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Chocolates, cookies and confections: natural accompaniments to coffee.

Just as gourmet coffee sales are increasing, so are the number of products being developed to complement gourmet coffee. Chocolate in many forms, cookies in many varieties, and confections in many shapes can give a coffee presentation added profitability as well as panache.

Top It

Espresso drinks such as cappuccinos and lattes, benefit from a final sprinkle of chocolate, cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla, or cinnamon sugar. You can buy the products individually or try "Cappuccino Accents" toppings from X cell International.

Xcell has combined chocolate, cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla in a new flip lid, four compartment acrylic jar. The product can be used in-house to top beverages sold over the counter and also comes in an attractive display box.

Stir It

Chocoholics will love the "Chocoholic Coffee Spoon" by Loveable Chocolates. It really is a spoon, coated with chocolate, individually wrapped and tied with a bow. You dip the spoon into a hot cup of coffee and as it melts, the coffee and chocolate flavors blend to create a true delicious treat.

Dryden and Palmer, makers of rock candy since 1880, provide "an elegant alternative" to sugar with their white and amber coffee crystals, swizzle sticks, and demitasse sticks. The crystals make a sugar bowl colorful, the rock candy swizzle sticks are ideal to garnish and sweeten a tall, fancy, coffee drink and the smaller demitasse sticks are perfect for coffee, espresso, and cappuccino. Any of the items can give your coffee presentation distinction and/or be sold as an elegant coffee accessory.

Munch It

One of the best coffee confections invented in recent years was the chocolate covered espresso bean and the company who introduced them first was Koppers. Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white, dark milk and white mix, chocolate kona, chocolate amaretto, chocolate decaffeinated--seven different types of candy covered coffee beans and eight other coffee confections.

Not content with covering a single bean with chocolate at a time, Esprezzo Confectioners introduced the Esprezzo Bar. This unique confections has whole espresso beans buried in a 5/8" thick slab of delectably rich dark chocolate. It also comes in a lighter "cappuccino" version that uses an aromatic, slightly chewy milk chocolate. Both of these bars are sold exclusively to specialty coffee and gourmet retailers.

The Esprezzo Bars come in a compact counter display unit that holds 24 bars and comes also in a gift pack. The gift pack holds two cappuccino and two regular Esprezzo Bars in a reusable plastic container.

Dip It

Biscotti is the traditional dunking cookie for coffee and now they come in all different varieties. San Anselmo's Cookies has 10 different biscotti including unusual flavors such as Cinnamon Raisin Walnut and their newest, Chocolate Macadamia with Vanilla Chips. San Anselmo's biscotti is available in two lengths; the Little Dipper (3") and The Big Dipper (5") and is packaged both bulk and retail.

Probably the most recognized name in dipping cookies is La Tempesta. They have six different types of biscotti in both small and large sizes, packaged for both bulk and retail. In addition to having a well known product, La Tempesta's display materials are equally identifiable. Artistic, coloful tins and large, handblown flutted glass jars are available for bulk display and packaging for retail includes gift bags, singles and gift tins.

Fresh from his success with wafer rolls at the "Rock'n Rolls Cafe" is Leonard Yohay and his new line of all natural biscotti, available in six delicious flavors. To make merchandising easier, Yohay has created the "Biscotteria," a special multi-unit lucite display that holds three or six flavors. In addition to the lucite displays, Yohay also has traditional jars available. Complete merchandising aids, flavor labels, and gold and black biscotti decal labels are supplied by Yohay.

See It

An ideal place to see many wonderful accompaniments to coffee is at the SCAA Annual Trade Show and Conference in Boston May 8-11th. Suppliers of all types of coffee related products will be there, and if you want to find out about these products, so should you. For more information contact the Specialty Coffee Association of America at: (310)83-8090.

For more information about any of these products, please contact the manufacturers directly. Xcell International Corporation: (708)323 0107 Loveable Chocolates: (206)486-3389 Dryden and Palmer Company: (203)(481-3725 Koppers Chocolate Specialty Co., Inc.: (212)(243-0220 Esprezzo Confectioners: (415)331-5407 San Anselmo's Cookies: (415)492-1220 La Tempesta Bakery Confections Inc.: (415)873-8944 Yohay Baking Co., Inc.: (800)255-9642

Shea Sturdivant is a specialty coffee writer and consultant and can be contacted c/o GROUNDS FOR DISCUSSION, 717 Pratt Avenue, Box 10061, Huntsville, AL 35801-620, Tel/Fax: (205)539-5237.
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