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Caring in the community during a pandemic.

NZNO NZNO New Zealand Nurses Organisation  supports the Ministry of Health's proposal to establish community-based assessment centres (CBAC CBAC Context-Based Access Control
CBAC Canadian Biotechnology Advisory Committee
CBAC Cyd-Bwyllgor Addysg Cymru (Welsh Joint Education Committee)
CBAC Council for Business and the Arts in Canada
) to treat and care for New Zealanders This is a list of well-known people associated with New Zealand.

  • Gretchen Albrecht - painter
  • Rita Angus - 20th C painter
  • Billy Apple- 20th C painter
  • Murray Ball - cartoonist
 in a pandemic pandemic /pan·dem·ic/ (pan-dem´ik)
1. a widespread epidemic of a disease.

2. widely epidemic.

Epidemic over a wide geographic area.

. As it plans for scenarios of up to 1.6 million cases of pandemic influenza, the Ministry is looking to the community to provide frontline services.

However, in a submission last month, NZNO expressed concerns about the sustainability, availability and safety of the health workforce, particularly nurses, during any pandemic influenza outbreak. With nurse shortages already severe, finding sufficient numbers of registered nurses to staff the centres could be difficult. "Planning to overcome this difficulty needs to begin now," the submission says. It was also vital that all centres had personal protective equipment and took full infection control measures to protect staff exposed to the virus.

NZNO suggests the centres remain open for 24 hours Adv. 1. for 24 hours - without stopping; "she worked around the clock"
around the clock, round the clock
, rather than close at the end of the normal working day. "Infectious disease Infectious disease

A pathological condition spread among biological species. Infectious diseases, although varied in their effects, are always associated with viruses, bacteria, fungi, protozoa, multicellular parasites and aberrant proteins known as prions.
 does not keep to a Monday to Friday schedule." Other suggestions include: record keeping to be standardised nationally, internet access be included in all centres to aid communication, a manual for CBAC procedures be developed; and education for staff on how to protect themselves from harm. Local iwi should determine appropriate venues for centres in their own areas, and nurses and other staff should receive adequate training for their roles within CBACs, the submission says.

Members of the College of Practice Nurses NZNO the College of Emergency Nurses NZNO, and NZNO's Public Health Nurses' and Infection Control Nurses' sections contributed to the submission.
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Publication:Kai Tiaki: Nursing New Zealand
Date:Feb 1, 2006
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