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Colored contact lenses decrease peripheral vision.

Colored Contact Lenses Decrease Peripheral vision

Colored contact lenses are gaining popularity and are even being purchased by people with normal vision for cosmetic purposes. But in some cases, the lenses have been reported to make vision blurred and hazy, and a recent study has confirmed that the lenses do interfere with peripheral vision. Michael S. Insler, M.D., of the Louisiana State University Medical Center School of Medicine, New Orleans, and colleagues tested changes in visual field perception on 10 patients with normal vision and healthy eyes who wore a recently introduced colored contact lens.

According to the researchers, all but one of the 10 lens wearers experienced decreased peripheral vision, ranging from five to 20 degrees. The researchers said that field loss greater than 10 degrees is considered "substantial." They suggested that the problem was caused by the placement of opaque colored dots in the periphery of the lens. Although they maintained that their experience with soft colored contacts "has generally been favorable," the researchers cautioned that colored contact lenses should be fitted so that lens movement is at a minimum, allowing the pigmented portion of the contact to rest directly over the wearer's iris, and said that "patients should be warned of the possible constriction in the visual field."
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Publication:Nutrition Health Review
Date:Jun 22, 1989
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