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Cold storage industry in Jakarta and surrounding area.


Business in cold storage service offering place to keep goods fresh serves to support a number of business in other sectors such as food processing Food processing is the set of methods and techniques used to transform raw ingredients into food for consumption by humans or animals. The food processing industry utilises these processes.  industry, fishery industry, retail chains, restaurant chains The following is a list of restaurant chains.

See also: Fast-food restaurant, Casual dining, List of reference tables. International

  • Bennigan's
  • Burger King
  • Charley's Grilled Subs
  • Domino's Pizza
  • Hard Rock Cafe
 and importers of meat, etc. Cold storage facilities are generally part of an integrated business but there are also ones operating as independent units for rent.

The Greater Jakarta Jakarta or Djakarta (both: jəkär`tə, jäkär`tä), city and special district (1990 pop. 8,227,746), capital and largest city of Indonesia, NW Java, at the mouth of the canalized Ciliwung River, on Jakarta  area has around 40 cold storage companies. Some 28 of them have a total capacity of 75,056 tons.

Demand for cold storage facility could be estimated from the consumption of meat, fruits, vegetables, frozen potatoes, fish, shrimps, etc. In the Greater Jakarta areas. Consumption of the food products in the Greater Jakarta area in 2009 totaled around 441,000 tons/month with 25.8% or 114,000 tons of which needing cold storage. Realization, however, is that only 73,800 tons of them used cold storage facility that year including 9,600 tons of beef, 25,600 tons of fresh fish/frozen shrimps, 9,473 tons of fruits, 5,985 tons of vegetables, 2,364 tons of frozen potatoes and other fresh products. The demand estimate is based on assumption that only 80% of imported meats in the Greater Jakarta area need cold storage facility for 30 days before they are sent to the end. Based on the assumption, 9,600 tons of the total consumption of 12,000 tons of meat in the Greater Jakarta area are put in cold storage for 30 days.

Demand for cold storage service has increased in the past several years to follow the expansion of retail business in the Greater Jakarta area. Most retail chains have outlets located in various areas that they need standard stock at each outlet for which they will need cold storage to keep their stock in good quality.

However, not all of the chain stores have enough cold storage rooms to hold their goods especially food products including frozen food, beverages, ice cream, fruits, meat, fish, etc. With the limited capacity of their cold storage, some of the stores have to rent a space in the cold storage facility of other companies mainly logistic lo·gis·tic   also lo·gis·ti·cal
1. Of or relating to symbolic logic.

2. Of or relating to logistics.

[Medieval Latin logisticus, of calculation

Most cold storage service companies in the Greater Jakarta are located in areas having adequate infrastructure and transport facility with easy access to toll roads The following is a list of toll roads. Toll roads are roads on which a toll authority collects a fee for use. This list also contains toll bridges and toll tunnels. Lists of these subsets of toll roads can be found in List of toll bridges and List of toll tunnels.  to guarantee smooth distribution to consumers. The main locations of cold storage in the Greater Jakarta are North Jakarta North Jakarta (Indonesian: Jakarta Utara) is a city (kota) of Jakarta, Indonesia. It has an area of 154.11 km². The current mayor is Effendi Anas. , West Jakarta West Jakarta (Indonesian: Jakarta Barat) is a city (kota) in Jakarta, Indonesia.

West Jakarta is bounded by North Jakarta to the north, Central Jakarta to the east, South Jakarta to the south, and Tangerang to the west.
 and Bekasi This article is about Bekasi city. For Bekasi Regency, see Bekasi Regency.
Bekasi is a growing city in Indonesia, located in the east of Jakarta in the Jabotabek region. As a sub-province (kabupaten) , Bekasi is located in the West Java province.

Types of cold storage

Cold storage facilities are designed to have a certain temperature for the storage of various types of goods to keep them fresh and prevent them from damage.

Refrigerators consist of four type's chilled chill  
1. A moderate but penetrating coldness.

2. A sensation of coldness, often accompanied by shivering and pallor of the skin.

 room, freezer room, blast freezer, and blast chiller chill·er  
1. One that chills.

2. A frightening story, especially one involving violence, evil, or the supernatural; a thriller.



Chilled Room is a refrigerator with low temperature of 1 ~ 7 deg Deg degeneration.

deg or deg.
 C. This room is used for the storage of fresh food, such as vegetables, fruits and other materials with an endurance Endurance
See also Longevity.


feminine name denotes power of endurance. [Gk. Myth.: Jobes, 148]

Boston marathon

famous 26-mile race held annually for long-distance runners. [Am. Pop. Culture: Misc.
 of up to two months.

Chilled room could function as a thawing room for food processing industry used to increase the temperature of meat, chicken meat and fish after being frozen under a temperature of 7 to 10 deg C, before the process of cooking.

Freezer Room has a temperature of between -15[degrees]C ~ -20[degrees]C used for warehouse of fish, meat, sausage sausage, food consisting of finely chopped meat mixed with seasonings and, often, other ingredients, all encased in a thin membrane. Although sausages were made by the ancient Greeks and Romans, they were usually plain and unspiced; in the Middle Ages people began to , milk, cheese, potato and all types of foodstuff and other materials and other materials needed in freezing temperature.

Blast Chiller is used for fast refrigeration refrigeration, process for drawing heat from substances to lower their temperature, often for purposes of preservation. Refrigeration in its modern, portable form also depends on insulating materials that are thin yet effective.  after the process of cooking with temperature targets of 1[degrees]C to 4[degrees]C.

Blast Freezer is used for fast freezing for processed foods and meat, fish and shrimp. The temperature targets are -20[degrees]C ~ -25[degrees]C.

Blast Chiller and blast freezer are used to:

1. Prevent contamination by bacteria.

2. Maintain the taste of foods

3. Prevent reduction of water content

4. Maintaining nutritional content

Meanwhile, by the capacity of refrigerator machine, there are two types of cold storage facilities commercial and industrial cold storage facilities.

Commercial cold storage facilities are generally designed and built for rent or main facility of business activities such as logistics and supply chain management.

Design include configuration of machines and storage system (racking) made flexible to suit the flows of goods. Machines of commercial cold storage are generally smaller in capacity but larger in number that could operated flexibly.

Examples of commercial cold storage facilities are those used for the storage of meat, fish, and vegetables at supermarkets and hypermarkets. The capacity of commercial cold storage in Indonesia Indonesia (ĭn'dənē`zhə), officially Republic of Indonesia, republic (2005 est. pop. 241,974,000), c.735,000 sq mi (1,903,650 sq km), SE Asia, in the Malay Archipelago.  is generally below 500 tons.

Industrial cold storage facilities generally function as part of production facilities. The configuration of machine and facilities are like racking system. The capacity of industrial cold storage facilities in Indonesia is generally larger than 500 tons.

Lately there are companies operating commercial cold storage facilities in large scale fully for rent. In addition, there are industrial cold storage facilities changing function into commercial cold storage facilities with the largest part of their space is rented out such as that of PT. Bonecom (BOSCO This article is about the Irish children's TV character. For the Warner Brothers cartoon character, see Bosko. For other uses, see Bosco (disambiguation).
Bosco is an Irish children's television programme produced during the late 1970s and early 1980s.
). In the beginning the entire capacity of cold storage facility of BOSCO was for own use of the company to support its shrimp export business. Later, however, when shrimp business was on the decline the space of its cold storage facility was rented out to other companies.

Products needing cold storage facility

Cold storage facilities are used for the storage of various products like meat, fish, vegetables, fruits and cooked foods, etc.

Those products have different characteristics and need different conditions in temperature and humidity humidity, moisture content of the atmosphere, a primary element of climate. Humidity measurements include absolute humidity, the mass of water vapor per unit volume of natural air; relative humidity (usually meant when the term humidity .

The supply of cold storage in Indonesia

Generally cold storage are used to keep food products such as meat, fish, fruits, vegetables and food basic materials, fresh under freezing temperature or to prevent them from damage.

