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ABS GLOBAL INC inc - /ink/ increment, i.e. increase by one. Especially used by assembly programmers, as many assembly languages have an "inc" mnemonic.

Antonym: dec.
. *

1525 River Rd, PO Box 459, DeForest de·for·est  
tr.v. de·for·est·ed, de·for·est·ing, de·for·ests
To cut down and clear away the trees or forests from.

, WI 53532; 608/846-3721, 800/227-7883, FAX: 608/846-6443

Web site:

Year established: 1941

Fiscal year: July-June

Parent company: Genus PLC

Number of employees: 242

Head, Global Products & Bus Strategy: Ian Biggs Ian Biggs (1963+) is a career dipolmat and the current Australian ambassador to Saudia Arabia. Life and career
Biggs was born on November 11, 1963, and is married with two school-age children.

COO, Americas: Bill Christensen

Gen Mgr, N.A.: Jack Hippen

Chief Genetics Officer: Denny Funk

Strategic Mktg Dir: Todd Kronberg

Dairy Prods Mgr: Scott Bentley Scott Bentley (born April 10, 1974 in Dallas, Texas) is a former American football kicker in the National Football League. He played parts of four seasons with the Atlanta Falcons, the Denver Broncos, the Kansas City Chiefs, the Washington Redskins, and the Baltimore Ravens.  

Beef Prods Mgr: Doug Frank

Dairy Sls Dir, N.A.: Tom Breunig

Beef Sls Dir, N.A.: Dwight Williams

HR/Dev Mgr: Sandi Baylor-Schmidt

Products: Dairy and beef cattle genetics, Uddercare products, breeding supplies, liquid nitrogen Noun 1. liquid nitrogen - nitrogen in a liquid state
atomic number 7, N, nitrogen - a common nonmetallic element that is normally a colorless odorless tasteless inert diatomic gas; constitutes 78 percent of the atmosphere by volume; a constituent of all living
 tanks Ad/PR agency: In-house

ADM See add/drop multiplexer.

(language) ADM - A picture query language, extension of Sequel2.

["An Image-Oriented Database System", Y. Takao et al, in Database Techniques for Pictorial Applications, A. Blaser ed, pp. 527-538].
 Alliance Nutrition[R]

Proven Performance from Innovative Nutrition[R]


1000 N. 30th St, Quincy, IL 62301:217/222-7100,

800/292-3333, FAX: 217/231-2150

Web site:

Year established: 1885

Fiscal year: Jan-Dec

Parent company: Archer Daniels Midland The Archer Daniels Midland Company (NYSE: ADM), is a conglomeration based in Decatur, Illinois. ADMoperates more than 270 plants worldwide, where cereal grains and oilseeds are processed into numerous products used in food, beverage, nutraceutical, industrial and animal feed  

Pres: Mark Kolkhorst (

VP, ANI N.A.: Mike Manning (

VP, R&D: Dr. David Holzgraefe (

VP, Intl: Jack Cwach (

Dir, Mfg: Paul Wujek (

Dir, US Feed Bus: Mark StephenS (

Gen Mgr, N.A. Pet Feed & Premix premix

a finite mixture of nutritional supplements such as minerals and vitamins, usually combined with a carrier and ready for mixing with a total ration.
: Chuck LoefeR (

Controller: Michele Huseman (

Products: Beef, contact Dr. Jeff Hill (; equine; customer service, specialty and Alliance Animal Health products, contact Sheldon Bailey (; dairy feeds, contact Don Jaquette (; commercial swine feeds, swine production alliances and show feeds. contact Bruce McClain (; wildlife, contact Jim Sours (; specialty ingredient products, contact Peter Bergstrom (, Chad Howser (, Dan Knoll (, or Randy Schwedes (; dealer development, contact Crystal Bliven (

Accelerated Genetics


E10890 Penny Ln, Baraboo, WI 53913; 608/356-8357, 800/451-9275,

FAX: 608/356-4387

Web site:

Year established: 1941

Fiscal year: October-September

Number of employees: 350

CEO (1) (Chief Executive Officer) The highest individual in command of an organization. Typically the president of the company, the CEO reports to the Chairman of the Board. : Joel Groskreutz (

VP, Intl Sls: Gary Fassett (

VP, Domestic Sls: Amy VanderMark(

Comms Dir: Angie Lindloff (

Products: Dairy/beef semen, animal health products, DNA DNA: see nucleic acid.
 or deoxyribonucleic acid

One of two types of nucleic acid (the other is RNA); a complex organic compound found in all living cells and many viruses. It is the chemical substance of genes.
 marker research (Genetic Visions Inc.)

Ad/PR agency: In-house


4640 Trueman Blvd. Hillard, OH 43026; 800/821-6710,

FAX: 614/658-0204

Web site:

Year established: 1966

Ag Mgr: Kevin Rapp (

Products: Single-wall high-density polyethylene high-density polyethylene
n. Abbr. HDPE
A strong, relatively opaque form of polyethylene having a dense structure with few side branches off the main carbon backbone.
high-density polyethylene
) drainage pipe; N-12 dual-wall HDPE drainage pipe; single-wall and dual-wall fittings; PolyFlex for irrigation irrigation, in agriculture, artificial watering of the land. Although used chiefly in regions with annual rainfall of less than 20 in. (51 cm), it is also used in wetter areas to grow certain crops, e.g., rice.  and water service; Nyloplast drain basins, channels and grates; Grain-Aire pipe for grain aeration aeration /aer·a·tion/ (ar-a´shun)
1. the exchange of carbon dioxide for oxygen by the blood in the lungs.

2. the charging of a liquid with air or gas.

; screens and guards

Ag Leader[R]



2202 S. Riverside Dr, PO Box 2348, Ames, IA 50010:515/232-5363 ext 7107,

FAX: 515/232-3595

Web site:

Year established: 1992 Mktg Mgr: Lori Costello (

Products: Precision agricultural systems, including yield monitoring, application rates monitoring. GPS, guidance, steering and precision ag software Ad/PR agency: Lessing-Flynn


Your Agriculture Company

AGCO AGCO Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario
AGCO Anderson, Greenwood, & Company
AGCO After Google Check-Out

4205 River Green Pkwy, Duluth, GA 30096-2584; 770/813-9200. 877/525-4384,

FAX: 770/813-6038

Web site:

AGCO Parts: 1500 N. Raddant Rd. Batavia. IL 60510

Year established: 1990

Fiscal year: January-December

Number of employees: 20,000+ worldwide

Chmn/CEO/Pres: Martin Richenhagen

Sr VP/Gen Mgr, N.A.: Robert Crain

Sr VP, Global Mktg & Product Mgmt: Randy Hoffman

Sr VP, HR: Lucinda Smith

VP, Customer Support: Bruce Plagman

VP, Mktg, N.A.: Jason Marx

VP, Global Mktg & Brand Mgmt: Eric Raby

VP, Parts Div, N.A.: Hans Lehmann

Global Dist. & Mktg Dir: Mike Cully cul·ly   Archaic
n. pl. cul·lies
A fool or dupe.

tr.v. cul·lied, cul·ly·ing, cul·lies
To fool; cheat.

[Perhaps from cullion.]

Investor Relations Investor relations

The process by which the corporation communicates with its investors.
 Dir: Greg Peterson Greg Peterson (born January 21 1984) is a defensive tackle for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He was drafted by Tampa Bay in the 5th round of the 2007 NFL Draft, and was their first draft pick since 1986. He attended North Carolina Central University.  

HHP HHP Hand Held Products (Barcode Reader Manufacturer, Charlotte, NC)
HHP Holistic Health Practitioner
HHP High Hydrostatic Pressure
HHP Honolulu Heart Program
HHP Hydraulic Horsepower
HHP Hand-Held Phone
 Tractors, Seeding & Tillage Mktg Dir: David Webster David Webster can refer to several people:


  • David Webster (businessman), Chairman of InterContinental Hotels Group


  • David L.

Hay & Harvesting Mktg Dir: Todd Stucke

Over-100 HP Tractors Mktg

Dir: Jeff Terlep

Channel Mktg Dir: Peter Garza

Application Equip Mktg Dir: Mark Sharitz

Creative & Fulfillment, N.A., Mgr: Phil Jones
This article is about the climatologist. For Phil Jones, the journalist, see here.

Philip D. Jones (1952-) is a climatologist at the University of East Anglia, notable for maintaining of the time series of the instrumental temperature record

Mktg Mgr, AGCO Parts: Christine Whitfield

Brand Mktg Mgr, Massey Ferguson Massey Ferguson Limited is a major agricultural equipment manufacturer. Originally started in Canada it became one of the country's largest industrial concerns in the 1960s. : Meghann McNally

Brand Mktg Mgr, Fendt: Reid Hamre

Brand Mktg Mgr, Gleaner: Kevin Bien

Brand Mktg Mgr, Challenger: Greg Kirksey

Mktg Svcs Mgr: Vikki Walton

Event Mktg: Andy Thompson Andrew Ernest Joseph "Andy" Thompson (born December 14, 1924 - ) is a former Canadian politician. Thompson was a member of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario, and later served as a Senator.  

Event Mktg: Danielle Garner

Field Mktg Spec. Application Equip: Nick Huston Comms Spec. PR: Lindsey Pettyjohn

Products: Advanced Technology Solutions precision ag products: Challenger tractors Challenger is part of the AGCO Corporation and was formed when AGCO bought Caterpillar's agricultural tractor business in 2001. The purchase included the tracked-tractor business. AGCO later added combines, hay equipment, implements, and wheeled tractors. . combines and hay tools; Fendt tractors; Gleaner combines; Hesston hay tools and manure spreaders; Massey Ferguson tractors, loaders, combines, hay tools and implements; RoGator, TerraGator, Spra-Coupe and Willmar application equipment; AGCO Power diesel engines; Sunflower tillage and seeding equipment: Valtra tractors; White Planters row crop planters Media planning & administration: Flint Communications PR agency: Broadhead

AGRELIANT GENETICS LLC (Logical Link Control) See "LANs" under data link protocol.

LLC - Logical Link Control

1122 E. 169th St, Westfield, IN 46074; 317/896-5552, FAX: 317/896-9209

Web site:

Pres/CEO: Craig Newman (

VP, Sls & Mktg: Craig Anderson Craig Anderson may refer to::
  • Craig Anderson (ice hockey) - NHL goaltender, playing for the Florida Panthers as of 2007
  • Craig Anderson (actor) - Australian writer and actor
  • Craig Anderson (baseball) - Former Major League Baseball pitcher

Comms: Samantha Sisk (

Products: AgriGold, LG Seeds, Producers Hybrids, Wensman, Pride (Canada)


13131 Lake Fraser Or SE., Calgary. AB T2J 7E8; 403/225-7000, 877/AGRIUM-1, FAX: 403/225-7618

Web site:

Year established: 1993

Fiscal year: January-December

Number of employees: 14,00

Pres/CEO: Mike Wilson Mike Wilson could refer to the following people:
  • Mike Wilson (filmmaker), director of the 2004 documentary Michael Moore Hates America
  • Mike Wilson (racing), six times winner of the Karting World Championship in the late 1980s and early 1990s

EVP/CFO: Stephen Dyer

EVP EVP Executive Vice President
EVP EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) Valve Position Sensor
EVP Electronic Voice Phenomenon
EVP Europäische Volkspartei (Germany)
EVP Employee Value Proposition
, Intl Dev: Bruce Waterman

EVP, Corp Dev/Chief Risk Officer: Leslie O'Donoghue

EVP/COO: Chuck Magro

Sr VP/Chief Legal Officer: Eric Miller Eric Miller is the name of:
  • Eric Miller (musician), American DJ
  • Eric Miller (rugby player) (born 1975), Irish rugby player
  • Eric Miller (businessman) (1927–1977), English businessman, Chairman of Peachey Properties

Sr VP, Agrium/Pres, Wholesale: Ron Wilkinson (

Sr VP, Agnum/Pres. Agnum Advanced Technologies: Andrew Mittag (

Sr VP, Agrium/Pres, Retail: Richard Gearheard (

Sr VP, HR: Jim Grossett (

VP, Mktg & Distribution: Susan Jones (

VP, Wholesale, N. Amer Sls: Breen Neeser (

VP, Investor & Corp Relations: Richard Downey (

Sr Dir. Sustainability & Stakeholder Relations: Doug Beever (

Products: Nitrogen-based fertilizers, contact Loren Perrier (; phosphate and sulphate. contact Craig Fisher Craig Fisher (born June 30, 1970 in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada) is a retired professional ice hockey player. He played 12 NHL games with the Philadelphia Flyers, Winnipeg Jets, and Florida Panthers.  (; potash. contact Greg Niemack (


2915 Rocky Mountain Ave. Ste 400, Loveland, CO

80538; 970/292-9000

Web site:

Year established: 2006

Parent company: Agrium

Pres: Andrew Mittag VP Wholesale, Sls & Mktg: Jett Novak

Products: ESN (Electronic Serial Number) A unique identification number built into a cellphone for security purposes.  Smart Nitrogen, Ultrayield icronutrients

Ad agency: AdFarm


207 N. 7th St. PO Box 29, Kentland, IN 47951; 219/474-5557. 888/999-0859

Web site:

Year established: 1983

Gen Mgr: Dave Treinen (

VP, Product & Ops: Mark Jacques(

VP, Sls & Mktg: Jim Groepper (

Bus Dev Mgr: Chuck Schneider (

Product/Technology Mktg Dir: Scott Hart (

Seed & Technology Mgr: Keith Campbell Keith Campbell may refer to:
  • Keith Campbell (biologist), English biologist involved in the study of cloning.
  • Keith Campbell (motorcyclist), Australian former Grand Prix motorcycle world champion.

Seed & Technology Mgr: Louis Sutton (

Production Mgr: Bill Hoben (

Products: Corn products, contact Mark Jacques (; soybean/alfalfa products, contact Jeff Shaner (

Ad agency: INNOVA

PR agency: Erickson Consulting



Eighteenth-century mission in San Antonio, Texas, site of a historic siege of a small group of Texans by a Mexican army (1836) during the Texas war for independence from Mexico.

