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The big stars never hear the word 'no' Reality TV stars behaving badly, Hollywood kids in rehab and some shameful secrets from the past. Marion McMullen talks to TV's Ross King about bringing Tinseltown to life in his debut novel PROFILE. Aug 16, 2014 1583
The big stars never hear the word 'no' Reality TV stars behaving badly, Hollywood kids in rehab and some shameful secrets from the past. Marion McMullen talks to TV's Ross King about bringing Tinseltown to life in his debut novel PROFILE. Aug 14, 2014 821
The big stars never hear the word 'no' Reality TV stars behaving badly, Hollywood kids in rehab and some shameful secrets from the past. Marion McMullen talks to TV's Ross King about bringing Tinseltown to life in his debut novel PROFILE. Aug 12, 2014 1603
New Data Finds Parents Admit to Engaging in the Same Dangerous Driving Behaviors They Warn Their Children Against. Aug 7, 2014 1436
The big stars never hear the word 'no' Reality TV stars behaving badly, Hollywood kids in rehab and some shameful secrets from the past. MARION MCMULLEN talks to TV's Ross King about bringing Tinseltown to life in his debut novel. Aug 2, 2014 818
The big stars never hear the word 'no' Reality TV stars behaving badly, Hollywood kids in rehab and some shameful secrets from the past. MARION MCMULLEN talks to TV's Ross King about bringing Tinseltown to life in his debut novel. Aug 2, 2014 818
The big stars never hear the word 'no' Reality TV stars behaving badly, Hollywood kids in rehab and some shameful secrets from the past. MARION MCMULLEN talks to TV's Ross King about bringing Tinseltown to life in his debut novel. Aug 2, 2014 815
The big stars never hear the word 'no' Reality TV stars behaving badly, Hollywood kids in rehab and some shameful secrets from the past. MARION MCMULLEN talks to TV's Ross King about bringing Tinseltown to life in his debut novel. Aug 2, 2014 818
The big stars never hear the word 'no' Reality TV stars behaving badly, Hollywood kids in rehab and some shameful secrets from the past. MARION MCMULLEN talks to TV's Ross King about bringing Tinseltown to life in his debut novel. Aug 2, 2014 818
The big stars never hear the word 'no' Reality TV stars behaving badly, Hollywood kids in rehab and some shameful secrets from the past. MARION MCMULLEN talks to TV's Ross King about bringing Tinseltown to life in his debut novel. Aug 2, 2014 818
The big stars never hear the word 'no' Reality TV stars behaving badly, Hollywood kids in rehab and some shameful secrets from the past. MARION MCMULLEN talks to TV's Ross King about bringing Tinseltown to life in his debut novel BOOKS. Aug 2, 2014 818
The big stars never hear the word 'no' Reality TV stars behaving badly, Hollywood kids in rehab and some shameful secrets from the past. MARION MCMULLEN talks to TV's Ross King about bringing Tinseltown to life in his debut novel. Aug 2, 2014 796
Young kids can negotiate turn-taking: at a surprisingly early age, children opt to share sacrifices. Bower, Bruce Jul 26, 2014 454
MY TODDLER REFUSES TO BEHAVE. Editorial Jul 16, 2014 327
Kids behaving badly give Brits bad name; #Madeuthink; WHAT WE'RE ALL SAYING. Jul 13, 2014 793
Kids behaving badly give Brits bad name. Jul 13, 2014 795
Animal-assisted activities for students with disabilities: obtaining stakeholders' approval and planning strategies for teachers. Baumgartner, Erin; Cho, Jeong-il Report Jul 1, 2014 5628
No shirts, no shoes, no behavior, no service: some restaurants that do not want to be thought of as insensitive to families coping with special needs are recognizing another way of announcing their reluctance to serve "children with novel distractions"--and that is to offer discounts to "well behaved children.". Rader, Rick Jul 1, 2014 863
Validation of adult generalized imitation topographies and the emergence of generalized imitation in young children with autism as a function of mirror training. Du, Lin R.; Greer, Douglas Jun 1, 2014 10117