Many companies, however, do not have own cold storage as it will need large investment. They choose to rent that facility or cooperate with cold storage companies rather than buying one.

Business model of Cold storage companies in Indonesia

Based on business purposes in the Greater Jakarta area there are:

a. Cold Storage for own use (integrated with other business)

b. Cold Storage entirely for rent

Cold storage for own use

Some companies have the cold storage facility for their own use. The facility is integrated with other business of the owning company serving to support operation of the core business.

The main function of cold storage facility is to keep goods in stock for short or longer time. The owning company handles the job of keeping in cold storage or distributing and sending the goods later.

Cold storage having such functions is owned by companies operating in ice cream industry, exporters of fish and other sea food products, importers of meat, importers of fruits, vegetables and other fresh food products.

Sometimes, however, the companies rent part of the space in their cold storage facility to other companies having similar core business or products.

Examples of integrated cold storage those of PT. Samudra For the kingdom, see .
Samudra is a Sanskrit term for "ocean", literally the "gathering together of waters" (saṃ- meaning "together" and -udra meaning "water.
 Dharma dharma (där`mə). In Hinduism, dharma is the doctrine of the religious and moral rights and duties of each individual; it generally refers to religious duty, but may also mean social order, right conduct, or simply virtue.  Fishing, which operates in the exports of sea fish products and PT. Unilever Unilever

Either of two linked companies, Unilever PLC (based in London) and Unilever NV (based in Rotterdam). They are the holding companies for more than 500 firms worldwide that manufacture and sell soaps, foods, and other products.
, which produces Wall's ice cream

Cold storage for rent

Lately cold storage rental business begins to flourish in the Greater Jakarta area. There are two types of companies operating in cold storage rental business:

- Logistics and distribution companies, and

- Companies specially renting out cold storage

Companies specially renting out cold storage

The need to rent cold storage began when a number of large scale food manufacturing companies have cold storage with limited capacity or have no such facility for their products that have to be kept in cold storage before being processed or distributed. Such companies, therefore, have to rent cold storage.

In the beginning most cold storage rental companies served only certain main customers, but later they offered their service to various other customers. Generally such rental companies have small size cold storage but larger in number.

There are also cold storage companies which have changed their functions. In the beginning they had cold storage for own use such as for shrimp exports, but when the shrimp business declined they offer the service of their cold storage to other users.

The rental fee is set per square meter Noun 1. square meter - a centare is 1/100th of an are
centare, square metre

area unit, square measure - a system of units used to measure areas
 space per month. The companies that use the rental service are entirely responsible for all activities from the keeping of products in the cold storage to sending then out.

Most products kept in rented cold storage are manufactured food products such as frozen food, fruits, vegetables, etc.

The main users of rented cold storage are producers of manufactured food products, importers of frozen food, importers of meat, importers of fruits, etc.

Logistics and distribution companies renting out cold storage

In the past several years' cold storage business is operated more professionally by logistics or distribution companies.

Logistics service companies build their dry storage facilities and cold storage facilities entirely for rent. Operations of the two facilities become the core business of the companies. A logistics company handles everything from the transport of products from their original place to the cold storage and distribution from the storage facility to the final destination based on the request of the clients.

Indonesia has few logistic companies, which have own cold storage facility, serving also as distribution centre. Large logistic companies which also serve as distribution centre include PT. YCH YCH Yan Chai Hospital , PT. Sukanda Djaya and PT. Wira Logitama Saksama. Logistic company DHL DHL
1. Doctor of Hebrew Letters

2. Doctor of Hebrew Literature
 also begins to offer cold storage service by building own cold storage.

There are also logistic service companies which operate only in renting out space in their cold storage. The entire activities of storage and distribution of their products are handled by the renter.

Many logistics companies which have cold storage facility were established by their parent companies to serve as distribution companies the products of the parent companies. Distribution companies having large cold storage facility later expanded business to serve distribution of products of other companies. Among such companies are PT. Sukanda Djaya (SD) and PT. Wira Logitama Saksama (Wira Logistics). Cold storage facility owned by PT. Sukanda Djaya was originally built to keep in storage ice cream produced by its parent company PT. Diamond Ice Cream. As the cold storage facility has excess space PT. Sukanda Djaya rents out the space to other users.

Currently several large restaurant chains such as Kentucky Kentucky, state, United States
Kentucky (kəntŭk`ē, kĭn–), one of the so-called border states of the S central United States. It is bordered by West Virginia and Virginia (E); Tennessee (S); the Mississippi R.
 Fried Chicken Fried chicken is chicken which is dipped in a breading mixture and then deep fried, pan fried or pressure fried. The breading seals in the juices but also absorbs the fat of the fryer, which is sometimes seen as unhealthy. , Pizza Hut and A & W rent space at the cold storage of PT. Sukanda Djaya. Their goods include ice cream, potatoes and frozen chicken meat. Currently PT. Sukanda Djaya is the largest operator of cold storage having a number of cold storage facilities in Indonesia.

Cold storage facilities of Wira Logitama Saksama were established to support the operation of its parent company PT. Wicaksana Overseas International, which is a large distribution and whole sale company with products including foods and beverages. As a logistic company Wira Logitama Saksama serves not only members of its company group but also other customers that need cold storage and logistic services.

Number of cold storage facilities and their production capacities

Cold storage companies in Indonesia generally began business as an exporter of fishery products. This business expanded rapidly in the 1990s' but declined in the following years.

According to according to
1. As stated or indicated by; on the authority of: according to historians.

2. In keeping with: according to instructions.

 the association of Cold Storage Indonesia (APCI APCI Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Ionization
APCI Air Products & Chemicals, Inc.
APCI Association of Professional Color Imagers
APCI Advisory Panel on Country Information (UK)
APCI Applied Personal Computing, Inc.
) which deals with fishery companies and exporters of fish and shrimps, around 50% of 94 cold storage companies in Indonesia have stopped operation since 2004. Most of the cold storage facilities were owned by fishery companies and exporters of fish and shrimp. They could not continue operation on weak competitiveness of Indonesian shrimps in international markets. Thailand Thailand (tī`lănd, –lənd), Thai Prathet Thai [land of the free], officially Kingdom of Thailand, constitutional monarchy (2005 est. pop. 65,444,000), 198,455 sq mi (514,000 sq km), Southeast Asia.  and China have strengthened their domination domination

the relationship between animals and humans in which little consideration is given to the rights of the animals. The prevailing sentiment is one of proprietary domination.
 of the international markets.

Local products of shrimps are inferior INFERIOR. One who in relation to another has less power and is below him; one who is bound to obey another. He who makes the law is the superior; he who is bound to obey it, the inferior. 1 Bouv. Inst. n. 8.  in quality facing shrimps from rival producer like Thailand and China. Indonesia shrimps are less competitive not only in quality but also in price because of the soaring soaring: see flight; glider.
 or gliding

Sport of flying a glider or sailplane. The craft is towed behind a powered airplane to an altitude of about 2,000 ft (600 m) and then released.
 prices of feed.

Since 2004, many fishery companies have moved from Jakarta to Surabaya Surabaya, Surabaja, or Soerabaja (srəbī`ə, Du. s , East Java East Java (Indonesian: Jawa Timur) is a province of Indonesia. It is located on the eastern part of the island of Java and also includes neighboring Madura and Bawean islands. , where they could be more integrated with the sources of fish and shrimps. For the same reason APCI has moved its office to Surabaya, East Java, where there are still many or around 30-40 fishery companies in operation.

In the past several years fishery industry began to grow in Jakarta after the United States United States, officially United States of America, republic (2005 est. pop. 295,734,000), 3,539,227 sq mi (9,166,598 sq km), North America. The United States is the world's third largest country in population and the fourth largest country in area. , the largest shrimp market in then world imposed import restriction of shrimp from rival producers including China. A number of cold storage facilities such as that of PT. AGB AGB Game Boy Advance
AGB Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen (German: General terms and conditions / Standard business conditions)
AGB Ice Breaker (USCG)
AGB Asymptotic Giant Branch
 Tuna located at Muara Angke, have been busy handling the storage of fish/shrimps for exports and local market. Many cold storage facilities which have been left idles for several years began to show brisk Brisk as a proper name may refer to:
  • Brest, Belarus (Brest-Litovsk) Brisk (בריסק) is the city's name in Yiddish
  • The Brisk yeshivas and methods, a school of Jewish thought originated by the Soloveitchik family of Brest.

