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Admiralty Law

The scope and function of the Admiralty Law Committee is to study and keep members of the Bar informed of recent developments in the field of admiralty law. The committee along with the Rules Committees should review and study the portions of the Federal Rules of Procedure and United States Code relating to admiralty matters and local rules relating to admiralty matters in the various United States district courts in Florida. The committee may study and consider matters in the area of admiralty law and procedure as may be developed by the committee or assigned by the president or Board of Governors and assist in developing continuing legal education courses for persons designated in admiralty law.
 Term Expires
Christian David Keedy, Chair 2004
7931 SW 59th Avenue
South Miami 33143-5513

Mark Robin Ercolin, Vice Chair 2004
901 SE 17th ST., Ste. 210
Ft. Lauderdale 33316-2955

Eilon Krugman-Kadi, Vice Chairman 2004
824 E. University Ave.
P.O. Box 1246
Gainesville 32602-1246

Andrew W. Anderson, Miami 2004
William Russell Boeringer, Miami 2004
Neil O'Kane Bowman, Denver, CO 2004
Douglas Crane Broeker, Miami 2004
Mark Jeffrey Buhler, Orlando 2004
Sergio Rafael Casiano, Jr., South Miami 2004
William Edward Cassidy, Miami 2004
Michael E. Conroy, Ft. Lauderdale 2004
Barbara A. Cook, Stuart 2004
Lawrance Belknap Craig III, Miami 2004
Robert Alexander Craven, St. Petersburg 2004
Stephen Jerome Darmody, Miami 2004
Charles Gullete De Leo, Miami 2004
Scott A. Disalvo, Ft. Lauderdale 2004
Benjamin Randall Eustice, Conover, NC 2004
Ford John Fegert, Vero Beach 2004
Ronald Alfred FitzGerald, Ft. Lauderdale 2004
Joanne Mary Foster, Miami 2004
Thomas Arthur Freehling, Hollywood 2004
Michael Alexandar Garcia, Miami 2004
James Daryl Gassenheimer, Miami 2004
Alex M. Gonzales, Miami 2004
Christine Ann Guard, Tallahassee 2004
Kenneth Gale Hawkes, Coral Gables 2004
John H. Hickey, Miami 2004
Brian Patrick Hill, West Palm Beach 2004
David J. Horr, Miami 2004
Teri Michelle Jones, Orlando 2004
David Pirritte Karcher, Miami 2004
Allan Richard Kelley, Miami 2004
Scott Kuhn, Ft. Myers 2004
Jennifer Nicole Labbe, West Palm Beach 2004
Curtis Jay Mase, Miami 2004
Richard James McAlpin, Miami 2004
Michael John McHale, Jensen Beach 2004
Michael William McLeod, Boca Raton 2004
William Barry Milliken, Coral Gables 2004
Stephen Manning Moon, Port Canaveral 2004
Michael T. Moore, Miami 2004
Jacob John Munch, Tampa 2004
David Avellar Neblett, Coral Gables 2004
Carl Richard Nelson, Tampa 2004
Patricia Kathleen Olney, Port Canaveral 2004
Robert Dwight Peltz, Ft. Lauderdale 2004
James Hubert Perry II, Miami 2004
Michael A. Pfundstein, Ft., Lauderdale 2004
Nathaniel G. Whitnel Pieper, Tampa 2004
David Henry Pollack, Miami 2004
Frederick Lincoln Pollack, Tampa 2004
Alan Sanders Richard, Tallahassee 2004
Brett Alan Rivkind, Miami 2004
Ronald Thomas Romeo, Jacksonville 2004
Nicolas George Sakellis, Miami 2004
Timothy Peter Shusta, Tampa 2004
Patricia Rombach Spivey, Cape Canaveral 2004
Courtney Wilder Stanton, Jacksonville 2004
Donald Warren Strader, Miami 2004
John Howard Thomas, Miami 2004
Vicente Agustin Tome, Miami 2004
Ervin Amado Gonzalez, Board Liaison
 Coral Gables 2004

Admiralty & Maritime Certification
 Term Expires
Charles Gullette De Leo, Chair 2006
Fowler White, et al.
100 SE 2nd St., Fl. 17
Miami 33131-2158

Andrew L. Waks, Vice Chair 2005
7103 SW 102nd Ave
Miami 33173-1364

Mark Jeffrey Buhler, Orlando 2006
Christian David Keedy, South Miami 2005
Richard James McAlpin, Miami 2004
Joseph Payne Milton, Jacksonville 2006
Patricia Kathleen Olney, Port Canaveral 2004
Domingo Carlos Rodriguez, Coral Gables 2005
Allen Kuno Von Spiegelfeld, Tampa 2004
Ervin Amado Gonzales, Board Liaison
 Coral Gables 2004


The scope and function of the Advertising Committee is to administer the advertising evaluation program set forth in Rule 4-7.5, Rules of Professional Conduct. The committee is charged with the responsibility of advising members of The Florida Bar on permissible advertising and solicitation practices. This responsibility is accomplished through the issuance of written advisory opinions, the evaluation of advertisements required to be filed with the committee, and the development of a handbook on advertising for the guidance of and dissemination to members of The Florida Bar. In addition, the committee is empowered to recommend to the board of governors such amendments to the Rules of Professional Conduct as the committee believes are appropriate.
 Term Expires
Shane Thomas Munoz, Chair 2006
Zinober & McCrea
P.O. Box 1378
Tampa 33601-1378

John Calhoun Bales, Vice Chair 2004
Bales Weinstein
P.O. Box 172179
Tampa 33672-0179

Kimberly Hall Doyle, Hollywood 2005
Adrienne Katz, Orlando 2005
Merlin R. Langley, Tallahassee 2006
John L. Remsen, Jr., Ft. Lauderdale 2004
Kimberly Sands, Daytona Beach 2004
John George White III, Board Liaison
 West Palm Beach 2004

Annual Meeting

The scope and function of the Annual Meeting Committee is to assist the president in the planning and coordination of the annual meeting of The Florida Bar. The committee is appointed by the president early in his administrative year. From within the committee, members are given responsibilities for entertainment, sports, sponsorships and others to assist the president in the general planning of the meeting. The committee will usually meet as early as nine months prior to the annual meeting for a planning session. Further meetings occur approximately every two months. At these meetings members may offer suggestions to the president regarding speakers, entertainment, a general format, and receive instructions concerning their individual responsibilities.
 Term Expires
Gregory William Coleman 2005
Burman, Critton, Luttier & Coleman
515 N. Flagler Dr., Ste 400
West Palm Beach 33401-4349

Michele Kane Cummings, Vice Chair 2005
Ruden McClosky Smith Schuster
& Russell,P.A.
P.O. Box 1900
Ft. Lauderdale 33302-1900

Jennifer Jean Ator, Miami 2004
Frank Moor Bedell, Orlando 2004
Joshua Adam Blacksten, Marathon 2006
Vivian Paraskevi Cocotas, Orlando 2004
Ashley E. Frost, Orlando 2004
Lynn Ann Howell, St. Petersburg 2006
Kyle Vincent Mitchell, Tallahassee 2005
Dara S. Niad, Boca Raton 2006
Sheri Eva Nott, Miami 2006
Robert Conrad Palmer III, Pensacola 2004
James Cyril Shew, Middletown, OH 2006
Scott Owen Stigall, Tampa 2004
Deborah Wendy Young, Ft, Lauderdale 2005
Nancy Wood Gregoire, Board Liaison
 Ft. Lauderdale 2004

Antitrust and Trade Regulation Law Certification
 Term Expires
Patricia Ann Conners, Chair 2005
Dept. of Legal Affairs
400 S. Monroe St., PL-01
Tallahassee 32399-6536

Jonathan C. Koch, Vice Chair 2006
Salem Saxon, P.A.
101 E. Kennedy Blvd., Ste. 3200
Tampa 33602-5151

Douglas Bruce Brown, Orlando 2004
Chris Steven Coutroulis, Tampa 2005
Kimberly Lionel King, Tallahassee 2005
Edward Camillee LaRose, Tampa 2004
Hal Kemp Litchford, Orlando 2005
Stephen E. Nagin, Miami 2006
Scott Eliot Perwin, Miami 2004
Ian M. Comisky, Board Liaison
 Philadelphia, PA 2004

Appellate Court Rules

The Scope and function of the Appellate Court Rules Committee is to carry out the mandate of Rule 2.130, Florida Rules of Judicial Administration, concerning the proposal of new rules of procedure and changes to existing rules.
 Term Expires
Mark K. Leban (CO), Chair 2006
175 NW 1st Ave., Ste. 2322
Miami 33128-1846

Barbara Anne Eagan, Vice Chair 2005
Arnold Matheny & Eagan
P.O. Box 2967
Orlando 32802-2967

Siobhan Helene Shea, Vice Chair 2005
P.O. Box 2436
Palm Beach 33480-2436

Kimberly A. Ashby, Orlando 2005
C. Suzanne Bechard, Tampa 2006
Marilyn Nemzura Beuttenmuller,
 West Palm Beach 2004
Robert Erich Baisotti, St. Petersburg 2004
James Curtis Blecke, Miami 2005
Steven L. Brannock, Tampa 2005
Raoul G. Cantero III (SC), * Tallahassee 2004
Natalie Jessica Carlos, Miami 2006
Shannon McLin-Carlyle, The Villages 2005
Jennifer Suzzane Carroll,
 Palm Beach Gardens 2005
Michael B. Chavies (CC), Miami 2006
Virginia Maria Covington (DCA),
 Lakeland 2004
Curtis Mitchell French, Tallahassee 2006
Gary Steven Gaffney, Davie 2005
Betsy Ellwnger Gallagher, Tampa 2006
Kristy Janda Gavin, Jacksonville 2004
David Robert Gemmer, St. Petersburg 2006
Katherine Eastmoore Giddings,
 Tallahassee 2005
Douglas James Glaid, Ft. Lauderdale 2004
Robert Steven Glazier, Miami 2004
Robert W. Goldman, Naples 2005
Edward George Guedes, Miami 2006
Valeria Hendricks, Tampa 2004
Lucinda Ann Hofmann, Miami 2006
Susan Odzer Hugentugler, Boca Raton 2005
Terrence Edward Kehoe, Orlando 2006
Patricia Joan Kelly (DCA), Lakeland 2004
Susan L. Kelsey,Tallahassee 2004
A.Hinda Klein, Hollywood 2006
Calianne P. Lantz, Miami 2006
John Joseph Lazzara (JCC), Tallahassee 2004
Jay Mitchell Levy, Miami 2004
Joseph Lewis, Jr. (DCA), Tallahassee 2004
Scott Alan Mager, Ft. Lauderdale 2005
Maria Charles McGuinness, Miami 2006
Rebecca Mercier-Vargas,
 West Palm Beach 2004
James Whitelaw Middleton,
 Jacksonville 2006
John Stewart Mills, Jacksonville 2006
Jamie Billote Moses, Orlando 2005
Edward Maurice Mullins, Miami 2005
Paul L. Nettleton, Miami 2005
Kathleen Mary O,Connor, Miami 2005
David Brian Pakula, Ft. Lauderdale 2005
Gregory Joseph Philo, Tallahassee 2005
Ricky Polston (DCA), Tallahassee 2006
Robert Henry Pritchard, Jacksonville 2005
Robert Dwane Pritt, Ft. Myers 2006
Juan Ramirez, Jr. (DCA), Miami 2005
Randall Odo Reder, Tampa 2004
Jack Roy Reiter, Miami 2006
Gary L. Sasso, St. Petersburg 2004
Alan R. Schwartz (DCA), Miami 2006
Harvey Joel Sepler, Miami 2004
Rodolfo Sorondo, Jr., Miami 2005
Douglas Howard Stein, Miami 2006
Robert Henley Sturgess, Jacksonville 2005
Patrice Ann Talisman, Miami 2005
Robert Lon Teitler, Miami 2006
Frances Hope Toomey, Tampa 2006
Brandon Stuart Vesely, St. Petersburg 2004
Dennis Joseph Wall, Orlando 2006
Peter D. Webster (DCA), Tallahassee 2004
Susan Winpenny Wright,
 Daytona Beach 2004
William Harper Phelan, Jr., Board Liaison
 Ocala 2004

Appellate Practice Certification
 Term Expires
Lauri Waldman Ross, Chair 2006
Lauri Waldman Ross, P.A.
9130 S. Dadeland Blvd., Ste. 1612
Miami 33156-7851

Angela Carol Flowers, Vice Chair 2005
Kubicki Draper, et al
25 W. Flagler St., PH
Miami 33130-1712

Robert L.Donald, Ft. Myers 2006
Kimberly Nolen Hopkins, Tampa 2006
William David Palmer (DCA),
 Daytona Beach 2005
John Henry Pelzer, Ft. Lauderdale 2006
Steven Edward Stark, Miami 2004
Debra Jane Sutton, Bartow 2004
Enoch Jonathan Whitney, Tallahassee 2004
Nancy Wood Gregoire, Board Liaison
 Ft. Lauderdale 2004

Aviation Law

The Scope and function of the Aviation and Space Law Committee is to study recent developments of law, legislation and regulations in the field of aviation law, and keep the members of the Bar informed of significant developments in this field. The committee should maintain liaison with agencies or local, state and federal governments concerned with aerospace law: study and consider matter of legislation, regulations or problems of aerospace law as developed by the committee or assigned to it by the president or the Board of Governors; and assist in developing continuing legal education courses for persons designated in aviation law.
 Term Expires
B. Norris Rickey, Chair 2004
County Atty's Ofc.
315 Court Ste. #6
Clearwater 33756-5165

Richard Dennis Tobin, Vice Chair 2004
2929 E. Commercial Blvd., ste. 702
Ft. Lauderdale 33308-4223

Jeffrey Alan Albinson, St. Petersburg 2004
William Raymond Blackard,Jr.,
 Jacksonville 2004
Edward Morton Booth, Jr., Jacksonville 2004
William G. Burd, Miami 2004
Mar Parham Burnett, Jacksonville 2004
Carlos Ignacio Cardelle, Miami 2004
Harry Lee Coe IV, Tampa 2004
Barbara A. Curtis, Ft. Lauderdale 2004
James Burton Denman III,
 Ft. Lauderdale 2004
Joseph Ronald Denman, Coral Gables 2004
Kimberly Hall Doyle, Hollywood 2004
Mark Robin Ercolin, Ft. Lauderdale 2004
Ollie L. Evans, Jr., Bonifay 2004
John Frederick Eversole III, Miami 2004
Robert Leaf Feldman, Miami 2004
Edward Ridley Finch, Jr., New York, NY 2004
Thomas Arthur Freehling, Hollywood 2004
Jeffrey L. Freeman, Miami 2004
David Allen Glant, Gainesville 2004
Lawrence Bertram Goldhirsch,
 New York, NY 2004
Stuart Arthur Goldstein, Miami 2004
Bruce D. Green, Ft. Lauderdale 2004
Mark Allen Gruwell, Sarasota 2004
Carl H. Hoffman, Jr., Coral Gables 2004
James Wilson Keeter, Orlando 2004
Elisabeth Daire Kozlow, Coral Gables 2004
Eilon Krugman-Kadi, Gainesville 2004
Bruce Edward Kuhse, Tallahassee 2004
Stewart Hartley Lapayowker,
 Ft. Lauderdale 2004
Patricia Ann Leid, Miami 2004
Jeffrey Robert Ludwig, Jacksonville 2004
Donald Maximilian Maciejewski,
 Jacksonville 2004
Wallace Clifton Magathan III,
 Coral Gables 2004
Earl Kenneth Mallory, Jupiter 2004
James Michael Meyer, Miami 2004
Charles Brown Mirman, Miami 2004
Michael Scott Olin, Miami 2004
Edward John Page, Tampa 2004
Edgar Glenn Parr, Arlington, VA 2004
Robert Patrick Phillips, Orlando 2004
Gregory Allan Popp, Merritt Island 2004
Emmet Jay Schwartzman, Miami 2004
Jeanne L. Seewald, Naples 2004
Michael Christian Siboni, Ocala 2004
Gregory Patrick Sreenan, Miami 2004
Eugene H. Steele, Ft. Lauderdale 2004
John R. Tamm, Daytona Beach 2004
Jerry H. Tarchtman, Melbourne 2004
Bill Wagner, Tampa 2004
Harold Gerard Melville, Jr., Board Liaison
 Ft. Pierce 2004

Aviation Law Certification
 Term Expires
Donald Maximilian Maciejewski, Chair 2004
Zisser Robison Brown, et al.
1 Independent Dr., Ste. 3306
Jacksonville 32202-5027

Bruce D. Green, Vice Chair 2004
1313 S. Andrews Ave.
Ft. Lauderdale 33316-1837

Stuart Arthur Goldstein, Miami 2005
William J. Joyce, New Orleans, LA 2006
Jeffrey Robert Ludwig, Jacksonville 2005
Robert Edward O'Connell, Boca Raton 2006
Robert Patrick Phillips, Orlando 2005
Robert F. Spohrer, Jacksonville 2006
Jerry H. Trachtman, Melbourne 2005
Harold Gerard Melville, Jr., Board Liaison
 Ft. Pierce 2004

