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Chronic Pain and Family: A Clinical Perspective.


Chronic pain and family; a clinical perspective.

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Melding his own clinical experience with a review of the research, Roy (clinical health psychology, U. of Manitoba Manitoba (mănĭtō`bə), province (2001 pop. 1,119,583), 250,934 sq mi (650,930 sq km), including 39,215 sq mi (101,580 sq km) of water surface, W central Canada. , Canada) examines the clinical dimensions of working with chronic pain sufferers and their families." After providing an introduction to different family structures and their dynamics, he devotes seven chapters to clinical issues, including the impact of chronic pain on marriage and family, chronic pain and the health of other family members, chronic pain and sexual relations sexual relations
1. Sexual intercourse.

2. Sexual activity between individuals.
, family communication, changes in family roles, and impact of chronic pain upon the pain sufferer's children. He also presents chapters on the issue of spousal spou·sal  
1. Of or relating to marriage; nuptial.

2. Of or relating to a spouse.

Marriage; nuptials. Often used in the plural.
 abuse, specifics of couple therapy and family therapy with chronic pain sufferers and concludes with a discussion of the state of the research.

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Date:Jun 1, 2006
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