Jakarta is not only the center of state administration but also the largest economic and business center in the country offering great opportunity for cold storage business to grow faster.

According to data at the Association of Indonesian Freezing Chain (ARPI), there were 92 cold storage companies in the country in 2004.

A field research carried out by Data Consult shows there are 40 cold storage companies in the Greater Jakarta areas Jakarta, Bogor Bogor (bō`gôr), formerly Buitenzorg (boi`tənzôrkh) [Du.,=free from care], city (1990 pop. 271,341), W Java, Indonesia. , Tangerang For the regency of the same name, see .
Tangerang is a city in Banten, Indonesia. It is located about 20 km west of Jakarta. It is the second largest urban center in the Jabotabek region after Jakarta. It has an area of 164.54 km² and population of 1,487,000 (2003).
 and Bekasi and 26 of the companies have large capacity totaling 75,056 tons.

The companies include food processing companies and meat importers, slaughterhouses, fishery and shrimp companies, ice cream producers, importers of fruits and retailer networks.

Among the owners of cold storage facilities, 11 are independent operators of cold storage facilities renting out part or the entire space in their cold storage with a total capacity of 62,285 tons, and total space of 41,376 sq.m.

The largest in capacity among the 11 companies is PT. Sukanda Jaya Jaya (born Maria Luisa Ramsey on March 21, 1970, in Manila, Philippines) is a Filipino pop singer with African American ancestry. Biography
She is known in the Philippines as the Queen of Soul.
, which has a capacity of 45,000 tons, followed by PT. Bonecom Servistama Compindo (Bosco) with a capacity of 6,000 tons; and PT. Wirontono Cold Storage & Industry with a capacity of 3,840 tons.

Geographic distribution of cold storage in Greater Jakarta and surrounding sur·round  
tr.v. sur·round·ed, sur·round·ing, sur·rounds
1. To extend on all sides of simultaneously; encircle.

2. To enclose or confine on all sides so as to bar escape or outside communication.


The Greater Jakarta area is the largest economic and business center in the country. The growing business in Jakarta requires larger cold storage facilities.

The Greater Jakarta areas could be divided into four regions--Northern, Eastern, Southern and Western regions. Cold storage business is the main supporting business for food processing and fishery industries, retailer network, restaurant chains, importers of meat, etc.

Modern retail business has grown fast in Jakarta and its satellite cities. The retail companies have outlets in various locations in the cities. Therefore, they need cold storage services.

Some of the retail companies have cold storage with limited space not enough to freeze their products of food, fruits, meat, fish, etc. They were forced to rent space in cold storage facilities owned by logistics companies.

The cold storage facilities are generally located in strategic areas having enough infrastructure facilities with good access to toll roads.

Most of the cold storage facilities for frozen food, meat, fish, fruits and vegetables, are located in Northern region of Jakarta including Ancol, Sunter, Muara Baru This article is about the mekosuchine crocodylian. For other uses, see Baru (disambiguation).

Baru was an extinct genus of Australian mekosuchine crocodylian. It was semi-aquatic, around 4 m (13 ft) in length.
, Muara Karang Mount Karang or Gunung Karang is a volcano at the western most end of Java, Indonesia.

See also
  • List of volcanoes in Indonesia
Whitten, T; Soeriaatmadja, R. E., Suraya A. A.
 and Pademangan Pademangan is a subdistrict of North Jakarta, Indonesia.

The subdistrict is divided into 3 administrative villages (kelurahan): West Pademangan, East Pademangan, and Ancol.
. In that region, there are 7 cold storage companies

The location in the northern side of the city is strategic being close to the country's largest port Tanjung Priok Tanjung Priok (also Tandjung Priok) is a subdistrict of North Jakarta, Indonesia. It hosts the city's main harbour of the same name. The port, Indonesia's busiest, is managed by national port company PT Pelindo. , making is easier in the shipments and loading and unloading Unloading

Selling securities or commodities whose prices are dropping to minimize loss.
. That area is also linked with the Cawang-Tanjung Priok toll road and Tanjung Priok--Pluit toll road that cold storage companies in this area will gain in cheaper transport cost.

The western region such as Muara Angke, is close to the fish auction center, and places selling fresh sea fishes. Interaction with fish traders and exports is brisker. Muara Angke also is strategic in location being close access road to Pluit Pluit is an administrative village (kelurahan) of Penjaringan, North Jakarta that is predominantly residential. Most of the inhabitants are of Chinese ethnic from Medan who also run many Hokkien restaurants in nearby Muara Karang.  toll road leading to Jakarta's Soekarno Hatta airport and to the Jakarta city center.

The cold storage warehouses are located area eastern region mainly in Cibitung where three largest logistics service companies in the country are located. Among the cold storage warehouses are owned by retailer company Superindo.

The Cibitung industrial zone is facilitated with good transport access. In the industrial estate of MM2100 Cibitung there are two logistics companies PT. Wira Logitama Saksama and PT. Sukanda Jaya. There is also PT. YCH in Cibitung outside the industrial estate.

The three logistics companies chose the location in Cibitung, as Cibitung offer ample space for office, warehouses and parking area close to toll road. Transport between Cibitung and Jakarta city center is facilitated with the Jakarta--Cikampek toll road.

Cold storage companies located in northern area include PT. Bosco, PT. Wirontonso Cold Storage & Industry, PT. Pluit Cold Storage, etc.

In western part of the area there are PT. AGB Tuna which offers cold storage facility for fish and shrimp products.

The earner area mainly Cibitung has the country's largest logistics companies including YCH, PT. Wira Logitama Saksama and PT. Sukanda Jaya The dry warehouses and cold storage of YCH are located in Cibitung outside industrial estate. PT. Wira Logitama Saksama is located in the Industrial Estates of MM 2100 close to PT. Sukanda Jaya.

The two logistics companies chose Cibitung because of the ample areas provided for office, parking and warehouse facilities etc.

Major players

PT. Sukanda Djaya

PT. Sukanda Djaya (SD) is one of the largest refrigerated re·frig·er·ate  
tr.v. re·frig·er·at·ed, re·frig·er·at·ing, re·frig·er·ates
1. To cool or chill (a substance).

2. To preserve (food) by chilling.
 food distribution companies in Indonesia. It is the only refrigerated food distribution company that operates on a national level. The company was established in 1978 and is wholly owned by PT. Diamond Cold Storage (DCS (1) See also DSC.

(2) Digital Cross-connect System) A network switching and grooming device used by telecom carriers. See digital cross-connect.
), the largest ice cream producer in Indonesia.

Part of ice cream production of PT. Diamond Cold Storage is kept in its own cold storage but the largest part is kept in the cold storage owned by PT. Sukanda Djaya.

PT. Sukanda Djaya also offers space of its cold storage to other companies. Currently its customers include a number of large restaurants in the Greater Jakarta area such as Pizza Hut, Mc Donald Donald (Domnall, Domhnall, Dumhnuil, Dónall) is an anglicized version of a Scottish or Irish Gaelic personal name, containing the elements dumno "world" and val "rule", viz. "ruler of the world". Compare Dumnorix. , Sizzler siz·zler  
1. One that sizzles.

2. Informal A very hot day.
 and A&W. They rent a space in the cold storage of PT. Sukanda Djaya for their frozen products including meat, chicken, potato and spices and other food flavors for restaurants. PT. Sukanda Djaya handles all work of distribution from the cold storage to all outlets of restaurants in Java.

