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Central Europe.

Last summer's floods hit many parts of Central Europe Central Europe is the region lying between the variously and vaguely defined areas of Eastern and Western Europe. In addition, Northern, Southern and Southeastern Europe may variously delimit or overlap into Central Europe. , which is shown on this map. Central Europe is a region-an area that shares many geographical, historical, and cultural features.

During the Cold War, from 1945 to 1991, the U.S. and the Soviet Union competed for Power in this part of Europe. At that time, the continent was divided into Eastern and Western Europe Western Europe

The countries of western Europe, especially those that are allied with the United States and Canada in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (established 1949 and usually known as NATO).

The Soviet Union and most countries in Eastern Europe Eastern Europe

The countries of eastern Europe, especially those that were allied with the USSR in the Warsaw Pact, which was established in 1955 and dissolved in 1991.
 were under Communist rule. The Communist governments lost power between 1989 and 1991.

In December 1991, the Soviet Union broke up into 15 different countries.


1. The Elbe River Elbe River
 Czech Labe ancient Albis

River, central Europe. One of the continent's major waterways, it rises in the Krkonoše (Giant) Mountains on the border of the Czech Republic and Poland and flows southwest across Bohemia.
 empties into what large body of water? _____

2. In what general compass direction does the Elbe flow? _____

3. Prague is located on the banks of what river? _____

4. In what direction would you travel to go from Prague to Cesky Krumlov? _____

5. What is the latitude and longitude latitude and longitude

Coordinate system by which the position or location of any place on the Earth's surface can be determined and described. Latitude is a measurement of location north or south of the Equator.
 of Krakow, Poland? ______

6. What city on the map is located at approximately 54[degrees]N, 10[degrees]E? _____

7. Floods also hit a country located at 45[degrees]N, 25[degrees]E. What is this country? _____

8. What is the approximate distance in miles from Prague to Dersden? _____

9. Which capital city, located at 53[degrees]N, 13[degrees]E, was divided into East and West during the Cold War? _____

10. What German city shown on the map is downriver down·riv·er  
adv. & adj.
Toward or near the mouth of a river; in the direction of the current: swam downriver; a downriver canoe race.

Adv. 1.
 from Dresden? _____

World map questions, p. 9

1. The North Sea

2. Northwest

3. The Vltava River

4. South

5. 50[degrees N, 20[degrees]E

6. Hamburg

7. Romania

8. 75 miles

9. Berlin

10. Hamburg
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