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Cingular Wireless Selects Lucent Technologies' IMS-Based Solution for Evolution to Next-Generation Services; Solution Will Enable Cingular to Rapidly Develop and Launch Exciting New End-User Applications Over its 3G Network.

ATLANTA & MURRAY HILL Murray Hill may refer to one of the following places:
  • Murray Hill, Kentucky
  • Murray Hill, Manhattan, a residential neighborhood in New York City
  • Murray Hill, Queens, a different locality in New York City
  • Murray Hill, New Jersey
  • Murray Hill, Pennsylvania
, N.J. -- Cingular Wireless and Lucent Technologies (NYSE NYSE

See: New York Stock Exchange
: LU) today announced that Cingular has awarded Lucent a four-year agreement to provide a comprehensive IMS-based (IP Multimedia Subsystem An integrated network for telecommunications carriers that uses the IP protocol as its foundation for packetized voice, video and data. Supporting voice over IP (VoIP) in all its flavors (SIP, H.323, MGCP, etc. ) solution that will enable Cingular to rapidly develop and launch a broad range of new personalized voice, video, data and multimedia services.

Lucent's IMS-based architecture and applications will complement Cingular's 3G network and enable Cingular to offer subscribers innovative, easy-to-use services that they can access anytime, anywhere, with almost any device.

Lucent Worldwide Services (LWS LWS Living with A Star (Beowulf cluster application - NASA)
LWS Living with Style (website)
LWS Long Wavelength Spectrometer (Keck Observatory) 
) will assist Cingular in the deployment and integration of Lucent's solution. This includes multi-vendor integration and technical support services support services Psychology Non-health care-related ancillary services–eg, transportation, financial aid, support groups, homemaker services, respite services, and other services  that will seamlessly connect and maintain a critical link between Cingular's core network and its new applications portal.

"Lucent's IMS-based architecture, combined with our 3G UMTS/HSDPA network, will allow us to offer our customers new and exciting end-user experiences over one of the most advanced, reliable and secure networks in North America North America, third largest continent (1990 est. pop. 365,000,000), c.9,400,000 sq mi (24,346,000 sq km), the northern of the two continents of the Western Hemisphere. ," said Kelly Williams Kelly Williams (born February 2, 1982 in Detroit, Michigan, USA) is a Filipino-American professional basketball player currently playing with the Sta. Lucia Realtors. He plays in the forward position. He is a prolific scorer and also a dunk artist. , executive director of strategy and planning for Cingular. "The IMS (1) See IP Multimedia Subsystem.

(2) (Information Management System) An early IBM hierarchical DBMS for IBM mainframes. IMS was widely implemented throughout the 1970s under MVS and continues to be used under z/OS.
 platform also provides Cingular with a cost effective process for delivering these new features and services."

IMS is an open, standards-based solution to build next-generation networks capable of delivering advanced communications services. With a standards-based IMS architecture and solution that allow services to flow in a network-agnostic environment, service providers can build applications and have them work with numerous endpoints, producing the so-called "grand slam" of services -- voice, data, video and wireless/wired communications.

"Lucent offers a unique blend of Bell Labs enabled technology, expertise and an end-to-end portfolio of solutions and services to build and deliver next-generation networks that offer the easy-to-use services customers are clamoring for," said Joe McCarthy, sales vice president for Lucent Technologies. "Lucent's IMS-based architecture enables Cingular to smoothly introduce new applications that customers can access anytime, anywhere, with any device, into its existing network while controlling operational and capital expense."

Cingular will deploy components of Lucent's Accelerate(TM) Next Generation Communications Solutions portfolio that consists of IMS-based products and applications, both with unique Bell Labs developed enhancements and services.

Among the available solutions and applications in this portfolio are the Lucent Session Manager, including the service broker function, the new Lucent Feature Server with support for mobile roaming using dual-mode devices, Lucent Unified Subscriber Data Server for wireless and wireline customers, Lucent Network Controller, Lucent Network Gateway, Lucent Communication Manager with next generation features, Lucent Active PhoneBook and Lucent MiLife(R) Application Server. (Product information is at end of this news release)

The Lucent Technologies Bell Labs Service Enhancement Layer is a library of Bell Labs software assets built into Lucent's IMS elements and deployed within IMS standard functions that work across wireless, wireline, and WiFi networks to simplify and speed delivery of services. The Service Enhancement Layer offers a distinct advantage over competing IMS implementations by enhancing SIP (Session Initiation Protocol (protocol) Session Initiation Protocol - (SIP) A very simple text-based application-layer control protocol. It creates, modifies, and terminates sessions with one or more participants. Such sessions include Internet telephony and multimedia conferences.