The warehouse of PT. Sukanda Djaya located in Cibitung, is one of the largest cold storage warehouses in Indonesia. The warehouse of PT. Sukanda Djaya has a space of 14,000 sq.m with a cold storage capacity of 45,000 tons. Its has a fleet of 100 trucks to support its operation. It has 10 forklifts for handling activities in the warehouse.

PT. Sukanda Djaya has a number of branches of distribution centre located in various areas including Denpasar Denpasar is the capital city of the province of Bali, Indonesia. It is also the site of Ngurah Rai Airport, the main gateway to Bali. It has a population of 491,500 (2002). It is located at .  (Bali Bali (bä`lē), island and (with two offshore islets) province (1990 pop. 2,777,356), c.2,200 sq mi (5,700 sq km), E Indonesia, westernmost of the Lesser Sundas, just E of Java across the narrow Bali Strait. The capital is Denpasar. ), Surabaya (East Java) and Bandung Bandung or Bandoeng (both: bän`dng), city (1990 pop. 2,058,122), capital of Java Barat prov., W Java, Indonesia, near the Tangkuban Prahu volcano.  (West Java), and Balikpapan Balikpapan (bä`lēkpä`pän), city (1990 pop. 344,405), E Borneo (Kalimantan), Indonesia, on an inlet of Makasar Strait. An important seaport and oil center with refineries, it is connected by pipeline with the oil fields of Samarinda.  (East Kalimantan East Kalimantan (Indonesian: Kalimantan Timur abbrv. Kaltim) is Indonesian province on the east of Borneo island. The resource-rich province has two major cities, Samarinda (the capital and a center for timber product) and Balikpapan (a petroleum center with oil ).

PT. Bonecom Servistama Compindo (BOSCO)

Bosco was established in 1989. It is one of the country's largest cold storage companies. Bosco operates cold storage for fishery products including shrimp of its company group. When shrimp business was on the decline most of the space in its cold storage was rented out to other companies to keep meat, fish, chicken, and instant food products and frozen foods.

Currently, Bosco cold storage warehouse with space of 8,750 sq.m located in Muara Baru, North Jakarta. Bosco has three units of cold storage with a total capacity 6,000 tons.

The facility in the warehouse of Bosco include platform (special room) with a temperature of 5 [degrees]C. The Platform allows the customers of Bosco to see the process of storing their products at Cold Storage. Currently PT. Bosco operates 14 loading docks to speed up the process of loading and unloading in the warehouse.

Bosco has a transport fleet of refrigerated lorries with a capacity of 2 tons, 4 tons, and 20 tons.

So far Bosco serves only customers in the Greater Jakarta area and Bandung. It hopes to expand its capacity to expand its service market to other large cities in the country.

Among the customers of Bosco are meat processing industry and large restaurants including PT. Japfa Comfeed, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Haagen-Dazs, Delfi Chocolate, Japfa Seafood (So Good), Gelare Ice Cream, etc.

PT. Yap Cwe Hok HOK House of Krazees (band)
HOK Hellmuth, Obata + Kassabaum, Inc.
HOK House of Keys
HOK Hærens Operative Komando (DK) 
 Indonesia (YCH)

YCH Group was established in 1955 in Singapore Singapore (sĭng`gəpôr, sĭng`ə–, sĭng'gəpôr`), officially Republic of Singapore, republic (2005 est. pop. 4,426,000), 240 sq mi (625 sq km). . It operated integrated business as end-to-end supply chain management and logistics partner for a number of multinational companies as producers of hi-tech/electronics, chemicals and manufactured consumer products.

YCH has a total area of 15 hectares in Cibitung but currently it has used only 6 hectares. Its cold storage facility occupies a land plot of 8,000 sq.m. YCH has 4 units cold storage with a total capacity 2,000 tons.

Currently the dry storage of YCCH is rented by PT. Danone Indonesia and PT. Frisian Flag 'Frisian Flag' can refer to:
  • Any Frisian flag, specifically the modern flag of the Dutch province Fryslân/Friesland
:See Frisian Flag
 (milk producer).

The entire cold storage facilities of YCH are rented by PT. Matahari Putra Prima, which operates Hypermart (hypermarket hy·per·mar·ket  
A very large commercial establishment that is a combination of a department store and a supermarket.


a huge self-service store [translation of French
) and Foodmart (supermarket). Products kept in the cold storage include fruits, syrup syrup /syr·up/ (sir´up) a concentrated solution of a sugar, such as sucrose, in water or other aqueous liquid, sometimes with a medicinal agent added; usually used as a flavored vehicle for drugs. , cake, chocolate, frozen foods, etc.

According to plan, YCH will expand its warehouse area with an additional 4 ha and its cold storage is to be expanded from 8,000 sq.m to 20,000 sq.m next year.

PT. Wira Logitama Saksama

PT. Wira Logitama Saksama (Wira Logistic) was established in 1995, and started commercial operation in 1997 as a logistics company. Its warehouse is located in the Industrial Estates of MM2100 Cibitung occupying a land plot of 6.2 ha. PT. Wira Logitama Saksama operates dry storage with a capacity of 66,000 tons and cold storage with a capacity of 1,600 tons.

In the beginning PT. Wira Logitama Saksama handles the storage and distribution of all milk products of its parent company PT. Wicaksana Overseas International. PT Wicaksana Overseas International established in 1964 is a large company operating in production and distribution of consumer goods consumer goods

Any tangible commodity purchased by households to satisfy their wants and needs. Consumer goods may be durable or nondurable. Durable goods (e.g., autos, furniture, and appliances) have a significant life span, often defined as three years or more, and
 and food products. PT. Wira Logitama Saksama also offers logistics service for other companies.

PT. Wira Logitama Saksama core business is warehouse and logistic services and supply chain management and distribution service center for producers, distributors wholesalers and large retailers. In April 1998, PT. Wira Logitama Saksama received the certificate of Pinnacle pinnacle (pĭn`ĭkəl), minor architectural motif of vertical tapering shape, usually crowning a pier, buttress, or gable. Although sometimes it appears in Renaissance design, as in the Certosa di Pavia, it is almost exclusively a medieval  Award for GMP GMP (guanosine monophosphate): see guanine.  and Multinational Quality Guarantee with international standard.

PT. Wira Logitama Saksama also offer consultancy service and serves order management. PT. Wira Logitama Saksama operates warehouse of its clients.

PT. West Side Agritama

PT. West Side Agritama (WSA) was established in 1997. This company rents out cold storage space for fresh and frozen food products WSA serves cold storage warehouse system and distribution, from storage to shipment of goods to customers.

WSA has three units of cold storage ante room, chiller room and freezer room with temperature controlled to suit the customers. The temperatures of cold storage range from -20 degrees C to 8 degrees C.

WSA offers Fully Refrigerated service with loading and unloading quay QUAY, estates. A wharf at which to load or land goods, sometimes spelled key.
     2. In its enlarged sense the word quay, means the whole space between the first row of houses of a city, and the sea or river 5 L. R. 152, 215.
. WSA service business includes:

* Refrigeration of all frozen products and chilled food Chilled foods are prepared foods stored at refrigeration temperatures (at or below 8°C). They have been available in the United Kingdom and many other industrialised countries since the 1960s.  products

* Cold storage to as low in temperature to -20 C.

* Chilled storage for 4 degrees C.

* Ambient Surrounding. For example, ambient temperature and humidity are atmospheric conditions that exist at the moment. See ambient lighting.  + 18 degrees C.

* Ante room + 5 degrees C.

* Loading /unloading of 20 feet and 40 feet containers.

* Order picking--pallets and cartoon cartoon [Ital., cartone=paper], either of two types of drawings: in the fine arts, a preliminary sketch for a more complete work; in journalism, a humorous or satirical drawing.  box.

* Sheet slip.

* Rotation of goods stocks.

* Inventorying goods stocks (cycle and periodically).

* Rotation of goods based on system of (FIFO (First In First Out) A storage method that retrieves the item stored for the longest time. Contrast with LIFO. See traffic engineering methods.