1020 S. Sangamon Ave, Gibson City, IL 60936: 217/784-4261, 800/221-2855,

FAX: 800/451-1653

Web site:

Year established: 1934

Fiscal year: January-December

Number of employees: 350

Sls & Mktg Dir: Greg Pollock

Products: Rotary cutters, loaders, backhoes, rear blades, tillage, post-hole diggers Diggers, members of a small English religio-economic movement (fl. 1649–50), so called because they attempted to dig (i.e., cultivate) the wastelands. They were an offshoot of the more important group of Puritan extremists known as the Levelers. . rakes, seeders, harrows, finish mowers, hay equipment, boom mowers, flail mowers, disc mowers, hay tedders, vertical tillage, v-rippers, surface cultivators, tillage Ad/PR agency: Jones and Thomas


3031 Catnip Hill Pike, Nicholasville, KY 40356; 859/885-9613,

FAX: 859/887-3256

Web site:

Year established: 1980

Number of employees: 2.800

Pres: Pearse Lyons

Sls Mgr, N.A.: Geoff Frank (

Mktg Mgr, N.A.: Manoella Alves (

Trade Media Relations, N.A.: Ann Kopecky (

Corp PR: Susanna Elliott (

Alltech Ag Network: Billy Frey (

Products: Animal and aquaculture aquaculture, the raising and harvesting of fresh- and saltwater plants and animals. The most economically important form of aquaculture is fish farming, an industry that accounts for an ever increasing share of world fisheries production.  health--Alltech Advantage series (aqua, beef, dairy, equine. mineral, pig, poultry and pet); Actigen; Allzyme SSF SSF Scalable Simulation Framework
SSF Single Stock Futures
SSF Service Switching Function
SSF Small Form Factor
SSF Svenska Simförbundet (Swedish Swimming Association)
SSF Space Station Freedom
SSF Society of St.
; Bio-Mos; Bioplex; DEMP DEMP Dispersed Electromagnetic Pulse
DEMP Density Equalizing Map Projection
DEMP Directorate of Environmental Management and Planning
DEMP Diesel Engine Maintenance Program
DEMP Diving Emergency Management Program
DEMP Dipole Electromagnetic Profiling
; Integral; MTB-100; LIFEFORCE Formula; NuPro; Optigen; Sel-Plex; Yea-Sacc 1026; Alltech Crop Sciences--Agro-Mos; Compost-Aid; Complex-Aid; Crop-Set: Grain-Set: Soil-Set; Liqui-Plex Mn; Bloom & Fruit: Soil & Root: Lyons Farm consumer products (beef and chicken)


4695 MacArthur Ct, Ste 1200, Newport Beach Newport Beach, residential and resort city (1990 pop. 66,643), Orange co., S Calif., on Newport Bay and the Pacific Ocean; inc. 1906. It is a popular seaside resort and yachting center. Manufactures include electrical and medical equipment, computers, boats, and adhesives. , CA

92660; 949/260-1200, 800/969-4361

Web site:

Year established: 1969

Fiscal year: January-December

Number of employees: 340

CEO/Pres: Eric Wintemute

VP, Sls: James Lehman (

Mktg Dir: Tony Zatyluy (

Investor Relations/Corp PR: Bill Kuser (

Products: Insecticides, herbicides, nematicides, molluscicides. growth regulators, biocides, animal repellents, defoliants

The Andersons


PO Box 119, 480W. Dussel Dr, Maumee, OH

43537; 419/891-6417, 800/537-3370,

FAX: 419/891-6670

Web site:

Year established: 1947

Fiscal year: January-December

Number of employees: 3,000

Pres/CEO: Mike Anderson For other uses, see Mike Anderson (disambiguation).

Michael Moschello "Mike" Anderson (born September 21, 1973 in Winnsboro, South Carolina) is an American Football running back and former Marine who currently plays for the Baltimore Ravens of the NFL.

COO: Hal Reed

Pres, Ethanol Group: Neill McKinstray

Pres, Grain Group: Denny Addis

Pres, Plant Nutrient Group: Bill Wolf

Pres, Rail Group: Rasesh Shah

Pres, Retail Group: Dan Anderson Dan Anderson may refer to:
  • Dan Anderson (writer), American writer
  • Dan Anderson (psychologist) (1920-2003), American psychologist
  • Dan Andersson (1888-1920), Swedish poet
  • Daniel Andersson (born 1977), Swedish soccer player

Pres, Turf & Spec Group: Tom Waggoner

Mktg Dir, Grain & Ethanol Group: David Stover

VP/Mktg, Plant Nutrient Group: Mel Hahn Comms Mgr: Debra Crow

Products: Freedom Pricing Tools, contact Cheryl Vion-Hasenaur (; The Andersons Ag Vantage Agency (crop insurance), contact Julie Myers Julie L. Myers is the Assistant Secretary of Homeland Security for Immigration and Customs Enforcement. She assumed the job following a recess appointment by President George W. Bush on January 4, 2006.  (

Ad/PR agency: Brand Innovation Group



4666 Faries Pkwy, PO Box 1470, Decatur, IL 62525; 217/424-5200, 800/637-5843

Web site:

Year established: 1902

Fiscal year: January-December

Number of employees: 30,000

Chmn/CEO/Pres: Patricia Woertz

Exec VP/COO: Juan R. Luciano

SVP/CFO: Ray Young

SVP/Pres, Corn: Mark Bemis

SVP/Pres, Global Oilseeds: Matt Jansen Matthew Brooke "Matt" Jansen (born October 20, 1977 in Carlisle, England) is an English football player.

A creative player, and a former England under-21 international, his career started at Carlisle United, where he scored 10 league goals.

SVP/Pres, Ag Svcs: Joe Taets

Products: Food ingredients, animal feeds and feed ingredients, and industrials

Ad agency: Stephan & Brady

Art's Way


5556 Hwy 9 W., PO Box 288, Armstrong. IA 50514; 712/864-3131,

FAX: 712/864-3312

Web site:

Year established: 1956

Fiscal year: December-November

Number of employees: 150

Pres/CEO: Carrie Majeski

Sls Mgr: Brian Crouch

Products: Art's-Way animal feed processing equipment, crop shredding, land management and tillage equipment, sugarbeet equipment; Miller Pro and Badger hay and forage equipment, augers, spreaders, and round balers

Ad agency: Cross Country Marketing Associates

ARYSTA LIFESCIENCE NORTH AMERICA North America, third largest continent (1990 est. pop. 365,000,000), c.9,400,000 sq mi (24,346,000 sq km), the northern of the two continents of the Western Hemisphere. , LLC

15401 Weston Pkwy, Ste 150, Cary, NC 27513; 919/678-4900, FAX: 919/678-2194

Web site:

Year established: 2001

Fiscal year: January-December

Parent company: Arysta LifeScience Corporation

Number of employees: 150

Pres/CEO: Amy Yoder

Head, Mktg & Canada Sls: Hugh MacGillivray

Head, US Sls: Jeff Tweedy

Head, Global Corp & N.A. Mktg Comms: Linda Frerichs (

Products: EVITO, ELEVATE, KANEMITE. PH-D, contact Brent Byers (; MAESTRO. ELEVATE, ORTHENE, DECREE, KANEMITE, SHUTTLE, contact Mark McLear (; EVEREST 2.0. PRE-PARE, RAZE raze also rase  
tr.v. razed also rased, raz·ing also ras·ing, raz·es also ras·es
1. To level to the ground; demolish. See Synonyms at ruin.

2. To scrape or shave off.

GBX Gameboy eXtreme (emulator)
GBX Great British Pence (stocks currency)
GBX Gigabit Express
, DEPLOY, NEXTSTEP NG, SELECT, contact Craig Brekkas (; PIX WSG WSG Web Standards Group
WSG Warsong Gulch (World of Warcraft; gaming)
WSG Web Services Gateway (IBM)
WSG Washington, Pennsylvania (Airport Code) 
, ADIOS, CHAPERONE chaperone /chap·er·one/ (shap´er-on) someone or something that accompanies and oversees another.

molecular chaperone
, CAPTAN captan

group of organic sulfur compounds used as fungicides, including topical treatment of dermatophytosis. Poisoning of birds causes loss of egg production, anorexia and slow growth.
, BASAGRAN, contact Henry Allen Henry Allen or Henry Allan may refer to:
  • Henry "Red" Allen (circa 1906-1967), jazz trumpeter
  • Henry Allen (journalist), Pulitzer Prize for Criticism winner
  • Henry Allen (theologian) (1748-1784), Christian hymnwriter

Ad/PR agency: Woodruff Sweitzer

The Chemical Company

BASF BASF Bar Association of San Francisco (since 1872; San Francisco, California)
BASF Badische Anilin und Soda Fabrik (German chemical products company)
BASF Builders Association of South Florida

26 Davis Dr, Research Triangle Park Research Triangle Park, research, business, medical, and educational complex situated in central North Carolina. It has an area of 6,900 acres (2,795 hectares) and is 8 × 2 mi (13 × 3 km) in size. Named for the triangle formed by Duke Univ. , NC 27709; 919/547-2000, 800/669-1770

Web site:

Year established: 1865

Group VP (N.A.): Nevin McDougall

VP, US Bus Ops: Paul Rea Paul V. Rea is a television news reporter and anchor at WSAV-TV the NBC affiliate in Savannah, Georgia. Early life
Rea was born in Clarkesville, Georgia to Judy, a florist, and James M. Rea, an attorney. According to his mother,he knew he wanted to be a DJ at an early age.

Mktg Dir: Neil Bentley

Mktg Comms Mgr: Pat Morrow (

Technical Svc Mgr: Rick Chamblee (

Mkt Research Mgr: Chuck Benson (

Products: Fungicides, herbicides, insecticides, and plant regulators

Ad agency: Mullen Communications

PR agency: Padilla Spear Beardsley




4400 E. Hwy 30, Kearney, NE 68847; 308/234-1951, 800/822-5394,

FAX: 800/828-4453

Web site:

Year established: 1936

Fiscal year: December-November

Parent company: Clarcor

Number of employees: 800

Pres: Sam Ferrise

Products: Baldwin filters, contact Jean Seitz (

Bayer CropScience


Two TW Alexander Dr, PO Box 12014, Research Triangle Park, NC 27709; 919/549-2000

Web site:

Year established: 2002

Parent company: Bayer AG Bayer AG

German chemical and pharmaceutical company. Founded in 1863 by Friedrich Bayer (1825–1880), it now operates plants in more than 30 countries. Bayer has originated scores of pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and synthetic materials; it was the first developer and

Number of employees: 17,900

Pres/CEO: Jim Biome

VP, Mktg, Portfolio Mgmt: Mike Deall

Mktg Comms Head: EJ Coble-Penning (

Mktg Comms Mgr: Cory Wightman (

Mktg Comms Mgr: Terri Mitchell (

Internal Comms Mgr: Beth Roden (

Products: Insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, seed treatments

Ad/PR agencies: AdFarm; Rhea rhea, in zoology
rhea (rē`ə), common name for a South American bird of the family Rheidae, which is related to the ostrich. Weighing from 44 to 55 lb (20–25 kg) and standing up to 60 in.
 + Kaiser; LBi; BBDO BBDO Batten, Barton, Durstine & Osborn
BBDO Bringing Biogeographic Data Online

Bayer HealthCare Animal Health


12707 Shawnee Mission Pkwy, Shawnee. KS 66216, 913/268-2000, 800/633-3796

Web site:

Parent company: Bayer AG

Comms Dir: Staci Gouveia (

Mktg Mgr, Lvstk: Todd Firkens (

Sr Comms Rep: Rene Ward (

Products: Advantage, K9 Advantix. Drontal, Legend, Marquis, Profender, resQ, Baytril 100, Catosal, Tempo, QuickBayt, Cylence. Co-Ral




6767 E. 276th St, Atlanta, IN 46031; 317/984-3508, 800/937-2325,

FAX: 317/984-3500

Web site:

Year established: 1937

Fiscal year: January-December

Number of employees: 318

Pres: Sonny Beck

VP: Scott Beck

Sls Dir: Tom Hooper

Research Dir: Kevin Cavanaugh

Mktg Comms Mgr: Ryan Parkin parkin

Brit a moist spicy ginger cake usually containing oatmeal [origin unknown]

HR Mgr: Bethany Gremel (

Products: Hybrid seed corn, soybeans, wheat, alfalfa alfalfa (ălfăl`fə) or lucern (lsûn`), perennial leguminous plant (Medicago sativa , forages

Ad/PR agency: In-house



Inventing the Future


801 Dayton Ave. Ames, IA 50010:515/232-5907, 800/232-5907

Web site:

Year established: 1982

CEO: Peter Innes

Product Mgr: Russ Berndt (

Product Mgr: Joe Lara (

Products: Vault HP plus Integral, Vault liquid for peanuts, contact Russ Berndt (; Nemasys, Transition HL, contact Joe Lara (

Ad/PR agencies: McCormick. AKL AKL - Andorra Kernel Language  



PO Box 569. 4025 E. 23rd St, Columbus, NE 68601; 402/564-3111, 800/553-5520.

FAX: 402/563-7314

Web site:

Branch offices: Behlen Country, 101 Rosser-Wyatt Rd, Huntingdon, TN 38344; Behlen Country, 4000 23rd St, Baker City, OR 97814; Distefano Technology & Manufacturing, 3838 S. 108th St, Omaha, NE 68144; Behlen Building Systems. 2971 E. Copper Point Dr, Meridian, ID 83642: Behlen Building Systems, 102 W. 4th St, Loveland, CO 80537

Year established: 1936

Fiscal year: November-October Number of employees: 850

Chmn/Coach: TR Raimondo

CEO/Pres: Phil Raimondo

Vice Chmn of the 8d/Co-Pres, IDP: Tony Raimondo, Jr.

Co-Pres, IDP: Lyle Burbach Pres, Behlen Country: Darren Siekman

Gen Mgr. Behlen Building Systems: Steve Becker

Corp Comms Mgr: Jon Heibel (

Gen Mgr, Distefano Technology & Manufacturing: Brian Turner

Products: Behlen Country farm and ranch equipment (gates, stock tanks, a complete line of cattle management and horse equipment, dog kennels, 3-point implements); Behlen Building Systems; Behlen International Ag systems (storage of food and cereal grains, edible beans, oil seeds, and other bulk commodities); Behlen custom fabrication fabrication (fab´rikā´shn),
n the construction or making of a restoration.

Ad agencies: In-house agency and Stewart & Associates



PO Box 115, Blue Mounds, WI 53517;

608/437-8891, 800/246-8381, FAX: 608/437-8883

Web site:

Year established: 1991

Pres: William Zimmer

Mktg Dir: Bill Helwig

Natl Sls Dir: Gary Grimsman

Product Mgr: Ron Martin (

Products: Direct-fed microbials and silage silage (sī`lĭj) or ensilage (ĕn`səlĭj), succulent, moist feed made by storing a green crop in a silo. The crop most used for silage is corn; others are sorghum, sunflowers, legumes, and grass.  inoculants, contact Bill Helwig (; capsules, paste/gel tubes, electrolytes and drenches, contact Ron Martin (

Boehringer Ingelheim


3902 Gene Field Rd, St. Joseph, MO 64506: 816/233-2571. 800/821-7467

Web site:

Pres: Albrecht Kissel This article is about a dessert. For the car company, see Kissel Motor Car Company.

