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CoWare and Carbon Announce CoWare Model Library Availability of Implementation-Accurate Models of ARM IP.

CoWare Will Distribute Carbonized Models for ARM Processors and ARM AMBA AMBA Area Metropolitana de Buenos Aires (Spanish)
AMBA Advanced Microcontroller Bus Architecture
AMBA American Mold Builders Association
AMBA American Mustang and Burro Association
AMBA Association of Master of Business Administration
 Fabric IP Optimized for CoWare Design Solutions

SAN JOSE, Calif. & ACTON, Mass. -- CoWare([R]), Inc., the leading supplier of electronic system virtualization software and services, and Carbon Design Systems, the leading supplier of tools for the automatic creation, validation and deployment of system-level models, announced today a strategic partnership to deliver implementation-accurate models of ARM([R]) IP targeted for CoWare's SystemC-based design solutions. The models and model kits will include implementation-accurate solutions for the ARM Cortex([TM])-A9 processor, AMBA([R])3 Interconnect (PL301) matrix, and more. The complete portfolio of Carbonized models and model kits for the CoWare environment will be enhanced to enable the advanced design features of the CoWare solutions and exclusively distributed and supported by CoWare as part of the CoWare IP Model Library.

The Carbonized ARM processor models for the CoWare environment will be integrated and delivered as CoWare Processor Support Packages (PSPs) to customers without the need to have access to ARM RTL (Register Transfer Level) A high-level hardware description language (HDL) for defining digital circuits. The circuits are described as a collection of registers, Boolean equations, control logic such as "if-then-else" statements as well as complex event sequences;  code. The PSPs will be enabled for CoWare's advanced design features, including:

* Platform software analysis

* Debugger synchronization for multi-core designs

* Debug accesses from processor to memory

* Support for SystemC Modeling Library (SCML SCML Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa (Portugal)
SCML SystemC Modeling Library
SCML Schottky-Contact Microstrip Line
SCML Subreality Cafe Mailing List
SCML Supplier Custom Module List
SCML Supply Chain Modeling Language
) properties

For AXI AXI Automated X-Ray Inspection (electronics)
AXI Association Xpertise Inc (Calgary, AB, Canada)
AXI Ada to X-Window System Interface
([TM]) 3 Interconnect models, CoWare will distribute a special version of Carbon Model Studio to be used with RTL generated by ARM AMBA Designer enabling the use of PL301r1 interconnect configurations in the CoWare environment. The interconnect models will be enabled for CoWare's advanced design features, including:

* Platform performance analysis

* System-level transaction tracing

* Multiple clock domain simulation

* Connection of standards-based SystemC blocks of various abstraction levels

"CoWare has been the leader in electronic system virtualization solutions for ARM technology-based platforms for more than 10 years now," said Johannes Stahl, vice president of marketing and business development at CoWare. "The implementation-accurate Carbon models of ARM IP increase the value of our platform architecture design and verification solution to our ARM customers. The availability of models for ARM's advanced and popular Cortex-A9 processor and AMBA3 Interconnect (PL301) matrix further expands our CoWare Model Library and shows our dedication to keep providing design solutions for ARM technology-based platforms."

"CoWare virtualization solutions are being used successfully in production designs by ARM customers worldwide," said John Cornish, executive vice president and general manager of ARM's system design division. "The tight integration of implementation-accurate models for ARM IP within the CoWare design environment enables our customers to make the right design choices, and confirms the decision we took last year to discontinue writing cycle-accurate models by hand."

"We are pleased to see CoWare adopt and distribute Carbon's library of implementation-accurate ARM models," said Bill Neifert, Carbon's founder and vice president of business development. "The debug and visibility features which Carbon incorporates directly into the models will enable CoWare's customers to debug and analyze their ARM technology-based SoC designs in the CoWare environment."


