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Kiln owners given deadline for elimination of child labour. Nov 26, 2015 126
United States : International Cocoa Initiative awarded $4.5M to reduce child labor in 50 cocoa-growing communities in Cote d Ivoire. Nov 24, 2015 174
' Changes in child labour Act regressive'. Nov 24, 2015 527
Punjab government to introduce PRECA to curb child labor: Sarwar. Nov 24, 2015 424
Uzbekistan : World Bank Reports on Progress in Transforming Agriculture and Labor Practices in Uzbekistan. Nov 21, 2015 614
Near 1 million children being exploited in Turkish job market. Nov 20, 2015 446
Philippines : DOLE awards livelihood aid to parents of child laborers. Nov 18, 2015 152
Req - 642-dtd "supply of biodegradable bags with logo and printed transparent plastic bags with treats" for use in the eradication program to child work by the office of the first lady (cetippat). Nov 3, 2015 119
Combating The Worst Forms Of Child Labour (WFCL) In Uganda. Oct 23, 2015 105
Empanelment of national level experts for with the objective of augmenting its capacity in the following areas of Child Rights:1. POSCO,Child Labour,Rehabilitation of Children in Conflict with Law/CNC. Oct 22, 2015 122
Community-based Approach in Combatting Child Labor in Hazardous Industries in Plantations and Mining. Oct 22, 2015 146
Saudis constitute 89% of child workers. Oct 12, 2015 379
Stree children are deprived of basic facilities: SPARC. Oct 10, 2015 240
Construction of Rehabilitation Centrefor Child Labour at Assistant LabourCommissioner Office Dhanbad. Oct 8, 2015 123
Medical treatment facilities (service spa facilities to rehabilitate war and labor veterans, children of war and citizens affected by the Chernobyl disaster m. Kyiv with diseases of the circulatory sy. Oct 8, 2015 109
UoP to offer free education to forced labors for eradicating child labor. Oct 6, 2015 267
Punjab govt initiates plan to combat child labour. Oct 2, 2015 132
Labor law highlights, 1915-2015. Boone, Graham Oct 1, 2015 4334
United States : Consumers File Suit Against Nestle, Hershey s and Mars for Alleged Child Labor Used in Chocolate Production. Sep 30, 2015 515
Malala gives press speech to world leaders. Sep 26, 2015 887
Child labor-free Punjab campaign continues. Sep 22, 2015 615
What they did for their summer vacation: how a loophole in America's child labor laws lets teens work dangerous jobs harvesting tobacco. Potenza, Alessandra Sep 21, 2015 3367
LHC summons officials for elimination of child labour. Sep 15, 2015 225
Understanding Children's Work - Action Against Child Labour. Sep 14, 2015 451
Protection of Vulnerable Groups in Haiti (2015). Sep 14, 2015 452
Reducing Child Labor is a Shared Responsibility. Jul 30, 2015 1763
Syrian child labor a lasting problem: NGO. Jul 4, 2015 740
UNICEF: More must be done to stop Syrian refugee child labor. Jul 3, 2015 241
Urgent Action Needed to Tackle Child Labor Caused by Syrian Crisis. Jul 1, 2015 1063
I get very emotional in India, but it's so heartwarming to see the children smile and to know we can improve their lives and help them dream again; CARING SIDE OF VILLA HARD MAN; WHILE MANY PREM STARS ARE ON THEIR YACHTS AND CARIBBEAN BEACHES, CONCRETE RON VLAAR IS HELPING A CHARITY END CHILD LABOUR; EXCLUSIVE. Jun 29, 2015 705
National Commissioner with UNICEF holds event on World Day against Child Labour. Jun 17, 2015 297
Zakia shahnawaz addresses national conference on child labour. Conference news Jun 17, 2015 235
Stage play highlights agony of child labour. Jun 14, 2015 145
Firm legislation against child labour in process. Jun 13, 2015 277
Walk held to create awareness about plight of child labourers. Jun 13, 2015 228
