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Articles from Children's Bookwatch (September 1, 2008)

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Title Author Type Words
'Opihi Baby. Book review 98
A Child's View of a Prairie. Brief article 145
A Curse Dark as Gold. Book review 92
A New Home for Beaver. Brief article 101
A Wizard Sleeping on a Watermelon. Brief article 100
Alena & the Favorite Thing. Brief article 117
Anything but Hank! Brief article 117
Ask Dr. K. Fisher about Creepy-Crawlies. Brief article 188
Bats at the Library. Brief article 80
Bear Dance. Book review 106
Bella's Chocolate Surprise. Brief article 219
Big Round World. Sound recording review 207
Black Rabbit Books. Book review 156
Blackberry Banquet. Book review 183
Bloomsbury. Brief article 154
Bob the Builder On Site. Video recording review 122
Boys of Steel: The Creators of Superman. Brief article 108
Capturing the Moon. Brief article 116
Cat Nights. Brief article 193
Chasing Fun. Book review 191
Chester Raccoon and the Big Bad Bully. Book review 167
Clarion Books. Book review 136
Corn. Brief article 111
Dancing to Freedom. Brief article 207
Disney Princess Write-With-Me Alphabet. Book review 138
Enslow Publishers. Brief article 256
Fireside Al's Treasury of Christmas Stories. Brief article 120
Give a Goat. Book review 194
Grandfather's Story Cloth. Brief article 147
Great Joy. Brief article 121
Heart in the Pocket. Book review 129
Horse Drawing Studio. Brief article 123
Jane and the Dragon: A Dragon's Tale. Brief article 309
Julie Black Belt. Book review 148
Katie and the Magic Umbrella. Brief article 182
Kiki's Hats. Brief article 123
Lang Lang: Playing With Flying Keys. Book review 112
Learn Along With Lily. Book review 130
Lighthouse Lindy. Brief article 137
Little Bit & Big Byte: A Day at the Beach. Brief article 130
Little By Little. Book review 97
Look-Alikes Around the World. Brief article 87
Makin' Waves. Brief article 153
Marshall Cavendish. Book review 444
Marshall Cavendish. Brief article 225
Marshall Cavendish. Book review 133
Metal Man. Book review 87
Morgan Reynolds Publishing. Book review 206
Natalie & Naughtily. Brief article 169
Neela Potts Has Lots of Knots. Brief article 91
Nightmare at the Book Fair. Brief article 106
Nosy. Brief article 142
Nutty to Meet You. Brief article 105
O'Shaughnessey: A Boy and His Leprechaun. Book review 145
One Night In Frogtown. Brief article 214
One Special Me. Brief article 135
Pier 21: Stories from Near and Far. Brief article 157
Pinky and Peanut: Trouble Times Two. Book review 136
Rainy Day Games. Brief article 133
Raise a Rabbit Grow a Goose. Brief article 308
Random House/Knopf. Book review 792
Random House/Knopf. Book review 148
Rembrandt and the Boy Who Drew Dogs. Brief article 120
Rocketship Run. Sound recording review 257
Ruffen: The Sea Serpent Who Couldn't Swim. Brief article 167
Sam Feels Better Now! Brief article 150
Santa Claus in Baghdad. Brief article 110
Scarecrow Finds a Friend. Brief article 104
Scholastic Inc. Brief article 129
Scholastic, Inc. Book review 174
Seek and Find Bible Stories. Book review 164
Seven Miles to Freedom. Book review 136
Singing to the Sun. Book review 209
SmartLab. Brief article 155
Snake in the Grass. Brief article 113
Sonrieta. Brief article 187
Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog. Brief article 147
Sunny's Adventures. Book review 125
Termites on a Stick. Brief article 111
The American Boy's Handy Book. Book review 106
The Animals' Winter Sleep. Brief article 109
The Ant in the Cellar. Book review 110
The Best Book of The Human Body. Book review 136
The Boston Balloonies. Brief article 118
The Care Bears: Care-A-Lot Collection. Brief article 149
The Gold Scissors. Brief article 124
The Human Body. Book review 115
The Kingdom of Strange. Book review 87
The Lyre Birds. Brief article 93
The New Blue Tractor. Book review 153
The Old Animals Forest Band. Brief article 136
The Player Piano Mouse. Brief article 145
The Tree. Book review 101
The Uglified Ducky. Brief article 156
The Woman Who Married a Bear. Brief article 250
Thing-Thing Cary Fagan & Nicolas Debon. Brief article 111
Thing-Thing. Brief article 94
Titanicat. Brief article 214
Trick or Treat on Monster Street. Children's review 109
Twitter and Tweet: Bringing Home a Bird. Book review 162
Tyrannosaurus Drip. Brief article 121
Upside Down. Sound recording review 182
Viking/Dutton/Putnam/Philomel. Book review 404
Viking/Penguin/Philomel. Brief article 243
Waves of Grace. Book review 119
Whose Ears Are Whose. Brief article 140
Wild Animals in Captivity. Brief article 156

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