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Four-day hospital detox for Gazza. Aug 24, 2014 267
Roof insulation work. Aug 23, 2014 118
Providing of Plastering work. Aug 23, 2014 112
Bromford pub site could be health clinic. Aug 21, 2014 107
Delivery of gamma cameras to 109 military hospital outpatient clinic sp health care centre in szczecin. Aug 14, 2014 103
Chindex International, Inc. Reports Financial Results for Second Quarter and First Half of 2014. Financial report Aug 11, 2014 9554
Australia : Women's Health Outpatient Clinic Opening. Aug 11, 2014 295
Psychiatry and Neurology AdE[micro]R - New Day Hospital Child. Aug 6, 2014 304
New day hospital child / adolescent psychiatry. Aug 6, 2014 306
120 / zp / 14 proceedings of public procurement above the amount of eur 207 000 for the supply of medical and office furniture and equipment for the paediatric outpatient center. dr. j. korczak provin. Aug 6, 2014 155
Providing of Plastering work. Aug 6, 2014 113
Construction work is the reconstruction of the existing reception facilities, outpatient facilities and social facilities. Aug 2, 2014 128
Bellingham, Everett mental health clinics to merge. Aug 1, 2014 165
Lighthouse Clinic borrows, melds charitable models to meet needs: nonprofit opens doors to provide medical basics, dental coming soon. McDaniels, Nevonne Aug 1, 2014 2283
Delivering on the promise of decentralized, community-based care. Sanchez, Lindsay Aug 1, 2014 654
New psychiatric outpatient clinics with day hospital and acute care in cheek. Jul 30, 2014 126
New psychiatric outpatient clinics with day hospital and acute care in cheeks, heating installation. Jul 30, 2014 126
New psychiatric outpatient clinics with day hospital and acute care in cheeks,. Jul 30, 2014 105
New psychiatric outpatient clinics with day hospital and acute care in cheeks, roof sealing works. Jul 30, 2014 106
New psychiatric outpatient clinics with day hospital and acute care in cheeks, scaffolding work. Jul 30, 2014 105
New psychiatric outpatient clinics with day hospital and acute care in cheeks, sun protection works. Jul 30, 2014 106
New psychiatric outpatient clinics with day hospital and acute care in cheeks, window work. Jul 30, 2014 105
New psychiatric outpatient clinics with day hospital and acute care in cheeks,. Jul 30, 2014 104
MedSpring Urgent Care opens Barton Springs walk-in clinic in Austin, TX. Jul 28, 2014 523
AlloSource Recognized For Outstanding Corporate Wellness Program, Including Its On-Site Health Clinic. Jul 25, 2014 789
Medicinal products for the 109 military hospital outpatient clinic. Jul 25, 2014 251
PinnacleHealth And Select Medical Announce Joint Venture To Improve Coordination Of Care For Rehabilitation In Central Pennsylvania. Jul 24, 2014 991
Newcastle Knights Fullback Darius Boyd Checks into Mental Health Clinic. Jul 23, 2014 331
Provision for 041-Ambulatory Services. Jul 23, 2014 122
Development of design documentation for the tasks pn .: "retrofitting buildings - buildings. Jul 19, 2014 343
United States : More Patients Turning to Retail Clinics for Chronic Care and Preventive Services, New Walgreens Study Shows. Report Jul 18, 2014 438
New psychiatric clinic and day hospital in celle. Jul 16, 2014 110
New psychiatric clinic and day hospital in celle. Jul 16, 2014 106
New psychiatric clinic and day hospital in celle. Jul 16, 2014 107
New Alere(TM) q Point-of-Care Early Infant Diagnosis Test Prototype Accurately Detects HIV in Infants with High Sensitivity and Specificity in Primary Health Clinics in Mozambique. Jul 14, 2014 880
New mobile macular unit. O'Hare, Ryan Brief article Jul 4, 2014 266
Emory Healthcare, Select Medical finalize partnership. Jul 2, 2014 918
Remove and replace siding on health clinic building in clallam county, washington. Jul 1, 2014 125
Standardizing electronic medical record documentation. Rimmerman, Curtis M.; Colbert, Arnette Jul 1, 2014 1828
Assessing adherence to the 2010 antiretroviral guidelines in the antiretroviral roll-out clinic at 1 Military Hospital, South Africa: a retrospective, cross-sectional study. Khwitshana, A.K.; Greeff, O.B.W.; Hurrell, T. Report Jul 1, 2014 4319