Sindh Government to further strengthen law against child labour. Jun 13, 2015 289
Intl Child Labour day observed. Jun 13, 2015 246
SPARC demands passage of child labour bill from PA. Jun 12, 2015 184
20-30 pc children in low income countries enter labour market at age 15. Jun 12, 2015 323
?hild labor rate decreases to 37%, Social Development Minister. Jun 11, 2015 136
Training session organised for journalists on child labour. Jun 11, 2015 116
Number of children involved in worst forms of labor go 90% down in Kyrgyzstan: Minister. Jun 5, 2015 189
Globalization is good for you! New research demonstrates the amazing power of open markets and open borders. Bailey, Ronald Jun 1, 2015 1870
Sarwar for elimination of child labour from brick kilns. May 21, 2015 457
Labour Dept given final shape to roadmap for elimination of child labour. May 20, 2015 444
Jordan, ILO discuss cooperation over child labor. May 13, 2015 245
Month to combat exploitation of child labor starts in Bishkek. May 12, 2015 147
Roadmap finalized to eliminate child labour at kilns. May 6, 2015 197
Child labour at brick kilns to end in 6 months: Shahbaz. May 2, 2015 1645
Child labour at brick kilns to end in 6 months: Shahbaz. May 2, 2015 1644
Execution of survey results and impact of project -elimination of child labour in el salvador empowerment through the economic and social inclusion. Apr 18, 2015 368
Palestinian Child Labor in Israeli Agricultural Settlements. Apr 17, 2015 1092
GoodWeave International fights child labor exploitation in handmade carpet manufacturing with help of FileMaker Platform. Mar 10, 2015 701
Labour ministry to step up crackdown on child labour, Minister. Feb 28, 2015 284
Over 1,500 children working in streets across country. Feb 17, 2015 620
Azzi launches electronic site devoted to fighting child labor. Feb 17, 2015 156
India : Bandaru Dattatreya Felicitates Nobel Laureate Shri Kailash Satyarthi Says Labour & Employment Ministry is Making Concerted Efforts for the Elimination of Child Labour. Feb 17, 2015 468
Rose Farm Rescues Reveal Darker Side to Valentine's Day. Feb 11, 2015 1024
87 child labourers returned to families in Bihar. Feb 6, 2015 527
Linda Rizk, Thomas A. Rizk, and Rizk Ventures Launch Counter Human Trafficking Compliance Solutions, a Global Compliance and Advisory Company. Feb 5, 2015 590
United States : International Labor Organization receives $8 million award from US Labor Department to prevent and reduce child labor in Vietnam. Jan 30, 2015 304
IMPAQ International Awarded $4.19M to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Programs to Combat Child Labor. Jan 26, 2015 458
Philippines : Construction firm could be liable. Jan 22, 2015 467
How to rule the world like... Jan 21, 2015 265
Protecting the Rights of Children, Women, and Youth. Jan 7, 2015 433
Meet Jonathan, 2015's first baby; It took 21 hours of labor before child finally makes his appearance. Allen, Samantha Jan 2, 2015 468
To eradicate or to legalize? Child labor debates and ILO Convention 182 in Bolivia. Fontana, Lorenza B.; Grugel, Jean Report Jan 1, 2015 8549
Child Labor May Be Hiding In Your Favorite Holiday Treats. Dec 17, 2014 958
Pb govt making efforts to eliminate child labour: DG LWD. Dec 13, 2014 153
Resolution in US Senate to honour Malala. Dec 12, 2014 288
Tobacco firms sign landmark pledge to end child labour in supply chains. Dec 10, 2014 146
Philippines : PH only Asia-Pacific country, which made significant efforts against worst forms of child labor. Dec 10, 2014 442
Fighting child labor. Dec 8, 2014 176
42 child workers killed in first nine months of 2014. Nov 20, 2014 503
CRY America: Giving Wings to Children's Dreams. Nov 10, 2014 806
CRY America: Giving Wings to Children's Dreams. Nov 10, 2014 811
