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Chalcogenide Alloys for Reconfigurable Electronics: Proceedings.


Chalcogenide alloys for reconfigurable electronics; proceedings.

Chalcogenide Alloys for Reconfigurable Electronics symposium (2006: San Francisco, CA) Ed. by P. Craig et al.

Materials Research Society


191 pages



MRS MRS - Modifiable Representation System.

An integration of logic programming into Lisp.

["A Modifiable Representation System", M. Genesereth et al, HPP 80-22, CS Dept Stanford U 1980].
 symposium proceedings; v.918


This volume from the April 2006 symposium focuses on alloys containing chalcogen atoms that undergo very rapid phase transitions under the influence of either electrical or optical excitation. The alloy of greatest interest is Ge2Sb2Te5 also known as GST GST
Greenwich sidereal time

GST (in Australia, New Zealand, and Canada) Goods and Services Tax
225. The 24 papers explore phase-change memories, novel phase-change devices, material properties, and phase transitions. Topics include localized light focusing and super resolution readout (1) A small display device that typically shows only a few digits or a couple of lines of data.

(2) Any display screen or panel.
 via chalcogenide thin film, photo-induced metastable state of S8 clusters in liquid sulfur, thin films prepared by RF magnetron magnetron (măg`nĭtrŏn'), vacuum tube oscillator (see electron tube) that generates high-power electromagnetic signals in the microwave frequency range.  sputtering A popular method for adhering thin films onto a substrate. Sputtering is done by bombarding a target material with a charged gas (typically argon) which releases atoms in the target that coats the nearby substrate. It all takes place inside a magnetron vacuum chamber under low pressure. , fast photodarkening in amorphous chalcogenide, and simulating liquid GeTe.

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