Board of Legal Specialization and Education

Through administration of the certification and designation plans, the BLSE is charged with establishing goals and providing incentive for continuing legal education to improve the competency of the Bar; and secondly, to identify for the general public and the profession those attorneys who have demonstrated special knowledge, skills and proficiency in certified areas of practice. The certification committees are responsible for proposing criteria for the issuance and renewal of certification, reviewing applications, establishing testing procedures and recommending to the BLSE certificates be issued to those individuals found to have met both the minimum standards imposed by the certification plan and the particular standards for the area for which certification is sought. The BLSE also has oversight responsibility for the Continuing Legal Education Requirement (CLER) and the Basic Skills Course Requirement (BSCR).
(The certification Committees
are listed in alphabetical order)

 Term Expires
Jeffrey Michael Cohen, Chair 2006
Carlton Fields, P.A.
P.O. Box 019101
Miami 33101-9101

Ralph Artigliere (CC), Vice Chair 2006
Circuit Judge, Drawer J-154
P.O. Box 9000
Bartow 33831-9000

David Lee Cook, Bonita Springs 2006
Robert Leaf Feldman, Miami 2006
Lewis Warren Fishman, Miami 2005
Martin D. Kahn, Miami 2005
Christopher Scott Knopik, Tampa 2005
Benedict P. Kuehne, Miami 2005
Charles Richard Nail, Lakeland 2005
L. Howard Payne, Sarasota 2004
Harry A. Payton, Miami 2005
H. Hamilton Rice, Jr., Bradenton 2005
Evett Louise Simmons, * Port Saint Lucie 2004
Marilyn Strauss, Miami 2004
L. Norman Vaughan-Birch, Sarasota 2004
Elliot Zisser, Jacksonville 2004
Jerald S. Beer, Board Liaison
 West Palm Beach 2004

Business Litigation Certification
 Term Expires
Harris Keith Solomon, Chair 2005
Brinkley McNerney, et al.
200 E. Las Olas Blvd., Ste. 1900
Ft. Lauderdale 33301-2248

Steven Robert Reininger, Vice Chair 2005
Rasco Reininger & Perez
283 Catalonia Ave., Fl. 2
Coral Gables 33134-6704

Eric C. Christu, Boca Raton 2004
Leonard Selig Englander, St. Petersburg 2006
Elizabeth Ann Morgan, Atlanta, GA 2005
Gary Scott Salzman, Orlando 2004
Louis B. Vocelle, Jr., Vero Beach 2004
Scott Lyle Warfman, Miami 2006
Robert William Wilkins, Jupiter 2006
Kimberly A. Bald, Board Liaison
 Bradenton 2004

City, County & Local Government Certification
 Term Expires
Henry G. Ennis III, Chair 2005
Hillsborough Co Attorney
P.O. Box 1110
Tampa 33601-1110

Alan Hardy Prather, Vice Chair 2004
Dye Deitrich Prather Petruff & St. Paul, PL
P.O. Box 9480
Bradenton 34206-9480

Suzanne D'Agresta, Orlando 2006
Sanford Arthur Minkoff, Tavares 2005
George Thomas Reeves, Madison 2006
Leonard Gary Rubin, West Palm Beach 2005
Richard Lynn Smith, Sarasota 2004
Frederik Willem Van Vonno, Stuart 2006
Audrey Elizabeth Vance, Bonita Springs 2004
Gwynne Alice Young, Board Liaison
 Tampa 2004

Civil Procedure Rules

The scope and function of the Civil Procedure Rules Committee is to carry out the mandate of Rule 2.130, Florida Rules of Judicial Administration, concerning the proposal of new rules of procedure and changes to existing rules.
 Term Expires
Jennifer Drechsel Bailey (CC), Chair 2004
Courthouse Centre
73 W. Flagler St., Ste. 1001
Miami 33130-4763

Scott Michael Dimond, Vice Chair 2004
Dimond Kaplan & Rothstein, P.A.
200 SE 1st St., Ste., 708
Miami 33131-1909

Courtney Kneece Grimm, Vice Chair 2004
Bedell Dittmar Devault Pillans, et al.
101 E. Adams St.
Jacksonville 32202-3303

Thomas Fitzpatrick Slater, Vice Chair 2004
1 Independent Dr., Ste. 1900
Jacksonville 32202-5013

Jeffrey Scott Badgley, Orlando 2006
Richard Lee Barrett, Orlando 2004
Daniel Kearney Bean, Jacksonville 2004
Seymour Benson, Orlando 2005
Bruce Judson Berman, Miami 2005
Debra Ellen Scurnick Block,
 West Palm Beach 2004
Monterey Campbell III, Lakeland 2004
Raoul G. Cantero III (SC), * Tallahassee 2004
John Kevin Carey (CC), Tampa 2005
Hugh Alfred Carithers, Jr. (CC),
 Jacksonville 2006
Michael Robert Cavendish, Jacksonville 2006
Robert Arthur Chitty, Miami 2005
Robert Neil Clarke, Jr., Tallahassee 2005
Stephen M. Cohen, West Palm Beach 2005
Stephanie Allison Daniel, Tallahassee 2004
Amy N. Dean (VCC), Miami 2006
Amy Steele Donner (CC), Miami 2006
John Frederick Eversole III, Miami 2004
R.H. Farnell II, Jacksonville 2004
George Louis Fernandez, Miami 2006
Eugene John Fierro (CC), Miami 2004
Andrew Paul Gold, Miami 2005
Bryan Scott Greenberg, Ft. Lauderdale 2005
Robert J. Harkins, Ft. Lauderdale 2004
Steven Andrew Harris, Tequesta 2005
Hugh D. Hayes (CC), Naples 2005
Corinne Cotton Hodak, Jacksonville 2005
Ellsworth William Hoppe, Jr.,
 Gainesville 2006
Louis David Huss, Miami 2005
Gordon James III, Ft. Lauderdale 2004
Robert John Jones, Miami 2004
John P. Kelly, Ft. Lauderdale 2005
Michael Keegan Kiernan,
 St. Petersburg 2004
Joseph Franklin Kinman, Jr., Tampa 2006
Walter George Latimer, Coral Gables 2005
Eric Lawrence Leach, Jacksonville 2006
Jorge A. Lopez, Miami 2004
Dominic C. MacKenzie, Jacksonville 2004
John Wesley Manuel, Panama City 2004
M. Minnette Massey, Coral Gables 2004
Williams Grant McCormick,
 Ft. Lauderdale 2004
Jeffrey Lee Meldon, Gainesville 2005
Andrew Needle, Miami 2006
Debra Steinberg Nelson (CC), Sanford 2004
Michael Scott Olin, Miami 2005
John Bruce Ostrow, Miami 2006
Gail Leverett Parenti, Coral Gables 2005
Keith H. Park, West Palm Beach 2005
Patrick Michael Patterson, Pensacola 2006
Barbara Perez, Miami 2005
Jerome F. Pollock (CO), Ft. Lauderdale 2004
Ronald Peter Ponzoli, Miami 2005
Adrienne Frischberg Promoff, Miami 2006
Clement Ryan Reetz, Miami 2005
Gary H. Rushmer, Orlando 2005
Jeanine Beard Sasser, Jacksonville 2004
John Scarola, West Palm Beach 2005
James Theodore Schatt, Ocala 2006
Paul Joseph Schwiep, Miami 2005
Bernard S. Shapiro (CC), Miami 2005
Bernard Charles Silver, Tampa 2006
Victor Ramsey Smith, Lake Alfred 2004
Candice Diane Tobin, Ft. Lauderdale 2006
Marianne Aubel Trussell, Tallahasse 2006
Jack Ben Tuter, Jr., Ft. Lauderdale 2006
Jose Valdes, Coral Gables 2006
Margaret Zinkler Villela, Hollywood 2005
Stewart Dorian Williams, Miami 2006
Teddy Norris Williams, Jr., Bradenton 2006
Joel Richard Wolpe, Miami 2004
Timon V. Sullivan, Board Liaison 2004

Civil Trial Law Certification
 Term Expires
Anthony J. Caggiano, Chair 2005
203 Park Lake St.
Orlando 32803-3823

Joseph Franklin Kinman, Jr., Vice Chair 2004
Ogden & Sullivan, P.A.
113 S. Armenia Ave.
Tampa 33609-3307

H. Michael Easley, West Palm Beach 2004
Henry J. Hunnefeld, Miami 2006
Daniel Parsos Mitchell, Tampa 2006
Albert E. Moon, Miami 2006
James O. Resta Murphy, Jr.,
 Ft. Lauderdale 2004
Bruce Wayne Robinson, Lake City 2004
John Jacob Schickel, Jacksonville 2005
Robert Anthony Rush, Board Liaison
 Gainsville 2004

Clients' Security Fund

The scope and function of the Clients' Security Fund Committee is to administer the Clients' Security Fund in accordance with Chapter 7 of the Rules Regulating The Florida Bar.
 Term Expires
Roy L. Glass, Chair 2006
5501 Central Ave.
St. Petersburg 33710-8050

Pamela D. Cichon, Vice Chair 2005
P.O. Box 2842
St. Petersburg 33731-2842

Bruce Morris Smith, Vice Chair 2005
Law Offices of Bruce M. Smith, P.A.
P.O. Box 450
Gainesville 32602-0450

Laurence T. Adelman, Coral Springs 2006
Marshall Herbert Barkin,
 Daytona Beach 2006
Brian peter Battaglia, St. Petersburg 2005
Yardley Drake Buckman II, Sarasota 2005
Dina Vittoria Cellini, Bal Harbour 2004
Ruben Victor Chavez, Miami 2006
Denis Allan Cohrs, Clearwater 2006
Leslie Larkin Cooney, Ft. Lauderdale 2005
J. Burke Culler, Jr., West Palm Beach 2005
Leoncio Ernesto De La Pena, Miami 2004
Simon Patrick Dray, Miami 2006
Irwin Robert Gilbert, West Palm Beach 2004
Harry Thomas Hackney, Mount Dora 2004
David Allen Hallman, Tallahasssee 2004
Michael Francis Kayusa, Ft. Myers 2004
Charlie Bernard Levy, Pompano Beach 2006
Stephen M. Martin, Lakeland 2005
Stacy Watson May, Jacksonville 2005
Mark James Ragusa, Tampa 2004
William Jay Segal, Aventura 2004
Oscar E. Soto, Ft. Lauderdale 2005
Mark R. Starkman, Coral Gables 2005
Jennifer Opel Taylor, Merritt Island 2004
Patricia Eloise Thorne, Lake Worth 2006
Dionne Elizabeth Wong, Ft. Lauderdale 2006
Louis Kwall, Board Liaison
 Clearwater 2004

Code and Rules of Evidence

The Scope and function of the Code and Rules of Evidence Committee is not the same as other standing "rules" committees of The Florida Bar. This is because the law of evidence is established by the legislature and codified in the Florida Statutes rather than promulgated as rules of procedure by the Florida Supreme Court. Therefore, the committee does not strictly follow the procedure for amending rules as set forth in Judicial Administration Rule 2.130. Instead, the committee's primary focus is on proposed legislation; rule amendments are proposed only as a technical matter to ensure that the Supreme Court's Rules of Evidence comport with the code, Chapter 90, Florida Statutes.
 Term Expires
Michael Patrick Dickey, Chair 2006
Barron & Redding
P.O. Box 2467
Panama City 32402-2467

Shelley Jean Kravitz(CO), Vice Chair 2005
Dade County Courthouse
73 W. Flagler St., Ste. 615
Miami 33130-1709

Herbert Adams Weaver, Jr., Vice Chair 2004
Jones Foster, et al.
P.O. Box 3475
West Palm Beach 33402-3475

William E. Adams, Jr., Ft. Lauderdale 2006
Susan Jean Aramony (CC),
 Ft. Lauderdale 2006
Thomas Patrick Barber, Tampa 2005
Raymond Leon Bass, Jr., Naples 2005
Gary David Beatty, Sharpes 2005
Thomas More Beverly, Jacksonville 2005
Milton Steven Blaut, Hollywood 2005
David Aaron Bronstein, Hollywood 2005
Charles T. Canady (DCA), Lakeland 2006
John David Carballo, Clearwater 2006
Robert Adam Carnegie, Tampa 2006
Janet M. Carney, Vero Beach 2004
Dedee S. Costello (CC), Panama City 2006
Dan Cytryn, Tamarac 2005
Steven K. Deutsch, Miami 2005
Harold Scott Dulaney, Nashville, TN 2006
Jesse Smith Faerber, Plantation 2005
Roberta Kemp Flowers, St. Petersburg 2006
Richard Kyle Gavin, Jacksonville 2004
William C. Gentry, Jacksonville 2006
Michael Alan Gottlieb, Ft. Lauderdale 2006
Mary Catherine Green (CO), Bartow 2006
Jeffrey Mark Harris, Ft Lauderdale 2005
Richard L. Hersch, Miami 2004
Kathleen Tourville Hessinger,
 St. Petersburg 2005
John Wayne Hogan, Jacksonville 2006
Phllip Jeffrey Jones, Port Charlotte 2005
Amy Beth Karan (CO), Miami 2006
April Sloane Krisheman, Sanford 2004
Frederick Laurence Koberlein (CC),
 Cross City 2005
Phyllis Diane Kotey (CO), Gainesville 2004
Robert Earl Mansbach, Jr., Orlando 2005
Krista Marx (CO), West Palm Beach 2006
F. Shields McManus, Stuart 2005
Peggy Ann Quince (SC), * Tallahassee 2004
Thomas Julian Rebull, Miami 2004
Dennis J. Rehak, Ft. Myers 2006
Aubrey George Rudd, South Miami 2004
Alfred John Saikali, Miami 2004
Jacqueline Hogan Scola, Miami 2005
Christian Dietrich Searcy,
 West Palm Beach 2004
James Thomas Skuthan, Orlando 2006
Scott Bryant Smith, West Palm Beach 2004
Ralph Steinberg (VCC), Tampa 2006
Diana Michelle Tennis, Orlando 2005
Micheal B. Udell, Davie 2004
Stephen R. Williams, New Port Richey 2006
John Francis Yetter, Tallahassee 2005
John Forney Rudy II, Board Liaison
 Tampa 2004

Committee on Professionalism

The scope and function of the Committee on Lawyer Professionalism is to address the issues related to lawyer professionalism and to provide recommendations regarding problems encountered in this area. The committee consults various segments of the legal profession, including law schools and the judiciary, and recommends programs designed to encourage lawyer professionalism. The committee also assists in the actual presentation of such programs to local bar organizations.
 Term Expires
Katherine Clark Silverglate, Chair 2004
365 Alexandra Circle
Weston 33326-3309

Robert Joseph Fiore, Vice Chair 2006
Courthouse Plaza, Fl. 11
28 W. Flagler St.
Miami 33130-1806

Robert James McCune, Jr.(CO)
 Vice Chair 2004
Marion County Court
110 NW 1st Ave., Rm 505
Ocala 34475-6601

June Calondra McKinney Bartelle
 Tallahassee 2006
William Joseph Berger (CC),
 West Palm Beach 2006
Monterey Campbell III, Lakeland 2004
Patricia Colleen Coffield,
 Santa Rosa Beach 2006
Marcelyn R. Cox, * Coral Gables 2004
Terri Rosenthal Day, * Orlando 2004
Denis Allen Dean, Tallahassee 2005
James Hibbert Earp, Viera 2006
James A. Edwards, Maitland 2006
James Norcross Floyd, Tallahassee 2006
alfredo Garcia, * Opa Locka 2004
Philip Maurice Gerson, Miami 2004
David Michael Gersten (DCA), Miami 2006
Loula D. Giannet, Port Richey 2004
Estrella Fajardo Gonzalez, Miami 2006
Charles Michael Greene
 Ft. Lauderdale 2005
Timothy Walter Harrington, Miami 2006
Maria Isabel Hoelle, Miami 2006
Claudia Elfriede Hughes, Wellington 2004
Gary Richard Jones, Ocala 2005
Michael Robert Josephs, Miami 2006
Judith Kaplan Karp, * Boca Raton 2004
Theodore Jon Leopold,
 Palm Beach Gardens 2005
Lucie M. McAllister, Coral Gables 2006
Kathleen Schin McLeroy, Tampa 2006
Robert William Mead, Jr., Orlando 2005
Maria C. Montenegro, Miami 2005
Michael Joseph Napoleone,
 West Palm Beach 2006
Kevin Patrick O'Connor, Miami Shores 2006
Darrell Winston Payne, Miami 2005
Errol Hamilton Powell (ALJ),
 Tallahassee 2006
Sara Sopkin Prugh, Tampa 2005
Brandon Jon Rafool, Winter Haven 2004
Benjami Lawrence Reiss, Miami 2004
Keith William Rizzardi,
 Washington, DC 2006
Larry Owen Schatzman, Miami 2004
Lee Jay Seidman (CO), Ft. Lauderdale 2004
Nancy Burns Silva, Tampa 2004
Christopher Slobogin * Gainesville 2004
Andrea Teves Smith, Lakeland 2005
Michael P. Stafford, Uniondale, NY 2005
Lee Ellen Stapleton, Miami 2006
James Donald Thaler, Jr., * Largo 2004
George Lee Waas, Tallhassee 2004
Anne Margaret Wansboro,
 New Port Richey 2006
Stephanie L. Williams, * Tallahassee 2004
Samuel Grier Wells, Board Liaison
 Jacksonville 2004

