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Cargo security.

Cargo security. Two amendments to the 2006 appropriations bill for the Department of Homeland Security Noun 1. Department of Homeland Security - the federal department that administers all matters relating to homeland security
Homeland Security

executive department - a federal department in the executive branch of the government of the United States
 (H.R. 2360) would mandate A judicial command, order, or precept, written or oral, from a court; a direction that a court has the authority to give and an individual is bound to obey.

A mandate might be issued upon the decision of an appeal, which directs that a particular action be taken, or upon a
 new cargo security measures Noun 1. security measures - measures taken as a precaution against theft or espionage or sabotage etc.; "military security has been stepped up since the recent uprising"
. The first amendment would require that all air cargo air cargo: see aviation.  be inspected before being loaded onto passenger airplanes. This provision would take effect in 2008. The second amendment to the bill, which would take effect immediately after the bill is enacted, would require that passengers be notified that unscreened cargo is being loaded onto their flight.

H.R. 2360 has been approved by the House and is now awaiting action in the Senate.
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Title Annotation:amendments
Author:Anderson, Teresa
Publication:Security Management
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Date:Aug 1, 2005
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