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Company Watch - Continental Airlines.

Jan 22, 2007

Amadeus signed a new five-year agreement with Continental Airlines making the carrier's full content available without surcharges (Amadeus's new Content Plus program) to users in the US, Puerto Rico Puerto Rico (pwār`tō rē`kō), island (2005 est. pop. 3,917,000), 3,508 sq mi (9,086 sq km), West Indies, c.1,000 mi (1,610 km) SE of Miami, Fla.  and the US Virgin Islands. Jan 8, 2007

US carriers, battered bat·ter 1  
v. bat·tered, bat·ter·ing, bat·ters
1. To hit heavily and repeatedly with violent blows.

2. To subject to repeated beatings or physical abuse.

 by low-cost competition at home, have sought out growth on lucrative international routes, and China's economic expansion presents a strong opportunity for airlines with service there. The United States United States, officially United States of America, republic (2005 est. pop. 295,734,000), 3,539,227 sq mi (9,166,598 sq km), North America. The United States is the world's third largest country in population and the fourth largest country in area.  keeps tight reins reins
The kidneys, loins, or lower back.
 on rights to fly to China, so competition for the routes among airlines is stiff. Interested parties have 14 days to object to the government decision. The Transportation Department then has seven days to answer the objections. After that, the department will review the comments and issue a final decision. American, Continental and Northwest each expressed disappointment that their applications weren't accepted. But none indicated plans to formally object to the decision. Jan 9, 2007

CO reports $343 million 2006 net profit on strength of 17.1% revenue spike A burst of extra voltage in a power line that lasts only a few nanoseconds. See power surge, power swell, sag and surge suppression.

(jargon) spike - To defeat a selection mechanism by introducing a (sometimes temporary) device that forces a specific result.
 despite a fourth-quarter net loss of $26 million, Continental Airlines reported 2006 net income of $343 million, a strong turnaround from a 2005 loss of $68 million, as full-year revenue jumped 17.1% to $13.13 billion. Jan 19, 2007

Continental reports Q4 profit, beats target. Strong demand for travel helped Continental Airlines narrow its fourth-quarter loss. The airline today reported a loss of $26 million, compared with a loss of $43 million a year earlier. The latest results include a $22 million charge connected with the pension plan for Continental's pilots Jan 18, 2007

Continental adds $71M to employee pension plan. Continental Airlines has added $71 million to its employee pension plans, exceeding the maximum funding requirements, the company said Thursday. The airline has contributed almost $1.2 billion to the plan since the start of 2002. Jan 12, 2007

The US Transportation Department awarded United daily service between Washington's Dulles Airport and Beijing's China Peking Capital Airport. Flights will begin March 25 if the agency's decision becomes final. In winning the route, United beat competing applications from American Airlines American Airlines

Major U.S. airline. American was created through a merger of several smaller U.S. airlines and incorporated in 1934. It continued to buy the routes of other airlines, becoming an international carrier in the 1970s; its routes include South America, the
, Continental Airlines and Northwest Airlines, which all want to bolster This article is about the pillow called a bolster. For other meanings of the word "bolster", see bolster (disambiguation).

A bolster (etymology: Middle English, derived from Old English, and before that the Germanic word bulgstraz
 their existing China service. The Transportation Department said United's proposed capital-to-capital route benefits the greatest number of travelers. Jan 9, 2007 01/22/2007

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Jan 8, 2007
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