Norovirus epidemiology in community and health care settings and association with patient age, Denmark. Franck, Kristina T.; Fonager, Jannik; Ersboll, Annette K.; Bottiger, Blenda Jul 1, 2014 6007
Helse Bergen HF intend to purchase one piece. CO2 laser for use in the Outpatient Unit, Clinic for head and neck. Jun 30, 2014 266
Need for Psychiatric Inpatient and Outpatient Services Grows, NAPHS Annual Survey Finds. Jun 25, 2014 467
Purchase sales contract 2 x-ray equipment with the corresponding part of the implementation of a pacs system tiop-2.2.6-12/1b-2013-0026 id new outpatient clinic building supply tata project. Jun 23, 2014 138
Optical focus for campaign. McCormick, Emily Brief article Jun 20, 2014 258
Growing independents: OT 's Robina Moss finds out about the expanded programme at the 10th Independents Day (iDay) business conference, which will be held in Birmingham next month (July 6- 7). Moss, Robina Conference news Jun 20, 2014 870
Recall and reminders: Patrick Myers shares some of the lessons gleaned from a study which focused on the recall processes of over 600 independent practices by his business development company Myers La Roche. Myers, Patrick Jun 20, 2014 902
Supply of natural gas to the hospital of sant cugat del valles (barcelona); the care centre and day hospital in seville and madrid offices of eloy gonzalo asepeyo mutual accident and occupational dise. Jun 19, 2014 129
Art Retreats run by Muscat-based artist Ibrahim Gailani joins hands with mental health clinic for a cause. Jun 17, 2014 530
New psychiatric clinic and day hospital in celle. Jun 11, 2014 111
Small Clinics Providing Ambulatory Care Services Could Reduce Emergency Department Misuse in the UAE. Jun 6, 2014 551
Procurement of Medical equipment. Jun 5, 2014 240
Students help health clinic. Jun 5, 2014 282
1,000 BEDS FACE AXE IN HOSPITALS SHAKE?UP; EXCLUSIVE Patients face rapid 7-day hospital stay. Jun 4, 2014 480
VHI Releases Outpatient Procedures Report Comparing Charges by Location. Jun 3, 2014 507
Professional Services For Audit Of Waukesha County Department Of Health And Human Services Mental Health Clinic 3rd Party Billing System. Jun 2, 2014 335
12 Line Islands (Health Clinic - Fish jeonghang) paving road extension (primary). May 29, 2014 112
Design for sustainable communities: renewable energy for Rural Health Clinics (RHCs) project. May 26, 2014 377
LOC company launches ophthalmology service. Moss, Robina Brief article May 23, 2014 305
United States : Behavioral health consultation now available in primary care clinics. May 22, 2014 453
Outsourcing of the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust Outpatient Dispensing Services. May 22, 2014 284
Day hospital expansion project 6 -medical equipment. May 20, 2014 135
Day hospital expansion project curtains. May 20, 2014 111
Day hospital expansion office furniture. May 20, 2014 121
Day hospital expansion project 6 - lot 46: operating tables and accessories. May 20, 2014 117
Day hospital expansion project 6 - lot 43: los medical furniture and storage. May 20, 2014 158
Day hospital expansion project 6 - lot 47: surgical lamps and accessories. May 20, 2014 117
On-site health clinics. May 20, 2014 272
Supply of electricity to the health clinics. May 19, 2014 181
Equipment for ENT outpatient clinic and hearing central. May 19, 2014 163
Saudi Arabia : Philanthropist Donates SAR One billion for 75 Mobile Health Clinics to be Launched under IDB Supervision. May 15, 2014 232
Stop & Shop Introduces Norwalk Hospital FastCare Clinic in Fairfield, CT. May 12, 2014 1046
PPP Outpatient Centers. May 10, 2014 191
Chindex International, Inc. Reports First Quarter 2014 Financial Results. Financial report May 8, 2014 7108
Ooredoo and Leo Messi Boost Programme for Children's Health to Three New Markets. May 8, 2014 1280
Ooredoo and Leo Messi Boost Programme for Children's Health to Three New Markets. May 8, 2014 1276
