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Company Watch - NASA.

Apr 12, 2009

Years after thousands of pilots told NASA NASA: see National Aeronautics and Space Administration.
 in full National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Independent U.S.
 about their in-flight safety experiences and NASA shut down the survey without divulging any findings, the pilots' views remain a mystery. A congressional investigation to be released Thursday offers little new insight into what the pilots said during the telephone survey or what it might reveal about safe skies. NASA cut off the interviews in 2004 and chose not to analyze the results. The Government Accountability Office The Government Accountability Office (GAO) is the audit, evaluation, and investigative arm of the United States Congress, and thus an agency in the Legislative Branch of the United States Government. , the investigative arm of Congress, said the unprecedented $11 million telephone survey was sound in its design but plagued by resistance from federal aviation regulators and shortcomings in its implementation. The results, which include pilots' experiences with bird strikes and other safety events, are so complicated they couldn't be analyzed without more costly and extensive research, said the GAO report, which was obtained by The Associated Press before being made public. Apr 10, 2009

NASA has selected Avcoat as the material for its Orion crew exploration vehicle's heat shield, 14 months later than planned. The space agency had originally baselined Phenolic phe·no·lic
Of, relating to, containing, or derived from phenol.

Any of various synthetic thermosetting resins, obtained by the reaction of phenols with simple aldehydes and used as adhesives.
 Impregnated Carbon Ablator (PICA (1) In word processing, a monospaced font that prints 10 characters per inch.

(2) In typography, about 1/6th of an inch (0.166") or 12 points.
), but in subsequent testing it was outperformed by Avcoat. The Avcoat selected is a reformulation of the Apollo original as environmental legislation has since banned some of the 1960s ingredients. Apr 10, 2009

NASA is asking for help from the aviation community to determine how best to move forward in developing technologies to prevent loss-of-control accidents for a wide range of aircraft. The work, which will likely use the agency[sup.1]s specially modified F/A-18 research aircraft as well as miniature turbine-powered subscale transport aircraft radio-controlled models, is part of NASA's integrated resilient aircraft control project, a long-term research effort to advance the state of the art in onboard aircraft control systems. Apr 10, 2009

Design contracts for NASA's Ares V cargo launch vehicle (CaLV) and its Altair lunar lander payload are to be awarded in the next few days and weeks. Both are key to NASA's plan to go to the Moon from 2020, and at the Space Foundation's National Space Symposium in Colorado Springs from 30 March-2 April, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne and Northrop Grumman told Flight International about how they could be engineered. Apr 6, 2009

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Date:Apr 13, 2009
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