It is described in RFC 2543.
) processing, and supporting flexible service brokering, real-time policy management, and enhanced data management and integration, including access to data outside a service provider's network.

The Bell Labs enhancements support simple service management, seamless operations, secure communications, portable services, rich personalization, and rapid service customization.

About Cingular Wireless

Cingular Wireless is the largest wireless carrier in the United States, serving 51.6 million customers. Cingular, a joint venture between SBC (1) (SBC Communications Inc., San Antonio, TX, A large, national telecommunications company that grew from a multitude of local and regional companies, including Southwestern Bell, Pacific Bell and Nevada Bell, into a single, unified brand by 2002.  Communications Inc. (NYSE: SBC) and BellSouth Corporation (NYSE: BLS See Bureau of Labor Statistics. ), has the largest digital voice and data network in the nation -- the ALLOVER(sm) network -- and the largest mobile-to-mobile community of any national wireless carrier. Cingular is the only U.S. wireless carrier to offer Rollover A graphic element in an application or on a Web page that changes its color or shape when the pointer is moved (rolled) over it. See JavaScript rollover. See also n-key rollover. (R), the wireless plan that lets customers keep their unused monthly minutes. Details of the company are available at

About Lucent Technologies

Lucent Technologies designs and delivers the systems, services and software that drive next-generation communications networks. Backed by Bell Labs research and development, Lucent uses its strengths in mobility, optical, software, data and voice networking technologies, as well as services, to create new revenue-generating opportunities for its customers, while enabling them to quickly deploy and better manage their networks. Lucent's customer base includes communications service providers, governments and enterprises worldwide. For more information on Lucent Technologies, which has headquarters in Murray Hill, N.J., USA, visit

Product Information For Lucent Technologies and Cingular IMS Announcement

Lucent Session Manager -- The Lucent SM provides multiple IMS functions including the call session control functions (CSCF CSCF Call Session Control Function
CSCF Canadian Ski Coaches Federation
CSCF Centre Suisse de Cartographie de la Faune (Neuch√Ętel, Switzerland)
CSCF Call State Control Function (3GPP) 
), the service broker function -- the enhanced service capabilities interaction manager (SCIM SCIM Smart Common Input Method
SCIM Service Capability Interaction Manager (3GPP)
SCIM Sample Collection for Investigation of Mars
SCIM Spinal Cord Independence Measure
SCIM Standard Cubic Inches per Minute
), the policy decision function (PDF (Portable Document Format) The de facto standard for document publishing from Adobe. On the Web, there are countless brochures, data sheets, white papers and technical manuals in the PDF format. ) and the breakout gateway control function (BGCF BGCF Breakout Gateway Control Function
BGCF Border Gateway Control Function
). It forms the core of Lucent's IMS architecture and manages user presence and call types, dynamically connecting subscribers to a variety of services such as "Push To Show" or "Video on Hold" on an IMS-based network. This enables customers, such as Cingular, to "blend" voice, data, video, multimedia and other capabilities. The Session Manager also enables "single sign-on" for subscribers to access their services instead of separate sign-ons and multiple passwords. The Session Manager also facilitates the easy addition of new applications to an IMS-based network, allowing Cingular to quickly roll out new services.

Lucent Feature Server -- The new Lucent Feature Server is an IMS-compliant application server that supports a variety of telephony and mobility services on broadband or narrowband networks. It can provide telephony services to any subscriber's next-generation or traditional wireline or wireless device, such as, Call Waiting, Caller ID, Automatic Callback, Three-way Conference Calling, Call Forwarding, Advanced Privacy Security, Distinctive Ringing and is also able to manage the "hand-off" between wireline networks and mobile extensions, such as with WiFi, CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) A method for transmitting simultaneous signals over a shared portion of the spectrum. The foremost application of CDMA is the digital cellular phone technology from QUALCOMM that operates in the 800 MHz band and 1.9 GHz PCS band. , GSM or UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunications System) The GSM implementation of the 3G wireless phone system. Part of IMT-2000, UMTS provides service in the 2 GHz band and offers global roaming and personalized features.  technologies, supporting the use of dual-mode (wireline/wireless) phones or similar devices. The new Lucent Feature Server also supports emergency number service -- such as 911 - 112, Local Number Portability "LNP" redirects here. For the airport in Virginia with that IATA code, see Lonesome Pine Airport. For the compound InP, see Indium phosphide.

