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Chicago Tribune Charities Announces Grants of $950,000 to Chicagoland Agencies Committed to Literacy.

CHICAGO, Jan. 8 /PRNewswire/ -- Chicago Tribune Chicago Tribune

Daily newspaper published in Chicago. The Tribune is one of the leading U.S. newspapers and long has been the dominant voice of the Midwest. Founded in 1847, it was bought in 1855 by six partners, including Joseph Medill (1823–99), who made the paper
 Charities, a McCormick Tribune Foundation Fund, announced that 41 programs committed to building adult and children's literacy in the Chicago metropolitan area “Chicagoland” redirects here. For for the racing venue, see Chicagoland Speedway.

The Chicago metropolitan area is the metropolitan area associated with the city of Chicago in the United States.
 will receive grants totaling $950,000. Chicago Tribune readers' gifts through the newspaper's annual Holiday Giving campaign are a key source of funding for these grants. Grants are approved by the McCormick Tribune Foundation board of directors based on recommendations from the Foundation staff and a Chicago Tribune Charities advisory committee, which consists of Chicago Tribune employees.

Chicago Tribune Charities literacy and reading grants support the education of functionally illiterate Adj. 1. functionally illiterate - having reading and writing skills insufficient for ordinary practical needs
illiterate - not able to read or write
 adults and promotes literacy for children who are at risk of illiteracy illiteracy, inability to meet a certain minimum criterion of reading and writing skill. Definition of Illiteracy

The exact nature of the criterion varies, so that illiteracy must be defined in each case before the term can be used in a meaningful
 or are below-grade-level readers.

"Literacy is such an essential building block for success in today's complex world. Funding organizations that teach and promote reading and writing skills to children and adults is an important way Chicago Tribune Charities supports our community," said Janet Dobbs, Chicago Tribune director of development and co-chair of the Chicago Tribune Charities advisory committee.
  The following adult literacy programs received grants totaling $465,000:

  -- Aquinas Literacy Center
  -- Blue Gargoyle Community Services
  -- Carole Robertson Center for Learning
  -- Centro Romero
  -- Chicago Commons Association
  -- Coalition of African, Asian, European and Latino Immigrants of Illinois
  -- Dominican Literary Center Aurora
  -- Greater North Pulaski Development Corporation
  -- Heartland Human Care Services, Inc.
  -- Indo-American Center
  -- Interfaith Refugee and Immigration Ministries, Inc.
  -- Jane Addams Resource Corporation
  -- Jewish Vocational Service & Employment Center
  -- Learning Center House of Connections
  -- Literacy Connection
  -- Morton College
  -- People's Resource Center
  -- Polish American Association
  -- Safer Foundation
  -- Township High School District 214 Community Education Foundation
  -- Waubonsee Community College

The following children's literacy programs received grants totaling $280,000:
  -- Carole Robertson Center for Learning
  -- Centro Romero
  -- Changing Worlds
  -- Chicago Commons Association
  -- Chicago Youth Programs, Inc.
  -- Family Focus, Inc.
  -- Family Matters
  -- Indo-American Center
  -- Mary Crane League
  -- Pillars Community Services
  -- Reading In Motion
  -- San Miguel Febres Cordero School, Inc.

  The following family literacy programs received grants totaling $105,000:

  -- Blue Gargoyle Community Services
  -- Centro Comunitario Juan Diego
  -- Literacy Connection
  -- Township High School District 214 Community Education Foundation
  -- Waukegan Public Library Foundation

The following training and advocacy programs received grants totaling $100,000:
  -- Family Focus
  -- Illinois Literacy Resource Development Center
  -- Literacy Works

"The McCormick Tribune Foundation's communities program is a unique effort that stimulates local philanthropy philanthropy, the spirit of active goodwill toward others as demonstrated in efforts to promote their welfare. The term is often used interchangeably with charity.  and improves community life across the country," said David L. Grange David L. Grange is a retired United States Army Major General, son of retired Lieutenant General David E. Grange Jr. After retiring in 1999, David L. Grange served as the executive vice president and chief operating officer of the Robert R. McCormick Tribune Foundation in Chicago. , president and chief executive officer of the McCormick Tribune Foundation. "In 2005, on the strength of people's generosity and the role of each partner in their community, including Chicago Tribune, the Foundation was able to make 1600 grants, totaling more than $60 million."

About Chicago Tribune Charities

Chicago Tribune Charities, a fund of the McCormick Tribune Foundation, annually raises millions of dollars from generous donors through the Chicago Tribune Holiday Giving campaign. These gifts, plus matching funds Noun 1. matching funds - funds that will be supplied in an amount matching the funds available from other sources
cash in hand, finances, funds, monetary resource, pecuniary resource - assets in the form of money
 from McCormick Tribune Foundation, provide funding for grants to organizations that help alleviate hunger, promote reading and literacy, and strengthen families. Chicago Tribune and McCormick Tribune Foundation cover all administrative and promotional expenses, so that every cent of every dollar donated goes to work in supporting non-profit organizations, and 100 percent of the funds raised and matched stay in the Chicagoland area. In 2005 alone, 170 grants totaling more than $6.3 million were distributed throughout Chicagoland.

Chicago Tribune Charities represents a partnership between the McCormick Tribune Foundation and Chicago Tribune. The mission of Chicago Tribune Charities is in keeping with both the mission of the Foundation's Communities Program, to stimulate local philanthropy and improve community life, and the company's mission, which is to help people throughout Chicagoland engage their world and to strive every day to make a difference for the communities the company serves that goes well beyond words. For more information about Chicago Tribune Charities, please visit: .

About the McCormick Tribune Foundation

The McCormick Tribune Foundation is a nonprofit organization Nonprofit Organization

An association that is given tax-free status. Donations to a non-profit organization are often tax deductible as well.

Examples of non-profit organizations are charities, hospitals and schools.
 committed to making life better for our children, communities and country. Through its charitable grantmaking programs, Cantigny Park and Golf, Cantigny First Division Foundation and the McCormick Tribune Freedom Museum The McCormick Tribune Freedom Museum was opened on April 11, 2006 in Chicago by the McCormick Tribune Foundation. It is the first museum in the United States dedicated to the First Amendment. , the Foundation is able to positively impact people's lives and stay true to its mission of advancing the ideals of a free, democratic society. The Foundation is an independent nonprofit, separate from the Tribune Co., with substantial holdings in the Tribune Co. For more information, please visit our Web site .

The McCormick Tribune Foundation's communities program is a unique effort that stimulates local philanthropy and improves community life across the country. To encourage donations, the Foundation matches, up to pre-determined limits, contributions from its general funds at the rate of 50 cents on the dollar and then makes grants directly to nonprofits in the communities from which the donations were made. The Foundation and the partners cover all campaign administrative costs administrative costs, the overhead expenses incurred in the operation of a dental benefits program, excluding costs of dental services provided.
, so 100 percent of the public's generosity, plus the match earned, goes directly to agencies providing critical services in each community.

CONTACT: Aleks Kostovski of Chicago Tribune, +1-312-222-3917, or Kristin Gallagher of McCormick Tribune Foundation, +1-312-222-4502

Web site:
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