New psychiatric clinic and day hospital in celle. May 3, 2014 112
Project planning forConstruction of a new building for the central ambulance cancer. May 3, 2014 228
Renovation of outpatient clinic and children s dispensary in gevgelija, macedonia. May 2, 2014 114
Memorial Hospital satellite clinics open in Berlin. Brief article May 2, 2014 125
Health clinic. May 1, 2014 163
Making patient safety a priority in ambulatory care. May 1, 2014 102
Treatment practices, outcomes, and costs of multidrug-resistant and extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis, united states, 2005-2007. Marks, Suzanne M.; Flood, Jennifer; Seaworth, Barbara; Hirsch-Moverman, Yael; Armstrong, Lori; Mase, May 1, 2014 6666
Late payment for GOS. Brief article Apr 25, 2014 266
Stand out from the crowd: tangible marketing and people management advice for practices across the UK operating in a competitive climate. Apr 25, 2014 885
Reasons to celebrate: OT multimedia creative editor and optometrist at Cottam and Glaister, Ceri Smith-Jaynes, discusses how by commemorating its 90-year history, the independent achieved some business wins. Apr 25, 2014 570
Work in the community. Apr 25, 2014 828
NHS boss visits city to spell out 7-day hospital service. Apr 25, 2014 415
CVS MinuteClinic Reaches 20 Million Patient Visits. Apr 22, 2014 685
Provision of building plans for the construction of a psychiatric day hospital. Apr 15, 2014 251
Information system continuously ambulatory care unit. Apr 12, 2014 208
United States : Rite Aid Acquires RediClinic, One of the Nation s Leading Operators of Retail Clinics. Apr 11, 2014 350
Fitness to Practise rules come into effect. O'Hare, Ryan Brief article Apr 11, 2014 308
Employment allowance. Brief article Apr 11, 2014 212
Call for UK-wide statute for health and social care. O'Hare, Ryan Apr 11, 2014 634
Techniques of day hospital. Apr 10, 2014 104
Techniques sezz day hospital. Apr 9, 2014 106
Supply of markers and iodine capsules for research isotope to 109 military hospital outpatient clinic sp health care centre in szczecin. Apr 9, 2014 144
Outpatient Care Centers Industry (U.S.): Analytics, Extensive Financial Benchmarks, Metrics and Revenue Forecasts to 2020, NAIC 621400. Apr 3, 2014 1172
New specialist nursing home. Apr 3, 2014 136
DISA Broadens Operations in the Eagle Ford Shale Area - Acquires Two Occupational Health Clinics from A-Dependable. Apr 2, 2014 237
New psychiatric clinic and day hospital in celle. Apr 2, 2014 106
Community health center efficiency: the role of grant revenues in health center efficiency. Amico, Peter R.; Chilingerian, Jon A.; van Hasselt, Martijn Abstract Apr 1, 2014 6087
Outdoor air pollution, preterm birth, and low birth weight: analysis of the world health organization global survey on maternal and perinatal health. Fleischer, Nancy L.; Merialdi, Mario; van Donkelaar, Aaron; Vadillo-Ortega, Felipe; Martin, Randall Survey Apr 1, 2014 8441
Small clinic data management system. Chandrashekar, Vikasini; Humos, Ali Abu-El; Kim, Hyunju; Pei, Tzusheng Report Apr 1, 2014 1602
The budget uncovered: Marc Bennett assesses how the 2014 Budget will affect the finances of practices and their professional staff. Bennett, Marc Mar 28, 2014 583
New practice image boosts business. Mar 28, 2014 362
Taking the lead. Mar 28, 2014 565
New psychiatric clinic and day hospital in celle. Mar 28, 2014 107
Execution of the work required to create 8 day hospital beds. Mar 27, 2014 101
New psychiatric clinic and day hospital in celle. Mar 26, 2014 110
Healthcare facility complete: Simone Healthcare Development. Mar 26, 2014 154
New psychiatric outpatient clinics with day hospital and acute care in wangen, electrical installation work. Mar 22, 2014 114
New psychiatric outpatient clinics with day hospital and acute care in wangen, fire alarm system. Mar 22, 2014 116
Provision of Primary Mental Health Services by Care Managers under the Integrated Mental Health Programme for General Out-patient Clinics, Kowloon West Cluster, Hospital Authority. Mar 22, 2014 101