Sleep-deprived teens are at greater risk for health and behavioral problems, according to FIU study. May 12, 2014 560
Prenatal phthalate exposures and neurobehavioral development scores in boys and girls at 6-10 years of age. Kobrosly, Roni W.; Evans, Sarah; Miodovnik, Amir; Barrett, Emily S.; Thurston, Sally W.; Calafat, An Report May 1, 2014 10507
Using additional analyses to clarify the functions of problem behavior: an analysis of two cases. Payne, Steven W.; Newquist, Matthew H. Report May 1, 2014 8248
Preliminary psychometric properties of an observation system to assess teachers' use of effective behavior support strategies in preschool classrooms. Rebecca K. Vujnovic; Fabiano, Gregory A.; Daniel, Waschbusch A.; Pelham, William E.; Greiner, Andrew Report May 1, 2014 7720
Internal consistency and inter-rater reliability of the questions about behavioral function (QABF) rating scale when used by teachers and paraprofessionals. May, Michael E.; Sheng, Yanyan; Chitiyo, Morgan; Brandt, Rachel C.; Howe, Abigail P. Report May 1, 2014 6523
Prenatal smoking linked to enhanced aggressive behavior in children. Apr 24, 2014 186
Researchers Identify Children with Emotional Behavior Difficulties. Apr 17, 2014 825
Child Neglect and Behavioural Parent Education: Research and Practice. Book review Apr 1, 2014 178
Violent video games make kids' thinking and behaviour aggressive. Mar 25, 2014 382
T. Rowe Price: Parents Bribe Kids For Good Behavior While Behaving Badly Themselves On Money Matters. Mar 25, 2014 1459
Peer victimization among young children with disabilities: early risk and protective factors. Son, Esther; Peterson, N. Andrew; Pottick, Kathleen J.; Zippay, Allison; Parish, Susan L.; Lohrmann, Report Mar 22, 2014 9244
A comparative treatment efficacy study of conventional therapy and mode deactivation therapy (MDT) for adolescents with conduct disorders, mixed personality disorders, and experiences of childhood trauma. Swart, Joan; Apsche, Jack Report Mar 22, 2014 6578
Lied-to Children More Likely to Cheat, Lie. Mar 20, 2014 883
Police Officer Creates Fake Police Call App to Help Children Behave. Mar 11, 2014 570
Helping children behave is goal. Mar 1, 2014 181
Behavioral sexual dimorphism in school-age children and early developmental exposure to dioxins and PCBs: a follow-up study of the Duisburg cohort. Winneke, Gerhard; Ranft, Ulrich; Wittsiepe, Jurgen; Kasper-Sonnenberg, Monika; Furst, Peter; Kramer, Report Mar 1, 2014 7679
Regulations, policies, and guidelines addressing environmental exposures in early learning environments: a review. Hudson, Gwendolyn; Miller, Gregory G.; Seikel, Kathy Author abstract Mar 1, 2014 7864
Infections linked to later behavioral problems. Feb 1, 2014 341
Dolphin tennis. Cadusch, Stephen Feb 1, 2014 1133
Causes & cures in the classroom; getting to the root of academic and behavior problems. Book review Feb 1, 2014 168
Spanking kids could have negative impact on child behavior. Jan 29, 2014 220
Are we turning to drugs to make our children behave? We reveal big rise in ADHD pills to kids A INVESTIGATION SUNDAY ECHO SUNDAY ECHO. Jan 26, 2014 464
Kids who grow up in dangerous neighborhoods exhibit more aggressive behavior. Jan 23, 2014 186
Parents' interactions with preschoolers during shared book reading: three strategies for promoting quality interactions. Han, Jisu; Neuharth-Pritchett, Stacey Report Jan 1, 2014 3832
Dolls are for girls and not for boys: evaluating the appropriateness of the implicit relational assessment procedure for school-age children. Renato, Laura; Rabelo, Z.; Souza, Bortoloti, Debora H. Report Jan 1, 2014 4802
A prospective study on father involvement and toddlers' behavioral and emotional problems: are sons and daughters differentially affected? Keizer, Renske; Lucassen, Nicole; Jaddoe, Vincent; Tiemeier, Henning Clinical report Jan 1, 2014 7211
Father involvement and toddlers' behavior regulation: evidence from a high social risk sample. Easterbrooks, M. Ann; Raskin, Maryna; McBrian, Sarah F. Report Jan 1, 2014 12035
