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Coffee: Commercial and Legal Aspects, vol. 6.


This is the final volume in a series which started being published some years ago. The international trade in coffee is enormous and is now second only to oil in importance. Occasionally wheat and other grains have exceeded the total trade for coffee but the trade in coffee always seems to acquire a political importance as well. With such a large amount of coffee being shipped around the world, and it is the most widely known and drunk soft beverage in the world, it is not surprising that a chapter has been devoted to trading matters. There are both an international organisation and other national organisations heavily involved in the coffee trade and the government of that trade. Patents for the various techniques of roasting, drying and production are also important so space is devoted to that.

The editors have assembled a group of authors, including one of their number and contributions from the staff of certain coffee organisations, to create the eight chapters. Their titles are fairly self-explanatory and run as follows: The trading of green coffee; The International Coffee Organisation; The Inter-Africa Coffee Organisation; Coffee trade associations in the Western Hemisphere; European and national trade federations; International standardisation; Patenting of inventions; and Market research. Five useful appendices with titles Bibliography on coffee, Branded instant coffees in the UK marketplace, Consumer testing, Coffee legislation and Currency exchange rate data, complete the text.

Considering the size and importance of the coffee business this series of books is a welcome addition to the literature and provides an insight into the whole business. The appendix dealing with further reading details books not only in English but also in German and French, and there is even reference to single chapters in yet more books to ensure that you have all the information to hand.
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Date:Oct 1, 1991
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