New private health clinic to be set up in Duqm. Mar 20, 2014 265
Teacher admits sexual relationship with pupil; Court hears she visited sex health clinic with teenage boy. Mar 18, 2014 124
Simone Healthcare Development Group Completes Redevelopment of Medical Office Building in Hewlett, NY. Mar 18, 2014 840
Chindex International, Inc. Reports Financial Results for Fourth Quarter and Full Year of 2013. Financial report Mar 17, 2014 8800
2014 Public Health Branch of Health clinic in the first half purchase generic drugs health care. Mar 13, 2014 107
New Valley medical site; Northbridge to become Milford outpatient center. Spencer, Susan Mar 8, 2014 448
Sexual health clinics. Mar 6, 2014 115
New psychiatric clinic and day hospital in celle. Mar 6, 2014 112
New psychiatric outpatient clinics with day hospital and acute care in wangen, earthworks, drainage, masonry, concrete and reinforced concrete works. Mar 5, 2014 121
maintain cleanliness and order in the 109 military hospital outpatient clinic sp health care centre in szczecin. Mar 5, 2014 228
New psychiatric outpatient clinics - Lift. Mar 4, 2014 127
Poarch Band of Creek Indians Open Health Clinic and Assisted Living Facility. Mar 3, 2014 748
Work absenteeism and its determinant factors in patients with Ankylosing Spondylitis: a cross-sectional study. Oncu, Julide; Basoglu, Fatma; Kuran, Banu Report Mar 1, 2014 4211
Age, sex, and seasonal variations in the serum vitamin D3 levels in a local Turkish population. Bozkurt, Sinem; Alkan, Berat Meryem; Yildiz, Fatma; Gumus, Sevgi; Sezer, Nebahat; Ardicoglu, Ozge; A Survey Mar 1, 2014 4036
Facelift in Korbesa Health Centre. Mwangi, Peter Brief article Mar 1, 2014 273
LOCSU abandons legal battle over DVLA contract. Moss, Robina Feb 28, 2014 587
Ambulatory services in northern emirates to cut response times. Feb 25, 2014 212
CVS MinuteClinic to Transition to EpicCare Electronic Medical Record. Feb 21, 2014 835
Net Health Partners to Deliver Revenue Cycle Management Solutions for Urgent Care and Occupational Health Clinics. Feb 18, 2014 491
Construction of the Ambulatory Care Center and Dental Clinic. Feb 17, 2014 158
CVS Caremark To Present At The RBC Capital Markets Global Healthcare Conference. Conference news Feb 17, 2014 329
VAO expands to Burkina Faso. Brief article Feb 14, 2014 152
Albion doctor heads injury walk-in clinic. Feb 13, 2014 198
NHS Human Services Connects More Than 700 Mental Health Clinics With SIP Trunks From Comcast Business. Feb 11, 2014 996
Outpatient Diagnostic Center is Spreading the Word about Reducing Out-of-Pocket Healthcare Costs with "Random Acts of Value". Feb 5, 2014 460
Finishing day hospital. Feb 1, 2014 116
New construction day hospital - lot 4: fixed furniture and wall finishes. Feb 1, 2014 130
National College of Natural Medicine launches new SIBO Center. Feb 1, 2014 700
CVS Caremark Corporation To Hold Fourth Quarter 2013 Conference Call. Jan 31, 2014 330
Government boost for practices in Wales. Moss, Robina Brief article Jan 31, 2014 302
Eye clinics offer 'poor' service, survey reports. McCormick, Emily Brief article Jan 31, 2014 297
Pears in Bradford: Chris J. Davey, secretary of Bradford LOC and an optometrist, examines the methodology, results and outcomes of a rapid access ophthalmology clinic at Bradford Royal Infirmary. Davey, Chris J. Jan 31, 2014 1134
New psychiatric clinic and day hospital in celle. Jan 28, 2014 152
Construction contract for the 9th floor outpatient clinic renovations, building 1, vamc manhattan, ny. this contract is part of the hurricane sandy flood recovery. Jan 24, 2014 110
service comprehensive insurance 105 military hospital outpatient clinic independent public health care in zary. Jan 23, 2014 190
New psychiatric clinic and day hospital in celle. Jan 21, 2014 156
New psychiatric clinic and day hospital in celle. Jan 21, 2014 167
Six Weld County Banner Health Clinics earn national recognition for Patient-Centered Care. Jan 21, 2014 528
Versasuite Exhibits at 2014 Georgia Rural Health Association Annual Conference. Conference news Jan 15, 2014 453