Don't read a revolution in every baby step. Schlumpf, Heidi Nov 7, 2014 833
Utah sect cites hobby lobby in child labor case. Nov 1, 2014 230
We all must declare war on child labour. Oct 30, 2014 358
Only 1.8% of children working in households in southern Kyrgyzstan receive remuneration for their job. Oct 29, 2014 196
The campaign for children's rights goes global. Oct 28, 2014 840
Despite a ban, child labour flourishes in India. Oct 28, 2014 1546
Kyrgyzstan has worst form of child labor exploitation -- Federation of Trade Unions. Oct 28, 2014 112
Maintenance and development of private sector partnerships on child labour. Oct 25, 2014 168
The other Nobel winners: 2.2 billion children. Oct 24, 2014 762
The other Nobel winners. Oct 19, 2014 562
The real nobel winners. Oct 17, 2014 723
Malala and Satyarthi awarded Nobel Peace Prize. Oct 11, 2014 584
Australia : Government releases revised child employment code. Oct 8, 2014 310
Samsung finds child labor in supply chain. Sep 1, 2014 119
Embassy assists children living in landfill. Sep 1, 2014 279
A nexus of education and child labor: barefoot teachers in the brickfield schools of India. Cranston, Jerome Report Sep 1, 2014 2100
National Statistical Committee to monitor worst forms of child labor in Kyrgyzstan. Aug 29, 2014 153
Recommendations to eliminate child, bonded labour discussed. Aug 26, 2014 254
Shahbaz initiated an integrated project. Aug 26, 2014 412
Recommendations to eliminate child, bonded labour discussed. Aug 26, 2014 425
Bolivia defends decision to legalize child labor from age 10. Gaudin, Andres Aug 15, 2014 1523
Girls' rights are still not being taken seriously. Aug 1, 2014 786
Samsung set to suspend business with China over 'child labor' accusations. Jul 14, 2014 164
Petition Urges Samsung To Stop Child Labor, Other Abuse Of Workers In Chinese Cell Phone Manufacturing Facility. Jul 10, 2014 1126
GoodWeave grows better: coming on 20 years since goodweave first launched as rug-. Lillo, Andrea Jul 1, 2014 833
Child labor problem remains unresolved in Kyrgyzstan, says Vice PM Sariyeva. Jul 1, 2014 228
The earning power of mothers and children's time allocation in Lao PDR. Rende, Sevinc Report Jul 1, 2014 8596
Human Rights Watch: US government's decision to place Uzbekistan at bottom of human trafficking report aids forced labor victims. Jun 21, 2014 863
Recognition for children working to stop bullying. Jun 19, 2014 128
Gemstone Mountain: in a remote Cambodian province, children as young as seven risk their lives mining for a shiny blue rock. Meszaros, Jennifer Jun 19, 2014 1200
World Day Against Child Labor a grim reminder for Lebanon. Jun 13, 2014 631
Bilawal stresses to remove perils of Child Labor. Jun 12, 2014 151
Child labor Day Observe. Jun 12, 2014 250
MOLSA: Child labor dropped by 16%. Jun 9, 2014 400
Prime Minister delivers JordanaACAOs speech at ILO conference. Conference news Jun 9, 2014 2378
ILO to issue studies on child labor in Jordan. Jun 7, 2014 171
Child labor in Turkey. May 26, 2014 780
Statement On The Human Rights Watch Report "Tobacco's Hidden Children: Hazardous Child Labor In U.S. Tobacco Farming". May 14, 2014 328
Human Rights Watch Report Details Use of Child Labor on Tobacco Farms, Putting Children's Health and Safety at Risk. May 14, 2014 565
Job characteristics among working parents: differences by race, ethnicity, and nativity. Earle, Alison; Joshi, Pamela; Geronimo, Kimberly; Acevedo-Garcia, Dolores May 1, 2014 11509
ANZ, Commonwealth, NAB And Westpac Accused of Financing Controversial Companies Involved in Fraud, Child Labor. Apr 29, 2014 358
ILO finds no facts of use of forced child labor in cotton harvest in Uzbekistan. Apr 10, 2014 301
