. We will be demonstrating the Aircraft Passenger Guidance system for safely guiding passengers from the aircraft to the terminal and the Tensabarrier, the original webbing post with digitally printed webbing along with a range of products designed for the airport sector.

TEST-FUCHS, A Hangar 4, Stand B64

Founded in 1946 TEST-FUCHS today is one of the leaders in the design and manufacture of high-quality tailor-made test benches in the aerospace industries. Our product range includes fully-automatic test benches for various media for civil and military aircraft, cryogenic valves for the space industry and the production and maintenance of fuel- and lubrication lubrication, introduction of a substance between the contact surfaces of moving parts to reduce friction and to dissipate heat. A lubricant may be oil, grease, graphite, or any substance—gas, liquid, semisolid, or solid—that permits free action of  pumps.

THYSSENKRUPP, D Hangar 4, Stand C40

ThyssenKrupp, through its product diversity, will present you the right transport for every situation: elevators, escalators, moving walks, passenger boarding bridges, mobile escalators and the unique TurboTrack, the Accelerating Moving Walkway, which is intended to cover distances up to 1,500m at a maximum speed of 2m/s. We look forward to welcoming you at our stand and show you this effective solution in detail. www.thyssen kru ;

TLD (Top Level Domain) The highest level domain category in the Internet domain naming system. There are two types: the generic top level domains (gTLDs) such as .com, .org, and .net, and the country codes, such as .ca, .uk and .jp. See gTLD and Internet domain name.  Group, F Outdoor, Stand H120

TLD is a leading industrial company specialized in GSE. Thanks to the full worldwide service and sales network, TLD can provide a wide range of equipments designed and manufactured in the six worldwide TLD factories.

TOPSYSTEM, D Hangar 4, Stand C48

Since 1995, topsystem Ltd has been developing information systems for the business branches aviation and logistics. With our Ground Handling System (GHS GHS Globally Harmonized System (of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals)
GHS Greenwich High School (Connecticut)
GHS Green Hills Software, Inc.
), we offer an extensive modular software solution for planning and controlling handling operations from contract drafting, flight planning and service recording up to the invoicing.


Incorporated in 1980, Tradewind Scientific has become a leading company supplying airports with friction testing services and equipment. Tracr II[R], our unique touchscreen-based airfield condition reporting system, is now installed at almost 100 airport sites worldwide including 20 in Europe. Featured at inter airport, Tracr II is represented in Europe in association with SARSYS AB.

TRANSNORM, D Hangar 4, Stand C100

Our efficient conveyor modules with very low life cycle costs are essential for any baggage handling system and ensure a quick, secure, reliable and smooth transportation of any flight baggage. TRANSNORM key components (belt curve conveyors, infeed modules, outfeed modules, VertiSwitch and the Safeglide[R]spiral chutes) are designed for an easy integration in all baggage conveying systems and are in accordance with the highest airport requirements.

TREPEL, Outdoor, Stand J20

We are expanding our product range--with a real 35-ton cargo loader. With its CHAMP 350, TREPEL is taking the offensive for heavy freight loads. It is a real heavy load pallet/container loader not known before today. Come along to our joint stand with M/s Contrac and M/s Goldhofer and let us convince you of the efficiency and capabilities of our equipment. With a world market share of more than 50% freight loaders, we are sure you will be impressed.


Trilectron Industries and Air-A-Plane offers a complete line of mobile and point-of-use Pre-Conditioned Air Products for the Commercial and Military COTS Markets. PC Air Units are available in both Engine Drive and All-Electric versions and feature cooling, heating, and power combinations.

TRIP & CO, NL Hangar 4, Stand A74

TRIP from the Netherlands is the well-known, reliable in-house manufacturer of tie down straps and insulation covers, as well as a handling company in absorption material, plastic pallet sheeting and aircargo related accessories which we supply to a lot of reputable airlines and handling companies all over the world.

TRONAIR, Hangar 4, North American Pavilion

Tronair is a leading manufacturer of ground support equipment including jacks, towbars, ground power units, jet engine air start units, engine stands and slings, JETporter towbarless tugs, and ram air turbine A ram air turbine (RAT) is a small propeller and connected hydraulic pump, or electrical generator used as an emergency power source for aircraft. In case of the loss of both primary and auxiliary power sources the RAT will power vital systems (flight controls, linked hydraulics  test units. Tronair offers worldwide sales and service with sales offices in North America, Europe and Asia and authorized service centres in North America, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Japan and Singapore.