Committee on Relations Between The Florida Bar and Institute of CPAs

The scope and function of the Relations Between The Florida Bar and Institute of CPAs Committee is to provide an effective means of communication between The Florida Bar and the Institute of CPAs with respect to issues of common interest
 Term Expires
Basil Leroy Bain, Chair 2006
Cummings & Lockwood, LLC
3001 Tamiami Trail, N.
Naples 34103-2715

Eduardo Rafael Arista, Vice Chair 2006
Law Office of Eduardo R Arista, P.A.
2655 S. LeJeune Rd., Fl. 5
Coral Gables 33134-5816

Gary H. Baker, Palm Harbor 2005
Keith Jeffrey Blum, Miami 2004
Robert Charles Brighton, Jr.,
 Ft. Lauderdale 2005
Usher Lawrence Brown, Orlando 2006
Nicholas Bykowsky, Tallahassee 2004
Carrol Yvonne Cherry, Tallahassee 2006
Tammy Lynn de Soto Cicchetti,
 Tallahassee 2005
Harry S. Colburn, Jr., Jupiter 2006
Sharon Drucker Ford, Clearwater 2004
Steven Alan Fox, Sarasota 2006
Arturo Jorge Giacosa, Miami 2006
Barry Norman Greenberg, Miami 2005
Mark Louis Jacobson, Boca Raton 2004
George Thomas MacConnell,
 Winter Haven 2006
Stephen M. Martin, Lakeland 2005
John Ivo Middaugh, Naples 2004
Jason Royce Mosley, Pensacola 2005
Margarita P. Muina, West Palm Beach 2004
Ronald Hardy Peacock, Lake City 2006
John J. Rimes III, Tallahassee 2005
Roland Sanchez-Medina, Jr., Miami 2006
Barry Scott Schinder, Ft. Lauderdale 2004
Paul Steven Singerman, Miami 2005
Steven Edward Stark, Miami 2004
Steven Fletcher Thompson, Tampa 2005
Sydney S. Traum, Coral Gables 2004
Edmund Stuart Whitson III, Tampa 2006
Gregory Fred Wilder, Orlando 2004
Russell W. Divine, Board Liaison
 Orlando 2004

Consumer Protection Law

The scope and function of the Consumer Protection Law Committee is to not only study Florida's Consumer protection laws and seek to strengthen them where necessary, but to also consider means whereby the consumer public and the Bar will become better informed about the laws which protect them.
 Term Expires
Felicia Rechelle Banks, Chair 2005
Florida Public Service Commission
2540 Shumard Oak Blvd.
Tallahassee 32399-7019

Jerard Clifford Heller, Vice Chair 2005
400 SE 8th St.
Ft. Lauderdale 33316-1124

Robert William Murphy, Vice Chair 2004
1212 SE 2nd Ave.
Ft. Lauderdale 33316-1808

Susan Steinberg Sandler, Vice Chair 2005
Comptroller's Ofc.
1313 N. Tampa St., Ste. 615
Tampa 33602-3328

Julie G. Bush, Gainesville 2005
Linda Carol, Punta Gorda 2006
William John Cook, Tampa 2005
Andrew Nathan Cove, Hollywood 2004
Gregory Lance Denes,
 West Palm Beach 2005
John William Devine, Miami 2005
Lisa Kane DeVitto, Tampa 2004
Jeffrey M. Dikman, Boca Raton 2006
Manuel Juan Dominguez,
 West Palm Beach 2004
Steven Michael Fahlgren, Orlando 2006
Mona Fandel, Ft. Lauderdale 2005
Gary Michael Farmer, Jr., Weston 2006
Ian Douglas Forsythe, Orlando 2005
Stacey Alexander Giulianti, Hollywood 2004
Harold Allan Greene, Aventura 2005
Roger B. Handberg III, Orlando 2004
Beverly Leigh Hayes, Tallahasee 2005
Raymond Gregory Ingalsbe
 Palm Beach Gardens 2005
Pamela Robin Jacobs, Jacksonville 2005
Adam Jacob Kohl, Jacksonville 2005
Kathleen A.M. Krak, Orlando 2004
Howard A. Kusnick, Ft. Lauderdale 2005
Kathleen Sara MacMahon, Stuart 2005
Marilyn Field Martin, Ft. Lauderdale 2005
William Clay Mitchell, Jr., Orlando 2004
Marta Lugones Moakley, Ft. Lauderdale 2006
Donald Edward Petersen, Orlando 2005
Donna Provonsha-Lentz, Tampa 2004
Lisa Maria Raleigh, Tallahassee 2005
Thomas Anthony Sadaka, Orlando 2006
Robert David Shapiro, Miami 2006
James Roscoe Tanner, Daytona Beach 2006
Thomas Edward Wallace, Jacksonville 2004
Jason Weaver, Ft. Lauderdale 2004
Gary Milton White, Clearwater 2004
James Christopher Lombardo, Board Liason
 Naples 2004

Continuing Legal Education

The mission of the Continuing Legal Education Committee is to assist the members of The Florida Bar in their continuing legal education and to facilitate the production and delivery of quality CLE programs and publications for the benefit of Bar members in coordination with the Sections, Committees and Staff of The Florida Bar and others who participate in the CLE process.

The committee coordinates the preparation and distribution of continuing legal education publications, including practice manuals practice systems, rules pamphlets, video and audio tapes and necessary supplements and other updates.
 Term Expires
Thomas Dale Hall, Chair 2004
Supreme Court of Florida
500 S. Duval St.
Tallahassee 32399-6556

Patrick L. Imhof, Vice Chair 2005
Florida Senate
404 S. Monroe St.
Tallahassee 32399-6526

Evett Louise Simmons, Vice Chair 2005
Ruden McClosky Smith Schuster & Russell, P.A.
145 NW Central Park Plaza
Port Saint Lucie 34986-2482

Marsha B. Wharin, Vice Chair 2004
McGrane & Nosich
2801 Ponce De Leon Blvd., Fl. 12
Coral Gables 33134-6900

Patricia Alexander, Boca Raton 2006
Melody Elizabeth Altman, Tampa 2005
Paul Ira Auerbach
 Palm Beach Gardens 2005
Brion Locke Blackwelder, *
 Ft. Lauderdale 2004
Linzie Fitzgerald Bogan, * Tallahassee 2004
Sarah Bohn, * Atlantic Beach 2004
Vicki Joiner Bowers, * Jacksonville 2004
Steven L. Brannock, * Tampa 2004
Carolyn Beth Brombacher,
 Ft. Lauderdale 2004
William Brynes, Opa Locka 2004
Michael William Caroll, Ft. Lauderdale 2006
Paul Henry Chiok, * Orlando 2004
Elizabeth Renee Clark,
 West Palm Beach 2006
Andrew Samuel Connell, Jr.,
 Ft. Lauderdale 2005
Thomas William Conroy, * Hollywood 2004
Louis T.M. Conti, * Orlando 2004
Carol Soret Cope, * Coral Gables 2004
Gerald David Damsky, Boca Raton 2004
Karla Staker Gray, Maitland 2005
Courtney Kneece Grimm, * Jacksonville 2004
Sandra Kay Haas, Branford 2006
Emil Peter Iaconis, * Lighthouse Point 2004
Perry S. Itkin, Ft. Lauderdale 2005
Matthew R. Jenkins, Bradenton 2006
Patricia P. Hendricks Jones, * Orlando 2004
Konstantinos Dean Kantaras,
 Clearwater 2004
Frank Damon Kitchen, * Jacksonville 2004
William Roy Lane, Jr., * Tampa 2004
M. Catherine Lannon, * Tallahassee 2004
Sheryl Joyce Lowenthal, * Miami 2004
Mary Charlotte McCall, Tallahassee 2006
Joseph Capers Mellichamp III, *
 Tallahasee 2004
Julee Lynn Milham, * St. Pete Beach 2004
Shelley Marie Mitchell, Ft. Lauderdale 2004
Kristen L. Mory, * St. Petersburg 2004
Harold S. Peckron,* Melbourne 2004
Guillermo Enrique Pena, Miami 2006
Lester J. Perling, * Tampa 2004
Bradley Edward Powers, * Tampa 2004
Gregory A. Prebish, Miami 2004
Elizabeth Gicella Rice, Tampa 2004
Laura Sheskin Rotstein, Lauderhill 2004
Mary Julianne Scales, * Palm Harbor 2004
James Joseph Schneider, Orlando 2006
G. Thomas Smith, Pensacola 2005
Wayne Joseph Sobien, Winter Park 2006
Alan Robert Soven, Miami 2004
Tamela Joan Stults, * Pompano Beach 2004
Richard Arthur Tanner, * Montclair NJ 2004
Richard Trionfo, * Longwood 2004
John Paul Townsend, Ft. Walton Beach 2005
Nancy Cayford Wear, Coral Gables 2004
Henry Thomas Wihnyk, * Gainesville 2004
Stephanie L. Williams, * Tallahassee 2004
Teddy Norris Williams, Jr., Bradenton 2004
Pamela G. Wright, * West Palm Beach 2004
Mark Anthony Romance, Board Liaison
 Miami 2004

Criminal Law Certification
 Term Expires
Karen Mary Kinney, Chair 2005
PO Box 327
Lakeland 33802-0327

Craig L. Crawford, Vice Chair 2006
Federal Public Defender's Office
80 N. Hughey Ave, Ste. 417
Orlando 32801-2226

Cass Michael Castillo, Bartow 2004
David Dean Fussell, Orlando 2006
Allyn Myers Giambalvo, Clearwater 2005
Richard L. Hersch, Miami 2004
Richard Alan Moore, Miami 2006
Robert Anthony Norgard, Bartow 2004
Michelle Renee Suskauer,
 West Palm Beach 2005
Warren William Lindsey, Board Liaison
 Winter Park 2004

Criminal Procedure Rules

The scope and function of the Criminal Procedure Rules Committee is to carry out the mandate of Rule 2.130, Florida Rules of Judicial Administration, concerning the proposal of new rules of procedure and changes to existing rules.
 Term Expires
Olin Wilson Shinholser (CC), Chair 2006
P.O. Box 9000
Bartow 33831-9000

Carol Jolene Breece, Vice Chair 2004
Ofc. of Statewide Prosecution
1030 NW 111th Ave.
Miami 33172-5800

Howardene G. Garrett, Vice Chair 2005
Public Defender's Ofc.
P.O. Box 9000
Bartow 33831-9000

George Euripedes Tragos, Vice Chair 2006
600 Cleveland St., Ste. 700
Clearwater 33755-4158

Thomas Howell Bateman III (CC),
 Tallahassee 2006
Wendy Williams Berger, Tallahassee 2004
Stanford Blake (CC), Miami 2005
Tyrie William Boyer (CC), Jacksonville 2006
Crystal Theresa Broughan, Jacksonville 2005
Charles E. Burton (CO),
 West Palm Beach 2004
Michael A. Catalano, Miami 2006
Jay Paul Cohen (CC), Orlando 2005
Russell E. Crawford, Jr., Orlando 2004
Robert Henry Dillinger, Clearwater 2005
Alberto Luis Dominguez, Tallahassee 2006
D. Todd Doss, Tallahassee 2005
H. Scott Fingerhut, Miami 2006
Ann Elizabeth Finnell, Jacksonville 2006
William Fuente (CC), Tampa 2005
Oliver Lain Green (VDCA), Lakeland 2004
Ronald Paul Higbee, Ft. Lauderdale 2004
Frank J. Ingrassia, Ft. Lauderdale 2005
Martin I. Jaffe, Hollywood 2005
Abraham Laeser, Miami 2004
Jerome C. Latimer, St. Petersburg 2005
Charles Alan Lawson (CC), Orlando 2006
Claire K. Luten, Clearwater 2006
Donald B. Mairs, Jacksonville 2004
Roberta Goodman Mandel, Miami 2005
Martin Patrick McDonnell, Tallahassee 2006
Randall Bryce McGruther, Ft. Myers 2005
Jon Berkley Morgan (CO), Kissimmee 2004
Randolph Patterson Murrell,
 Tallahassee 2004
Peggy Ann Quince (SC), * Tallahassee 2004
Janice G. Scott, Tallahassee 2006
Stephen Wayne Siegel, Jacksonville 2005
Joel Michael Silvershein, Ft. Lauderdale 2005
Ellen Marci Simon, Orlando 2006
Carolyn Marie Snurkowski, Tallahassee 2004
Bruce Lee Udolf, Ft. Lauderdale 2004
Charles Holland Vaughan,
 Ft. Lauderdale 2006
William C. Vose, Orlando 2005
Angelina Zayas, Miami 2005
David Bill Rothman, Board Liaison
 Miami 2004

Education Law

The scope and function of the Education Law Committee is to bring together education law attorneys, as well as other attorneys that practice in education law-related areas, to review existing areas of education law, to study recent developments in this specialized area of practice of the law, and to keep the members of the bar informed of significant developments in this practice area. The committee is dedicated to having all new or current members, whatever their level of knowledge or expertise in education law may be, feel welcome and comfortable with participating in committee activities. The Committee will take an active role in communicating and articulating legislative changes, will publish a journal (newsletter), and will hold a regular annual seminar addressing education law issues. The Committee will meet at least three times a year for its business meetings and to study current areas and to share new information in this practice area. The Committee, in addition to the journal (newsletter) and annual seminar, will establish and maintain subcommittees, further research and study issues of specialized concern to this practice area. The Committee will bring together attorneys that practice education law in public and private universities, four-year colleges, community colleges, public and private schools, charter schools, deregulated schools, and other education law-related areas. The synergetic strength of the Committee will be a cross representation from all levels of education, public and private, and include attorneys that represent and/or defend actions in these arenas.
 Term Expires
Pamela Jenks Bernard, Chair 2004
U of F, Gen Counsel's Ofc.
P.O. Box 113125
Gainesville 32611-3125

Robert Henry Pritchard, Vice Chair 2004
Rogers Towers, P.A.
1301 Riverplace Blvd., Ste. 1500
Jacksonville 32207-9000

Thomas Mead Santoro, Vice Chair 2004
Jackson Lewis, LLP
2 S. Biscayne Blvd., Ste. 3500
Miami, 33131-1802

Mary Frances Aspros, Tallahassee 2004
Rhonda Euthalia Babb (CO),
 Melbourne 2004
Marylin Batista, Ft. Lauderdale 2004
Joel Alexander Bello, Miami 2004
Joel Stuart Berman, Plantation 2004
Robert Dale Bickel, St. Petersburg 2004
James Bruce Bickner, Orange Park 2004
Robert L. Blake, Coral Gables 2004
Suzanne K. Bogdan, Ft. Lauderdale 2004
Michael Lawrence Boswell,
 Daytona Beach 2004
John William Bowen, Largo 2004
Robert John Boyd, Tallahassee 2004
Thomas Wayne Brooks,Tallahassee 2004
Usher Lawrence Brown, Orlando 2004
Cecilia Ann Bryant, Jacksonville 2004
Michael Lamar Buckner, Jacksonville 2004
Randall Dale Burks, West Plam Beach 2004
Isis Carbajal de Garcia, Miami 2004
Hernan Castro, Rockledge 2004
Meredith Charbula, Tallahassee 2004
W. Scott Cole, Orlando 2004
Pamela Langston Cooper, Tallahassee 2004
Dayton Michael Cramer, Tallahassee 2004
Suzanne D'Agresta, Orlando 2004
Anthony Dominick Demma, Jr.,
 Tallahassee 2004
Noreen Slagle Dreyer, Port Saint Lucie 2004
Frederick Raymond Dudley, Tallahassee 2004
Thomas Earl Elfers, Miami 2004
Steven Howard Feldman, Hollywood 2004
Ondina Felipe, Boca Raton 2004
Ray Ferrero, Jr., Ft. Lauderdale 2004
Abraham S. Fischler, Ft. Lauderdale 2004
Richard Stephen Fitzpatrick, Inverness 2004
Lawrence Stuart Forman, Miami 2004
Karen Osmond Gaffney, Inverness 2004
Kenneth Brian Goldsmith, Hollywood 2004
Bob Lynn Harris, Tallahassee 2004
Bruce A. Harris. Boca Raton 2004
Franklin Reese Harrison, Panama City 2004
Leonard Helfand, Tallahassee 2004
Karen S. Helland, Tallahassee 2004
Wayne Lawrence Helsby, Orlando 2004
David Thomas Henniger,
 St Petersburg 2004
Yeteva Kemp Hightower, Tallahassee 2004
M. Annette Himmelbaum, Miami Beach 2004
Stephen Robert ImMasche, Hollywood 2004
Robert Maurice Johnson, Sarasota 2004
Ned N. Julian, Jr., Sanford 2004
James Patrick Kelly, West Palm Beach 2004
David Lawrence Kian, Gainesville 2004
Stanley Kiszkiel, Miami 2004
Brian Koji, Tampa 2004
Daniel H. Kunkel, Sarasota 2004
John Latona, Ft. Lauderdale 2004
Henry Wallace Lavandera, Tampa 2004
Patti Phillips Locascio, Gainesville 2004
Patricia D. Lott, Pensacola 2004
Edward James Marko, Ft. Lauderdale 2004
Michael Mattimore, Tallahassee 2004
Carlton Jeffrey McInnis
 Ft. Walton Beach 2004
Sydney H. McKenzie III, Tallahassee 2004
Leenette Wilhelmina McMillan, Mayo 2004
Melinda Louise McNichols,
 Miami Springs 2004
Leslie Amenia Meek, Miami 2004
Cristina Lagueruela Mendoza, Miami 2004
Ronald Gustav Meyer, Tallahassee 2004
Wendy S. Morris, Ft. Myers 2004
William John Mullowney, Orlando 2004
Charles Whitehead Murphy, Tallahassee 2004
Paul Douglas Newnum, Winter Park 2004
Robert Louis Norton, Coral Gables 2004
Janet D. Owen, Jacksonville 2004
Rosemary Noble Palmer, Tallahassee 2004
Margaret O'Sullivan Parker, Tallahassee 2004
Laura Boyd Pearce, Tallahassee 2004
Steven David Prevaux, Gainesville 2004
James Alton Robinson III, Gainesville 2004
Margaret E. Ruddy, Boca Raton 2004
Marlene Sallo, Bartow 2004
Peter Louis Sampo, Coral Gables 2004
Pury Lopez Santiago, Miami 2004
Linda Carr Schmidt, Tallahassee 2004
Noreen Segrest, Tampa 2004
Robert Joel Shapiro, Bradenton 2004
Julie Louise Sheppard, Jacksonville 2004
Bernard Herman Shulman,
 West Palm Beach 2004
David Brantley Slaughter, Orlando 2004
Maria N. Sorolis, Tampa 2004
Francine Thomas Steelman, Miami 2004
Karen Jean Stone, Jacksonville 2004
Thomas Edmund Streit,
 West Palm Beach 2004
William Norman Swift, Palm City 2004
V. Tanner-Otts, Palm City 2004
Michael Allen Tewell, New Port Richey 2004
Andrew Brindley Thomas, Deland 2004
Vicente Agustin Tome, Miami 2004
Robert Paul Vignola, Ft. Lauderdale 2004
Dennis Michael Whalen, Akron, OH 2004
Laura L. Whiteside, Tampa 2004
Thomas W. Young III, Port Charlotte 2004
Carol Lynne Zeiner, Opa Locka 2004
Gary James Leppla, Board Liaison
 Dayton, OH 2004