The effect of poverty, gender exclusion, and child labor on out-of-school rates for female children. Castillo, Leopoldo Laborda; Salem, Daniel Sotelsek; Sarr, Leopold Remi Apr 1, 2014 10752
From Child Laborers to Young Scholars - Education Shows Girl Children the Way. Mar 26, 2014 903
From Child Laborers to Young Scholars - Education Shows Girl Children the Way. Mar 26, 2014 898
Above 12,000 children have been removed from work in tobacco fields in southern Kyrgyzstan for 8 years. Mar 13, 2014 276
Keeping kids working. Bailey, Ronald Brief article Mar 1, 2014 167
Mexico rescues 11 child laborers. Feb 19, 2014 167
Bringing education to the streets. Jan 28, 2014 794
PTI submits resolution against torture of house servant. Jan 16, 2014 295
New program to increase community resilience, combat child labor in Morocco. Jan 8, 2014 805
A Haitian girl's life struggle. Jan 3, 2014 811
Labor Ministry: Lebanon among 5 countries at ILO to put down policy of raising children. Nov 18, 2013 110
Sleiman: Fight child labor by tackling poverty. Nov 8, 2013 510
Sleiman: To assuage tension, spare Lebanon surrounding developments. Nov 7, 2013 353
Hamilton `moved to tears` while meeting children working in Kolkata brick kiln. Oct 30, 2013 148
Solving Lebanon's child labor crisis. Oct 29, 2013 1476
Haiti Questions the Findings of Walk Free Foundation's Report on Child Labor and Human Trafficking Conditions and highlights government initiatives to address the issue. Oct 21, 2013 587
UNICEF report says that Syrian children are at risk of exploitation. Oct 11, 2013 229
UNICEF: Syrian Child Refugees Face Exploitation. Oct 11, 2013 555
Minimum age and a minimum wage: seventy-five years ago, Congress passed the nation's most important legislation dealing with workers' rights. Berger, Joseph Oct 7, 2013 2605
Exhausting all options; Yes, we know that running around after the children and working all hours is making you tired, but there are other, more surprising things that might be the cause of your yawns. Here''s how to fight the unusual suspects that could cause your fatigue... Oct 4, 2013 918
Exhausting all options; Yes, we know that running around after the children and working all hours is making you tired, but there are other, more surprising things that might be the cause of your yawns. Here's how to fight the unusual suspects that could cause your fatigue... Oct 1, 2013 918
Exhausting all options; Yes, we know that running around after the children and working all hours is making you tired, but there are other, more surprising things that might be the cause of your yawns. Here''s how to fight the unusual suspects that could cause your fatigue... HEALTH. Oct 1, 2013 918
Exhausting all options; Yes, we know that running around after the children and working all hours is making you tired, but there are other, more surprising things that might be the cause of your yawns. Here''s how to fight the unusual suspects that could cause your fatigue... Oct 1, 2013 921
Child labor in America; a history. Book review Oct 1, 2013 142
U.N. Says Drop in Child Labor Not Fast Enough. Sep 23, 2013 158
New school year - use your brain and help your child work their... Sep 2, 2013 607
Inducing, Augmenting Labor May Be Associated with Increased Risk of Autism. Aug 27, 2013 999
Paraguay's efforts to end child labor face uncertain future. Gaudin, Andres Aug 2, 2013 1338
Out of sight, out of mind. Jul 26, 2013 781
Child Labour Robbing Millions of Health, Education and Growth. Jun 12, 2013 534
Some 92,000 children aged 7-15 are engaged in child labour in Morocco (HCP). Jun 12, 2013 275
Jreissati: UNHCR unable to fulfill its commitments towards displaced Syrians in Lebanon. Jun 7, 2013 224
CAPMAS says 9.3% of children work. Jun 5, 2013 528