Longitudinal effects of ADHD in children with learning disabilities or emotional disturbances. Wei, Xin; Yu, Jennifer W.; Shaver, Debra Report Jan 1, 2014 8977
2-drug combo can help kids with ADHD and aggression. Dec 26, 2013 292
Research for the health behaviours in school-aged children (2014) collaborative study. Dec 24, 2013 116
Bulletin Analyzes Developmental Patterns Behind Girls' Delinquent Behavior. Dec 17, 2013 403
TERRIBLE threes; When does your toddler's bad behaviour become something more serious? Dec 15, 2013 790
Research Links Early Puberty to Bad Behaviour in Girls. Dec 10, 2013 381
Kids behaving badly -- other people's kids. Italie, Leanne Dec 8, 2013 808
OUR AWESOME WONDERS; Mum's support group for parents of kids with behavioural problems. Nov 21, 2013 357
Diet and children's behavior: are food dyes the missing link? Hersey, Jane Nov 1, 2013 971
Self-predicted classroom behaviour without external controls: imagining a 'Lord of the Flies' scenario. Lewis, Ramon "Rom"; Montuoro, Paul; McCann, Patricia Report Nov 1, 2013 10811
Urinary metabolites of organophosphate and pyrethroid pesticides and behavioral problems in Canadian children. Oulhote, Youssef; Bouchard, Maryse F. Report Nov 1, 2013 8127
OJJDP Bulletin Examines Delinquent Behavior And Victimization Of Boys And Girls Exposed To Violence. Oct 29, 2013 435
Governor of Eastern Region: We Arrest Young People who Committed Inappropriate Behaviors against Girls in a Mall in the Region. Oct 28, 2013 121
Irregular bedtime 'has impact on children's behaviour patterns'. Oct 14, 2013 189
Regular Bedtime at Early Childhood Helps Prevent Behavioural Problems. Oct 14, 2013 438
Queen's concerns over children's behaviour. Oct 11, 2013 474
How air pollution and maternal psychological distress affects kid's behavioural development. Oct 8, 2013 300
Why can't my child behave?; empathic parenting strategies that work for adoptive and foster families. Book review Oct 1, 2013 154
Findings are clinically relevant. Brief article Oct 1, 2013 138
'Stranger danger' preventing child outdoor play. Oct 1, 2013 374
Influence of infant temperament on parenting stress. Brief article Oct 1, 2013 138
Same failures in Pelka case; Letters Letter to the editor Sep 27, 2013 118
Take action on kids' behaviour. Sep 26, 2013 189
Miami Children's Hospital Launches KidzStuff(TM) Retail Brand. Sep 26, 2013 531
Why some boys display chronic aggressive behaviour. Sep 23, 2013 314
Taking a developmental approach to treating juvenile sexual behavior problems. Creeden, Kevin Report Sep 22, 2013 6315
Well-fed kids are better behaved. Sep 20, 2013 430
Threat to class equality. Sep 14, 2013 162
Mum's diet during pregnancy can affect kid's behaviour and intelligence. Sep 14, 2013 233
Music Therapy Program Helps to Improve Socialization, Communication, and Motor Skills in Children. Sep 13, 2013 382
Autistic kids miss out on non-verbal cues during social interactions. Sep 11, 2013 246
Children with Behavioral Problems More at Risk of Health Problems Later in Life. Sep 6, 2013 364
Film review: Kick Ass 2 **. Sep 4, 2013 844
WATCH: Respect UAE culture video by Emirati kids is YouTube hit. Sep 1, 2013 290
The effectiveness of an interpersonal cognitive problem-solving strategy on behavior and emotional problems in children with attention deficit hyperactivity/Kisilerarasi sorun cozme egitiminin dikkat eksikligi ve hiperaktivite bozuklugu olan cocuklar in davranissal ve emosyonel sorunlari uzerindeki etkisi. Ozcan, Celale Tangul; Oflaz, Fahriye; Turkbay, Tumer; Freeman Clevenger, Sharon M. Report Sep 1, 2013 6289
Owen Has Burgers and Drum. Book review Sep 1, 2013 179
Danielle calls in SuperNanny Jo. Aug 29, 2013 312
Back to School is the Time to Educate Children on Bullying Behavior. Aug 26, 2013 607
Unruly kids wanted for TV series. Aug 25, 2013 151
Tips for women to get ahead at the workplace. Aug 25, 2013 454
Supreme Council for Women organizes a course in how to deal with Children's Problems. Aug 25, 2013 382