Elder Law Certification
 Term Expires
Michael William Connors, Chair 2005
Michael W. Connors, P.A.
P.O. Box 13197
North Palm Beach 33408-7197

Joan Nelson Hook, Vice Chair 2006
4918 Floramar Terrace
New Port Richey 34652-3300

Edwin M. Boyer, Sarasota 2005
Richard Neil Greatwood, Orlando 2004
Christopher Alan Likens, Sarasota 2005
Richard Craig Milstein, Miami 2006
Rebecca Cohen Morgan, St. Petersburg 2006
Laura Sheskin Rotstein, Lauderhill 2004
Michael Jerome Trombley, Sebring 2004
Michael T. Kranz, Board Liaison
 West Palm Beach 2004

Eminent Domain

The scope and function of the Eminent Domain Committee is to study and keep informed of recent developments in the field of condemnation of private property for public use by governmental agencies or private companies who have the power of eminent domain. It should keep the members of the Bar informed of developments of great significance in this field, maintain liaison with private companies and governmental agencies who have and use the power of eminent domain, and study and consider legislation, law or problems in the area of eminent domain law as developed by the committee or assigned by the president or the Board of Governors.
 Term Expires
Paul Robert Golis, Chair 2004
Paul R. Golis, P.A.
2000 Glades Rd., Ste. 306
Boca Raton 33431-8504

James Alfred Moreland, Vice Chair 2004
Orange County Attorney's Ofc.
435 N. Orange Ave.
Orlando 32801-1505

Jeffrey H. Savlov, Vice Chair 2004
Savlov and Anderson
411 N. Calhoun St.
Tallahassee 32301-1229

Anthony Joseph Stevens, Vice Chair 2004
2121 Dunbarton Way
Lakeland 33813-2428

Stephen Tabano, Vice Chair 2004
101 E. Kennedy Blvd., Ste. 2700
Tampa 33602-5150

Ron Alan Adams, Miami 2004
Celeste Frances Adorno, Tallahassee 2004
James Walter Anderson, Tallahassee 2004
A. Kurt Ardaman, Orlando 2004
Vivian Arenas, Tampa 2004
Stephen A. Bailey, Tallahassee 2004
Paul D. Bain, Tampa 2004
Barry Seth Balmuth, West Palm Beach 2004
Emmett Lamar Battles (CC), Tampa 2004
Paul Arthur Blucher, Sarasota 2004
Thomas R. Bolf, Ft. Lauderdale 2004
Brian Alexander Bolves, Tampa 2004
Patricia W. Bradford, Tampa 2004
Jack Putnam Brandon, Lake Wales 2004
Dale Alan Bruschi, Ft. Lauderdale 2004
Barrie Sawyer Buenaventura,
 Clearwater 2004
Mitchell John Burnstein, Ft. Lauderdale 2004
Robert C. Byrne, Miami 2004
Thomas Patrick Callan, Orlando 2004
Laura N. Camp, Miami 2004
Robert Adam Carnegie, Tampa 2004
James Stanley Chapman, Tallahassee 2004
John Nicholas Conrad, Valrico 2004
Ernest Arthur Cox III,
 West Palm Beach 2004
Bruce P. Cury, Tampa 2004
Jeffrey Philip Cynamon, Miami Beach 2004
Kenneth S. Davis, Gainesville 2004
Donald Tobyn DeYoung, Tampa 2004
Patrick Thomas Di Pietro, Miami 2004
Andrew Gerald Diaz, Tampa 2004
Dean Richard DiRose, Tampa 2004
Mary Jewell Dorman, Tampa 2004
Ralph Paul Douglas,
 New Smyrna Beach 2004
Michael Scott Drews, Jacksonville 2004
Suzanne M. Driscoll, Ft. Lauderdale 2004
Ainslee R. Ferdie, Coral Gables 2004
Louise Booth Fields, Tampa 2004
Brian Thomas Fitzgerald, Tampa 2004
Roy Joseph Ford, Jr., Tampa 2004
Lawrence Samuel Gendzier, Deland 2004
Robert J. Gill, Sarasota 2004
Bradley Stephen Gould, Miami 2004
Curtis J. Grodin, Boca Raton 2004
Richard Anthony Harrison, Tampa 2004
Shirley Kay Hart, West Palm Beach 2004
James A. Helinger, Jr., Clearwater 2004
Gregory Paul Holder (CC), Tampa 2004
David W. Holloway, Lakeland 2004
Robert Forest Jagger, Tampa 2004
Franz Carlyle Jobson, Plantation 2004
Maureen Jones, Tampa 2004
Mark Robert Leavitt, Orlando 2004
Paul Alan Lehrman, Tallahassee 2004
John Marcel LeRoux, Clearwater 2004
Mark Allen Linsky, Tampa 2004
Lorena Hart Ludovici, Tampa 2004
John Charles Lukacs, Coral Gables 2004
Robin Alan Lukacs, Miami 2004
James R. Lussier, Orlando 2004
Gino Antonio Luzietti, Tallahassee 2004
Edward William Malavenda,
 Boca Raton 2004
Deborah Michele Martz Lysaght,
 Jupiter 2004
Michael Patrick McMahon, Orlando 2004
Victor Gerald Meaders, Jr., Clearwater 2004
Kimbel L. Merlin, Tampa 2004
Michael B. Montgomery, San Marino, CA 2004
Juan Matias Muniz, Miami 2004
Linda Ferroli Nelson, Ft. Lauderdale 2004
Brian P. Patchen, Miami 2004
Marc David Peltzman, Orlando 2004
Dyana Lynn Petro, Orlando 2004
Anthony Vincent Policastro, Clearwater 2004
Kenneth Cardell Pope, Tampa 2004
H. Wesley Reeder, Pensacola 2004
Daniel Joseph Rigo, Tallahassee 2004
Gregory Steven Rix, Tampa 2004
Joel Edward Roberts, Orlando 2004
Michael Henri Rosen, Tampa 2004
Allan Martin Rubin, Ft. Lauderdale 2004
Deborah Anne Ruster, Lake Wales 2004
Robert I. Scanlan, Tallahassee 2004
Debra Wiggins Schiro, Tallahassee 2004
Robert Adam Schreiber, Coral Gables 2004
Andrew Howard Schuster, Miami 2004
Janice G. Scott, Tallahassee 2004
Edwin D. Selby, St. Petersburg 2004
Brian M. Seymour, West Palm Beach 2004
Anthony James Spalla, Tallahassee 2004
James M. Spoonhour, Orlando 2004
Susan K. Spurgeon, Tampa 2004
Stephen Jay Stanley, Bartow 2004
Tracey Lynn Starrett, Sarasota 2004
Edward Gustav Stephany, Mount Dora 2004
Charles Stuart Stratton, Tallahassee 2004
Michael G. Takac, Ocala 2004
Mark Andrew Tobin, Miami 2004
Richard Dennis Tobin, Ft. Lauderdale 2004
Paul A. Turk, Jr., West Palm Beach 2004
Mark Stanley Ulmer, Coral Gables 2004
Frederik Willem Van Vonno, Stuart 2004
Richard Reuben Vickers, Tampa 2004
Rodney Carlton Wade, Bradenton 2004
Peter David Waldman, Miami 2004
Herbert Adams Weaver, Jr.,
 West Palm Beach 2004
David Gregg Weisser, Delray Beach 2004
Robert Stephen Yerkes, Jacksonville 2004
Harold W. Youmans, Riverview 2004
Herbert Stuart Zischkau III, Sanford 2004
Clifton A. McClelland, Jr., Board Liaison
 Melbourne 2004

Family Law Rules

The Family Law Rules Committee was created by order of the Florida Supreme Court on October 22, 1992. Its initial purpose was to draft rules of procedure for family courts. It now functions as other rules committees under Rule 2.130, Florida Rules of Judicial Administration.
 Term Expires
Jeffrey P. Wasserman, Chair 2006
Shapiro, Blasi & Wasserman, P.A.
4651 Sheridan St., Ste.260
Hollywood 33021-3422

Nancy Munjiovi Blount, Vice Chair 2005
State Attorney's Office
8780 SW 160th St.
Miami 33157-3521

Marilyn J. W. Cesarano, Vice Chair 2006
Law Ofc. of Marilyn JW Cesarano, P.A.
9130 S. Dadeland Blvd., Ste. 1528
Miami 33156-7851

Henry Howell Harnage (CC), Vice Chair 2006
175 NW 1st Ave., Ste. 2019
Miami 33128-1845

John M. Alexander (CC), St. Augustine 2006
Ronald L. Bornstein, Jupiter 2005
Sean Owen Cadigan, St. Petersburg 2005
Christopher Allen Chopin,
 West Palm Beach 2006
Phyllis Gallub Coleman, Ft. Lauderdale 2006
Kathleen M. P. Davis, Greenacres 2004
Victoria Del Pino-Planas, Miami 2006
Jeannie Matilda Etter, Miami 2004
Kristina Jones Foster, Tampa 2004
Gladys Gerson, Ft. Lauderdale 2004
Mark Stephen Howard, Tampa 2006
Mark Philip Lang, Winster Park 2006
Faith C. Litvack, Port Saint Lucie 2005
Deborah Magid, Miami 2005
Keersten Heskin Martinez, Orlando 2005
James Demere Mason, Sr, Jacksonville 2005
Raymond Thomas McNeal (CC), Ocala 2006
Paul Douglas Newnum, Winter Park 2005
Stevan Travis Northcutt (DCA), Tampa 2005
Terrence Patrick O'Connor,
 Ft Lauderdale 2004
Edith G. Osman, Miami 2006
Barbara Joan Pariente (SC), *
 Tallahassee 2004
Michelle Aileen Pivar, Miami 2006
James Franklin Porter (CO), Cape Coral 2004
Martin Dixon Proctor, Tampa 2005
Raymond Joseph Rafool II,
 Winter Haven 2005
Tonya Baccus Rainwater (CC), Viera 2005
Mary Katherine Ramers, Dunedin 2005
Theodore Capps Rammelkamp, Jr.,
 Jacksonville, IL 2006
Jonathan Samuel Root, Boca Raton 2005
Michael Paul Sampson, Orlando 2006
Peggy Fleming Schrieber, Gainesville 2004
Robert N. Scola Jr. (CC), Miami 2005
Andrew Joseph Stien, Ft. Lauderdale 2004
Melissa Gaye Tenenbaum, Miami 2004
Beverly L. Vesel, Ft. Lauderdale 2006
Robyn L. Vines, Ft. Lauderdale 2006
Michael Patrick Walsh, West Palm Beach 2005
Stasia Warren (CO), Daytona Beach 2004
Karol Kay Williams, Tampa 2004
Sarah Israela Zabel (CC), Miami 2005
Mayanne Downs, Board Liaison
 Orlando 2004

Federal Court Practice

The Federal Court Practice Committee serves as the Bar's liaison to the federal courts, the standing committees of the Federal Judicial Conference and to chapters of the Federal Bar Association in Florida, as well as those committees of The Florida Bar interested in federal practice. The Committee reviews proposed changes to the federal rules, including all local rules. The Committee publishes the Federal Court Manual, which describes the practices of individual federal judges in all three districts.
 Term Expires
Lawrence Dean Goodman, Chair 2005
777 Brickell Ave., Ste. 850
Miami 33131-2809

Arnold Bernard Corsmeier, Vice Chair 2004
United States Attorney's Office
300 N. Hogan St., Ste. 700
Jacksonville 32202-4204

Robert Kimbark Lee, Vice Chair 2005
Bogin Munns & Munns
P.O. Box 2807
Orlando 32802-2807

Robert John Telfer III, Vice Chair 2004
Akerman Senterfitt
P.O. Box 10555
Tallahassee 32302-2555

Terrence C. Ayala, Weston 2004
Ryan David Barack, Tampa 2006
Sarah Harriet Bohr, Atlantic Beach 2006
Frank Edward Brown, Tampa 2004
Luis Cabassa, Tampa 2006
Christopher Charles Copeland,
 West Palm Beach 2006
Alexander David Del Russo,
 West Palm Beach 2005
Ava K. Doppelt, Orlando 2006
Michael George Dupee, Gainesville 2006
Jerry Martin Gewirtz, Tampa 2004
Randee Jill Golder, Boynton Beach 2004
Steven Hunter Kassner, Miami 2006
Deborah Poore Knight, Ft. Lauderdale 2004
Jeffrey Mark Landau, Miami 2006
Sheryl Joyce Lowenthal, Miami 2005
Jose E. Martinez, Miami 2006
John James McGuirk, Coral Gables 2005
Faith Mesnekoff, Miami 2004
M. Sean Moyles, Tampa 2006
Eileen Lynskey Parsons, Miami 2005
Bernard Pastor, Miami 2004
Lisa R. Patten, Orlando 2005
Paul Fernandez Penichet, Coral Gables 2006
Paul Michael Rashkind, Miami 2004
Charles Martin Rosenberg, Miami 2004
Juliet Murphy Roulhac, Miami 2006
L. Steven Savola, Miami 2006
Peter Ross Siegel, Hollywood 2005
Steven I. Silverman, Miami 2005
Neal Russell Sonnett, Miami 2006
Lisa Stotsbery Still, Jacksonville 2004
Tina Marie Talarchyk, Miami 2005
John Vincent Tucker, St. Petersburg 2006
Justin Brian Uhlemann, Coconut Grove 2006
John Martin Weinberg, Miami 2004
Ian M. Comisky, Board Liaison
 Philadelphia, PA 2004

Fee Arbitration

The purpose of the fee arbitration program is to provide a uniform, statewide fee arbitration system to arbitrate fee disputes between an attorney and client. The standing committee is the policy making body with duties which include prescribing standardized forms and rules of procedure for the circuit arbitration committees and approving statewide administrative fees.
 Term Expires
Leonard Frishman, Chair 2006
P.O. Box 0326
Crystal River 34423-0326

Susan Fleischner Kornspan, Vice Chair 2004
Greenberg Traurig, P.A.
777 S. Flagler Dr., Ste, 300E
West Palm Beach 33401-6167

Ben Barker, Orange Park 2004
Nancy J. Cliff, Miami 2005
Martin Melvin Dernis, Miami Lakes 2005
Robert Anthony DuChemin, Orlando 2005
Loretta Fabricant, Miami 2005
Elaine Epstein Feldman, Miami 2006
Bob Wilson, Ft. Myers 2004
Warren William Lindsey, Board Liaison
 Winter Park 2004

Florida Bar Center Commission

The purpose of the Florida Bar Center Commission is to make recommendations to the Board of Governors regarding significant matters pertaining to the headquarters office.
 Term Expires
Carl R. Pennington, Jr., Chair 2004
Pennington Moore Wilkinson Bell & Dunbar
P.O. Box 10095
Tallahassee 32302-2095