Media retreat on child labor to be held at Dead Sea. May 29, 2013 139
Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan discuss child labor prevention. May 28, 2013 133
New Research Finds Over Half Of Young Adult Deaths Could Be Preventable If Parents And Children Work Together. Apr 11, 2013 842
A day in the mines. Brief article Apr 1, 2013 111
Raise the Bar, Hershey! Coalition Welcomes Hershey Timeline for Transition to Certified Cocoa. Chronology Mar 25, 2013 712
Labor minister launches forum to help child workers. Mar 20, 2013 406
A woman of real substance; As her 28th novel is published, saga queen Barbara Taylor Bradford lets HANNAH STEPHENSON in on her thoughts on marriage, children and work. Mar 20, 2013 1115
ILO lauds Dominican Republic's effort to eradicate child labor. Giron, Crosby Mar 14, 2013 765
Jreissati calls for an electoral reform. Feb 27, 2013 122
Child rehab programs on Saudi-Yemeni border set. Feb 16, 2013 472
Apple Cracks Down on Child Labour. Jan 25, 2013 796
Report reveals worrisome child labor statistics. Jan 24, 2013 237
Counterpart, U.S. Labor Department to combat child labor in Burkina Faso. Jan 14, 2013 792
Counterpart, U.S. Labor Department to combat child labor in Burkina Faso. Jan 14, 2013 798
Young volunteers: kids can do more than program your smartphone. Ellis, Susan J. Jan 1, 2013 1280
Child labor and schooling responses to access to microcredit in rural Bangladesh. Islam, Asadul; Choe, Chongwoo Jan 1, 2013 9698
Working children of Tripura: an investigation of their of educational attainment and health conditions. Neogi, Debasis; Dutta, Papiya Report Jan 1, 2013 2225
Kyrgyzstan has almost 600,000 working children. Dec 14, 2012 141
Indian teens for hire. Cohen, Randy Brief article Dec 10, 2012 244
Le champ d'application de l'article XX(a) du GATT et le travail dangereux des enfants: une question relevant de la moralite publique. Villanueva, Francisco F. Dec 1, 2012 19594
Samsung Admits 'Inadequate Practices' In China Plants. Nov 26, 2012 322
DNA to find missing children. Brief article Nov 23, 2012 159
Minister says there are at least 1,000,000 child laborers in Turkey. Nov 21, 2012 222
Child labor a worrying phenomenon in Yemen. Nov 4, 2012 892
'Access of child agricultural laborers to education must be ensured by gov't'. Nov 4, 2012 1998
Child labor problem. Nov 1, 2012 165
Hershey Shareholders Allege Company Uses Cocoa Produced Through Unlawful Child Labor in Africa. Nov 1, 2012 1866
Investors Applaud Hershey's Vow To Source 100% Certified Cocoa By 2020. Oct 11, 2012 704
United States : US Department of Labor announces $10 million in funding to reduce child labor in Ecuador and Panama, solicits grant applications. Oct 11, 2012 301
United States : US Department of Labor announces $5 million in funding to reduce child domestic labor in South and Southeast Asia, solicits grant applications. Oct 11, 2012 335
ILO to hold photograpy exhibiting child labor. Oct 8, 2012 223
Hershey to Source 100% Certified Cocoa by 2020. Oct 3, 2012 851
Groups: Whole Foods Drops Hershey's Scharffen Berger Chocolates Over Child Labor Abuses. Oct 3, 2012 816
Raise the Bar, Hershey! Campaign Welcomes Hershey's Announcement To Source 100% Certified Cocoa By 2020. Oct 3, 2012 551
Adverse health effects of child labor: high exposure to Chromium and oxidative DNA damage in children manufacturing surgical instruments. Sughis, Muhammad; Nawrot, Tim S.; Haufroid, Vincent; Nemery, Benoit Report Oct 1, 2012 7021
Metal exposure in child workers: assessing hazards in surgical instrument manufacturing workshops. Tillett, Tanya Oct 1, 2012 489
In Malawi, All Sectors Commit to Actions to End Child Labour in Agriculture. Sep 14, 2012 463