TUG TECHNOLOGIES, USA Hangar 4, North American Pavilion

TUG Technologies Corporation is a leading manufacturer of aviation ground support equipment. With regional offices along with an extensive distributor network, TUG provides exceptional after sale services and support at airports around the world. From regional aircraft to jumbo aircraft, TUG has a well-established product line which includes baggage/cargo tractors, aircraft towing tractors, belt loaders, air start units, ground power units and air conditioners.


Since its foundation in 1930, BV Twentsche Kabelfabriek has developed from a cable producer focused solely on the Netherlands to a technologically leading supplier of cable solutions with clients all over the world. As part of TKH TKH The Kids in the Hall (usually seen as KITH)
TKH The Klingon Hamlet
 Group, TKF TKF Tiefkühlfrisch (German: Frozen)  has access to various international marketing, purchasing, sales and R&D groups.

UFLS, A Hangar 4, Stand B24

With solutions and services from UFIS Airport Solutions, our customers gain a tangible competitive edge. The Universal Flight Information System is a sophisticated traffic and resource planning and management system for airports, airlines, handling agents and other service providers, offering a new degree of efficiency in facility and resource management.

ULMER AERONAUTIQUE, F Hangar 4, French Pavilion

Founded in 1937, ULMER AERONAUTIQUE carries out design, investigation, manufacturing and distribution activities: approach lights; runway lights; taxiway lights and parking area lights; above ground level and embedding. Other equipment: masts, back reflection beacon, guidance signs, heliports lights, wind-direction indicators, Intelligence Airport Monitoring.

USIMAT-SERMEES, F Hangar 4, Stand B38

Usimat-Sermees is a well-known French company, expert for design and manufacturing of ground support equipment for more than 30 years. We propose a large range of products, mainly towable: towbar (foil range of aircraft), handling equipment, aircraft servicing devices, maintenance equipment specially designed by our engineering department to fit at the best with customers requirements. Our main concern is customer satisfaction, cost effectiveness as well as availability of our equipment at airports.

VAISALA, D Hall 4A, Stand M96

Vaisala provides aviation weather observing solutions to enhance safety and airport efficiency. Vaisala AviMet[R]is a total aviation weather management solution bridging the gap between weather and aviation operations. Vaisala will also display IceCast Ice Warning and Detection System for runway winter maintenance to ensure business predictability and performance.

VANDERLANDE, NL Hangar 4, Stand D66

Vanderlande Industries designs, builds and services leading baggagehandling systems for airports of all sizes. Based on proven technology, in-depth business knowledge and industry best-practices, our solutions deliver the highest availability, reliability and lowest costs per bag. From check-in through transportation and sorting systems to baggage reclaim.

VESTERGAARD, DK Outdoor, Stand K24

Vestergaard Company A/S is the market leader within GSE, covering de-icing, toilet- and water service units. During the 2007 inter airport show we would like to bring your attention to the new and most recent Vestergaard GSE solutions including: new My basket; new nozzle; DTS (1) (Digital Theatre Sound) A digital audio encoding system used in movie and home theaters. Popularized by the movie Jurassic Park, the six-channel (5.  simulator; water disinfection and steam generator. Vestergaard will demonstrate de-icing, water and waste solutions, which have been designed and manufactured by us for more than 40 years.

VETTER, D Hall 4A, Stand M100

Vetter GmbH, founded in 1964, is worldwide known as a supplier for rescue, industrial and environmental protection equipment, in 2004 it became part of the Idex Corporation. A wide range of Aircraft Lifting Bags and accessories are available. Vetter products are known as reliable and resistant equipment for rescue operations. Additional accessories: Lifting Slings and Pulling Sling Systems. New developments are contour adoptions for modern wing designs.

ViA GUIDE, D Hangar 4, Stand B126/Ouldoor, Stand H106

German company Via Guide GmbH, a leading provider of public guidance systems, will introduce its new ShuttleTracTM Public Guidance Storage and Rapid Deployment System. Designed for quick and easy transportation and distribution, ShuttleTrac holds up to nine posts. In addition, Via Guide will show its long distance Pyramid Barrier.

VOLK, D Outdoor, Stand H100

VOLK is a leading German manufacturer of tow tractors and platform trucks with electric, diesel and hybrid drive for baggage and cargo handling. With references such as London/Heathrow, Amsterdam/ Schiphol, Munich, Dusseldorf or Cologne/Bonn airports, VOLK is well known both for its award-winning innovative products and its high quality craftsmanship.

WANZL, D Hangar 4, Stand D96

Wanzl is well known as one of the world's largest providers of transport trolleys, shopping trolleys, customer guidance systems and shopfitLing solutions. Wanzl luggage trolleys can be found at many major international airports. In addition to our standard products, which have proved their worth around the world, we develop a lot of customized solutions. Our service company 'ACS' offers a global service package for trolley management.