Shuler Austin Peele, Vice Chair 2004
P.O. Box 1707
Lake City 32056-1707

Marshall R. Cassedy, Tallahassee 2005
James Marshall Conrad, Tallahassee 2005
Nancy Ann Daniels, Tallahassee 2006
Ken W. Davis, Tallahassee 2006
Thomas M. Ervin, Jr. Tallahassee 2006
Walter Crit Smith, Tallahassee 2006
Betty Jolene Steffens, Tallahassee 2005
Lawrence Edward Sellers, Jr., Board Liason
 Tallahasee 2004

Florida Bar Journal/News Editorial Board

The scope and function of The Florida Bar Journal/News Editorial Board is to advise and assist the editorial staff. The board works closely with the Journal and News staff to develop articles of current interest and concern to the profession and, as a reviewing board, selects for publication only the most worthy manuscripts.
 Term Expires
Valerie Greenberg Itkoff, Chair 2005
Akerman Senterfitt
1 SE 3rd Ave., Fl. 28
Miami 33131-1715

Robert Collins Downie II, Vice Chair 2005
Dept, of Transportation MS 58
605 Suwannee St.
Tallahassee 32399-6544

John Robert Reid, Jr,. Vice Chair 2004
Cabaniss Smith Toole Wiggins
485 N. Keller Rd., Ste. 401
Maitland 32751-7503

Ashish Gaurav Airan, Miami 2005
Nader Fouad Anise, Boca Raton 2006
Dean Bunch, Tallahasse 2004
Allison E. Butler, Stuart 2005
David Eric Cannella, Orlando 2006
David Robert Cassetty, Coral Gables 2006
Susan Gardiner Chopin,
 West Palm Beach 2005
Jennifer Ann Dietz, Tampa 2006
Annette Cristina Escobar, Miami 2006
David Jay Federbush, Bethesda, MD 2006
Cleveland Ferguson III, Jacksonville 2004
Pearl Goldman, Ft. Lauderdale 2006
Timothy Michael Hughes, Orlando 2004
Jason Kenneth Kellogg, Miami 2006
Jeffrey Dean Kottkamp, Ft. Myers 2004
Benedict P. Kuehne, Miami 2005
Erin McCormick Larrinaga, Tampa 2005
Jay Paul Lechner, Tampa 2006
Brendan Michael Lee, Tampa 2004
Kelly Braun Lefferts, Tampa 2004
Steven Bruce Lesser, Ft. Lauderdale 2004
Jason Samuel Lichtstein, Ft. Lauderdale 2005
Brittany Adams Long, Tallahassee 2006
Veronica Julia Luyster, Lake Worth 2006
Lisa Marie Macci, Boca Raton 2005
Elizabeth Ashley McRae, Tampa 2006
Mary Sieger Miller, Tallahassee 2005
Michael Gregory Moore, Miami 2006
Amy Elizabeth Osteryoung,
 St. Augustine 2006
Tamela Ivey Perdue, Tallahassee 2006
Amy Debra Ronner, Opa Locka 2006
Richard Adam Sachs, Ft. Lauderdale 2005
Luis Salazar, Miami 2004
Leslie Kathleen Reicin Stein,
 Temple Terrace 2005
Howard Alan Tescher, Ft. Lauderdale 2004
Gary David Weinfeld, Miami 2004
Charles Chobee Ebbets, Board Liaison
 Daytona Beach 2004

Florida Probate Rules

The scope and function of the Florida Probate Rules Committee is to carry out the mandate of Rule 2.130, Florida Rules of Judicial Administration, concerning the proposal of new rules of procedure and changes to existing rules.
 Term Expires
Tami Foley Conetta, Chair 2005
Ruden McClosky Smith Schuster & Russell, P.A.
P.O. Box 49017
Sarasota 34230-6017

Christopher William Boyett, Vice Chair 2005
Holland & Knight, LLP
701 Brickell Ave., Ste. 3000
Miami 33131-2847

Frank Tobias Adams, Ft. Lauderdale 2004
Paul Ira Auerbach,
 Palm Beach Gardens 2005
William Raymond Blackard, Jr.
 Jacksonville 2006
Judy Barringer Bonevac, Ft, Lauderdale 2006
Sam Wood Boone, Jr., Gainesville 2004
David Clark Brennan, Orlando 2006
James D. Camp, Jr., Ft. Lauderdale 2004
Lawrence L. Davis, Ft. Lauderdale 2005
Michael Allen Dribin, Miami 2005
Jack Arnold Falk, Jr., Coral Gables 2005
Amy Jean Fanzlaw, Boca Raton 2006
Jean M. Finks, Punta Gorda 2004
Norman Aaron Fleisher, Miami 2004
Julia Lauren Frey, Orlando 2004
Franklin Town Gaylor, Eustis 2005
Joseph Paul George, Jr., Miami 2004
Linda S. Griffin, Clearwater 2005
Melvin Bruce Grossman (CC)
 Ft. Lauderdale 2004
Douglas Flynn Hoffman, Ft. Lauderdale 2005
William Arthur Johnson, Melbourne 2006
John Arthur Jones, Tampa 2005
Thomas M. Karr, Miami 2006
Gregory George Keane, Stuart 2005
Shane John Kelley, Ft. Lauderdale 2004
Gary B, Leuchtman, Pensacola 2005
Laird Andrew Lile, Naples 2006
Glenn Myles Mednick, Boca Raton 2004
Richard Craig Milstein, Miami 2004
Jason Royce Mosley, Pensacola 2006
William Henry Namack III, Sarasota 2004
Charles Ian Nash, Melbourne 2005
Brian McKenna O'Connell,
 West Palm Beach 2006
Barbara Joan Pariente (SC), *
 Tallahassee 2004
William Michael Pearson, Naples 2005
Adrienne Frischberg Promoff, Miami 2004
Charles Stephen Sacher, Coral Gables 2004
Peter Alan Sachs, West Palm Beach 2004
Joel Herbert Sharp, Jr., Orlando 2004
Evett Louise Simmons, Port Saint Lucie 2004
Robert David Slewett,
 North Miami Beach 2004
James Richard Sloto, Miami 2005
Norma Stanley, Orlando 2006
Janet Messervey Stuart, Lakeland 2005
Michael John Swan, Coral Gables 2004
Thomas Karl Topor, Ft. Lauderdale 2006
Sydney S. Traum, Coral Gables 2006
Sherra Jones Winesett (CC), Ft. Myers 2005
Gwynne Alice Young, Board Liaison
 Tampa 2004

Grievance Mediation

The committee is responsible for the administration of the mediation program, certifiying mediators for the program, promulgating necessary forms and documents, and making recommendations, as necessary, to the board of changes in the mediation program.

The committee maintains a list of program mediators, listing the program mediators by judicial circuit and, where appropriate, by each county therein,
 Term Expires
Carline Emanuel, Chair 2004
11081 Copper Hill Dr.
Jacksonville 32218-7307

Vera Bergermann, Vice Chair 2004
Law Offices of Vera Bergermann
P.O. Box 9342
Ft. Myers, FL 33902-9342

Robert Michael Brush, Lakeland 2006
Steven Elliot Chaykin, Miami 2006
George Steve Pappas, Daytona Beach 2004
Brian Polkinghorn, Salisbury, MD 2005
Sharon Press, Tallahassee 2004
Andrew Lawrence Ringers, Jr., Ft. Myers 2006
John W. Salmon, Miami 2005

Health Law Certification
 Term Expires
Jeffrey Lee Myers, Chair 2004
4128 Coquina Key Dr., SE
St. Petersburg 33705-4140

William J. Spratt, Jr., Vice Chair 2005
Kirkpatrick & Lockhart
201 S, Biscayne Blvd., Fl. 20
Miami 33131-4325

Barbara C. Del Castillo, Miami 2005
James Andrew Farrell, West Palm Beach 2004
Wendy Smith Hansen, Tallahassee 2005
Lee F. Lasris, Ft. Lauderdale 2006
Marian Wossum Schlow, Winter Park 2006
James Edward Thomison, Sarasota 2004
Robert Alan Zack, Sarasota 2005
Michael Joseph Glazer, Board Liaison
 Tallahassee 2004

Immigration & Nationality Law Certification
 Term Expires
Anis Nouhad Saleh, Chair 2004
Saleh & Associates, P.A.
1 SE 3rd Ave., Ste. 1870
Miami 33131-1704

Pierre-Tristan Bourgoignie, Vice Chair 2004
Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg, P.A.
5200 Blue Lagoon Dr., Ste. 600
Miami 33126-7002

Ramon Carrion, Clearwater 2004
Maria Isabel Casablanca, Miami 2006
Jeffrey Adam Devore, West Palm Beach 2004
Oscar Levin, Miami 2004
Lourdes B. Martinez-Esquivel, Miami 2006
Mark Robert Weiner, Tampa 2004
Philip Michael Zyne, Heathrow 2005
Francisco R. Angones, Board Liaison
 Miami 2004

International Law Certification
 Term Expires
Andrew Joshua Markus, Chair 2004
Carlton Fields, P.A.
P.O. Box 019101
Miami 33101-9101

George C.J. Moore, Vice Chair 2005
105 S. Narcissus Ave., Ste. 812
West Palm Beach 33401-5530

Thomas Baur Miami 2004
John Charles Bierley, Tampa 2005
Robert Ryon Hendry, Orlando 2004
Edward Martin Joffe, Miami 2004
Peter Alan Quinter, Ft. Lauderdale 2006
Pamella A. Seay, Port Charlotte 2006
Thomas James Skola, Miami 2005
Henry Latimer, Board Liaison
 Ft. Lauderdale 2004

Judicial Administration, Selection and Tenure

The Judicial Administration, Selection and Tenure Committee has the responsibility of accepting specific assignments from the Board of Governors in those areas regarding the judiciary requiring attention. Of an ongoing proposition, the committee prior to each legislative session reviews all legislation pertinent to the judiciary which has been prefiled and where appropriate makes recommendation either to the Board of Governors or the Legislation Committee of the Bar.

Of concern to the committee is the question of obtaining and then retaining qualified judicial officers. Not only are the selection and retention processes monitored but also consideration is given to making judicial offices more attractive to qualified attorneys.
 Term Expires
Morris Silberman (DCA), Chair 2004
Second District Court of Appeal
801 E. Twiggs St., #600
Tampa 33602-3554

Wilbur Winston Anderson (JCC),
Vice Chair 2005
P.O. Box 23338
Jacksonville 32241-3338

Raymond Joseph Rafool II, Vice Chair 2004
Rafool & Rafool
P.O. Box 7286
Winter Haven 33883-7286

Wendy Williams Berger, Tallahassee 2005
Winston Kirk Borkowski, Tallahassee 2005
William Henry Burgess III, Clearwater 2006
Douglas J. Chumbley, Miami 2005
Abigail Elizabeth Cynamon,
 Miami Beach 2005
W. Dexter Douglass, Tallahassee 2004
William Newton Drake, Jr.,
 St. Petersburg 2004
Belinda Rene Takach France,
 Tallahassee 2006
Thomas Brent Freeman (CO),
 Clearwater 2004
Marvin Howard Gillman (VCO),
 Atlantic Beach 2005
Harvey Leon Goldstein, Coral Gables 2006
Karl B. Grube (CO), St. Petersburg 2005
Michael Thomas Haire, Orlando 2005
Kenneth Paul Hazouri, Orlando 2004
Cynthia Jeluni Henry, Hialeah 2006
Laura Louise Jacobs,
 Altamonte Springs 2005
Charles Jules Kahn, Jr. (DCA),
 Tallahassee 2005
Gregory Miller Keyser,
 West Palm Beach 2005
Lawrence Robert Kirkwood (CC), *
 Orlando 2004
Eduardo S. Lombard, Miami 2006
John Thomas Luzzo (CC), Ft. Lauderdale 2005
Simone Marstiller, Tallahassee 2004
William Hunter Overton (CO),
 St. Petersburg 2006
Belvin Perry, Jr. (CC) Orlando 2004
William Loy Roby (CC), Stuart 2004
Laura Rush, Tallahassee 2004
George Allen Shahood (DCA),
 West Palm Beach 2004
Stacey Kim Sutton, West Palm Beach 2006
Lola Mercedes Swaby, Miami 2006
Michael G. Takac, Ocala 2006
John D. Wessel (CC), West Palm Beach 2005
Robert Roy Wills, Ft. Lauderdale 2005
David Haris Young (CO), Miami 2006
Don L. Horn, Board Liaison
 Miami 2004

Judicial Evaluation

The committee has surveyed the judiciary as to the methods and problems and generally all important aspects of judicial evaluation. The committee now has a model judicial evaluation procedure to be used in the state which will include methods of evaluation broader than performance polls. It is the function of the committee to continually improve judicial evaluation.
 Term Expires
Lawrence Robert Kirkwood (CC), Chair 2004
Orange County Courthouse
425 N. Orange Ave.
Orlando 32801-1544

Ivan Jac Reich, Vice Chair 2004
Becker & Poliakoff, P.A.
3111 Stirling Rd.
Ft. Lauderdale 33312-6566

Bernard Allen Miami 2006
Vincent Paul Andreano, Ft. Lauderdale 2004
Mark Rocco Antonelli, Coral Gables 2006
Joseph John Bernardo, Ft. Myers 2006
Monique Arianne Brochu, Ft. Lauderdale 2005
Gary Brookmyer, Palm Beach Gardens 2005
Melina Elia Buncome Williams,
 Jacksonville 2004
Nestor Bustamante III, Ft. Lauderdale 2006
Amaury Cruz, Miami Beach 2006
Charles A. Curran, Tallahassee 2006
Marguerite Herr Davis (DCA),
 Tallahassee 2005
Susan Dawson, Tallahassee 2006
Ava K. Doppelt, Orlando 2004
Andrew Scott Epstein, Ft. Myers 2006
Christopher Allan Green, Miami 2005
Wallace William Hardy, Pensacola 2005
Ilona Maxine Holmes (CO),
 Ft. Lauderdale 2004
Glenn Jay Holzberg, Miami 2005
Fred Evan Karlinsky, Ft. Lauderdale 2004
Karen Jayne Kennedy, Valrico 2005
Susan Fleischner Kornspan,
 West Palm Beach 2004
Alane Cheryl Laboda, Ft. Myers 2005
Mark Ellen Linsky, Tampa 2005
Angelo Marino, Jr., Ft. Lauderdale 2006
Shari Beth Olefson, Ft. Lauderdale 2006
C. Daniel Petrie, Jr., Tampa 2005
Michael Lloyd Richmond, Ft. Lauderdale 2006
James Anthony Scandirito,
 West Palm Beach 2004
Garry Brian Schwartz, Miami 2006
Robert Lee Simon, Jr., Orlando 2004
Maria E. Trenzado, Miami 2005
George Lee Waas, Tallahassee 2004
Thomas Edward Warner,
 West Palm Beach 2006
Bradley Winston, Plantation 2005
Daniel Jon Woodring, Tallahassee 2004
Barry L. Zisser, Jacksonville 2005
Jennifer Rae Coberly, Board Liaison
 Miami 2004

Judicial Nominating Procedures

The scope and function of the JNP Committee is to assist the Governor and the judicial nominating commissions in discharging their respective duties under Article V, Section 11, Constitution of Florida.

The committee offers assistance to the Governor with organizing and presenting an annual training program for all JNC commissioners. The training program provides authoritative information on the subject of judicial selection and the judicial nominating process. It also constitutes a forum for the mutual exchange of information by commissioners.