Consumer, Labor Rights Groups, Teamsters Tell Whole Foods: Don't Support Child Labor Chocolate Maker. Sep 12, 2012 844
Child Labors on rise in Twin Cities. Sep 3, 2012 148
Lucy Larcom and the poetics of child labour. Lockard, Joe Critical essay Sep 1, 2012 7664
More Than Eight-in-Ten Parents That Pay for Child Care Are Overwhelmed with the Cost, Finds New CouponCabin Survey. Aug 22, 2012 797
India : Child Labour Protection Act. Brief article Aug 14, 2012 256
Samsung to probe child labor claims at Chinese factory. Aug 9, 2012 236
US Department of Labor announces $10 million competitive solicitation for cooperative agreements to combat child labor in Cambodia. Aug 6, 2012 586
House approves legislation continuing child farm labor law. Jul 30, 2012 106
Peru Launches Anti-Child Labor Project With $13M US Grant. Jul 12, 2012 461
Child labor. Jul 1, 2012 101
US Department of Labor announces $5 million grant competition to pilot test guidelines to reduce child and forced labor in agricultural imports. Jun 28, 2012 532
Bishkek holds flash-mob campaign "Stop child labor!". Jun 20, 2012 120
We are all Partners in the Crime. Jun 14, 2012 815
12 mn child laborers across the country: SPARC. Jun 12, 2012 477
Child Labour Free Week Campaign to start from June 11. Jun 9, 2012 245
Investor responsibility groups seek trafficking-free Olympics. Filteau, Jerry Jun 8, 2012 479
Statement by Secretary of Labor Hilda L. Solis on statistics updated by International Labor Organization regarding forced child labor. Jun 1, 2012 590
Re-establishing connections to encourage safe place for kids. Honyust, Shirley Jun 1, 2012 315
Defending the defenceless: can the West afford to turn its back on the street children of Afghanistan? Jeanne Bryer writes from Kabul. Bryer, Jeanne Jun 1, 2012 969
Jreissati highlights need to combat child labor. May 9, 2012 181
NGOs receive innovation award. Awards list May 1, 2012 294
Ron Paul Statement on Labor Department Regulations Affecting Family Farms. Apr 26, 2012 483
Child Labors on rise in Twin Cities. Apr 17, 2012 232
Raise the Bar Coalition to Hershey and Cadbury: Get Child SLAVE Labor Out Of Our Easter Baskets. Apr 5, 2012 585
Child Labour on rise in Twin Cities. Apr 4, 2012 266
US Labor Department publishes revised list of products made with forced or indentured child labor. Apr 3, 2012 417
PVH Corp. Recognized for Second Year in a Row for Top Marks in Norges Bank Investment Management (NBIM) Children's Rights Disclosure Rating. Mar 27, 2012 655
Pakistan Day Celebration in Drop In Center. Mar 24, 2012 320
US Department of Labor presents Iqbal Masih award to American documentary filmmaker for efforts to combat exploitative child labor. Mar 20, 2012 564
SUDAN : South Sudan urged to tackle child labour. Mar 14, 2012 443
American history play: stolen childhoods. Feb 27, 2012 272
Child labor prevalent in north and Bekaa valley, says report. Feb 16, 2012 679
Young dropouts have no regrets leaving school to support their families. Feb 11, 2012 569
Labor department to modify proposed rules governing young farm workers. Feb 6, 2012 209
Pizza time. Vorro, Alex Feb 1, 2012 214
State labor legislation enacted in 2011. Fitzpatrick, John J., Jr.; Perine, James L. Table Feb 1, 2012 1802
Hershey Will Offer Certified Chocolate Following Consumer-Driven Campaign. Feb 1, 2012 936
/C O R R E C T I O N -- International Labor Rights Forum (ILRF)/. Correction notice Jan 31, 2012 512
Hershey's to be Called-Out for Alleged Use of Child-Slave Labor in Ad at Super Bowl. Jan 30, 2012 410
NCLC Announces 2012 LEWIS HINE AWARDS for Service to Children and Youth. Jan 17, 2012 1407
Queen Rania attends discussion at launch of the National Frame for Child Labor in Jordan. Jan 10, 2012 303