Universal Studios Hollywood Brings to Life the Fearful Legend of 'El Cucuy: The Boogeyman' Exclusively at 'Halloween Horror Nights' Chillingly Narrated by Leading Villain Character Actor Danny Trejo. Aug 22, 2013 1140
More cola, more behavioural problems in children: study. Aug 20, 2013 580
TP-LINK Launches Tether App for Network Management on Android and iOS Devices. Aug 19, 2013 722
Where has my money disappeared? Aug 19, 2013 138
Soda Linked to Aggression in Young Children. Aug 18, 2013 591
Soft drink consumption linked to increased aggression in kids. Aug 17, 2013 219
Bench-warmers miss match; BACHELORETTE Cert 15, Running time 86mins. Aug 16, 2013 135
Bridesmaids behaving badly; Movies. Aug 16, 2013 139
Bridesmaids behaving badly; BACHELORETTE Cert 15, Running time 86mins. Aug 16, 2013 135
Bad girls in dire copycat. Aug 16, 2013 126
also showing ... Aug 16, 2013 626
also showing ... Aug 16, 2013 626
also showing ... Aug 15, 2013 625
Little Owls are making big strides. Aug 9, 2013 188
Let's have respect. Aug 6, 2013 263
A Monster of a stage show; If your children are behaving like little monsters this summer, a new theatre show could be just the scary treat they need. Rachel Mainwaring speaks to Mark Williams, creator of a new family production which has all the feel of a Hollywood blockbuster on stage. Aug 2, 2013 971
Parent-child interaction in a low cost housing in Malaysia. Jamaluddin, Zakiyah Report Aug 1, 2013 2648
University Study Shows Attention and Behavior Problems Can Be Improved: Major Decreases after Just Five Hours of Drug-Free Training. Jul 9, 2013 803
Teacher/student interactions and classroom behavior: the role of student temperament and gender. McClowry, Sandra Graham; Rodriguez, Eileen T.; Tamis-LeMonda, Catherine S.; Spellmann, Mark E.; Carl Report Jul 1, 2013 8990
Results of ADHD drug rival those of parent training. Jancin, Bruce Jul 1, 2013 701
Sexual offences against children 'at highest level' in Northern Ireland. Brief article Jul 1, 2013 161
Exploring interpreting for young children. Nilsen, Anne Birgitta Jul 1, 2013 6500
Step Up! International, Focus on Self Harming Behaviour Support for Children and Young People at 2013 Conference. Conference news Jun 26, 2013 354
How has the relationship between parental education and child outcomes changed in Australia since the 1980s? Redmond, Gerry; Katz, Ilan; Smart, Diana; Gubhaju, Bina Report Jun 22, 2013 8078
From Evidence to Action: Behavior Change to Reduce Child Mortality. Jun 3, 2013 892
Understanding and managing behaviors of children with psychological disorders; a reference for classroom teachers. Book review Jun 1, 2013 139
Some at-risk kids can access guns. Seppa, Nathan Brief article Jun 1, 2013 207
Genes may make kids picky eaters. Brief article Jun 1, 2013 260
The value of evaluating parenting groups: a new researcher's perspective on methods and results. Cabral, Judy Report Jun 1, 2013 3383
Traffic-related air pollution exposure in the first year of life and behavioral scores at 7 years of age. Newman, Nicholas C.; Ryan, Patrick; LeMasters, Grace; Levin, Linda; Bernstein, David; Hershey, Gurji Report Jun 1, 2013 6781
Depression among dads can affect quality of father-child interaction. May 23, 2013 311
Fear over impact of high-caffeine drinks; AM's warning over the harm liquid stimulants can do to children. May 16, 2013 475
DPH Holds Public Hearing on Proposed Closure of Child Behavioral Health Unit at Cambridge Hospital. May 8, 2013 910
DPH to Hold Public Hearing on Proposed Closure of Child Behavioral Health Unit at Cambridge Hospital. May 6, 2013 697
Children's behavioral health targeted in new report: new approach to mental health, substance abuse problems sought. May 3, 2013 320
Emotional intelligence and scholastic performance among children of a high school in south India. Ratnaprabha; Shanbhag, D.; Goud, B.R.; Mary Anupa, J.; Fernandez, R.; D'Souza, Adrian M. Report May 1, 2013 3266