The committee will advise judicial nominating commissioners of new legislation or proposed legislation which is related to the judiciary and the judicial selection process. The committee will continue to suggest operating rules and procedures that it believes to be in the best interest of the commissions and the judicial nominating process.
 Term Expires
Richard Edward Doran, Chair 2005
Ausley & McMullen
227 S. Calhoun St.
Tallahassee 32301-1805

Hayden Rumberger Dempsey, 2004
 Vice Chair
Gray Harris & Robinson, P.A.
301 S. Bronough St., Ste. 600
Tallahassee 32301-1724

Mark R. Wolfe (CO), Vice Chair 2004
Hillsborough Cthse Annex Tower
801 E. Twiggs St., Ste. 225
Tampa 33602-3515

Gaila Marie Anderson, Ft. Lauderdale 2006
Wilbur Winston Anderson (JCC),
 Jacksonville 2005
Michael Robert Band, Miami 2006
Paul Richard Berg, Vero Beach 2006
Peter D. Blanc (CC), Delray Beach 2005
John Robert Blue, St. Petersburg 2005
Diana Kay Bock, Odessa 2005
Christopher Erik Brown, Tampa 2006
Robert Donald Brown, Miami 2005
Gregory M. Cesarano, Miami 2005
Clementine Luccia Conde,
 New Port Richey 2006
James Burton Denman III,
 Ft. Lauderdale 2006
Michael Pearse Dodson, Tallahassee 2004
Gary Paul Flower (CO), Jacksonville 2006
Patricia E. Bologna Garagozlo,
 Melbourne 2006
Paul Mahlon Hawkes (DCA),
 Tallahassee 2005
Warren H. Husband, Tallahassee 2004
Cynthia Gelmine Imperato (CC),
 Ft. Lauderdale 2004
Virginia Easley Johnson, Miami 2006
Terry Michael Jones (CC), Pensacola 2005
Dora Faye Kaufman, Ft. Lauderdale 2006
Kirk Nathaniel Kirkconnell, Winter Park 2005
Gretchen Klingelfuss Klayman,
 Melbourne 2005
Jo Ann Barone Kotzen,
 West Palm Beach 2006
Carol Ann Licko, Miami 2004
Carlos M. Llorente, Ft. Lauderdale 2005
David Lawrence Magidson, Homestead 2005
Manuel Menendez, Jr. (CC), Tampa 2006
Marie P. Montefusco, Plantation 2005
Matthew Scott Nelles, Ft. Lauderdale 2004
William David Palmer (DCA),
 Daytona Beach 2004
Carl R. Pennington, Jr., Tallahassee 2005
Denise Victoria Powers, Coral Gables 2004
Raquel A. Rodriguez, Tallahassee 2005
Morgan Roger Rood, Ft. Lauderdale 2004
Bruce Morris Smith, Gainesville 2005
Frank E. Strelec, Sarasota 2004
Donna L. Surratt-Mcintosh (CC),
 Sanford 2004
Linda C. Sweeting, Ft. Lauderdale 2005
Eileen Louise Tilghman, Miami 2005
John George White III, Board Liaison
 West Palm Beach 2004

Juvenile Court Rules

The scope and function of the Juvenile Court Rules Committee is to carry out the mandate of Rule 2.130, Florida Rules of Judicial Administration, concerning the proposal of new rules of procedure and changes to existing rules for juvenile court proceedings.
 Term Expires
Jennifer Alani Parker, Chair 2004
Dept. of Juvenile Justice
2737 Centerview Dr., Ste. 312
Tallahassee 32399-0999

John A. Frusciante (CC), Vice Chair 2005
Broward County Cthse.
201 SE 6th St., Ste. 910B
Ft. Lauderdale 33301-3343

Maria M. Schneider, Vice Chair 2004
State Atty's Ofc.
201 SE 6th St., Ste. 660
Ft. Lauderdale 33301-3304

Deborah Anne Schroth, Vice Chair 2005
Florida Legal Services, Inc.
126 W. Adams St., Ste. 502
Jacksonville 32202-3849

Alan Abramowitz, West Palm Beach 2004
Erica Arend, Bradenton 2004
David Saul Bazerman, Ft. Lauderdale 2005
Robert Tyrie Benton II (DCA),
 Tallahassee 2006
Scott Marcus Bernstein (CC), Miami 2005
Alicia Latimore Brooks, Orlando 2005
Frances Seaman Childers, Starke 2006
Shondi Michele Cole, Bartow 2006
Mallory Durden Cooper (CO),
 Jacksonville 2004
Lisa Davidson (CC), Viera 2006
Dane Emil Disano, Clearwater 2006
Joseph I. Emas, Miami Beach 2006
Judy L. Estren, Clearwater 2005
Hubert Kyle Fletcher, Jr., Orlando 2006
Gerard Francis Glynn, Orlando 2006
Tamara Ilene Gray, Miami 2006
David Walker Green (CO),
 Defuniak Springs 2004
Beth Harlan, Lakeland 2006
Ilene Herscher, Coral Gables 2005
Joan Mason Holtz, Plantation 2006
Walter Hugh Honaman III,
 Ft. Lauderdale 2005
Jon Juan Johnson, Tampa 2005
Heather Lynn JOnes, High Springs 2006
Allan Lester Langer (CC), Miami 2005
Molly Anne Langer, Tampa 2006
Robert William Mason, Jacksonville 2006
Kelly Jo McKibben, Orlando 2004
Michelle Migdal, Boynton Beach 2004
Michelle Eugene Morris, Orlando 2004
Bill Navas, Tampa 2005
Rae Ann Nolan, Lakeland 2004
Barbara Joan Pariente (SC), *
 Tallahassee 2004
George Hinton Pierce (VCO), Earleton 2006
Lourdes M. Pons, Miami 2005
Ralph Mitchell Prugh, Melrose 2005
Donald L. Royston, Ocala 2005
Patricia Ann Toro Savitz, Orlando 2004
Mindy Fletcher Solomon, Ft. Lauderdale 2005
W. Douglas White, Pensacola 2006
Mary Katherine Wimsett, Gainesville 2004
Arminda LeJean Wollitz, Live Oak 2005
Claudia T. Wright, Gainesville 2004
Crystal Yvette Yates-Hammond,
 Ft. Pierce 2006
Jill Rona Ziluck, Coral Springs 2005
Gregory Stuart Parker, Board Liaison
 Perry 2004

Labor and Employment Law Certification
 Term Expires
Deborah C. Brown, Chair 2004
Thomson Sizemore Gonzales
501 E. Kennedy Blvd., Ste. 1400
Tampa 33602-5246

Joan Marie Vecchioli, Vice Chair 2004
Johnson Blakely Pope, et al.
P.O. Box 1368
Clearwater 33757-1368

Susan Leslie Dolin, Ft. Lauderdale 2005
Gregory Alan Hearing, Tampa 2004
Richard C. McCrea, Jr., Tampa 2006
William David Mitchell, Tampa 2006
Stuart Alan Rosenfeldt, Ft. Lauderdale 2004
Archibald Johns Thomas, Jacksonville 2005
John Simmons Trimper,
 West Palm Beach 2006
Samuel Grier Wells, Board Liaison
 Jacksonville 2004


The purpose of the Law Related Education Committee is to promote effective law related education programs in grades K-12 of Florida's schools, with an emphasis on teaching young citizens respect for the legal system, and for people and their property. The committee seeks to maintain and enhance the cooperative efforts of attorneys, educators, and law enforcement personnel in the field of law related education in Florida.
 Term Expires
Sonya Harrell Hoener, Chair 2006
Marks Gray Conroy & Gibbs
1200 Riverplace Blvd., Ste. 800
Jacksonville 32207-1805

Gregory Pierce Brown, Vice Chair 2004
Hill Ward & Henderson
P.O. Box 2231
Tampa 33601-2231

Alina Alonso, Miami 2005
Joseph L. Amos, Jr., Orlando 2006
Lanna Leigh Belohlavek
 West Palm Beach 2005
Bruce Alan Blitman, Pembroke Pines 2006
Michael Scott Bloom, Hollywood 2004
Timothy Patrick Chinaris, Grundy, VA 2004
Kristen Lee Coons, Clearwater 2004
Mary Louise Cuellar, Tampa 2005
Francine Marie Ffolkes, Tallahassee 2004
Bruce Wayne Flower, Maitland 2004
Michael Francis Flynn, Davie 2005
H. Lee Futch, Ft. Lauderdale 2006
William Frank Gallese, Jr.,
 Port Saint Lucie 2004
Adam Scott Goldberg, Weston 2005
Alan Larry Goodman, Boca Raton 2006
Lonnie Neil Groot, Stanford 2006
Cindy Ann Hardin, Lakelan 2005
Clarissa Elizabeth Harrell, Melbourne 2004
Lisa Kaye Hermann, Ft. Lauderdale 2004
Sara Rae Howeller, Sanford 2006
Kenneth Johansen, New Port Richey 2005
Teri Michelle Jones, Orlando 2006
Fleur Jeannine Lobree, Miami 2006
Rosalyn Henderson Mattingly,
 Gainesville 2006
Opal McKinney-Williams, Tallahassee 2006
Michael Stephen Mullin, Yulee 2004
Morris Desiderio Pataky, Coral Gables 2006
Tasha K. Pepper-Dickinson, Palm Beach 2004
Annette Pitts, Tallahassee 2005
Jack Brilliant Pugh, Jr.
 West Palm Beach 2005
Scott Alan Richman, Orlando 2005
Suzanna Mary Scarborough,
 West Palm Beach 2006
Rudolph Carroll Shepard, Jr., Chipley 2006
David Brantley Slaughter, Orlando 2005
Daniel Jordan Snow, Inverness 2005
Deborah A. Terzian, Miami 2006
Bonita Jenae Young, Gainesville 2004
Jennifer Rae Coberly, Board Liaison
 Miami 2004

Lawyer Referral

The Lawyer Referral Service Committee is charged with overseeing the operation of The Florida Bar Lawyer Referral Service. The scope and function of the committee centers around the promotion of Bar-sponsored lawyer referral services in Florida. The committee conducts workshops for referral service staff and evaluates needs/issues facing Bar-sponsored services such as panel specialization and requirements, promotiion, panel recruitment, requirements for establishment of new services, and compliance with Rules Regulating The Florida Bar.
 Term Expires
Barry A. Stein, Chair 2004
Levine Busch, et al.
9100 S. Dadeland Blvd., Ste. 1010
Miami 33156-7866

Diane Gill, Vice Chair 2006
Jacksonville Bar
1301 Riverplace Blvd., Ste. 730
Jacksonville 32207-9040

Adam Gillespie Adams III, Jacksonville 2004
Karen France, Clearwater 2006
Connie Pruitt, Tampa 2004
Patience A. Burns, West Palm Beach 2005
Nora R. Bergman, St. Petersburg 2005
Robert Wesley Bradshaw, Inverness 2004
Caryn Goldenberg Carvo,
 Ft. Lauderdale 2006
Marc Doyle Chapman, Orlando 2004
Michael Doubek, Pensacola 2005
David Howard Freedman, North Miami 2006
Brenda S. Fulmer, Tampa 2005
Michael Alexander Garcia, Miami 2006
Christopher Nicholas Giuliana, Dunedin 2005
Arthur J. Goldberg, Ft. Lauderdale 2005
Shirley Kay Hart, West Palm Beach 2006
Dinah Leach, Ft. Myers 2006
Daniel Francis Mantzaris, Orlando 2006
Gerald R. Pumphrey,
 Palm Beach Gardens 2006
Rajeev Saxena, Dublin, GA 2004
Anthony Vincent Scalese, Coral Gables 2004
Daniel Ray Shephard, Biloxi, MS 2005
Barbara Berg Rudolph Smith, Orlando 2006
Ronald H. Watson, Eustis 2005
Alan C. Brandt, Jr., Board Liaison
 Ft. Lauderdale 2004

LOMAS Advisory Board

The scope and function of the Law Office Management Advisory Service Advisory Board is to oversee and review the activities of LOMAS, whose purpose is to offer practical technical advice on law office management to sole practitioners and small-sized law firms.
 Term Expires
Walter S. Crumbley (ALJ), Chair 2005
503 S. Westland Ave.
Tampa 33606-2041

Ronald Martin Owen, Vice Chair 2005
Coker Myers Schickel, et al.
136 E. Bay St.
Jacksonville 32202-3415

Nader Fouad Anise, Boca Raton 2006
Joseph Scott Beckman,
 Palm Beach Gardens 2004
Harold Lewis Burstyn, Syracuse, NY 2006
Damon Christopher Glisson,
 Apollo Beach 2004
Rafael Gonzalez, Tampa 2006
Kenneth Martin Hesser, Ocala 2005
Matthew Roman Kamula, Miami 2004
Michael Steven Leone, West Palm Beach 2006
Joseph Wedeles Pallot, Miami 2006
Michael Robert Romm, Pompano Beach 2006
JoAnn Stephens, Jacksonville 2006
Jesse H. Diner, Board Liaison
 Hollywood 2004

Long Range Planning

This committee provides the Board of Governors continuous evaluation of the purposes and objectives of The Florida Bar; analysis of current and future trends in the legal profession; a policy framework which reflects the committee's deliberations; a long range plan and an annual plan of action to reflect the policy framework; assessment of the progress of the Bar in implementing the long range plan; andcoordination with the Budget Committee and the Program Evaluation Committee in all requirements of Series 1000 of Standing Board Policies.
 Term Expires
John C. Patterson, Jr., Chair 2005
Livingston Patterson & Strickland, P.A.
46 N. Washington Blvd., Ste. 1
Sarasota 34236-5932

Manuel R. Morales, Jr., Vice Chair 2006
19 W. Flagler St., Ste. 711
Miami 33130-4402

James A. Baxter, Clearwater 2006
Rachelle DesVaux Bedke, Tampa 2005
Gregory William Coleman,
 West Palm Beach 2006
Michael John Faehner, Clearwater 2005
Sharon Bleier Glickman, Coral Springs 2004
Ross Mathew Goodman, Pensacola 2006
Jon L. Mills, Gainesville 2004
Jamie Billotte Moses, Orlando 2005
Marsha G. Rydberg, Tampa 2004
Donna L. Surrat-Mcintosh (CC),
 Sanford 2004
Anthony Nolan Upshaw, Miami 2006
Beverly L. Vesel, Ft. Lauderdale 2004
Ronald John Zeller, West Palm Beach 2004
Henry Matson Coxe III, Board Liaison
 Jacksonville 2004

Marital and Family Law Certification
 Term Expires
Terry L. Fogel, Chair 2006
Courthouse Tower
44 W. Flagler St., Ste. 350
Miami 33130-6800

Diane Mary Kirigin, Vice Chair 2004
South County Courthouse
200 W. Atlantic Ave., Ste. 217
Delray Beach 33444-3664

Harold Bluestein, Miami 2005
Hal Stephen Castillo, Jacksonville 2005
Bruce Allen Christensen, Miami 2005
Melinda Penney Gamot, West Palm Beach 2004
Susan F. Greenhawt (CC), Ft.Lauderdale 2006
Sally Dee Millward Kest, Orlando 2004
David Lawrence Manz, Marathon 2004
Mayanne Downs, Board Liaison
 Orlando 2004

Media and Communications Law

The committee is intended to provide Bar members a forum for sharing information about the law applicable to free speech and communications. The committee will explore topical legal issues pertaining to the full spectrum of communications methods, including print, broadcast, cable and emerging technologies. A second and equally important purpose of the committee is to promote better understanding between The Florida Bar and the news media, focusing attention upon mutual problems and developing amicable solutions to those problems. The committee plans the annual Media Law Conference and produces and updates the Reporter's Handbook.
 Term Expires
Jairo Ernesto Lanao, Chair 2004
1801 SW 3rd Ave.
Miami 33129-1487

Dorothy Patricia Wallace, Vice Chair 2004
Hunton & Williams Barclays Financial Center
1111 Brickell Ave., Fl. 25
Miami 33131-3112

Robin A. Abraham, Palm Beach 2004
Damodar Sarup Airan, Coral Gables 2004
Laurence B. Alexander, Gainesville 2004
Susan H. Aprill. Miami 2004
Frank S. Bartolone, West Palm Beach 2004
Edward Louis Birk, Jacksonville 2004
Bradley M. Bole, St. Petersburg 2004
David Steven Bralow, Orlando 2004
Catherine M. Norton Breman, Tampa 2004
Robert Charles Brighton, Jr.,
 Ft. Lauderdale 2004
Alejandro Brito, Miami 2004
John Adam Bussian III, Raleigh, NC 2004
Linda Carol, Punta Gorda 2004
Lynn Diane Carrillo, Coral Gables 2004
Sandra Ferguson Chance, Gainesville 2004
Robert Michael Dees, Jacksonville 2004
Jill Elizabeth Dokson, Miami 2004
Ava K. Doppelt, Orlando 2004
Paul Driscoll, Coral Gables 2004
William Frederick Ebsary, Jr., Tampa 2004
Annette Cristina Escobar, Miami 2004
Thomas Dale Hall, Tallahassee 2004
John Russell Hargrove, Ft. Lauderdale 2004
Jennifer Marcelle Heckman, Tallahassee 2004
Gregory William Herbert, Orlando 2004
Laura Louise Jacobs, Altamonte Springs 2004
Elizabeth Belsom Johnson, Tampa 2004
Thomas Richad Julin, Miami 2004
Karen Leslie Kammer, Miami 2004
Jonathan Dennis Kaney III,
 Daytona Beach 2004
James Burges Lake, Tampa 2004
Barbara Bolton Litten, West Palm Beach 2004
Carol Jean LoCicero, Tampa 2004
Jeffrey David Marcus, Boston, MA 2004
Dana Jane McElroy, Ft. Lauderdale 2004
Victor Gerald Meaders, Jr., Clearwater 2004
Judith Mary Mercier, Miami 2004
Edward Maurice Mullins, Miami 2004
Scott David Newsom, Maitland 2004
Kathleen Pellegrino, Ft. Lauderdale 2004
Robert Rivas, Tallahassee 2004
Scott Alan Salomon, Coral Springs 2004
Nikki Lewis Simon, Miami 2004
Chesterfield H. Smith, Jr., Tallahassee 2004
David M. Snyder, Tampa 2004
Prof. Sigman Splichal, Miami 2004
Charles David Tobin, Washington, DC 2004
Paul Dewey Turner, Miami 2004
Robert Craig Waters, Tallahassee 2004
Michael Joseph Glazer, Board Liaison
 Tallahassee 2004

Member Benefits

The scope and function of the Member Benefits Committee is to review and evaluate existing benefit programs for Bar members, evaluate programs and services offered to the Bar for members and make recommendations to the Board of Governors on changes or additions to the benefits program.
 Term Expires
Anthony J. Abate, Chair 2004
Abel Band, et al.
P.O. Box 49948
Sarasota 34230-6948

