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Chinese Cinderella: the True Story of an Unwanted Daughter.

CHINESE CINDERELLA: THE TRUE STORY OF AN UNWANTED DAUGHTER. Adeline Yen Mah. 1999/2004. Read by Felice Yeh. 5 tapes. 7 hrs. Recorded Books. 1-4025-9006-7. $45.75. Vinyl; content notes. JSA

From the KLIATT review of the book, July 2001: "This is truly a Cinderella story, from the evil stepmother to the spoiled siblings and the terrible injustices done to an unwanted daughter. When Adeline was born her mother died. This created a kind of curse on the baby girl; she was shunned by all her family except for her dear Aunt Baba and her grandfather, YeYe. Her father was indifferent to her and when he remarried, his wife Niang had little use for Adeline and her older brothers. The birth of Niang's children escalated the cruel treatment of Adeline ... Adeline's exceptional mind brought her many awards.... Only when she won a prestigious prize for writing a play did her father deem her worthy to go on to college. This is a well-named autobiography, and it does have a happy ending. It is full of fascinating Chinese culture and language."

Reader Yeh was a great choice to do this. Her voice conveys both the strength and the sadness found in Yen Mah's famous autobiography. Her voice has a youthful quality that easily translates the struggles the young Adeline encounters in her difficult childhood. In portraying other members and friends, Yeh slightly changes the inflections of her voice, which is just enough to identify them with ease. Readers of the book will be pleased by Yeh's excellent interpretation. Sally Tibbetts, LRC, Maine West H.S., Des Plaines, IL

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Author:Tibbetts, Sally
Article Type:Audiobook Review
Date:Jan 1, 2005
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