FIFO - first-in first-out
 / LIFO (Last In-First Out) A queueing method in which the next item to be retrieved is the item most recently placed in the queue. Contrast with FIFO.

LIFO - stack
) or request of the customers.

The cold storage warehouse of WSA in Jakarta has easy access to the country's largest port of Tanjung Priok and Soekarno Hatta International Airport. WSA has a fleet of vehicles including refrigerated trucks to facilitate distribution of goods to customers. All refrigerated trucks are equipped with device to monitor the temperature integrated in VDO VDO Vereinigte DEUTA-Ota (Villingen, Germany; gauge manufacturer founded 1929)
VDO Varus Derotation Osteotomy
VDO Very Distant Object(s)
VDO Voltage Drop-Out
VDO Video Data Organization
 and GPS.

WSA's fleet includes 8 unit- ton of Multi-temperature Rigid Trucks, 4 unit-ton of Multi-temperature Rigid Trucks, 2 unit-ton of Multi-temperature Rigid Trucks, 48 unit-foot of Dry Tractor-Trailers, 40 unit-foot of Multi-temperature Tractor-Trailers and 40 unit-foot of Flatbed Tractor-Trailers.

WSA also has 3 distribution centers--in Jakarta (Pulogadung), Surabaya (Margomulyo) dan Bali (Denpasar)

Among the customers of WSA are Mc Donald, and instant food restaurants with 86 outlets in the Greater Jakarta area. Stocks of goods of Mc. Donald kept in the warehouse of WSA include potato, chicken and meat. Distribution to all outlets of Mc Donald in Indonesia is handled by WSA.

PT. AGB Ice & Fisheries

PT. AGB Ice & Fisheries was established in 2004 as a foreign investment (PMA PMA (papillary-marginal-attached),
n a system of epidemiologic scoring of periodontal disease devised by Schour and Massler in which the symbols denote the areas involved in gingival inflammation.

PMA Progressive muscular atrophy
) company from South Korea The company operates a fish exporter and producer of frozen fish and processed fish products. AGB has a processing factory and warehouse occupying a land plot of 4,130 sq.m, with building floor space of 1,911 sq.m all cost an investment of US$ 3 million.

This company processes various types of fish collected from fishermen such as layur, squids, cuttlefish cuttlefish, common name applied to cephalopod mollusks that have 10 tentacles, or arms, 8 of which have muscular suction cups on their inner surface and 2 that are longer and can shoot out for grasping prey, and a reduced internal shell enbedded in the enveloping , ray-fish and crabs Crabs
An informal or slang term for pubic lice.

Mentioned in: Lice Infestation

crabs Pubic lice, see there
. AGB also produces ice bars for fish freezing with a production capacity of 6,000 bars or around 300 tons per day. Its frozen fish is exported to various countries including Korea and Japan.

AGB has business renting out cold storage facility to other companies and serving processing and storage of frozen fish of other companies AGB has two units of cold storage with a capacity of 150 tons each. It also has a unit of Air-blast freezer (ABF) facility with a capacity of 5 tons and one Contact Freezer currently not yet put into operation.

PT. AGB Tuna

PT. AGB Tuna is a PMA company owned by Korean investors. AGB Tuna (AGBT AGBT Amazing Grace Baptist Temple (Millersburg, OH) ) operates in business of renting out cold storage. AGBT has a 7,000 sq.m. warehouse in Muara Angke, West Jakarta. AGBT has 3 units of cold storage with a total capacity of 1,500 tons and one unit of ABF (Air Blast Freezer) with a capacity of 9 tons. The ABF has a temperature of -40 degrees functioning to freeze fish/shrimp in 10 hours.

The main products kept the cold storage of AGBT are fish, shrimp and ice cream. AGBT sets the rental tariff tariff, tax on imported and, more rarely, exported goods. It is also called a customs duty. Tariffs may be distinguished from other taxes in that their predominant purpose is not financial but economic—not to increase a nation's revenue but to protect domestic  of Rp216 million per year under contract of at least 1 year. AGBT also offers non contract storage service with a tariff of Rp27million per month. Currently, however, the company does not rent out its cold storage facilities under contract, but it offers only storage service. The company plans to concentrate on business of exporting fish and shrimp, and using its cold storage facility mainly for its own use.

Currently its cold storage is full of products under storage system from customers. Some of the customers operate in the fishery sectors such as PT. Yanagi, PT. Starfood Indonesia, etc. One of its cold storage is entirely used by PT. Korinhub, an importers of the Cpre ice cream from South Korea sold to restaurants and hotels in the Greater Jakarta area.

Demand for cold storage in Indonesia

Identification of main users

The main users of cold storage service could be put in two groups manufacturing and trading companies that need cold storage with temperature that could be set. The chiller room is set at a temperature of 2-8 degree Celsius Cel·si·us
adj. Abbr. C
Of or relating to a temperature scale that registers the freezing point of water as 0° and the boiling point as 100° under normal atmospheric pressure.
, and freezer room with a temperature of -18 to -20 degrees Celsius.

Cold storage is used to keep the quality, shape and taste of fresh food products and processed food products such as meat and seafood.

The first group are manufacturing companies producing fresh food products and basic materials of processed foods. They include food processing companies, fish processing In fishing industry, fish processing or fish products industry refers to processing fish delivered by fisheries, which are the supplier of the fish products industry.  companies and ice cream producers.

The second groups are trading companies selling fresh food and frozen food products. They include large retail companies, restaurants, importers of fruits and importers of meat.

Large retail companies

In the past decade the tentacles of world retail giants have reached the Greater Jakarta area. he retail business dominated by PMA ahs flourished with 152 outlets in the Greater Jakarta area.

Modern retailer include hypermarkets and supermarket/department stores. According to the classification of the trade ministry, a supermarket has a floor space of at least 600 m2 and mini-market or convenience store at least 140 m2, and hypermarket is larger than supermarket.

Among the hypermarkets are Carrefour with 34 outlets in the Greater Jakarta area Giant with 7 outlets, Hypermart 7 outlets and Makro 6 outlets. Those classified as supermarket include Hero with 49 outlets, Superindo 28 outlets, Alfa 20 outlets and Foodmart 7 outlets.

Currently retail companies having own cold storage warehouse for own use are Superindo with cold storage warehouse in Cibitung, having a floor space of 1,200.sq.m and a capacity of 500 tons; Carrefour with cold storage in Pondok pondok or pondokkie

(in southern Africa) a crudely made house or shack [Malay pondók leaf house]
 Ungu, Bekasi and Giant together with Hero in the same company group with cold storage house in Cibitung.

Hypermart and Foodmart both under the Group of Matahari Putra Prima have no cold storage warehouse. Currently Hypermart rents cold storage warehouse of PT. YCH in Cibitung. The warehouse with a floor space of 8,000 sq.m and a capacity of 2,000 tons is wholly rented by Hypermart. The entire activities of storage and distribution of products to Hypermart & Foodmart outlets in Java are handled by PT. Matahari Putra Prima. PT. YCH provides only the facility renting out the space in its cold storage and take care of its maintenance.

Makro also has no large cold storage. Makro has only 2 units of chilling container in each of its outlets. Makro has relied on suppliers for fresh and frozen food products. Suppliers are responsible for the jobs of procurement The fancy word for "purchasing." The procurement department within an organization manages all the major purchases.  and distribution.

Large Restaurant Operators

Restaurant business has expanded fast in the country with growing number of urban people choosing to take instant foods mainly for efficiency. Currently the Greater Jakarta area has 7 large restaurant companies with 1.008 outlets. None of the restaurant companies has large cold storage facility to keep food products like beef, burger, chicken meat, sausage, and potato. They generally rent cold storage space of other companies

Kentucky Fried Chicken is the largest instant food restaurant with outlets of 99 units in the Greater Jakarta area, followed by McDonald serving hamburger and fried chicken with outlet in the Greater Jakarta area.

Type of products/services required by different market segment

Different market segments need different cold storage facilities or services.