Kissel (Kisiel in Polish, kiisseli in Finnish) is a popular dessert in Eastern and Northern Europe.

Cattle Div Dir: Steve Boren

VP, Sls & Mktg/Swine Div Dir: Tim Bettington

Equine Div Dir: Man Musselman

Pet Div Dir: Colin Meyer

Products: Biological and pharmaceutical products for cattle, swine, horses, and pets


PO Box 8050, Madison, WI 53708-8050; 608/222-3484,

FAX: 608/222-9314

Web site:

BouMatic Europe: Rue Jules Melotte 31, 4350

Remicourt, Belgium

Year established: 1939

Number of employees: 350

Dir. Global PR & Comms: John Mansavage (

Mgr, PR & Comms: Ali Schultz (

Products: Dairy stall systems, milking systems, automation and management systems, hoof hoof, horny epidermal casing at the end of the digits of an ungulate (hoofed) mammal. In the even-toed ungulates, such as swine, deer, and cattle, the hoof is cloven; in the odd-toed ungulates, such as the horse and the rhinoceros, it is solid.  care products, dairy chemicals and supplies, cooling systems, SmartDairy management systems

Ad/PR agency: In-house


4600 N.W. Second Ave, Ste 100, Des Moines, IA

50313; 515/242-2321, 800/435-4437 ext 2321,

FAX: 515/283-1610

Web site:

Fiscal year: January-December

Number of employees: 1,500

Pres: Kenneth Allen (

Sls & Mktg Dir: Tom Rodgers (

Comms/Ad Mgr: Joyce Bonish (

Products: Ag tires--radial/bias rear, irrigation, flotation, front implement; specialty tires--forestry, construction

Ad/PR agency: The Meyocks Group


1260 Clarence Ave, Winnipeg, MB R3T R3T Real Text Three Dimensional  1T2, 204/661-8711,

FAX: 204/654-2503

Web site:

CEO: Yury Ryazanov

Pres: Dmitry Lyubimov

Mktg Dir: Adam Reid (

Products: Tractors, tillage. sprayers, grain storage & handling, and other equipment (Allied, Farm King, Inland, Redball, and Versatile brands)



11720 Borman Dr, St. Louis, MO 63146: 314/292-2000

Web site:

Number of employees: 4.500

Pres/ CEO: Soren Schroder

Exec VP, N.A.: Tim Gallagher

VP/GM, Milling: George Allard

VP/GM, Oils: Rodney Perry

VP/GM, Grain: Bailey Ragan

Comms Dir: Deborah Seidel sei·del  
A beer mug.

[German, from Middle High German sdel, from Latin situla, bucket.]

Noun 1.

Products: Grain origination, processing, exports


826 Arenzville Rd, Arenzville, IL 62611; 217/997-5511, 887/4-BURRUS,

FAX: 217/997-5522

Web site:

Year established: 1942

Fiscal year: December-November

Pres: Tom Burrus

Products: Burrus, Hoblit. Hughes, and Power Plus brands of hybrid seed corn, soybeans, and alfalfa Ad agency: HIP Advertising



4 Parkway N., Ste 400, Deerfield, IL 60015-2590; 847/405-2400,

FAX: 847/405-2711

Web site:

Year established: 1946

Fiscal year: January-December Parent company: CF Industries Holdings, Inc.

Number of employees: 2,400

Chmn/CEO: Stephen Wilson

Sr VP/Sls & Mkt Dev: Bert Frost

Products: Nitrogen and phosphate fertilizer

CHS (Cylinder Head Sector) An earlier method of addressing a hard disk by referencing all three physical elements of the drive. It was superseded by logical block addressing (see LBA).  


5500 Cenex Dr, Inver Grove Heights Inver Grove Heights, city (1990 pop. 22,477), Dakota co., SE Minn. A suburb of St. Paul, its manufactures include motor-vehicle and aircraft parts, asphalt, feeds, consumer goods, building materials, paper products, and medical equipment. , MN 55077: 651/355-6000, 800/232-3639,

FAX: 651/355-4310

Web site:

Year established: 1998

Fiscal year: September-August

Number of employees: 8,500

Pres/CEO: Carl Casale

Corp Comms Dir: Lani Jordan

Products: Grain marketing, food processing, and petroleum refineries/pipelines; marketing and distribution of Cenex brand energy products, crop nutrients and feed, as well as finance, risk management and insurance services

Ad/PR agency: CoIle & McVoy

1. Central Standard Time

2. convulsive shock treatment

CST Central Standard Time

Noun 1.



345 Harvestore Dr, DeKalb, IL 60115; 815/756-1551,

FAX: 815/756-1659

Web site:;

Year established: 1949

Parent company: CST Industries Inc. VP: Rick Jones (

Products: Harvestore, Slurrystore, AquaStore Ad/PR agency: Grade A Strategic Brand and Marketing Solutions



611 N. Higbee St, PO Box 2000, Milford, IN 46542-2000; 574/658-4191,

FAX: 574/658-3471

Web site:

Year established: 1952

Fiscal year: January-December Parent company: Berkshire Hathaway Inc.

Number of employees: 1,200

CEO/Pres: Victor Mancinelli

CFO See Chief Financial Officer. : Randy Eveler

Comms Mgr: Susan Hight hight  
adj. Archaic
Named or called.

[Middle English, past participle of highten, hihten, to call, be called, from hehte, hight, past tense of hoten

Products: Systems and solutions to improve efficiency in poultry, pig and egg production; systems for processing poultry; systems for grain storage, conditioning, drying and handling Ad/PR agency: In-house (CTB Advertising)



PO Box 9300, Minneapolis, MN 55440; 952/742-6000,

FAX: 952/742-7393

Web site:

Year established: 1865

Fiscal year: June-May Number of employees: 130,000

Pres, Cargill AgHorizons: Dave Baudler Products: Grain origination, distribution, processing, and marketing; crop inputs

Ad/PR agency: DKY Inc.




700 State St, Racine, WI 53404; 262/636-6011, 877/4-CASE-IH,

FAX: 262/636-6078

Web site:

Year established: 1842

Fiscal year: January-December

Parent company: CNH CNH Carteira Nacional de Habilitação
CNH Centro Nacional de Huracanes (Spanish)
CNH California Nevada Hawaii (a district of Kiwanis International)
CNH Club Náutico Hacoaj

Pres/CEO, Case IH Ag Equipment: Andreas Klauser

VP, N.A. Ag Bus: Jim Walker

Global Brand Mgmt Dir: Paula lnda

Sr N.A. Mktg Dir: Kyle Russell

N.A. Brand Comms: Ryann Greve

N.A. Public Relations public relations, activities and policies used to create public interest in a person, idea, product, institution, or business establishment. By its nature, public relations is devoted to serving particular interests by presenting them to the public in the most : Dan Danford

Products: Tractors, attachments for tractors, loaders for tractors, harvesting equipment, precision farming, tillage equipment, planting and seeding equipment, application equipment, hay and forage equipment, skid steers, utility vehicles

Ad agency: Cramer-Krasselt

PR agency: Morgan&Myers



100 N.E. Adams, Peoria, IL 61629; 309/675-1000,

FAX: 309/636-2738

Web site:

Year established: 1925

Natl Acct Mgr: Dustin Johansen (johansen_dustin

Mktg Mgr: Edna Fortich (

Products: SSUMTUCTL, contact Kevin Coleman (coleman_kevin@calcom); compact wheel loader, contact Jim Joy (; small wheel loader, contact Paul Fuller (fuller_paul_d@calcom) Ad agency: Gelia


1501 E. Woodfield Rd, Ste 200 W., Schaumburg, IL 60173; 800/347-8272,

FAX: 847/330-5392

Web site:

Year established: 1975

Fiscal year: October-September

Parent company: Central Garden & Pet

Professional Ag Business Mgr: Mark Taylor (

Professional Ag Sls Dir: Tracy Harris (

Ad/PR agency: Celtic Chicago, Inc.



800 N. Lindbergh Blvd, St. Louis, MO 63167;

Web site:

Branch offices: East Region, 612 E. Dunlap St, PO Box 157, Kentland, IN 47951, 800/331-7201; Central Region, 1617 E. 10th St, PO Box 518, Carroll, IA 51401, 800/369-8218; West Region, 3820 N. 56th Si, Lincoln, NE 68504, 800/279-7999

Year established: 1999

Fiscal year: September-August

Parent company: Monsanto

Corn Product Mgr: Bart Lofton (

Soybean soybean, soya bean, or soy pea, leguminous plant (Glycine max, G. soja, or Soja max) of the family Leguminosae (pulse family), native to tropical and warm temperate regions of Asia, where it has been  Product Mgr: Bill Jolly (

Brand Lead: Morgan Dugan (

Brand Mgr: Dan Buescher (

Brand Mgr: Heather Gotto (

Brand Comms Mgr: Seth Elrod (

Distribution Lead: Doug Liehs (

Products: Channel brand seed corn, soybeans, alfalfa and sorghum sorghum, tall, coarse annual (Sorghum vulgare) of the family Gramineae (grass family), somewhat similar in appearance to corn (but having the grain in a panicle rather than an ear) and used for much the same purposes.  

Ad/PR agency: McCormick

Digital: HLK HLK Header Locker Key  



PO Box 110566, One Park Dr, Ste 150, Research Triangle Park, NC 27709; 919/474-6600, 800/548-6113,

FAX: 919/474-6629

Web site:

Year established: 1938

Fiscal year: January-December

Parent company: Cheminova A/S

Number of employees: 42

Pres: Rico Taft Christensen (

Exec VP: Diane Allemang (

VP, Sls: Mark Bishop (

Mktg Mgr: Mike Krull (

Sr Product Mgr: Terry Baker (

Comms Mgr: Brad Chalk (

Products: Herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and other crop protection products



1735 N. Brown Rd, Lawrenceville, GA 30043; 678/502-4000,

FAX: 678/502-4719

Web site:

Year established: 1895

Fiscal year: January-December

Number of employees: 185

Pres: Scott Sutton (

Commercial Leader, N.A.: Ken Elsbury (

Dir, Global Technologies: Mark Singleton (

Natl Sls Dir: Ron Maitoza (

* Updated info not received for '13 MSG MSG: see glutamic acid. .

Ag Chem Mktg, N.A.: Don Guy


Seed Enhancement Mktg, N.A.: Mike Snyder


Key Acct Mgr, West: Geralyn West


Key Acct Mgr. East: Kendall Henson


Key Acct Mgr, Seed Treatment: Randy Stofferahn


Global Product Mgr, Insecticides, Miticides,

Fungicides: Jim Black (

Global Product Mgr. Seed Enhancement: Paul

Thomson (

Global Product Mgr, Herbicides, Adjuvants: David

Cote (

Products: Acaricides, fungicides, herbicides,

insecticides, plant growth regulators and seed


Ad/PR agency: CharlestonlOrwig


of Chief Industries, Inc.


3942 W. Old Hwy 30. Grand Island, NE 68802-2078;

308/389-7200, FAX: 308/389-7221

Web site:

Fiscal year: July-June

Parent company: Chief Industries Inc.

Number of employees: 175

CEO/Pres: Roger Townsend


Nati Sts Mgr: Ed Benson (

Customer Svc: Allen Mitchel


Products: Titan grain bins, Caldwell grain handling

and grain conditioning equipment, Lemanco feedmill


CLAAS CLAAS Clearwater Largo Area Astronomical Society  OF AMERICA INC.

8401 S. 132nd St. Omaha, NE 68138;

402/861-1000, FAX: 402/861-1003

Web site:

Year established: 1981

Fiscal year: October-September

Number of employees: 9,100

Chmn, Claes North America Holdings: Theo Freye


Pres. Claes North America Holdings: Leif

Magnusson (

VP, Product & Mktg: Bob Armstrong


Mktg Coord: John Schofield


Products: Self-propelled combine harvesters, forage

harvesters, balers and hay tools

Ad/PR agency: Bluestem bluestem

see andropogon.



4950 York St, PO Box 16428, Denver, CO 80216;

303/295-7527, 800/525-2065, FAX: 303/295-1923

Web site:

Year established: 1923

Fiscal year: January-December

Pres: J. N. Huff

VP, Mktg: Ed Lehigh


Products: Veterinary biologicals. precision engineered veterinary instruments, veterinary diagnostics, laboratory reagents, and specialty products

Ad agency: York Advertising




10789 S. Ridgeview Rd. Olathe, KS 66061;


Web site:

Year established: 1837

Fiscal year: November-October

CEO: Sam Allen

Pres. Ag & Turf Div: Jim Field

Sr VP, Ag & Turf Global Mktg Svcs: Cory Reed

VP, Ag & Turf Mktg & Sls: John Lagemann

Mgr, Media Relations: Barry Nelson


Products: Agricultural, consumer, commercial, construction and forestry equipment


6400 N.W. 86th St, Johnston, IA 50131;


Web site:

Year established: 1986

Fiscal year: November-October

Parent company: Deere & Co.

Number of employees: 2,000

Pres/CEO: Jim Israel

Sr VP: Larry Sidwell

Sr VP: Dan McCabe

Mktg Comms Mgr: David Patterson


Products: Equipment financing, leasing, and revolving credit Revolving Credit

A line of credit where the customer pays a commitment fee and is then allowed to use the funds when they are needed. It is usually used for operating purposes, fluctuating each month depending on the customers current cash flow needs.
; crop input financing; crop insurance Agencies: Bader Rutter & Associates; Two Rivers Marketing


11100 N. Congress Ave. Kansas City. MO 64153;

816/891-7700. FAX: 816/891-1606

Web site:

Year established: 1883

Parent company: DeLaval Holding AB

CEO/Pres: Joakim Rosengren

Natl Sls Mgr: Paul Lofgren

Mktg Dir: Benoit Passard


2525 60th Ave S.W., Cedar Rapids, IA 52404;

319/366-0745, 800/373-7234, FAX: 319/366-6333

Web site:

Year established: 1943

Fiscal year: January-December

Number of employees: 200

CEO/Pres: John Bloomhall

Sr VP, Planning & Bus Dev: Jeff Cannon

Dir, Global Mktg & Research: Mike Wright

N.A. Bus Unit Dir: Jim Keppen

N.A. Dairy Dir: Gerald Poppy


Natl Accts Dir: Kevin Larson


Poultry Dir Mike Mitchell


Beef/Specialty Bus Mgr: Paul Kropp


Swine Bus Dev Mgr: Dan Mueller


Products: Livestock feed ingredients--Diamond V Original XP, Original XPC (X Performance Characterization) A graphics benchmark that tests X Window performance. In 1993, the XPC project group created Xmark93, which rates a broad set of X functions in Xmarks. See GPC.