Local number portability, (LNP) for fixed lines, and full mobile number portability
, Call Trace and Long Distance Carrier Selection.

Lucent Communication Manager -- The Lucent Communication Manager provides a single "screen" or "portal" for subscribers to access their communications applications whether using a wireline or wireless device. Desktop capabilities can include click-to-dial, and access to voice mail, email, instant messaging, buddy lists, find me/follow me Telephone services that provide advanced call forwarding. Initially developed for the circuit-switched Intelligent Network (IN), voice over IP (VoIP) also provides such services. "Find me" forwards calls either in sequence or at the same time to a list of numbers.  and multimedia conference calling applications. The purpose of the Lucent CM is to integrate, simplify, and unify the presentation of features and session control to the end user, regardless of the underlying infrastructure of application servers and regardless of the endpoint in use.

Lucent Network Controller -- The Lucent Network Controller provides the IMS media gateway control function (MGCF MGCF Media Gateway Control Function (3GPP)
MGCF Mojave Global Change Facility
) and the signaling gateway (SG) function. These VoIP functions were previously associated with media gateway control (MGC MGC Mammalian Gene Collection
MGC Media Gateway Controller
MGC Middle Georgia College
MGC Museums and Galleries Commission (UK government)
MGC Mississippi Gaming Commission
MGC Manual Gain Control
) within traditional softswitches.

Lucent Network Gateway -- The Lucent Network Gateway provides the IMS media gateway (MGW MGW Media Gateway (3GPP)
MGW Maximum Gross Weight
MGW Morgantown, WV, USA - Morgantown Municipal Airport (Airport Code)
MGW Mission Gross Weight (aviation) 
) function and permits seamless interaction between IP networks and both traditional wireline and wireless networks.

Lucent Unified Subscriber Data Server (USDS USDS United States Department of State
USDS US Determination Services, Inc.
) -- The USDS provides the IMS home subscriber services (HSS HSS Humanities and Social Sciences
HSS High Speed Steel
HSS Home Subscriber Server (3GPP)
HSS Hospital for Special Surgery (New York, NY, USA)
HSS Hospital for Special Surgery
HSS History of Science Society
) function which maintains information such as subscriber profiles and user location on wireline and wireless networks. The Lucent USDS is a new product resulting from the integration of the Home Location Register, Home Subscriber Server, Authentication, Authorization, Accounting technology and next-generation Super-Distributed Home Location Register technology, along with Bell Labs enhancements. The USDS delivers a suite of carrier-grade data management and integration tools, so that applications can store and share data in a centralized fashion, and also obtain fast, seamless, integrated access to data which may be hosted inside or outside of a service provider's network and can reside on diverse network platforms. This dramatically reduces the complexity of managing subscriber data, making it much easier for operators to offer their subscribers customized services. The Lucent USDS also makes it possible for mobile operators to offer subscribers a single service presentation that will provide a consistent look and feel for their services even when they're roaming onto another operator's network.

Lucent Active PhoneBook -- a dynamic address-book that enhances the existing address book software that is already supported by various handsets in use today, and supplements these handset capabilities through interactions with a network hosted server and through the seamless incorporation of dynamic presence information in the presentation of various contacts to the end-user using the handset.

Lucent MiLife (R) Application Server -- a combined server and service control point that offers greater capacity and capability in a smaller footprint and at lower cost than traditional service platforms, helping wireless, wireline and converged network operators accelerate the introduction of IP-based voice, data, video and multimedia services. This platform includes service creation and service customization tools.

Lucent Technologies Bell Labs Service Enhancement Layer Components Included in Lucent Agreement With Cingular

--Lucent Datagrid(TM) -- For simple service management, a data management tool that integrates the myriad databases that keep track of each subscriber's basic network services such as call processing, messaging, and customer care, so that all this data is easily accessed by next-generation applications.

--Lucent Service Broker(TM) -- Also for seamless operations, a service brokering capability that allows the blending of multiple, existing and future services, while ensuring that those services interact in a manner that provides a positive, and customized end-user experience.

--Lucent Vortex(TM) -- For personalization and rapid service customization, a new policy engine -- distributed throughout the network -- that supports rich personalization of end-user services, and enables network operators to quickly modify network behaviors to target particular customer segments or offer quality of service guarantees.
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