Retailers, restaurants, ice cream producers and food processing companies need cold storage having chiller room and freezer room.

Fishery and shrimp companies, apart from chiller room and freezer room, also need ABF (Air Blast Freezer) to freeze fish/shrimp under a temperature of -40 degrees. The freezing process normally takes 10 hours.

Importers of fruits need only chiller room as they needs only to keep the their fruits fresh and in good quality.

All customers or the market segments need services of transporting products from factories/ports/suppliers to be stored in warehouses and to be distributed later to outlets/agents, etc.

Consumer's preferences

A customer has criteria of cold storage to be rented. Among the factors they take into consideration before renting cold storage include tariff, handling rate, location, services, hygiene hygiene, science of preserving and promoting the health of both the individual and the community. It has many aspects: personal hygiene (proper living habits, cleanliness of body and clothing, healthful diet, a balanced regimen of rest and exercise); domestic hygiene  and security.

The rent rates are set on pallets per month. PT. Wira Logistik sets the tariff at Rp 300,000 per pallet per month. The tariff set by PT. AGB Tuna is Rp 27 million per month under storage system and Rp18 million per month under longer term contract.

Most cold storage companies have their own forklifts at least two unit each, but there are some handle the job manually

Distance is also an important factor, but distance is less important if the place has ease access such as with the availability of toll road. Cibitung, which has a number of cold storage companies including PT. Wira Logitama Saksama, and PT. YCH, PT. Sukanda Jaya is located far from Jakarta but the distance is less a problem as it has ease access to the Jakarta-Cikampek toll road.

Pizza Hut restaurants has rented cold storage of PT. Sukanda Djaya for 25 years to handle the distribution of its products to all outlets of Pizza Hut in Java.

Pizza Hut also has established cooperation with PT. Diamond Cold Storage (the parent company of PT. Sukanda Djaya). PT. Diamond Cold Storage as a producer ice cream has become the supplier of ice cream and milk for all outlets of Pizza Hut.

Procurement method and relation between customers and suppliers

Some cold storage operators such as PT. AGB Tuna and PT. Linggagoran Cold Storage, offer only warehouse with the customer handling all the activities of storage, loading and unloading and distribution

Most of such cold storage companies originally operated in the same line of business with their customers that the customers generally know the cold storage companies. Promotion, therefore, is not very necessary to attract customers.

There are also some owners of cold storage rent out their cold storage only to a single customers such as PT. YCH with customer PT. Matahari Putra Prima (MPP (Massively Parallel Processing or Massively Parallel Processor) A multiprocessing architecture that uses up to thousands of processors. Some might contend that a computer system with 64 or more CPUs is a massively parallel processor. ).

The cold storage of PT. YCH is entirely rented by PT. Matahari Putra Prima (MPP) since 2000 to keep the products of the retail company before being distributed to its Hypermart (hyper A Greek work meaning "above" or "more than." It is used as a prefix to technical concepts and products to convey a more advanced or more automatic capability.  market), Foodmart (supermarket) and Bostons (drugstore).

MPP rents 5 units of cold storage facilities of PT. YCH including 3 units of chilled room and 2 units frozen room. MPP uses the facilities for frozen food products, beverages, chocolate and fruits before being distributed to 7 outlets of its Hypermart and 7 outlets of Foodmart in the Greater Jakarta area.

MPP rents the facilities for 5 years and extension is also for 5 years. The rent is paid every year. The tariff is Rp 2 billion per month or Rp 250,000/m2. Every year the rate is raised by 2%. The electricity bill is on the MPP. PT. YCH gives only the services and handles the maintenance of the facility. All handling activities of procurement. transport and distribution are handled by MPP

Logistics companies offer not only cold storage space, but also storage of the products, loading and unloading as well as distribution of products. PT. West Side Agritama, for example, handles all of the jobs of storage and distribution of goods to 86 outlets of Mc. Donald restaurants in the Greater Jakarta area

The system of long term contract of 5 years such as between PT. YCH and PT. Matahari Putra Prima (MPP) is rare. Most contract system is annually or for less than a year such as between Wira Logistics and its customers.

There are also monthly storage system with monthly payment. A customer using the cold storage for less than 30 days will pay full monthly fee. This system is widely used by customers having trade goods sold fast such as fresh fish that have to be disposed dis·pose  
v. dis·posed, dis·pos·ing, dis·pos·es
1. To place or set in a particular order; arrange.

 of in 1-2 days. PT. AGB Tuna for example, uses the system for PT. Yanagi and other customer.

Market size

Demand for cold storage facilities could be estimated based on the consumption of products (meat, fruits, vegetables, frozen potatoes, fish, shrimp, etc.) in the Greater Jakarta area and on the average frequency of storage of the products.

Consumption of the products (meat, fruits, vegetables, frozen potatoes, fish, shrimp, etc) in the Greater Jakarta area is estimated to average 441,000 tons/month, and 114,000 tons of the products would need cold storage facility per month. S/month. Realization, however, is estimated to reach only 73,800 tons/month in 2009 including beef 9,600 tons, fresh fish/frozen shrimp 25,600 tons, fruits 9,473 tons, vegetables 5,985 tons and frozen potatoes 2,364 tons.

The demand for cold storage service is based on assumption of average storage as shown in the following table. It is assumed that 80% of imported meat in Jakarta needs cold storage for 30 days on the average before the meat reaches the end consumers. Based on that assumption, 9,600 tons of the total consumption of 12,000 tons of meat in the Greater Jakarta are put in cold storage for a month. Cold storage capacity needed for meat in the Greater Jakarta area, therefore, is 9,600 tons.

The Greater Jakarta area has around 26 companies operating cold storage facilities in 2009 with a total capacity of 75,056 tons. Around 75% of the capacity is estimated to be rented out and 25% for own use.

Based on that assumption, the capacity is for rent is 56,292 tons. Base on the field surveys, 80% of the space of cold storage facilities for rent has been rented out under long term lease.

Assuming that the monthly rent is US$ 30 per sq.m per month, the total market value of cold storage service in the Greater Jakarta area is around US$20.53 million a year. The value does not include handling cost and supporting service cost, which are almost the same as the rent. The total market value therefore is around US$40 million a year.

Market projection (demand projections and prospects of new cold storage facilities).

Demand for cold storage service in the Greater Jakarta area is high as indicated by the act that almost all cold storage warehouses are always fully used for meat, fish, fruits, vegetables and ice cream. The strong demand has prompted capacity expansion by a number of operators such as PT. YCH Indonesia. yCh plans to expand the space of its cold storage warehouse from 8,000 sq.m with a capacity of 2,000 tons to 20,000 sq.m next year.

PT. Japfa Santory plans to build new cold storage facility with a capacity of 400 tons in 2009 and PT. Wirontonso plans to build 2 new units of cold storage with a total capacity of 4,000 tons next year.

Demand for Cold storage service is predicted to increase in the coming years especially from retail companies and restaurants, which grow fast in the big cities in the country.

Imports of food products like meat and fish and fruits, which need cold storage service are expected to increase to follow the growing population. Based on the past trend, demand for cold storage service will increase 10%-20% annually in the Greater Jakarta area bringing the capacity requirement to around 96,000 tons in 2010 or an additional capacity of 21,000 tons from the present capacity of 75,000 tons. See the following table.


Cold storage business in Jakarta has continued to flourish to follow the rapid expansion of retail business including restaurant chains and food and beverage F&B is a common abbreviation in the United States and Commonwealth countries, including Hong Kong. F&B is typically the widely accepted abbreviation for "Food and Beverage," which is the sector/industry that specializes in the conceptualization, the making of, and delivery of foods.  manufacturing industry that will need cold storage service. Among the big retail companies with big chain are Carrefour, Giant, Hypermart and Lotte Mart. Restaurants having big chains are Kentucky Fried Chicken, Mc Donald, Pizza Hut, Hoka-Hoka Bento A data structure used to store embedded documents in an OpenDoc compound document. Bento, which stands for lunch box in Japanese, provides a "container" to hold the data and a format for defining its contents. , etc. And big ice cream producers are Diamond Cold Storage, Unilever, etc. The food products need to be kept under a low temperature as low as 2 degrees below zero

In Jakarta and its satellite cities there are around 40 cold storage companies and 28 of them have a total capacity of 75,056 tons in 2009. The largest cold storage companies are is PT. Wira Logitama Saksama, PT. Sukanda Djaya and YCH. The capacity is not enough compared to requirement of 114,000 tons/month.