New psychiatric clinic and day hospital in celle. Jan 14, 2014 163
Outpatient clinics will be held in more locations; Letters. Letter to the editor Jan 11, 2014 184
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan extends hours through January 31 at its 11 walk-in centers to help consumers navigate ACA marketplace changes. Jan 7, 2014 996
Barbaric decision to close outpatient service; Letters. Letter to the editor Jan 4, 2014 133
Renovation and extension of outpatient clinics - medical technology and equipment. Jan 2, 2014 164
Early intervention programs. Directory Jan 1, 2014 2227
Proton pump inhibitor prescribing and costs in a large outpatient clinic. Hood, William; McJunkin, Brittain; Warnock, Alicia; Girme, Aditi; Smith, Nelson; Robinson, Brandon Report Jan 1, 2014 3457
Children with cancer receive $2 million boost. Dec 18, 2013 1276
Private health clinics praised. Dec 17, 2013 292
To provide health information management coding solutions, and quality assurance review expertise to their 38 hospital settings and over 600 outpatient facilities throughout the United States. Dec 17, 2013 144
Application kitchen implements the centers cost center psychiatry and mental health hospital las higueras, the ambulatory care center "el faro" therapeutic communities and "the little house". Dec 17, 2013 101
MinuteClinic opens first N.H. locations: collaboration with Dartmouth-Hitchcock to include medical directors, electronic record integration. Dec 13, 2013 438
Fighting fit with baby; Celebrity health clinic. Dec 11, 2013 325
New England Baptist Outpatient Care Center Launches Plexus Information Systems' Anesthesia Touch(TM). Dec 11, 2013 741
Moh cd-roo-1735 (day hospital supplies). Dec 10, 2013 136
CALL TO SAVE NHS WALK-INS. Dec 8, 2013 501
Cardiovascular risk: associated factors, assessment and agreement between WHO/ISH risk prediction chart and Framingham Scoring System among primary care patients in Kelantan, Malaysia. Norhayati, M.N.; Amirah, S.A.H. Sharifah; Husniati, Y. Lili Author abstract Dec 1, 2013 4145
Engeye Health Clinic Announces Fund-Raising Challenge. Nov 30, 2013 328
The Douglas Company Begins Construction on Fayetteville Veterans Affairs Healthcare Center. Nov 24, 2013 344
Pharmacies And Retail Clinics Have Billion Dollar Opportunity - North Highland Has The Solution. Nov 21, 2013 623
Command and control system. Nov 21, 2013 204
See mee expands further. Brief article Nov 15, 2013 244
Specsavers domiciliary. Brief article Nov 15, 2013 107
Versasuite Exhibits at 2013 Iowa Rural Health Association and The Iowa Association of Rural Health Clinics Joint Meeting. Nov 14, 2013 318
Project management group day hospital chemotherapy. Nov 12, 2013 147
Chindex International, Inc. Reports Financial Results for Third Quarter and First Nine Months of 2013. Financial report Nov 11, 2013 8037
TeamHealth Acquires Wolverine Anesthesia Consultants. Nov 11, 2013 429
VersaSuite Exhibits at 2013 Florida Rural Health Association Annual Educational Summit. Nov 9, 2013 316
Commentary: outreach not your ordinary mental health clinic. Hammerschlag, Carl A. Nov 1, 2013 1058
In pursuit of the holy grail: scalable, interoperable clinical decision support: consortia making progress on standards, tools, and strategies for implementation by David Raths. David Raths Nov 1, 2013 1965
ACO development in New Jersey: first stage: the CMO of barnabas health in new Jersey has much to say regarding lessons learned in ACO development thus far. Hagland, Mark Nov 1, 2013 1634
AlloSource Opens Onsite Health Clinic At Headquarter Campus. Oct 28, 2013 713
United States : HEALTH Clinics in Missouri receive FUNDS. Oct 28, 2013 289
CVS Caremark Corporation To Hold Third Quarter 2013 Conference Call. Oct 25, 2013 327
Health clinic proposed for Oakridge. Oct 24, 2013 887
Elevators and conveyors. Oct 15, 2013 203
First surgery after a wait of four years. Oct 9, 2013 336
NETS has been awarded a 3.9 million dollar contract to provide a wide range of healthcare-related support for the US Army. Oct 9, 2013 442