New California law targets global child labor, slavery. Filteau, Jerry Jan 6, 2012 792
Implementing Article 32 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child as a domestic statute: protecting children from abusive labor practices. Kistenbroker, Hillary V. Jan 1, 2012 15935
Kardashian family to file libel suit against child labor claims. Dec 23, 2011 427
US Department of Labor announces $13 million grant to combat exploitative child labor in Peru. Dec 20, 2011 506
Children work on their charter. Dec 17, 2011 140
Human rights and media. Book review Dec 1, 2011 146
HealthTrust raises awareness of the scourge of human trafficking. Dec 1, 2011 503
Safeguarding and protecting children: where is health visiting now? Appleton, Jane V. Nov 1, 2011 5612
Burma Relief Launches $13,000 Fundraising Campaign on Crowdfunding Site; Funds Provide a Home, Education for Burmese Refugee Children. Oct 11, 2011 378
Secretary of Labor Hilda L. Solis releases 3 new reports and announces $32.5 million in grants to combat exploitative child labor. Oct 3, 2011 854
Child labour's global past, 1650-2000. Book review Oct 1, 2011 134
Court-packing and the Child Labor Amendment. Magliocca, Gerard N. Sep 22, 2011 16448
US Department of Labor announces $10 million grant competition to combat child labor in Ethiopia. Sep 19, 2011 483
Unprecedented Number of U.S. and European Apparel Companies and Major Industry Association Sign RSN Pledge to Call for Elimination of Forced Child Labor in Uzbekistan. Sep 12, 2011 473
Child-labor in Egypt on the rise. Brief article Jul 18, 2011 208
Child labour in agriculture. Brief article Jul 1, 2011 167
Practitioners' perspectives of child migrant labour and child exploitation within cotton seed fields: cases from Gujarat, India. Assan, Joseph K.; Hill, Harriet Apr 1, 2011 7836
Why Some Things Should Not Be for Sale: The Moral Limit of Markets. Fletcher, Christine M. Book review Mar 22, 2011 995
Within salvation: girl hawkers and the colonial state in development era Lagos. George, Abosede Mar 22, 2011 12155
Sleep out for charity. Jan 11, 2011 103
Nursery worker charged with raping a child. Jan 7, 2011 358
20-year-old nursery worker on rape charges. Jan 7, 2011 436
Nursery worker is child sex suspect; Man first held on another abuse issue. Jan 7, 2011 318
Nursery worker charged with raping child. Jan 7, 2011 212
Nursery worker charged with raping child. Jan 6, 2011 214
Children working on the city's streets finding refuge and new skills. Jan 3, 2011 880
Children working on the city's streets finding refuge and new skills. Jan 3, 2011 880
US ready to support projects to reduce poverty in Yemen. Jan 2, 2011 177
Population minister files complaint against factory owner for child labor. Dec 28, 2010 333
Kyrgyzstan Labor Ministry reveals 41 cases of illegal child labor employment. Dec 24, 2010 128
ACCESS-Plus launches child rights awareness campaign in Hodeidah. Dec 18, 2010 140
New Study: Consumers Demand Companies Should Engage in Cause-Marketing & Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives. Dec 15, 2010 585
US Department of Labor releases 3 new reports on international child labor and forced labor. Dec 15, 2010 599
*** UPDATE*** Labor Secretary Hilda L. Solis unveils 3 new reports on child labor and forced labor Wednesday, Dec. 15. Dec 14, 2010 561
Labor Secretary Hilda L. Solis unveils 3 new reports on child labor and forced labor Wednesday, Dec. 15. Dec 13, 2010 548
Blue Shield of California Receives Three Awards For Promoting Healthier Workplace. Nov 9, 2010 725
City is hub of cruel worker exploitation; After the discovery of seven Romanian children working in near freezing conditions on a Worcestershire farm, Matt Lloyd investigates the issue of illegal gangmasters and the workers they exploit. Oct 28, 2010 761