Impact of an activity mini-schedule on the inattention of preschoolers with cochlear implants during a group activity. Raver, Sharon A.; Hester, Peggy; Michalek, Anne M.P.; Cho, Dana; Anthony, Nicole Report May 1, 2013 6402
Use of video modeling to increase positive peer interactions of four preschool children with social skills difficulties. Green, Vanessa A.; Drysdale, Heather; Boelema, Tanya; Smart, Emily; van der Meer, Larah; Achmadi, Do Report May 1, 2013 9075
Research sheds light on infants' aggression. Apr 26, 2013 212
Sweat predicts aggression in children. Apr 24, 2013 218
REUNITED AFTER IN HELL IN AFRICA; Jailed, repeatedly raped, separated from her baby JAILED, repeatedly raped, separated from her baby and then forced to flee her homeland, Pascal Fortune feared for 12 years that she would never see her son again - until now, reports ALISON SANDERS. Apr 14, 2013 1356
Anti-social behaviour problems. Apr 12, 2013 131
How can I spot signs of antisocial behaviour in my child? Apr 10, 2013 417
Teacher abuse leads to behavioral problems, study says. Apr 9, 2013 658
Kids' TV habits can affect behavior. Currie, Donya Apr 1, 2013 151
Lecture on children's behavioural issues. Apr 1, 2013 188
Federal Court Strikes Down Blue Cross of Michigan's Denial of Applied Behavior Analysis Therapy to Children with Autism. Apr 1, 2013 673
UPDATED: Federal Court Strikes Down Blue Cross of Michigan's Denial of Applied Behavior Analysis Therapy to Children with Autism. Apr 1, 2013 678
Saliva test could help predict aggression in boys. Mar 31, 2013 257
Experts urge parents to take a 'positive' approach to children's behavioural problems; 'THE EVIDENCE IS CLEAR THAT PUNISHMENT DOESN'T WORK'. Mar 27, 2013 631
Change in culture can affect how kids behave. Mar 26, 2013 108
Too much telly can spoil your kids' behaviour. Mar 26, 2013 133
TV 'increases risk of child behaviour problems'. Mar 26, 2013 163
Too much TV may turn kids anti-social. Mar 26, 2013 386
Disruptive pupils in the minority, school union finds; LACK OF BOUNDARIES AT HOME BLAMED FOR STUDENT BEHAVIOUR. Mar 25, 2013 654
Timid parents blamed for kids' bad behaviour in classrooms. Mar 25, 2013 267
Poor parenting makes kids aggressive. Mar 24, 2013 303
Fight cyber bullies with digital literacy, parents told. Mar 22, 2013 483
Multiple moves found harmful to poor young children. Brief article Mar 22, 2013 145
Details of Oz cricket's behavioral problems revealed. Mar 13, 2013 280
Undertake and report on the 2013/14 Health Behaviour in School-aged Children. Mar 12, 2013 179
French parents don't give in; If your kids' behaviour is driving you up the wall, it might be time to take a lesson from our French counterparts - author Pamela Druckerman tells. Mar 2, 2013 1410
Psychiatric evaluation of children born with assisted reproductive technologies and their mothers: a clinical study/ Yardimci ureme teknikleriyle dogmus cocuklarin ve annelerinin psikiyatrik degerlendirmesi: klinik bir calisma. Ozbaran, Burcu; Kose, Sezen; Ardic, Ulku Akyol; Erermis, Serpil; Ergin, Hande Kesikci; Bildik, Tezan Report Mar 1, 2013 5697
Pertanika Journal: Improving Behaviour in Children with Autism. Feb 19, 2013 548
Children who behave at dinner receive a discount from eatery. Feb 10, 2013 389
Family gets $4 discount on restaurant bill for their 'well behaved kids'. Feb 8, 2013 262
Kids' risky behavior behind increased threat from online sexual predators. Feb 8, 2013 249
Child sexual behaviour warning signs 'ignored'. Feb 7, 2013 545
Understanding the Managing Behaviors of Children with Psychological Disorders. Book review Feb 1, 2013 124
Mothers' mental health linked to bullying. Tucker, Charlotte Feb 1, 2013 177
Skills training for struggling kids; promoting your child's behavioral, emotional, academic, and social development. Book review Feb 1, 2013 181
Effect of self-monitoring strategy instruction on modify behavior of hyperactive disorder in early childhood of Shiraz City. Jahedi, Soheyla; Hosseiny, Samireh; Sharifi, Asghar; Ghajarieh, Mozhgan Report Feb 1, 2013 1654
How fish oil, parental behaviour and quality preschool can boost kids' IQ. Jan 26, 2013 523