Surgery starts at PS37m hospital after four years. Oct 4, 2013 432
Clinic goes into administration. Oct 4, 2013 333
The art of ocular prosthetics: OT's Emily McCormick speaks to the chief ocularist of Moorfields Eye Hospital's ocular prosthetics department about the service it provides and its current expansion plans. McCormick, Emily Oct 4, 2013 1242
Metal chair rentals with transportation included, for act of celebration day hospital (03/10). Reception at the hosp. Chair with 24 hours in advance (02/10). Purchase order payment to 45 days, see det. Oct 3, 2013 167
Indiana's healthcare systems generate a $31.3 billion economic impact to the State. Oct 3, 2013 918
Crowe Horwath LLP introduces Crowe Outpatient Charge Capture Analytics. Oct 1, 2013 736
Keep operating and in good condition central heating supply in the ambulatory care center building (caa) of hggb. -. Oct 1, 2013 102
AFL-CIO Housing Investment Trust Provides $40 Million Towards New Ambulatory Care Center At New York-Presbyterian Hospital. Sep 30, 2013 659
Hammond Hanlon Camp LLC (H2C) Completes Financing of 300,000 Square-Foot Medical Facility in Buffalo, N.Y. Sep 30, 2013 928
Free health clinic attracts thousands in Ajman. Sep 28, 2013 456
Karami announces mental health clinic for Tripoli. Sep 27, 2013 187
Abraaj Group exits Filipino hospital. Sep 23, 2013 235
Abraaj exits Filipino hospital investment. Sep 23, 2013 344
Health clinic opens in Takhar town. Sep 23, 2013 180
First of kind eye health plan launched in Wales. McCormick, Emily Brief article Sep 20, 2013 298
Retail clinics strengthen their ties with physicians. AULT, ALICIA Sep 15, 2013 190
Retail clinics as part of ac0s? Sep 15, 2013 650
'Dangerous' shortage of weekend A&E docs; EXPERT IN CALL FOR SEVEN-DAY HOSPITALS. Sep 13, 2013 340
'Dangerous' shortage of weekend A&E docs; EXPERT IN CALL FOR SEVEN-DAY HOSPITALS MP Ann Clwyd. Sep 13, 2013 335
Romania's Medlife plans to complete four large ambulatory units this year. Sep 4, 2013 231
Number of retail health clinics to rise. Currie, Donya Sep 1, 2013 159
The effect of Gilbert's syndrome on the dispersions of QT interval and P-wave: an observational study/QT ve P dalga dispersiyonu uzerine Gilbert sendromunun etkisi: Gozlemsel bir calisma. Cure, Erkan; Yuce, Suleyman; Cicek, Yuksel; Cure, Medine Cumhur Report Sep 1, 2013 4920
Evaluation of the relation between deliberate self-harm behavior and childhood trauma experiences in patients admitted to the second-step psychiatric outpatient clinic for adolescent and young adult/Bir ergen ve genc eriskin ikinci basamak psikiyatri poliklinigine basvuran hastalarda kasitli kendine zarar verme davranisi ile cocukluk cagi travma yasantilarinin yayginligi ve arasindaki iliskinin arastirilmasi. Sacarcelik, Gulhazar; Turkcan, Ahmet; Guveli, Hulya; Yesilbas, Dilek Report Sep 1, 2013 5069
House of health: with support from US Catholics, clinic in Port-au-Prince empowers Haitians to aid their own community. Roberts, Tom Aug 30, 2013 1049
Dubai health clinics to be held on Twitter. Aug 25, 2013 190
Three-dimensional CET: the AOP's head of professional development, Karen Sparrow, reviews an optometrist education day which was held in the woods of Sussex at the Centre for Sight. Sparrow, Karen Aug 9, 2013 669
Urgent Care Locations, AAUCM Partner for Exposure of Accredited Urgent Care Centers. Aug 8, 2013 545
Dazzling drugstores; Eyebrow waxing and cafe lattes at Walgreens? Murphy, Tom Aug 8, 2013 979
Provision of Demolition work. Aug 7, 2013 204
Chindex International, Inc. Reports Financial Results for Second Quarter and First Half of 2013. Financial report Aug 7, 2013 9486
United States : New Spectrum Health Clinic Improves Primary Care Access. Aug 3, 2013 409
Retail clinics gaining ground, support. Ault, Alicia Aug 1, 2013 311
Sobering-up centres risky. Brief article Aug 1, 2013 265
Wentworth-Douglass expands Mass General affiliation. Brief article Jul 26, 2013 220
Houston Ambulatory Service Providers Focus of Moratorium. Jul 26, 2013 694
