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Committed to the growth of the automobile industry.

Looking back over the year since the inception of automobile industry in Pakistan it would not be incorrect to state that Ghandhara is the only company that has achieved consistent overall growth. The achievement of growth in a sustained manner has been the outcome of pragmatic application of strategies and more importantly maintenance of customer satisfaction at all times.

Ghandhara is Pakistan's most experienced group in the automobile industry, stretching back to 1963 when the General Motors plant (now National Motors) was acquired. From 1963 onward, Ghandhara developed the ancillary industry and progressively manufactured Bedford trucks and buses in Pakistan until nationalisation in 1972.

In 1983 Ghandhara took a lead in introducing a second generation of trucks/buses in response to customer requirements. Through joint efforts of Ghandhara Nissan and Nissan Diesel Motor Co. Ltd. Japan, Nissan's product mix was identified after a careful study, in 1982. In the study it was found that transporters/fleet owners' return on transport business were proving negative due to factors such as increase in prices of trucks and buses due to currency depreciation, high operating costs and fixed freight charges. The solution to these problems lay in the development of heavy duty trucks which were more economical. So in the per tonne kilometre class, Nissan Diesel heavy duty trucks became very popular from 1983 onwards.

This approach yielded productive results, especially when Ghandhara introduced TK20GTN (30-35 tonner) trucks in 1983 and brought welcome changes in the transport industry. Product features and outstanding characteristics such as: (a) 30-35 tonner payload (b) low fuel consumption (c) economy in operating costs; which yielded much needed, customer satisfaction and profitability for fleet owners/transporters.

More Achieved

After the successful launch of this product a 10-wheeler 6 x 2 (25 Tonner) truck was introduced in Pakistani market in 1984 to fill the remaining demand gap for heavy duty trucks. Ghandhara Nissan has been the market leader in these segments over the past 5 years. This is a worthy record and a clear manifestation of Nissan's technological advancement in the truck manufacturing field.

By all standards, Nissan Diesel products have in-built fuel efficiency which is achieved by specialised technology, and such an innovative technological feature serves augment quality and value for money spent. Needs and buying behavior of customers/Fleet owners have been going through changes over the years. Ghandhara Nissan has always believed in meeting such requirements and achieving desired results as an on-going process. In the recent past Ghandhara has introduced CPB-12 (12-13 Tonner) truck chassis to supplement its existing product mix. This model is a blend of advanced technology in the medium range. The prominent technical features of this truck, amongst others are: - Power steering - Air hydraulic brakes - Safety and operating efficiency - Spacious cabin

Induction of such a model in Pakistani market is tantamount to importing latest Japanese technology to the Pakistani automobile industry for the overall development of the industrial sector. Besides such concrete contributions towards the development of automobile industry, Ghandhara is also involved in technical up grading schemes in the field of after sales service. The Company has designed a programme, emphasising improvement of the technical skills of road side garages, mainly in the big cities of Pakistan. Implementation of this programme will be advantageous in two areas: (i) Improved after sales service to

customers/fleet owners (ii) Improvement in quality of life for the

people linked with Ghandhara Nissan's

Customer Service Programme.
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Date:Apr 1, 1990
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