Mental Health of Dads-to-Be May Influence Toddler's Behavior. Clinical report Jan 12, 2013 478
New Study Finds Bullying Causes Significant Short-term Emotional And Physical Consequences For Children With Autism. Jan 10, 2013 1236
An evaluation of resurgence during functional communication training. Wacker, David P.; Harding, Jay W.; Morgan, Theresa A.; Berg, Wendy K.; Schieltz, Kelly M.; Lee, John Report Jan 1, 2013 8082
Effects of loneliness on human development. Blossom, Paige; Apsche, Jack Report Jan 1, 2013 2380
Using music to decrease off-task behaviors in young children with autism spectrum disorders. Dieringer, Shannon Titus; Porretta, David L. Report Jan 1, 2013 1575
Exposure to gestational smoke and child impulsivity. Brief article Jan 1, 2013 156
Understanding the contribution of a father's warmth on his child's social skills. Webster, Linda; Low, Justin; Siller, Christina; Hackett, Rachelle Kisst Report Jan 1, 2013 10428
Implementing applied behavior analysis for effective orientation and mobility instruction of students with multiple disabilities. O'Mea, Melanie L. Report Jan 1, 2013 2866
Perinatal and early childhood factors for overweight and obesity in young Canadian children. Shi, Yipu; de Groh, Margaret; Morrison, Howard Report Jan 1, 2013 5874
Kids do dumb stuff: the hidden treasure of accidental learning. Thurber, Christopher Jan 1, 2013 2723
How to identify a bully. Dec 21, 2012 504
New sport will help cut anti-social behaviour; ANFIELD Call to children to take up street cricket. Dec 11, 2012 223
Don't ignore their wishes and smoke and drive! Dec 3, 2012 328
The effects of social isolation in standard and enriched physical environments on the adult emotional behavior of rats administered with MK-801 during the early developmental stage/Erken gelisim doneminde MK-801 uygulanan sicanlarda, standart ve zengin cevrede olusturulan sosyal izolasyonun yetiskinin duygusal davranislari uzerine etkileri. Kocahan, Sayad; Akillioglu, Kubra; Melik, Emine Babar; Melik, Enver Report Dec 1, 2012 4613
Behavior problems, not depression, to be blamed for bad grades. Nov 30, 2012 247
Schools should improve communication and focus on child behaviour. Nov 29, 2012 538
Poor health link to kid squabbles; childcare. Nov 29, 2012 143
Your texts. Nov 27, 2012 231
Common school programme reduces signs of bullying. Nov 23, 2012 515
Parents tell white lies to kids to make them behave. Nov 20, 2012 371
Kids' Behavioral Problems More Likely If Parent is Depressed. Nov 17, 2012 356
Addicted And Conflicted: Teenage Smokers Want To Quit. Nov 14, 2012 971
Books portraying 'traditional families' could be barred under new EU proposals. Nov 7, 2012 258
Nasopharyngeal bacterial interactions in children. Xu, Qingfu; Almudervar, Anthony; Casey, Janet R.; Pichichero, Michael E. Nov 1, 2012 6837
Through the eyes of a child. Spada, Alfred T. Nov 1, 2012 392
Parenting style may shape political views of offspring. Oct 23, 2012 525
'Shocked by behaviour of kids at concert - are parents on... Oct 22, 2012 188
Mother's touch 'may change effects of prenatal stress'. Medical condition overview Oct 17, 2012 407
Close bond with either parent key to kids' behavioural and emotional well-being. Oct 12, 2012 397
Parental Bonding Makes for Happy, Stable Child. Oct 12, 2012 773
ARAG Provides Four Steps to Take If Your Child is Bullied. Oct 9, 2012 535
Violent video games 'make teens more aggressive towards other people'. Oct 8, 2012 402
Our pupils can't learn their ABCs .. they are too busy checking their BBMs. Oct 4, 2012 639
Reviewer's Choice. Book review Oct 1, 2012 706
Professionalism in early childhood education; doing our best for young children. Book review Oct 1, 2012 114
Prenatal methylmercury, postnatal lead exposure, and evidence of attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder among Inuit children in Arctic Quebec. Boucher, Olivier; Jacobson, Sandra W.; Plusquellec, Pierrich; Dewailly, Eric; Ayotte, Pierre; Forget Report Oct 1, 2012 9263