Elective orthopaedic outpatient services at bridgwater community hospital. Jul 23, 2013 152
Chindex International, Inc. Announces Opening of United Family Quankou Clinic in Shanghai. Jul 17, 2013 1110
Construction work for buildings relating to health. Jul 13, 2013 151
Information gathering is lacking, report finds. McCormick, Emily Brief article Jul 12, 2013 269
Processing day hospital pediatric CHUV. Jul 12, 2013 108
Reconfiguration and refurbishment of the emergency department. Jul 12, 2013 161
SCA builds health clinic, school. Jul 4, 2013 188
2013 Analysis of the Cell Surface Markers in Europe: Hospitals, Commercial Labs, Ambulatory Care Centers. Jul 4, 2013 960
Chalkyitsik Clinic. Gallion, Mari Brief article Jul 1, 2013 216
HIV/AIDS patient migration in North-Central West Virginia. Knutsen, Dorothy A.; Roidad, Nasira; Sarwari, Arif R.; Coombs, Tabatha; Fisher, Melanie A. Report Jul 1, 2013 2509
Cost-savings analysis of telemedicine use for ophthalmic screening in a rural Appalachian health clinic. Richardson, D. Russell; Fry, Russell L.; Krasnow, Michael Report Jul 1, 2013 2730
Does routine ultrasound change management in the follow-up of patients with vesicoureteral reflux? Rudzinski, Jan K.; Weber, Bryce; Wildgoose, Petra; Lorenzo, Armando; Bagli, Darius; Farhat, Walid; H Report Jul 1, 2013 2409
Mental health clinics move to schools. DeNisco, Alison Jul 1, 2013 527
Practice of the year. Jun 28, 2013 1179
The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Announces the Buerger Center for Advanced Pediatric Care. Jun 25, 2013 1198
They told mum she was dying from cancer - the next day hospital staff admitted they had mixed up two patients' medical notes; Relief followed heartbreak for pensioner who left GP in tears. Jun 24, 2013 553
Meet the nation's oldest working nurse. Roberts, M.B. Reprint Jun 22, 2013 623
Hospital building phase v - ambulatory center - closed shell. Jun 22, 2013 162
Select Medical Adds Two Rehabilitation Hospitals to Its Growing Network. Jun 20, 2013 378
Chindex International, Inc. Announces Opening of Beijing United Family Rehabilitation Hospital. Jun 19, 2013 1398
Third of 106 NHS walk-in clinics axed. Jun 16, 2013 124
Third of 106 NHS walk-in clinics axed. Jun 16, 2013 124
'Super' specialist eye clinic officially opens: OT's Emily McCormick reports on the official opening of Moorfields' 3.4m [pounds sterling] redevelopment. McCormick, Emily Jun 14, 2013 600
Buying into a franchise. Schizas, Emmanouil Jun 14, 2013 1975
2013 Endocrine Function Testing Market in Europe: Hospitals, Commercial Labs, Physician Offices, Ambulatory Care Centers. Jun 13, 2013 1431
Women's health clinic opens. Jun 7, 2013 137
WRHS to host Heart Screening event; Thibodeau foundation organizes June 15 health clinic for students. Jun 7, 2013 433
2013 Immunoprotein Diagnostic Testing in Europe: Hospital, Commercial Labs, Physician Offices, Ambulatory Care Centers. Jun 5, 2013 1280
Os trigonum syndrome: a case study/Os trigonum sendromlu bir olgu. Turan, Yasemin; Karatas-Berkit, Isil; Kahvecioglu, Fatih; Sendur, Omer Faruk Clinical report Jun 1, 2013 1901
3.4m [pounds sterling] eye centre opens. Brief article May 31, 2013 140
Life as an LOC company: the directors of Primary Eyecare (Stockport) Limited, Trevor Warburton, Dharmesh Patel, Andrea Kay, Deborah Morley and Matt Jinkinson, discuss establishing Stockport LOC as a company. Warburton, Trevor; Patel, Dharmesh; Kay, Andrea; Morley, Deborah; Jinkinson, Matt May 31, 2013 1698
Ghana Ministry of Health Receives Mobile Clinics for Specialist Patient Outreach Services. May 25, 2013 1315
Australia : Green Light For New Umbakumba Health Clinic . May 23, 2013 359
Ooredoo, Messi team up to back mobile health clinics for kids. May 22, 2013 680
Ooredoo, Messi team up to back mobile health clinics for kids. May 21, 2013 680
Tunisia : IFC Investment Facilitates New Health Clinic in Rural Tunisia. May 21, 2013 273
VE adopts new child eye cancer referral protocol. Withers, Nikki Brief article May 17, 2013 285