The location of cold storage facility is important to guarantee smooth distribution of goods. Apart from renting out the service the companies also serve to distribute goods on request from their customers. The cold storage facilities are generally located in areas with adequate infrastructure and transport facility close to toll roads. In Jakarta cold storage companies mainly offering storage of food products including frozen food, meat, fish, fruits and vegetables are located mainly in North Jakarta areas like Ancol, Sunter, Muara Baru, Muara Karang and Pademangan. The locations are strategic as they are close to the Tanjung Priok port the largest gate for export and import products. The locations are also linked with toll roads including Cawang--Tanjung Priok and Tanjung Priok--Pluit, to guarantee smooth distribution.

In West Jakarta, the main location of cold storage companies is Muara Angke, which is close to fish auction center, fresh fish market, and fishermen's kampongs. The location of Muara Angke is also strategic as it has good access to the Pluit toll road and the toll road leading to the Soekarno Hatta airport.

Cold storage warehouses as part of logistics companies are located mainly in East Jakarta East Jakarta (Indonesian: Jakarta Timur) is a city of Jakarta, Indonesia. It has an area of 187.73 km².

East Jakarta is bounded by North Jakarta to the north, Bekasi to the east, Depok to the south, and South Jakarta and Central Jakarta to the west.
 such especially in the Cibitung industrial estate. In that area there are three logistic companies the largest in Indonesia including PT. Wira Logitama Saksama, PT. Sukanda Jaya and PT. YCH. In addition in that area there is cold storage warehouses of Superindo retain chain. The Cibitung industrial zone has an easy access to one of the Jakarta-Cikampek toll road.

With limited capacity of cold storage owned by retail chains and restaurant chains the opportunity is good for the expansion of cold storage facility for rent.

The retain business chains including restaurant chains are expected to continue to grow in the country with the expanding trend of the economy. Demand for cold storage service, therefore, is forecast to grow still in the future. In next five years, demand for cold storage in the Greater Jakarta area is expected to grow to reach a total capacity of 152 tons in 2012 up from 132 tons in 2011. The capacity is forecast to grow further to 212 tons in 2015.
List of products needing refrigeration and temperatures

        Products             Temperature          Relative
                             ([degrees]C)       Humidity (%)

Fresh grape, and                  0                80-90
  date, Apricot
Mushroom                          0                90 ~ 95
Banana, Durian half ripe       14 ~ 16             80 ~ 90
Chocolate                      15 ~ 18             50 ~ 60
Fruits in general               4 ~ 6              80 ~ 90
Durian (ripe)                   4 ~ 6              80 ~ 90
Cake                            4 ~ 8              60 ~ 70
Vegetables                      6 ~ 8              80 ~ 90
Flowers                         8 ~ 16             70 ~ 75
Fresh meat                      -2 ~ 0             80 ~ 90
Seafood (Fish, shrimps,           -2              95 ~ 100
Dairy Product (Cheese,            0                   -
  milk, Yoghurt)
Fruit juices                    -2 ~ 0                -
French Fries                   -10 ~ 0                -
  (Frozen potatoes)
Frozen fruits                  -10 ~ 0                -
  and vegetables
Frozen meat                      -20                  -
Ice cream                        -20                  -
Frozen fish (seafood)            -20                  -
Frozen tuna                   -40 ~ -60               -
Premium beef                   -40 ~-50               -

Source: Field research

Number of cold storage operators by core business in
Greater Jakarta area, 2009

Business lines                             Number of   Capacity
                                           companies    (tons)

Cold storage (including logistics)            11        62.385
Ice cream industry                             2         3.925
Food processing industry/imports of meat       7         3.730
  (including slaughterhouses operation)
Fishery and shrimp industry                    3         3,535
Retail business                                1           500
Imports of fruits                              2           980
Total                                         26        75.056

Source: Data Consult

Companies and cold storage capacity in the Greater Jakarta area

No.    Companies                        Cold storage   Capacity (tons)
                                        space (sq.m)
       Cold storage

 1     PT. Sukanda Jaya                      14,000            45,000
 2     PT. Bonecom Servistama                 8,750             6,000
         Compindo (BOSCO)
 3     PT. Wirontono Cold                     1,600             3,840
         Storage & Industry
 4     PT. YCH                                8,000             2,000
 5     PT. Wira Logitama Saksama              1,200             1,600
 6     PT. AGB Tuna                           2,100             1,500
 7     PT. Pincuran Mas Bina Usaha            3,000               960
 8     PT. Karunia Segar Utama                  700               560
 9     PT. West Side Agritama                 1,134               400
 10    PT. Pluit Cold Storage                   400               225
 11    PT. AGB Ice & Fisheries                  852               300
       Sub total                             41,376            62,385


       Ice Cream Industry

 12    PT. Unilever (Wall's ice cream)        1,950             3,000
 13    PT. Diamond Cold Storage               6,000               925
         (Diamond ice cream)
       Sub total                              7,950             3,925

       Food manufacturers/importers
         of meat

 14    PT. Indoguna Utama                     6,600             1,000
 15    PT. Belfoods Indonesia                 1,440               960
 16    PT. Dharma Jaya                          664               720
 17    PT. Japfa Santori Indonesia              800               400
 18    PT. Anzindo Gratia                       220               300
 19    PT. San Miguel Pure                      300               200
         Foods Indonesia
 20    PT. Madusari Nusaperdana                 221               150
       Sub total                             10,245             3,730

       Fish and shrimp
         industry /exporters

 21    PT. Samudra Dharma Fishing             6,600             3,000
 22    PT. Jaya Samudera Mega Mas               240               400
 23    PT. Lola Mina                          2,600               135
       Sub total                              9,440             3,535

       Importers of fruits

 24    PT. Ancol Fruits Lestari                 600               580
 25    PT. Linggagoran Cold Storage             500               400
       Sub total                              1,100               980
       Ritailer networks
 26    Superindo                              1,200               500
       Sub total                              1,200               500
       TOTAL                                 71,311            75,056

Source Data Consult

Locations of cold storage facilities, 2009

 Areas    Number companies   Capacity
              (fruits)        (tons)

North            9            10,390
East            11            60,046
South            5             2,520
West             3             2,100
Total           28            75,056

Source: Data Consult

Cold storage companies by locations

No.           Name of Companies            Lines of business

      Northern area

 1    PT. Bonecom Servistama               Cold storage
        Compindo (BOSCO)
 2    PT. Linggagoran Cold Storage         Importers of fruits
 3    PT. Ancol Fruits Lestari             Importers of fruits
 4    PT. Wirontono Cold                   Cold storage
        Storage & Industry
 5    PT. Pluit Cold Storage               Cold storage
 6    PT. Pincuran Mas Bina Usaha          Cold storage
 7    PT. Diamond Cold Storage             Ice cream industry
 8    PT. Lola Mina                        Fish and shrimp industry
 9    PT. Samudra Dharma Fishing           Industri fish and shrimp

      Western area

 1    PT. AGB Tuna                         Cold storage
 2    PT. Anzindo Gratia International     Importers of meat
 3    PT. AGB Ice & Fisheries Indonesia    Cold storage

      Eastern area

 1    PT. West Side Agritama               Distribution
 2    PT. Sukanda Djaya                    Distribution

 3    PD. Dharma Jaya                      Animal slaughtering
 4    PT. Indoguna Utama                   Meat importers of
 5    PT. Unilever (Wall's Ice Cream)      Ice cream industry
 6    PT. Wira Logitama Saksama            Logistic