WARNER LEWIS, D Hangar 4, Stand A30

Warner Lewis, Jr, Industrie-Filter GmbH has been supplying aviation fuel filters from Velcon Filters Inc and aircraft refuelling equipment from Carter Ground Fuelling Company in Europe, Africa and the Middle East for more than 35 years. Most recently equipment for major airport projects has been supplied including airports in Dubai, Madrid, Barcelona, Izmir, Ankara, and Jeddah.


Hangar 4, North American Pavilion The Stripe Hog runway cleaning and pavement marking removal system is the most complete, comprehensive and conveniently operated system in the industry. Operating at up to 2750bar, the Stripe Hog removes rubber deposits and painted markings from grooved asphalt and concrete surfaces without damage. Currently, it is operating successfully in nine countries on four continents. www.waterblastingtechnologies. com

WEIGEL, D Hall 4A, Stand N150

TrackJet System sets new standards for removal of rubber and paint markings on airports. The unique TrackJet System applies an extremely small amount of fresh water without any chemical additives. It eliminates texture damage to all types of runway surfaces and achieves best possible friction values. More than 50 major international airports utilise the TrackJet method to increase air traffic safety while reducing maintenance costs.

WEYER, D Outdoor, H106

Weyer GmbH--for safe departure. Looking for airport equipment? Weyer GmbH offers a wide range of brand leaders. As a manufacturer's representative Weyer GmbH offers Deicing Fluids for aircraft and runways, special de-icing equipment for stairs, tank installation for deicing fluids, aircraft tractors, ground power units, heating units, airstarters, passenger guidance systems for apron and terminal, passenger stairs, friction tester, marshalling wands and much more.

WINDHOFF VAMMAS, D Outdoor, Stand J70

Windhoff Vammas offers Cargo Master Loaders from 7 to 30 tons, Transporter Loaders from 3.5 to 7 tons and Transporters from 7 to 14 tons. The main advantages are speed, ergonomics, safety, modern technology and reliability supported by a local sales network.

WINGAWAY, GB Outdoor, Stand L132

WINGAWAY alarm cry bird scarers remove and deter birds using their real alarm cries. Birds just do not like to be in the vicinity of one of their own that appears to be in trouble. Hand-operated, vehicle mounted and fully-automatic equipment available. Come and see (and hear!) us. Over 30 years expertise and sold all around the world into many industries.


Xinfa Airport Equipment Ltd. is the airport equipment-manufacturing subsidiary of China Beijing Capital Airports Holding Company. XINFA's main product lines are airport passenger apron buses, electric aircraft pushback tractors and electric baggage tow tractors.

XPIRATION, NL Outdoor, Stand J106

Xpiration will show their latest PRM handling equipment and airport passenger transport vehicles. At the Xpiration stand you will find boarding chairs for embarking or disembarking PRMs, accompanied by different types of Tarmac lifts, with lift capacities from 0-10m height for boarding PRMs, even at the upper deck of an Airbus A 380. Full plastic airport wheelchairs for an easy passing of the detecting security gates. A new range of airport passenger transport vehicles, EL propelled or equipped with solar panels.

ZACHO PRODUCTS, DK Outdoor, Stand 1.58

ZACHO Products A/S is a Danish business, which in more than 30 years has developed effective equipment for road and airport maintenance. Products are delivered in standard designs or customized to fit your specific needs. Zacho Products A/S serves both public and private customers all over the world.

ZAPP-ZIMMERMANN, D Hall 4A, Stand N135

ZAPP-ZIMMERMANN GmbH is a leading supplier of intumescent fire protection sealing systems. The products impress with a safe application (conform to approval certificates) as well as with fast and easy subsequent installations. Many airports have already benefited from these complete systems. All you need from a single source: professional products, training and advice on special solutions. Presentation of a ground-breaking innovation in the field of constructional fire protection.

ZARGES ALUMINIUM, D Hangar 4, Stand B46

For working on aircraft we produce maintenance and installation platforms and docks that are suitable for exact aircraft-specific conditions. Whether it is fitting, maintenance or repair work, a business jet or an airliner.

ZELLINGER, A Outdoor, Stand K106

More than 30 years of know-how in development and design. Optimized, quick and low-cost operation of equipment for the entire range of AC types. Toilet Service Vehicle: The tank is designed with two compartments. A vacuum plant is providing quick and efficient cleaning of the aircraft toilets. Water Service Unit: The self-supporting stainless-steel tank in V4A V4A Voice for Animals (Canadian animal rights organization)  is supplied with an integrated disinfectant unit. Now the disinfection of the tank takes only 30 minutes.
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