XPC - eXplicitly Parallel C.
, Original YC, XP DFM DFM Design for Manufacturing (newsletter)
DFM Design for Manufacturability
DFM Dubai Financial Market
DFM Delphi Form (computer filename extension)
DFM Distinguished Flying Medal
DFM Diesel Fuel Marine
, DiaMune, DVAqua, and SelenoSource AF


5200 Dickey-john Rd, Auburn, IL 62615;

217/438-3371, 800/637-2952, FAX: 217/438-6012

Web site:

Year established: 1966

Fiscal year: January-December

Parent company; TSI TSI Total Solar Irradiance (sum solar light in energy per unit of time)
TSI Trading Standards Institute (UK)
TSI Transportation Safety Institute (US DOT) 

Number of employees: 200

Products: Monitors for planters. drills and air seeders; single- and multi-channel control systems for anhydrous an·hy·drous
Without water, especially water of crystallization.

anhydrous (anhī´drus),
adj without water.


containing no water.
, sprayers and granular fertilizer; portable and tabletop moisture testers; infrared grain analyzers; ISO (1) See ISO speed.

(2) (International Organization for Standardization, Geneva, Switzerland, An organization that sets international standards, founded in 1946. The U.S. member body is ANSI.
 11783 multi-channel control and monitoring systems


W5527 Hwy 106, Fort Atkinson, WI 53538:

920/563-1400, 800/225-7695. FAX: 920/563-9721

Web site:

Year established: 1981

Fiscal year: January-December

Number of employees: 214

Pres: Grant lhrke

Sls & Mktg Dir: Kevin Klubertanz

Mktg Mgr: Robin Starkenburg

Products: Precision weighing systems for optimizing performance in feeding management, nutrient management, livestock weighing and production agriculture

Ad/PR agency: Cross Country Marketing Associates


9330 Zionsville Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46268;


Web site:

Year established: 1989

Fiscal year: January-December

Parent company: The Dow Chemical Co.

Number of employees: 7,100

CEO/Pres: Antonio Galindez

VP, N.A.: Stan Howell

U.S. Crop Protection Mktg Leader: Susanne


Natl Sls Mgr, Northern Crops: Dan Bouck

Natl Sls Mgr, Coastal Crops and IVM See Investment Valuation Model. : Jim Parker

Gen Mgr, Mycogen Seeds: Chris Garvey

Business Leader, Traits & Germplasm Licensing:

Ben Kaehler

Mktg Comms Leader: Susan Carney

Public Affairs Contact: Robyn Heine

Products: Herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, nitrogen stabilizers, fumigants; Mycogen, Triumph, Dairyland, Renze, Broclbeck, Prairie, Pfister and Hyland brand seed; PhytoGen cottonseed; SmartStax corn trait combination; Refuge Advanced powered by SmartStax; Herculex and WideStrike insect protection traits: Omega-9 canola and sunflower oils; EXZACT precision technology; Enlist weed control system

Ad/PR agency: Bader Rutter & Associates


PO Box 13327, Memphis, TN 38113-0327;

901/774-4370, FAX: 901/774-4666

Web site:

Year established: 1972

Fiscal year: January-December

Number of employees: 248

Owner: Bob Shockey (

CEO: Leigh Shockey (

Pres/COO: Ben Johnson


Nati Sls Mgr: Mark Stewart


Mktg Spec: Don Spikes (

Products: Agricultural chemicals--adjuvants, defoliants, desiccants, fungicides, growth regulators, herbicides, insecticides, micronutrients, slow-release nitrogen, specialties, surfactants, DEF-diesel exhaust fluid

Ad/PR agency: In-house


Chestnut Run Plaza, Bldg 705, 4417 Lancaster Ave.

Wilmington, DE 19805; 800/441-7515

Web site:

Year established: 1802

Parent company: E. I. du Pont de Nemours Du Pont de Ne·mours   , Pierre Samuel 1739-1817.

French-born economist and politician who took part in negotiations after the American Revolution (1783) and in the acquisition of the Louisiana Territory (1803).
 & Co.

Number of employees: 3,700

Pres, DuPont Crop Protection: Rik Miller

Global Comms Mgr, DuPont Crop Protection: Juan

Carlos Cruz

Dir, Global Mktg, Strategic Ping and Six Sigma,

DuPont Crop Protection: Ed Makowski

Products: Crop protection chemicals

Ad agency: McCormick Company

PR agency: Exponent PR


7100 N.W. 62nd Ave, PO Box 1150, Johnston, IA

50131-1150; 800/247-6803

Web site:

Year established: 1926

Fiscal year: January-December

Parent company: DuPont

Number of employees: 12,300

Pres: Paul Schickler

Mktg Dir: Mick Messman

Sr Mktg Comms Mgr: Lou Ireland


Sls & Mktg PR Mgr: Jerry Harrington


Products: Corn, soybeans, sunflowers, canola, alfalfa, sorghum, wheat seed products: inoculants

Ad/PR agency: The Lacek Group


2500 Innovation Way, PO Box 708, Greenfield, IN

46140; 317/276-2000, 877/352-6261

FAX; 317/276-9434

Web site:

Canadian office: 150 Research Ln, Ste 120, Guelph,

ON N1G 4T2

Year established: 1954

Fiscal year: January-December

Parent company: Eli Lilly and Company Eli Lilly and Company (NYSE: LLY) is a global pharmaceutical company and one of the world's largest corporations. Eli Lilly's global headquarters is located in Indianapolis, Indiana, in the United States.  

Number of employees: 2,300

Pres: Jeff Simmons

Corp Affairs Dir: Claudia Garcia

Global Comms: Colleen Parr Dekker



4950 Blazer Pkwy, Dublin, OH 43017; 800/492-8255

Web site:

Year established: 2011

Number of employees: 200

Pres, Everris Americas: Ariana Cohen cohen
 or kohen

(Hebrew: “priest”) Jewish priest descended from Zadok (a descendant of Aaron), priest at the First Temple of Jerusalem. The biblical priesthood was hereditary and male.


Ad Dir.; Ryan Lewis (

Sls Dir: Ted Piatt (

Products: Agrocote; Agriform and Osmocote

controlled-release specialty crop fertilizers; Peters

Professional water-soluble fertilizers; Banrot, AllBan,

TruBan, Zyban fungicides; Rout, Jewel and OH2 pre-emergent herbicides; Sanmite miticide miticide /mi·ti·cide/ (mi´ti-sid) an agent destructive to mites.

An agent that kills mites.
; Ovation ovicide ovicide /ovi·cide/ (o´vi-sid) an agent destructive to the eggs of certain organisms.


an agent destructive to the ova of certain organisms, usually helminths and arthropods.

Ad/PR agency: Swanson Russell

FMC See fixed mobile convergence. , AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTS GROUP

1735 Market St, Philadelphia, PA 19103;


Web site:

Year established: 1883

Fiscal year: January-December

Parent company: FMC Corporation

VP, Bus Dir APG APG Assists Per Game (basketball)
APG Assists Per Game (hockey statistic)
APG Aberdeen Proving Ground
APG Automated Password Generator
APG Asia Pacific Group on Money Laundering
 N. Amer and EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) Refers to that region of the world. For example, one might see products packaged differently for the UK, EMEA and Asia Pacific markets. : Marc

Hullebroeck (

Sls Dir: Mark Frerichs (

Mktg Dir: John Kasper (

Bus & Product Dev Dir: Neil DeStefano


Strategic Acct Mgmt Dir: Aaron Locker


Tech Svc Mgr: Robert Hooten


Strategic Comms Mgr: Paul Redhage


CRM (Customer Relationship Management) An integrated information system that is used to plan, schedule and control the presales and postsales activities in an organization.  & eBus Mgr: Len Dobbins


Bus Svcs Mgr: Rick Kesler (

Sr Product Mgr: Rick Ekins (

Product Mgr: Stu Throop


Product Mgr: Tim Thompson


Product Mgr: Adam Prestegord


Product Mgr: Matthew Foster


I Assoc Product Mgr: Cory Bromley


Products: Herbicides--Aim, Anthem. Anthem ATZ ATZ Aerodrome Traffic Zone
ATZ All Things Zombie (website)
ATZ Alumina Toughened Zirconia
ATZ Atypical Transformation Zone
ATZ Attention Restore
ATZ a to Z

Authority, BroadAxe, BroadHead, Cadet, Command, Spartan Charge, Obey, Shark, Zeus; insecticides--Beleaf, Capture LFR LFR Logical Form Recognition
LFR Lead-Cooled Fast Reactor
LFR Let Freedom Ring
LFR Lio 'on Famor Rotuma Party (Fiji)
LFR Laboratories for Fundamental Research
LFR Low Frequency Radio Range
LFR Inshore Fire Support Ship
, Carbine carbine

Light, short-barreled rifle. The first carbines, from the muzzle-loading muskets of the 18th century to the lever-action repeaters of the 19th, were chiefly cavalry weapons or saddle firearms for mounted frontiersmen.
, Chariot, Hero, Mustang Maxx, Stallion; insecticides/miticides--Athena, Brigade WSB WSB World Superbike
WSB Washington Savings Bank (stock symbol)
WSB World Series Baseball (Sega game)
WSB Welcome South Brother (radio)
WSB Weak Stability Boundary
, Gladiator gladiator

(Latin; swordsman)

Professional combatant in ancient Rome who engaged in fights to the death as sport. Gladiators originally performed at Etruscan funerals, the intent being to give the dead man armed attendants in the next world.
; fungicides--Ranman, Rovral; Display harvest aid Ad/PR agency; Swanson Russell


Web site:

Nationwide: See

Year established: 1916

Number of employees: 12,000

Sr VP, Comms: Leigh Picchetti


Natl Comms Dir: Margaret Fogarty


Pres/CEO. Farm Credit Council: Ken Auer


Comms Dir, Farm Credit Council: Mike Mason


VP, Investor Relations, Federal Farm Credit Banks

Funding Corp.: Regina Gill


Products: Loans, leases, and related services to farmers, ranchers. rural homeowners, aquatic producers, timber harvesters, agribusinesses, and agricultural and rural utility cooperatives


1999 K St N.W., 4th Flr, Washington. DC 20006;

202/872-7700, 800/879-3276. FAX: 202/872-7713

Web site:

Underwriting office: 5408 N.W. 88th St. Ste 120,

Johnston. IA 50131

Year established: 1988

Bus Dev Dir: Patrick Kerrigan


Mktg Dir: Mary Maloney


Products: Secondary marketing for qualified ag mortgage loans, rural housing mortgage loans, rural utilities loans (to cooperative borrowers made by cooperative lenders) and the guaranteed portions of agricultural and rural development loans guaranteed by USDA USDA, See United States Department of Agriculture.


1600 Genessee St, Ste 700, Livestock Exchange

Bldg, Kansas City, MO 64102; 816/472-5900,

800/272-3323, FAX: 816/472-5902

Web site:

Kansas Service Center: Pratt, KS

South Dakota Service Center: N. Sioux City, SD

Year established: 2000

Fiscal year: January-December

Number of employees 70

Chmn/CEO: Ron LeMay

Pres: Scott Robinson

VP/CFO: Jeff Elliott

VP/C10: Bob McClure

Gen MgrNP, Producer Mkts: Jeff Dema

Managing Dir, Product Dev: Jeff Banker

VP, Mktg & Public Affairs: Meredith Powell

Products: Combine rental & harvest data analytics

FONTANELLE fontanelle /fon·ta·nelle/ (fon?tah-nel´) a soft spot, such as one of the membrane-covered spaces remaining at the junction of the sutures in the incompletely ossified skull of the fetus or infant.  HYBRIDS INC.

1955 E. Military Ave, Fremont, NE 68025;

402/721-1410, 800/CR-YIELD, FAX: 402/721-0828

Web site:

Year established: 1935

Fiscal year: August-July

Parent company: Monsanto

Gen Mgr: Steve Pike


Products: Seed corn, soybeans, alfalfa, contact Steve Pike (; sorghum, contact Ron Gardner (

Ad agency: Brighton

* Updated info not received for '13 MSG.


120 E. Clark St, Freeport, IL 61032; 815/235-6151,

800/435-5100, FAX: 815/232-9845

Web site:

Year established: 1908

Fiscal year: January-December

Number of employees: 150

Pres/COO: Matthew Heinrich

CEO: Frank Furst

Products: Livestock premix and mineral products,

commodities, dairy supplements and blends, wet

and dry distillers grains, feed additives and forage


GEA Farm Technologies


1880 Country Farm Dr, Naperville, IL 60563-1089;

630/369-8100, 877/973-2479, FAX: 630/369-9875

Web site:

Year established: 1906

Fiscal year: January-December

Parent company: GEA Group AG

Number of employees: 325

CEO: Matt Daley (

VP, Sls & Mktg: Chad Buchanan


Mktg/Comms Dir: Linda Mrugacz


Natl Sls Mgr, Milking Equipment: Steve Pretz


Natl Sls Mgr, Hygiene & Supplies: Chuck Cavaness


Nall Sls Mgr, Barn Equipment: Mark Reynolds


Natl Sls Mgr, Manure Equipment: Don Bunke


Products: Milking equipment, contact Steve Pretz

(; dairy hygiene and dairy

supplies, contact Chuck Cavaness

(; barn equipment,

contact Mark Reynolds (;

manure equipment, contact Don Bunke


Ad agency: Filament filament, in astronomy: see chromosphere.  Marketing


324 Fifth St, PO Box 525, Clay Center, KS 67432;

785/632-2151, 800/423-9428, FAX: 785/632-3308

Web site:

Fiscal year: January-December

Number of employees: 50

CEO/Pres: Dennis Pedersen (

New Business Contact: Kevin Pedersen


Engineer: Bruce Affolter (

Products: Batch portable grain dryers, contact Kevin

J. Pedersen (

GOLDEN ACRES GENETICS, LTD LTD 1 Laron-type dwarfism 2 Leukotriene D 3 Long-term depression, see there 4. Long-term disability .

PO Box 20787, Waco, TX 76702-0787;

254/761-9838, 800/692-6848, FAX: 254/761-9830

Web site:

Year established: 1999

Pres: Lou Buice (

Product Dev Dir: James Allison


Mktg Svcs Mgr: Regina Buice


Ops Mgr: Brad Littlefield


Mktg Comms Mgr: Brooke Reich


Customer Svc Mgr: Nancy Davison


Office Admin: Lauribeth Williams


Products: Golden Acres Genetics, Ltd.; Maverick

brand by Golden Acres: corn seed, grain sorghum

seed, forage sorghum seed, related seed traits and


GOWAN gow·an  
n. Scots
A yellow or white wildflower, especially the Old World daisy.