ARM Cortex-A9 Processor Support Package (PSP (PlayStation Portable) See PlayStation. ), Carbon Model Studio AMBA Designer, PL310 L2 Cache Controller and PL340 DDR (Double Data Rate) Refers to an SDRAM memory chip that increases performance by doubling the effective data rate of the frontside bus. For more details, see SDRAM.

DDR - Double Data Rate Random Access Memory
 Memory Controller for CoWare Platform Architect will be available from CoWare in Q2 2009. Other implementation-accurate models will be released later this year.

About CoWare Solutions for ARM Technology-based Designs

CoWare is the leading global supplier of electronic system virtualization solutions for software development, platform architecture design and platform verification of ARM-based platforms. CoWare combines ARM instruction-accurate processor models and implementation-accurate Carbonized ARM models within one standards-based SystemC design environment. The CoWare solutions enable engineers to take full advantage of the capabilities of the entire range of ARM system elements in the context of the actual design; from ARM memory controllers and interconnects to application and embedded processors and embedded firmware.

About Carbon Design Systems

Carbon offers the leading system validation solution for complex system-on-chip (SoC) designs. Target applications range from model generation and deployment to virtual platform creation, execution, and analysis. Carbon provides 100% implementation accuracy on the critical components required for accurate architectural analysis and pre-silicon hardware/software validation. Solutions are based on open industry standards, including SystemC, IP-XACT, Verilog, VHDL (VHSIC Hardware Description Language) A hardware description language (HDL) used to design electronic systems at the component, board and system level. VHDL allows models to be developed at a very high level of abstraction. , OSCI TLM TLM Telemetry
TLM Transaction Level Modeling
TLM Tout Le Monde (French)
TLM The Leprosy Mission (Northern Ireland)
TLM Transmission Line Matrix
TLM The Little Mermaid (fairy tale) 
, MDI (1) (Multiple Document Interface) A Windows function that allows an application to display and lets the user work with more than one document at the same time. , SCML, CASI CASI Campaign Against Sanctions on Iraq (UK)
CASI Center for Aerospace Information
CASI Council on Accreditation and School Improvement
CASI Canadian Aeronautics and Space Institute
CASI Canadian Association of Snowboard Instructors
, CADI and CAPI. Carbon's customers are systems, semiconductor, and IP companies that focus on wireless, networking, and consumer electronics. Carbon is headquartered at 125 Nagog Park, Acton, Mass., 01720. Telephone: (978) 264-7300. Facsimile: (978) 264-9990. Email: Website:

About CoWare

CoWare is the leading global supplier of electronic system virtualization software and services. IP, semiconductor, and electronics companies use CoWare virtualization solutions to design better processor- and software-intensive products faster. CoWare solutions solve the new design challenges associated with platform architecture design, platform verification, application sub-system design, processor design, DSP algorithm design, and software development, and are based on open industry standards including SystemC. These solutions also enable IP and semiconductor companies to implement more effective go-to-market strategies. CoWare's corporate investors include ARM [(LSE LSE - Language Sensitive Editor : ARM); (Nasdaq: ARMH ARMH Asociación para la Recuperación de la Memoria Histórica (Spanish)
ARMH Atlanta Ronald McDonald House
ARMH Academy of Religion and Mental Health
)], Cadence Design Systems (company) Cadence Design Systems - A company that sells electronic design automation software and services.

See also Verilog.
 (NASDAQ: CDNS CDNS Cadence Design Systems, Inc (stock symbol)
CDNS Climatological Data National Summary
CDNS Command Data Network System
CDNS Customer and Data Network Services (Sprint) 
), STMicroelectronics (NYSE NYSE

See: New York Stock Exchange
: STM (Scanning Tunneling Microscope) A microscope that can image down to the atomic level. An STM uses a piezoelectric tube with a tiny sharp tip at the end that is moved within nanometers of the object being sampled. ), and Sony Corporation (NYSE: SNE). CoWare is headquartered in San Jose, Calif., and has offices around the world. For more information about CoWare and its products and services visit

CoWare is a registered trademark of CoWare, Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
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