James Samuel Lupino, Vice Chair 2006
Hershoff, Lupino & Mulick, LLP
90130 Old Hwy.
Tavernier 33070-2348

Martha A. Block, Miami 2005
Joseph Anthony Divito, St. Petersburg 2004
Joseph Martin Dobkin, Miami 2005
Jeffrey L. Freeman, Miami 2005
Craig Anthony Gibbs, Jacksonville 2006
James Robert Meyer, Lakeland 2006
Bennett Matthew Miller, Viera 2004
Mark James Ragusa, Tampa 2006
James Paul Roen, Coral Gables 2004
Frank Martin Smith, Hollywood 2005
William Lewis Thompson, Jr.,
 Orange Park 2006

Military Affairs

The scope and function of the Military Affairs Committee is twofold: First, to gather and disseminate information, share expertise and advise the members of the Bar on all matters relating to the practice of military law in Florida, and second, to have general jurisdiction regarding any problem which may arise relative to the provision of legal services to, for, or by members of the military establishment. Its function shall be to address issues unique to representation of military members and their families in both civil and criminal matters arising within the State of Florida. Further, the committee will consider all possible means of enhancing or increasing the cooperation and communication between the local bar, the legal offices, and the judge advocates of the various military installations within the state.
 Term Expires
Elena Lopez Escamilla, Chair 2006
United States Trustee Office
135 W. Central Blvd., Ste. 620
Orlando 32801-2430

Kim Frederick Heller II, Vice Chair 2006
31 Willis Dr.
Ormond Beach, FL 32176-6530

Kevin Christopher Ambler, Tampa 2005
Kevin Ramon Anderson,
 West Palm Beach 2006
Emmett Lamar Battles (CC), Tampa 2005
Alison L. Becker, Tampa 2004
Ross Logan Bilbrey, Pensacola 2005
Catherine M. Norton Breman, Tampa 2005
John Rocco Capra, Jacksonville 2004
Raymond Howard Carlson, Jacksonville 2004
Dayton Michael Cramer, Tallahassee 2006
Daniel Joseph D'Alesio, Jr., Jacksonville 2006
Charles William Dorman, Vienna, VA 2006
Lucille M. Espey-Francis, Tavares 2005
Ainslee R. Ferdie, Coral Gables 2006
Paul Gerald Fletcher, Coral Gables 2005
Donald Arries Foster, Tampa 2005
Louis Andrew Frashuer, Jacksonville 2005
Kevin Christopher Frein, Jacksonville 2006
Gregory Paul Holder (CC), Tampa 2005
Robert Seebold Jaegers, West Palm Beach 2006
Elizabeth Renee Joy, Orlando 2006
James P. Knox, Tampa 2004
Carl L. Laks, Miami 2004
Gregory Elie Lang, West Palm Beach 2005
Daryl M. Manning, Tampa 2005
Kenneth Bruce Martin, Tampa 2006
Robert Lay Martin, Brunswick, GA 2004
Steven Arthur Mason, Hollywood 2006
Abigail Marie McCracken, Orlando 2006
Richard Narciso Vega Norat,
 Ft. Lauderdale 2004
Edward John O'Sheehan,
 Ft. Lauderdale 2005
Steven Robert Parrish, Miami 2004
David Alvin Peek, Seminole 2004
Christopher Perone, Tampa 2006
John A. Powell, Jr., Clearwater 2005
Paul M. Renner, Hollywood 2004
Irwin Richman, Silver Spring, MD 2004
Margaret Ogilvie Steinbeck (CC),
 Punta Gorda 2004
Michael Alan Steinberg, Tampa 2006
Douglas Albert Walker, Ocala 2004
Thomas Edward Wallace, Jacksonville 2005
Roger G. Welcher, Coral Gables 2006
Lister Witherspoon IV, Miami 2006
Robert Clarence Blue, Jr., Board Liaison
 Panama City 2004

Prepaid Legal Services

The scope and function of the Prepaid Legal Services Committee is to have general jurisdiction over the subject matter encompassed by its title. It also has responsibilities implicit in the provisions of Chapter 9, Rules Regulating The Florida Bar, pertaining to group legal services and prepaid legal plans.

The committee fosters plans which will assist the middle-income public in obtaining legal services and examines proposed prepaid legal services plans, both open and closed, with regard to ABA policy.
 Term Expires
Ted Starr, Chair 2004
Starr Law Offices
8181 US Highway 19 N
Pinellas Par 33781-1744

Anthony Cammarata, Vice Chair 2004
De Beaubien, Knight, Simmons, Mantzaris & Neal
3370 Capital Circle NE, Ste. I
Tallahassee 32308-1594

Gaila Marie Anderson, Ft. Lauderdale 2004
Charles Grooms Crawford, Cocoa 2005
Brian Alex Crumbaker, Tallahassee 2004
Deanna Love Eftoda, Tallahassee 2005
Michael Paul Gale, Coral Gables 2004
Scott R. Jay, Miami 2004
Daniel Francis Mantzaris, Orlando 2005
Diane Snell Perera, Miami 2005
Howard M. Rosenblatt, Gainesville 2006
John Schaefer, Safety Harbor 2005
Scott Temple Silverman, Tampa 2006
Richard Joseph Zaden, Wilton Manors 2006
Andrew Lawrence Ringers, Jr., Board Liaison
 Ft. Myers 2004

Pro Bono Legal Services

The purpose of the Pro Bono Legal Services Committee is to review the material and information submitted pursuant to the pro bono rules and to present to the Board of Governors and the Supreme Court any suggested changes or modifications to the pro bono rules.
 Term Expires
Robin L. Rosenberg, Chair 2006
Holland & Knight, LLP
P.O. Box 3541
St. Petersburg 33731-3541

James A. Baxter, Vice Chair 2005
Baxter Strohauer & Mannion, P.A.
1150 Cleveland St., Ste. 300
Clearwater 33755-4859

James Manly Barton II (Co), Tampa 2005
Lisa Lawrence Brody, Bradenton 2006
Brian David Brugoon, Atlanta, GA 2004
Jennifer Rae Coberly, Miami 2004
Marcia K. Cypen, Miami 2006
Russell W. Divine, Orlando 2004
Dorothy Inman-Crews, Tallahassee 2006
Gerald Kogan, Miami 2005
Marcia G. Lockhart, Gainesville 2006
James Christopher Lombardo, Naples 2004
Virginia Herrero Pagliery, Miami 2006
Natasha W. Permaul, Orlando 2005
Alan Matthew Pickert, Jacksonville 2005
Charles Raymond Stepter, Jr., Orlando 2005
Emerson R. Thompson, Jr. (DCA),
 Daytona Beach 2006
William Alva VanNortwick, Jr. (DCA),
 Tallahassee 2005
Frank Comerford Walker II,
 Ft. Lauderdale 2004
Sharon Lynne Langer, Board Liaison
 Miami 2004

Professional Ethics

This committee is charged with the duty of answering ethics inquiries from members of the Bar concerning the inquirer's own proposed conduct. The committee reviews informal advisory opinions issued by Florida Bar ethics department attorneys. Additionally, the committee publishes formal advisory opinions to guide bar members in interpreting and applying the ethics rules. A formal opinion is published in accordance with Board of Governors approved procedures as a proposed advisory opinion to which Bar members may submit comments. Pursuant to Standing Board Policy 5.18, in the event a committee member fails to demonstrate a sufficient interest in the work of the committee, upon recommendation by the committee chair and the president of The Florida Bar, the Board of Governors may remove and replace that committee member at any time during his or her term.
 Term Expires
Gary Shepard Lesser, Chair 2005
Lesser, Lesser, Landy & Greene, P.A.
375 S. County Rd., Ste. 220
Palm Beach 33480-4407

Caroline Heck Miller, Vice Chair 2005
US Attorney's Ofc.
99 NE 4th St.
Miami 33132-2131

D. Culver Smith III, Vice Chair 2004
D. Culver Smith III P.A.
515 N. Flagler Dr., Ste. 401
West Palm Beach 33401-4349

Andrew Scott Berman,
 North Miami Beach 2004
Jill Henniger Bowman, St. Petersburg 2006
Randolph Braccialarghe, Ft. Lauderdale 2006
Mercedes Busto, Coral Gables 2006
Phyllis Sigal Carlin, North Miami Beach 2004
Paul Farkash Clark, Hollywood 2006
Patrick Power Coll, Jacksonville 2005
Mark Kenneth Delegal, Tallahassee 2006
Mary Lynn Desjarlais, Sarasota 2005
Harry Richard Detwiler, Jr.,
 Tallahassee 2006
Simon Patrick Dray, Miami 2006
Murray Harrington Dubbin,
 Miami Beach 2006
Robert M. Feinson, Daytona Beach 2006
Thomas Gary, Tallahassee 2004
Karen Elizabeth Guito, Tampa 2004
Roshani Mala Gunewardene,
 Altamonte Springs 2005
William Henry Hallman III (CC),
 Brooksville 2004
Elizabeth Miranda Hernandez,
 Coral Gables 2006
Charlotte Ellen Karlan, Miami 2005
Jason Hunter Korn, Bonita Springs 2005
Alan Louis Landsberg, Hollywood 2005
Marshall Dore Louis, Miami 2006
Kenneth L. Mann, Orlando 2004
Jay Alan Martus, Sunrise 2006
Frank Nussbaum, Miami 2005
Karen J. Orlin, Miami 2006
Jeffrey William Pearson, Lutz 2006
Gary William Pollack, Coral Gables 2004
Fawn Powers, Pompano Beach 2004
David Robert Ristoff, New Port Richey 2006
Stephen Owen Rushing, Brooksville 2005
Elizabeth Maria Schwabedissen, Miami 2004
Charles Aristides Stampelos (ALJ),
 Tallahassee 2006
Adele Ilene Stone, Hollywood 2006
Frank Joseph Taddeo, Coral Gables 2004
Timothy Nicholas Thomas, Key Largo 2005
Louis B. Vocelle, Jr. Vero Beach 2006
Bill Wagner, Tampa 2006
Bruce A. Weihe, Ft. Lauderdale 2004
James Allen Young, Tampa 2006
Jesse H. Diner, Board Liaison
 Hollywood 2004

Quality of Life and Career

The purpose of the Quality of Life and Career Committee is to improve and enhance the quality of life and career satisfaction of lawyers across the stages and settings of professional life.
 Term Expires
Patrick Knight Wiggins, Chair 2006
P.O. Box 1657
Tallahassee 32303-1657

Jay Crocker, Vice Chair 2005
Office of Public Defender
101 N. Alabama Ave., Ste B304
Deland 32724-4316

Jeffrey Alan Albinson, St. Petersburg 2005
Spencer Marc Aronfeld, Coral Gables 2004
Michael Joseph Barker, Jacksonville 2005
Ronald Gary Bedrick, Oakland, CA 2004
Raul Cabrera, Winter Haven 2004
Myer John Cohen, Ft. Lauderdale 2004
Kristen Lee Coons, Clearwater 2005
John Wilkins Day, St. Petersburg 2004
Andrew Harry Drucker, Coral Gables 2004
Kenneth Alan Forman, North Miami 2005
Roberta Jill Fox, Orlando 2006
Henry Neal Gillman, Miami 2005
Sara Joanne Greer, Miami 2006
Harry Thomas Hackney, Mount Dora 2005
Elizabeth Barry Haynes, St. Augustine 2004
Arthur Hernandez, Jacksonville 2004
William John Johnson, Washington, DC 2004
Lawrence Steven Krieger, Tallahassee 2004
Gary F. Large, Titusville 2005
Jeffrey Jay Lebo, Pinellas Park 2006
Andrew John Mayts, Jr. Tampa 2005
Lisa Taylor Munyon (CC), Orlando 2005
Frank Louis Natter, Clearwater 2006
Gary David Palmer, Aventura 2004
John William Perloff, Ft. Lauderdale 2005
Robert Rappel, Vero Beach 2005
Jennifer Sonnenfeld Schellenberg, Tampa 2006
Renee' Smith, Miami Beach 2006
Mary Musette Stewart, Orlando 2004
James Richard Tario, Englewood 2004
Angela Deaton Vickers, Jacksonville 2006
Victoria Anne Vilchez, West Palm Beach 2005
M Dianne Vogt, Tampa 2006
Ethan Andrew Way, Tallahassee 2004
Cindy Lenoff Zatzman, Hollywood 2006
Vivian L.. Hobbs, Board Liaison
 Tallahassee 2004

Real Estate Certification
 Term Expires
Howard Allen Cohen, Chair 2006
Atkinson Diner Stone, et al.
1946 Tyler St.
Hollywood 33020-4517

Richard Allen Schlosser, Vice Chair 2004
Bricklemyer Smolker & Bolves
500 E. Kennedy Blvd., Ste. 200
Tampa 33602-4990

James Strouse Campbell, Pensacola 2005
Richard Clark Grant, Naples 2004
R Lynn Lovejoy, Tallahassee 2006
Mary Frances Meyers, Orlando 2005
Mary A. Robinson, Jacksonville 2005
Kerry Evan Rosenthal, Aventura 2004
Steven Dennis Rubin, Boca Raton 2006
Russell W. Divine, Board Liaison
 Orlando 2004

Rules of Judicial Administration

The scope and function of the Rules of Judicial Administration Committee is to originate proposed new rules, and review and reevaluate existing rules of procedure to advance orderly and inexpensive procedures in the administration of justice.
 Term Expires
Stanford R. Solomon, Chair 2006
The Solomon Tropp Law Group, P.A.
400 N. Ashley Dr., Ste. 3000
Tampa 33602-4331

Renee Goldenberg (CC), Vice Chair 2004
201 SE 6th St., Ste. 742
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33301-3304

Claudia Rickert Isom (CC), Vice Chair 2005
13th Judicial Circuit
800 E. Twiggs St., Fl. 4
Tampa 33602-3531

Charlotte W. Anderson (CO), Tampa 2004
Theodore Babbitt, West Palm Beach 2005
Kenneth Bradley Bell (SC), * Tallahassee 2004
Patti Ann Christensen (CO),
 St. Augustine 2004
Lou Ellen Combs, * Orlando 2004
Tami Foley Conetta, * Sarasota 2004
Marguerite Herr Davis (DCA),
 Tallahassee 2006
Amy Steele Donner (CC), Miami 2005
Barbara Anne Eagan, * Orlando 2004
Kevin M. Emas (CC), Miami 2006
Gary Devenow Fox, Miami 2005
Susan Whaley Fox, Tampa 2004
Marjorie Gadarian Graham,
 Palm Beach Gardens 2005
Henry Howell Harnage (CC), * Miami 2004
Judith Hodor, Miami 2005
Nelly Nagui Khouzam (CC), Clearwater 2004
Mark Wayne Klingensmith,
 West Palm Beach 2006
Shelley Jean Kravitz (CO), * Miami 2004
Stephen Craig Krosschell, Clearwater 2004
Allan Lester Langer (CC), * Miami 2004
Dawn Traverso Larson, * Aventura 2004
Dominic C. MacKenzie, * Jacksonville 2004
Shelley Marie Mitchell, Ft. Lauderdale 2005
David M. Robbins, * Jacksonville 2004
John Daniel Roman, Orlando 2004
David Anthony Rowland, Tampa 2005
Winifred J. Sharp (DCA), Daytona Beach 2006
Olin Wilson Shinholser (CC), * Bartow 2004
Morris Silberman (DCA), Tampa 2004
Scott Jay Silverman (CO), Miami 2005
Lori Ellen Terens, Jacksonville 2005
T. Rankin Terry, Jr., Ft. Myers 2005
Roy D. Wasson, Miami 2006
Peter D. Webster (DCA), Tallahassee 2004
John S. Wheeler, Tallahassee 2004
Kenneth L. Williams (CC), Pensacola 2006
Frank Comerford Walker II, Board Liason
 Ft. Lauderdale 2004

Small Claims Rules

The scope and function of the Small Claims Rules Committee is to carry out the mandate of Rule 2.130, Florida Rules of Judicial Administration, concerning the proposal of new rules of procedure and changes to existing rules.
 Term Expires
Julee Lynn Milham, Chair 2004
P.O. Box 66504
St. Pete Beach, FL 33736-6504

Nancy Perez (CO), Vice Chair 2006
Palm Beach Co. Cthse
205 N. Dixie Hwy.
West Palm Beach 33401-4522

Gregory Glenn Ackerman, Winter Park 2005
Kenneth Bradley Bell (SC), * Tallahassee 2004
Robert Edward Burguieres,
 St. Petersburg 2006
James Whitcomb J. Carpenter,
 Ft. Lauderdale 2004
Michele A. Cavallaro, Dania Beach 2006
Lou Ellen Combs, Orlando 2004
Lloyd Alan Comiter, Boca Raton 2005
Michael Thiel Debski, Jacksonville 2005
Pauline M. Drayton-Harris (CO),
 Jacksonville 2004
David Brian Falstad, Orlando 2006
Brenda Harmer Fam, Ft. Lauderdale 2005
Miguel C. Fernandez III, Ft. Myers 2004
Christopher Denton Forrest, Ft. Myers 2006
Mary Jo Francis, Miami 2005
Catharine Denise Hanley, Tampa 2005
Joseph James Huss, Ft. Lauderdale 2006
Jacob Joseph Linhart, Coral Springs 2005
David Joel Marsh, St. Petersburg 2006
Michael Thomas McHugh, Ft. Myers 2006
Nina Giroux Monrose, St. Petersburg 2006
William F. Murphy III, Miami 2005
Nola Marie Richardson, Tamarac 2004
Nancy Josette Saint-Pierre, Miami 2006
Michael Ira Udine, Ft. Lauderdale 2005
George John Francis Werner, Clearwater 2005
Scott Charles Zakheim, Ft. Lauderdale 2004
Sharon L. Zeller (CO), Hollywood 2006
Murray Bruce Silverstein, Board Liaison
 St. Petersburg 2004