FAMILIES FIGHT 6AM BOOZE BID; But newsagent fears for future if licence refused. Sep 20, 2012 401
Preschoolers' snoring tied to behavior problems. Sep 4, 2012 513
My child "can". Storeygard, Judy Sep 1, 2012 1729
Sun protection in the North Cyprus Turkish population: knowledge, attitude and behaviors of elementary school children and their families/Kuzey Kibris Turk toplumunda gunesten korunma: ilkokul cagi cocuklari ve ailelerinin gunesten korunma ile ilgili bilgi, tutum ve davranislari. Kaptanoglu, Asli Feride; Dalkan, Ceyhun; Hincal, Evren Report Sep 1, 2012 4516
When kids' temper tantrums are actually signs of mental health problems. Aug 30, 2012 380
Anger over danger bus prank video. Aug 28, 2012 173
Exposure to media violence linked to aggressive behaviour in kids. Aug 28, 2012 521
Loud snoring in kids tied to behaviour problems. Aug 13, 2012 291
Girls behaving badly; DVDS. Aug 3, 2012 127
A handbook for the assessment of children's behaviours; with Wiley desktop edition. (online access included). Book review Aug 1, 2012 176
Skilled dialogue; strategies for responding to cultural diversity in early childhood, 2d ed. Book review Aug 1, 2012 214
The effects of social skills training on the peer interactions of a nonnative toddler. Wu, Cheng-Hsien; Hursh, Daniel E.; Walls, Richard T.; Stack, Samuel F., Jr.; Lin, I-An Case study Aug 1, 2012 5446
A function-based classroom behavior intervention using non-contingent reinforcement plus response cost. Nolan, Julene D.; Filter, Kevin J. Case study Aug 1, 2012 3972
Discipline referrals and access to secondary level support in elementary and middle schools: patterns across African-American, Hispanic-American, and White students. Vincent, Claudia G.; Tobin, Tary J.; Hawken, Leanne S.; Frank, Jennifer L. Aug 1, 2012 9084
Using functional behavior assessment to match task difficulty for a 5th grade student: a case study. Haydon, Todd Case study Aug 1, 2012 5529
Prenatal bisphenol A exposure and child behavior in an inner-city cohort. Perera, Frederica; Vishnevetsky, Julia; Herbstman, Julie B.; Calafat, Antonia M.; Xiong, Wei; Rauh, Report Aug 1, 2012 7222
1,500 PUPILS SUSPENDED BY SCHOOLS. Jul 30, 2012 398
Mass Killers often show warning signs during childhood. Jul 27, 2012 440
'NAKED' CARER FACES JOB BAN; Home worker accused of grooming teen for sex EXCLUSIVE. Jul 22, 2012 460
No getting away from sex on film. Jul 22, 2012 312
Child's Behavior Linked to Father-Infant Interactions. Jul 20, 2012 615
Structuring of gender in Israeli society through children's reading and textbooks: where is mom's apron? Shachar, Rina Report Jul 1, 2012 7506
Which rules--nature or nurture? It may depend on where you live. Jul 1, 2012 492
Smartphones facilitating cyber-bullying among teens. Jun 30, 2012 348
Transitional probability analysis of two Child Behavior Analytic Therapy cases. Xavier, Rodrigo Nunes; Kanter, Jonathan William; Meyer, Sonia Beatriz Jun 22, 2012 5549
CDC Survey Shows U.S. High School Smoking Rate Fell to New Low in 2011. Jun 7, 2012 1044
Antioxidant lowers irritability and repetitive behaviors in autistic kids. Jun 6, 2012 650
Meth Babies: drug scare 2.0. Sullum, Jacob Jun 2, 2012 337
Transforming behavior; training parents and kids together. (CD-ROM included). Brief article Jun 1, 2012 204
Preschool-wide evaluation tool (PreSET) manual; assessing universal program-wide positive behavior support in early childhood. Book review Jun 1, 2012 157
Cyber bullying. Jun 1, 2012 111
Prenatal polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) exposure and child behavior at age 6-7 years. Perera, Frederica P.; Tang, Deliang; Wang, Shuang; Vishnevetsky, Julia; Zhang, Bingzhi; Diaz, Diurka Medical condition overview Jun 1, 2012 7953
Good relationship with teacher protect first graders from aggression. May 24, 2012 333
Oz kids 'worst behaved car travellers'. May 18, 2012 386
The tween consumer marketing model: significant variables and recommended research hypotheses. Prince, Diane; Martin, Nora May 18, 2012 6150