[Probably alteration of Middle English gollan, a plant with yellow flowers; akin to Old Norse

370 S. Main St, Yuma, AZ 85364; 928/783-8844,

800/883-1844, FAX: 928/343-9255

Web site:

CEO: Juli Jessen

Natl Sls Mgr: Steve Petersen

Comms Mgr: Regina Carey


Products: Crop protection chemicals

Ad/PR agency: In-house


PO Box 5060, Salina Salina (səlī`nə), city (1990 pop. 42,303), seat of Saline co., central Kans., on the Smoky Hill River; founded 1858 by settlers opposed to slavery, inc. 1870. , KS 67402-5060;

785/823-3276, FAX: 785/822-5600

Web site:

Year established: 1976

Fiscal year: July-June

Number of employees: 1,200

Owner: Roy Applequist

COO: Linda Salem

Pres, Great Plains Div: Mark Gallagher

Nail Sls Mgr: Tom Evans

Ad Mgr: Jayme Baker


Mktg Mgr: Barry Weis


Products: Planters, drills, sprayers, tillage tools.

planter components

Ad agency: Brush Art


11055 Wayzata Blvd, Minnetonka, MN 55305;

612/656-8600, FAX: 612/656-8601

Web site:

Year established: 2006

Head, Greenleaf: Ron Wulfkuhle


Mktg Mgr: Dale Kanning


Sls & Commercial Lead: Paul Morano


Nail Sls Dir, Corn Genetics: Rich Hall


Ops Mgr: Greg Kegler


Comms Lead: Staci Monson


Products: Outlicensing for corn and soybean genetic

material and biotech traits to foundation seed

houses and independent seed companies

Ad agency: Martin I Williams

PR agency: Gibbs & Soell


1701 Towanda Ave, Bloomington, IL 61701;


Web site:

Year established: 1927

Fiscal year: September-August

Number of employees: 2.500

CEO: Jeff Solberg

Pres/Chmn: Dan Kelley

VP, Grain: Brent Ericson

VP, HR & Compliance: Gary Swango

Corp Comms: Amy Bradford

Ad Mgr: Krista Wolf

Products: FS--seed. fertilizer, crop protection,

precision farming, fuels, propane, lubricants, grain

storage and handling systems; GROWMARK--

agronomy agronomy (əgrŏn`əmē), branch of agriculture dealing with various physical and biological factors—including soil management, tillage, crop rotation, breeding, weed control, and climate—related to crop production. , energy and grain systems products,

electronic payment systems and logistics services;

STAR Energy--fuels, propane, lubricants;

SEEDWAY--vegetable seeds

Ad agency: Rhea + Kaiser Marketing



721 Central Ave W.. Clarion, IA 50525;

800/247-4885, FAX: 515/532-3553

Web site:

Year established: 1947

Fiscal year: August-July

Number of employees: 378

CEO/Pres: Alan Hagie (

COO: Travis Stallkamp (

VP, Sls & Mktg: Kevin Marshall


Mktg Mgr: Doug Harms (

Brand Mgr: Amber Kohlhaas


Products: Self-propelled sprayers, seed corn

detasslers, nitrogen toolbar applicator ap·pli·ca·tor
An instrument for applying something, such as a medication.

n a device for applying medication; usually a slender rod of glass or wood, used with a pledget of cotton on the end.
. detasseler

toolbar attachment (cutter and puller units)


401 Olive St, Findlay, OH 45840; 888/367-7473,

FAX: 888/329-7473

Web site:

Year established: 1887

Fiscal year: April-March

Number of employees: 1.200

Mktg Dir: Tori Durliat


Products: Pipe--Heavy Duty (single-wall),

AASHTO (single-wall), Grain-Dri, MEGA GREEN

(dual-wall), Sure-Lok (dual-wall), BLUE SEAL

(dual-wall), and fittings (single- and dual-wall)


9015 W. Maple St, Milwaukee, WI 53214;

414/607-5700, 800/558-0802, FAX: 414/607-5959

Web site:

Year established: 1874

Fiscal year: September-August

Parent company: Chr. Hansen A/S

Number of employees: 2,500

Regl VP: David Carpenter

Dir Sls, N.A.: Jim Holliday

Products: Probios food safety interventions; direct fed microbials--BioPlus, Biomate; yeast--Biomate Yeast Plus; silage inoculants--BioSile, Biomax


2821 Harvey St, Hudson, WI 54016; 800/635-7468,

FAX: 715/381-1792

Web site:

Year established: 1983

Fiscal year: October-September

Number of employees: 13

Pres: Jeff Roberts

Mktg/Ops Coord: Dan Milbrath

Ops Mgr: Kurt Stehr

SIs & Svc Mgr: Luke Johnson

Products: Equipment and products for quality hay,

including hay preservative preservative

Any of numerous chemical additives used to prevent or slow food spoilage caused by chemical changes (e.g., oxidation, mold growth) and maintain a fresh appearance and consistency. Antimycotics (e.g.
, applicators, individual

bale identification system, dew simulator

Ad/PR agency: Cross Country Marketing Associates


PO Box 2000, Hwy 16W. Houghton, IA 52631;

319/469-4141, 800/553-1791, FAX: 319/469-4402

Web site:

Year established: 1920

Fiscal year: January-December

Owner: Tom Wenstrand


Owner: Marvin Bricker

Natl Sls Mgr, Grain Storage: Mark Spinner

Nati Sls Mgr, Animal Products: Cindy Wellman

Products: Pride of the Farm livestock equipment,

Brower poultry equipment, Conrad-American grain

equipment, SpanTech fabric buildings

Ad agency: In-house


225 Schilling Blvd. Ste 300, Collierville, TN

38017-6937; 901/761-0050, FAX. 901/683-2960

Web site:

Year established: 1957

Fiscal year: January-December

Number of employees: 3,000

CEO/Pres: Mike McCarty

VP, Mktg: Dave Thomas

VP, Crop Protection & Seed: Milton Allen

Gen Mgr, Helena Products Group: Bill Salley

Natl Sls Mgr, Helena Products Group: Larry Horne


human pituitary gonadotropin.
 Brands: Phillip Page

Mktg Mgr, EPA-Registered Brands: Mark Wayland

Mktg Mgr, Adjuvant adjuvant /ad·ju·vant/ (aj?dbobr-vant) (a-joo´vant)
1. assisting or aiding.

2. a substance that aids another, such as an auxiliary remedy.

 Brands: Terry Nash

Mktg Mgr, CoRoN & Proprietary Fertilizer Brands:

Gary Schmunk

Mktg Mgr, Nutritional & BioScience Brands: Mike


Sales & Mktg Comms Mgr: Shawn Roberts

Ad/Comms Mgr: Jim Arnold


Products: Distribution of crop protection chemicals,

fertilizer, seed and field-management services


2207 Iowa St, Hiawatha, KS 66434; 785/742-2976,


Web site:

Year established: 2005

Fiscal year: January-December

Number of employees: 250

Pres/CEO: Rick Heiniger

VP Sls, Ag: Jeff Farrar

Products: Hemisphere GPS products, Outback

Guidance products


1755 Hoegemeyer Rd, Hooper, NE 68031;

402/654-3399, 800/AG-LINE-1, FAX: 402/654-3342

Web site:

Year established: 1937

Fiscal year: January-December

Number of employees: 35

Gen Mgr: Stephan Becerra


Operations Mgr: Chris Hoegemeyer


Corn Breeder: Dr. Tom Hoegemeyer


Mktg Comms Mgr: Katie Gutzmann


Products: Corn, contact Ryan Siefken

( soybeans and

sorghum, contact David Hingst

( alfalfa, contact

Dennis Fitzke (

Ad agency: EG Integrated


PO Box 8500, 424 N. Riverfront Dr, Mankato, MN

56002; 507/388-9400, 800/869-7219,

FAX: 507/388-9453

Web site:

Year established: 1997

Fiscal year: July-June

Parent company: Ridley Inc.

Number of employees: 1,000

CEO/Pres, Ridley Inc.: Steve VanRoekel


VP/C00, US Feed Operations: Mark Nelson


Organizational Development Dir, Ridley Inc.: Tom

Koch (

Research/Tech Svcs Dir: Randy Raub, Ph.D.


Financial Svcs Dir: Lyle Leggett


Products: Animal nutritional products and services


430 Davis Dr, Ste 240, Morrisville, NC 27560;

919/321-5200, FAX: 919/321-5220

Web site:

Year established: 2004

Fiscal year: January-December

Parent company: lsagro S.p.A.

Number of employees: 14

Chmn, N.A.: Denny Krass (

Pres, N.A.: Allesandro Mariani


Nati Sls/Mktg Dir: Mark Quick


Products: Proprietary crop protection chemicals

KALO KALO Kanu O Ka 'äina Learning 'Ohana (Hawaiian school)  INC.

13200 Metcalf Ave, Ste 250, Overland Park, KS

66213; 913/491-9125. 800/255-5196.

FAX: 913/491-9146

Web site:

Year established: 1932

Fiscal year: January-December

Number of employees: 10

Pres: Chuck Champion (

Sls & Mktg Dir: Doug John (

Mktg Coord: Debbie Newby (

Products: Liquid adjuvants--90% Nonionic

Surfactant Surfactant Definition

Surfactant is a complex naturally occurring substance made of six lipids (fats) and four proteins that is produced in the lungs. It can also be manufactured synthetically.
, Bio-90, Bio-Film Extra, Compex, Crop

Oil Concentrate, Mainstay: Mainstay Elite; Modified

Vegetable Oil, Organosilicone MVO MVO Montserrat Volcano Observatory
MVO Member of the Royal Victorian Order
MVO Mean-Variance Optimization
MVO Motor Vehicle Operator
MVO Musta Veenuse Ordu (Estonian)
MVO Money Value Only
MVO Male Voice-Over
MVO Market Value Opinion
, Regulaid.

Restore, Spectra AMS AMS - Andrew Message System : Spectra Max Tank Mix,

Spray Prep, Tronic: Dry Adjuvants--Fraction, One-

Ap XL, Spray-Start; Specialty Products - Anti-Foam.

Benchmark, Benchmark HT, Foam-Dye, K-Klean,

Tank Cleaner: Inoculants--Vigor


PO Box 749, 1600 Oregon St, Muscatine, IA 52761;

563/264-4211, 866/647-1212, FAX: 563/264-4768

Web site:

Year established: 1927

Fiscal year: October-September

Parent company: Muscatine Foods Corporation

Number of employees: 120

Pres: Rich Dwyer

Mktg Dir: Mark Krieger


Mktg Mgr: Carol Reynolds


Mktg Svcs Mgr: Wendi Durham


Products: Kent livestock, equine, and poultry feeds,

plus pet foods and animal care products, contact

Pete Simonson

Ad agency: The Meyocks Group


PO Box 806, Williamsburg, IA 52361-0806;

319/668-1300, FAX: 319/668-3013

Web site:

Year established: 1965

Fiscal year: June-May

Number of employees: 750

CEO/Pres: Jon Kinzenbaw

VP/CMO: Susanne Veatch

COO: Brian McKown

Dir, Global Sls & Svc: Luc van Herbe

Products: Row crop planters and grain auger carts

PR agency: Karwoski & Courage

KOCH AGRONOMIC a·gron·o·my  
Application of the various soil and plant sciences to soil management and crop production; scientific agriculture.



4111 E. 37th St N., Wichita, KS 67220;

314/236-4104, FAX: 314/241-1819

Web site:;,

Branch office: Agrotain Marketing, 911 Washington

Ave. Ste 625. St. Louis, MO 63101-1262

Year established: 2010

Fiscal year: January-December

Parent company: Koch Fertilizer

VP, Global Mktg: Doug DeGroot



* Updated into not received for '13 MSG.

UFLEXX, UMAXX, HYDREXX, contact Carrie Doza


NFUSION, contact Melissa Noftsger


Ad/PR agency: AdFarm


3401 Del Armo Blvd. Torrance, CA 90503;

310/370-3370 ext 1855

Web site:

Year established: 1972

Fiscal year: January-December

Parent company: Kubota Corporation

Number of employees: 440

Mktg Comms Mgr: Vince lorio

Products: Tractors up to 118 PTO PTO
1. Parent Teacher Organization

2. or p.t.o. please turn over

3. power takeoff

PTO or pto please turn over

Noun 1.
 hp, performance-

matched implements, compact and utility class

construction equipment, consumer lawn and garden

equipment, commercial turf products and utility


Ad agency: Paulsen Marketing Communications

PR agency: Fleishman-Hillard


1501 W. Seventh Ave, Brodhead, WI 53520-0167;

608/897-2131, FAX: 608/897-2561

Web site:

Fiscal year: January-December

Number of employees: 565

CEO/Pres: Thierry Krier (

Sls & Mktg Dir: Craig Pados


Product Support & Training Mgr: Doug Williams


Mktg & Sls Support Mgr: Frank O'Brien


Mktg Coord: Scott Borgwardt


Products: Manure spreaders, TMR TMR

total mixed ration.

TMR 1 Trainable mentally retarded 2 Transmyocardial revascularization, see there
 mixers and

bedders, hay and forage tools, shredders,

landscape tools, fertilizer spreaders, tillage tools,

and plows


22827 Shissler Rd, Elmwood, IL 61529;

309/742-2211, 800/752-6847, FAX: 309/742-8802

Web site:

Year established: 1994

Fiscal year: July-June

Parent company: AgReliant Genetics LLC

Gen Mgr: Gary Schultz


Natl Sls Mgr: Roger Bonsack


Mktg Mgr: Kim Robertson


Products: Corn, soybean and alfalfa seed

Ad/PR agency: Simantel Group


6120 W. Douglas Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53218;

414/464-6440, 800/692-4700, FAX: 414/464-6430

Web site:

Year established: 1905

Fiscal year: February-January

Parent company: Lallemand

Ad/Comms Mgr: Kern Ast (

Products: Micro-Cell, Levucell SC for beef.

Proternative Stress Formula, contact Michael

Watkins (; Levucell SC

live rumen rumen

pl. rumens, rumina; the largest of the compartments of the forestomach of ruminant animals that serves as a fermentating vat. It is lined by a keratinized epithelium bearing numerous absorptive papillae; it is partly subdivided by folds (pillars).
 specific yeast for dairy, contact Ross Gill

(; Biotal Forage Inoculants,

contact Bob Charley, Ph.D.

(; Levucell SB for

monogastrics. contact Ernest Keith, Ph.D.