VIDEO from and UNICEF: UNICEF Supports Initiatives For Bringing Child Laborers Back To School In Bihar. Oct 25, 2010 279
Is There Child Slave Labor in Your Child's Halloween Candy? Oct 19, 2010 1476
THE WOMEN FIGHTING AGEISM WITH BOTOX; THE cult of youth in the workplace continues to cause problems... but business reporter Jenny Waddington discovers one local business which says it is helping an increasing number of mature workers fight back. Oct 7, 2010 850
Welfare impact of a ban on child labor. Soares, Jorge Statistical data Oct 1, 2010 7754
No kids: GMB Akash exposes the dependence and negligence of Bangladesh's child labor force. Oct 1, 2010 799
"Bitter" Chocolate: New Report on Child Labor in Cote d'Ivoire and Ghana Offers Further Evidence that Hershey, Cocoa Industry, Are Failing to Address Abusive Child Labor and Human Trafficking. Report Sep 30, 2010 929
Pennsylvania Labor & Industry Deputy Secretary Calls for Comprehensive Changes to State Child Labor Law to Ensure Continued Well-Being of Working Minors. Sep 23, 2010 409
'Bitter' Chocolate Report: Hershey Dominates U.S. Market, But Lags Behind Competitors in Avoiding Forced Labor, Human Trafficking, and Abusive Child Labor. Sep 13, 2010 1441
US Department of Labor launches initiative to combat child labor in cocoa-growing regions of Ghana and Cote d'Ivoire. Sep 13, 2010 634
Kids at work: child labor laws. Kline, Jesse Brief article Sep 10, 2010 226
Cargill Announces $5 Million Commitment to Support Sustainable Cocoa in West Africa. Sep 9, 2010 890
U.S. Labor Secretary Hilda L. Solis to launch partnership on Monday, Sept. 13, for reducing child labor in the production of cocoa. Sep 9, 2010 450
Taste of child labor not so sweet: a critique of regulatory approaches to combating child labor abuses by the U.S. chocolate industry. Mustapha, Kemi Sep 1, 2010 16085
Online tools expand conference audience. Conference news Sep 1, 2010 339
New Urban Communities Authority issues warnings against child labor. Aug 16, 2010 344
Gandhi Institute's Efforts against Child Trafficking and Child Labor Examined in BBC Special Report. Aug 12, 2010 540
US Labor Department publishes updated list of products made with forced or indentured child labor. Jul 19, 2010 449
Fayha municipalities take stand against child labor. Jul 16, 2010 182
Big Brothers Big Sisters Workplace Mentoring Selected by 100 Women in Hedge Funds as Beneficiary of Its 2010 New York Gala. Jul 12, 2010 823
Labor law beyond U.S. borders: does what happens outside of America stay outside of America? Gould, William B., IV Jun 22, 2010 14182
The ILO and the impact of labor standards: working on the ground after an ILO Commission of inquiry. Tapiola, Karl; Swepston, Lee Jun 22, 2010 6663
Strict federal rules govern young drivers on job. Jun 20, 2010 441
Jordan discusses cooperation with ILO to reduce child labor. Jun 16, 2010 209
First ever ILO North-South-South "tripartite agreement". Jun 16, 2010 284
Jordan attends Geneva pro-Palestinian meeting. Conference news Jun 13, 2010 209
World must address root causes of child labor -- Obama. Jun 12, 2010 268
Hajjah marks World Day against Child Labor. Jun 12, 2010 159
Child Labor Rate in Morocco in Sharp Fall. Jun 11, 2010 260
New Missouri Child Labor Poster Required for Employers Who Employ Minors. Jun 4, 2010 278
New Missouri Labor Law Poster Required For Employers With Minors on Staff. Jun 4, 2010 242
Missouri Employers: New Child Labor Poster Issued by Missouri Department of Labor and Industrial Relations. Jun 4, 2010 232
Pennsylvania L&I Secretary Reminds Public of Child Labor Law During Summer Break. Jun 1, 2010 597

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