Moorfields in glaucoma 'gold standard' study. McCormick, Emily May 17, 2013 302
Dubai health clinic for elderly. May 16, 2013 128
Nonprofits, health clinics see bigger roles. May 15, 2013 1149
Chindex International, Inc. Reports First Quarter 2013 Financial Results. Financial report May 8, 2013 6556
The effect of mefenamic acid and naproxen on heavy menstrual bleeding: a placebo-controlled study. Khajehei, M.; Abdali, K.; Tabatabaee, H. Clinical report May 1, 2013 3093
Child and adolescent behavioral health clinic. Company overview May 1, 2013 337
Prince Muqrin to open 500-bed Riyadh hospital. Apr 27, 2013 426
UMass Memorial Health Care Deploys MedAptus for Technical Charge Capture and Management. Apr 24, 2013 713
Canada : Improving Health Care in Wingham. Apr 23, 2013 148
West Ridge Academy Opens New Outpatient Clinic For Youth. Apr 18, 2013 309
Dh9m centre to provide treatment for diabetes. Apr 17, 2013 352
Hospital building schwEnbisch hall. Apr 10, 2013 135
Saudi Arabia-Outpatient Clinics Building Restoration & Rehabilitation Works Project. Apr 9, 2013 125
The Roberto Clemente Santa Ana Health Clinic - Plans for Facility Expansion in Full Swing for 2013. Apr 5, 2013 338
Fibrinogen: associations with cardiovascular events in an outpatient clinic. Brief article Apr 1, 2013 287
Landmark GOS developments. Brief article Mar 22, 2013 254
Symptom differences by gender for outpatient clients as measured by the SCL-90-R. Grande, Todd L.; Newmeyer, Mark D.; Adair, Elizabeth S. Clinical report Mar 22, 2013 4284
Eugene School Board given an earful. Mar 21, 2013 633
Defunding forces Planned Parenthood in Wisconsin to close four clinics. Mar 18, 2013 407
Finding the right way to stop unwanted pregnancies; With many methods to choose from, each with their own pros and cons, picking the right type of contraception for you can be daunting. Alison Sanders runs through the options available. Mar 18, 2013 2208
CVS Caremark MinuteClinic President Discusses Primary Care Innovation at London Healthcare Conferences. Mar 14, 2013 652
Department of Veterans Affairs Outpatient Clinic Achieves Substantial Completion. Mar 13, 2013 438
Chindex International, Inc. Reports Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2012 Financial Results. Financial report Mar 13, 2013 9133
Walk-in unit saved me; views. Mar 11, 2013 174
Retail Clinics - 2012 Yearbook. Mar 11, 2013 1614
United States - Radiology Outpatient Center Two. Mar 2, 2013 129
Unexpected relocation expands RediMedi's scope: express care goes wholistic. McDaniels, Nevonne Mar 1, 2013 908
A case of polyarteritis nodosa mimicking pyelonephritis and was misdiagnosed as inflammatory bowel disease/Piyelonefriti taklit eden, daha sonra inflamatuvar barsak hastaligi tanisi alan bir poliarteritis nodoza vakasi. Senates, Ebubekir; Masatlioglu, Hatice Seval; Akdogan, Mahmet Fatih; Kurtulus, Duygu; Atasoy, Mehmet Clinical report Mar 1, 2013 2760
Serum uric acid level is an independent risk factor for presence of calcium in coronary arteries: an observational case-controlled study/Serum urik asit duzeyi koroner arter kalsiyum varligmin bagimsiz bir belirleyicisidir: bir gozlemsel vaka kontrollu calisma. Atar, Asli Inci; Yilmaz, Omer Caglar; Akin, Kayihan; Selcoki, Yusuf; Er, Okan; Eryonucu, Beyhan Report Mar 1, 2013 4632
Mobile health clinic a finalist in contest. Feb 28, 2013 230
Roby Commercial Completes Renovations of VA Outpatient Clinic. Feb 27, 2013 295
Market project management (negotiated procedure) for the implementation of the restructuring of emergency, operating theater and outpatient centre hospitalier de neufchateau. Feb 26, 2013 138
PREIT Announces Main Line Health Ambulatory Facility Coming to Exton Square Mall in Exton, PA. Feb 22, 2013 1171
Celebrity health clinic; Vital health Asthma affects many athletes, but they don't let it stop them achieving their goals. Feb 13, 2013 265
Health clinics running out of flu vaccines. Feb 10, 2013 226
Northwestern Medicine Announces New Glenview Outpatient Center. Feb 8, 2013 735

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