Ad/PR agency: Grade A Strategies


1900 North St, Marysville. KS 66508; 785/562-5381,

800/428-5655, FAX: 888/321-3865

Web site:

Year established: 1963

Sls Mgr, Ag Div: Jamie Meier

Sls Mgr. Trailer Div: Jim Ladner

Parts Sls Mgr: Kerry Smith

Material Handling Products Mgr: Shawn Rose

Products: Ag implements--vertical tillage, seeders,

mulchers, discs, finishers, field cultivators, deep

tillage; scrapers; graders; blades; narrow-aisle

forklifts; very-narrow-aisle forklifts; trailers;

detachables; traveling axle; traveling tail


775 250th Ave, Pella, IA 50219; 866/LELYUSA

Web site:

Year established: 1963

Fiscal year: January-December

Parent company: Lely Industries

Number of employees: 1,500

Pres: Peter Langebeeke (

Dir, Ops: Chad Huyser (

Turf & Grassland Segment Mgr; Mike Connell


Products: Lely broadcast spreaders, contact Mike

Connell (; Lely Astronaut robotic

milking system, Juno automatic feed pusher, Calm

automatic calf feeder, Discovery mobile barn

cleaner, contact Chad Huyser (

Ad/PR agency: AKC AKC - Ascending Kleene Chain  Marketing


1111 2nd Ave S., Lester Prairie, MN 55354;

320/395-2531, 800/826-4439, FAX: 320/395-5393

Web site:

Year established: 1947

CEO/Pres: John Hill

Brand Mgr, Mktg: Stephanie Beste

Natl Sls Mgr: Larry Lembrich

Products: Pre-engineered wood frame buildings for

the farm, rural/equestrian lifestyle, low-rise

commercial and livestock markets


2222 N. 111th St, Omaha, NE 68164;800/829-5300

Web site:

Year established: 1955

Fiscal year: September-August

Number of employees: 1,000

CEO/Pres: Rick Parod

VP, Mktg: Dirk Lenie (

VP, Natl Sls: Randy Wood

Products: Zimmatic center pivots and laterals;

Greenfield mini-pivots: GrowSmart precision

variable-rate irrigation; FieldNET remote control

Web-based irrigation management

Ad/PR agency: EG Integrated


3005 Rocky Mountain Ave. Loveland, CO 80538;

970/685-3300, 888/574-2878, FAX: 970/356-8926

Web site:

Year established: 2003

Fiscal year: January-December

Parent company: Agrium

Number of employees: 70

VP, Loveland Products Inc.: Brent Smith


Mktg Dir: Brian Knifong


Sls Dir: Billy Slade (

Intl Sls Dir: Chris Moore (

Supply Chain Dir: Dan McGuire


Product Mgr, Non-Crop & Adjuvants: Jim Ward


Product Mgr, Crop Protection Products: Jim Beach


Product Mgr, Seed Treaments: Marty Robinson


Product Mgr, Plant Nutrition: Gunther Kreps


Products: Herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides;

adjuvant, plant nutrition, and seed treatment



9020 Jackrabbit jackrabbit, popular name for several hares of W North America, characterized by very long legs and ears. Jackrabbits are powerful jumpers and fast runners. In normal progress leaps are alternated with running steps; when pursued the hare runs fast and close to the  Rd, Ste 600, Houston, TX 77095;

281/449-7771, FAX: 281/372-0357

Web site:

Year established: 1994

Pres: Mani Mani (mä`nē): see Manichaeism.
 or Manes or Manichaeus

(born April 14, 216, southern Babylonia—died 274?, Gundeshapur) Persian founder of Manichaeism.

VP, Mktg & Strategic Ping: Cleo Franklin

Comms: Martin Cisneros


Products: Compact 4WD tractors, 2WD and 4WD

utility tractors

AGAN Airman, Aerographer's Mate Striker (Naval rating) 


3120 Highwoods Blvd, Ste 100. Raleigh, NC 27604;

919/256-9300, 866/406-6262, FAX: 919/256-9308

Web site:

Year established: 1945

Fiscal year: January-December

Number of employees: 73

CEO: Rob Williams


Mktg Leader: Sara Thieding


Sr Brand Mgr: Dave Downing


Brand Mgr: Josh Snotherly


Graphic Designer: Sara Levy (

Products: Insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, PGRs

and harvest aids

Ad agency: AdFarm

PR agency: Sage Virtual Communications


2121 Second St. Ste B-107. Davis, CA 95618; 530/750-2800

Web site:

Year established: 2006

CEO/Founder: Pam Marrone

VP, Mktg: Julie Versman

Sls Dir: David Warman

Products: Natural products for pest management


2590 Breckenridge Blvd. Duluth, GA 30096;

678/336-6340, 866/327-6733, FAX: 678/336-6400

Web site:

Year established: 2000

Number of employees: 50

CEO: Doug Rehor

Pres: Simeone Morra


Mktg Mgr: Tammie Meade-Snodgrass


Products: Tractors, attachments, and implements

Ad agency: Calypso Calypso, in Greek mythology
Calypso (kəlĭp`sō), nymph, daughter of Atlas, in Homer's Odyssey. She lived on the island of Ogygia and there entertained Odysseus for seven years.


556 Moms Ave, Summit, NJ 07091

Web site:

Branch office: 35500 W. 91st St, DeSoto, KS 66018

Fiscal year: January-December

Products: Vaccines and pharmaceuticals for beef

and dairy cattle, equine, swine, companion animals,

poultry, and aquaculture

Ad/PR agencies: AdFarm, Circa Healthcare,

Flightpath, Osborn + Barr, PR Works, Rosica Public

Relations, Swanson Russell Associates, Zed


MER mer

Among the Cheremi and Udmurt peoples of Russia, a sacred grove where people of several villages gathered periodically to hold religious festivals and sacrifice animals to nature gods.

3239 Satellite Blvd, Duluth, GA 30096;

678/638-3000, 888/637-4251, FAX: 678/638-3680

Web site:

Year established: 1997

Fiscal year: January-December

Number of employees: 5,600

Pres/CEO: Jose Barella

Mktg Dir: Steve Lerner

Comms Mgr: Michele Egan


Products: Animal health products for cow/calf,

feedlot feedlot

a management system in which naturally grazing animals are confined to a small area which produces no feed and are fed on stored feeds. See also dry lot.

backgrounding feedlot
, dairy, sheep, horses, and companion


Ad/PR agency: Sullivan Higdon & Sink


One Parkway S., PO Box 19001, Greenville, SC

29615; 864/458-5000, 877/838-8473,

FAX: 864/458-4150

Web site:

Year established: 1997

Fiscal year: January-December

Number of employees: 25

VP, Mktg & Sls: Lawrence Bennett

Mktg Dir: Robyn Conrad


Mkt Segment Mgr: James Crouch


Comms Mgr: Meredith Rigdon


Products: Michelin radial-drive tires

Ad/PR agency: Osborn + Barr Communications


511 E. Main St, St. Nazianz, WI 54232-0127;

920/773-2121, FAX: 920/773-1200

Web site:

Year established: 1899

Number of employees: 265

CEO: John W. Miller

Mktg Dir: Tim Griddle (

Products: Miller Nitro, Condor and Atlas self-

propelled application equipment, contact Bob

Schnell (; Miller Ag-Bag silage

bagging equipment, contact Taylor Weisensel



1000 Ferguson Rd, PO Box 686. Grinnell, IA 50112;

641/236-5822, 800/541-7866, FAX: 641/236-3341

Web site:

Year established: 1982

Fiscal year: January-December

Number of employees: 30

CEO/Pres/Ad Mgr: Carter Thomson

Dir, Mktg: Mike Witt

Products: Livestock waterers--Mirafount,

BigSpring, LilSpring, LilFount, E-Fount, EquiFount;

feed bunks, pet waterers, contact Carter Thomson

Ad agency: Solutions Inc.


800 N. Lindbergh Blvd, St. Louis. MO 63167;

314/694-1000, 800/768-6387

Web site:

Year established: 2,000

Fiscal year: September-August

Number of employees: 20,000

CEO: Hugh Grant

CFO: Pierre Courduroux

Pres/Chief Commercial Officer: Brett Begemann

Exec VP, Sustainability & Corp Affairs: Jerry Steiner

Exec VP, Global Strategy: Kerry Preete

Products: Roundup Ready soybeans; Genuity

Roundup Ready 2 Yield soybeans; Vistive

soybeans; Vistive Gold soybeans; Vistive low-

linolenic soybeans; Genuity SmartStax corn;

Genuity SmartStax RIB Complete corn; Genuity VT

Double PRO corn: Genuity VT Double PRO RIB

Complete corn; Genuity VT Triple PRO corn;

YieldGard VT Triple corn; Processor Preferred corn;

Genuity Bollgard II cotton; Genuity Roundup Ready

Flex cotton; Genuity Bollgard II with Roundup Ready

Flex Cotton; Genuity Roundup Ready alfalfa;

Genuity Roundup Ready sugarbeets; Seminis

Vegetable Seeds. Inc.

Ad/PR agency: Osborn + Barr Communications; The

Brighton Agency


252 W. Adams St, PO Box 399, Morton, IL

61550-0399; 309/263-7474, 800/447-7436,

FAX: 309/266-5123

Web site:

Year established: 1903

Fiscal year: January-December

Number of employees: 1.800+

Mktg Mgr: Brian Herat


Products: Horse barns, garages, storage buildings,

commercial buildings, farm storage buildings or



3033 Campus Dr, Ste E-490, Plymouth, MN 55441;

763/577-2700, FAX: 763/577-2978

Web site:;;;;

Year established: 2004

Fiscal year: June-May

Number of employees: 8,000

Pres/CEO: Jim Prokopanko

Sr VP, Commercial: Rick McLellan

Sr Dir, Mktg Dir: Kevin Kimm

Mktg Mgr: Mindy Dale (

Mktg Mgr: Mara Hughes


Products: Fertilizer--phosphates, potash, K-Mag,

MicroEssentials, Pegasus feed ingredients--

Biofos, Dyna-K, Dynamate and Nexfos

Ad/PR agency: Broadhead + Company


421 Leader St, Marion, OH 43302; 740/382-5701,

800/622-4877 ext 234, FAX: 740/383-2615

Web site:

Year established: 1946

Fiscal year: August-July

Number of employees: 100

Pres: Neil Dolson (

VP, Sls & Mktg: Murray Van Zeggelaar


Mktg Lead: Jenny Nash (

Products: NACHURS high-quality liquid starter and

foliar foliar

pertaining to or having the quality of leaves.
 fertilizers; EDTA EDTA: see chelating agents.  chelated micronutrients

Ad/PR agency: In-house


PO Box 1895, 120 Brubaker Ave, New Holland, PA

17557; 717/355-1121, 866/639-4563

Web site:

Year established: 1895

Parent company: CNH America LLC

Pres/CEO: Franco Fusignani

VP. N.A.: Abe Hughes

Brand Mktg Dir, N.A.: John Elliott


Comms Mgr: Ken Snover


Products; New Holland agricultural equipment

Ad/PR: CharlestonlOrwig


5058 Grand Ridge Dr, Ste 200, West Des Moines West Des Moines (də moin`), city (1990 pop. 31,702), Polk co., S central Iowa, a growing suburb W of Des Moines; inc. 1893 as Valley Junction, renamed 1938. Products manufactured there include cement, metal items, and pumps. ,

IA 50265; 515/225-9420, 800/622-2627

Web site:

CEO: Mark Weaver

COO: Brent Mitchell

Mktg Mgr/Media Contact: Sara Sparks


Products: Swine genetics

* Updated info not received for '13 MSG.


3200 Northline Ave, Ste 300, Greensboro, NC

27408; 800/447-2391, FAX: 336/387-1066

Web site:

Branch office: 1447 140th St, Larchwood, IA 51241

VP, Company Comms: Joseph Burkett

Comms Mgr, Company Comms: Julie Groce

PR agency: Gibbs & Soell


13100 W. Lisbon Ave, Ste 600, Brookfield, WI

53005; 262/957-2000, 800/558-1003,

FAX: 262/957-2121

Web site:

Year established: 1905

Fiscal year: January-December

Parent company: Novozymes

Number of employees: 75

Pres. Novozymes BioAg: Trevor Thiessen (

Mktg & Sls Dir, N.A.: Chuck Broughton (CBT (Computer-Based Training) Using the computer for training and instruction. CBT programs are called "courseware" and provide interactive training sessions for all disciplines.

Sls Mgr, N.A.: Dorn Severtson (

Mktg Mgr, N.A.: Charlie Hampton (CRHP CRHP Christ Renews His Parish (Christian Church group)
CRHP Center for Rural Health Practice

Mktg Mgr, U.S.: David Fox (

Customer Solns Mgr: Cathy Soanes (

Mktg Comms Mgr: Colby Mower (

Products: BioFertility, BioYield and BioControl bi·o·con·trol  
See biological control.


See biological control.
 crop enhancement technologies: Optimize (soybean, pea & lentil lentil, leguminous Old World annual plant (Lens culinaris) with whitish or pale blue flowers. Its pods contain two greenish-brown or dark-colored seeds, also called lentils, which when fully ripe are ground into meal or used in soups and stews. , peanut), Optimize Gold (alfalfa/forage), JumpStart (corn, wheat, soybeans), TagTeam LCO LCO Lac Courte Oreilles (Wisconsin Native American Tribe)
LCO Levine Communications Office (PR firm; Los Angeles, CA, USA)
LCO Light Cycle Oil
LCO Life Cycle Objectives
 (soybean, pea and lentil), TagTeam (pea & lentil, chickpea chickpea, annual plant (Cicer arietinum) of the family Leguminosae (pulse family), cultivated since antiquity for the somewhat pealike seeds, which are often used as food and forage, principally in India and the Spanish-speaking countries. , dry bean, soybean), Cell-Tech (soybean, pea & lentil, chickpea, peanut), Nitragin Gold (alfalfa & clover); products for corn and soybeans, contact Ryan Locke (; products for other crops, contact Cathy Soanes (

Ad/PR agency: AdFarm



20 Research Park Dr, St. Charles, MO 63304;

314/576-8886, 800/568-0088. FAX: 314/576-2148

Web site:

Year established: 1991

Fiscal year: April-March

Number of employees: 800+

Pres/CEO: Thad Simons

Exec VP, Global Animal Nutrition Solns:

Dan Meagher

Exec Dir. Strategic Mktg: Jim Gerardot

Mgr, Global Poultry and Pork Mkts:

Dr. Scott Carter (

Mgr. Global Ruminant ruminant, any of a group of hooved mammals that chew their cud, i.e., that regurgitate and chew again food that has already been swallowed. Ruminants have an even number of toes on each foot and a stomach with either three or four chambers.  Mkts:

Stephanie Gable (

Sr Mgr, Mktg Comms:

Tracy Barfield (


microangiopathic hemolytic anemia.
 and MFP (MultiFunction Printer, MultiFunction Peripheral) See all-in-one and MFD.  feed supplement, MINTREX and MAAC chelated trace minerals, antioxidants, enzymes, organic acids, essential oils, anti-caking agents, prebiotics, probiotics, hatchling supplements, a coccidiosis coccidiosis /coc·cid·i·o·sis/ (kok-sid?e-o´sis) infection by coccidia. In humans, applied to the presence of Isospora hominis or I. belli in stools; it is often asymptomatic, rarely causing a severe watery mucous diarrhea.  vaccine for the poultry industry, and pigments


150 Harvester Dr. Ste 200, Burr Ridge, IL 60527;

630/455-2000, 800/345-3330, FAX: 630/455-2001

Web site:

Branch office: 4020 Aerial Center Pkwy, Ste 101,

Morrisville, NC 27560

Fiscal year: August-July

Parent company: Nufarm Inc.