Student Education and Admissions to the Bar

The scope and function of the Student Education and Admissions to the Bar Committee is to determine whether or not law schools are adequately preparing their students for the practice of law and if it is concluded that they are not, to make specific recommendations to the Bar's Board of Governors and law school deans. The committee will also monitor and review proposed legislation affecting legal education and establish a means to track the success of minority scholarships, thus allowing these institutions to maximize the benefits of these minority programs.
 Term Expires
Alan P. Buchmann, Chair 2005
3910 Belle Vista Dr., E.
St. Petersburg 33706-2631

Mark Patrick Arnold, Vice Chair 2005
701 Brickell Ave., Ste. 3000
Miami 33131-2847

Stephanie L. Williams, Vice Chair 2006
FSU College of Law
425 W. Pensacola St.
Tallahassee 32301-1619

Glenn R. Anderson, Winter Haven 2004
Latrice Sadina Elaine Basden, Miramar 2006
Nancy Benavides, * Tallahassee 2004
Terry Dean Bork, Jacksonville 2005
Julie Imanuel Brown, Tampa 2004
April Renee Burnette, Pembroke Pines 2004
Carol E. A. DeGraffenreidt,
 Ft. Lauderdale 2005
Leticia Maria Diaz, Ocoee 2006
Robert Michael Eschenfelder,
 St. Petersburg 2006
Bradley Ross Gould, Naples 2006
Shannon Bizzell Gray, Tampa 2005
Jason Paul Herman, Maitland 2006
Kevin Tyler Hill, Tampa 2006
Lynn Ann Howel, * St. Petersburg 2004
Billie Jo Kaufman, * Ft. Lauderdale 2004
Allegra Knopf, Lakeland 2006
James Edward Leano, Miami 2006
Kimberly J. Lee, Tampa 2006
Sung Lee, St. Augustine 2005
Marni Beth Lennon, * Coral Gables 2004
Gilda M. Marin, * Opa Locka 2004
Michael John Marrero, Miami 2006
Nicholas Galileo Milano, Ft. Lauderdale 2006
Pierre Anthony Lothar Mommers,
 Melbourne 2006
Andrew Mitchell Moss, Miami 2006
Marvin Edward Newman, Winter Park 2005
Daryl D. Parks, Tallahassee 2004
Demetrio J. Perez, Miami 2006
Andrew Reiss, Naples 2005
Kathryn E. Ressel, Tallahassee 2004
Frank Louis Schiavo, * Orlando 2004
Keith S. Shotzberger, Tampa 2006
Adam Jason Steinberg, Miami 2006
Lara J. Tibbals, Tampa 2004
Ellen S. Tilles, Hollywood 2006
Christopher A. Vallandingham,
 Gainesville 2006
William Peter VanderWyden III,
 Coral Gables 2005
Victoria Eleanor Wu, Silver Spring, MD 2006
Brian David Burgoon, Board Liaison
 Atlanta, GA 2004

Tax Certification
 Term Expires
Guy Edward Whitesman, Chair 2005
Henderson Franklin, et al.
P.O. Box 280
Ft. Myers 33902-0280

Russell P. Hintze, Vice Chair 2006
Greenberg Traurig, P.A.
450 S. Orange Ave., Ste. 650
Orlando 32801-3311

Karl Lawrence Gragg, Miami 2004
Benjamin Arthur Jablow, Tallahassee 2006
Michael Allen Lampert,
 West Palm Beach 2006
Donna Carol Litman, Miami 2004
Marsha Gerre Madorsky, Miami 2005
Joseph Barry Schimmel, Miami 2005
Samuel Charles, Ullman, Miami 2004
Jerald S. Beer, Board Liaison
 West Palm Beach 2004

Traffic Court Rules

The scope and function of the Traffic Court Rules Committee is to carry out the mandate of Rule 2.130, Florida Rules of Judicial Administration, concerning the proposal of new rules of procedure and changes to existing rules.
 Term Expires
Brian Lee Tannebaum, Chair 2006
Tannebaum Planas & Weiss, LLP
550 Brickell Ave., PH 2
Miami 33131-2517

Mary Ellen Clark, Vice Chair 2004
Dept. of Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles, MS 61
2900 Apalachee Pkwy, A308
Tallahassee 32399-6552

Pine Scott Price, Vice Chair 2006
126 E. Olympia Ave., Ste. 405
Punta Gorda 33950-3879

William Abramson, West Palm Beach 2005
Michael G. Ahearn, Wilton Manors 2006
Kenneth Bradley Bell (SC),* Tallahassee 2004
Scott D. Bishop, Casselberry 2006
Joseph Cameron Bodiford, Tampa 2006
Thomas Aquinas Cobitz, Hialeah 2005
Tom Lindsey Copeland, Gainesville 2006
Steven Allyn Feinman, Davie 2005
Jonathan Andrew Fine,
 West Palm Beach 2005
Rosena H. Finklea, Tallahassee 2004
Walter Atherton Fullerton III (CO),
 St. Petersburg 2004
Donald A. Harrison, Tampa 2006
Leigh Frizzell Hayes (CO), Ft. Myers 2005
Leslie Alvin Hess, Orlando 2004
Jonathan Zane Kantor, Miami 2004
Juliette Michelle Koves, Orlando 2005
Joshua Marc Leader, Miami 2004
Steven Leifman (CO), Miami 2005
Steven Richard Loewenthal, Tampa 2004
Robert David Malove, North Miami 2005
Stephen Kevin Miller, Gainesville 2005
Ameli Padron-Fragetta, Miami Lakes 2006
Victor J. Pellegrino, Tampa 2006
Richard James Potash, Plantation 2004
David M. Robbins, Jacksonville 2006
Gerald Trainor Roden, Vero Beach 2006
Jose Ramon Sanchez-Gronlier,
 Coral Gables 2005
Evelyn Dorothy Sapp, Gainesville 2004
Stephen Curtiss Shenkman, Miami 2006
Alan Jerome Shuminer, Miami 2004
Samuel Joseph Slom (CO), Miami 2004
Arthur Spiegel, Miami 2004
Scott Paul Swope, Clearwater 2005
Melissa Gaye Tenenbaum, Miami 2005
Howard Alan Tescher, Ft. Lauderdale 2005
Keith Adam Warshofsky, Tampa 2004
Dale E. Workman, Gainesville 2006
Jerald S. Beer, Board Liaison
 West Palm Beach 2004

Unlicensed Practice of Law

The Florida Supreme Court has delegated to The Florida Bar, as an official arm of the court, the duty to investigate and prosecute allegatons of unauthorized practice of law. The Rules Regulating The Florida Bar establish one statewide Standing committee on Unlicensed Practice of Law to supervice circuit unlicensed practice of law committees. There must be at least one unlicensed practice of law investigating committee in each circuit. The circuit committees investigate reports of unlicensed practice and report their findings to the statewide standing committee. The standing committee in turn operates under the authority of the Board of Governors. When the Board of Governors approves, based on a recommendation from the Standing committee, the Bar may initiate litigation seeking a civil injuction.

The committee also has the authority to issue propsed formal advisory opinions on whether specific conduct constitutes the unlicensed practice of law. The propsed opinions are filed with the Supreme Court of Florida.
 Term Expires
Donald A. Wich, Jr., Chair 2006
Wich Wich & Wich
2400 E. Commercial Blvd., #620
Ft. Lauderdale 33308-4033

Anthony J. Robinson, Vice Chair 2006
1356 NW 159th Ln.
Pembroke Pines 33028-1632

James Barry Soble, Vice Chair 2004
2700 Sun Trust Financial Ctr.
401 E. Jackson St., Ste. 2700
Tampa 33602-5226

Wayne Lee Thomas, Vice Chair 2006
707 N. Franklin St., 10th Fl.
P.O. Box 1834
Tampa 33601-1834

Nancy C. Ammon, St. Petersburg 2004
Margaret Averill, Vero Beach 2004
Diane B. Blair, Ft. Pierce 2005
Joseph Robert Boyd, Tallahassee 2004
Barbara P. Burke, Maitland 2005
Timothy Patrick Chinaris, Grundy, VA 2006
Stanton T. Cooper, Indialantic 2004
Richard DiFillipo, Palm Beach 2005
Scherry M. Elson, Tampa 2005
Gary Faysash, Oakland Park 2005
Martha Gurwit, Cape Coral 2005
Kathryn M. Henley, Tallahassee 2005
Catherin Day Hult, Largo 2006
John Hume, Coral Springs 2004
Roderic A. Johnson, St. Petersburg 2005
Larry R. Leiby, F. Lauderdale 2005
Joe David Lovelace, Clearwater 2004
Pamela Lutton-Shields, Tallahassee 2005
Aron Moshe Mandl, Ft., Lauderdale 2006
Gerard A. McHale, Jr., Ft. Myers 2005
Sonja S. Mills, St. Petersburg 2006
Richard Oliver, Tampa 2006
Mark R. Osherow, Boca Raton 2006
Ingrid V. Riera, Ft. Lauderdale 2006
Marsha G. Rydberg, Tampa 2004
Kathryn Schwalb, Mount Dora 2004
Laura R. Seidman, Ft. Lauderdale 2005
Martin Jay Sperry, Plantation 2004
Linda Katherine Thomas, Bradenton 2004
Guy Trusty, Miami 2005
Dale Walker, Tallahassee 2005
Henry Taylor White, Ft. Lauderdale 2006
Denise Wilkerson, Pensacola 2005
Steven Elliot Chaykin, Board Liaison
 Miami 2004

Voluntary Bar Liaison

The scope and function of the Voluntary Bar Liaison Committee is to assist Florida Bar sections and committees and Florida's voluntary bar associations, to improve communication between The Florida Bar and voluntary bar associations, to coordinate programs of The Florida Bar involving voluntary bar associations, to advise the Public Information and Bar Services Department regarding public relations needs of the voluntary bars, to provide a resource and information bank with regard to activities and problems of voluntary bar associations, and to advise the Board of Governors regarding interpretation of The Florida Bar programs to voluntary bar associations and individual members.

The committee is charge with the responsibility of the Annual Bar Leaders' Workshop and the annual revision of the Voluntary Bar Leaders' Hanbook. This committee coordinates with the Florida Council of Bar Association Presidents and the Florida Council of Bar Executives.
 Term Expires
Harold Norman Hume, Jr., Chair 2006
P.O. Box 280
Ft. Myers 33902-0280

Nora R. Bergman, Vice Chair 2006
St. Petersburg Bar Association
P.O. Box 7538
St. Petersburg 3374-7538

Catherine Frances Agacinski, Tampa 2005
Clearwater Bar Association, Clearwater 2004
Jacksonville Bar, Jacksonville 2005
Hillsborough Co Bar Assoc, Tampa 2006
Palm Beach County Bar Assoc
 West Palm Beach 2005
Jason Oakes Brown,
 New Smyrna Beach 2005
James Stanley Chapman, Tallahassee 2006
Angela Jane Cowden, Bartow 2004
Georgette Sosa Douglass, Ft. Lauderdale 2006
Preston James Fields,
 Palm Beach Gardens 2004
Robert McHenry Fields, Palatka 2005
Thomas Gene Freeman, Jr. (CC),
 Sanford 2004
Vene Maretha Hamilton,
 Pembroke Pines 2004
Douglas Michael Horn, Boca Raton 2005
Jeri Hunter, Tallahassee 2004
Jan Jung, Sarasota 2006
Julie Fara Klahr, Ft. Lauderdale 2006
Gretchen Klingelfuss Klayman,
 Melbourne 2006
George Arthur Lane, Ft. Lauderdale 2004
Frank Edward Maloney, Jr., Macclenny 2005
Michael Manglardi, Orlando 2006
Kathy J. Maus, Tallahassee 2005
Theodore Charles Miloch II, Miami 2006
David B. Mitchell, Coral Gables 2006
Maya Susan Saxena, Boca Raton 2004
Robert Alan Shupack, Boca Raton 2005
Rebecca Louise VanGaale, Clearwater 2006
Alan C. Brandt, Jr., Board Liaison
 Ft. Lauderdale 2004

Wills, Trusts and Estates Certification
 Term Expires
Alan Welling Banspach, Chair 2004
8191 College Pkwy., Ste. 304
Ft. Myers 33919-5121

Frank Tobias Adams, Vice Chair 2005
Katz Barron Squitero Faust & Boyd, P.A.
100 NE 3rd Ave., Ste. 280
Ft. Lauderdale 33301-1165

Donna R. Blausten, Aventura 2005
William E. Boyes, West Palm Beach 2005
Nancy Sue Freeman, Winter Park 2005
Gene Kenneth Glasser, Hollywood 2006
Ronald Terry Marting, Boca Raton 2005
Frank T. Pilotte, Palm Beach 2004
William Albert Synder, Davie 2006
Alan Bart Bookman, Board Liaison
 Pensacola 2004

Workers' Compensation Certification
 Term Expires
Michael James Rudicell, Chair 2006
McConnaughhay, Duffy, Coonrood
P.O. Box 13570
Pensacola 32591-3570

Brian B. Bolton, Vice Chair 2006
Langston Hess Bolton Znosko
111 S. Maitland Ave.
Maitland 32751-5647

John Paul Brooks, Orlando 2004
R. Stephen Coonrod, Tallahassee 2005
Laura Leigh Ferrante, Jacksonville 2004
Audrey Dawn Hayes, Tampa 2005
Paul J. Morgan, Winter Park 2004
David Irl Rickey, Orlando 2005
John Auld Unzicker, Jr., Pensacola 2006
Amy Lee Smith, Board Liaison
 West Palm Beach 2004

Workers' Compensation Rules

The scope and function of the Workers' Compensation Rules Committee is to carry out the mandate of Rule 2.130, Florida Rules of Judicial Administration, concerning the proposal of new rules of procedure and changes to existing rules.
 Term Expires
Jeffrey Ira Jacobs, Chair 2006
5975 Sunset Dr., Ste. 801
South Miami 33143-5174

Sharon Lynn Gasparo, Vice Chair 2005
Farrell & Gasparo
2319 Oak St.
Jacksonville 32204-4603

Dawn Traverso Larson, Vice Chair 2005
Eraclides, Johns, Hall, et al.
2875 NE 191st St., Ste. 802
Aventura 33180-2803

Robert Lewis Bamdas, West Palm Beach 2005
James Breslin, Jr., St. Petersburg 2006
Gerardo Castiello, Miami 2004
Meredith Charbula, Tallahassee 2006
Annemarie C. Craft, Tallahassee 2006
Mark Kamm Eckels, Jacksonville 2005
David William Evoy, Ft. Lauderdale 2006
Albert Charles Garcia, Tampa 2005
Craig Anthony Gibbs, Jacksonville 2005
Jason Joel Goldstone, West Palm Beach 2004
Allison Hunnicutt Hauser, Jacksonville 2004
Eugene L. Heinrich, Ft. Lauderdale 2004
Thomas Hodas, Tequesta 2006
Robert R. Johnson, West Palm Beach 2006
Alan H. Konigsburg, Davie 2004
Brian Russell Lockwood, Tallahassee 2005
Albert Wesley Miller III, Clearwater 2004
Timothy A. Miller, St. Petersburg 2006
Cora Cisneros Molloy, Ft. Myers 2005
Jonathan Daniel Ohlman (JCC),
 Gainesville 2005
Gilbert Russell Panzer, Jr.,
 West Palm Beach 2004
Lisa A. Peacock, Jacksonville 2006
Kathryn Senecal Pecko (JCC), Miami 2005
Christopher Leo Petruccelli,
 St. Petersburg 2005
Gloria Pomerantz, Ft. Launderdale 2005
Peggy Ann Quince (SC), * Tallahassee 2004
Andrew Adam Reich, Palm City 2005
David Kenyon Richardson, South Miami 2005
David Russell Rigell, West Palm Beach 2006
Jeff Edward Rubin, Coral Gables 2006
Howard Scheiner (JCC), Jupiter 2004
Frederic Michael Schott, Orlando 2005
Thomas Warren Sculco, Maitland 2006
Deborah L. Slowik-Eldridge,
 St. Petersburg 2005
Michael Blane Staley, Ocala 2004
Barry A. Stein, Miami 2004
Mary Ann Stiles, Tampa 2004
Robert Benson Trumbo, Jr.,
 New Smyrna Beach 2006
John Auld Unzicker, Jr.,Pensacola 2006
Amy Lee Smith, Board Liaison
 West Palm Beach 2004

* Representative member
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No portion of this article can be reproduced without the express written permission from the copyright holder.
Copyright 2003 Gale, Cengage Learning. All rights reserved.

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