 7    PT. YCH                              Logistic

 8    PT. Madusari Nusa Perdana            Meat processing industry
 9    Superindo                            Retail

10    Carrefour                            Retail

11    Giant                                Retail

      Southern area

 1    PT. Jaya Samudera Mega Mas           Fish and shrimp industry
 2    PT. Japfa Santori Indonesia          Meat processing industry
 3    PT. Belfoods Indonesia               Meat processing industry
 4    PT. San Miguel Pure                  Meat processing industry
        Foods Indonesia
 5    PT. Karunia Segar Utama              Meat importers of

No.   Products kept in storage

      Northern area

 1    Chicken meat, fish
        and frozen food
 2    Fruits
 3    Fruits
 4    Fish, meat and fruits

 5    Fruits, ice cream
 6    Fruits
 7    Ice cream
 8    Fish, shrimp
 9    Fish and shrimp

      Western area

 1    Fish, shrimp, ice cream
 2    Meat
 3    Fish, shrimp

      Eastern area

 1    Meat , potato
 2    Meat , chicken,
        potato, ice cream
 3    Meat
 4    Meat
 5    Ice cream
 6    Meat , chicken, frozen food,
        food basic materials
 7    Meat , chicken, fruits,
        syrup, chocolate, cake
 8    Meat
 9    Meat , chicken, fish, frozen
        food, fruits, vegetables
10    Meat , chicken, frozen
        food, fruits, vegetables
11    Meat , chicken, fish, frozen
        food, fruits, vegetables

      Southern area

 1    Fish, shrimp
 2    Frozen food
 3    Meat
 4    Meat, frozen food
 5    Meat

Source: Data Consult

Main users of cold storage in Greater Jakarta area

 Lines of business              Description

Retail networks       Storing trade goods such
                        as meat, chicken, frozen
                        foods, basic materials of
                        manufactured foods,
                        vegetables, fruits,
                        chocolate, etc.
Restaurant chains     Storing products like meat,
                        chicken, sausage, fruits,
                        vegetables, etc.
Importers of fruits   Storing imported fruits
                        before being distributed
                        distributors, agent or fruit
                        stores such as apple, grape,
                        orange, kiwi, durian, etc.
Importer of meat/     Storing imported
  slaughtering          meat such as beef,
  house                 chicken and
                        duck meats
Ice cream industry    Storing ice cream products
                        before being distributed
                        to retail outlets and stores.
Food processing       Storing processed meat
  industry              products such as chicken
                        meat, sausage, nugget
                        and potatoes.
Fishery Industry      Storing fresh fish or
                        processed fish/shrimp
                        for exports or for
                        domestic market.

Source: Data Consult

Retailers and number of outlets in the Greater Jakarta area

   Name of retailers          Status       Number of outlets

Carrefour                 PMA (France)            34
Hypermart                 Local                    7
Giant                     PMA (Malaysia)           7
Makro                     PMA (Korea)              6
Superindo                 PMA (France)            28
Alfa Midi                 Local                   20
Alfamart                  Local                  1.700
Hero                      PMA (Malaysia)          49
Foodmart                  Local                    7
Indomaret (Mini market)   Local                   488
Total                                            2.346

Source: Data Consult

Restaurant operators and number
of outlets in the Greater Jakarta area

Name of restaurants         Number of outlets

Kentucky Fried Chicken             99
Texas Fried Chicken                28
Mc. Donald                         86
Pizza Hut                          78
Hoka-Hoka Bento                    79
Solaria                            21
Hanamasa                           23
A&W                                42
Wendys                             20
Tamani Cafe                        21
Popeye Chicken & Seafood           21
Baskin Robbins Ice Cream           50
Other around 20 companies          400
Total                             1.058

Source: Data Consult

Products /services needed by market segments

Market segment          Facilities needed

Retailers               - Chiller Room
                        - Freezer Room

Restaurants             - Chiller Room
                        - Freezer Room

Importers of fruits     - Chiller Room

Food processing         - Chiller Room
industry                - Freezer Room

Fishery/shrimp          - Air Blast Freezer
Industry & importers    (ABF)
of fish                 - Freezer room
                        - Chiller room

Market segment          Type of services

Retailers               - Transporting goods from
                          suppliers to be
                          stored in warehouse

                        - Distribution of
                        stocks to outlets

Restaurants             - Transporting
                          imported goods from
                          suppliers or ports
                        - Storage of
                          goods in warehouse
                        - Distribution
                          of stocks to
                          all outlets
Importers of fruits     - Transport of
                          importer goods
                          from ports
                        - Storage in warehouse
                        - Distribution to
                          agents/fruit stores
Food processing         - Transport of
industry                products from factories
                        - Storage at warehouse
                        - Distribution to
Fishery/shrimp          - Freezing of fish
Industry & importers    - Storage in
of fish                   warehouse
                        - Distribution to
                        - Transport to port
                          for exports

Market segment          Description

Retailers               - Some retailers
                          use the service of
                          distribution companies
                          centre (logistics)
                          such as Makro
                        - Some retailers
                          handle their entire
                          activities such
                          as Hypermart
Restaurants             Generally
                          restaurants use the
                          service of distribution
                          company's centre
                          such as Mc.
                          Donald, Pizza Hut.

Importers of fruits     Generally handle
                          their entire activities

Food processing         Generally use the
industry                service of distribution
                        companies centre

Fishery/shrimp          Generally handle
Industry & importers    their entire
of fish                 activities

Source : Data Consult

Factors determining choice of cold storage service

      Factors                    Description

Low tariff            Low tariff is important.
                        All cold storage companies
                        offer different tariffs
                        set on pallet per month.
Efficient handling    Efficiency in handling at
                        loading and loading time
                        is factor to be considered
                        by customers as they want the
                        quality of their products
                        unaffected. They do not want
                        their products to have
                        defect because of poor
Services              Fast and good service
                        will satisfy the customers.
Distance              Ease access to the
                        location of cold storage
                        is important such as being
                        close to port or toll road
                        to save transport cost.

Factors               Description
Security              Security around the cold
                        storage warehouse is
                        important. The customers
                        will feel safe to keep
                        their products in that
                        place round the clock.
Hygiene               Cold storage warehouse must
                        remain clean as he products
                        to be kept in storage are
                        generally easily polluted
                        with dirt or contaminated
                        with bacteria.

Source: Data Consult

Cold storage facility requirement
by goods needing cold storage per month in
the Greater Jakarta area, 2009

   Goods      Consumption       Needing cold       Realization of
              tons/month    storage (tons/month)   goods using C.S

Beef              12,000                  9,600             9,600
Chicken meat      14,000                  3,500             3,500
Fish /shrimp      32,000                 25,600            25,600
Fruits           126,300                 18,945             9,473
Vegetables       171,000                 25,650             5,985
Frozen             2,955                  2,364             2,364
Ice Cream         10,000                 10,000             5,000
Sub total        368,255                 95,659            61,522
Lain-lain         73,651                 19,132            12,304
Total            441,906                114,791            73,826

Source: Data Consult

Percentage of food products put
in cold storage and length of storage

    Sectors        Potential Demand   Average length of
                        for CS         storage (days)

Meat                           80%                  30
Fish /shrimp                   50%                  30
Fruits                         15%                  15
Vegetables                     10%                   7
Frozen potatoes                80%                  30
Ice Cream                     100%                  15

Source: Data Consult

Estimate of market value of cold storage services
In the Greater Jakarta area, 2009

      Description             Total

Capacity for rent (tons)    75,056 tons
Capacity is rented out      56,292 tons
Market value (US$)        US$ 40 million

Source: Data Consult

Estimate of potential demand for cold storage in
the Greater Jakarta area, 2010-2014

Year   Projected demand       Demand for additional
       for cold storage   Cold storage capacity (tons)
       capacity (tons)

2010          96                       21
2011         132                       36
2012         152                       20
2013         175                       23
2014         192                       17
2015         212                       19

Source: Data Consult
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