Number of employees: 2,500

Pres: Darryl Matthews

Exec VP, Ag Sls & Mktg: Greg Thompson

Dir, Branding & Mktg Svcs: Brian Rund (

Comms Mgr: Erika Canady

Products: Weedar and Weedone Phenoxy brands; Credit glyphosate glyphosate

herbicide and desiccant for grains. Heavy doses to birds cause soft shells on their eggs.
 brands; Assert herbicides; Maestro bromoxynil brands; Nuprid imidacloprid insectide; Champ/Champion copper fungicides; Agri-Mycin, Mycoshield and BlightBan bactericides; RiteWay, Typy, TypRus and RiteSize PGRs



1919 Grand Ave, Sioux City, IA 51106;

712/277-2011, 800/831-4815, FAX: 712/279-1946

Web site:

Year established: 1954

Pres/CEO: Raun Lohry (

Mktg Dir: Eric Lohry ( Products: Nutra-Flo liquid fertilizer, Kay-Dee livestock supplements, Nulex zinc micronutrients, Nutra-Flo peptide proteins, Ultra-Phos monocalcium phosphate


The Global Positioning System Global Positioning System: see navigation satellite.
Global Positioning System (GPS)

Precise satellite-based navigation and location system originally developed for U.S. military use.


8200 Westglen Dr, Houston, TX 77063: 888/666-4782

Web site:

Year established: 1996

Fiscal year: January-December

Parent company; Trimble

Number of employees: 30

VP, Mktg & Gust Svc; Max Huff

Sls Dir: John Pointon (

Products: Differential GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) The European term for a global satellite-based radio navigation system. See Galileo.  correction services for precision agriculture, including GLONASS (GLObal NAvigation Satellite System-GLObalnaya NAvigatsionnaya Sputnikovaya Sistema) A satellite-based radio navigation system run by the Russian Ministry of Defense. It uses 21 MEO satellites and three spares.  


100 Bean St, Clear Lake, WI 54005; 715/263-2112,

FAX: 715/263-3324

Web site:

Year established: 1970

Number of employees: 400

CEO/Pres: Gary Stich STICH Cardiology A clinical trial–Surgical Treatment for IntraCerebral Hemorrhage  

VP, Sls: Andy Talbott

VP, Mktg: Mike Miller

Products: Vineyard harvesting, mechanization mechanization

Use of machines, either wholly or in part, to replace human or animal labour. Unlike automation, which may not depend at all on a human operator, mechanization requires human participation to provide information or instruction.
 and spraying equipment; vegetable, fruit, citrus, seed and field corn harvesting equipment, hay mergers, self-propelled application equipment

Ad/PR agency: Cross Country Marketing


1217 W. 12th St. Kansas City, MO 64101:

816/421-4070, 800/821-7925, FAX: 816/474-0462

Web site:

Year established: 1947

Fiscal year: November-October

Number of employees: 350

CEO/Pres: Richard Martin

VP, Consumer Group: Krystal Cartwright

VP, T&O/Ag/IVM: Mark Miller

VP, New Product Dev; Tom Hoffman

Products: Herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, fertilizers, plant growth regulators, companion animal health products, veterinary health care

Partners in Progress Since 1948


917 Business 141, PO Box 7, Pound, WI 54161;

920/897-2251. 800/236-7280, FAX: 920/897-2142

Web site:

Year established: 1948

Fiscal year: January-December

Number of employees: 140

CEO/Pres: Darrell Patz

VP, Mktg; Jon Patz

Natl Sls Mgr: Curt Tisler (

Intl Sls Mgr: John Runge (

Mktg Mgr: Barb Sailer (

Products: Vertical mixers (140-1580 cu ft, single/twin/triple screw, stationary, trailer, truck mount), silo unloaders, belt feeders, chain/flite/belt conveyors, material movers, vertical pit pumps, agitators, alley scrapers, gutter cleaners and bale/bedding choppers



201 Knollwood Dr, Ste A, Champaign, IL 61820: 888/647-3478

Web site:

Year established: 2009

Fiscal year: January-December

Parent company: Dow AgroSciences

Number of employees: 25

Sls Mgr: Dennis Clark (

Products: Corn and soybean seed

Animal Health


5 Giralda Farms, Madison, NJ 07940; 855/424-734

Web site:

Fiscal year: January-December

Parent company: Pfizer Inc.

Mktg Comms Mgr: Benjamin Church (

Comms Dir: Deron Johnson (

New Products Mktg Dir: Klaas Okkinga (

Swine Mktg: Christina Lood (

Products: Anti-infectives, biologicals. feed additives pain and sedation Sedation Definition

Sedation is the act of calming by administration of a sedative. A sedative is a medication that commonly induces the nervous system to calm.

The process of sedation has two primary intentions.
 medication, other pharmaceuticals and related services for cattle, swine, poultry, equine, and companion animals: owns King Pharmaceuticals and Alpharma


8550 Hudson Blvd, Lake Elmo, MN 55042;

866/822-7402, FAX: 877/282-7861

Web site:

Sr VP, Marketplace: Ted Cybularz

VP, Nati Accts: Lee Shepard

VP, Mktg & Strategy: Vince Zortman

Products: Custom financing solutions for the grower customers agricultural input suppliers


1080 W. County Rd F, Shoreview, MN 55126; 651/481-2222

Web site:

Branch office: Purina Animal Nutrition Center, 100

Danforth Dr, Gray Summit, MO 63039; 636/742-6100

Year established: 1894

Number of employees: 3,000+

COO, Purina Animal Nutrition: Dave Hoogmoed

VP, Sls, Purina Animal Nutrition: Brian Gier

Sr Dir, Lifestyle Mktg: Pete Theisen

Sr Dir, Livestock Mktg: Dan Moran

Sr Dir. Brand Strategy: Mark Chenoweth

Dir, Integrated Mktg & Comms: Kurt Schultz

Products: Animal feed for livestock and lifestyle animals

Ad/PR agency: Colle+McVoy



12443 Olive Blvd, Saint Louis. MO 63141; 314/317-8000

Web site:

Branch offices: Cedar Falls, IA; Wichita, KS;

Memphis, TN; Spokane, WA

Fiscal year: January-December

Parent company: Rabobank Group

Number of employees: 300

CEO: Neil Dobbin

EVP Bus Dev: Brian Newcomer (

Country Mgr: John Ryan Managing Dir, North Central Region: Shawn Smeins (

Managing Dir, Southeast Region: John Johnson

Managing Dir, Central Region: Van Dewey

Managing Dir, Western Region: Charlie McElligott

VP, Mktg & Comms: John Zeloski (

Products: Financial products for U.S. farmers and ranchers in every sector of agriculture

Ag/PR agency: AdFarm


9200 Northpark Dr., Ste 300, Johnston, IA

50131-3006; 515/559-1000, 800/776-4045,

FAX: 515/559-1101

Web site:

Year established: 1919

Parent company: ACE Group

Number of employees: 400+

Products: Agriculture insurance products, including multiple peril crop insurance, crop-hail, supporting crop "niche" products, livestock, farm/ranch owners, commercial auto, umbrella and farm management


205 E. Sixth St, Sioux Falls, SD 57104; 800/243-5435

Web site:

Pres/CEO: Dan Rykhus

Mktg Dir: Paul Welbig (

Sls Mgr: Denton Schwiesow (

Mktg Supv: Ryan Molitor (

Products: Field computers, application controls. guidance & steering, GPS, planter & seeder seed·er  
1. A machine or an implement used for planting seeds.

2. A machine or implement used to remove the seeds from fruit.

3. One that seeds clouds.

Noun 1.
 controls, yield monitoring, and boom controls

Ad/PR agency: Paulsen Marketing




5325 Reinke Rd. PO Box 566, Deshler, NE 68340; 402/365-7251, FAX: 402/365-4370

Web site:

Year established: 1954

Fiscal year: October-September

CEO/Pres: Chris Roth (

VP, Mktg: Tim Goldhammer (

Domestic Irrigation Dir: Mark Mesloh (

Mktg Supv: Beth Landau (

Products: Mechanized agricultural irrigation systems, trailers, container chassis

Ad/PR agency: Swanson Russell


1020 S. Sangamon Ave. Gibson City, IL 60936; 217/784-4261, 800/221-2855

Web site:

Year established: 1934

Fiscal year: January-December

Parent company: Alamo Group

Number of employees: 350

Sls & Mktg Dir: Greg Pollock

Products: Rotary cutters, loaders, backhoes, rear blades, tillage, post-hole diggers, rakes, seeders, harrows, finish mowers, hay equipment, boom mowers, ZTR ZTR zero turning radius (riding lawn mowers)
ZTR Zero Turn Radius (lawnmower feature; trademark of Husqvarna Professional Outdoor Products Inc.)
ZTR Zweig Total Return Fund Inc.
 mowers, flail mowers, disc mowers, hay tedders

Ad/PR agency: Jones and Thomas

Ritchie[R] waters 'cm right[R]


120 S. Main, PO Box 730, Conrad, IA 50621; 641/366-2525, 800/747-0222, FAX: 641/366-2551

Web site:

Year established: 1921

Fiscal year: January-December

Number of employees: 90

Mktg Svcs: Ruth Peterson (

Products: Livestock watering equipment


1400 N.W. 107th Ave. Ste 310, Doral, FL 33172; 305/559-2221, 866/927-6826, FAX: 305/559-2184

Web site:

Year established: 2005

Fiscal year: January-December

Parent company: Rotam Group

Number of employees: 8

N.A. Regl Mgr: Thomas Chavez (

Mktg Mgr: Mike Adams (

Products: Abacus, Montana. Toledo. Plotter, Lucid.

Leda, Rometsol, Primero pri·me·ro  
A gambling card game, popular in Elizabethan England.

[Alteration of Spanish primera, feminine of primero, first, from Latin
, Volta, contact Mike

Adams or Thomas Chavez

SFP SFP Small Form-factor Pluggable (optical transceiver module)
SFP Société Française de Physique (French Physics Society; Paris)
Sfp Svenska Folkpartiet (Finnish: Swedish People~s Party) 

11550 Ash, Ste 220, Leawood, KS 66211; 913/956-7500, 888/446-GROW

Web site:

Year established: 1998

Number of employees: 56

Pres/CEO: Larry Sanders (

Exec VP: John Hardy (

VP, Mkt Dev: Jake Sanders (

Ad/PR agency: Osborn + Barr


11740 US 42 N., PO Box 143, Plain City, IN

43064-0143; 614/873-4683, FAX: 614/873-5751

Web site:

Year established: 1965

Pres/CEO: David Thorbahn (

VP, Dairy Sire SIRE. A title of honor given to kings or emperors in speaking or writing to them.  Product Line & Sls Mgmt:

Blaine Crosser (

VP, Genetic Programs: Chuck Settler (

VP, US Mkt Dev: Lyle Kruse (

VP, Intl Dev; Joel Mergler (

VP, Beef Genetics: Aaron Arnett (

Products: Dairy and beef cattle genetics, herd-management products, breeding supplies, animal health products, reproductive services, and nitrogen tanks


2309 Shur-Lok St, PO Box 713, Yankton, SD 57078; 605/665-6000, 800/474-8756, FAX: 605/665-0501

Web site:

Shur-Co of ND: 920 38th St NW. Fargo, ND 58102; 877/868-4488

Year established: 1992

Fiscal year: January-December

Number of employees: 300

Natl OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) The rebranding of equipment and selling it. The term initially referred to the company that made the products (the "original" manufacturer), but eventually became widely used to refer to the organization that buys the products and  Sls Mgr: Kevin Teichroew (

* Updated into not received for '13 MSG.

Sls & Mktg Dir: Mike Krajewski (

Products: Shur-Lok roll tarp systems, 4500 Series-HD electric option, ProTrap electric hopper door opener, contact Bill Nelson (


Bringing Earth's Resources to Life


999 Main St, Ste 1300, Boise, ID 83702;

208/627-2700, FAX: 208/672-2760

Web site:

Year established: 1935

Fiscal year: September-August

Parent company: J.R. Simplot Company

Number of employees: 10,000

Pres: Garrett Lotto

VP, Bus Dev & Mktg: John Malinowski

Product Dev Dir: Steve Paoletti (

Mktg Dir: Kathy Carlson (

Mkt Solutions Mgr: Kristi Smith (

Products: Plant nutrients (wholesale/retail); feed phosphate ingredients; crop, seed and turf input retailer



2520 Meridian Pkwy, Ste 525, Durham, NC 27713; 919/226-1195, FAX: 919/226-1196

Web site:

CEO/Pres: Giovanni Affaba

COO: Adam Burnhams (

COO: Andrew Bodane (

Ag Sls Mgr: Scott Peterson

Product Mgr: Giovanni Mattaini (

Comms Mgr: Cathy Fuhrman (

Products: Crop protection chemicals


PO Box 4583, Lincoln, NE 68504; 402/467-5221,

FAX: 402/465-1229

Web site:

Year established: 1957

Fiscal year: January-December

Number of employees: 300

VP, Sls & Mktg: Michael Spurrier Spur´ri`er   

n. 1. One whose occupation is to make spurs.

Natl Sls Mgr, Ag Div: Rick Wagner (

Ad Mgr: Connie Lintz

Products: Polyethylene tanks--storage, applicator, transport, D.O.T.. water, contact Rick Wagner (sales@snydernelcom)



PO Box 26234, Richmond, VA 23233;

804/281-1000, FAX: 804/281-1144

Web site:

Year established: 1923

Fiscal year: July-June

Number of employees: 4,500

Pres/CEO: Tom Scribner

VP, Sls: Jerry Walker (

VP. HR: Betsy Hill (

VP, Mktg & Comms: Steve Patterson (

Mktg Dir: Houston Staton (

Mgr. Branding & Mktg: Jennifer Gwyn (

Mgr. Customer Insights: Greg Bucko buck·o  
n. pl. buck·oes or buck·os
1. A blustering or bossy person.

2. Irish A young man; a lad.

[Alteration of buck1.]