The role models for girls are obscured by fluff and pizzazz; Columnist. May 17, 2012 671
SHOPPING PREFECT PATROL; Keeping an eye on fellow pupils at supermarket. May 16, 2012 503
Lottery funding to help cut number of young people in Wales who smoke; ASH WALES TO USE pounds 850,000 GRANT TO ESTABLISH CESSATION SERVICE. May 11, 2012 610
pounds 850k service to get youngsters to stub out smoking. May 11, 2012 369
Warning! Being a teenager today could seriously damage your health as an adult; Western Mail. May 9, 2012 450
TEENAGERS GET THE FATS OF LIFE; Welsh young among fattest in world... many drink and smoke ... and their lifestyles could have deadly consequences. May 9, 2012 874
How parental style influences kids' behaviour. May 9, 2012 635
Sleep-disordered breathing tied to behavior. Worcester, Sharon Clinical report May 1, 2012 821
Externalizing behaviors in preschoolers tied to sleep duration. Jancin, Bruce May 1, 2012 466
Call me Aunty. Djane, Akua May 1, 2012 1520
Best available evidence: three complementary approaches. Slocum, Timothy A.; Spencer Trina D.; Detrich Ronnie Report May 1, 2012 11060
Lessons learned about the utility of social validity. Strain, Phillip S.; Barton, Erin E.; Dunlap, Glen May 1, 2012 5949
A systematic review of brief functional analysis methodology with typically developing children. Gardner, Andrew W.; Spencer, Trina D.; Boelter, Eric W.; DuBard, Melanie; Jennett, Heather K. Report May 1, 2012 6175
Patience. Maguire, Stephen May 1, 2012 2052
Conducta agresiva entre iguales y rendimiento academico en adolescentes espanoles. Torregrosa, Maria S.; Ingles, Candido J.; Garcia-Fernandez, Jose M.; Jesus Gazquez, Jose; Diaz-Herre Report May 1, 2012 7761
Resultados del tratamiento en un caso con trastorno de asperger. Vives-Montero, M. Carmen; Ascanio-Velasco, Lourdes Perspectiva general de la enferm May 1, 2012 8068
Parents' evaluation of 'understanding your child's behaviour', a parenting group based on the Solihull Approach. Johnson, Rebecca; Wilson, Hannah May 1, 2012 3340
Common school programme reduces signs of bullying. Apr 19, 2012 385
1 IN 5 KIDS GO TO SCHOOL HUNGRY; Minister bids to tackle surge in health problem. Apr 17, 2012 321
Bahrain : Alba provides financial support to the Bahrain Society for Children with Behavioural and Communication Difficulties. Apr 9, 2012 271
Alba Supports Bahrain Society for Children with Behavioural and Communication Difficulties. Apr 7, 2012 364
Violence, violence prevention, and safety: a research agenda for South Africa. Ward, Catherine L.; Artz, Lillian; Berg, Julie; Boonzaier, Floretta; Crawford-Browne, Sarah; Dawes, Report Apr 1, 2012 4694
Prenatal exposure to pollutants 'may cause behavioural problems in kids'. Medical condition overview Mar 23, 2012 435
Verbal behavior in young children with autism spectrum disorders at the onset of an early behavioral intervention program. Melina, Rivard; Jacques, Forget Report Mar 22, 2012 11605
The role of intraverbal exchanges in assessing parent-child relationships. Gokhan, Nurper; Dennis, Tracy A.; Crossman, Angela M. Report Mar 22, 2012 10578
Health education alert: overcoming cyberbullying. Brubaker, Eric Report Mar 22, 2012 2175
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Expert reassures parents over 'bad influence' of TV cartoon. Jan 12, 2012 384
Teenage Oz girls indulging in violent crimes. Jan 9, 2012 312
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CHILDREN born a few weeks [...]. Dec 12, 2011 225
Family Lives. Dec 8, 2011 280
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Danger! Don't leave the house! Nov 29, 2011 732
On the Girls Behaving Stylishly blog. Nov 24, 2011 105
Bullying can affect us all; WORRIED YOUR CHILD IS BEING BULLIED? WE CAN HELP. Nov 15, 2011 402
Frank-ly stupid to let this wild kid loose on TV. Nov 13, 2011 589
Frank-ly stupid to let this wild kid loose on TV. Nov 13, 2011 549
Dad's depression may lead to emotional and behavioural problems in kids. Nov 8, 2011 216

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