Mgr, Online Mktg & Comms: Jeff Reger (

Sls Training Mgr: Carter Iseman (

Investor Relations/Corp PR: Turner Gravitt (

Ad agencies: AdPlex; Barber Martin Advertising; Classic Graphics


371 N. Diener Rd. Reynolds, IN 47980;

219/984-5837, 800/545-8611, FAX: 219/984-5364

Web site:

Year established: 1928

Fiscal year: September-August

Gen Mgr: Dennis Schlott (

Mktg Dir: Martin Huseman (

Regl Sls Mgr; Jim Wolf (

Regl Sls Mgr/Agronomist: Jeff Hinen (

Regl Sls Mgr: Larry Pell (

Product Mgr/Sls Agronomist: Dan Childs (

Products: Corn (GENSS-RIB. GENVT3Pro-RIB, GENVT2Pr0-RIB, YieldGard VT3, Roundup Ready Corn), Genuity Roundup Ready 2 Yield Soybeans Ad/PR agency: Brighton


22555 Laredo Trl, Adel, IA 50003; 800/362-2510,

FAX: 515/677-2716

Web site:

Year established: 1979

Fiscal year: January-December

VP, Sls: Myron Stine (

Natl Sls & Mktg Dir: David Thompson (

Products: Seed corn, soybean seed, Stine HP corn Ad/PR agency: Trilix

StollerUSA Unleashing The Power Of Plants


4001 W. Sam Houston Pkwy, Ste 100, Houston, TX 77043; 713/461-1493, 800/539-5283,

FAX: 713/461-4467

Web site:

Year established: 1972

Fiscal year: January-December

Number of employees: 270

CEO/Pres: Jerry Stoller

Gen Mgr: Wayne Smith

Mktg Dir: Jeff Morgan (

Products: Products to manage stress and hormone balance in crops--Bio-Forge. BioForge ST for seed treatment; specialty foliar nutrition products; chelated micronutrients; dry soluble NPK NPK Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium
NPK Non-Player Killer
; pest management products; organic certified products Ad agency: The McCormick Company


PO Box 677, 1555 255th St, Sheffield, IA 50475; 641/892-4222, FAX: 641/892-4629

Web site:

Year established: 1963

Fiscal year: July-June

Number of employees: 475

Pres: Charles Sukup (

Natl Sls Mgr: Diane Hughes (

Ad Dir: Nicole Poock (

Bin Sls Mgr: John Hanig (

Dryer Sls Mgr: Kerry Hartwig (

Intl Sls Mgr: John Bowes (

Products: Sukup grain bins, contact John Hanig (; Sukup grain dryers. contact Kerry Hartwig (; Sukup grain drying and aeration fans, Fastir stirring machines, Sweepway bin unloading equipment, Hawk Cut & ZipperLok bin floors. Cyclone pneumatic grain conveying, contact Diane Hughes (; Sukup material handling equipment, contact Bob Dieckmann (; Sukup steel buildings, contact John Rooney ( Ad/PR agency: In-house



PO Box 18300, Greensboro, NC 27419; 336/632-6000, 800/334-9481

Web site:

Syngenta Region Headquarters: 11055 Wayzata Blvd, Minnetonka, MN 55305;


Year established: 2000

N. Amer Region Dir: Vern Hawkins

N. Amer Region Dir: David Morgan

Head, Customer Mktg & Svcs: Dan Burdett

Head, Mktg Svcs: Greg Peters (

Mktg Comms Mgr: Kim Dawson (

Comms Lead, Cereals & Diverse Field Crops: Beverly Larson (

Comms Lead. Corn: Jodie McClement (

Comms Lead, Corn: David Pinon Pinon (pī`nŏn), in the Bible, one of the dukes of Edom.  (

Comms Lead, Greenleaf Genetic: Staci Monson Comms Lead, Soybeans: Wendell Calhoun (

Comms Lead, Specialty Crops: Melissa Lord (

Comms Lead, Vegetables: Mary DeMers (

Comms Lead, Turf & Landscape: Mark LaFleur (

Comms Lead, Syngenta Flowers, Inc., Vegetative vegetative /veg·e·ta·tive/ (vej?e-ta?tiv)
1. of, pertaining to, or characteristic of plants.

2. concerned with growth and nutrition, as opposed to reproduction.

: Tracey Gorrell (

Comms Lead, Syngenta Flowers, Inc., Seeds: Melanie Fernandes (

Comms Lead, Syngenta Flowers, Inc., Plant Protection: Ebony Busby (

Comms Lead, Professional Pest Mgmt: Rose Reifsnyder (

Events Lead: Norma Standerford (

Head, Corp Comms: Paul Minehart (

Corp Comms Mgr: Ann Bryan (

Corp Comms Mgr: Steven Goldsmith (

Corp Comms Mgr: Pam Molitor (

Corp Comms Mgr: Lori Schwind (

Products: Crop protection, seeds, seed treatment, and professional products

Ad agency: Martin/Williams

PR agency: Gibbs & Soell Inc.

Irrigation Systems


151 E. Hwy 6 & AB Rd, PO Box 1047, Hastings, NE

68901; 402/462-4128, 800/330-4264,

FAX: 402/462-4617

Web site:

Year established: 1965

Number of employees: 250+

Products: Hydraulically powered pivot irrigation systems

Ad/PR agency: Brush Art Corporation


North Ave at Schmale Rd, PO Box 7900, Wheaton,

IL 60187-7901; 630/665-5000, FAX: 630/665-5292

Web site:

Year established: 1937

Global Mktg Comms Mgr: Tim Stuenkel (

Products: Spray nozzles, GPS guidance, mapping software, GPS receivers and accessories, auto steering products, boom section control, application control equipment, machine monitoring products

Precision Agriculture


7400 National Dr, Livermore, CA 94550; 925/245-8300, FAX: 925/245-8599

Web site:

Branch offices: 16900W, 118th Terr, Olathe, KS

66061; 14 Park Way, Mawson Lakes, SA 5095,

Australia; Avenida de la Industria 35, Tres Cantos 28760, Spain

Year established: 1988

Fiscal year: Apr-Mar

Number of employees: 150

Pres: Albert Zahalka (

Dir, Engineering: Ove Luehrs (

Dir, Product Mgmt: Kevin Cobb (

Dir, Mktg & Bus Dev: Mike Gomes (

Sr Dir, Worldwide OEM: Bob McCloskey (

Product Mktg Mgr: Joe Robertson (

Products: Complete precision ag control systems for guidance, autosteering. variable-rate control, auto section control, single- and multiple-product variable-rate application, crop canopy sensing for variable-rate "On The Go," SGIS SGIS Swiss Group of International Schools
SGIS SkillStorm Government Integrated Solutions
SGIS Stabilized Glideslope Indicating System
 desktop farm management software, GPS and laser systems for water management, landforming, surveing and field design; crop input controls, contact Brian Sorbe (; systems architecture. contact Andrew Davis (; GNSS and machine control, contact Bruce Stephens (; farm information services See Information Systems. , contact Dr. Joe Tevis ( Ad/PR agency: In-house


10355 Westmoor Dr, Ste 100. Westminster, CO 80021: 800/865-7438

Web site:

Year established: 1978

Fiscal year: January-December

Number of employees: 3.500

Mktg Comms Dir: Amy Wigginton (

Mktg Comms Mgr: Courtney Gaudet (

Events Mgr: Rebecca Hopkins (

Mktg Comms Spec: Caroline McKinney (

Mktg Comms Spec: Brian Stark (

PR Spec: Silvia McLachlan (

Mktg Comms Spec: Jenny Wilson (

Products: CFX-750 display, FmX integrated display: EZ-Guide 250 system: Autopilot automated steering system; EZ-Pilot assisted steering system: EZ-Steer assisted steering system: Field-10 crop input control system; TrueTracker implement steering system; TrueGuide implement guidance system; Harvest solution for Yield Monitoring: FieldLevel II system; WM-Drain farm drainage solution: WM-Topo survey system; Tru Count Clutches by Trimble: WeedSeeker and GreenSeeker products; Rawson variable-rate drives: Farm Works field and office software solutions; Connected Farm; and a variety of laser systems for water management

United Press International


630 Freedom Business Ctr, Ste 402, King of Prussia,

PA 19406; 610/491-2800, FAX: 610/491-2801

Web site:

Fiscal year: April-March

Parent company: United Phosphorus Ltd.

Pres/CEO: Jeff Allison (

Mktg Dir: Karen Westcott (

Products: Post-patent crop protection


Manufacturing Company, Inc.


PO Box 357, Kalida, OH 45853; 419/532-3121,

FAX: 419/532-2468

Web site:

Year established: 1948

Fiscal year: October-September

CEO/Pres: R. Unverforth

VP, Sls & Mktg: Daniel Fanger

Sls Mgr: Mike Ellerbrook

Ad Mgr: Jerry Ecklund (

Products: Sprayers; tillage equipment; hay, manure and grain handling equipment; agricultural dual and specialty changeover wheels

Ad agency: McCormick Company


PO Box 8025, Walnut Creek, CA 94596-8025:

925/256-2700, 800/682-5368, FAX: 925/256-2844

Web site:

Year established: 1991

Fiscal year: January-December

Parent company: Sumitomo Chemical Co. Ltd.

Number of employees: 250

CEO/Pres: Mike Donaldson

VP, Sls: Matt Plitt

Products: Herbicides, insecticides, miticides, insect growth regulators, plant growth regulators, nematicides, biological insecticides and plant growth regulators, fungicides, seed protection, and products for organic production

Ad/PR agency: archer malmo

The Leader In Precision Irrigation


28800 Ida St, Valley, NE 68064; 402/359-2201,

800/VALMONT, FAX: 402/359-4429

Web site:

Year established: 1954

Fiscal year: January-December

Parent company: Valmont Industries

Global Irrigation Pres: Leonard Adams

VP, Engineering & Mktg: Craig Malsam

Global Mktg Mgr: Michelle Stolte (

Global Mktg Asst: Brooke Stover (

Products: Valley Center Pivots, Valley Linears, and Valley Precision Corner

Ad/PR agency: Rhea + Kaiser



1210 Vermeer Rd, Pella, IA 50219; 641/628-3141,

800/370-3659, FAX: 641/621-7754

Web site:

Year established: 1948

Number of employees: 3,275

Pres/CEO: Mary Andringa

Chmn of the Board: Bob Vermeer

VP, Forage Solns: David Corbin

Forage Solns Dir: Joe Michaels

Forage Solns Mkt Mgr: Jessica Reis

Forage Solns Sls Mgr: Bret Julian

Products: Large round balers, mowers, tedders, rakes, bale processors

Ad/PR agency: Lessing Flynn

Wick Buildings


405 Walter Rd, PO Box 38, Mazomanie, WI 53560:

608/795-2294, 800/356-9682, FAX: 608R95-2534

Web site:

Year established: 1954

Fiscal year: January-December

Number of employees: 300

Pres/Gen Mgr: Tom Wick (

Mktg Dir: Bret Buelo (

Asst Natl Sls Mgr: Larry Edema edema (ĭdē`mə), abnormal accumulation of fluid in the body tissues or in the body cavities causing swelling or distention of the affected parts.  (

Products: Post frame metal buildings, contact Bret Buelo


PO Box 1030, 17885 Hwy 13, Wahpeton, ND 58075;

701/642-2621, 800/688-3300, FAX: 701/671-4438

Web site:

Year established: 1964

Number of employees: 120

CEO/Pres: Victor Klosterman

Mktg Dir/Nati Sls Mgr: Jim Balstad (

Sls Promo/Mktg Mgr: Leah Larson (

Products: Field cultivators, planter bars, harrows, row crop cultivators, sprayers, chisel plows, cutter chisels, moldboard moldboard: see plow.  plows, rippers, disk harrows, shredder, seedbed finishers and rolling packers Ad agency: How 2 Creative Services


345 California St, 27th Fl, San Francisco, CA 94104:

415/772-4000, FAX: 415/772-4011

Web site:

Agribusiness Div: 1801 Oakland Blvd, Ste 210,

Walnut Creek, CA 94586: 415/772-4060, FAX: 4151772-9821

Feed Div: 2001 S.E. Columbia River Dr, Ste 200,

Vancouver, WA 98661

Year established: 1921

Products: Marketing. distribution and formulation of plant protection products, fertilizer and feed


1080 County Rd F W., Shoreview, MN 55126;

651/375-2222, 800/328-9680

Web site:

Year established: 2007

Fiscal year: January-December

Parent company: Land O'Lakes

Number of employees: 1,500+

EVP/COO: Rod Schroeder (

EVP/COO: Mike Vande Logt (

VP, Mktg: Mitch Eviston (

Products: CROPLAN seeds, crop protection products and plant nutrition products; data and research-driven solutions to maximize farm crop yield

Ad/PR agency: Colle & McVoy


13344 US Hwy 6, Geneseo, IL 61254-8487;

309/944-8334, 800/369-7833, FAX: 309/944-8338

Web site:

Year established: 1952

Fiscal year: September-August

Number of employees: 110 full-time, 500 part-time

Mktg Dir: Jeff Hartz (

Products: Hybrid seed corn


8705 S.W. Nimbus Ave, Beaverton, OR 97008;

503/699-3000, FAX: 503/699-3026

Web site:

Year established: 2003

Fiscal year: January-December

Parent company: Absorbent absorbent /ab·sor·bent/ (-sor´bent)
1. able to take in, or suck up and incorporate.

2. a tissue structure involved in absorption.

3. a substance that absorbs or promotes absorption.
 Technologies Inc.

Number of employees: 40

CEO: Milan Savich

Mktg Dir: Jennifer Kirby (

Products: Super-absorbent soil amendment



10400 Viking Dr, Ste 240, Eden Prairie, MN 55344;

952/983-4000, 800/445-6145, FAX: 952/944-2749

Web site:

Year established: 1971

Fiscal year: January-December

Number of employees: 250

CEO: Michael Anderson

Pres/COO: William Scrimgeour

EVP, Global Sls & Mktg: Joseph Carrica

VP, Sls, Americas: Russ Wyllie

Mktg Mgr, Americas: Brad Frisvold

Products: Organic trace minerals, including 4-Plex, Availa-4, Availa-Sow, ZINPRO zinc methionine methionine (mĕthī`ənēn), organic compound, one of the 20 amino acids commonly found in animal proteins. Only the L-stereoisomer appears in mammalian protein. , CuPlex copper lysine lysine (lī`sēn), organic compound, one of the 20 amino acids commonly found in animal proteins. Only the l-stereoisomer appears in mammalian protein. , Manpro manganese methionine, Copro cobalt glucoheptonate and AvailaMins

Ad/PR agencies: Confluence Marketing; Woodruff Sweitzer
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Date:Jan 1, 2013
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